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Panel: Where Should you be Investing Your Valuable Marketing Dollars and Why?



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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Bonnie Benjamin, VP of Marketing, Gogobot Elena Prostova, Vice President Business Development, Miles Hospitality Marketing Ernesto Echeverry, Director, Marketing USA, Canada & Caribbean LATAM Airlines Group (Panel only) Susan Guimbellot, Vice Preside


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A now I'd like to discuss what keeps you up at night in terms of your investment we've relied grade information. I'm clearly violent agreement about the importance of even after the fact your grandfather's email anymore it's still worked its still effectively pathetic stuff coming not along. That we all get by day now when all said and done we have to look at email played down the but now in the same ways to Susan you use other fighters as idea. Are you an agreement that piece of the things that you're missing the greatest horror oral while Gardner aren't in your well. And he just say a little bit about which your background is just very quickly. And to add tells about how he would step wrexham of the one step dad bet. But bargain away in the chart about. The prevailing. Anadarko also right now Latin collagen. Violence people had turned definitely has fallen out weeks. As well. And a giant acquisitions if you tell anybody that again. S automaker earlier when industries like him having terminal area Serbia and the big differences between into roles. Yeah and then we found that the bigger alliance to star hotels rose their three year us. In your silly here and then then moved to a smaller boutique independent power pretty. A gene Deming hospitality as James Brown the billion hotels are violent for quite some hotels in major metro markets. Now where last divergence they actually group had dad when Georgia then back pretty fat Freddy's. Monthly Bruener. Inciting class friendly area health and hired a weekly that's an independent tonnes was once seen a lot of Deval wells announces. Why did a day China behind it are one place that. I honestly there. And I think steps that Greenspan did the first they have as the seems that your presentation let up Diana's everybody's saying you marking realigned. And I love our highest rate. But is it really from a high grade because a wide range keeping in our people there are very loyalty. In people out here for new. So well is that really incremental Orion. And usher in doubts that the C apartment unit announces really force people into categories of the public now. These wireless happen anyway unlikely that actively engaged. By media that's now though we're a stand online money media do you spend some more money Livermore are higher. That trend line near us saying no somebody that haven't seen that work. So I think that's the power we're that the deal is now believe the area into you know listing and what market. The issue of these people here and the media really do you know. World alliance but that's great because they bring in another lifetime now I is going to be free so I think that's fundamentally. Well Susan you raise an interesting point and unless Dell out from point of view about the working you do a red light tap. One is more important to me in your PlayStation is said. Boiled tea and oil rising in N getting more affront your best customer notices and pointed out through email added things always at. Customer acquisition finally those new customers. Where as the greatest value wary spending most of your money. We try to tap into our I'm gonna play exit at 8000. Bar set by or that I'm. Their message earlier work out that tam airlines most of my career European consumer packaged goods. So all our been only three years in the travel industry. I arrived and our white white keeps us. Up enacting currently. Is now. I mean let an airline is mortal model by businesses than Latin America and Latin America is now performing that well nowadays. Seoul where we work we tried to foreclose on is now making sure that we. Anything we invested in. Creates a lot of patients at. Seoul on. Why herein normal people is definitely something we're really Nina. But we want Largo clerk Rita and within R&D investments. So having said that an I completely agree with saucepan. Is it. Is it incremental new when you think about our email marketing did you might not be incremental. I you know although you pouring new money into something that will do you. Extremely solid. Our lives. That's it and that's where around play it safe. Asset unique to keep fund our working on the upper file making sure that you bringing people that are not as. Eager to buy a maybe he immediately in buyer that will contribute in the long run. And then we'll view that business hard rock. Great roll bar so yeah I just wanted to share Lil bit of the Bob. The problem with. The region because that is their biggest driver away near seizure you know we're making right now. Nine. Break. So although they used to be given some core rate aidid about where we should be investing our money but they notice that as a few things that I am. I'll I'm Nellie. Margaret Lewis. An investment or their thinking about an end unless you just mentioned about up on the final one of course has never search. We also. And didn't really touch that much ion ion the emerging social channel for advertising promoting say critically with FaceBook. But questions to Bremen other channels. You know what you talked about bad because we cover a wide have more or what will collar a traditional online. Hour on the hour both fewer bunny and transfer of that display advertising searches Federer Federer. But what you aspire to doubt pardon murder and social in particular as. Advertising vehicles. I think these figures but the question they think these are all really credible channels and we've seen a lot of success for FaceBook advertising in particular because it allows you. What's freely IQ levels are up conversation we've seen and I've been waiting lots of we with the success of the year carousel advertising with his book as well. Which might be familiar with. The multiplied panel add their house. ID. So it's all definitely depends on your budgets and working strategies aired my recommendation would be to balance just handbags are definitely focusing on some. And Gannett traffic development strategies as well as the and especially G originally depending on your audience and Prada. Maybe something that you are more heavily invested if you have more business travel on or off young audience who. OK. Yeah I think social to resist. Will can get to a against away revenue so the food and averaged just filing you can realise is really active engagement and social problem that you left shoulder in the. European Ahmedabad. Moving well together on collars class of that put the tracking PCO does that make some assumptions that there's something more here than just. The direct or shall I am completely. That they live audio web question about email marketing he has lots of our in terms of not just brand awareness and brand recognition but also the ancillary. Expenses because if you truly. Following your visit their area and the travel planning final stage you know the default Pacific hotel. But among people become a couple last week they come promoting denser than having that information at that time. Wall what could be the additional services with baucus far specifically shut experience see how us. Renounced capital investment there's lots of ways to up sell the travel and potentially doubling revenue the triple revenue in addition to the recovery. Mean one of the things that you know marketing dusty Euro. Our experience as a consumer is definitely. Makes it extremely. Commercial return for. So you can got the well of the stages letting down now. What you'll hear if you want to upgrade here. VIP lounge experience here so you can. Pretty much doubt then fooled that young. Through the hordes views obvious stages of travelling. And that itself above proves to be huge when it comes to ancillary toolbar. On our experience in doubt and loyalty which is something that you our dried up before in. Is there something had. Yes you did it is very. Yep which has a by the way great separated Nixon because we are having a case steady royalty Nextel will we be watching that the people we get a fair. So as I just want enough power by I'm one of the things he said one of the themes that's going to. We're going to Euro while the Dow in the next two days a lot toward setting the stage Europe. Is the movement and I will say the word move mentored been used before Tory could afford. Hotel direct pocketbooks. Yell attractive add in the past but now a fairly police none unless you're under Iraqi seen off the news. Between helpful in Marion star wed in. You know just every Valle age jeered everyone jumping on board saying you know Bucky Eric your get a better rate by a cure you will give you free Wi-Fi whenever against rate. Self for real laid. These heads strategic wake up hotels have put bear. Stake in the ground by my apologies to any duties during the rally and sold though you know you'll think what's going nine. I'll let dot awareness. You know but but my reckoning is much keep its expense of one of the reasons that Otis who perform so incredibly well the ecosystem. Is because they know what they don't. And yet able to do conversions are able to spend their money wisely and most importantly. There are able to do well and add to really understand. We have the dollars are going to really able to. I am to have very robust attribution models. That your hard times have we struggled with that especially independents or once they don't have as many resources. What's the investment there because everybody Huron was with a hotel was hearing you save money if you can drive people to act. You know just given ten bucks off is that the foolish general what we deal. I like where are you know line I think that I think. There's a couple points on me that if you type heading ID nine are set a Ritz which is almost nothing compared with Expedia looking Icahn stands out. We looked like an independent power tower. You may be gaining 35000 dollars you get. And that's the press again the you know rush hours I think. The reality I was there how that price sensitive none loyal customer an absence I was going to be incredibly important how is an online sharper crushed prior to see that every industry. See still like that customary to speed. An active part in Europe. Final Latin tribunal RIA. And tap the kind of person that I never given a mortgage wreckage were somehow is needed good programme relationships. Ethically challenging part with the current situation as a annuity is for now actively dealing. Hotels that they think. Started early during two week period degree they think it should be. Now that prior to isn't quite it is. And bias still in consumer. And that's something there I think. They consumers see is that ultimately to like about as a sinner the best deal down here glory years. So I think that's an area don't have to be a bit more careful where. But I think also the building that royalty in carrying out direct to consumer. He is also perhaps a tells against the the other new entrance Caribbean the home where one finds today. To really give people the same here Q get a great experience and a hotel. It's not so good news could encourage it used to be euro's going to be more local currently going on of that hotel and awaken you know have something. Calling the incident I have a destination whenever there's a could still be proud of the driver. Destination kind of Brendan nuns there. The progress convincing cholera across the world and I think it's gonna force a tells they have more unique experiences can provide more of that will go flavour. But I think there's I was gonna be down. Need anything feel I would yearn for the balance where there's still. Good relationships. But it's not going to be people that have more loyalty to a distribution channel there may well out of a supply here just something that can. Mean. Well I could keep asking questions are all doom laden but do we have another session up but they do one or paying above represent jurors and panellist or small N. After some really great fire providing great way to set the stage so we're gonna have now Lockwood discussions of the next two days about that. Both here and stage in the mobile so I would encourage the networking portion. Our defined. That these subject matter experts and ask them about their questions that you have specific to to your marketing. Sale hours is an away now Barney analyst thank you sell match after sharing can produce knitting this morning. I'd like to oust Barra next session to come up while nick kind of all the wealth quick switch. Euro d'souza thank you so much.

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