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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Doug Carrillo, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Virgin Hotels


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A. It's great to be European coconut grove and a good to be here with all due today. Here in Miami welcome to my home my harm silly ramp front. Yeah my name is Douglas got beyond the vice president of sales and marketing for virgin hotels. Who launched its first hotel in January of last year. In the great city of Chicago. Ensor farmer I'm here to chart you guys today abrupt storage type. Yeah and hard point story challenges to a particular Bruener specially. In today's world we're rich we have so many are avenues should be able to. Grass great storytelling. Especially with the age of digital. Coming in and so it's important for a brand to come across. With Swiss and great storytelling to the connect with their customers. And remember that the best story towers a lease I remember. As a child whether wian has that will be able to tell the story with a motion. And I think the way they grasped today is customer or consumer gassed. We're sort storytelling is by throwing emotion into a position or sold much Colorado parent. You know I have bad small children have a dog shoulder NN I remember my adult children when they receive are. Beloved for a need to tell the story read dumbest story Emma Peel love most about it was a factor that I said with emotion. N sir iPod iPod take that to them with their children. But everything start with emotion and if you are able to bring a motion to play. So without being said that let me tell you a story. What are by the time the young entrepreneur Warren had a bad experience arbitrary and so when a flight. And with that Irish story begins. Pharma. That story strides on many different stories there is. People I've come to know and love today as average and I feel very privileged to work for average and having been an admirer of them for a many many years had been in the hotel industry for a thirty years here and when the opportunity for bridge into star hotel brand Kmart by AI jump that the other Cheerios I was happy I was able they would then be chosen for the position. You know while these stories are inspired by Richard Branson is as an individual person here and virgin in itself is a lot wonderful brand but it is the spirit of who richer there's. In Seoul with that I think. For us as a brand weather whatever business owners whether it's here alliance Weathers said Charles with a small farms whether strange. I think we have agreed ray energies of Brent because we have what we think is the ultimate storyteller. You know virgin is now for our many things they've been known now as the challenger gray hair and they've been known as being. Innovative disrupted over. But the one thing that I biggest importer John shown above average and their babies most important to them is a big field at the heart of the consumer champion Brandt. N Seoul. From better respect of I think. It's great because of what stories start from the prospective of the customer the consumer public doubts. Yeah and I think any grade relationship between a brand. Ember customers is about harmless but you make to them N with that. And so when virgin was struck leverage Nortel started. By Forrester. Its promise to their hand was so we whiner to make bridge in hotels your place in the said it. So we strengthen basically from the perspective of web with the pain points. In hotel stays away really fathering customers. And a white people think where Lenovo adjourned the great technology live honest vis so mean you know you can get much more protect margins we embarrassing going to space. From a commercial prospective. Plus it was really more about taking that just a simple things the things so rolling by rather. While gas about hotel stay or customers. And making them feel that this was to replace. So well padded ticked up Harmison howdy make it come to life. We duo by Irish story slowing not from words by from the actions. And what we've doing. And I think a brand calmer start with what your brand values are. N what we are very important about what we got by telling the stories. Of the virgin hotel of brown reached far above we start first with oil Brent values our. Which basically. So we've got six months ended very simple and basic brand values. You know the first Summers we got your back which basically means when you write a new travelling in Europe by a staff or you're travelling with your family. It's unknown territory from lighter you know for a lot of customers especially from the beginning. So we want to make sure that from everything we offer from a service perspective and from a product perspective we might think gas should know that we -- back. That Jewish straight up in the war should about who we are as a player and original smile off friends. The residing really strayed up and that's who we are as a brands that's really Richard Branson has Amin. You know. He is won't be one individual who I believe is is very forthright about who years original. Mystery about who Richard Ayers what used against for his really out here manner did you make a great politician but his country businessman. Our power to the people is really about empowering them to control orders data the best of their ability Europe with a device. Think giving that power the customer the power to do that. Are surprised no hidden fees is really about. You know the things it's those pain points it's you know that extra room service delivery charge of that is a feel those things you didn't know about as a customer. Any feel like you're being nickel and dime as a customers so one we set out to do virgin hotels. We wanted to take that away. Exclusively for a remind you know we're in the lifestyle space and there's a library hotels in the lifestyle boutiques based a lot of them were very intimidating. Lot of M a bid to call for a score and that's rolling average in who average nears a would virgin has about work core brand but really about. Inclusiveness. And bringing people NN now you know segregating people. Just occurs they're creed of clan saw them when he l'.s literally about exclusivity Farrar. And the last one is addicted to year end would addicted Qiyue. Means to us his dad especially today use travel where. Weiss to personalise their stay as much as they wire two. So it's important for our us to begin that relationship with our customers. N establish that relationship by getting to know them and you'd be surprised today's consumer especially the younger consumerism or any else. They would like to share that put the as large areas with Asia with the in does stayed in the product and who they are. So well. Wider search story stick because a resonates with the Carmen experiences. N able as Brent valley's a complete list salary of around with the consumer has. You know before we glanced. Our first hotel in generate 25 team. We really sap back and we father Barr had we wired to introduce. People to what average hotels has about. And especially in the lifestyle spaces about OK let's pull up this call render a English job for the Mac loan bears. They show up called a rash dry there at its desire by this desire and that desiring some sort which have played an important things I think in the lifestyle space by. We wanted to be deer from where again we go back to the corn which has focusing on the consumer. So when we launched. Virgin hotels approve alliance to virgin hotels and general 35. With double what was a great way to be able to do this to be what assure customers really what do you experience above average in hotels about. Without showing whether virgin or TARP wireless. And so we sat back in the so Wallace an insurer great fashion. Virgin America as his career in flight video safety videos or for a song was an enemy the wine. We did by an enemy that wants a let me show this one to erode quick. Ice allows for a sway over introducing work. Leveraging the tolls was going to be about. And the National Guard better warmly invite their friends to play. So you know when your chart you beg your attention region that story again and again and again it became your favourite story. And so we want to make sure that what we do from a digital push back out of showed whether that's stories about but now we started the conversation with the customer and there was. All Colorado rumours about was pertinent tolls ruling alliance the alliance did here now since September 22 and Gerrard 34 happens happen and what's gone are there was a wider rumours up area. So we created this campaign. Using the stories of what people were talking about told the rumours and bring Richard M bidding Q the video place. The enthusiasm can very Jen yes there Richard Branson's virgin and now there was change news article new categorically. Vote town. Now making amazing irresistible husband Taliban doesn't just happen era tax. And entertainment index began to wonder what is due uptick. In her descendants Jean who smells like. He also is fair. Top high. But isn't even space more on who. Lighting is you Bantu leading dedicated. Campaign button. Based out how we stand out against its strategy is hardly speculation already drowning jammed. Just add we gave these are reserved home in training Britain accounts dug out into ball players remember are. To keep things rolling and we told the world we hit our top Ivan can make one reality and injury virgin Latin. Their rulers Dade leniency. Intuit. Sun languages even joined in a a few rumours made their way to treat such kind of what. He and I have to account additions to a stab. In part underlined flag Richardson's ultimately. You need turn. There's hardly a good start this may seem. It was a that's react even at the late 1 evening one lucky and got cedar dream come true has a. You know out of weeks and almost Hillary here. Very generally it's a nice balance. Which ended just maybe. So all. Richard agree it's word is so tone is an incredible person and so we have so we did these rumours campaign. You know we had a word you know 3000 people you know tweet Bill Ritter would be coverage in the holes was going to be. We did away azure was a very successful pre large campaign. So we look and we tied the bar high horse story gets better about telling it over and over and over again but in different ways. So we bring it to sort sure. The summer borrow we've got a great. Series Europe. I'll with a media partner Cobb drain where us Iowa we interview lot of real local people in doubt get some Greek. Pitch from a blinder bridging voice. Liabilities Korean bar customers who which again I think. I type a little bit earlier about how important consumer well we coal user generated content UGC is important to the story. That we help them they help us tell the story we told the story back just a Greek. Daiwa gonna do the simple arrest sometimes Brent crude Aman a larger. With their customers as opposed to creating a dial argue it's much better to have a Daiwa because Inuit or just all stories in exchange stories. And especially from a social media push factor that's where those true magic happens. This was big deal we just do it on YouTube channel where we. You know are what about being uses you know mini forestry pricing and so we should take prepared our tail innumerable. With the mini bar right terms if any would be western new appear if you went to a bar. The Dallas we Euro into. So get our story gets better formula TARP are friends tell us for a switch back friends are gassed or customers. Again a wider social media love. From the prospective. Digital Lee I think it's important the partner with good partners that help you tell the story they view the analytics behind. The story so you're customers retard nuance also media. And do you blight behaviourist bind. And then take that in the sometimes people saying bad. Source hill's the only thing we can really tell the storage but we've taken a lot of were used to generate higher tac. And we've mixed up with the Carter we creed Iran website. And so still help consumers. The vast majority of the news of the dust up although marble as rising. Still use a Dow starts to do the research to do that you made to purchasing decisions so I would always suggesting you look at your website. To continue tell the story hoppy customers tell. So last thing we did worse what we created. Again hopping cannot read tell the story overcast original return trip advisory. N we've Babar a whole bunch of different archer provide triple a by your reviews. And we went to these individual customers within the screening upper -- gas and would be OK if we reached a Jewish story. But your experience of the original hotel but in the virgin fashion and this has what you mad about. A real commented from a real guest who really laughed virgin hotels. Ferrous models to the road close the door with one that they both moved very nice. There's and deliver on that as a private water closet on the left and a baker table feel fried foods or via. Go to casually curve was a sort of right with a singular medal for larger effort to. Further off on the left his full shaft complete with a great stop it the good for the family of fall. You can sit down with little fun shoot we've just want to take on the verge of hotels dot com. So we did six of those here we gotta watch from religious success and go engagements in good views self. Remember the search begins at the beginning that in the end they gonna match.

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