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Market overview: Changing Travel Trends



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Thu, 7 Jul 2016|

Kei Shibata, Co-Founder and CEO, Venture Republic/Travel JP


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Horror sky cargo before getting to the urgent there Libby our Khobar. Liverpool about us. Searle. We are. And never adequately EU and A he of the web sakes but that either they did he is the cover letter which Japan. Done. Just give us some are each year are now hobby we are still we have always serve some area leg up seven. The 77 biggest. Cover Webb stated if in. Our in end the largest. Have a better search service in in in. Our on. NN besides our business in Japan may sell. We launched the outcome for our services. Billion in outside if and the money cynical yet. And A we also acquire aired yet at us that our in Singapore in Singapore last year. In an hour you landing does to our services. One is the what other assets in equity or. So that tells me you actually Ida senior Greenway get it may have. And in also the 611 this is actually the done online travel media. So we. Harassing a lot of worry course the cupboard destinations in hot Dallas. In Singapore. Fun. Sell my life is free market share. Are on hopping or recklessly basis enjoy basis. Let me dive into the seven cents. I. United we held that yeah that's sites that might add a higher in the inner business worry. And then the we we ever before get hold because the agent market it's what a lot of this is that they don't fund my beverage PC. Worries that now. It aside the immediate travel market is already bigger than not America. A bit. And earned. A good basis. This other 258. Yen travel miked that's got to be by far the biggest might get in a worry. So everybody Sydney he higher in alike looking genetic. So this is very convincing forcible. Turn. But the next slide this one is is is that one that our new data I O what you guys think it what's the picture. Sell. It is a bigger a bonus play that song many countries that in media. N. Where is being opportune. Right so this is the outside of operation. And this is a site or type or might get. What you're right. So clearly. Like now in media. So China and Japan NY. A wave because then. Our cell CCH. Beck. Sell the that is what you're back here it is if you keep city here in Singapore. An endless. An hour they in the Bahraini Indonesia out more about the care. That's up against say. You have I think got a you have the travail of the chabot eat. As a life you know you're jar probably up security. So this is the financial sector a lot of luck at the IA upside well labarga are at Robert company's. Specially grown to a company that's a company company here. Singapore. And there's an uptick in hit all areas. And then. They actually they picked the fore get this. But the biggest market that does basis and that's probably been yeah incoming future. OK. Earning second. Because of the timing you know it easier. Sell. We as he has had this vehicle rate a monarchy or actually grappling with unique yeah. So this is the way business opportunity. In. That work and I actually pay a facial mask its this right. China. Rate. In new imagine in 2015. Now. A renewed public when he newly cataracts. At rallying all which seats not that this act. Is set aside the Japanese operation. Weight. By this bid size of right now are up why get it there at. So that's a reason why China has actually getting alarmed about pensions while UNAIDS and everything out sell. So you we want to dip your way out of you know this China might gets. NN but they sure aren't so weakness that the when he now. It's gonna be. Different. Again it's a great number eight. OK. Now this week. I actually like to sudden back out your yeah fray here is our in each different regions and countries because now. Yes Albany really allow. In each area right and then the I'd actually is while overall god kings versus global giants. Of course in other gro web giants take big dot com Expedia god you know those by the building where are at the same time so we'll call. Company needs a copy it. Are suddenly very well. Then there are have maybe different bailout. And then each market had a different gap is that sell I had a map. In each major area buyer Murray gets a sip end. Do you see. All the different needs that and then they are. Up suddenly grown Robert Bayer a. Initially. Rego. You yeah yes. I'll. Sarah should. Socio media have a web messing ago. You know you see across the order if men have bodyguards are bit power up a lot of different a copy at. Air and quite yet. Creating yourself be. A lot of different means an end they've one what are they distinct senses that EU in the Internet you know Internet infrastructure by mega search so shall. Or their mess ago. Boston them allow corporates. Event in its crowd out here. Our airport here aids. Is one example all. NA UG CEU that you make our bids and Alex now Bob event classic white bread areas in our idea about the worried now that are not yet there. Bulk up prayers that you bargaining might get. Learn I'd hit it. It curry a resuscitate yet because there somebody different countries and the and then each caveat has a different careers but I'd I'd try to summarise make this. None. Of the peers achievement and I find your names you know on hit me just hit me up it now. Sell. I tag that C brown you're the major area rounds here. N. India. Iron dynamics by the media but I tried my best here in our with with that with help from Maya Maya Indian our friend sell. M have got in Albania also has the a lot of different -- this machine in in that in travel space. China. This is axe is a cup best outcome the and a base eat in Ahmedabad my my worry idea about her because I found this now. From the bad you know prompted our friends I was money. Couple weeks ago are. In Tokyo article with Japan an enormously yeah. So our. Oracle. It's it's a hyper inflation there. Here at the one charity says I like the highlight. Our end in in encounter when. Easier for eight years. It's it's up off right Miami agency. This is actually some of us in Bari the difference between yet a young forget M it let's say does not America might get. There are a budget travel agency off I added that it chat show valid ensues allowed going to be a do we eat well yes you're going carry their now. Event that this is that chart. Up yeah at our at lighting up yet ad agency in Japan which includes. Offline travel agency and an overnight rally since. Then highlight their yellow bike. Is a key. So which means. By Farrah. But what's the target Euro that is your. BP backed off frank added it that's up back. If by the law. It's a Vannatter. If it ends up the how are well frank added it is. So what are the made yet about. Sure. They they've disclosed he had are at area so the. This distribution. Cheer us up yet quite volatile necessary. So you see puts apple in domestic truck. What half of their businesses it appetites. This is surprising rate. Because we are sole used to. Effect. Make your book. Iron I am right and what hours an end yeah everything's absolutely jury. But I'll buy property Boigny yes you're buying market. This is a while the fact that they'll be weak if a gap. While. So I'll I might step in yea the PV. You know months at an explaining why. This is a set up their hideout from a that would Japan last year. Island you know that traverse search query is up by country by bike sets OK. So you see. All those big companies are leading. The what rate. So well. Front front estate agent creating view Ajay is actually leading in more wire I'm there are more likely travail. Event. A little behind added that he you know on this chart. Infrastructure. So a while it infrastructure. Is it's a week. The deep end points out pop. Our. What Jeep corporation out of that this is this pre albeit at this concept pizza we already have when he percent above inflation point three. Then and three GE 88 point 3%. And so hours a year what is 7% the what you paid digit wires already area. In the year is out dessert is when he said union in Singapore dollar sell building great you have. So this is it that recently I. The more well what wired Internet done in the media. Again this is a well there are offering up Myer that I base out so right now we have we have seen. About sixty Brit Brit 5% of the traffic that you coming from what my devices. Dodd will get dollars are betting yes. The message here is our. That sent their offer them a while worried. And then highlight the highlight that those sweet guys flying we chat and then put our. Airmen. What about the events that yeah I feel strongly about the a buyer Messinger areas in age the leading the warrant. It's this. AIM chat up eight point crazy cut about Ian Jack Ma and then back. We sat on my. The already spanair line you know the Jack so abyss and what's the risk. More resent couple years ago. So FaceBook is now are trying to hide now. Then everyone else but that you know alive it's already there was worried whether or eat there over the years ago. Sell this is actually another symbol. O the or ones that are more by market in media. And off line this is alert Baird and I'm really this sounds a little bit against IS up check I'd really like the highlight is that a united Arab states. Because it it's at a really matter as widely media. Arm is the what are you add. I actually rout on mark on the web. The hike adding endless way howling all. Allowing I think balance you know in this region. An MD. One of the doubt while the great creative video with the level leaves people you know going it ironic that you lack of any. They actually create that is certainly impressive program. Lap then our membership more rapid pinpoint what we want to call. End the bailout at key ally maintaining this is not about with a bigger base. So it's we pay out what they're doing is just that travail serviced by ourselves in the in a big if there. You know I'll. Iron ore was quick financial service company. So they're steering every saying you know our Mahoney from what else but ourself iron yard well the sharp exactly what they have their main business. I'll sell now. I'll the critic direct everything hours and then the add all the user databases that she shared by the that difference Arby's will wipe out within the group. So they would take Colorado technical system and added it's working very out. Shares and then one what's ideas about Yang Roy active fathers and give me. So there are two big. Point consortium's. Actually are at aria dominate the market now. One is the ad people like the ones that aren't that. Then Anwar dropped three years meet here at including a Tamil people. You know would analyse actually our are cleaning up is this point six. And then the out couple weeks ago IB ME actually make an analyst at that but you know they're gonna deny they had yet joining. This key point. Our consortium. Ma chairs senate occurred at any alliance in bail yourself joy in the add up on that point sinks. End anyway so it's a take a white. More. It's quite Mahoney DPM. And nastier but the other countries much but I am sure our yard this is a one point separation. As he added. I'd put Asia strategy strategy choice. Number six. Alike cut about card debt. Because you are there aren't there had been you know our I had been had been now subject a long time and earned. Bill Gates they seek out you know once mentioned the carbonate in an end is that is it really that big stakes in each unique game at. Event imagine is exempt all this is piece is exactly what happened in our service. So there's one woman. I travelling from heart can't look I've got. All the way. Allowance. Just wanted to see you know that those bury it in a small one or hawk eyed up. Sellers seek a buyer they hired. This article what she actually out Stewart actually be the aunt are on higher bar red subway. This is exactly what happened that's. So be it this up a story but just think right. This is what it's calling are now in inning you know space so hard that absent a law. Then in the market or in industries that cut about yeah know how you actually want to do get leaked the offer. Bob you customised rate in this exactly one Big Apple's. So our idea like the highlight what that's what contents in this region. An N. While us it's been a really amazed me you know the grows we be able to enjoy yourself idea I was searching insertions. We weeps mean. Omar growth coming from my visit this online iron hard enter this or at what we call I'll. On line up online at fat milk Roberts generation it services. Then. In Japan air. We've seen sold mini U travail media as art in Internet. Are not only have Panasonic all of the round that in just pop up in the last couple years Canada or outside the capture. The user is especially in up by fun out. By now while you are together with the uptick what I while an. And embed sentencing up or sell we are we watching this expanded Adam Brothers around the worry that could have reached a buyer ignores it either. Friends the user is at issue region aren't. We're we're don't want it Carl and they what it would have been July in fact that this nation. So what does that thinks now reports are well our recourse. And then need in an what are the what does it satellite information here is actually does can't bits are. Friendly consortium media. Sell we see that affect so the Maxine. I mean does iPods and the social media which is actually one of the what are they what are the biggest that I'd ask another dance while it's going to be very excited about. Hair look we we have created opportunity. Guide books laser jet card bets we think that view it it they are hardly enough. Do interest procedure that we use areas. So we we brought gate yeah Bob that's out of Rutgers. Plastic. MS apps. I don't know which year our either start ups. Nominee. Won. The it's real life any easier for us what is that they cover what August rate. So is this up by 1000. Abbott start ups. Actually. You know all in. You know in inner space of the fab. You know little surprising. He has actually do we make the chat. Hillary's exact recovery the North America is actually by far the biggest might get. Board does that Imus apps in Europe is also the borrowing. But yes that she is big attend. So. Pre eerie we see or maybe traverse that wraps in his region. And then an end this is a minor dip. So a big China is actually is. Still doing well are in inner outlets that space. But yet that yet see the year. End the Singapore. So all our this is one of the Berry can is seen you know I'll AFLAC that you know are. Our up you know bit that sort of travail ecosystem mediate this media and is at employee makes. Thank you so much.

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