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Develop an Online Reputation Which Directly Drives More Revenue



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Mon, 24 Oct 2016|

Isaac Gerstenzang, AVP Corporate e-Commerce, Two Roads Hospitality Andy Peck, CEO, Trusted Housesitters


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Yeah pick a letter. Well similar situation really I was in the Bolivian Andes or got stranded. I got just out creditable yeah indeed Spain. Pioneer. I got carried into hospital by six people after two days a lot of intensive care. I then took upswing rioting had little reprieve from from the business world I don't want to do something corporate anymore. And what are some west particularly pleasing to work to arrive from and I've heard of the saying how to think purchasing and when pet sitting I talked the owners. And it just became apparent people by the top four place they they have properties all over the world later as the one thing talk about. In in in the dinner parties and so forth what do you do with your your pets when you go away. And so I thought lessen opportunities something today but also more than that it's it's a feel good thing actually genuinely helped people and energy seemed obvious in May that come out something where you. You know as opposed to for example but according companies where they you know it tends to be the Canadian remodel was as a genuine win win and a we had just gone from the so how does the manages Asian work itself added. Do you make of Manning somehow yeah yeah yeah we're not charities. Little vote saying that people are travelling around the world right now 400 and the whole 120 dollars a year. And you can be doing that you have your pet looked after 365 days a year and you can go house sitting you know we had placed on the site recently hundred acres of verbiage funding can. We have a guy asked a couple of people earlier we had a castle in. In this island with 600 acres where they filled overthrows got Paul wants its capital after. Sites is pretty good value for money. So did big do you Steiner should never say you don't yet it has vacillation model its subscription membership. And a yeah and works really well. So I think it did members find out registering as a fifth of Ellicott add. Yes deceptively perhaps Adobe Lhasa signer to get perhaps goes wherever set month or so. Yeah so coming people potentially one or the other but what we're finding more more is that somebody might get a sitter. And then they'll be going away in the comeback and site. This is great I actually just spent 2000 dollars gold standard place like mine by the adjusted saying things like cannibals and that's just that's been sent thanks so. About 30% of people end up doing but. Or prevent any creature that's been there is strangers there's something to say it has a western. And nano revealing just how Packers and various random things but the thing is is that everybody has individual needs. For their pets hype so. The great things has a lot of people a lot of experience with resource footprint of the horses or. Torrance local phone yeah you can find somebody that fits exactly where this thing made. A lot of people were risky bets and so I want somebody that's got back hair and experience to look after the animals. Even gang and bring it into their reputation the Internet instead because he did his great user generated can kind 10-Q key. We were able to tie back to renew memberships and staff at many advanced vacuum cleaner. Did you measure that they suggest deal builder we earned S. Am did you have a business result they're panicking manners. And that they be winning rejected New Zealand. It's fairly recent. But. Yeah I mean we are continually. We get sent so much of this content now and misses an ongoing thing so yeah I mean we're just telling their stories through the usual channels aside from things like that. And then people loosing their inspiration and thinking how the minute I'm retired postman whose retirement voting Weiss he's staying in a multimillion pound place might be doing that. So that's it worked quite well most just I think is giving people that. Inspiration and impetus to go under because. As pretty straight forward. It is if its last days there and in in. Let us Canada dial ice again fed up nine reputation in Tokyo where he had and you site YouTube dear. And a venture with that filing the unique suites. Eight MMB sickly looking at those two weeks and then reacting to those treats in intriguing at market street share in. Add an event to happen at those two needs. Cal how big is your team how lasting deal that Gagne. How hard where's it year would take so many men remembering that his body bird day was happening. Six months later then actually it's dying out then a gift was there. Mean addicts alike climbing African. Energy make happen. Sure. Yale it's an interesting question because now with murderer now we have to give a push factors term we'll get. Very timely. I'm. We had different mark on where they have five social media. Then jurors team of five sort of imminent as the maker of receipt. Off blends are the priorities of the markets area. Anyhow new relationships with the with the other Asian sign as well so when something we they would have that conversation in they would contact their. Probably make sure that everything going to work. I'm the destination side of things we had a very Smartphone mean. Corporate team from the digital side in just in general. Ended we rely on the properties more more of the priorities a lot of video resort style covering senator they had marketing manager on bribery. So no real. Those are the ones we trade with marking an injured finds that there how do we spines of social media Lahore educational vis debt we. Did with actual properly teams and airlines are responsible for a mile area here and it's one of those things we get our failure our teams volatile oil there's no are right heady. Sure there are why. Ended you know it's hard to do so was by showing case as they ouija showed nine you know. Those excesses and when you start the show now for the as a starter see why I get it now. Do you have to Waltz and any which took. Am cash taxing had a social while music you actually used as such a while unhappy he is well with different cash tax. What kind of infrastructure when he used to make that happen. Yet and we knew we used two different although it's interesting because the Helm with some of the properties. That. They'll have. Big budget same because in the way we set up. But by no orange B for the mining arena reputation these huge short term no revenue miner Inco but Marcel the foods we. And the analytics overall well in their. On the minor during pale what priorities. Paid for Ford is that the free over the period but for a while the user Jerry Cartoon Network capturing or putting on our website and news at all quite offer part. There's just a great tool that allows us to. Stream content using cash Jagger and over into different gallery in doesn't add already gallery owners can either be on our website or can the time. You know our display yet. When touch screen display ethanol hardly anywhere half fell just right a lot of engagement by Madonna like these and see people actually touching a view other user generated kind. Do you inquirer redid their third summit back user generated content and Europe website Wednesday just part of the sweepstakes. Do you get when they check anywhere in the world our teachers like user generated content and you website. It is any talk snow. We reuse it. We use in the block then in the and so forth but we also. And now increasingly going to be using it with partners. Because there's a lot of people out there that maybe they've got. In the hotel groups and and hundreds if not millions hundreds of thousands of millions of existing customs a cargo when powerful. A flight company a Europe vacation rentals by spoke. And this is giving people an inspiration to go away so we're working with partners on that as well and I think that's a great way of sort of spreading that love so that term. Everybody benefits. So and had only manage your reviews. Hadley yeah an enemy even do you have a new team had with what and then in the business and business heading for solid well you've put. About thirty people fairly lean. We we won a great customer service award and best customer service and term. Now we're just jump or did something we we we we we're not. Yeah its it's really important to us that we with thereto. Feedback I think I find incredible wanna see businesses adjust both responsibly. Refused positive or negative. And I think you know we're really about making sure that term. You know we're giving their satisfaction. And and fortunately we've got tremendous reputation. But it's yeah I think it support people appreciate in the reviews as well. And also I think what we do us is is those times where. We're possible reach out of those people also can you tell us more of a story. Just incidentally having from the video the video of the lady she sent through. Gonna hurt her are on a film together actually you know sugar futures prices daughter we turn the tables under UN gave her price in the analyses done. Is actually just been a plane yesterday its New Zealand's currency a family going after after year so she's absolutely made up and we're going to be. Doing little pace when she gets New Zealand and with a system that she's got coming to be like a rolling series. As get it tells a story because you know the city's got their own story. Those benefiting their maybe you know she's got a kind of dog that somebody used to have in the past and they can look after a dog and have that companionship. Ask them make a better question is. The rates have questions. Well with back. I didn't even think user might settlers wonderful you know give me around of the virus without crane.

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