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Thu, 7 Jul 2016|

Panel: Steve Saxon (McKinsey), Jan Ruebel (Wirecard), Jasper Chan (APAC, PayVision/ Acapture), Michael Parkinsons (Trustly)


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When Indiana built usually use ballot with a nice to Drummond box above the U. And I'm responsible will sales in the travel and mobility. Sector earn within wire hard term globally base and our Munich have porous during headquarters. Whatever term chart here with us from our Singapore forays you have what does. So finally questions here a little stent outside their smile. Just a very few only one seed about the way our current so I am so repairman a technology company found in 1999. Andrew now all while I'm too old around 2003 analysts. Employees across the globe. Number off am pleased Reggie Moore an easing company than we Erik German company so well over half of them are based in Singaporean Jakarta in India. Armed and serving over 24000 customers in the whole financial supply chain to look payments I was pride over emirates and so was bank. Arm fraud specialist issuing banks have we can. Square and take care of the complete financial supply chain and payment solutions. I'm techniques listed so one of the top thirty year term Drummond technology companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. And holding vols lower banking licence fully bank license and drum here in the U mining license. In in the UK. And just been granted as the first non financial and non banks. The first issuing license also here in Singapore from MPs. We're still a little sample and then some videos and their swells I don't need to top too much. What we're doing the booby view that's Austrian real ways things always put everyone talking map tells a now lives so their sources and rail and public transport stuff going on as well. So when you're looking into is really from the perspective of the pattern for a few guest. How in the seamless trouble look like so what we've got a possible that as a company. In the middle in the Centre but we've got retailers at the station at the airport different tops and I'll tell which are also relevant. And is a different partner somewhat suppliers which could be. Loyalty programs. Along Ortiz. Met us interceptor. We just see for passenger aura guessed. He doesn't care through just whatever seamless experience. And we do better in the little. Training write. Them. Starting as well. Will we see year term in the first instance and there still some dramatic just I'm happy to translate them so it's not too many just most of them were key. And then new bit bored. So obviously see some. Germany's and the difficult and 79 points in the fourth was loyalty scheme. So I think it's important you combine. Payments and loss was loyalty so. It's easy YouTube should track. Payments Amon transactions on credit card numbers. Actually and then put them loyalty system Geithner say they need to. Global full fledged. Appointed Robert Michaels told them as a more or Chris Lyle something's going to be easy. Quickly solution to do feed victim customary and term we've water murmur if you buy something. It's still important term. To yeah. We have the bus were omni channels although everyone says e-commerce and important silk US is definitely one of the most important channel still in the travel business with the only thing about hotel for example. And it's important to combine these source for the merchant. Regardless of serve best pace online on the upside in the prepaid ray dory pays them a check card at certain deal tell. You need to recon silent in the end so you have to have everything. Ideally on the one. There are different customer arrow retention efforts we're gonna see that in the next several. As well having ten. Include other partner ceremonies for the second bring in our earned in the for a slide there as well. How we can game. Or let them participate and communicate to your customers well. Secede who cloning as a very be. Easy way to attracts. Your customers to other merchants as well. There's a possibility that the merchants can define their own sectors bowl and turn said their long term care so -- long term reward systems. Armed with an easy east damn car system liken a coffee shop where we've got a digital stamp current on your mobile. I'm a again the feedburner a firm had received some sort of points. A quality get a reduction on the price. By knew what in the case volatile. How to value their local farmers who are looking into and out for an absurd train station environment. Probably got a couple off. 5060 different merchants was probably sixty different till systems. So learn there it's also important to have the kind of a middleware or software solution solved their without having a big integration into each of these till systems. Your power mamma auctions of partner retailers could accept these motions and could participate in the probe on the smile. And then also as the good idea again the next Farsi word about big data. So in taker all just till system which has probably not even online. OK you get the data back so with a piece of middle ware. You just read out of print stream and many Ken. Categorise. The systems you know what they barbs which was felt they'd like more also turned of their by the bottle of what curb you can offer them back above processes oil with a for the lemon or whatever they want to add. We talked about IP OK and ten cent before for example so. This cannot be added when we look into I'll tell environments. Why do you need to still a queue up at the reception for check in so why don't we have the upper. And term with the night peak in you get the localisation identified in contract directly on your phone India and ideally. Also get Europe key opening information broadening information directly on the phone as well only go up the room and open. The door with a song so there's so many ways. Which can be done in the technology is the area. So this. Just needs to be done some. Hall. Adding additional revenues there wasn't the mortar German taxpayers own opinion what you did this seven who BP message rail company massive saying we still got some. Places left interest last do want to upgrade. And if you want to upgrade to want you to points were doomed to pay your view want part of two point simply the rest with the current which has told organised in between. So giving the customer again. The choice how we want to pay and of course Don Macon think too long so you just off for a Ed oh I'm yeah case where America needs said in a his rating of the station you know use home waiting for checking in North Fork will boarding in the airport. And a pushover and is probably more likely to do that venue for their train ticket probably two months ago and didn't think often upgrade I think bed sickened. Have many more touch points but the customer and of course the ability off so to have them pay. Payment the points if you go into loyalty system that's of course important you want earth the customers' growing the points in the want to have them. Thirst some mark diamond Serb run need to take care of them so ideally you'd they easily can remember. And use them as well. And then combinations. With the pay later scheme might rural credit steam as well. And the big term topic about the additional revenues a suburb influences third most of them trust companies are quite on the stock has also. For goal while on deaf to the airport certainly can be pushed a massive and saviour of health insurance for a flight to Singapore Dili the baggage entrance or something like that. So these need to be integrated. On the naked eye level and a bigger for a term for the customer but in the end the commission's. Some additional revenue coming in that's. That's where there seen no wage earners and on some Clinton in Rio still in Europe. We've got quite some delays especially in train travel. Let them that their temple. All. About any change of bad travel experience because it just seems that this term trend is ten minutes delayed. And term. You can really use the situation and localised ago I know he's standing additive track currently in waiting for it to UK government pushed most of them saying everyone to have a free download of new paper or about four for a free coffee in the board restaurant. And you can targeted directly to the ones who are affected you don't need to target the once you probably missed the train are still outsiders. The station where happy though it's delayed any out because otherwise they wouldn't have touched a so you can really target wells guys who had a bad experience and ideally trended into a good experience of course as well. So finally we on the train. So going on the train for the Austrian Alps just makes a C six allows players to shaking a little there as well. And costs. No good solution to get payments. I'm so you don't need to have a full fledged. US trumbull necessarily. Alarm. Bluetooth parent current rieders much cheaper around them a full fledged US town of so it's easy to stuff. Train attendance and higher numbers as well loan term. Baker more ground them. Yeah let's get the payment done for a so there's for a coffee or something like that. And of course you can combine in the lab environment as well the Q a that the profit is seated need to wait until someone's pushing the trolley for the train. Cheap ordered amid comes. Ad hoc. And again about customer retention by Deloitte team. Combining. That system was with reservation data for example. You can identify if loyalty customers so you can read them specially you can recognise them not to give them inventory just suffered so free coffee. Make them feel rewarded again. Justin and Foster an up move to go into too much details. So we've finished our level. Train station. And what's important there really think. A lot of people are concentrating more buyers I personally believe. That they would be more. Watch is. Rings certain risk bearing eskolaste Orion. And then sometimes you're gonna shift under your skin and earned identified pay even loyalty whatever over the did on needn't. Additional flights early see many people Oreo now need to take gulf might fall into something else. Miceli one year ago you took out your wallet took appropriate put it in the machine and to the Tim so what's even more hassle. I think this is really something where the connexion and Internet of things. Could serve more more relevant especially in the travel space there's not. And term course. But the variable you can page you can put pro current would to a probe card information on there you can identify. Yourself specially in Asia we've got heated public transport. Germany nor did so if you talked about a balanced way do we need that they know new control at a depth. And that's definitely easing up thinks. I'm so. In the end it's just their final video on Malone bumble along. Doing a fall few now we're not an Austro animal Edwin Lyman. Why chance vision is to provide travellers with the best in class multi country and multi stream payment solution that. Paul payment as well as domestic trends accounts or say if you still inside a state of doing not some mobile wallet or. Deeply integrate the next generation where reports so why can't becomes a perfect companion a regular cross border travellers and Taurus us. Let's take a quick look at the details about solutions. Why can't what are Kansas City and country you've just arrived. Depending on your location as well as you start turning it automatically synergies possible even so what's the best suited can't. As a global leader where Akamai Technologies my account supports a wide range of domestic. And international auction strip sending an analyst with its Bill Clinton told a feature a global talent should not teach capitalism in place legitimately trying to move out of money. Play into goods transport is only the beginning. Every tap is also a chance to redeem our cash tax and take part in loyalty campaigns instantly leveraging on our house we're talking hard carpooling offers. Here's becomes possible without any changes to the largest infrastructure. The most. We do. Travelling around you cities used to be a daunting experience or not anymore. Our online community integrates video cameras to find out whether we're a community benefit. In collaboration with local transitioning to a seamless executes a list of her connections is a once you're on the move who calculate. Transactions. And trying to target a for a stimulus turn navigation I assure you reach your destination unto me. Now only here just tata can eat and enjoy your due Lehman's. So modest growth I would like to ever be every ten seconds if they do something about them probably. The new generation is absolutely about their turned. They need to be reminded to get off and gone sleep term. Mr. station. Baker amount. I picture rewind. Jeff. From the union. So we have. Very full bodied have shown you our division company's total work. Full service vehemently. Yeah we offer twice videos in the economy dot com. The only thing I mean obviously going to go to a little bit about what you gonna do what follows what travel as a what you got. So what you've actually look into this god. What a user growth and looking for the fact very viable option for women. So is everybody volume goes these dissolving thin looking annoying with really other people's spending wanna be trying to do ever. Nonetheless having a is the lowest fine paper well we actually gonna kick off the other portions of the so really comes to develop studies here well we can do is. We average of about pointer some consumer behaviour to understand. Whatever things that goes searching looking at solutions some decent along with whom you understand it. For example even for me when I when I a when my I want her travel. In Hong Kong she had about four. Then your hospital it's sort of mix finger redo the topic also lower was to actually get onto my mobile and then. Will where flight get my tickets and the vix Mormon we odd day. Tricia ticker offer and from that point in time everything was on mobile saw. Regardless then OK introduced time in niche for boys one of the things have always using. Four of opportunity. With his fall flights but us Potts tells you when they come from places with everyone's door was among those in hospital for hoarded. Half of people cannot bear to see worse than what's available to look for each of the senate and even first and even the budgets on the mobile. On the devices. So a bit more consumer behaviour of things but only percent off relatively want to pump up technology but saw meaning of them. I actually using it did Ben of these leases whenever going to travel sort of some information that we have. 50% of booking dot com mean what you hours. This review for possible. Percent sort of is of course available on our beautiful graphics. A bit more. Is that why would it be hollow device. The loss of direction who ended gonna look into such. Expended in did such options. The door lock on reviews did get a look at what had either people saying so those IPS aviation lucrative. Thought of it business live on widely thought back which essentially the more important but on whole we have got eighty's tackle the issue off. In what many many times the oil and take a look at other business local berries and but some volatility in the prices of five. What it saw. Now what us dollar bop making it simple trying to put it all together under one contract and the one integration. And people like you we've but more stumble off. Human methods and different soft available. So Brazilian looking for abuse of us. Bigger jet disappeared vision company really look at that across the world saw what we do well we're truly do so everyone first understand. What I'd want to travel needs a wild drug industry's needs and we gonna provide a different off on the payments point of possibly sign licensed by the then. In what a different areas. So all along what we have of what slice payday which is what we're looking at is what happens after the payment comes in. After the formation. Innocent is just once on the transaction but there's a lot more vehicles after that. It could become players who previously payments after that don't need to hit opt through the different suppliers that we have. I saw what it would solve. This region if it's involved who understand what I requirements initially repayment of to the different suppliers and reject all within a permit the whole. Transaction volume. Sorts of I think what we need of one upon what in your view would actually require committed easy. On the possible abuses as well. Solve simple benefits that we had. Think with easier. Alright sort alluded on travel agents were right. U verse have. Saw many different distribution shells into us using hotels airlines and give us some evil mission though we're well. When you're gonna provide poison provisions for your margins are not your consumers. Whether it saw what we've doing is going to be simple. Problem following after the violence with the merton. Penney also directed usually that is the part of your personal choice usually work. Revealing a further. What does the motor of the a lot of that over going to decide which currency reasonably going to be payment through the banks. For the airlines to pass house horror film insurance pools vector motion. So this inspection is one of her symbol. Processor of hot. And a two year Chile will therefore there we actually traders see whole it better able to Conti is a processor for you. Tissue particularly Joffe in you can begin to focus on your core business niches travel itself. Warrant officer. Hawaiian. Cleaned off through different and other regions. People's. So what's place finish in doing so for example personal restrict consumer data driven collects the mine. Owned. Dougherty instructs literature on how to speed the payments. On hold a speech to the recipients. The indicator with all the rest. I. So also. So now just sum up both over this solution for everyone we've really been in you know more simple as possible. Fairly. I soiled overcame the keys to actually help you increase your porn business earlier. Axel bitter remarks is as shocked. Just do want. It's a frightening thought around. The idea of having where rebels on the London Underground. I think coffee pot avoid ice toward my oyster card I'm Monday morning. But let alone where Rawls. Just quickly judged on Michael Parkinson from trust leave try sleeve is up payment hype. The guys are just presented why can't. Unpaid vision. Our payment aggregated a full service payment providers so they process and they can't acquire. And they have technology at the front interface as well but we are specific payment type. Why can't offer trust me irons and soda payment vision for medium capture. Our product. But I think sometimes it's just different economics nor easing the industry are selves but we are focused on on Europe only. So will go on. This agreement. OK well short video. If it worked. Our view our. View. Our U. Power is. Partly. Because. Again. Who. Air. Our area. Me they. Dark. Blue our care all. Nearly. All. Who say. We. All our. Her you. More fire power. Only. Relaxing music. If you've just you don't even after lift justified in the go to. So join. So just as I'm a shame really guys just are hoping maybe you probably you know what trust is a just quickly if it's a couple of introductions like it's we're a small technology business. Base term in Stockholm. It's growing in size. There's been done a couple of changes in the around you know in the payments at. Recently and it's it's led to its led to a seven big opportunity to open up a lot more banking connected OK actions and coverage. In in around Europe. So you can see 410 employees at the moment my responsibility. It is done launching the product out into two of the vertical which radiation travel. Where we feel the product is quite well fitted. We've got good penetration. Currently in retail and online gambling and and gaming where it's now time to look at other vertical was. And obviously we've got beyond the could be on the payment would come what the payment service that permissive licensing. In in Europe. So wait well that too much. But banking connectivity is key. So it is a pan European product only. So I think get any any people like vehicle conference who operating internationally wanted to go into Europe and European customers is definitely a consideration for you. You can see here where we're located. We've got a small office in London which has just starting out of five people there and intentions were to be probably is at a tense or fifteen people by the by the year end. But I head office is in none. In stock. And this disaster scene operators about various awards. I think the key commodity indices to two point sound here which are pretty key Ali invest point B investment from Brit point capital. Earlier 35 because in the wrong place on this chart. And then also. 42 upcoming runners up in the thin tech award recently. This year as well. And you can see lots of customers and lots of brands. So where do we fitted in some of those conversations we're we're we're loading up PayPal. For example. OK. Coverage so you can see here 29 European markets. You can see how we sit where we're nordic business so you'd expect us to be well covered their. They can come in many shapes and forms and some countries yet be connected into thirty or forty banks in other countries you can count on one on one hand. But our aim is to our coverage of over 70%. In each European country. By the end of 27 team and where we're getting quite aggressively with the support. You know offer of an investment on which point capital. So for just give you quick snapshot of our. Online payment in Europe. I think this goes down this goes through what is your opportunity. I think people always look at alternative forms of payments. As what costly protracted would be position as an alternative for payment. And I'll say what's the penetration of up payment types of an airline or hotel here is looking at that so you can turn out quite simply say well. Who's got a bank account you know in Europe. You can say it's pretty significant so it's 500 million people but you've that's not realistic position after sort of a wine that China workout. Who you know who is what what those bank accounts or digital. And who is too is actually transacted. And that number one well paid away but still the opportunity and that's on your coverage size. He's he's huge. We we have an organisation will. This week with an organisation. I'm did have some I'm challenges about woodsy of the banks because we were like competing against some of their services. And it was pretty clear if everyone's familiar with the payment service directive first payment service directive of the payments objective to. But who owns the the common sense and the access the bank accounts came down in thin in favour of the account holder. Not the bank. So there is no challenges in terms of blocking some of the access thought this integrated service is justly so automated bank transfer service. So that opened us up we can rapidly expand from eight markets. Into 29. Two in 35. So the opportunities is a who's who in term growth. And so is the coverage. So online payments in Europe I think people. Are familiar with European home market you you you know it's probably quite fragmented. And for sometimes a cultural reasons. There is there's not. Does not know of a penetration heavier credit card. So you can see here what you have to do if you want to address the European market. Quite fragmented. And you have to go massive wave of multiple payment types. Fruit for your processing relationship. So you can see here by picking up at a handful of countries. That's keeping it simple. And the origin of the bank accounts. And moving money from bank accounts through one intermediary. To merchants. Is the business that trust leasing. OK we've we're always in the industry were referred to as payment rails between. Between the money and the merchants. And more people that sits on the payment rails. Normally the more complicated is normally the more expensive it is. So there's a disruptive play. I mean here and what trust they're looking to do. And of office to endorse stark message of this. Accommodating payment preferences. Is his chief of conversion. And mrs. come outcome in many reports. Company comes up quite well in the global payments reports on that term well paid to liver. And circulate on an annual basis by country and by payment type. You can see. Across Europe here collectively they're still quite high abandonment rate. And conceive by down by country. Choose a preferred payment types. So due to your home origination. Firm pot of the transaction. It's quite some quite fitting the picture of the that the products drives people to their mobile. Causes a very simple and easy to use interface. So you can see here how the selection of banks come up in one country. If clicking on that you're clicking on the bank clicking on the account selector so you're paying from Eva at current accounts or savings accounts for checking account. And interfaces viciously and the money then listing sent straight the merchant. Which north authentication happening issue and produce a bank account. And I think the message is clear. About seven e-commerce moving to mobile commerce and mobile commerce increasingly growing the you can see. Of the graph. So drastically down in the travel industry. I think off. I think I'm not the way that's the way we look to operate is the John industry has a high ticket value typically. So for us if there's this 323 tick boxes here. Trusted transaction. Doesn't doesn't have a charge back. It has minimal fraud loss and it's cheaper and credit card. So it's a bit of a no brainer or just click through here so low fraud risk trust me. And it drives up higher and higher average ticket values. A massive profit from inside my ten minutes. Fake Euro much. We we've times burka a short Q&A M and and panel discussion. And let me just kick this off with a few questions then very much well come. I'm input and answer important questions for food from the audience as well. And so you know there's a get young thank you very much done. If they're very interesting especially cumbersome as the most things look fantastic. In some ways. If indeed it is summer this year you think had an intermediate solution and the money it had a couple of examples which came out for your presentation. Think he still went to a ticket office to purchase and paid. The idea that OK yes you could use it in multiple cities. But there wasn't one hall of money there was still multiple Carter had to what extent is this intermediate nurses and one where do you see going next. Who do have a vision knowledge. Here we Asia's. Is our bond. Our New Orleans. But did not. Yeah yeah. We need to earn our. It. Stated. To keep that. To keep that up Aaron term. Technology wise I think. Yeah. My time here the decision about the ever beat us video recorder powered video recorder. Teachers the big test one you ago the new chose the part one you messed up. Now it's doing those same two about battle p.s ams and pay whenever someone saying you need to go on MFC the other say it's gonna be in HCE. I think the times where you've fixed one technology and it will be there for the next. 1015 years that's just gone so they know what's coming up in two years' time. Just the U shows great examples. In particular thinking about M. Hope matter much to the audiences is is untallied hotels what sort of Melamine that OK if you think. RB. Wood's. I'm formal forecast picture you bring up for service provider we actually looking into a ticking off a further it's we're back. Payments become a hassle buy unit of it is not just collecting payments but after that what happens after that bridges than to PR. So for us is some more off looking into what US with eight of the travel industry which the need. Falling for Italy has not much about Xbox and adjust payment processors that we cut we want to actually help me edition. Saudia. I'm an open mind a couple of for us what is it fair to say that kind of the target customer for this is the ones we're out credit card sordid Joyce a substantial portion of your customer base using it as a as a patient. Day snowstorm in addition. Part of string of bullish put some I think Alan we don't typically integrate directly. Into customers there is some exceptions. But some typically picked apart justly forms part of a suite of payments. Through a process. Because there typically looking for the normally blow up a global player and their typically looking out. You know what what what some what is adding sort of real value and has high levels of penetration in country so weak we could be one of fifteen or twenty. Alternative forms of payment they say when or some other. Largest airlines who got a lot of really. You know really into your alternative forms of payment probably offer. Net thirty or forty which we people toward them there and those roll out programs have been going on for years some thinking known and emirates or KLM Air France example. I think we know that some markets nature take a hard going along something but trust me line it's quite. Quite common M and in China for example like to pay directly from your bank account. But we're certainly seeing no kind of pan Asian platform like you might do you know. And is that been your plans oil do you see other startups that this thing potential. And both up we we have. The company gathering couple weeks ago on our CO firmly told us focus on money's Europe only. Save people working were getting a bit ahead of themselves about going to other places but we've got to get. Though the coverage fall in Europe first. Thank you would love questions from the audience they seize them coming up here it's also small enough room that feel free to tip to to raise your hand the week we gas directly. Let me just choose boiled. I'm. The third one here so. Obviously in Asia there's lots of different payment types whether it's hourly pay whether it's we chat pay and so one. How do you think your solutions. Fits with these sorts of payments. Yeah. I think it's. Different and difficult to say definitely. Some payments methods. Are. We. Guarantee payment methods for the merchants so there's any fraud happening at a payment methods taking care of their for example. Of course you always have to acknowledge the year arm to help you Saud Al term risk. Patterns. Chuck where the opium that customers coming from. Where's third payment method registered city ticket with a pro currency see serve as chairman program number but if ever. I'm Russian IP address and term probably use flying from her wherever Bangkok to promote Singapore so might the of fraudulent transaction that. But still every payment method in the commerce has crops risks yes big problem loyalty systems now as well. Just need to make government see how many four do you want to accept as a merchant. Iman and find the right balance not throb I think is not possible then you would need to stop selling online selling at a properly. Jessica you know a view on other Asian payments as the year formal solution payment let me be valley PR Ricci. This alluded local wallets or in a sense that there will be through. Much less a risk off rocks because it's a paucity. Sort of people selects then cuts is of course is where more than before we're actually come which is what we are moving away from everyone to. Let the open at pima method soluble and being there really we've tried obeying slept for the democratically. What does or whether companies slow region actually mean reduce foot to a select then but of cost cuts are still. Easy for people to use witches mean which would still be around for very long time. But in this case for payment methods. Like nearly four hours we actually did we look we've more of them we cheddar a star two people where that across the entire world. Enders will be a trend do to actually enable. You know. Different country payment methods. Sort of the day with a usage while whenever the. Nine was 31 Q oh here quite a few. Here are their homes. But movies are all present his. To stop just the dust question quickly when we get the radiation payment types. We so we don't buy Telecom but wheat we load reload PayPal for example in Canadian and European region. And of the doubt it is a Porsche payments so there's no business over fraud exposure honoured. Amir all was of his. It's clearly view why would customers choose a pair of credit card well again. Yeah well it's just different there's different rules. Do this you have the you have Herbst risk scheme rules. But at octopus along story depending on what we're what what's happening the transaction. What the on what protection is no and who creates from. We can probably say who have lost on would probably take that one offline. Because low. Beta. Why transferred as the main form of payments so malls people will pay from the current account. And wire transferred certain suited received a does everyone else's bank account number virus. Nu need to use of the doubt that often before taking out the current sixteen digit somewhere over. You can't be can't be hassled so there. Number I think this specially draconian possible some your key markets Steve. We'll use to. Using their bank account does not. I think there's a complicated. Conversation around businesses efficient protection business is going into receivership and who gets paid out first and that us quite a long conversation but some bank transfer but get paid out firm like credit card. Or any questions from the movement in. I'm not her normal to assess his disease very hotel facilities. Set back been using your all of payments expertise. If we look at hotels fairways pays still quite. Are quite clearly. OK you need to puts you need to I don't put down sort of divided or at least give credit card number when you've as a maybe get a fee payments. But that then yes as a zone of the population without you then get the hat had previously. And these certainty that the customers don't show up on you know pay C and then you'll arrive in. We slight credit card only deserve higher than the dollars you're right it feels like provision of how do see payments in hotels changing going forward and visit both the initial booking and then also the actual payment until their form. Boom and services. I think when were you looking on two sides are definitely aware of the comptroller oh will play with chorus I think for next. Decatur probably. No not god but he should drummers of the trailers with our Serb Croat current information so that you mentioned prepayment was definitely not really puts at its. Rusty and paid. Harlan oil from off some local. Local tired of those payments so ensuring video of the monies you know I'll tell. And done Newcastle about the notion that's always a question how do you charge someone if given guarantees and amp. He bidder online banking transfer also PayPal so you can't easily Chatham again if you doesn't draw up a that is the mini bar or every does that. So as a I think it's important to offer a combination and term care insurer also new alternatives like. Would be just lunched with Ali pay you that our peak US. Perform payment just lunched with Munich airport. We're used externally Ali debacle. So attention ladies and turn attention placement than do that the firm we should swimmers rather term. So I think it's combining source a wallet who become US. And A go to known dome of the B a combination of the two. Toll free 1. But also worth a question. So you think about payments in hotel in particular. What you see a future evolution. That. Pocket phone regarding bed I was looking at speed and walking dot com users sheriff neither is walking on the paucity. Car model whereby it is of having a lot of traction. So bullseye actually thinks that when people begin to bull you know things like the global bet let North Shore by the things that Wendy wonderful day tribute look forward to go for a windy wind mainly. Media there'll be able to go for every dollar heads off at a hearing your idea of your credit limit falls loan of you know. Polygamy payment first there was actually very good points for form for many of the prevalence. But of course when. Human comfortably whereby you know let me share Ali. For the consumers to achieve the cheese. We within reach the age eagle double teens we do that any insider seats also up all but also other things that virtually. That other users. Why do want a few more of one opry for the people we've such steps then. To use that's driven methods. Saw as we begin the gore along this model providing. A wider variety of field that. That there are hot tells you not tell you earn airline still want to look into that did a good deal be would make it easier of no faster or for any other consumers if you look it is. Nine. Especially. Sterling is here with us it is for example may could make a reservation but page later. You could to steer you can do instalment payments. But it's a bit of push payment can be multiple payments could be one payments. But I think I think was done credit cards and you're essentially author of putting a authorisation in a new ring fencing funds for a period victim in the hotel route to a three days marina bay sands. People just don't know about it. Visit did not busy looking at their statements they just don't know sister credit facility and doesn't cost them anything is just taken an iconic get some in the door at the hotel. Karzai conference that a digital payment conference last week. And businesses that I've always really been reliance on that ring fence and authorisation of funds aka our moving Turbo talks were moving to around soared over ecosystem. On the on cruise lines and also arm was one of the big cruise companies. And Disney Disney resorts international resorts. So that they why they have been reliant on credit cards and authorisation ring fencing funds. Then now moving to their own environment. And for different reasons maybe people actually using where rebels and their charging around big cruise liner and taking drinks and jumping in water and doing various things. On these big boats. But some it was interesting to hear always creating a look system and their own currency. And what I mean in the past they've always been credit credit cards and ring fencing authorising funds. Thank you please join me in thanking yam Jasper and might further insights and we'll move onto accession thank you.