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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Reimagining Loyalty in Travel to Inspire Existing and New Customers - Wyndham Hotel Group Miguel Oliveira, VP Global Digital Whitney Smith Cripe, Senior Director


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A. Add many with which is never played a N I am a senior director of Welty marketing of the Wyndham hotel group and I look after our Wyndham rewards loyalty program. And I our he'd handed now and creative strategy. To use our entire program. I am the duly Vienna AMD vice president pubs look card strategy in the Goldman. So low risk ER Laura. Web sites or Brenda sides odd even purchasing bear for a sharp into booking. As well as our a model sites and our model where apps. Still. We will lead Dallas leasing Mecca for various will get a clear. Year earlier is the basis of his of that bill what do you like Carly Fiorina real power of our health. An easy segue be right back. Will give you wal well walking through during made their. We all evolve with different. Well wasn't different teams win them Euro soared goal. Am kind of make as a cover cease and sell 52. You know we have questions we have about. First. I want to introduce win them Wyndham hotel group and storage bed at some point you or somebody new families heavy steel won a priorities there are. Course all 3000 hotels around the world. The majority of the Murray United States by the alliance of the M international. Position your bride as well we've represent. Fitting hotel brands in Wyndham rewards loyalty Brent tiny dot together. Which means extremely complex of the business manager who cares you have. Hotels in different segments from economy back Z. Mid scale are perhaps killed here and there's basically a martyr for a provided once travel I am. A lot of times might seep upwards position along the highways near groaning in its political science degree days in coming out. A what you might also have some. EM busily say certain Morris companies' bottom with a worldwide. In wireless but that is really important they'll come to the presentation is there more sobre crappy design mark are born more minutes so we have. The S majority of the Omaha Warren French francs. What that means is we Meehan is the prayers. We collect royalty fees of fence as fees if you want to open your hotel and suites from an independent Lilly deal will tell the leads to. We all review to define what matters have to look like that's the bears have to put this when there's an exterior. In would have mark here because I will write the mail in customers and guests. If you have to. Collar will collect fees from the M which means we work with them are likely have a couple one hotels and some minutes. Sol but showers that we see step is the kind of the basis of this key steady is. B one ensued Beasley. In an environment we're. For now with so many options and solid way to sustain the type a bomb while T how. Rilya CO2. Bil of their BP Steven additionally get something in exchange. There was a lot of the same multiyear sell. Beasley five words USQ how many points union in the area real wire two programs visited three guests get a free and I. What would you guess what what will come through my company points if you think that if register here for enabling the Ritz lower the level tells that gazes listeria. 20000 ride in yet again assess. 30000. It's a 100000. I would offer better correctly answer Fred because again victory song right. Ian I what steps were sort of tells the better was excellent yield T saddled tells up comedy Weiss a different LY two programme on nine M. The reality it's sold charting you've got a lot of web sites they're right tables wake may have went asunder a lot of us zones admitted it was a mess with it ticks. It takes quite serious met fewer single Barclays depending on how nice of Alltel Lear's. How many points that are needed somewhat of what figure cartels ever gonna but something was barred Armas I was gonna get why. We wanted to make something simple well that's because forever Heather harm a common. Our loyalty program construct a void where we make better depressed feeling aspect for a win and will tell real. Saw the prices we will blue. What should get a lot of dinner first with rich while our existing guests simple data gas. What are they struggle with what do they like a bar loyalty programs bring her line. We heard there while. I think yes it's try to trick me once again need to steal but get me he would give me twice they knew what the midpoint. Portable you know in on the vacation well I kept the right track the I want something has week. So perhaps it's from IKEA users and separation. And other likely guess habit. Have made a copy here how we see ideas between programs to actually know what level he would should get some fairly fat to speak what exactly you guys alone a lawyer Rihanna. And I got up so let's import rate gonna. Maybe drive some by the other day registered with and give them more share of my job my while MySpace. Here under we offer bigger things like the thestreet I guess my free night. The more I'm widely assumed Exel enjoy this program meant that cost of the free Magnus promenade supplied into Europe. Will come back leader as a quarter palm based on the changes of the program. Saw as a seamless they came up. It's not what he offered to join program it's hard to pull towards card included for the customer stroke risk. I'll in rebuild the does happen knowledge to worst the hapless lager YT hospitality companies as well. But most danger coming up in happily take their added chain led into what positive. In the affordable southern had to bring some grab says while there's actually. No I'm grabs for a did we collect did bring bear a couple years ago when it's something that exceeds three Exley. Re M a survey yard millennial Zanardi collaborative. I'd trigger stay and what is the appeal what is not appealing. Wanna be appoints the hurdle which is very very resonates along with us. Is debt free nights a critical people see them as very valuable if they want to join and loyalty program. What doesn't they see as important discoveries. Upgrades. In the availability of free nights in the same way that we also want to get miles of the flight a free enemy of the we're gonna so for the flight. It's twice as many Marcel. Same weapons similarly when it comes not what Dell that's also important headed for now available nor blackout streak of in the second well this is the only business to me is. Are hot on the so revered individuals the next century have time to of the cervix. They think ever wanted progress made it difficult to use the rewards ill. Until there's a work mig got us here cigarettes and deal fork out a way to entice me anyone he would redeem anything. Because exceeded twice as many points Lloyds partner pleaded. In how do we try again getting too into what part of sell off a celebrity good stewards with abrupt fall. Why do we also want to do their white lower to engage them we have seen the year ended all regular there essentially a Geary Lula had the actual numbers. Reports are you gonna have an idea that membership may result while heavy somebody who has. Divas this year assist the more than our what what more the whatever Graham's. Given there's more have room nights these least feel longer then people were nut members. In the dollar also drive incremental revenue basically had the feel a bit more. In all I would along well with long term. We believe that's a factor our understanding the the benefits. But offer because you're willing to drive additional rounds of the power upscale win anyhow media has Fallon company. Is he was an annual care Hilton Starwood myriad. Heavy mineral tells me from Brownsville I think white steed. They had rum I don't it was a good experience meal you've built here Brent is more what are rural land Wall Street sent acquisitions which is very business friendly. In a better way to pursue widths the second type about how this came to life. Great so. Just to belt I'm Mike Gallagher sharing this morning well we rarely heard from consumers benefit when we were doing this partly driven monetary give research your re imagine our program was that unlike a gas hedges given that trying to put compare programs it's too complicated undermining hard they work. Elderly care I dislike or not they are now doctor were worried. And I are so we know we have heard very well I think clearly that consumers want to be able to trade gap those who would run warring -- two duo of those business stressed. Wanna be able to use. I'll point that they learn to trade gap for the week relocation experience kind of he lived out their zero to their family. And don't have a fantastic experience any BC's whether they would no more annually in out of park where they would use their points to do that. Any us I didn't believe that would help companies that we care about their businesses Miguel's share anything we wheat out like these programs. We're designed so that they wouldn't you what is the Ritchie giving an edge of them any meaningful way and we really wanted to chime that and it had when we were re imagining. The winner rewards loyalty program. But I'm like I said it is part about free no eight in giving people would be the likely bind these points or something that people have learned over time. Taking those business chaps one weeks on the rail. This is sending its values down and so the new winner rewards has surely Warren September while at least passing killing seven we. Kind of squeezed together and band wanted to show you a little bit about how we battered programs like -- served as the on the upper and then Tucker a better. That's another great example. So it. So tell us in. It's time we haven't worldview we Vivendi. Has won multiple oil and gas. That frequently and. But liberty without the white you get a free night about any you know. We now we would want cash broader war. Why are protect your lines. 1000 point every day you're back watch and again. You know. You know me. Wyndham hotels. Spend a hundred million dollars on various Louisiana oil view is. We slowdown. Do you really gain of around Stamford brown raise your hand if heck anywhere at any right now the name of their character their Christian radio Zhou is a win awards wizard plays idea of Brown's. Anyone. Tora maintains thing. Felt we had Guam and finance and with using the web every word was. As we go through the representation of the first two Delbert value proposition we will we wanted to make sure that the program began was built for a wide. It's designed the aspirations are to be simple relatively generous any Tina bar. Everything you wish everybody out. We really wanted to make sure that the program could be explained in a week by air franchisees by air hotel das friends doubt any really be able to sell the program quickly and easily and succinctly if someone having. Or nominate the fact gas. And out one of our hotels. So to review under free concept of this as the value acquisition structure for the when reports program but just 15000 points you know the the Brenda free now anyone I've certainly heard hotels worldwide. No blackout dates no exceptions. So I'll be redeemed side does it two point are generally gulf pastor Warren allows with it is 3000 points plus some cash for around. In addition I mean coincide for every hour quite today. And gas will get ten points but our 4000 points bitten pretty whichever smaller. Bringing net alike was a huge opportunity for a minimum we wanted to do something better off firemen that can't match upon also thoroughly democratic and so we engaged the services add Christopher Hill issuers are when your words where's it. Take years kind of that was errors occurred pretty good buys to really bring our market we have played so why I'm hot out not this as a really exciting and big citing inaction for ads and we have large powering. With Christopher and to win more awards was heard how high StarMine tell the story key Israeli prepared value he explains the programming he asked sell our first. Discounted deals and a little bit of magic wherever he goes. We and the whole clan that adds that the program to white. With our franchisees who are one of our most important audiences as well as the consumers with the Taliban primarily activation end. In back ML graphics. And the world's most you know why mess bush made weekly chart however I still think we have people are better recovery effort developing and selling out that may wind. Deer creek barrel was designed to explain value proposition under the programme scheduled choir new members. I'm site. Additionally we developed a really really panic infomercial clients that to face in rolling and I have pretty. When he went TV was a breed well marketing experimental that we've developed last year were expecting makes more episodes this year. Dean in Tracy our erstwhile star as a suspected reality concept in its. They use a car pretty quiet in champagne in the site is please see when you turn the TV nine around. One M I'll tell you and carotene in Tracy who had been given a million Wyndham rewards points and how to get to three destinations using only point is there kind trade. Anything that they have wiped away the end they get to keep. Excalibur Marin gambling needs the Amazing Race concept that we guidance and really Great Recession around get a really fun way to explain the program and keep people and retained in round. Miguel's going to talk a little bit about how we write a program to life I've heard is not forum's. But is still. CS military web sites on the way out we work very closely with M I might team as well where's the grim marketing teams. What's the voicing your car don't engage in promotions and campaigns. In the coming film tries hotels are faced a similar challenge in tears how can we. Come out putting gazing can't then the they're once we have their traffic leaning on the side or Lynn on the model side saw fault sexually downloading the app then. In India he'll be out something that helps ideal growth story now Ollie. Exploit again we have something yield in the marketplace search shares the new rules for the warranty program but saw. I'd bet the Brennan of them estimate fitting will tell friends each one of them has a sock Burress. There are fonts. On the value proposition. Some of them what are they give freeway fire power reactors others may mark them. Hardly tie everything together a smarter provide easy and it's gonna see a more leader above what lessons were worried. But these are some examples on how we have the began being alive. On Wyndham rewards that calm if you access the best cup website. We key on the works with the winners are now which is actually easier idea because we have everything as a ball when they're nimble and seeds on wide. I only try to tie in with existing have promotions that we have such as the core bread of credit foreign. As well where is different T result begin sends a very points. We look on the right we'll get Howard Johnson which has had really heavy on the warrants Callan. Did you find ways to integrate some of the bull inside the orissa plans it lives nicely together somehow it's more challenging. Am then the other thing we take into a cutters there. Web sites still need a lot of TLC M will be making some really setting meetings later this year but there are ways sue me there. B he relinquished any more complex or in the where us. Bar just putting everything on the Hong bid which has been more the more they'll be seized wrestling ability is still. Will find a way to meet the sides of the more. Bill will bring more bar on what will you while on the class a sole decider in the year earlier panel how. Heart disease history also even trying different reserves not eight trio have to see which one Brad somewhat faults. Into the Balkan final. But off a faux aware about the campaign we have a new campaign led the slide now the hairs a period leading up for a emea quite different way to get people to worry about it can actually. Booklets of the can get the benefits of their. Next divisible. The clicker I had all just right. The elected yeah we've got the our model where apple. So we realise our model web last year we had their first three for the brilliantly quite so I didn't realise that we mark. The board yes really get much better footing getting the best online so we realise everything on the winner rewards which makes a lot of sales. Because it ties are the reins again you can very across our dividend redeemable by us. Well there's a lot of friends. In Louisiana is acquisitions to mark the difference there adds if you want to work bark. Euros or you gotta stay is a different ways of perennial redeeming. What are mortars that we have a wide sell in more on the apple come we oversee as well. So it's a fantastic response about register that herein to the re imagined campaign we've had really fantastic media coverage. We must sell am really been part of the industry accolades we received including the infamous quite clear day US news and mother brother ray can bring to rake out for a rally can add. But most importantly here gas really responded to this re imagine it program awareness jumped to its highest well Abra. We have five million new Wyndham rewards members were just hovering just south of the fifteen million member mark break out. We cites 17% increase in free net redemptions across the for a folly LNN 900%. Increase in social media engagement. We also star and nine point five million video views across Oliver went wrong words channels that included branded content. And our commercials. Apps the minimum we're TE kind tan M Lutz about the kind of digestible social content that we included in published encounter with. Christopher last year. And reverse this recipients of the weather in major industry worried so we're rolling out of that I'm really glad that it's resonating with. So we wanted to just take a few minutes of the anti tap a little bit about some of the west has worried then there are many S Miguel mentioned we have a portfolio fifteen. Very very disparate brands from the economy. Side bar the way up to very very band. The high end 13 produced. Ended build loyalty program is Arianna find him we can't our roof rack that holds everything together. But to bring royalty toll like a pass off fifteen at. I agree and it's a huge challenge anyone that work quite so weak refining and re examining and trying to do a better ajar. And explaining I'd wind embrace analyst William Gray and Wyndham garden connecting when a rewards to them is quite unique DNA is the name is so somewhere. But for Howard giant's earning days NM Omar Benson via their brands its dynamism he ever connection Wyndham rewards as the rule wellness program that fuels and so we embarked dialect Cheney became figure out how do power on the back especially Canada's top priority is we're doing this right now and expect free email and social ion ultimately will be doing an wawa in branded sites. But this may Birmingham worried prior PC to divide our Wyndham Manhattan lower down. Is something we have and I introduced this year end we've seen Al Lama responsive engage many people attending tomorrow's rally can act. NC date assume any brains the rewards program cannot brands together. So that was a really important thing for us to get weighed in continue to refine as we grow the program over the course of time. Zell just quickly well I've we're quite sensibly white said we view with a couple takeaways one of them is that royalty shared inspire action and program was designed to give people a reason to believe any reason your return not discourage them from coming back. One and come back again and again used their point two have a great experience. So we want to make sure every week then how will that have now taken away in everything we deal and we hope that we have a hard pushed out of some of our marketing materials. And campaigns. And our rehab beyond representation. Your come and become went right Berkeley choose entity whether that's. They doubled the FA yes. Heads are largely partly yeah. Click December. For a downturn. That their proper questions to start with a please raise your hand if you like to jump then in any pointers. Nearly case daddy. Our hundred million gallons of that back several times so that's pretty call add critical that you're actually. Capital budget to do is well I definitely think so it is saying ads can best assist is do you think from less than a 109 point here is does it take. A war chest to really make something of this magnitude. This successful given you know within Europe. I think there should do you they're kind of ran signs that we idea requires a pretty hockey bag checked that certainly now Arab budget for this year bringing in new series of promotions like they think to reinvent something this deal analysts believe that we did have acquired a pretty significant investment. I. He'll hold off cedar. Find the right mix which as a guest of the core of a visibly out fine like especially during the recess so where do we invest their. Results sole trigger it got hardly optimise or just wives. A yield back a bit of the somewhere you may have seen congress has on TV and how to become a follow. Along with the right mix Sundays at aware of the display and search. In fact while 100 I don't wanna be legally barred sounds like a liar when you think about how much hinges Italy's biggest fear play speed as a place where the world. It found that bank by merely that medium levels that result beat. So it's so the because they relevant. But what's the any concern because they beat all overreaching equally eerily our branding of their phone messaging wise. When Deborah white solve that Wyndham winter weather. We'll leave gad. Quite a lot of individual plans to sell wireless a discussion that one line to say well no way happen to the choice ran because everything is really. Reacted. Our Wyndham awaits began the day average of course is that you can get a room at any one of the prior pretty is gap that. But whether any. Resistance challenge competition issues about our positioning the brand and differentiating between the brand spread Centre. Yes I think there was one very hard discussion around now updating the end kind of the summer my remarks around. Making it that loyalty brand night August 16 branded but instead making our wrap. To come on boring because. I brands that we wipe. There well she program to be six us far. N we know we are sit together in one depart Ment until it have bearing much kind of united flag in terms of making the program successful it helped drive success for the brands they think that that strategy is quite. And support their members stead with an hourly position which has nice tastes have that's not their day. If they were you looking into the fresh faces a ten meter the beginning. The immediate risk critical and a healthy debate step that would result look into like Kate spears better choices well when all the tres or dot pirated. Mika the program bread avoiding did you know we get big get it sold their. If Lee San up EU Europe gluten found there as the rest he manner maybe Eddie actually may have booked an Expedia. Join our loyalty programme because mark Ali when you would see to get better rates again poised for the future. But. The mass of how the 15000 point single redemption song well bore marks. Kim need more if you seven some brands are less effusive in an underground so we have retrieve a muscle explained there. Even if you feel like it might be getting more redemptions then I'll bearish. In the down everybody helps to Chavez wreck but if I'm hold on how one might probably to be successful rebel cares much bodyguards. So you're that's fine but herself in this it was a well tell on most. A listing and how the method worked for all of them. While speaking of that one thing that was very curious to made an anchor identity you for a polygraph but I am well. Is no blackout dates. So if I'm French toast the in an hour away and Dell. Or at a park their time over Christmas or some other areas where I can get Bian for price. Has now wiped out. Well it's working I mean that was a that was a huge discussion as well army if a club tower sold out are obviously there's nothing that they can do about then you can redeem for your points but we deal carmody I'll available openings and people can redeem for appoints. So that was there how does that concern wage. Head around their poorer as a win them back. I'm Tara. Upscale hotels and our high redemption hotels Arab very much on war again you know those member research spending Moorer and you're coming back again and again so BBC that one game strategy only works in her favour. OK and seven series go challenges lately have been getting room sits on the more desirable club there certainly are aiming there's certainly sold out and people are I think you know our occasionally kept redeem for a recovery Libby Montana a given date back hopefully they come back and try for a date that works for about them in the prior predict that yes that have spent and Sartre. OK and just add to go debt do you have any communications of messaging to those consumers. Who were bad and mean I have. They're aware of that resale itself. Surety Linda said that the real heroes of this program our member services team to communicate with people who have challengers like that enough times what tried. To remedy the situation by awarding them something you know some additional points are trying to make it favourable for a damage they can't hear I mean will the but where that money. That's a great point by gateway get a big you know just coming up and being weak Euro after they have ensued so it's great that you're doing their training dad dad that kind of kept. Ask any questions others wonder that so. And I saw people just way to the Mike get steel and make. Congratulations saying incredibly daunting undertaking. Any meant as a huge huge crisis. Still while western messaging or the timing of the programming around here. And under what I need current membership. Based video hagee hagee tube let them know this was happening how did you convert. Them into this new redemption program would that look like N business has ever happened. It has yes we and it did online kind of freaking campaign communications into the existing member base explain how other programmers working. N how they would work in their favour any one thing you can occur in redeem structure wise. So we trigger that we get out in front of back and then have done a wide every enforcement alliance of different army channel communication and and after selling out in different member Kate explaining the program any we always have an opportunity to revisit it. The education peace with our members but we really have had. Very good risk by itself bra line again I mean I met our credit for member services people most of the time when people have a more complex question. A pick up the fun car and member services agency you're really great tablet explaining what we're back beating Jeff Franck. Does the fact there stat S award you know where there apply how that. Just working for a navigating our first questions or something well is trend stay out half that I just have one follow up to doubt this is a leadership programme do you have something for a group. It is well. As south work before it gul is our goal mean program I'd be happy attack Tia ballet and Africa especially if you like NYD Talbot for a mean an event planners. I Gobi program done is haul kind of these holes in a separate night proposition around how am planners can manage their end users they earn and redeem points and plain meaning some gold meat is being even if you search at night when my way to find out the details but happily chatter field as well. Chart yet. M I'll just because a question over here so why you welcome guy asked one question and then now and how well it traded up for a our about what are the things I noticed also now want to know how much of that was part of a 109 dollar investment we're now that the sap red. Words the improved user experience particularly with mobile because I'm wondering if you come up this week program with great customer benefit. And the other members now where people have to be able to pocket redeem their C. Our entry test you for coming up with such a great critical mobile user experience was upright 409 was a separate bubbles the far passes between. You know. It in terms of preview. User experience that really just as easy as the as the value proposition behind that that depth. That's a sell you us a bit away but it was just the beginning. So I'm very hard myself and heart wasn't as of his experience because they come brown even old man their cars consulting spent a lot of time Expedia. Eni and e-commerce their fair choices well and we have always stability through still we're getting the happens they're very strong. Step in the right direction. Weaker as it makes life easier to its offer hotels and boiled by the if you look at how much more akin to a rescue worker nest especially thank you actually your C to experience. When you're wanna grow tell us. The EU would pursue checking in remotely. RPM him can have big get recommendations are wire tapping your back saw better well. Was gonna bolstered sell especially on the on the Rio state has lost the model where it's likely to going to be solid step. We're working on this label basis but the very unscientific but otherwise how does that answer really. We have a lot of work this thing in place now to meet debt and veal we leave for Greece and but mostly it wasn't working with. The searching and booking for a hotel room night more natural radius of their itself with you as part of it. When is just beginning. Here waiters US next question of yes. Yes thank you Susan media wing festival thank you for a presentation late Greek island saw what are the things sale. But if Knight Reese's RD year obviously a lot of the B brand spyware malware and would troubled quick. I want the question so want to artist adolescent is a lot of their loyalty program sub dearer what you're doing is they do going out and era telling everyone. Gumbel we that's booked direct rein them in the very force and channel strategy there have very fox and trying to drive. Their dear dear clients of the royal channel however we Hamas taking a different role -- mean you're trying to to two. To share the value of your program by explaining how to redeem into explaining they being more quarterly year on what to value really is. But it doesn't seem lake leg that's being if ornamental part of your strategy raider China strategies that the the second part. Is the economy legacy can face of the problem leave buying on. Adding that the arm while T I think losses even more important element everything you is. See you can't be just about see reversed the point but the aren't dead is having any needed this car. But that's it was not an acquisition cast Wright like early in the Reynolds might was initially how. We what happens fine way to get there Meehan Berroa supper when the S community man I have tried our rather. But if you keep a using better positioned car still limited. Our is giving it can't rely on while more discounts if Venus Williams I don't make money on the new era CB had to be successful. Ever did see a sixty crystal properties. Ian we have to find ways to still have a fairly well that's why the red proposition helmets the aren't just said he needed scalp. Slightly when you look at the very industry we've probably many tenure thoughtful way but you're back. There were pushing higher pursued his soul there became yes. Almost everything you'll get in the enabled T no way a meal to what your T is what always you would sure. At best among supplier that none of the individual economies into longer on what's the driver Bob heard of the thousands. But if you know what we're gonna bottom rarely give us. Extra point he MVR but how do you still there our platforms would be the best 4 PM to develop a relationship. Having said we might succeed at some massive we man us listed above as we can find ways to what stable outlook part of your honesty Huckabee on the release this year. Because we actually had a car and we accept an Emmy and we've taken a mark we are the ones a bigger target revenues of the realm. Even we feel they're we can offer points discussed in my comeback I would write him a mixed yes yes they sell. All of the beginning to the year and beyond the starting yard appoints that's really coal and invest where we have pursued. Never liked start improving. The artist to capture that our married CR science and I know Brad just last month made it. Big headlines by saying there barriers and number one thing an investment this year is in fact their loyalty program buyer. The reason why arrears is to drive direct market excel even if it lasts pleaded by Wyndham just now this certainly does other hotel chains. Then had made our channel selection channel focused ads through direct channels a priority through our investing loyalty in the marketing of that loyalty programs. And and actually later that the sponsored cannot lay care broth something else mine which is. What we do look around rate conducive for a tumble tells a comic doing is going rate lake they're very focused -- day main item the 101 is free rate. Sell signal assume merit if you're addressing consumer debt has that option. Of VoIP throughout yen seeing a wide eyed Spain names it'll does not combat any property any brand any location any could be anywhere I get a template free. Salt Lake how how is we now looking at hardware drive incremental value from their privacy Asian rikers. Eads keep you may seem freckles so probably smaller limited to a number brands right. Yea it again and hours toward cartels that harm or death program was march beating a freer. The point being is the Wallace still get the same. A piece of garbage they've been Ebenezer they have to Cargill teal Libyans gonna col worst. Seoul I seen. In whatever priorities or by walking with us bill have far treatment bill while always. Be able to get points that began beating the revenue might be more limited. But again possibly more rewarding the sale sub getting additional benefits they would like getting your T said shares. An extra Bob what are would be wise like more benefit Sen on that note specifically wires last week another idea that's still witness kind of a with large renewal me about a serious which will define. Tumble all the while awaiting Dimon. Different levels but indeed your more than benefits as you speak to rising he would might get for the bill securities Steve if you its book a Priceline and Expedia. Yeah I think it's true that if they're appearance day especially with the right marble table where funded loyalty anymore so even Dell program like bad. Exists and has insisted hotels Doug Palmer I don't have developed in such as as you alluded to before keyless entry. Are also two things that hotel can make your stake quicker easy Euro more streamlined. Because your booking directly throw down coupled with royalty. Offered doesn't just mean it's a race to the Bardem discounts but other remedies and other services that can lead to greater loyalty. We can help Alla quick discussion about that out between yulia coffee breaks every get me. But we welcome extra copy and then have to break out come right back into this this room Julie any housekeeping Iowa bird Dora coffee's up yet. OK great day here Wednesday he cell match Abigail twenty that was great thank you so much.

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