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The Rise of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Travel



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Mon, 24 Oct 2016|

Nick Mattera, Senior Director - Digital Engagement, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority Phil Easter, Director Mobile Apps & Wearables, American Airlines Jenny Thomassian, Head - Travel, Google


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Am and then maybe the practical voice here occurs yes my mind is blown yes it's really Cornel the rest of their. But. Deal with practical folks every hero have found some budgets and some things and strategies to decide for next year. Are you mentioned field may be euros Euro when actual work so how well. Well let me we see that they this is doing or we certainly see what Google's investing in the contemporaries. I'd just a remarkable and terms above the downloads end. The Fed that you have five million by many Euro exceeding type yet how real is well should we really be looking at best in earnest. For 27 team and we're murders has been in Q I digital strategy is one. We're trying to decide about ad spending money on improving our mobile experience. Things that may not be a sexy but we're really looking conversions. I think that. So. About ML bond who is here mobile phone twelve years they. Bad investment bubble first. Ed who well over half a via Google searchers are now aren't smart violence rages in view as turns. Where folks our. More worrying and your consumers are not what do that first. The way we think about the our NNA Yang is their idea it's bad for both types of technology. Winning beaches then next year and extending you know I'll bet that they're now I kid as budget is for engagement. It now for a lower fine art C Albania now poignantly legacy. You're good ideas is engaged with your brain and Anne with your kind and and I'd first would start with. Media 360 BL. You can girl did that's Biden done in less than either bay Cuba for a few hundred allies Pena digit. Get our board again and a headset. Eight and one for the create shared and desired imagined is actually Anders Steele and whether consumers experiencing before Easter investing. Yeah I can add so I think your your first from a day is perspective you know we we when our oil and the Oro gold's in the consumer have been built a website. But we started the dove passers by going to and the Zion and buying 36 C Reagan banter gold pros and play around there for a few months and you know when on the strip in. Had created terrible 1001000 then they started doing better and better and now. You know we don't know why we're there we would they were good enough though we like we need investments needed dollar now we need to do obvious things but. You know. We you do gooders or on by the three Citi Cameron with the video on YouTube pull out of these buckets three to do C have peoples are reacting to a and then you know if you've seen resolves their condition you don't really did take providers are greater investment. But try Ferriss Islam massive investment to driving deal go bravely Celia really thinking that. It takes so much time and so much money is somebody resources both. You know we take didn't now and we've put a poor growing our officers had in Hawaii after hotel our concern. You know there are listing words getting real one of the key brand for a bailout answer was isn't as difficult as the months. If you if you have video assets already if you've invested in bad because you have a robust. YouTube channel using it. In engagement. Chairman sat eagerly web Serafin Kanu. Kenny take some of those assets and make it work for appeal viral or no legally do it completely differently with 360. You know John the other thing for there can throw began. Yeah I think needs to be completely new execution. You know. Assuming the. What has little bit too artificial intelligence. It's an area Presley played in the pairs like Euro sell side didn't like. All about the buy up. So you're right that it may now be a 100% ready for prime time ad with. With Martin and a number of other companies and Europe. We have weighed plays eras demand that you know some big companies out there are really. Engaged in eleventh you know you look at it with kind of call. Is colossal wave for companies in how far away are we filled for being. You don't need to have the same cost Centre areas aura. You even agents are giving the same questions like joining the passage boring M watcher I packed with their send help to ensure they get to the reported. An odd sort of things they've come up as ones that stand in natural language en and certainly cemented. Yeah I'll. I'll see as the castle hero roll Royce a year as I know many in our employees. So they can forgo some horror test. Pound A is Roy Euro take awhile before willing get to a general pay we announced a specifically tata oriented sold. I assume this has not been we have 3001 col on hold. A resource general questions. That we can get right back New Hampshire the time. The lower our employees Roy focus on that he would cerberus you know the tough questions. Because we know we who were Woodrow would not have rushed out for a these island and and and to speak peaks twenty facilitate healthy helping their. You're identifying trends clear as can be Credo has seen any. There's a lot of cost coming in from as one area asking about this. In the bar where up to the curve to employee to you know here handle so yeah I eight I say we're from. Java place but. The Maurer inherent. I'll answer the other part lesson I don't know whether you doing this American adult but. The other aspect is dead and it just sends results. So quickly will have a good first. Our M will fall contact with photographs and you know so as a test view. You know what we hoberman July 2 girl arm that trap where would you like to say affair hotel when you wanna Garland at two Vegas. Ed Emmett could show you all the different hotels based on what you're saying. I'd like to guard our guest in this to a first end you know we come my beady of this rare then and actually doing their sits really. Plus using limit and again in Google speed kind of giving your other information in as of the human is doing in inner Bart. Have you been experimenting and up are with that and I don't know whether anybody else here has with AI. Yeah video or just in the year research phase of implementation of the week we will literally get it right. Before because if you have to be oil and when you pick your partner of in you decide would probably gone after URL for a social media for sure you lock cost so. So while the gain was stolen you're zero. I wouldn't. Courage or some east wants to see how it's working now or really production. This action excellence able to imagine lowly yesterday pared its guard at an element of AI to let. Our way players are of chorus answer man there is another worm which serves up multiple sources of hotel inventory. BBC so you can take a look at how bad is. Damn if you won't tickle get Ed from a peak. In production they are aged pre core. I'll so that do to the Naira. What. It you know again. NL I keep going to this year in in terms of 37 and trying of call will only weaken too disparate Taurus staffers. And I'm loving the way the partnered with sell those surveyed you can actually transact with debt. You think this is right for we have a number of hotels and the ideas we should be application for the hotels. I think your first armament of ingenuity merely be a bit more nasty. Too happy I paid to bring another high into the mix but Thomas Kirk scissor ism is. Down. Time was good guys. Basin in the UK oil interesting things that they do as somebody. Purchases. Or economy class ticket. The through email marketing presence in the other channels. World surname well into experienced VR of their premium class cabins in hold serve up selling. That experience in. You know while there obviously did is on hotel I didn't see as a more. Execution the user now hotels based whether it's. During the trip planning process very soon you know sometimes if you go into a Starwood web say news liked room. In you don't have Booker says for a thirteen dollars you can upgrade to this forum. We're if there was a thirteen Dicey going to quit in this experience at a 360 video image shows you where bad alone in room private is. I can see that execution working really well in. I'd say my you know what they guests are Laura hotel. You know any hotel. Around the world reliving people rewind to. Better understand what they're really need to look for a you know buying out the program to spend a lot of my. Said total gap bad but how do you then make the transition Ernesto going through the user experience anyone give them in the mail and booked an upgraded to stable way eat. But as the on her then experiences then keep going is there out fluid way video errors said what we have today until we figure something better. I'm I think 360 video and doesn't really great Jowell has now as we've talked about smart DRM is innards in the perfect forum where I think I'm unaware of -- of that 360 video experience are on your phone you can you know the generous gold move before around to really see that experience. I think in turn out to the developer zone in Google's the rules the world to help you know. Idea how does that translate down to have experience that can make a microphone C gonna global coral boron and put in Ireland really experience by. Initially early just a 360 video execution. Yet any part about ads so we actually see how that's that's getting. And held an two large heard how Brown's used sixty video that's Nazarbayev chosen as entry point it's a good entry point zero point. You can really. Generated upgraded ads sell back to drive further temporarily consideration. The average as fun ala bear. To showcase it welcomes ban than skates for example the differences between different brands or whether it's like to experience. Yeah one roomed hybrids is now nearing take their different you know different types of properties. So that's one way bets west during that averaged 360 to an even there really traffic in major brewery fresh act earlier this year. Energy showcase near at their upgraded and manages each table add that last year. Cadbury is with 360 video understands the must be set out when it there wind power. N figures and the Ontario and thoroughness of capital our analysts on their area whether properly gets so that we see ads. As it really get people. In the dollar before either the stat the upstart liberal that this. The NUTV of these work. Was simply media someone get back as well does happen there. And then the next step would be the year at the I would advise that the handset. So no arm it's definitely buzz worthy we see around armoured very core to the Euro climbed steadily scored south by southwest. How you see. In terms. The suppliers were in the value today. For them to all cost effectively get the buyers now he is afraid upgrade but let's just say this year it's creeping berth in the winner look at B. At their at their hotels were at their destinations if instead of the broke surer. Could be for anyone application packages for average periods as well destinations and hotels. All what's the most cost effective way do you think in in in doing dad should be BDB is a weighed cost effectively do it for a BBC just sending. As soap and. Folks with the intent. This and how would you actually execute it. And I think about it back and adding. Back into giveaway is it agreed. BDB. Initiative we've got a trade shares in you can generally expect near rally mean they're community. Our Eveready is deep respect serve our music at a usually booked now by the media travel than starts rose that CB missing now. And if you're only going to begin the when we think about the VC's phase we see and we see credibility into Elizabeth aren't say activation. A global virgin debt rating make people away here at their new routing area where they had very low awareness. That for example there. I think about back bigger now at last they get and I think about how and big efforts happening here. There are still many flyers being hidden and the streets are the Chinese car would give me five direct you Brenda with yellow iron. Any gives folks an average Cheney actually see what you're trying a primer you know could be. Sees as they did generously can be they T-Mobile arena as they see are unstable and give actually near new morning gap down. From point a two point. I knew I had very robust well tedium is there's and when do you do with accurately. Maybe about being isn't particular. They decision lifting panic gambling destination to experience living destination. How do you get there than any nine as the people who I am live Atari awards memories to understate. How quote experience could be UK in an idea you can send these cowboys of the happier and and push content that you want and to. Deceit anchors in the differences that era that you're happy and letting anybody out with any technology product. Well I interesting and end. In terms Serb Arden partnering because there that something that you've also been tapping about. We Harry gesture gave their in particular with CL now MM other applications. Destination kind temperature with four hotels for an up or other partners is at psyche. Because you know Vista so much a going to bubble well lamp when charging that the hotel on this other intermediaries than during the same thing. So do stay away is there a good way freight fail on their to partner with he'll. ABBA and know that you distributed demand flight Centre area and average indications but is there a more work. You which of the conversation bee lake. If Arden if either a hotel company or one of Europe. Application provider is wanted a co brand with deal and distributed circulated are among their consumers. I think due partnerships really. Are going be the driving force for are asked to distribute this this the are content add to a brighter idea in two Hardin served. We you know we can always read so I think is going to be different for a really hotel are realign our. You know everyone here in the ruining your no real strategic partners are. You know one of the things are working out too is we look for a real always feel that. And we need to have travelled partnerships where we only did continue. Blue for a purchase of leverage hardly we weakened gold and your partnership with like Google Laura LG or attack where we we want to look at lifestyle brands as well because. There's great affinity Torrence. Some of these tech companies so we can. We'll get some of those sorts of partnerships in addition to cow partnerships just again is may I was as we can on this kind ten. But I really think we're currently we haven't had much to outlines giving someone partners to really. Want to work with us want to invest with us into some leverage a rally emission there's a lot of our partnerships that we down. Have Ben sort of coal up programs this night just ask going in in. Saying you were a find this forum an execution of our merger saying we understand the value and B are. We understand how the Atlantic can help sell the destination and help us provide online. But were back together in you know do events together once invest in the headsets together and kind of work together so. For us it's really just identified as key partners. And we have in the conversation about volatile these calorie achieved a balls and then move forum of the initiatives that we have. Ben pretty pretty great conversations at. And told into question a barn Unclei does well among our address. So you east a bit about how do you see a I. Bad helping the consumer particularly as they're gaining Maurer in two mobile Ken you see any guide for American Airlines help being before during. The trip any speak about helping navigate through airport rates injury harvesting to help. The travellers of their perhaps American Airlines in Europe were tested sucker wages match but we love American Airlines and family miles travel there. Hour by hour but whatever whenever things can you deal our mobile 3:8 I am one point may heavy tested anything seeking give us some. Results of this we'd be really work and we should look at that. So what wall was sworn in disdain in personal. And sort AE IA we fields gonna help was provided. What who have more bought experience. Where each customer might have the robbery another now. Based on the Euro what they need right now we still have to all fine things don't you know we're as a period a menu and I think. The ideas and make more wall or worse average. Might just be you know you churning out that rocket. So I think the highest Polaroid helpless provider Raleigh per seamless and poignant picture Prius specifically tailored to you. And you might have you know on the remainder of the bailout but each one specifically. So I'll give her a specific example I'll add. Adam. There's weather will there's a part of their lives disrupted. Our everyone's trying to weak buck. Can I he say I was American Airlines are to kind of see what might choices siren when they can do or how can reaper consider avoiding let really love minor. Being on hold with my corporate travel planner. Themselves with a preview feature just Jack Kemp but added have you exploit that yes I think that would that best bets were both as worked gold. You know saw had a weak it will be a bad stress right now we know it takes to remove impart to give you from aided the your corrupt that you know you've you've you buy Europe regarding attributing you want to give David the yield fewer would takes. Probably behind the scenes gauge of the so all the more I can suffer no upper or newbie instant access to good dealer. Ellen you to give a push more information back to tell you what I want to do for you. I think that we keel keeping customarily when customers. Engineer Autodesk question about the circle on the Christmas give damn I was the 79 direct you know. Snugly and pregnant or accept him. And going to be really call mow my friends Rhode Island. How do you see our synthetic is going to market its macro for an now promotional it's really. Are they in their people by people. How do you see our travel market is going about. Printers appealing in getting era content. Scene share downloaded. As entertainment. As part of the approaches as opposed to just promotional. Better did question and we think about array towns moving more towards creating entertaining and turn down period had about. The near tyres but Euro where Maryanne Wright Ayers has really put themselves on the map ads. A year has tiebreaker. That's around the market of our for folks to engage with making short films now so how'd you get that distribute year. Our I would say the figure now when your strategy year as they get that something that aren't they hit the appetite for any Reese versus Ford. And as an impact is when a market in November. Rain down. Cahill in accessing Deedee view technology. Back into the air A yeah as special file I would add venture does say that next year's going to be easier and easier to create something that was apparently found. In luggage they interact with edf Adrian so it's such early days I don't have exactly on sale yet but we're working and a big as the everyday. We wanted to be accessible for everyone sale and to keep it out now will keep that did you Arab via the about how operations kitrey can't turn. With out having N. Add a special. Up I've been reading the slider during a lot of these sessions but we have time for a couple act but residents they were blind play like Europe. But if Chile our someone can go round and for those who are now. Our line end if there's any questions out there and if you could just picture here of the acuity of vein sale and I have to trust any any enter killing. Only add a dance like. Yeah our businesses that OK. So no we we ask a lot of questions hero. Aunt and slider that you can see behind me. Army backed there is a question about safety concerns that has come up. I was aware that there I've fifty safety concerns but somebody has their questions or ideas safety concerns. Were probably Mungro. LL wealthier OK I guess a safe concerns Ari you know you Ghana is bouncing off the world market rest. Ireland you know is it is anything have to worry about because you know that you buy on the precipice of the green can continue to file in Britain and. Watch redistribute is so yeah. I don't think either they are certainly owed. We've had to rethink is better than what I'm a bushel rowdy side we've had a rethink our stays swissie and active basins of events that we down Brazil. We show the video and Newsom the events or we die could tell our. Gay pride in LA you know we we've traditionally had space therein you know now as we may as we've moved into virtual reality. Creating sort of a separate area were people can it can experience of leaders again be gambit a bit disoriented and people really get into the experience in the moving around in. You know we don't want to be for a Broadway cheer or run into her bed table also creating custom areas within the activation space that. Are fleeing clearer of any sort of articles. In in all cases we've put in some there's a kind of holds poor egg chairs of people considered and spin around and then. Yeah that's a great and other real way to give people from having from stumbling around your space so we've had made some safety considerations as we've built our footprints for a different active basins that we debt. The fresh Larsen didn't who is diarra related component sector. I'll start out what today's and I like you don't put this question actually think it for a who PM armaments are opening up here. Our security kind ten use Bayer healthcare for a fee higher. Our companies like earlier times -- is investing in their sell bad. When we Byron postal Christmas gift card that weekend in you know me how to their error and hamas' they need to be of help can be accessed at. Add is there's more where everyday. In every single type of industry in every year as singles head over a five I was so interesting. That statistic act very shared with you like this originally evident that Libya a beeper for every key meeting. And that's about where better to configure the single industry that it would be really interesting for our at avid. Our bread making kind of a time when they said they usually start with sixty the year. And get there he announced earlier on their enemy move iron including the client and so it's going to be. More work hard and when you have added about that just want to keep I will keep your client a relatively fresh Gifford's recently took. You know I think for now add the title travel sectors destination weddings which ardently experiential yeah. After those resorts that are are looking a bad incentive travel. To know what experiences going being awarded the for those who have -- the incentive and other tribe of group experiences. Are there Kyra. Are highly experiential. Then this would have a particular relevance bickers. You can see exactly when the site to get married and was awake and you know. What the different flowers will play poorer or any other things at all just on May get too good that you do not want to travellers. Now here that even. But we were right for rove you know liquidity in this feeling. Yet hit yet still only go Lucy still need to Gallup my name gets only a day because everybody. Yeah I have charts at the end of the day but I'd rather something here. I'll I want one entered the panel because were about to break into the first coffee break before we come back in here. That with my my kind of quick look ahead into 37. Because this is the newest kid on the black if there's a lot of tests in Marin. This is new from many of the people hero ad today. That even though it's Euro zero nurse you know of those quick become Obama's remember mobile among others. Out what you see is goals that would deal for either a high Andorra the Irish. And any of the newer technologies that you're playing with average American what you think is their readers our opportunity the graders. You're going into 37. M what do you think. Corrode. Derail. Any of investments into. Some of these new ways of distributing content in getting people attended their travel. Yes I think that a dim bulb the chap but banana plant discovered the interesting. And that's I hope will have a comeback next year will have some pilots. And that no pun intended I'm so. But I think what what can stream is if you getting you're rightly going to be goes well we going to be going to tested. Consumers reflect rape if you'll get all right retirement can come back to that predicts. And that's my only concern that we get it right but yeah picture above you're average. OK get my head around Rio. Back. Kenya glad to be V. We're asking your next during the year after we need to leave because right yeah and Huckabee are in my back pocket my headset so. I think that you know a solid particularly want clear why can't you know people walked by having leopard release to be a shift. So the now to protect gap techno technologically. Having this device read only that the life. Burrell three lead told you to trade that off sort of a one way. Bolton I was I was part of the rich rally come owners are more will device without headsets not hall graphic stuff like that that we were little. Arsenal have really called fashion statements and something were wearing my good these with the word about how well look to people that I hear see. Network that would hurt global player trade. You know it was castles as people look very young there for Hollywood movie are. They argue so that could possibly be do we army which is the O Mike Gallo were pilloried. But none are now adding that it positions are either private auto trade. But they're a you were both self deprecating and A Paterson today. Said Jenny were what do you think is going forward as better from Google's perspective at you know clearly like has been invested from those engineers and parents. I'd just a bitumen have viewers we're does Google place this and stabbed Greg get in terms of the initiatives declares you know quite frankly we Google goes we offer our. A lot of still look worth the voters back garden. What does Google finance. In its debt weighing in terms of the appointments of a what you're doing and similarly. Trick question they're still work workload. Parrot so I think is fire as third phase agent elective as a company that's O on average hourly. And live a connected whole act is pre had. N I think that was evidenced in power. Arrogance there's this week around create knee and we sophisticated handset with an underhanded our phase which. Now so is it is very important piece of our overall strategy. I end in terms of what Indian reality. Feed back into below the fifty year fear the end goal and fear of new technology. This staffers went live during the last eight Il are yet to do is backing away now for a couple who died during the gold price even more distracted producers here aren't. 360 BL 360 BO is the entry point into debt. End at I would say they fear a lack of curiosity could derail as for a our for a breather we've been trying really hard. You break down any periods entry into you know in terms of making theirs and this cheap than ever so everyone can access set sail as outsiders they don't dump traded as Tokyo renders trial now. Yet clear if any head designer Karen borders. To see that vision a clearer picture yes but acts that. Did you see dollar slight ebitda or a fifth ended grander sale unless it. I think the opportunity in that in the global derailment. Is essentially the same year for hours. We did obvious content now for a year over in we know how much we need to do to improve their time content from the story time prospective. Rail around it and I think anyways in your Kaavya headsets on the street. But I think if we want to go home in Sedona callous and strap on the Vieira had said. Because the story tying in the content within that VR experience needs of the exceptional rate because. People low TV I mean an off on loan turn after Lehman France have put our maybe our heads said if they kind within now headset is in extraordinaire anything. Up from my perspective that's sort of where are going as instead of being 32. Different experiences with their map. Well if it's a story. Where we bring in you know influence marketing and three days of TARP develop some point in this conference would if you bring an influence in the take that take their experience of the definition issued in the series or maybe it's informed every adviser comes to experience different things but it's produced. A really high production levels pretty excited TV show us aluminium on new why put their heads and Ireland I think that's the upper generally and the potential for a derailment of if the content doesn't start aware of up to work consumable manners is you know I might add the slide after that we wife to be bigger than a novel TI number in. You know and in the content needs to be there Forrester get to that point. So the competition is so to our convention L web content for example the competition is told us. I think the competition is I think it's sort of how we approach sorry even our strategy reducing roaming in three years ago was. Taking anti these buyer and pulling out into the many words let's create really custom pieces of content for our muted because that's where consumers to manner I think eventually consumable members got into. Maker's move around now holds the very second snippets of room to something high quality there. Consumable want to go back to time and time again. Rate. Well Phil Delhi amid thank you so much for Europe inside so for a opening eyes to well wet next. End Dow were to look for in their birthday IM virtual reality so appreciate our. And I think where we're app for our first party break and giant after that will be back in this room for a another general session sales.

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