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Fri, 8 Jul 2016|

Panel: Daniela Wagner (Travel Weekly), Anna Trushkina (Wego), Benito E Gliponeo (Philippine Airlines), Paul Millan (Traveltek), Stewart Hunter (Sojern), Angeline Tang (Avis Budget Group)


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Probably what the most important test actually the whole conference I would think. Because obviously Asia is very diverse and fragmented marketplace still. And also the evolution are. Mine technology has differed very much from one market to another within Asia the more work in this region the more I realise that. You can't just apply one size fits all approach at all. Obviously key T localisation. Is actually to make content accessible as possible. On all search engines and using all possible forms of geo location to help consumers to access that information to the development of that. There's really interesting search done research done in the UK recently which showed that 50%. Are. All local services. Are which. Look at are actually serves fall within 500. Yards. Where eat the services then purchase so for example in the casual dining space. You know somebody will literally use their own to find the rest can't find a sharp. And that a high it happens really localise bases. And we have without. Fantastic panel today and make up of individuals from all different parts of the travel industry. Tim very quickly making introductions by going to ask each of the panellists to actually. Explain who they are and what they're doing and what the company does annuity actually have a very diverse range of people on the stage thank you for joining us. Balkanised upwardly. I vote on the island kindly regional director for Asia Pacific for travel tech. And does within which suggest travel type our big trouble technology company. We build out our software platforms for travel agents and wholesale us. Finish we're starting out in the UK market in the hardware business about twenty years ago. We don't we move into software development with one particular consortium prepared the UK. And they have the demand for us to build their in the single plant for Intel over interconnect legacy systems. Point of sale to a low their consultants too much quicker to go much quicker and easier so much of the UK package holiday yeah market. And then started to involvement that got. Create maps market exported in the UK then we started out really connecting. The rest of the you know travel chains sell Louisiana. We developed our connections to old GDS they are it will cost airlines hotel bed banks. To operate terms activities. And day in the probably about ten years ago with a focus their attention cruise. And it's interesting actually over the last they'd have no one's actually mentioned crews in the growth of cruise which. Forget touch on available during the so final. Really re identified a need for a cruise look into loan market and restated its where no other. Two portions of travel agent shelves and created a very simple. Such inquire cruise product. Which then soon copy attention to the cruise lines in the began working with us to develop their APIs. And eventually come up with earlier well apart from so. Looking entry. So naturally go right now generally and then we yeah. Once behind all of those. Particular products have played starts when we turned our attention to the global market and there initially going business within within Europe. And then taking that into Australia New Zealand. More recently into South America so. We have recovered infinitely scalable platform were able to deploy different languages different currencies so one although we're actually very you know. Very relative newcomers to do that age are. We've certainly you know built on the expertise and how we go into different markets and how we have to tell apart want to sit. And each of the different markets whether it's regional suppliers whether this summer with a back office system do with different tax laws as a whole range of fire. The differences from every market which and we realise that it's not just probably realise that within Asia. Expect we're going to be what Maurer. That prevail on what differences twelfth so that's over our business over right relatively new to this market we have a handful of customers which. We have no good quality customs in Singapore Malaysia. And China. But a drive you know Chile to grow to get fit for pregnant market. Excellent thanks very much for that they. Good introduction. Energy Philippine Airlines can you iron locals to the market. Good morning everyone believe is their need for energy people bail atypical indict EM business after the big airlines. We handle that likely. Revenue management sales and distribution might be. And salute this there's five let's acquire us because much of the for the bigger impact flipping relaxed than in the business was up five Europe. Your op really plight really divested is important week after the flight but that is put yeah yeah well. What America will help. Thank you actually. Objects heights that afternoon trading at noon. For the F nevermind an engine tanker is particularly. I hit the core aren't you are into sales and marketing for the Avis and budget brands and is up. And done focusing on partners yes. And marketing to encourage drive higher place something friends asked me what I'd like other myself market currently in and not so apparently. Both of you were gonna right now is adequate we had the well not only ignored or provide upbeat directors that the service. And done. Map primarily through. And we have 11008. And 280 countries. We also carrying the zipcar brand that is. It into their maps and a large that these touched. Yak Serbs are doing a little bit of background we go. We believe it now at factories outside far rat pack sitting you know these. Hit back home agent mark. So we do have a product line flights but how met a surge out what happened but also. Right absolutely below that at that and Nat sale I would say about. That the third deep understanding a global market year that. That. Do you like elevation about how far better. Actually hit the lottery Al underlines the south page view our humanity goes that in the mid 8. Zero now I am particularly if I didn't giant ad banner about the elevation. EN. We have mentioned that from the very beginning when cancers figure was founded in 2000 back in 2005. Down the main intention to. Cleared products he enters their needs help what challenge figures. There was no bit that they would know wondering bad bet when I'm back. Now yak filled with the latest bidding much key for a excellent and now as. We mentioned earlier. We do use the slide show application or city to ask any questions that you want but evidently we really have. Very broad cross section of people here car rental and lines. Booking engine. And how would you describe we go Motorola best search company at such company. And you know. What's clearly important is that. We have to find a way of putting ourselves as much as possible into issues local shoe is about customer. In order to try to adapt our product. In in the best way possible and become as relevant as possible to that customer. Now for example I'm Angeline came back to Avis and budget. You started off as Americans that European company that's now been based in this. In this region for fall quite a few years. What how do you have seen evolve your product offering. To make development of this market. We've been. What if the budget and to think there's a for a while at. So are. What I'll we have a lot of like Avis and budget brands that are quite doing a lot of things independently very localised or they're also looking at how we can strengthen that. And I'm also that the gathers strength everything gets a region innovating the successors end. Best practices early have fired after US and better I'm Howard European regions. And this year we are actually constantly are indeed done investing in hearing ala. Ourselves inaudible still mum. Mark it's rather the whole customer Cheney but their extra developing. Are looking to us mobile application in extending our loyalty program. Or it then I'm looking at Dahab degrees you doubt the increases he does hours surfaced about that basically are to enhance the customer experience Centre enhance the customer Cheney. And do you find about. Changes from one market to another within Asia mean are there market furthermore easy freed to work in Harlem and a more challenging for you to work him. Well we have met police are meaning Asia's. Ideas that we have to more mature markets people Fulham Travers will already know why drive holidays are about. And in May banks mentioned earlier the bank said on. I cell market current Lennar not apparent that we were trying to malvo away from the traditional way of white power renter is looking like air arm and hand I'm looking at might. Experiences. Drive holidays drive Cheney strike experiences. So we actually look at our marketing now in our which includes also. But I mean I'm a lot offering. Culinary experiences shopping experiences a unique driving experiences suffer the different markets. And personal care and attracting love each other idea examine it might be very different some might bring you to current others may not eat so we look at I'm. Making showed up marketing campaign some messages out hacker said that the right by the end. And booking with the right partners as well to ticket to reach up to the nineteenth. Brilliant so basically you're so rich the content of the offering. Am pull back. C a two year adding new. Mentioned earlier on. About the fact that actually it's one half day conference nobody mentioned crews which is actually one of the fastest growing segments in travel worldwide. How what you see is the biggest opportunities for travel tack here and. How for example could you facilitate. You know helping to establish creates content. Is. Its appliance. Is. So cruise marine if you look at the figures coming out from our cruise lines international. So the industry body clear of predicted but so. Buying. Think within the next four year cumulative four billion. Asian cruise out of jobs and so that's currently know it the fastest growth region. And ageing cruise as a certainly evolved from taking these two star cruises and what you know what you're seeing now it's got done. The major cruise lines committed to the region you've gotten Royal Caribbean refitting ships making them more. Regions specific to bid for the guests on board princess cruises that do very much so. And then you've also got commitment bar area many of the countries are providing. Well class cruise terminal so you've got a whole infrastructure to support this grow. And you know I think really. The cruise product that we ha it's going to be a key. Through into this market and particularly in countries like Singapore. Hong Kong Japan whether this though those who paid the infrastructure. Lot of people taken the cruises sold. I see that owes its bid key opportunity. We're seeing yeah. Differences because so. You know we we we're in the vote route we have. 400 customers in. Different countries where we're absolutely differences. Wei for. Asian cruise passengers will be so. They won't want to take cruise or actually want to back. I got people so tells might or might want to do crews cleared so adding flights and warrants in. Particularly talking to wrote of agents of the spot to solve vote for free and easy. You can market cruised through two part of your. But chances are what changes will I would agree on what about. A lot of the pro over recent technology into the into these markets turn to meet demand trouble what trouble it's not. I think actually having to adapt your technology offering and but he to meet their debt sonatas and it's not just of the cruise product I think if you wrote if you look at our own right. Or on market. A Buddhist perspective of British travel to the British travel was introduced. Get on the plane hit got to transfer talked about berbatov to mix come on we're gonna. So won't start up something not mortal you know in this market and there. You know technologies evolve to the fact that you know we have to buy high dynamic shopping baskets which followed. The consumer to cool. To two per night amid a bit about in the start I think and doing a whole dynamic package around that everything that so. They they want to live which could be everything is so cruise flight talent attraction. And our at all like tail in that particular brokerage ambit of the two acuity market. Thank you. And a. Question for you made in what way you spoke earlier about such results mark way either search results especially the. The massive search market marketplace. Being customised. Depending on the pointed failed device or language. And also maybe at the same time you could. How to answer the questions one of the delegates which is how to solve the problem of localisation countries with multiple language as well. Well to begin the picture above break up are. At that's true that if you're pegged apple I'll give it seemed that way and search for the thousand particular this page. Your reception lobby going to be quite different from what you see if you see our Saudi Arabia. At scale for output of Asian doesn't start out. Etc. provided that we can and we need another search aren't they comparing prices. And that are being. Make what we try to sustain imbalance. In net sales we think as well they did keep our providers of what. Kind of references you this cap so and the unstoppable language points at its biggest. At think you hear your one pack means that more experienced they found search for flights or hotels in higher. Once they can doubt that the wider web site on its behalf saying they're analyzer at stumble it's now. But there's so many outcome one of that. Mike right says that we just wait practice payment options. Lehman options at times been more critical bill which it. Figures well appear again conveyed the pathogens or understandable but pick up that. Especially. In our job that say Indonesia prick I penetration is ridiculous below what. Make I think that 70% of Indonesia's bid remains the back. So. You'd have to make sure that new you know what other payment options. That is its preferred that you're able to convey. You hand this is what we are looking at a well structured search results so we tried to view it. Maintain that balance all. Nick what we. Block away you could tell that back but they have made sure that these power. Provided that out hunger for something relevant. But this audit will hit its target rate do you know more in need end. Ian I'm. So back to that question about. Languages certain given it spreads you know was basically. Is the guest is actually just fifth street. You basically how do you deal. With the problem of languages. Yet a nation that have multiple languages is Apatow thank you really needs they understand what language used by bishop travel. Yang gang Sharon now on experience when they Weinstein collapse affects a list of what it. What I've just welcome mat which has he did help it was born there but. At no one really such as the travel and the flat with the fill either have to remove that's just think English for India. I think I'll say universal advice and advance do a correlation is back with some feel welcome team baby given that I. That plan. OK and Benji over do you a little bit about a mean you you've been in the market for 75 years the world at a very different place. Then went Philippine Airlines started. What either kind of challenges they need seen in terms of actually adapting. Herself to. So the requirements of each market and one thing I'd be very interested in is that agency just like Euro an explosion of low cost carriers for example who. Obviously have done extremely well both in Europe and in Asia and how has that affected the way you approach markets in different weights. Coke worth keeping your place off really inflicted conference. In Egypt this country is at its call. National appeal it sold effectively your could be adding we're. The national carrier Singapore or Hong Kong are tied everything. Plus one Everest strategies really just frank and our market positioning may offer. A good cost restrict supply. Well. It's really identify. Why the market once either peer back for example. Flipping Europe bases after reading writing that the best seven cent average up. Is that the message so we operate very. The better at that age. Now worth my odds at North America. Tie that meet specific course you look bigger place. Now but tonnage really is how can you. Positions staff in a paper it's Mike here you can just imagine in Asia Pacific RB. Wedding which I. Sell copper in the capturing man but you know upwards because of course base and whether we're seeing Seoul where of course. They're offended your book in the culprit with for the period backed Edward for a new play euros a year. I looked kept. Now the differentiator between for the premier lacks specifically. Brick lot here risk is that type of service that you're providing. In the domestic pride for example we are adored the local player that still offer investors last redeeming kind of BS iPad be quite cup. We you're providing IFE we're providing. Nielsen warned even if you to what you're fifteen minute flight between Manila a civil so this is the leverage key Florida we're trying. Which act of course in terms of the city itself in terms of marketing mcewing opt. People applied sensitive. Ed me how to really invest highest what are you heading up by food out of here for for the bigger appliance. Be it Markham Peri and pre 2000 fear of an obvious you know. So normally in terms of marketing messaging we I make that you get feedback which ma like you get ID FEU get. Com affordable seats you get. Meals and ward still people would know that OK the a thousand fear that for the near banks is offering its much better. The digital files and feel what wipe out 800 fear the global spirits. That's at the thirty may valid point. Well one of the crisis has come up now I think something as very important. How how important is to establish a physical presence in a specific country or perhaps localisation. We that's a really a million dollar question because obviously having a physical presence cost money it's a huge commitment how many cuts you Ford dealer in. Some of you've done that you have not done that. What what's the view of the pound for example Angeline UB and you've been here for some time this only place for Avis Budget is based in Asia what happens to that. Eight is adequate we have firmer because copper vacations. Licensees Islam its joint ventures so I think armed. And while it's always good to have a fixed physical presence of copper company. That biker gang at a there's a bit of confidence of fines but also the armed country regulation figures like countries like China. It's not it's easiest thing to set up an office are. The way if anything might start. I think are whether we have a physical company and our oil company of heat. I think HD services path that IT's what we can't immediately through grants us agency agents who can actually help balance. Down Mark Hurd communicate the brand and I think Mike Mike can meet its debt are. They tell the mentioned earlier an end we need to have people one localised and windows the local market developer. Commences the travel trends in our outlook for the and someone with a look come mindful case he feel that ended its eight. In those countries and nobody liked it. So for you if it's worth the investment to do that in order to achieve those results. I'll I think firm yet if if that's hedge funds are outcome a country restrictions. Come to play. Then I would say there aren't I would engaged he parked out in the market will understand. Can help as if that the brand is Baird says he can and will close at our guy in set. Amazon they had decided to add a lot on the back there I find this aspect it's quite important. Ian if you can't really afford it next not sounds to hear Faberge afterward bear thinking you know spike might just get a local number. Poor economic but the thing a business client work. Just make sure that you your are big Q unique Europe. Our save its bid to lead to big media I have I place in Britain because in our markets that's. That's why I'm under the revelation shows that should dominate Neil insane but middle yes. You know how really aren't. Achieve the same. At outcome builders think relationships overlay emails back self physical pat if white Ford and the fact they do have. Three regional offices for battery hinder our android device now. One on one question that interests me actually is no this is all about developing companies in Asia. And and evolution of that but what made we get aside to focus on the at least wages have done. Well time. We're gonna actually sound manner similar big change sunk and there with a though it. Happening Middle East at comparing to say Indonesia the biggest market rout. As of this age at say there. Travel and chat style. That define very Islamic at various well we also saw. Niger but there because there was no. What alive. I travel website that method upside there at the point of time he added we saw bad. That the market this pretty unique in noted that help stage if it makes you so steep sell. Now there was further that the Smartphone penetration he and the fact that. I knew they balance our team lead at their loyal to certain troubled brands. Sold weak demand for the product but it's now worth of the bear growth. Travel now right for lap. Packing Arabic. Now we we had a good mix of while core brands know local providers will collect taxes. I give yes and the wobble lines so was the right time the right private. Yeah for the right audience. One or the other point that comes up all the time is about ease of social. And mobile obviously that varies is very very important in terms of touch saying. Declines at local level but it's obviously very different from market to market. Benji do you want to comment on how how what lessons you learned how you be able to apply. You know to very specific way that social is used in different markets is to promote. Your product would be sort of media for example FaceBook Twitter are up but us on what everyone. Has. Most borrowers or customers for of the Newbury B have filed with. Our source told media engagement we people what engage with us right assault on your house for eight. Weaker than the reviews read this service available at Scott. Now upwards and aren't you. Providing that's sort of weak for a asked whether weak us for what living with what sales whether it war. Brand positioning what. Surely recover for this it really depends our what might. Once again when its weak white terms of delivery sold recovery dented by. For example of this market. Aren't you but even want to impede into Eads sales up for an by the sort of media web question is. Our customer where he. In terms of payment options when agreement after be able. Fake for example Robert W west the heavily in people credit quite late patient within the Philippines just like. In Indonesia penetration is there we know we can just imagine would unwed. The union upbeat in the Philippines. 3.5 corporates that quite yet. Solve basically if we leave it ends up your positioning really depends by wire because it's ready. Source worries for the bigger this spread you Ben either Richardson that of the six it would San. Are wall. Here mind score registers are skipping catch. So you're positioning would be I would can be our upside risk for a Norwich Union. Perhaps there's a reason why we have enabled what we call walking all option. You bought online. Then. Cost or risk enters stage seven elevenths or yen you bad for asset. So we have partner with a written output can wipe out of the for the use this is by. Reaching out of his customers. Philippines is separate out what requirements can just imagine if people flying from the board whenever about a comment you look gold that staff. Of these people look at credit card Orleans with their good day if get cash with clean so the approach that Europe if you bet that the likely that NORAD that that. In the Philippines is really more like a block of anyone fooled. Embrace our credit card at either of want to. A lot of people eat the market. Now we're pocket book the great rich by now so we have Chinese market by just said there. Of one ultra high BT. Ed I would look quite accurate wait might scoff at you I don't. I'll I'll bet debate by either a or perhaps slightly OK I think could be seen last we. We're trying to be used to make massive credit end of quarries to filter will tell with all the alar bad. Weddings source you've read these Oro B stories the only recognise China union pay or cap. Sold it really depends market market breaks up put into bad. This is it acknowledged yet that country. But you would. But everyone holds their common. Implied. Still. We did better than what. Very good answer right I'd like to just finish off with asking beaches view. By the crisis has just popped up which is. Asian travellers have grown up with towns like customisation and personalisation. What the logical next step in this process. And a starting weekly. You haven't it's very important not to be you see it had. Focus on Michael Casey the tranda and then they're gonna make their in this popular destination for C Indonesian travel. Yen is now awakened from a something out I don't think it's true. You may indicate that the audience pump now play also happens does. This belief that Paris has not the pubs nation out of Indonesia at. But we we had they care social media campaign promoting various as a destination hours that showed huge engagement no ones aren't that fell. From a that would be logical stabbed to. Try to come up with new ideas engage with something new rather than just. Sticking to that same pat. Make customised based on historical did that happen. It actually. What customer aggravation of the person I it's gonna probably won't let it yet it also used against so. France and in from the current perspective of the characters eight. We put out when looking to what's like walking along with their customers of the day that are being that agent traveller. Mean that's not the Apple iPod mobile phones. The answer passed its AdSense. And now with our armed with Pacific power with a perfect cup Remy had we actually have. You can act Mike Castle located in various queued at Hastings any connection easily find your kite using just the mobile phone. And done you can actually and lock the power and an off you go with the with the phone itself. So this similar technology is also being currently being used across our business. Arm. Well well this might be quite Avis connect hard sell all but even our then about cars in. In the US actually managed by it somewhat our application. Cynic a very easy for people while generally now well in mobile phones all the time. And this done by this release dated it's going to be brought out. Eventually in Europe and in Asia Pacific as well about moving along those lines of are going along like that it into how the today looks out for quite comfortable with. Thank you energy. Either ignorance of the stage in this centro. In more are. Every party over every person is or perhaps. The spot. Nobody even house with its it imagine. Writing bad out forget the not so it spreads are Brit in the diseases. Intro to a Briton of the season eight think they approached that returns like ads. The port would be in what because that aspect of the cut its bit of ebitda wobble application and Warwick. Support a service that you agree it's. It really boils down to how big us we score workable we've you seen the more applications would wobble through this at roughly. Seoul. You can just imagine then people. Probably be the bar with the heart predicts will be able saw wait think everything revolves around a pop. At their approach the Iraq. But of course we have we shouldn't forget about the wet. Up a similar seizure means understanding would have quite whites what do quite really needs. Privately reshape you know he should probably a business Farber. I'd like they've done by weather this Forrester year's crop and business for a but defiantly. Ed tried opera wipe out its rather than the customer. In terms every one so let's return affect. Excellent and well. And a Euro need and should see the market but you don't already mentioned earlier that he'll adapt your products do secede. And you know clients of local markets. You know have a lot of hot enough votes cast section of personalisation. As if it's a new concept of just five travel agent should do this every single day with the customs. So what we're actually doing is taking that we're Rome route right the enhanced no wicket Clarke one four reflect the Q. Additionally over the balance to grow acquisition. OK. Customer loyalty sort of August up from the initial interaction customer. Top going to be captured C Rome today ups you know Eriksson wants a bigger McCain actually you've got that it's a customer. What can now. View product is a young. Consumer will want a website or contact a travel agent or whether they probably agent on the website. Start off by credit profile going pass and then from there would try a search history will be able to. All from being funded travel agent cool log into your those searches the travel agent Don for the might perhaps up. They can do re quartz expected so it's all about gathering information keeping. And then through broking giant be able to based on. Searches that they've done. That obviously makes suggestions for the article written process. And then the loyalty aspect is revealed the on port travel feedback. I think its customers so you know. Who's going to be on what more customers which helps position come for what's. Because so trouble do we data you know really take into your. Like by twelve. X. Slammed by well I think that brings us to the end of our time for the session and thank you for your attention and please do thank our wonderful panellists five.

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