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Panel: Manage Your Brand Message Through Innovative Social Media and Digital Storytelling



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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Doug Carrillo, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Virgin Hotels Laura Botelho, PR Director, Caribbean & Latin America, Marriott International Zach Glassman, Founder, Passion Passport (presenting on behalf of Cathay Pacific) Chaired by: Susan Black, Fou


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A. What's your I'll that we also have further deepen club med who's joining us on the panel was well also speculative cash. If that's an area there's nothing there capture is an idealist hero a dalliance outside like great storytelling so thank you for sharing the stories in the engaging way. Either the letter comes up in my practice. Of attire. Is great staff we can see in short Italy and Spain Greece and fed clearly it's engaging in N will. Up have some of that but the big question is having immeasurably to our Dunlap in our lab sessions about attribution. And knowing if something works with the arrow wire wearable push we spend their money in the next few days we're gonna find our ladder places supposed to spend our money. Why should we spend our money and Storey tower. It I was. During this up or get. I say this the real thing for one's. ID C joins earth social media engagement and impressions. And procedures use a number of the town's better than average engagements seen the number of people were actually like wait a common adverse. Comment on it personally shared. In the case of the campaign year campaigns have we done I think it'll be measured and even now home user generated content which is something done right out of work. The ten day in really inspires people to then go out and shared their own view. And the user has sagged which stand you Jen. Nissan. Social media current rules and regulations are actually pretty well absolutely wanted to use abstract. You can generally we will list that high debt with credit. As wine is generally speaking it's always a very good idea to check with that person first and just like every month to posters. The view from our hotel or. Business you know whatever happens to be. It's a beautiful Fargo and reassured on the digital properties and so it's a great opportunity to do. If you invest your money in social media C debt free content from a period is shy audience that over here. Snapping with their funds and so like that everyday. And then I guess it's one giant Altria that's a big one and that's going to those adjustments speaking about. Is about that yes on social you might Nazi people they let them go ahead and book a room per flight the next day. But you will have people were gonna indeed with your story in a long term way. M once you have bad bank kind of hope do airliner that's again. They might then put out a way of that hotel within the next three months six months twelve months when readily view that as one's duty ended in that. So I'm hearing. You say an end please anybody can jump in then M agree aura or poorer correctly. Is there a different metrics that need to be assigned to story tell. Miners. And you mentioned this time ahead in the more colourful way which is the Thanksgiving Turkey. The widget can supply fill up content in the lead times have Steve. First served up sale. A sound idea Thanksgiving Turkey to repurchase content. About it bad but then the metrics need to be different and that needs to be. Bubbled up to the senior management or even likening senior management to say don't expect. You know they'd be deceived hands of attribution for this to just convert immediately to. Too bad bad habit also gone away from the networks are up. We cutbacks many followers and we have X many you know so in the earlier days we'll take free story telling. Our social media was all about acquiring company file Aureus and you know in the end penning gauge here that had been at where we now in the in the cycle with story time. In addition to two repurchasing can't turn while the metrics that matter that we should be looking at. I think I think respect sell you anything else we look at number of our neglect in house something that happens many balance if I have many times has added that. Our numbers pal who let them as I can I completely agree with me. And today no longer look at definitely if it can ever. As fact announce actors weren't really in the capital of we look at lending to each met either speak directly with our with our brains are we really reach those people who is our well here. Creature that package. It really resonate with and and so that we can here. When we really don't look at the number fines if any other young outlet if that advocates say if that. I guess I'd sell it night you really they have hit yearly apparently unique. NASA we're really doctor. Did. And what I see in common with a three of the presentations and Lindsey and helping you can comment on earth are from a club med filter is well. Is faring very different stories and ways of telling the stories clearly but the one thing that struck me or similar is it tells a story your breakout. The personal question we see Richard Branson giving them a bedtime story but that is triggered the very actively would give our I think quite frankly if I am. Mr. narrative that we would go well we beat. Our bout with about with that would put. Richard Brown then it's very natural we where have we chuckled with say OK fine and so. You know that this is this practice of with the Brendan story telling just seems to be. Are in each of these three cases comes out and that was like that that the threat awareness week newcomer to belt when you start parent would have quite an idea because you've got a very distinctive brand as well. Heads up. They can sell. We know Harry. Well unlike any where at China victory as high margin S hotel. Our sixty factors like Canada and is now really end attractive varied effect hyper fast enough so. In I don't see of engage our customers we've giving it an act. Q there was absolutely do that responsibility. That's due to reside sell its it's more athletic experience he meant here tonight and the caller drained away its NORAD and voice it's it's an interesting way of the customers. T minus the egg white beaches have tough. Great sell what or when everything is up inter city time the real story of your brand in ways that people can collect web. Our or perhaps even reshaping your brand I mean it exactly the break point yeah. You know I they're likely Cathay Pacific is has really become even. The that the that that the story tower above the destination but in the case the you know you really needed to to to change the dialogue. So that's interesting as well other comments into as the best practices as we wrap this sour. That that this group should now as they go back to their officers. What's the one thing when there have possibly making this switch from just kind of do my bed but do when posting an end end day getting a lot of you know follow so we say to relieve. Transitioning into Brent up as a carpenter said he and story talent any best practices. Douglas bistro with he dined out mine. I just outside Cairo equip on the thing about the metrics because I think we can as marketers can continue to come up with new metrics togethers to revenue prospective buyer. I challenge you now to develop a C without consumer market share. And that's what her the things I'd look out from the perspective. Investing in storytelling. You know in the hotel industry period is. They knew its public public go analogy but this battle between the change in the year two years in. Trying to drive more business or rather the things of the big brands are doing to. To try to do that don't don't do social media Don invest storytelling don't try to drive people back. Qiyue website through social. Work do models I can see whether industrial market share from the perspective of motive business which you direct business. It's it's it's ID gives it's been driven by the customary sadly been driven by us. You chair measuring this 100% of your relate to one dollar for dollar would you know it's important. I needed a back I mean number older than most people Honda's under Serb held by. You know this indeed abusive but what's the value public relations so we've put an ad equivalency are inept rule abortion. Because you know you should the out of Poland sees us as number two satisfied find out which really now the exact number a you're getting adequate policy. But Don do it's it's really driven by the customer and so I wouldn't say notes that the best out of about you fired steam you see on safe. But it just the truth is just a manager if you get fired for that I think the lasting from a perspective that best practices is just use your customers. As you storytellers. Did you know. Wrapped up about. And what's authentic. To view is is what you believe what you see what you creator you've really got to be in tune with. We give customers I think would screen when America does whistle with fear would be alive and I think it's which Ocado. MY I'm sorry sort of average. By IN Uganda really see our top would you customers are harassing or via the brands and then have a relationship with them have a dial like Panama. Great thank you dad. At just one last time I think you're attacking the Fed about our after tapping into informant a market excel. Am really working with summer there was you know. Mini nine like the huge ones but even like this Atlanta spirit have died higher compact that it. Acting out when Pak analyst for the population growth which works at Intel social media outlet. You know we've innovating unchecked by the time for practically every time aren't we think that is actually influence actually covers straight from a social plan. And spell anything seemingly effective we're I think fantastic things like that ended in other countries where they sell much legal. (%expletive) She added that we really initially said it gets really rapidly Ed. And ends you know working with their people network an eight K using younger other people's channels if facility fell out of town. Their legal operation of Harare bureaucracy that we go through an. And the difference. Country. And any just tap into an its hangar IPO that mean you we couldn't tap into the format and so I would definitely back in three seen in fundamentally. That they accept say some great comments additional comments varied so its speed to like get. Can be adding some legal issues particularly within different countries. Tapping into somebody's. Might get. And I'd probably would ever ask for form which has each. So you can really tell the story of your brand from a different lens if Europe focusing. Our entire tomorrow giving dad is specific to a group. Sell there can do oped you know very narrow way to Zach. And Irish businesses the power though I think the that would influence Lewis as a overuse I think it's finding influence jurors were content creators and you do this and released the tune their crap I think. You can find on board 950000. Forest. Quotas limit itself is on the view agenda and that's gray. You can also find people were really invested in their creative fields whether it's a targeted video review whatever does that there are doing better invested in those communities. And that speaks like. NA do you need to say but I do think that there is a discrepancy between. You know pursuant evidence ones are and then someone risen Axel Credo. Airmen who is again might speaking of that community edited it man. M incumbent howling and is having them as Brennan Astra speaks while louder that your plan. The curse then that you know empowering kind of the next generation. It's a clear dose poorer people that were going to be using a product and so that's why we tried Europe towards. That's side of things that being said they do ten yet but we'll get more expensive so you do need to kind of the ground where your where does that influenza by Joe. In terms of shadow GM and regardless what your come out with is a ton of UGC. As a always kind of mentioning you know bringing among them trips and stuff like that publicly UGC. Day you don't necessarily have to pay a ton of money for. S rather than bringing a photographer alarms can issue. 500 pieces of content for your into their view don't want necessarily fuels up and give annual you're very just like kind of still up any young why your client and on social media that you're still Iraq you want your inviting you want if you want spine. NU what you want and you then go well M venture around stories as a result of sigma contact Ted. And Lindsay. Really the key take away you know everyday at our backed out and he'd media Annie Hawaiian weighing. Communication is now back work. Anything big he today pack tax rate hike is that needs at proceed down the aftermath of the day do you becoming aids. And they do give you that's it recovers is. Great while my bed flat panel today some great insights and great stories so thank you for that we'll is a bad. And MM taking adapter officers setting some really good. Very specific counties are had a deal. Social media can amplify the message right so thank you so much. Affect our power.

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