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Justification of airlines and OTAs and meta working together



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Fri, 8 Jul 2016|

Panel: Bibi L????gaard (Cheap Flights/Momondo Group), Zdenek Komenda (, Trevor Spinks (FlyScoot)


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Just bear their briefly at before we kick off. Well what with its partners welcome credit all in the same industry. But we also have one common purpose. We want people to travel more. Just way flights. A big global child study recently performed showed that about a direct correlation. Its sweet travelling. And pregnant out at us. Between people answer. Different countries around the world. And actually. But next like. 61%. Of people. Believe that there would be less intolerance in the world but people travel more. Seven is expressed at say. A travelling has made them look more positively and differences and actually it is. 75%. Say. A challenge has giving them in more positive view. On people from the countries they have missed it. Without showing a small video that then went viral the last couple. The weeks and have now add. Well above 75 million years. Dan. Unlike say much more. But enjoy animal kick off cannot right. About being hit squad family of certain. Defended his country home. Into what this country I'm I'm really catering to book than you do wish I am ham under present less than again definitely assists Kurdish wedding. With Myanmar and its traditional Kurdish well. It period therapy have. I just have access asset. Yeah I think we are probably the best country in the qualify one must think about other countries and other nationalities in the world were there any Dickey you don't feel you. You get on with well you you won't like particularly. Germany. Yeah not found that the Germans you might think then need to be. Particularly India and Pakistan probably because of. In the conflict as I have this ader figures like. Patrick's Turkish people know an actionable but the government but French and that. It does best selling its fact. More appointment of. A move banks. Hence meadowlands. Struck on their land and more important than a lot of people. How would you feel. Out taking a German. Based on your Deanna. Still there is. Chino. What are your possibly talmud I don't know. Senior DNA works. Seagate hard for a month and half of that 50% from each term and negative 2% from their parents and back. And back back dollars a little bits of Euro ancestor. They filtered down to make you do duties begin this tube for me. This bid up tool black line set alerts it. The story of who is in that you. What's it gonna tell me. It's gonna be able fans await their grandparents and wait troops vendor. Sort of ranking and Cuban. Philatelic early next October do. I'm Dan join us. Another bit that would have to say. Save wanted to find out your response if you waited out yesterday's fourth. Hard look at me and if. Only government. Well if she he immediately apparent it could. All of them. What. And our. Long. Kyle cancers. Which was its trigger yeah. Eastern Europe sprint portable deliveries. And 82%. A Great Britain 8%. Tory 5%. German. Irish. Gets longer and Libby junior Great Britain 11% we saw these results on Eastern Europe. It's definitely a movement. Sausage you're. And enable it far right now that bishops compels me. Do you know as soon as late extremism in the well keeping their heritage late now Lakewood just to enact clean. The setting Azteca pure race. In a way you will all kind of cousins. So a broad set still. In a much more. Direct hints. You know cousin. In this room. Turnaround. Think get a Woody's. While us. There's a while you come down nearly a thousand. You're likely. Jeff Miller robotics is. Global deflation as it did not. O. Just before lunch. As a wonderful thing coming invite the panellists that so PB Dakar. As the recommend that have a speech. Kids who'd. I think that video really sums up. What I hold industries about that people think. Bird now going back distribution. The says the title of the cessnas. Airlines eighty as a matter working together which has. I don't want to end up with but. The biggest monthly quickly introduce yourself and what you do Trevor. I and my interest thinks I'm fun you can tell skids and I head up the sales and distribution part of business so they involved in heavy big commercial but it's within the business. Two weeks ago that skewed murdered tiger. So it's now become quite significant pairing the Asian markets securities 78729. Aircraft thirteen currently. And tigris 23. A 320s. However like manner and was the comment that I will present company called commitment gone. Abuse these activities Kong regard global yet here base in Europe. M I'll head of the business allotments await you with alliance has given that the searches and a slam here. To give a bit more over back at QE. Yeah well you remember last month we usually it's because look Hong. We haven't hit it knocked. Gets everyone what the airlines all around the world. And could make them all together so on one category but we have. One way with school one leg with Eric Scherer on the way back you know fire. Virgin Norstrom out with high growth for example and reseller S one. S wanted in the areas one pink. And I would sell all around the world we wanted to be more global so we changed that the main course you don't want. Net economy with area which would bottom will close as well some benefit packages. So we are committed gong human organ from pursuant govern Czech Republic. But though do everyone right Q4. IMac to say but he gov or OK BB. Manning's even late. We run is independent global meta search for my hotel and current top. We have a global pool brand strategy but he can make cheap remains cheap flights and one now. And I personally am fed up. Global head of motor sales fell responsible all the partnerships. With. Airlines 28 alternatives. For the. Good Lee. Personal viewer how the matter until it airline which has evolved over the last year. So expect perhaps the matter and I accumulations were bowled over last year. All it is changing. Enforcing its grand each week skeet could tell me take the fight for years. So that's a lot of things as an airline that we have to go through. Especially in international. Freed from regulations that more importantly channels and didn't make people feel whether skit. In terms of Metall the kind of welding going away something that was just wanna park. Eleven different channels and something that's grown just in one of debt coming what are the importance of yet we have our own website Cameron direct sales activities by. Add that the letter really does give us a wider reach. And it allows it to sort of get our brand doubt that a lot of the international markets he said. We're back have. To spend into the marketing money arts Maxwell said it's it keeps changing skids will be huge just twelve months. And at twelve months ago we had thirty. Eight jackpots. We now have 77. To eight granite huge ratings back red back four real four month. That we just did so with tight gilt that line some. And there's going to be some tumble out those always going to be. New technology companies come at this cute ones and the person young ones that we need to be worked with a market. Ended its cluttered it's growing very rapidly very quickly it's their new. For movement from Hamid how many we had a year ago we had 338 iPod and certainly now have 77. That's the that's how quickly we've been great and a ten particular focus in the last speaker last nine or ten months where. I have a dedicated team underneath me. Sort of on the technical aspect of what the sales aspect of what it's important that you understand the technical side. And if that's not working you might have a case which dot. I'm actually make any sales. Unique and that whites technical reasons or sit empty. But it's Greg basically at 88 great whiz with such a big growth for the year I consider that big growth. How do you assess the partners what. Is it purely a technology is the business sense what's them think the good thing about eight PI uses it's not that much work yeah right side. They're much too much work the airline side. Once we have agreements and quite straightforward kind of contact between us the third party. And you'd better works always done by the third party. Wanted suffered mining right. Had obvious 77 bed not all great annual BE 8020 Paul LPM most of the revenue almost segment will come through a small number eight at seven. And there will be some that aren't generating sales by the technical reasons for the sales eat into swept. And there's get taken down or just. And EU cap and reward sometimes take. Summer the third party that if they create a lot of that books which are typically think slowing service that we can switch them. And that's contract. That we will switch somewhat but then I think it's more case of making sure that we follow up. Not all of the parties had barely. Established a very technical mighty ticked if you got in UK market young developer team. Eight might take 345 months develop the EI links of the bridge between some themselves. And what that company can do it into two or three weeks. At expect much depended on tour of the guy you're correct how much effort and their output into tall work we yeah. And so fondly as expected when your partner with your vet supplies. What do you mean by better focus when businesslike and implement. Of important business is so it's sort of pushed out of the trap but not the other way around yeah what do you look for. From suppliers we audience well I wish upon the alliance in the market would be less good fiscal. This wouldn't play. It can impact I mean in the range of eight yeah certain the like direct corporations with now with -- Michael cage for the five weeks. There's only cinema audio line want to put their. Want to born that way for the surprise they want put more they're direct channel would be wrong they don't have anything actually been they're. Opera and corporations in the field of view would mean. So equitable which would we are connected via the UK would then. We get horribly big and we get the fears and then be combining with yeah theories that we have again Barrett corporation as well. Legal Bibi. Yeah well it's a technology based industry and technology gets better. We have support level. All of us as traps that at. When the airlines have better IP I had offered up more opportunities. When a chewed like Q eat and entered the market opens up annual assessment of where we combined license their technology revenue. Of course the evolution of meta search allows you know it. Do you mind going through the political ticker is now. Is made of what forget. Bob parker yes Rombach. Any further back. Can't explain better. The impact of Agatha. Quite. The question from your kids. Home. We where quantity. Cosmetic help airlines with with what has taken any comments on the forever. Yes. Your brand is not how I feel we created Anna and the matter which one carries the brand development we fund. A little too much that they on this panel believes that the yeah. Which one. If a bank and the benefits that. From a commercial point of you could bring in the money end. I don't care. And if they are not that into the back then came the -- website as it should do it would be contract light and I don't care and eats. This is kind of low cost effective if it if it's working and we're not damaging each other it's way within their relationship where nearly a week whip. And there's not many areas where we have weakened is now for the EUT met with lose out and surely they can make over backed service fiscal particularly search is expected at that age. It's a ancillary products. Are main issue we look with the distribution partners tools that. Steelers will. Ancillary products and on which will make you can between Lebanon now CC at some point you buy a sea and then we sell you as much possibly. And we're always looking to increase exit. Scott has over twenty ancillary products so we look back market. At a bit there's a lot of up sell in bulk up their act as a rather tech information adjusts. When the work hard sell just on our own website Mitchell. When you got nearly 400 people on the plain people ports a slightly different bundle it's very important that everybody keep crew on board no EG the yen. The QE the Wi fi here in QE eat it thought that. So. Tired of my trade. Thoughts at yesterday's it is very very important and again 8020 will come into play here. The bank is looking at required seated side is that. And even the last couple months the 88 and committee's got better be able to move. And fell are actively products from bear true there when it had but there's many many more to get. Some of the measures not worth the time. The men with their smaller percentage of net. OK. We we. Is the levee system but just that last question is there's three there was one about eight just now. I share insight how because there's obviously data is it from the previous session's all about inside. Does things like floating organisations freely or how to protect people how to how to share. I think we shared end. Up freely map with bargain offer we share peak this. Trip that. We'd otherwise. Harm with the product they get better for for the user experience. You're taken Canon up night and a couple types and we are when as companies affiliated with us while we're usually end gross and get better. OK. Whose customers best friend KTA. The metal hit up. I would say it's as a customer. My best friend is the person who didn't give much information that tell me what I need to those because possible whether it's the cheapest flight. A the most sort of efficient flight to get to a four Hong Kong couple and barb and gain an open. The tapping capacity in an airline ex im my exit its architecture as a cut eighty stick to these guys that did the the overlap. Yeah it works best when they won't get. I'm just in the Centre 688 unites us army just in the sense that take your right relationship into Q number. He's corrected just a few examples what can do that which ones really work with funds. But we have made gains in terribly when I think about late night I have deep tunnel eight guides that work within skit. And that allows certain departments to come cute ads will work with we've ever functions and about 77 is money generating. It is about at ten that I don't know what's happening with its over various months sales saw no sales and that becomes part of my sales to go out by that white. And if we like the big tech equipment to add up night you've got the methods they work. It is easy to point and the local swelled the volume two things to kind of come. If you put volume coming Lloyds T seats excludes model forum sort of date wanted to do have very large aircraft are likely get after it got three and setbacks eats. Had signed in the text chat like cat. To start. Seat properties well cellar at the met is a huge. Said to a travel plans is well. Maybe you need to be faked twelfth Ted 88 there. And whole. They're very important and adopted very very different from country to country we go away but you have a wake up CU and Australia what worked. Michael work rate it said they each have that kept the market right. To assist weakening the power of the big. Online travel partner you know negotiate. We if it were a couple years ago these contents of those but specially. Page is different out at a different markets or the cup ever compensate this America they attended. Particularly players but dominated marketplace. Do you feel like technology has. We enable people to partner with the people easily and let them but their power as the group that distribution channels. And I think he lessen the added each accounts. I don't but not the the big one. So that more diversity. More diversity get certainly in my mind if he tell like I'm application I don't know how many how much Gemini. Or might be give my previous company was easy jet I spent seven years in Europe. There is yet it's well that was like that started 99.9 percent on like. It's still very much on my basic you're aware they have liked that yeah I'd have liked that G exports which has never dare strategic vision to start with. So they always a diverse if if the opportunity yeah you're not going to turn it round if you take out potential passengers can let it. Facilities more questions. What's your view toward ending C. And impact among airline matter OK relationships. Particularly act and items that are under way right. Well and this is interesting. Talking about on many many years this fire starting. With different things coming into play. Some of the things that government must well with the different their families live alliance the aviation is evolving. Quite rapidly among them where they. Integration many more low cost carriers. And running mater our. Up at this year's show transparency features. End. With the changes around in the industry and the figure if and their families and flights and it's not yet acted anymore squad including challenges. If you could happen have a banner that would include a range just like you have with. Actual by. Though that we're not there yet but there. And he sees FA BC's been appointed that I kind of being. Bulbs with for about a year. It's just moving quite slow. And so exclude has 888 quite it would be. That the pilots sort of customers with cold fusion. So in my view towards its it's great needed it required not just happening very slowly. And skits world union locals world. I mean could still be sitting not doing much defied my whole point was techniques it is what many facts and takes its rates can help to quiet but. It is moving quite know. Has almost hindrance rather. Not not not really. Again it's no end in in year ten month fifty eap let's. Ending the year we add to a pre conference with the PCs and we've we've we tell what the plans are projected to slow well. This slower pace is going to be sort of and more regulated at a pace and I out as well so and it will get there I'm confident we have initiatives like this not work in the past will not work for such quite. Not I don't know provider of banner banner. OK. Only the customer relationship. It's always a battle that's fine weather equities. Any comment on who own that with the better this year. Well from open up who'll really have the customer big that still we are better. The first in the last point one customer reach blocks will when they want that would flag change will work built between something. The company's airline they compliance. Tool we feel whenever we just. A bit like this abrasion to break away program and we quickly we're now with them where everything. Saw I don't know in relation mad at big help build customers be done. Stall the airline. They they do because they are transferred with the best interest either to asset trivial case that. On the customer and then were would then after. I agree it's likely category. Now back end. Question look would have a lot of gave up ground change. If they actually put them up that's not always the case by a we've got here persist for the infertility took in the butt in tell one ended in week one model which it shared. Cheer customer they equities we all know the customer. Airline needs another cup step of the flag in the actual details your GM might be handling transactions that they need on each other top and buffeted item one a crew that allowed him where you can. Have order practical details for talking of the King Family trapped. Husband three case you don't have to remember god will protect a passport for our. All the Oliver number it's a detailed you have in your I think you can easily. And buy back so I would say it's a shared one but they have have. More types of ownership. I think quite fighting over data is quite an interesting work. I think it's certain to start off with the relationship he could be seen bigger fights either but this year add place in the more you worked with your partner. And meet face to face and conference call with its well. You actually would want to share data between them because it's gonna vote at the bed unit of the day take fight maybe big hearted start off with. But you might give it picked that data is going to be very different between different airlines and speak from the very sort of open. Airline they do contact. And my parent airline secured some piece of the might give it more protective. Date expected to vary dependent on. Yeah I think end the third party question that ideally be working place to get try to use eight to further. In truth the relationship. That factor. And will help you to send different parts of the you to jail cell. Yet again I don't see that college. Aren't always what the right now which I feel that there. Yeah that there were five people recover from. If you do anything else you can extend the serves as the turn the property of that perhaps. That's. Innovations come. So obviously. Your absolute products are all pretty much airline focus in what they were run as doing looking to do comparable. Crikey. Yes they always where I'm focused and you never know when you're gonna price cap something year Fed's if it. It viable. If there's one then if they don't believe we would look at. But if there's any year end. Sutter in each area of keep buying those it's absolutely huge ad even a small percent need to sort significantly. Speeds that you know. Very different then I'll right now I how to make something. 400 million customers a year thanks. As they need it we see he's well so it is is that volume think so there might be some. I'm back cities out of them might make sense based on the volume game but it's something that you have to take. Think about one. And on other products partner airline. Well you know clearly. Your views on other qualities help you maybe airline tickets my. My letter W rebuilt the business with the airline gets knocked off course we sought until various relevant at whole foods banning beverages well. When the various. The dominant. Dominant view got that level we're rab make money. Yet we already run bowl that played a talon capital. Finance acting as an interesting one. One while cases there are to be able to offer. Which reported which will fight as make. We need to flat to Pete offer it adopted a comparative. Am. And just before argument temperatures top out but in the process its involvement something we're working on but they've definitely something. What what so that that leads to the product side to have the right package for the ceremony. That's why we yeah we did it ever could be a place where. Flight and hotel but what's the dynamic packaging was said what I am one of their. One of the key premise for chip item one note it accretive. And when you know running more Spanish cat food that you don't have yet so. And add compared again picture it's a challenge bad it's it's a challenge even just a box office. Compared to buy it fights this nation. One to compare because of bad about. Yeah. Eight the airports have an a bottle except make it buried and the backed Alltel could not smart and dynamic acting one. Suspect. Who offers the most affordable fares. The banks I think the bands who do. And where Europe where the customer approach used to get before it. Seoul went on women get the strange that people that make better. These you know going to be the cheapest purchase that upper by your usual might buy you know banks themselves. Then your peers can have cheaper fares and human yeah ninth minute when they get into that sort some people froze when it depends on the market. Market by market or no wine barrel. Buy from our perspective it wouldn't read connect different airlines together we really unique itineraries and then you're for the cheapest fairest which we combine. The airlines they bent on corporate together with the apps in time I'd basis or that would be. Airlines when you know wait direct fight for example and the strategies they're poorer just comparing that. And the Bible the questions. How can act department of course our favour for us when Mitt assets. Would you abuses that transparency are voluntary dental practice for our cops I'll hop. Metre sections. But again we don't punch bowl items added the budget airline. Front all of down articulated we just displayed whatever they stamps. As a very. How quickly take two maker contractual agreement Napier. If done frankly a piece here let's. We've four weeks or months. For we to think you're early we're talking net or get on great when you know aside. And as a political cultural banks skills and contacts to get in the way 1210 my heart problem each fall. Chart that we. If Elias a quick. We get agreement under one here again happen but we deploy as a quick. I just add on or. Big question that aired at affordable bet it's sick it's a good one I think this is changed over time. Five years ago our I would always said he'll C sees the world would say yes. Nobody else ups but it's change change now as Europe change when we hear. When there's more and more competition. It seems every other week and we gonna have rail lines ordered another hundred aircraft and and is a very market ready. It's hundreds of aircrafts. And we got a really sort of reach out across every single channel opportunity week. So we will work with a T eight and will have special promotional effect could market by market you might have a significant. Competition and you would go out market off into virtual pets that can own dog food said ATA if they were buried proxy. I've worked with Japan itself there really make it. It could be cheaper than our website if you coming insert plate and T for people play each market. You're expecting watt light each. They guy making pricing more OPEC again. Eight. Actually if if you look at five to ten years back. A tiered basis the airline saw that all of our operations. It was a little bit more baby primaries. A G-8 won't farm operator channel. At spread say that but they knew I would necessity when now they. Especially. Within Europe where which target and hitting our ads and Scandinavia. Mean they've realised. We all realise that working closely together that would benefit us old instead of seeing it as an evil necessity. So that image of a change around out there. That at a ten year it. On how we argument. But the matter that the long arose as the market. Letter no longer erodes demand. The travel but travel right. No longer. We're back. And what advantage or disadvantage to airlines and 38. She's one of the examples of tricky question. The easy advantage with the setup costs. And the ease of implementation into the market. Get safe skin case recently started flights to Saudi Arabia to get a head to new market price. And I got their eggs for our at understandably cat. Which channels are important to the Saudi market is it GSA is it a. Is an online market. Is it OK for classical GIT market said chipset and if you understand how we go here hope I Knight capital we get quite. Please. Do you want to sort of worked quite must understand that marked a quite big that markets well and testers will want. On Monday that would be in Italy say. It's the largest tech open and get. Your ran out there without having to sort of good money you know pocketing assets. Their order in that market. That market already and to those in the United States and setup cost a little setup time. A disadvantage is my kids and power grab all the people come to flights dot com. It's not how the world plays it take gotta give it took away two tickets. Yeah I would boulevard eminent visual arts your kid. Let's assume that a workable plan with Ratner went with ran out. If they expect minutes in a manner and that's where we those who have stormont steps to nominate. Computers as they travel through car so range around intent and everything. On the other hand when we sell combination or around their flight for just one page. That anything for women and finished looking implicit. Human research use you know the -- the web where you wanna buy and then what they want translation but it just saving time. Quite at a dead. All right I think we've you. Almost cut in the conference. Sad time thank you very much deserve. To flag up analyst.

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