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Thu, 7 Jul 2016|

Panel: Christian Lukey (Amadeus), Max Kraynov (Aviasales/Jetradar), Imbert Fung (KAYAK), Andrew Wong (Trip Advisor), Hans Ebenham (NusaTrip)


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Pocket self. A brief introduction of myself. My limit Christian look I wait for Amadeus which is yes distribution system. Mainly on airline and hotel M&T furious now. That analyst I have with me today are. Heinz. All right I think it flagged up being might duck. Hands is. No circuit dot com CEO and founder. Generally have. A InBev fund firm carrier. And followed by a Andrew along with adviser. And max clear enough from if yourselves jets radar sell or a bad quickly. Like jazz debit analyst to briefly introduce yourself what you do which part of your business you know you're looking after. So is it equities its plight is its. Tell us today accommodation. So that we can then get the discussions said Christa if you and me. So we're around a key information from multiple it's. Flights hotels across. Indonesia. Suffered. Eight were much. You know terrorism. OK yeah it is clear global editor in chief and now we're also with more will first company. With permission to meet travellers can view as possible for odd couple role wide. And on our side with our what will have throughput compared flights hotels. Car rentals are not on our activities. By best yield bias on on the drop weakens smaller so no matter what. Dick you know. I regretted signing a different truth about a best known for hotels but we are still operate error cornflake met a search on for each for a upper point of sale so we are. Price comparing flights for our travel audience so all one relative to this panel are. I've worked with Macs ten times where there Otis a fury on our sites in inner city where it's because he. In brics were were competing in the fight the perception base. Figure much. Caught up. Yeah so I don't sales is the largest eastern European flights than it sets the -- 90% far business comes from minor facility. About 10% of our business comes from quality still we invented the so called hybrid model when we keep. Sent a letter to airline dotcom sites all weekend night you should tickets ourselves that is in Ireland and you. Other regions coming in the next couple of months yes or we will work. The risk and accurate business treatment acquisitive but like so we all would give it up. Flexible work. We're hostesses who were initially put it. OK could purchase Teva quick sure turns in the realm and that. Hole is involved a represents at a larger accommodation vertical. OK. Would we have from the airlines. It gentleman here. In ultimately. Edward we have from technology providers. Payment solutions. Review is OK. Good click what who worked as a nobody else there. So or what is everybody else's son marquise offer built multiple to brighten up payments. People poor idea. Whether the other people know. That's quiet so that's where liberty avenue putting new earth the earth you activities. Opted. I always had is thinner diseases is questioned our. Meadows said everyone worked with everyone on the idea. Competing in Google for example as as the mother of Almeida search principal. On the other hands. Everyone does advertiser goal at everyone does want to go after December customer road cell powered. In terms of acquisition. When to a wider customer Heidi you keep. How would you be loyalty to Europe to your Brent. Dewar site. Clients you an example. Where simple body Indonesian market for example none of the men cast. In Indonesia. Traffic for May therefore seen in that age actually distract us what actually has your present in the market that just happen to have a strong growth. The year. So we don't really rely on them for obvious step customer now when it comes you like European customers an available market our product. Tune in Europe just because whistle focus on southeast Asia but. But what we've made up for example for that kind of cost because we're comfortable they hear the Google earth and this year but. It's not really saw much above 4% the year. Images at a venue changes that's a much time to get that you know get a proper campaign for each country for the destinations your target. Just for now right angles to pick up but it. Came. You announced its four kayaker I believe is. Focused on the broader picture we have that might happen. Customers will continue the carbon continued boiled soul one of oil. Laws are proposed bank so that hope. The streets but out because one has value we believe our but most of you know the problems of and up to Europe what you know by advertisers it's a very important. Everyone structures. Merit not on a poll asked what sort of report that acquisition bright white. Yet. Well by the beginning Google must never be the key part of that further acquisitions voted inner Barrett will. Strongly agree with Greenberg on. Are the fact that probably power had to get their customer back directly. But you can't keep buying decision customer or the fact. Yet and for the if you look at the Q tip of the search is a funny because a decision originally what's speechless I kind of products that you took customer you'd immediately. Through the a couple of backer airlines a T is thought and now we're talking about potential but however by keeping the fact we're. However can apart seen in the cartoons why whenever treble of the product user witty. I really private rights that people want you know on average by three flight yet it's a term used to attract your pop somebody might need upon the issue that by. And I haven't some buckets for your mobile or I've now subscribe to email lead or just gonna testified that product that they would still remember. You know different kind of went from brand. I think that said the number one consideration for amid a surge is the ability to find the cheapest price. I think the product experiences very very important. I'm trick advised we tried to make power play mega search. I includes. Elements such as looking at sea maps and giving details about so with the aircraft looks like with the folders between two great. To try to make its. About choosing the perfect flight rather than just the cheapest but I think beds are. We would be kidding ourselves if we said that price was at number one consideration so. The draft of the better search especially because we don't have the same customer service and touch points as the transacted as a draft must take it defined the fairest. But we have to do the best job in kind of fair so that means finding duties that have the best negotiate the price for a happy. Low cost carriers that are represented another mega search for another wrote yet. OK. Yes funds as whether to build WiMax to point out. Great customer engagement. Between trips between zero respects it is very important I think now being able to agree capacity will up bill will ever having more or. Reasons for the customer confusion more Paula. Is its Q so during the jury you know can you give them which vacations to make it more convenient whether it's going to be a land. And provide alarm in the curse of a number are already of the market for affordable Corel. Rush hour conditions are these eight years of these and to provide up to a possible integrate into service in just touch point. Anything to two edge of point of having price I think that for appointment before pretty you're really. It offers special we always want the best deal and I think what possible very important is is the use of water and covering the best deal. I think many. Q is Emma structures have very do you know just how I suppose it would reduce return to quickly. It must admit what it's I think it has soared built in C so. And transact admit what are not what I again for a better search can we hire a special we passed by customers to apply. Source. That the customer experiences are so maker SC westerners because spot for them by the deal would be why. And we work with our what you find as a reservoir by Forrester hopper and published their public in that's as a collaborative in and a reduced friction variance. OK. Voters whether take Beckham on the hunters point where you say for a long hold my kids who you give it hit amid a search of the for the retail market you can hear. Action directly on site. Now how are you using how do you hiding managed Europe European advertise them on. On the met a search deal used are committed tools to use leading models is that issue again what do we can disclose certain that. Depends on what will form the the flight. Is really bottles are connected to what system they get our price. The year are. After that except that Q while. To ride to work because there's really not much we do here. And keep the product pricing obviously. What we show what could happen by cystic what can we morsels that Chester Gregory. DR. 4 dollars a bit more complicated yes. Does or does when she you know more complicated system when it comes to you know. The evening news a lot of it is stupid so there is pressure to depending on the deal we have you know. Would admit that at all put more or less restrictions. Basically the year. Whenever you have to manage if you see. Because we've we have like. What what about hotel das system of his team managing to pursue a lot of our. There's not going to be manuals or at all bottle tools biz operative did our rating pricing. Don't we have bubble but you to admit history but not even every meadows sustain some of them have a terrible growth rate. As of the that would corporate rate the so it's a matter really. Keeping an eye out on the go down a lot of reporting from. For me that we analyse it automatically sort regenerate reports yeah pointed to problems. We'd which we we try to maintain a decent return on these child study yeah. A regular in connection down so yeah the pricing. Strategy on top the one dollar OK acts like that is well. The suite four door OK actually going to get really bad corporate announcement Nortel looked what happen blockage from the event. Don't know. But he saw following we don't really got into going thing we've got is special rates which were are now. Sure. The out but. With the young. What what are the key thing awful for a public which. I always have issues with this. US led abbas's European maker. South Africa and Asia may covered Asia smart I think you can make that is the that some. Very breezy difference which as a customer thanks fuming at night is indeed west price. Is never far. In Europe it's meant that a rate to have by Finnish. The same as Europe pretty much every country yet Americans make at this feel the need. Unita. The same way that didn't mean US in Europe. Last got put in place to tell that are unique beading like this is is not legal in our country. Region countries like way beyond. Like all the noticing. May versus up not regulate itself we're that. The that's one thing that always by extremely. Nine effect you'll see us make our order annulled TA double BA. Property in Europe because a lot of the active force that can be it property in Asia there's not regulated. Max who work to react to. Think I'll I'll problem in the industry poker at the thing is that I think you know politics but the whip up problem. Because all at some point per I'm. I'll work includes certain of their equities they would lose their lives for. Our prior third parties to open that it's actually much through the fourth which puts on the street. Solve all last kayak mom on the ourselves well to test a better perspective budgets. Both finance a lot of initiatives items off what you see what if I what currency. You see the price you used the currency would be charged infants are so that means for the liberal. Presley for you got treaty. That happens it's tough. That was a filthy Philly will be to a debate here there was light it's a fall overnight but over a Pollack disagreed with the statement that. You've got is amid unrelenting gloom. Enthusiasm any bid as Laker. Capita will never assures that. But that's the up from what I mean you have to dig in gave it a better baking what does that they use a possible sophisticated view Jim. Getting to understand that basically might finally take what makes something complicated is forced to help people. By and astound why Nader would because. This coming from Europe from the year and I've been in Asia force block it is. Added in the US side has now wiped away but I still think it's not the right thing to do quite perspective. A density. About four other manners but. I don't know were pressured by road within the views of where do just receive with some others point out for kayak. Our belief is that we have to build a long term relationship for the past. If we should look price that inaccurate. Look at that Ed or put off for the customer bill what are your top oil price typically every bit they typically want to know. What the product Shell Oil from their wallet for this article for this L I. That bird bird segmentation between fees and taxes on most of rock let me ask you. So we expect their personal we've implemented for example. People keep up with which includes all taxes so chargers as well as any extra fees if you use different overpayments when you bought. Anyway anyway the ticket. And then a hall told oracle. We actually have a filter would you can see our faces just by the bid price or the placement would a postal charitable tax solidly have fateful. So which ones you have quite different more cows whose differently spot depending on the consumer behaviour itself if if you're. Armed with a coin is that you know we have different philtres have put some of double count your. Laura expectation of a laptop attributable to define what I'm happy Europe yeah. Discussing ethics for a vote of consumer preferences but we know that you're not haul markets but you can say. Some markets. Is much were proper tells the before the city's right some song some consumers in some markets. In other markets some consumer preferences of rights so that's what we have different philtres we default to buying by country. Erika you know I don't think there's any measures which after a 2.4 fell one and done tight. Transaction you have the build trust with that would depress their capital we've that the price you see on the website is the base of the. And a as they did it also comes to data expected initiative an American traveller activities used as a performer of pricing he would one who would feel comfortable finding it in EBC met does it. Palmetto booking solution but yes it is a point with globalisation more we forwarded. A lot of bigger players bigger brands are coming into different territories with the same. Cookie cutter. Solution which. From experience that the worked properly and it individually. So the only questions. Just. I note I would add that. Up for a trip about a fight we required taxes and fees are included. What it's difficult is that we set up that. Be chairs. I wouldn't say that ceiling OTA is doing for an airline is doing so the sexually. But there can be fees surprise fees or taxes but by the cure at checkout. That was not provided to assess the key I. Ends we requiring them to show that again after unlike the time despite leasing. Accounts for what that product my chart. But also its complaint from another wrote here that says hey this guy is throwing up surprise fee but Russell wasn't Grammy it is to users so. How would be used to comes back to trip advice after having clicked for which we note keeping a nearby site we say what was your experience in the side M was the price which soc. And that gives us some doubt that pupils going make sure of the integrity of the view that we can give is there were gets tricky is human. It's end that is something quite big in Europe. It ends in Australia's well we're all taxes and fees might have been included. But it's going to be 1% for Amex in its going to be free for debit corridor that could be free for a visa on what others are paper variable payments at the end. Which could be included in the Q I maybe making excuse for beauty aids. Be cares if it depends on the consumer what people want. That's where there is a bitter variability in the prices but otherwise I would imagine eight would speak on behalf of the murder that. It is that all have everything from did because no one want to disappoint customers. There was one question which obviously attempted is a few years as quickly as you read them. When when we made as urged her stop comparing only products or end. Ali price then go more into the features of the product. Going to Warren's really made us urged become more active in terms of you know semantic search has oracle personalisation. Are. How hard indices moving forwards. Where do you see the next serve for metal surged to stay relevant. To go to do a user. Sorry I'll start. The pet continue. I elders put one example that bolt whatever the mid decision user experience we see your website that are on the screen. Italy extolled on the screen caused thousands Holland's eighteenth amid twelve I'll call made decisions they've run out the our support abominable designed. So in other words if you look at different a decision is simple safe pretty much perfectly useless for the first family one or whether it's either call us a lot of I'll tell dominant design gulf war come their product features hasn't been developed yet. And there are a lot of companies but a pro growth. Quite far I would say but nobody absolutely keep that its fourth but you you would see. When you gonna you'll see so far could start usually done either through a prism ovation awards will keep it. And though also I'll always aware of Europe rock. Of these problems read more props in this short time in other words were built back well with of that. Assessment people sleep when people peak of the alike with that a budget verdict of the modest slip. In. I think on. Will was a question about the comparison of different product or open semantics that original question though well. I could I Chatham because basically if you owe it to be able to compare features you would need to pick up semantics. I sit ups well. CS's other connects all righteously. I'm too old. That semantics. Of preparing our positive attributes. Were definitely. Nine finished so we're always going expectations. Choose to be confused suitable to better reviews. I'm. For tabloid report top product we will. Arts star really we've looked at the geographical location for the prior I think you can filter by growth as well. Our all we've done is farm geographic map we're you can look at. We you're sort at overweight. Actually that are worried you can find more sightseeing. We have for the most questions thank. Our poorest and most likely solve our we're always looking for we're use we're weekend me what we contractually spot that routes. To do what is just if either absolutely in terms of semantics are accused. We're doing something. We're to a couple projects experiment with the in the issuance so we actually have write a two hour semantic structure built on over slack. Chat platform which is like getting covered with hyper worm on that companies in the US or Europe. Answer that's falling out of a point where well we'll see that could pick up international is one Libya to build the future would infringe. How were also working with our asset class as a fixer which saw our personal stock market up there would people like to. I'd use your basic at a press. So what it overcapacity as the message to kinda you know we have our mature fox endless amount semantic your response injured in the possible human engineers. Well I'll provide some suggestions and then there's another project in the UK you know. And the US where we actually have are. Supports rich fine just taken by ship protecting worries. Will pick up cannot well what Europe Woodbury leading into what you're looking for cable provides just based on what we think. You type about let's not forget not afraid to point out that they were forced to finish line but we're we're big weeks. Ted Ted would fall into Vista product during lunch you know we're testing ignored it it's. Techs lab something similar rhetoric act towers over what other as a masses and as a versatile a chart basis. Earth. Bonds that help them finding the right solution but could not be for your Digi take up that made as the year. White matter the first question my body it up more and more on. We financed through being able to adapt more from my understanding is there a qualitative basis. Is not clear in the maintenance of it could not be the same with our Acura did I get up. On here. OK so when you said the data is not dare resist listing fees have put a search I once A Tanaka. Foster hotel on the beach. With a big garden and a swimming poor as a search criteria. You'll say that the data is now there from the supplier side day to meet. Under the the myth aside that they might not be maintained for the quarter their businesses Russell much to maintain today Kabbah double doubters that discipline keep his job. Because it'll have direct relationship with built up to a happy a doubling pennies a day you know that they need to spend the extra effort to keep the factory open. Could you expand that might not trusted the might use. Just quick response of archer a veteran I mean populace obviously it places a huge factor in we we have spent a lot of African timer picture with great accuracy. But we also know that consumers. The guidance in masseuse just a price comparison I mean there's a lot of trouble is now. A tremendous leverage as a convenient way to search for no other attributes. So all supportive factors are very important we don't forget we receive. All information. From a two zone as a buyer pops. Our sort we have actually. An abundance of information we do have teams that saw there was a provision they should've been match across our. Different providers of post percent percent white. I think the challenge is up again at Mike Robinson way how'd you make this fall that it did up. And horrible almost seamless. Quickest we've used. We go daddy's deal that is to learn one big take out there is certainly yes what's ladies a lot of data. Challenge comes with localisation different language dependent behaviour after after years. This one question. Ha letters that competing with our two years initially went before via introducing direct booking function. Hardest decision said the relationship. Maybe. Chris showing. A sister talking because I think there's still. A misunderstanding. Of who's doing what friction. Clarify its for an even better it. There are two ways of doing their. Once qualities that will cope with our bets from. I loved skeptical of its wealth there is a thing call I've written a book about the of the saw. You know months. Assist the people can observe when Mitt facility pretends to the ability. Hyper commitment and quality pretends to be in the decision. And then another stood. Yet but never took just immediately. Admit facilities and points east compete for the customer that the computer for anything else. Seoul and begin a competition dealers you can you serve more of a call invitation because we. Up with the customer wants or not solve all. Completion opt yes we work if you admitted insurance it strip where reckon it's in a quick fuses the empower. The jobs but nobody expected you know he'll look at the provider up. Outside dozen or satellite capable advocate though publicly it's it is expects Ford us. But you did not keep you can it's a U you do it right to get yourself and you have somebody at a role model to bid itself. I'm not. Speaking purely from the flight pointed view well we keep in my mind. Would try it does. Unmarked from insisted booking site. It is a bit more difficult when it comes to airline insisted booking because airlines are on about instantly sets. So I think we recreate all the bean still reads on the onsite but the airline wants to sell. We sent them more authority the airline sector where their best at marketing cerberus thing but. You know I think it will wonder whether turmoil wonders to have clarified is what is an assistant booking. Versus Hillary Ferro. Humana comments. Show while. So it didn't assisted booking I would say this sounds similar to what max to describe where we're taking the friction out when our trend stringer put into another site. We are assisting taking the credit card passing information by guy to make the transaction completes. Referrals instantly. Pop up window in you transact on on the supply side look. Attic forum my tummy summarise DD. Met as search assist a booking Margolis. Typically booking December by Madonna submitting your information. In this him environment at a booking is done with the supplier with fewer years. So it's not met a search against a two year its booking form field in amid a surge to buyers to reality here. Expects in this case the action remains the most likely means the airline audio tier trying to avoid a hotel tactic could tip. And then and the not so in the customer service remains with geo TAM the airline as well. So that you're referring to traffic such as message doesn't get involved. In special meals a changes to a flight ticket oil the stuff that. You know it is an SM researchers not equipped to do this as we noted as pasta. Do you see market moving forward. We talk about reducing friction. Sell either hybrid model oracle RS's to talking. With T I'm bundling of anti Euro is so I'll have. Will be on the items that are sold around the seat to a White House. Do you see meditative going into that direction or taking on board more after service side to beam even less friction. Horrible do you see tremendous thirty staying here. I referred IS's talking and and the services. We stay with us by. For a third carrier. We're Knight built with the a customer service company. Were built with the A trapped. So we do that have armies of cost or representatives did not have extra time. Payment gateways for example saw horror. I'll position. Used to do rely on a tier supplier partners. Four of the point at themselves Serbs and I think if important being hit with a bar around a successful here is that you know. It looked it reduces the friction because use relapsed or put your web sites I think the challengers how can we better communicate to the cost. Such that Europe what. People to understand. That the report with upward to deal with the supplier. Any doubt there about that self service and now any changes or what cancellations or add onto people like the do. Would like we through the year or cheapest I've sort of the communication about point. Is is is a detail that a contingent from. In ignite. This effort poses going to add that. I think that the value that the legislature can bring inflight. Is probably more comparing the products and the ancillary attributes. Then actually taking the transaction facilitated the transaction themselves so mean if you look at the US markets. Theory is a lot of competition and a slide of fragmentation of services so theories of economy sea is no longer in economy C. There's five different flavours of the economy cede some but comes with bags the limit. Some dot com what point send some come with the meal when something receive either a back into obscured the front. What not comparing apples and apples and and I think that if you point to good with a pretty sight in the valley the at a pretty side is comparing all different apples are the different orders. And I think that is what brings value to the consumer not just facilitating the transaction because in anyway let's easiest part it's the comparing the attributes. I'll come back T under fighters weather turns hands he's input for a harder customer react when. Day maker booking but they reach a side by amid a surge ended the need to do modification our service attempt to do come to you directly today come to Europe as the second or third term Darden do react. Each of the changes. For example that the elements well what other damage it bring your we're. Officially four. If a flexible battery you'll get body bigger ticket on us again doled out bucket from a study we usually will. If you come on make out what happens sometimes they will allow. If they have a pumping what will. The made to try to see you clicking get this tech bubble up that cumulative bike. Get a free fall. The the feedback that we get for the make us authorities strictly limited you're you know our customers don't reach out. Pick up maybe able to recover at the back where we know we know but sometimes it will. I'm on the west what you know but it is quite good but backed a yes posted bucking the the foot up Auliffe firm. Get at. Let's say yeah. But by the white assisted walking for four Indonesia for example that would be you know extremely complicated. Problem for one major reason this theme. It would actually support listing you know that the government report which are heavily driven heavily lawful. SE TM machines senate came on the back. Not whole outlook or staffing limits. A lot of work indeed that is that yes at a walking is part of global. Solution as of as of now the speak for the year of the you know markets and have a lot more papers it. Yeah I think. I think days there's a point as a with the multitude of further payments initially asked for yards in Indonesia they will be a challenge to rip produce all their midday India sister booking turn off. For show. But the question now what's on the it's a bigger seeing a negative relationship between mid caps average a year would be some quite some time liberty everything old yet Alltel. Do you you know just you point out far right the while a lot of midterm can mean a lot of what he's done to argue with you try to treat you like special deals people while rather it. Existing customer obviously got to be some moderate so you're asked before rates for wrongdoing like private. Kind of deals which. Even back hard fact get out. So face a view on the or even on your non luggage fees that companies that I think so this is one way this is what also dealt trying to buy. Offering rates of zero. It's war let's just say the sector. Coming back in head to do today item off comparing apples to apples oranges to oranges now. We see in and you mentioned the US we see much more commercial product so it's one seat plus like get minus points. With a smile with most mild weather. I just said time is it's very difficult to compare. Now moving forward received a similar trend happening in hospitality it's not longer a wrongly oral body is. Twenty different role name most of them creative and none none comparable. Indifferent explosions. How how do you handle that us. So Christian think amp inclusion somewhat very. Observe different commercial products I think we we went from a very come at a ties product. Bulletin airliner in hotel but probably an airline more advanced today Jenin hotels. To a number underling of Ferrara are refunded in repackaging of commercial product where parole is no longer just to a category but becomes the difference and series underpin. Now you mentioned in the airline it's difficult to compare like for like now how would it be hotels. Can I ask Europe. Enable it to its future comment where part how to manage to. Achieve. This is comparison possible. I would say that it's very difficult for flights because of fear confusing for consumers I mean I think there. He is the book husky areas maybe twenty years ago that had the foresight for. One way fares sends but destructive revenue managements and lifting of walls and added on the S and that's and the airlines serve beans quickly pursue copy wore a revenue management percent. Even more innovative when it comes to silver is by far the shameless things that'll be sort of leader's theory very difficult to compare across. Across the different products. Because many people work for confuse with met searches. As considers you wind up on the site thanks guys gonna try our quick trip advisor at UC. Tender for an airline ticket never her birth of their being sold by three or four different Otis acute never heard about. You get confused who was actually making the transaction is a tremendous stretch themselves in their new mayor Ryan. Another dimension. Well that theory isn't exactly what that fear says that it is you need to restructure look at water. Do you then. Potentially make tremendous search for five dimensional display. I'll channel M error line ends 40 AM then the different flavours of economy I think it's very very difficult. I think to a certain extent the weathermen researchers state that already is set to show that the base fare in the based product in duplex. Go to a big airline do you get something make more complicated if you opt in from that point I think that Howard's traditionally. And that's what made the referral model life easier. I think to recreate the spotless talking about before that experience on the matter search site is what makes it very very difficult. To. If you could get to distribution technology will support talent like Mike comes Q. Sophistication. Market away you know if you gonna have come fund. E-commerce marketplace where a lot of sophistication. Within the channel it's extremely you people doubt the cholera decide fiction. The year are any need to bring down that. The year. That outlines for example. It's you know are organiser US hasn't really managed to work out what we bought the highest property breakdown holding its primaries the way. It can be done for a vast right you're saying Ford tells the were bailed out distribution channel. Ken you buy has a spike in new buyer. Another great can. App for the full board at what is going to write the that technology is this not been adopted by. Distribution channels and therefore it at a lot more difficult fewer. You sir are a little bit out create these complex if you for the prospect that the feeling is fifty different rates for the single buildup. McLemore probably get addicted to get a push back the cast of the because of the lack of the aisle. Anything the only glimmer of hope from a technology point of view is in DC which has still to be tested. Ayres a a standard to be the communique decent salaries an extra staff that the chief US justice in the quick to do so. I think that this I think the first enables airlines have been announced a couple of weeks ago when your view remain to see what. The mega search and third parties can do with the standard that airlines are now providing. You know float of the. One outside common in whatever about the fight a mention her comparison what looked like. Human brain just mops. It doesn't work closely film green you support to choose between speak to says options foot. What are we do. That would be a wonderful attractive package or bundle won't solve. Development of life so somebody at the its complexity and simplify our back you solve that I. I'm actually quite optimistic about. About by changes in its history being able to prepare Arby's different dimensions. We were we with almost a point picture I think it's going to be. Broad gains swift on the different intermediaries. Players wander along the final indicted best bet while out of the picture of information is passed seamlessly. But I think ultimately. For travel industry. It would gross of the support holds a current or flights. There's got to be more worried differentiation. Other products. Ensor there is going to be wearers especially Roderic players that whites who bubble. Those aren't additional attributes that being your people will want people whether people want to be bran oil port. And once that attributes of what enough thought off your two point the past that if you summed up. Then to matters what I think it's a point that your message never becomes administrative thirty dimensions just that helpless as too much by I hate you today that research. Can be you know. Can be used for fast with your 33%. Specifically interventions. Ed in maybe below the lower of book fortress a star whether you'll likely be adjust the board up where. Not to Tenet attributed the console like their own the bear fruit as a dimensions to compare our. OK I would just like to us to two more questions were a bit in countries such time. Work. On the top which has tremendous urge it is because of greatest clarity. If supply is fixed that consumers want or need met a search. Comments. Not here with me desperately just looking a year old up up and you're always have somebody gonna. Modify Hillary like that's the funny thing about this vicious competition which look at of one would finally come what you've supplier but keeps that. So I'll begin at a search doesn't just search for the safe area demand do for quality. It's a suspicious for fairness among different airlines they felt applied to Quant prompting the bullish pendant tomorrow. Havoc if I options for the summer compressors mark that just her local can even ebitda rate for business class on purported. Further comparison it's cool what he flights to concoct felt that that's the first. The second one. When you've seen keeps that it means that everybody should agree on a unified price. And a legal. Its monopoly it's. That that'll be monopoly Europe or those suffering a lot of it is it was going to be quite tell and that's illegal as well. Age you should look at the Yonder troubled industry the distribution and pricing. It's that very poor whatever you do. Right the right thing will always be different from one part of the world that another part of the world if you know he might ultimately generate body for market edges it's just the way I'm nick. Are used to work for you they would people in China would buy. Hong Kong that would buy (%expletive) rock we tell the west. We're just in the middle blame it is it always price disparity everywhere but what are people wall leopards that. Back office it is sporadically should be should one exist in every industry is buffeted picked that up with this clear. I would say never say never but it wouldn't be rate disparity I'm in the day that it is public have for the sovereign would be up the chart. But. I think that I mean from a content perspective I think that more interesting. Clearance. To work with B minus which are actually beauty aids so give you an example. Hands has great flights. At prices from Indonesia and south East Asia. And we would hunters prices a new citrix prices finery few key points out. So somebody in the UK searching to go from Bally to at a Jakarta. There gonna find a better price because we showed use a trip ardery you keep kind of sale. Then if we had been published here coming from Expedia we people Kristi Keck. So bad is taking a local product in putting on the global platform. With Mack's here its great domestic tie for areas we put down by poll offer a better search site so someone. N that aren't Mississippi's along tell searchers for mobster producers but they're gonna find the best price coming from max. So in that case there the disparity is apple five bickers. It is for an. Up operator or transact European sharp inform market. And that part of what the value administrative brings but part of why underlines that the disparity smart when he disappeared said. End Macs destroying combinations of different Caroline's but in airline wouldn't be something around because on the selling themselves. So editors at my duties are quick to work with in worry they'll providing a wider fresh content. And a actually enable with more payment options and the airlines themselves. I think that we thought it would tell our KA we talked about player before that if. But I think earlier that the that the dynamic similar Dover there is a mud out of a difference channel of distribution different price points different. Restrictions. Length of stays and so far so it's not yet as complex as on the O side. Four I think it would it would get more complicated moving forward plus. Loyalty plus private trades and so forth but. I think we'll have to. Sit together for another session to go it'll be intricacies after leave pricing to come. In the meantime I think you're very much for joining this panel at what it was interesting fully aidid's as much as it was fast. And I think we've invited followed up. Think you're.

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