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Fri, 8 Jul 2016|

Panel: Tim Gunstone (EyeforTravel), Clement Wong (BeMyGuest), Tony Carne (Urban Adventures), Michael Sun (, Tushar Khandelwal (Voyagin)


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So what's changed we talked about the last year what has changed last year in the tools market. Lots of talk publicly. This going to be yet. Twelve years at Goldman makes that up it's that our company then the only note and is capped a knockout or by user porous and acutely aware. Right back. To Austria's past. You anymore what got attended traveller you think bound go to over the past that out of China. The real search underway upside odds of around the island you Jamal. As some we're a pop band to tighten Vanguard's that the and that it kit and attack and decay is the poorest and activities I'll let. And that's the first change and that to weaken and the two and three year sort of goal. Omar staff others that travellers. Once Fran other. And the products only. Formally asked which injured on matters of platform advice not product moss its modern more importantly China. Fourth forecast. Even people into an April Morton fall while web slide and the and of the apps. But did not die annually due band the Eagles thirty Preston aisles that traffic. Comes sure I'll work are guaranteed lavender and apps one because just because B. We act carefully pew with the reputation. And there's there's a view you all fits them off are all well products. There's absolutely you tune in the past he notes that. I think forays it's been very interesting eating mines sold last year around. September's always complimented our PPI integration would see true. Sold their awards are we we we're the first player if you are able to list of activities of memory. M Seoul since then. Right now we have actually signed up 90% of the Chinese marketplace. Appears ul walking without. Because BP I don't we'd be dealt to them it's it's very easily integrate it in that until we threw me. And while we're at large last year as well was. Revenue management technology. So if but we'll get flights rate you know by a fight against edit FY. On the itself. You don't usually what until hotel room where Indo us this check in their budget. But what dollars and activities whether that person. Bork's a look at guided to work in by the partners itself a white man before. The presidency. Simply listing a wasn't tickets absorbs all while we pick awards. Rather then wait for the traveller all right investment Asia. Where guests on many different choices not show would choose whether some of its coal oil operators have soared. But we did what does. By calling out to verify hardy operators that were quick meeting showed could be in business for X number of years yet fully licensed. M a sole opera giving them the technology to manage revenue of just like Fletcher Mattel's goods if I tell you mr. Smith. If you all and your wife and two kids. Book your local to a one mind you know buy ads on a week ticked up to 94 nonrefundable. The world you get 20% off. Mr. Smith with the source Susan large margin is revenue management team last year. Combative streak did us where does it really represents a lot in terms of savings all right now that the forest and it but it's outside. But the Chinese market we are seeing either customers booking forty bees he. So as very different from what you see Europe and the US where people knew reached in destination itself it will be one to eight years. For the Europeans patiently effort. 25 to be visa bed or leave the Chinese were ten days a year. Saudi order reached dead deal but we gotta do again the missed a slice of the something I didn't something tree hours later. I'm Russert probably very similar story. And on because that's the Euro adoption by guides that they would change things ross' I'm a lot peso I don't expect few weeks the talk done. Took six years. Between a restart there business paper directly. Farther back their original. Business plan. We said that brings zero dollars mark are marketing the marketing risk speculate guys that everyone in public mark Watson. The world going to be a good place. Network. So electrical firing half views before anyone connected and make your right. And now. You know there's just step in our. Where everybody's cup whipping up Laker ice age. Makes the world over are far more people place where we sit because. Gains and said the booking pattern. In this particular business is. Very like. You know to the customers make their decision in the last year lows last night. And I wanna the other is people is we can Fuhrman make guys well happen. You know we we set up as a sop up to be terribly richness we have pre salt. Policy anyway but. Adoption by answers I'll give that consideration by considerably. Get vouchers know. What's put what's driven the sudden upsurge in. I'm not your teeth into they were the first taken up with spiteful. So. And you know I came around the site finance their acquisition by. Triple buyers are so I think the other players. Playing the catch up their on going to talk to you know with the. What change I think what has changed is. Something big you mentioned which is a lot more people are booking tickets into the here it's really the last minute I think this is. Quadruple since what people were comparable with doing so even a year ago. Really even just point Europe well it may even be more than quadruple. People I just. Booking it instantly we see people booking like within the last ten minutes of their bookings were different web site. So we we sub director for stripes we don't do a gain of patients. Unlike Imad. Buyer. I think that difference though we're releasing slate. People booking a break before anyone got a wake up in the morning and they got on got this traction today we'll get out there put our. Thank god that back. That's really the big difference here and if you can get that we. We've done our work I'm getting that for the markets which were focused at. If you can get in the markets they've put this thing you think a lot of as the good and booking patterns. We're saying two weeks out. What wise that just didn't customers or we actually don't see. We see some Chinese guest for uterus but it's Ali nine as much states the booking through that. And accurate or about march and is guest booking patterns. And tightening up the jury Australians Europeans Singaporeans. Even more and more I agents. So unions coming to that facing a by you know the booking flights but the talk. Mainly we heard some amazing that that other Chinese force. Market had been a they would buy brands like but it seemed huge about the spread by the tight market outbound. Will India. The same. I would say in dear it's I would say around. Eating between four minds behind the Chinese market and volatility effectively speech dissect their opening in. China is by far we hit up anyone else image amid excluding Australia Seoul the Chinese market has -- so quickly such debt even some of our world. I'm as we see true. Dead beat Kylie when yet but that's fast enough that the itch we call into the market to set up your point will operating. There's still see the likes of C cheap. Buying up all cruise nights at cruise ships yet ever saw chinoy bidders that the airline as well soul. It's a rudder then driving traffic alert at that value Wyden I just drive global asset itself that's just where we're seeing that the tallest of the business say the rooms to residents alike. Deadly Ortiz as I think in the get hit what do I guess. Have on cruise ship. So a hotel or get part of that business. What Mattel sexually we. We've got life with Scott soared service apart burns you that needs it's a and deficit can very well porous. Seoul widens someone reaches that destination rates sell off for wallet ready deal is veteran captured the beetle. Some people you're player people got out like. That's not much money what do attorneys to any mark stop obvious things that you have someone will is here rosary on the trip itself why not. Fight is you body sway upcoming trip to Bangkok. Go into who invested. So we've seen the commentaries think quite attractive. Five point hotels especially. M we believe that is correct should go so there's quite. Partnerships done very well. Where language is trying to come down a hot how big server corporate and activity as the as a package. And the funny that involve movies sold as a person and time sometimes Ireland the Taurus and active TTVs to a cocktail. On the island. Yeah and actually. Do on. Trying to track customer is where like this cannot turn the products. Because that the am like a lead tool at our. Little more fifty people. For the customer. End use that the of the list the keys that. That cocktail triggered should be depend on whether the actions and means for. Earth search. Where fee minus a attraction. That view mix of the package and more use it yourself. And if you're not having that integrate a live and work with hotels will have a that week we do work over tells yeah higher I think. Are we see amazing virtually took the top so we actually have an affiliate program. Hotels can tap into because if Europe tile. Gas from into Europe destination was ticket destination like Bali they're gonna box thing to do in the destination. Nu metal capture those gas. You end up looking for well and get it is outfit that not to let their gonna do those things Edwards and by. Some of the techniques we use the simple things like opening of the tossed or set out. Emails to their gas we see 10% conversion rate from people were set back. Yeah now for people open the know that people will assess what. Yeah. Come August we look at this from a slightly different angle because. Being a -- operate up. We have the opportunity to talk patrol is create something to this as opposed sup with out of three solve. Despite a lot of commentary Euro last twelve months or so. Our hotels going to combat the rise of mature economy. I'm how they're going to wean about what call. I'm in our opinion. There's a better opportunity for patrols to do that. By can take a they're great USVs like you know over security claim bets. And anointing forget people intraday. Hotel but also renowned local wide. Potentially coming Procter asked about creating something that is just this so that I am you know the star of the day. About. People buying on price or prices going rebate you can buy on. Having something that's different everybody else in the market you know so you can are paid something out of appeals has. I'm Cathy compared to. I think that's where the real change. OK. So just talk about food current team towards what's a forever taught your fuel individual markets. So is it food what's the top favourite. The Chinese Internet customers enough oil for difference which would suffer torture. As a much cooking mama for two but that it. And it decides to. Can decide to burns attraction tickets torrent and activity we raised its tried and man need therefore Diana baron read products are wire platform. And Ford Chinese shallower seem more like 251. And the fat menu. You know my file for Chinese travel very busy travel to as a burnt with a French to a deserted Japan. And the difficulties not on leads to the to a friend opera opera a restaurant. Hold all other. Than as a bright food is both a difficult. So set amount it set menu will be makes them more you the two who took experiences afford an apparent damage analyses that. For this cannot of the products the. Earn. Zone. The famous plans something like that and mutually in congress run that you please American thing. That attempt on the more like this cannot terrestrial. For example you let me that last month we prom malt O two will rush strongly in Japan one useful one father and and the fifty. Baron B per person and and a widely thick paper that Bear's fixed Cameron. And people person which one say on what. Expensive. Really yes because four point lump lag even if we do it for a spin us a much manage our. And over landmark restaurant. Why I I you. Via a user spoken like a once popular. Act is for attack triarc is that the restaurant is not a need for Ford to eat is also foreshore. Yes yes yes. It did you know less. If your market as a food. For us that their fleets is we're biggest selling fame throughout our business so much further we I'm pretty much men both brought out a web partners have a lot. Within their destination. Or sighing you know business that not everybody has looked like they've run as the peak may have Italy I'm the guy. And because our belief is that there's actually day. On most other travel anxiety out there about when you're Wagoner destination particularly for a penny which speak only begun when money which big destination. That. You know we'll likely see what it's how much of the cost can't think these people. That first night can be. I'll armour products and what repeat from a print service that. On your holiday it spent a lot of money on the experience think it's the kind of fast you know so. I guess they're job is quite sure they would expect to have guns instead they go out of the best street through that period. I think food supplement for a but it differs by market if attacked ballot margolick Japan as a destination. Food it's extremely important. If you're talking about market maker calendar as a destination for Moody's employment of people and divide and do it themselves. Eight and above more attractions. Online a rated lineup Farley died that many people booking from Tories in Bali they will book leading our next restaurant but if you try to compete in that space. Except for the Chinese travellers if you trade could be inbev's bid for western travellers and you'll run up against property buoyant on the verge of the property buyer here. And what makes you that different from him as the initial baker in. An open deals not an agreement with Britain leads yet in. We shouldn't try to go into. Restaurant reservations you know admittedly some doubt. Can. Loyalty. Have you ten loyalty to your marketplaces or your force. We prospered so we promised our customer base playable which we're about retirement I. We're seeing year on year. You know because the best part of their business and other thing. Ask what's changed. Is. Burke customer lifetime value of their business just rising and rising because customers coming back towards. And that's the beauty of having. Our multi destination business because want to catch once. And we do driver road strong branded experience through what we deliver customer. And go hole golf both the gift come back but last. The next time as well. You know that trade by you know. For the member of one yet another that what's doesn't have to be from one to another because we're not about the big trip you know so I'll. Customer white IQ one big trip you tonight Mike three business trips and weekend away and we can buy all. Any comments loyalty. I think for arose it's up as people get where we were starter. To a twelve we wish we. Try to do appear to pubic. Yeah but the thing is that period to be over yet as Erika the world by its very each unit's. When you're our first time travel in Niger a second time travel urge you provided to demand. Mainstream fixate. This year tied footing Mark Hurd had sought to shore deal friends right person getting something store remodel your friends on August the stock will showing off. Seoul. A search what other means things we've done especially with our partners with a see chipotle suitor does not the cheap burst in China in terms of Italy's tallest. But what people do is bid offer the best quality. So what this means is that. The tax operators can work will leave going to be fully live says X number of years saw insult. What we offer to the dipper differentiating practice. We are not so much in appear to give them more offering up the profession the legal right. Experiences of two worse with these we believe that we are able to assess attract repeat visits to Thomas. F. As third that her dispute terror. And to debut as a hero a lot of it's not so easy. And sold some some distributors and Mac even likes of the some old sick days. Highways also trying to user of the big child growth in the bridge provided by the defence and to debut as a large T. We beach for example we view and some. Some proper some company view. And thick intervals easy Europe and their customers into I'll be chat room if this got. Each kick each customer can confidently bridge is China. Which feature either. Anders there's a took some top guys hopefully better and what shorter repair act can prob why some new formation to reserve to lower customers. Solidly. That these cannot serve as a slower core. We you year Henson the large. Fall for the customer. And room and on even you longtime relationship these customer. Does that further assess actual scenes in China. Inaudible more question. Talk about technology. Haven't anybody. Politically we've touched on any comments on its ability feel as a threat level Savimbi. Show I think our. We Australia for a period and that throughout Europe where we started out impurities period gave Xstrata out in purely period. It just doesn't work. There at there is nothing there that is there to build the business and maybe Caribbean beach can make it work. Hence. An add on. But an ad aren't smart business so I think priority basis you can hire. I don't think I've never seen anyone for the period at my place that has succeeded in their their it very clear reason that just isn't that. The reason why we think European that work is is fundamentally different from. There's been a bit Caribbean is classic Peter B. I knew where doubt your room and these days even at services that will continuity based. Or send you build good that's it's free gets. But. A torrent activities by waiters could appear is a very active PB experience essentially just becoming an amateur night. On their. And then manager there will become a professional driver bill could either buy so Pete Peters sustain itself and other major banks like you know to become a sharp bouts. Don't have available once you start sending back. Tonnes and tonnes of gas the only available on the weekend because they love through but they have data. And you can do anything about that though it a white paper data. They love giving flicked a once. We went so. That's us get that by the. That later they view the rate as much as we later be based still much utopia. By adding that the last five AB visa to be there its just property adjoining property. Source by the lawn itself. And the very ones have their head order or essay is officially out sorry haven't got time so I personally I'll come checked we're doing a check up. Cherry Hill. Abuses. Depends on the my territory asked results after market you know earlier this enlisted deserve more and more than. Activities. Hans do you Hal's. Quality problem. Sold it's had a two to who makes a our unwinnable and over our competition to the customer but I think of the future. Preserve productive in this area lead can utilise mourned more resources even more yeah thank actually used mostly Europe summit. Yeah. I'm also like a surprisingly quite bullish on who appear despite what happened. So far I think the problems being. Into the booking because of the pew if you as a and a tough. But wait that's hour but want a bank set up tents up as a constellation. So what's the customers is odd white guard units like a viable manner conversations come back saying yes now they've put another day except truck. We're talking about a two where experience for thirty gold's. Still don't have time to the worry about that conversation. It's not community. And quickly if you could make an experience. That words. More instant. But used. Analyst arms along you have before your. So it can post questions would you think a viable. I would view of the swells like that were lost some may have I think they're upward Brenda still around you'd appear. About. Two years ago in true dream groups. In using that those experiences. Again I don't have. A lot of but they'll. We use them. Simon's views. Most his father Pierre answer goes Vatican buyer know that actually if we put forward probably. Right. Last question that the money. Would force parliament hotels adheres assessment commission a proper sharing basis to add to the customer experience. Is just the best ways that from a hotel is perspective. The court on the question. Quote generally do well right I'd just now but from my experience. Working out at a hotel brand level having those conversations. The marketing department is very excited. But that decision is made randomly buy it. A finex purse and in a brokerage. In hotel. Here in the that's been experiences that you know at the top global growth is a great idea which is. But that doesn't seem to be our actually implement that gap with China. I'm I'm not that's drawn up dip in our experience in that conversation. The ban say yes but look the properties they. It now expects got down to property level and then somebody. Who seemingly would have nothing to do but as. Decision that they do. But but. I would agree of that even on. You banana one hotel while basis the hotel's marketing department for a varied general manager understands the value that can be either by having a meeting to present activities and building loyalty that way by. When you conduct a financial position just doesn't drive enough revenue as a sign food would. In avatar so the end of focusing on that instead end that's also that's not that's sort of the web make money. It could be anything huckabee's side food it could be any of the other things you insist as suppliers. That sell in an. As a now are. That gets are opposed the Taurus and activities you know the new start having customers complain about doing that we bring about a YT eighteen to. Divide that. Or a single question about. Teacher. Tony. Clement and might produce a much. The blast left a very well please everybody go outside wherever they really deserve it picky very much.

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