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The Connected Traveller in the on Demand Economy



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Fri, 8 Jul 2016|

Panel: Christian Lukey (Amadeus), Konrad Haedicke (Roomorama), Joe Farinella (CarTrawler), Kevin Hoong (Airbnb), Kaneswaran Avili (Nida Rooms)


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My name is Christian look Iowa for Amadeus. A provider of GDS solution ninety complex ninety solution in the travel space mainly indeed yeah. Environment but also an airport in crews in hotel in payments insurance and so. So to do with me I introduced a panellist I would ask them to quickly. Brief us on white state company their respective companies are doing. We're gonna discuss of this kind of tied to this slightly. Misleading or could exactly agree a bit on the meaning of the titles so we're gonna look at it from a perspective of sharing economy hard Ken we. How are we moving forward in this struggles faced with two different players in the showing economy are indeed. Technology based data based providers and him. So that their child be photo dated amend economy definition. With voluntary. OK so. To a panellist starting. From gel can introduce briefly won't work to companies doing what is really the differentiation. So everywhere is wonders if you know during a result lower over the eight. Thanks for a commented the last session will assets as of the day not always a long day. Sell I'm from a company called card to a then Midas flew here state farm from Dublin Ireland. Collateral where it is an aggregate of car rental and ground transportation products. And word B two BR operation which means there we have not leaf yet not acquirers. What we do is actually provide the service to airlines online travel agents. And accommodations prior period providers a lot of the world's to offer them more car rental solutions. And more ground transportation. Grand transportation's solution solutions and the related find anywhere else in the world's. As a company where data driven organisations. Where mail we shake our merchandising and product offering around the day of the week flat from our partners. Air management out of our partners would be polite to say air Asia or expedient way back there. And working with them to help them provide their customers were ground transportation part. If you like. Hi everyone my name is carnage for an I'm nomination now yeah visited the region alleges were July done operator. I'll I'll widely delete these TV agreed to. People like created out by Jud Algerian to. Intel is easier end then there has said it their consumers and appraise our father Bebo fifty US dollars saw media the ideas about seven month old. B ethanol a body doesn't by find a dells in Malaysia Indonesia Thailand and Philippines. N now number. Bigger much launching our worse visas commission the next month. Think of. Moment. Good afternoon I look for an Rahman be just an aggregate of welfare and non auto inventory worldwide. You might have for 2 this morning already a little devoured a company so people like a partner with air. Customise data feeds which allows them to offer our. Appointments Inverness. On their on platform. And which. Basically then selves so it saves stand hassle tool integrate that same inventory themselves. Which had their Menem's Kevin and I'm from Caribbean be as John Howard in the year so community driven marketplace connects travellers to unit local experiences. We're in 34000 cities and while our 191 countries and right now we have 2.4 million homes are godly. How can achieve collar business travel team and my role is to grow the business travel segment in in Asia Pacific. A big thank you very much sir not a just fifth if it does flow through introducing ourselves I find it interesting because. The advertiser we're not exactly sure about the daily talking about aggregating not hotels. Running. Renting cars which we build on and operating budget hotels. With it's not that stillbirth. Basically we have nothing that we make allowance of Lloyds. And we make a lot of money with it growth. I very OK so. Obviously feel free to raise your hand show smile anything we can also use the I think Jerome is small enough buyers to interactive with any questions feel free to interrupt. With a winner bring that discussion a bit more onto. What is the differentiation wages are key learning under most recently votes in orders more recent companies OK. So if we said again with with Joe. Touch rather it is. Aggregation. I think massive aggregation of current or product. That is. Four poll has started the year as a based on the very high level of personalisation. Could just clarify bid. What makes your business mothers were different and why waited for successful. Europe and the soul that there we're primarily currently company there. There Martin currently to two customers through airline website or accommodation website Sorrell TA is. Then being a business as the business to business provider we were kind of hand would those partners of the we can understand whether customers' needs. What this really means is taking their. The hundreds of Tera bytes of information that their customers are producing through every transaction. And using that offer an intelligent solution. And to the poll that they want but don't want so for example if the customers arriving in China he appoints Singapore today. And the likelihood is they did a wider corridor from me as we understand this because we know what. What their preferences are we can offer them additional different part of tonight's a simple solution. Which is based on on the stand in the customer and understand the data that's been delivered to us. If you ever. Carnage. Or the engine. Yeah I think in a model basically no heed this people causing quite an elf was die and be law market segment. Saw currently know as they should've seized N that was Diane was by individually branded hotels not begin might mean neglected by the market. I mean we have what 2500 hotels now you know were network. Ender no up almost above 50% of them Borneo and there. Any participation in any other what is soul because not because piano and rendered Norse more than doubled will ease. Afraid off by pairing it then. Regarded not sure what kind of quality be able experiencing bill's gonna doubts. Still I think is users have a unique opportunity in terms obviously barring these micro segment. Blast Nabil so basically helping decide Dell in the sub this year heading a common brand redeemed. No dove tails. Seoul and then now be also busiest ten raising the rule. Because currently you get I'll describe does even offered delve into what selling evil arms. However ekklesia what seven types of forms forms of PV Edward. Sleet to really is packed off well. God knows why. Nor would they have in respect of rooms but nor the only focusing on their rooms reaches busy. Or any and that's pending in Dahab Delaware draft I was becoming chicken might to a tree o'clock in the afternoon media Macon up or down. Nor out people twenty meetings the eight dvd is the dine in Dino. Let him when end then become nectar dot Gallup what 8:9 o'clock at night ever put shall work has spent one dwell was using the Wi-Fi. N now maybe EB I TVN now after steep. Get up in the morning have a good Shell Oil. Even pre press nodded and people daily in a hotel recast the child quite Dell outside their nasty the mild side is much more better then that would that be didn't get into hotter out. Saw Soviet busy providing a product beach meet a ZDDs need to nought to wire always easier. So that's of the solti depreciation. Whether or whether they are still live in or whether we like to highlight is. Senator Clinton hotels but if I understand correctly is that you route is that a certain amount of rules you know building. And the rest is operated by. The building on either either it is at a hotel loses yet asked earlier about burning. Yet intake do you wonder how order admittedly not would have my doctor and ignores the slightly plaza which will. OK. Now yes I circuit properties in Bangkok Airways had dale ABC and then civilians need Iran's. Indicating that is a certain amount of France that have been brought us to test and that's for the distribution which I find interesting. Conrad. Third. Yes I guess room Rahman's kind of a unique position here if you talk about Blake or partnering up with companies to bring additional value. To the trailers because we started off originally as a B to C company you guys might nod at least level out said ramped up quite interesting. Armed and terms of recovery Ottawa of cultural wanna be just integrated with them recently. Pound because we understood it's not just barred offering an apartment and line people people on our side by. Do want to have something else do want to have to comprehensive package. End Ed opportunity den polls talking to look Rome yeah find Dirk part or any kind of sort of ground transportation. Our brings value to them and brings value to us. Arm back to more drama as a bit more than depth of the essay mentioned we are also B two B company that means. We are ourselves. Silly on some on wall distributes a product tool and that companies that we were with a two year as Rahm. On the white label basis and offering our inventory to them. Because we understood dared a lot of what it is one tool. Lake. Enabling themselves to offer inventory asides hotels. And desist the big hot topic at the moment in the travel industry ever say debt means your read it probably on the way was acquired by Expedia for example. Arm debt. Disorder for alternative accommodation becomes a very. Sort this is not only something that is now on decided us. The mainstream of what people want and what people want to pick for on a year stepped way. We have their end delivering a inventory to them. So just to turn to us to add up of the summarise Rama Rama is. Providing. Private rooms and apartments are Cindy units for rent for short term rents. To and a community which morphed from B two C interviewed of these base correct. At yes this is scoring please dial dot thumb as a beta seed company pretty much dissent and actually lake every indeed. By term we decided then that the opportunity for us as a company lies in B two B. But of course we still maintain our on web side. Which is a brand and product don't rule would be years old. BE or keep this as well. It. Toby. And B two B. Shirts sell just like to start with earned top imagine his mission saw Eddie musician is to help seven billion people in the world belong anywhere. So as a as a company that has positioned event we want to focus and helping people belong. And hard we do there is everyone. We won a bridge experiences. We want our guests to experience local experience. Saw. In about two months ago we launched this campaign poll of debt. Essentially our message to to the trouble well is that trouble sic rate. People goal to visit Paris Andy tick just the same board that everyone house estate in the Eiffel Tower monies that. And we want to change that and NN how we do they do it appears so we recently launched this new that. Two things one is the we've improve matching. As if you think about Ed although most of our search where do you see is about matching. Causes a to Z a marketplace. Well we're helping guests find the best horse beside a press insist. And horse are also looking for the best guess I'd side bets that our role as a platform to connect horse to guess and guest host. Let me just take under a plan. You want to make sure you coming Caracas at a rate fast shuffle here. How do you find when there's information about against companies holding the data they used to here as the data you collect from other sources. So I was gonna mentioned that as a point of matching sell. And we've actually realise their we have a lot of upper at a lot Deere and BP were maybe did this alliance we actually started categorising Indies dear. Made so when you go to the Ed in his new ad. And you ask do you business your preference. For example if honesty in hit never heard a trendy never heard a arrests initial never heard. And use all the information provided by the previous guess. So these idea that they with collected from the guest. And surf tested and listing so let future get any better position is that this is the description of the destination but do information about their person who's booking. China saw do you view collected from of course is the USA. Thinking. Daily connect physical outlet sort of prof islands of love to do you might a statement that users. As Louis saw whenever in the you can actually verify your FaceBook page linked in page. You know address phone number and we also encourage you double your foot off. As well as provide a brief description description or by yourself we also encourage false Paulson guests to upload your ID. Saw their we have M identity M and for our trust and safety team doesn't point. Because when you have that information and it's did it helps makes a platforms if it. Joe if your experience or from your perspective you'll be tooby. But yet you have huge amount of information on eurozone even our free Europe had tokinio can you explain the bid are you managed to get. Inserts are a banker seventy you know user but they found that Russia absolutely. M a for a solid say it's early it's not magic I think everybody in the room here has access to similar types of data that that we have access to. Sell. Really like apple really what's important as a user data and and pay managers. I would encourage rural we have. There dedicated to M net debt assigns team M and their role is to develop their. I'll with answers that they take you existing information and spare a user to identify opportunities but also to address challenges within our business. And ultimately comes down to very much like well Kevin saying it's about providing their. A press allies experience for a customer which is relevant to them. And I think yeah relevance is really yeah haven't have had conversations earlier a lot of the guys here relevance is pretty one of the biggest challengers fora for any troubled company today. When consumers have such a huge net of choice of front of them. Sell them you know the data that we actually guess there may become material aggressive question. The pair may is shareholders directly from our B two B partners because they know that M our role is to help their. Ed build their brands so it's not there. There is sort of competitive risk for them to share information with us. The more information we can actually get from an airline our T a will help us tailor the product of the product we offer to their customer. And to make it more relevant and ultimately to major of the back customer keeps coming back to their brand of coronary gan. Just another gonna applaud the offer part of that there is suitable for their needs. For closer fiscal measures S and physically. As a cure tour to collect the recession is. The slow moving weather has been done before entering into your voters so that you can come back far from flawless. More sort of laugh today clues there. Yeah absolutely it said no point in offering their. Hair or two seater convertible tour until family travelling with their. With three kids in five closed banks and needing chances noting outsell its very simple things like this that help their. Not provide a better experience ultimately for the customer. Palestinian in terms of destruction of Davis says wrong question over detractors but I think in terms of disruption I think it's very interesting perspective to say it's data that is available to everyone bidders. Putting together make something out of it. And day increases relevance massively I'm not saying daily on the company going does data. It's an interesting example we've it is something maybe community platform which is not necessarily. Commonly known here on on airlines those. Yeah absolutely absolutely and it really N does a lot of information that we could collect through the transaction process. But there's also a lot of the digital additional information last. M in partnership with their with with the businesses that you're committed to visitors to turn ideas or anyone else. There may you can actually. Day create a lot of additional value. Self an error line for example is to share does more PM iron formation air more historic information needed even stuff like loyalty club information. It just it enhances our ability to land. Air to personalise the information. But you know may even that might be a bigger and bigger picture prison companies we leave there. Air the places diet is looking at your internal sharing of information. And Kristin I had a conversation may deserve Iran. And earn between of Aiken met in the data within your company earned through red idea to do yeah of the trouble journey. And making sure that your finance department has connected maturity of customer service department reckoned that can be connected with hear your conversion team. There connected with your your part of team. And make sure that their information as your capture alarmed over there and contraction of the customer until the journey is combined into into one Intel as a platform on wanna touch and offering edgier customers. Taking when a question from the London and help before but we'll. Citi is clearly an issue among non hotel accommodations hardee's city's theme through. A so basically this thing out right now. Yeah can probably entered a self. Under Zaire I think. Process and maybe we met before the year city forum we're Rio needing a lot of travel managers from the business trouble while. And the first question they have asked us has of course trust and safety. What do we do it that's a Spitzer as a REIT right question. And if you think about eight engine the has. Eight million guests and then and the big majority of them have had positive experiences. And affinity seen venues are usually a small percentage of what actually happens in the platform. So to give an example New Year's Eve of one million just under the indeed. And that the percentage of to assist you see under and the media as a really. Doesn't really reflect and that the big portion of experience up. When do we provide their debuts I would in the business travel team and sold a few things we but you call trust and safety. Primarily. Looking after the platform to be its they've. Rates were a few Lear's. So we want to make sure that people get on board wanted Eddie be tough on course a guess. Has an identity so there whenever something happens is someone responsible for a bag so we require L Horst at a lot yeah yeah yeah IDs stores are usually things like passport. Or your national ID and based on whatever information is available out in a market their public information we actually crossed cheque this with side is that on. Saw the teams by using technology. Actually identify if this present as a criminal track M we knew we were actually suspend or remove them on the platform. So that's one in terms of trust and safety off the physical property itself now. US nor dead we don't call any off of these homes rate pause the halls are the ones who list onto the platform MD will have to. Provide the other wines racially need to provide ease and manages to to the guest we can't. We can't force them to do it read we're not upward and a hotel rate. But hardly used technology and to put a surfaced this of the information. Is still for example when they're in the business trouble. World we launched this thing called business trouble family listing right so what it means is if you need a certain criteria. Bars of trust and safety or a nanny visa service level. Your listing will actually receive a Baxter says displaces business already friendly now what does that until the until things like smoke detector. Carbon monoxide detector and a list of by the thinks now into a soft heart who we encourage even more horse shoes seventy security features. With specially partner up with a few small detector providers and colour monitor provider detectors. MBA should provide these unmanned diesel three two select Rockport and it can apply for. Sorry as since we are also under non auto inventory. Accommodation. A line. I'm so I can agree with more sort of you know I think to settle for an individual horse be put the same time we have a background check IAT and even utility bill has to be provided to the green audit this person's really dawn after plays. Mike I think one thing in addition to what ever been bead eyes is that. We concentrate. Largely on profession know our own. Accommodation providers basically agency small or big. More all run these places can manage these apartments. In London or New York or wherever. Arm which I credit to businesses. Which devil can ensure. There safety regulations are met. So orders as bill for elected at a bit of the different Engel of how we do things on morale. Well one item one deter few from raw morale most perspective the T as it provides the look into here. A pit agency geared to appear motto of don't go through a travel agency. Wireless. Yeah. So you mentioned you've need to be OK so. At the individual this case in punitive pierce place we would expect I would have expected at early euros are. Has a lot of interaction wasted tenants hardy owner after units that is gonna stay yet. How hardy of with the travel agency in between. OK Saud and on our side. So what many say B two B it means debt we distribute equity dated inventory to a TAX to a business RB two B model. On the supply side. We work with. S fuel private on one as I planted dealers. Local agency is stepped. Yeah Ryan properties I manage properties. Pandit on the volunteers are you so does he'll actually correspond with you are related questions half dec N councilman. Is the end consumer in conflict with Europe. So this as a bidder for difference on our more ram because we do not have this source aspect after business. Arm we largely concentrated when we do business there's a TA is on instant booking the means years if there really minimal and section between defect to a guest. And Horst. OK. Here. Spanish firm from USA affected there's no question about security and safety. Do you aidid's every property you'll give a law Gloria do you rent from ten are holders of work. Yeah adding more toolbar. Not horse active on all properties at these -- been coli fight before the Beagle proper quality check back into profit. In the top safety and security off on the quality affordable. End of costly put old men and defies them up or down the light box plasma we put old Ben and the perception of the hotel. N also lean Google still be clearly defined. The product for nick ended content original Volcker Rule is also different. Then that would then set. OK now game. Yeah I think overall it is one of the attempt that often comes about is safety or we will look at it in in now. Rail car sharing on Hoover our nowhere in the near the end yourself. Also in hotels and first either so it's nothing we have is house's health check a health and safety check regularly. When the properties taken on board but then it has to be maintained over the duration and probably disseminate you know car rental company you've probably require here so lemon on insurers have coverage or so far from your partners. Here are any questions do we have missy. Just maybe Christian money on your point area earned I think a lot of consented customer expectations now. And so on their denies fell collected did did do extremely negative for gold to to ensuring that there. The providers that are working with direct. And it's really just about listening to your customers and I'm listening to the date of the their producing Tangier med experience. Whether they're talking major on FaceBook or whether the top of H is under review site that information is there and the stunning much expectation is. Sell if I had an experience as a customer would Caribbean be and it's of this level. Me as a customer all expect every other accommodation provider to be up this loveless well. And to provide the same type of and so that's very important that we understand what does expect expectation levels are. And her and these what are there's the customers looking for. If I can add Terry. Debbie Gettelfinger has hour's wait till we resonate with with a jolt under things as a customer support red. And because things are bound to happen rate M and in the business trouble world. And if we wish you talk about things have been happening in the last couple months or terrorism and these other things you should be prepared for right. And so of course with business travel working with guys like international S a where Cecil rompuy and having the dip team trust and safety has asked customers worried. To provide disappoint to a business trouble when something happens rate as wealthy as well as expect risk management make people. Don't really know Debby actually provides insurance to both post M guest sold covering the guest label really when something happens. MN business of conductor with Lloyd's of London needs a global standard. And NMN as long as we have disappoint based have proper risk management. Day and then you know this this we tend to get as much as possible. Risk that happens. The thing here. There's not a question here. Clearly you all do structures which take Griffin clearly agreed what do you see as the next sector which relatively destructive. Million dollar question. To enhance. It's gonna severe because of the debt and I think air. I think I think travellers is one of these fantastic industries investors going on a constant revolution. So deserved as a part of trouble specifically that's gonna that's going to change. M is anybody's guess from me I think what her wanting more and more is there the change in. In actual the ability of the cost when it there when they can actually make a reservation and how flexible booking can be so typically with the in the car rental. There where. Don't experience for a customer. There they might be booking their car repaired unit two to three weeks price trouble. My people can dairy dairy at their hotel. Certain amount more a matter and the airline before that again. So really the changes are dancing at the moment and a kind of connection with their the title which were religiously work into Europe. And being on demands if you look at undermined as being a period of time. When you're able to book and the challenger thinks for a traditional businesses is to. Where adapts when customers can actually interactive Jakarta to purchase your products. To be call on met more on demand and more when they need us and that when you have available so for example reducing. Air car rental advance booking times from twenty poorest one out of a tip or too early minutes. What producing their on demand services in location services. When they can actually of their liver products. And when many of us at a time the tiny just a notch when when it's convenient to. OK. But now sort of and our next destruction next big. Next big thing. As a rigorous stereo makers like everybody it's like so. So beware think by the destruction is isn't necessarily. Replacing things elected think vitesse innovation. MM add a few like what every India's and that is with increased supply of accommodation. We've allowed people who probably have not been able to post two to now horse because a lot of that farm. With the next big destruction by it and not so clear about one interesting pride in it in in the troubles biz could probably be is and know what high wind up Honda's doing. Thinking about packaging were receptive is debts and one interesting space but apart from that I think you know. Justice when we will be thinking. So what do we see happening because their gently talked about it earlier today as well actually. Arm is that met searchers tried to become a key aides. Why it is pretend to be with a facilitator bookings about an uptake should be taken the payment. Armed Saunders has definitely something and then naughty as are also opening up to more sort of products and diversifying. Themselves on. I mean there's a reason why a speedier board formal way most likely. Alarm about I would then say it's about the paid out. Arm we stand and Enders has also one of the reasons I'll work better when a more on the road to us thinks Hillary partners has. But we see we have Tuesday it actually available but what do we do with them so again perhaps sell weekend hours and are customised to emails the -- third party providers and say a year arriving in London in seven days and these other things you can do all. Because the normal would have trailers. And I think the disruption comes from lake reading did they'd ever checked to the available and creating a more customised products to guests OK. Management is said. Our I think no one dinner ensure that this did not this a desert destruction coming wonder we India by industry. No more for the customer experience. Make it much more faster less reading time India pot and then now fast way to gain today aircraft. OK. I it. I think if a wide web in oil wealth destruction guys see amendment wrong we've had empowers helluva lot of alpha activities in the driver's phase although we're we're not really under Frontline as a brand. In terms of further public recognition. I read yesterday a is survey from coming from the US. And more staff at least until. Destruction zone who have no habits of travelling. Mainly driven by high usage of technology of more violence of white related called millennial. Kind of growth. And interesting enough. Do survey woes. To Dicky Dicky result of the survey was saying that 30% of millennia. Would prefer our whole would recommend a travel agent to book their travel. And informed travel agent to book travel. So lift elitist statements with you are on the fly. I think we have the next destruction I think we'll be back to the roads where we'll have knowledgeable. It enables travel agents helping travellers with all the different components. Tim insurer that deed the journey say if is at the right pricing in his conflict. I think you're much freer tension and a bigger plus for bad us data were much.

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