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What Should Your App Do in 2016? Starwood Hotels & Resorts



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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Glenn Stress, Director of Digital, North America, Starwood Hotels & Resorts


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A. Those of you Granada where we're merging with barrier and another that breaking news and our. Amman. Yeah Spinner funds six months dieters say our space recorded without ever say that you know. Answer so literally great used to hear about the merits of did commitment to digital looking very forward to talking tomorrow about how to get. John Mack and mr. Matt actually. I have a bit and street from me no big rate you know established I think perspective. So under title about stars approach to apps in novel in general kind of let you know we're we're we're thinking I'm tourism the Marietta merger it's important to know. That nothing is really happening until the merger closers were then I think done. We tuner in July so until then we're still fierce competitors so we're going ad strategy full speed ahead as a day. Once that happens in we're about one larger company will then start to kind of but you know go to the merger process. From pat experience in looking at airlines emerged as well the world's problems and things like that take a lot of time to conduct a period probably has a shelf life of at least wanted to euros theoretically. And ghastly as tasty as kind of working together as one can use of company in the future. I'm sure that the company will be picking and choosing some of the great things played for example there I'm. Campaign that they did in terms of TV app the did mention in Europe test where as there was actually just a few bucks for an additional market so we definitely know this meant what didn't. Ticker decapitation. Silver Roy can be done you know are working to kind of take the best of both companies gone far. The excellence gives surgeons have come up Weinke now that the factor mob was no longer emerging mall was mandatory this really is no great surprise to any Abbas. Yeah we're armed. Not what has this impacted every. Aspect a runway is quite drastically its its we're on the fund's current some way and to preview now minute ourselves right before checking their farms are looking attacks and and emails and things like that. It's kind of irresponsible now for companies had these fine designer I think the model doesn't matter even if Denmark necessarily. In this space of global transactions mob will still as a way people search to wake people access content. No matter what the businesses he's still in a novel is definitely have quite out of the business. It's also weighed as Iraq now this way. So disaster. Arm today and Diana gleefully marked here and are open it also mirrors have worked like apple said here you can deny the fact that you know they're more bought in terms of trouble barker is. Is absolutely are growing quite aggressively. Currently here assuming at her arms about quadra done two transactions are booked India pharma and in 2019. Is going to be more around a third I think it's going to be much progress of the Napa this has kind of with the researchers time us. The interesting part about this has Roy about travel researchers. So as you can see the line is much higher there because more people aren't as many people at. Who were blocking. I'm the mall fond Allah Warren Bemba researching travel and I really attribute this to does make for a moment demand it says you're winning for a buster moments that period here poorer. We're even when he somewhere for a summoned arm for dinner. Probably not looking in researching trips as Europe during dinner sitting there school will rid the proceeding west. I know we'll do it up. Aren't anyway so it's really you know interesting to see the growth in that space to ministers where apt symbol hall where the end everything else can relate kind of help. Eight the prices above overall kind of are adding value and then converting into an open bookings. Cicero lead this has a report from skiff which has all the more aggressive showing the mark the overall growth and more bond. Our Nat surprisingly huge trajectory upward to the out of the 69% higher to dozens of 2018. Our you know clearly this establishes the fact that more what is. Napster all that bad added anywhere an investigator to have this point but wait it's absolutely exponentially Brian. These are interesting statistics are better founding some research 25% of our iPad users on we armed news they have points in the never return. This has an interest in how likely see something really look here whenever above I think it's not showing value anybody to life. Any new go ahead then kind of like you don't just don't use it readily at. Our most app users and a majority of the time in just a dozen or so favourite apps. Our so we I think industry statistic for industry average is about money there but prisoners but 25 apps funded. There off our model the base yet aid only use about well society farther down actively. ID percent of Smartphone users have been frustrated with apps I mean. Come mark had absolutely I know I haven do this on was Dell deal making got an apple doesn't load correctly it takes to market whenever. Armed Fitzroy eight. And this of the road lends itself to the fact awaken I have read somewhere about how it Europe Eurostar reining in Napster can go down one star within a day you know taking over six months think bill that back. So tried twenty get it right. Our 51% of the customers avoid a global should be easier that way had this is true model is a smaller version as the Simpson had when stripped down version of website. So in reality it's in the gears Dan's it should not be as low as chi tech heavy it'd really be about doing west that have. And really taking things up to a higher level and being seamless. No one really wants to expand our way out of time trying to navigate through a model journey. You guilders and wanted to bring these are our streamlining and then making things more efficient. So let's talk more about who will cast their arms. Salads global ecosystem so let's start we're we've really done you know we we believe as a mentioned that funds are you must first on the base. They know more about you then yes Fausto staying away when aspect for example. They know who you texting where they know are here whether we are aware kind of the shopping doing in emails and things like that. Travel inherit Lisa Jo personal experience as well city this press on the basically take a personal experience like travel and the tube oneself very nicely together. Our view we breakup of the star winner always embraced not one we in order to get to a model first mindset we believe it looked at our way of opening up for a platforms immune much more Agile to. Created platforms they're much you know much more kind of multi use and in also to be able to use them walked. So I'd just why. We're rapidly approaching the point where armed. Thomas city on the city percent of very Abra would say traffic is going to be your model the bases and includes. Bonds. Apps that are not web apps as was tablets. There's now bookings versus type items of he interviews. So clearly more among people while looking. At tower air ad content through normal channels and we're soon going to get to reach a tipping point we're going to tip of 50%. So straight sailing in and it's really about how fast figuring out. How to shift Europe mythology now very Europe methodology really kind of waiting now moving more Twitter making things more seamless and I'm not a so to do that we have our content Israeli to a variety of different down two different channels are obviously we have our armed. Our Ab iron apple as well as android. And you know does. Are those apps are really designed the forum the road warrior who knows what we're here for a one hi I'm cal wakeup weather going might tapping at a farm in terms of navigation. We really designed are out of rock kind of wait for the road warrior we didn't clearly we're designing it for the third parry users first. And then in the mass second only because in reality you want to bring guide you best customers and people in users. As I'm the most fuel these are travellers are now going to be irony as much so in reality of what course Jerry's experience counts. And should be considered armed if you build a three year power users ultimately eat you know everyone else benefits diseased people right kind of power testing you wrap. Are iPad yet. I had a different experience for an is less transactional is Maurer beaming back moment where you're exploring. Various client had. So all what we've done is with their iPad app it's really more about. Deeper imagery video when things like that. Where it's Monday just what kind said. Nurses are either re instate a transaction after what around the tablet might look to check into redneck and that you know best I can happen. They knew fully well now you guessed it back armed self versus kind of like you know kind of do my travel planning. Mean Applewhite had to get who will arrive. That is gonna you know it's an extension of our mob a bra and it's on bell taking things in even smaller place at Barnes of contact. What are the things people need to know I'm Hawaii which do not going to be transaction you never go out of our mission to never buy. This narrow goal to have you book a hotel. Aren't your files on your wireless that's system kaka imagined even doing the calendar you crazy are so literally on about taking less information and bring out the tough. In terms of what you need in the moment. So would seek closer demands what did the apple wrong as mentioned in our higher twenty. Average garden number perhaps there are at their iron specimens farm is about 2512 throwing a actively used years. Are we see year there's very real kind of fun. Our privilege to be on someone's father we've won mixture that we have if they've done enough to download asked. And engage with does one make sure we're really adding die today states. Armed as mentioned we really design everything for a car users and our two point also I think come. Worried meritless talking about engage bidding Diller the arm measure. The scene with. More wire. Are we don't Raleigh. We less concerned about down but it's more about engagement and specifically engagement with our only members. The rolling Aureus. So we've actually said publicly that that's 75% very ups that MS PG BC has done murder interactivity at 1050% for gold. So these are the people we really want to be servicing on the gap. And really making sure that we're adding value to zero come to this day. The case to a stop about kind of lead us into as the redesigned. Armour and we even redesigned outcry about six months ago and are paid with before there is about to an have to re years. So we think the best practices generally two to load hog all the hot Bauer every you know 23 years. I'll end the reason is because dear people's normal to heed years in our he'd use change and evolve. People are OR Maurer used to navigating through funds at this point versus a couple years ago so you can realistically expect navigation need to file need to make shredded. There are you doing things an intuitive way that nearest summoned other popular apps like these spark into where others if you borrow in several times today versus. In SPG apathy near the end you know at that maybe couple days arena media free every month to undermine that. So we really want maturing debt we armed. Well difficult rock are about six months ago bring inevitably disagree us. Now of course that doesn't mean that you don't accounts along the way this as a media design of Hong and I necessarily now but we've done. Iron catalyst are throughout you'd never quite be static in in in mob or with an out so we continue to bar on the platform. It's just you know every couple years it's time to do an image of rock and we will use a lot of I do Dow frum feedback. You know we've gone out in terms of surveys as well as any other kind of our other mechanisms for to capture feedback. From our users about what they are armed that would be widening gap in the recommendations. Now we are still make sure that we look at where customers are most frequently using the out not aware of physically polite way. Screens white ideal looking at the most so that we Misha of those things easier defined end kind of rise to the tough. So our arm. Redesigned its cities are in four languages English Chinese Japanese and Spanish are we've integrated offerings as well into the steam merchandising. Which I'll get channel later Ryan. We've improved our search of I don't suggest speed dial in hence to the RS PGQ us as well I'm we've done really develop richer brand our counter serious as of so scanning go through the app specifically the navigation you know this week hard led by T remote navigation. So break below the fault. It ratio is basically we're armed as a scroll up offices Canada mean navigation and it really mirrors a wide of the ways like a remote ITV or capping it nearest. Allow the ways that aren't that navigation as a far plan on the web. Serena goes through kind of each of these sections are throwing I have added clients for we've you know focus as free supplementary. Simple streamline process our investment remote control. Art navigation. So this area as a special offers PG and whether this is is it we're we're really kind of bringing are the upturn need to have. When unite instead this is Reuters someone who doesn't at least is coming up fretting just come by campus. This is about our armed bring arteries to keep ball into as a booking office to make sure thing no toys agrees promotions of big ticket manager. This is immoral kind of liked in insect summoned to about two to make bucking. As Digi key US armed here we tucked away about those of tap vacuous as well you know we're very happy with keyless. Program. Once again. You know that the feed can reveal here is this a staff everyone. We don't necessarily. Why precarious if SA GQ this is used by a majority of error of our armed gas. In reality this is designed for super users the people of the road worries that people who were on the road volatile and classic don't need to step you know private hotel. To be army long line. Where have next TV then have to kind of you know just done. We for somebody go to restrict Intel undoubtedly arrows of the GM and the poor and the rest right things like that. So it's. Presentation bad is the playback of the guest sell its arsenal are obviously this is currently in three of our brands we're rolling out to about three more brands. Amman hotel where hotel basis. We're a global as well and then we're for a happy dead do. Perhaps it is Mario there are also committed to our two keyless going for a so we're looking to kind of certainly. Above this as a as a part of our overall strategy guide foreign. Dinner is just really cannot wait when looks like gacy over the weekend of the Delhi for worried else is actually screen chat server maravent 1629. And kind of like Wakil overall processors. Those enough know Europe. You armed get a tax aware of about 24 hours before you arrive you were up in four Q worse than any by press bypassed the front desk. And then you get your room numbering go ahead new tap. In Europe if onto the ash fall bubble averages in terms of the definitive and end users of Eudora. So you know was again for some dismay with hotel. No news no need to further protesters bypass. Armed customer support. You know we won image traders are always you know easy and accessible for people to reach us as much as you want to encourage unwind transactions you still want them to deal pickup or find com someone. If they need assistance. What we've done here is ruling taken up materially to. You know are so remote pinpoint. If you are if it. SVG platinum travelling in get away. The last thing you wind and you you know have a change retiree one Carl what our col SPG. The last thing one does have to scroll down into serve like Carl Haas and the need to go to the country worst and then new you know you scroll from Azerbaijan Lloyd that you know up to. After Italy. And then white. The poll number in generalise that you've had initially done somewhere else Neary director so this is right he gained. Information we have we know video application that this users Italy. We arsenal because the assigned the end of here SPG planner so what we do as we present the armed. The phone number of where the appropriate. Contacts press media person in Illinois. Armed it's something that you'll never know this by did it just removes a pain point and ultimately. He adds to the user experience. As mentioned before brands area now add that the real kind of our forefront of what we do it's very word. Are we have a place and a wrap for people to explorer brands this is really important to our forecast because. As Europe as letting the Carmel with Wyndham before with all the brands that they have in the fact that no one knows it reminds power when there amendment and they can get point. We also have a debt and again any problem even went so because we Starwood is now rate consumer facing brand as Fiji is astrologers mark. So we have new brands there well why well once before in the last two years like tribute before oil and designed hotels that nobody even knows about. So there's an arbitrarily France are so powerful way Chiquita Brands. Arts we went from nine to eleven with last year's as arbitrary rate kind of fun you know remind everyone. Because we don't have a come in on the cliche like Larry out worker even when M does arms so to really kind of pull together a brand story. About SAG is well. This is important because the fact that we found that a lot of our user is just one of the benefits of the clients had away redeem began like you know whether we know how we're miles. I've met this Clara rental place can I actually. You know as a sort of I line coherent point here Beckham thinks that Abdel. Taking content in just high level just added Allianz making available on the farm. SEU member favourites everyone loves a cut and analyst asafa very popular within sort of feeds and things like that. Our this was a survey with the SPG members breaking our tougher tells. And this is a really no way of incorporating it into the Applebee's of the best of the best. And classically for a wafers mackerel moments when you're in between whenever you're fine apple without for a daily just might stumble Palmer's. And start to look at their image the that's racial aspect of our brands in the very hotels another waiver come providing client had. Armed inevitably hence the user experience. Does this raise the most interesting part about the cap. As you can met to a thirteen hundred hotels when Astra rolling kind of hard could be years ago ordinarily everything was looking to do one. The now one thing from primaries does that I want I'm shared in Europe Howard resign mailed out and think about if you had thirteen hundred. You know hotels and everyone wants their unhappy including the Cleveland here well what areas like it out is the use of that so. I'm David Howard a ones maybe in if you dare you use it for about you know a few minutes early enough few hours there and then he kind of liking the buyer. So that the greatest thing of white I think of the design of a best the G add is that. This armed the effigy at trends forums within 24 hours of arrival into privately. So 24 hours before you're you know you're arrival you get a tax aware of saying welcoming you to the now in this case thirty reuse Washington DC. And then the gap takes time people wrong appearance. Of the Washington DC CB does so with Paul's end are not all images these are actual rooms this as the bad debt you know. Fluid lucky enough to staying for what deal fox. Armed these are you know there matter stark things dealer actually represent he is representative of what you're getting with in the guest experience. We also incorporate our things do dining as a as well so there's really then becomes the poor old for you while you're in this day. And then when you check out. Because back test Fiji. So it's a great way embroidered have personalising we know where you gonna be we know you're arriving at the hotel with a seven wind up. So believe that if it changes for a more baby booking you tell me. It actually have to actually way to find getting getaway bog down a navigation you have to intentionally go booking itself for a down in terms of the primarily because benign staying already an actively market. So rally armed delivers the rate can't interactive for the break time. Attack about the hotel clients and these are just screen showing the various restaurants this has serious here beach in Puerto Rico. Guest services where you can have you know you need to solve our I have seen the various services have a hotel. Features a nannies and photos and our guest readings in the years. Trying to get. Put office this has something that we're Roy Keane up classically very said about we just so power being editing huge mammoth project. But what we why do now is kind of tea to the next level I talked about half prison terms of booking office there have been around for a while but the next. Now calling for rocking why ask is is two rigs actively under priority. Europe out of Rick Ritz Carlton here. You staying overnight and then suddenly you know Europe you you look at your app quarry get Tesla and view their having some kind of happier downstairs. You know some kind of promotion 10% half of our food and beverage can thank. Citigroup way in cabbies have been asking for this for long time and buy assets very complex because you have to do built something this scale ball crust properties. It's away for individual properties are also used armed incentives to fill distressed inventory. Add the food and beverage outlets this is something we really find it saving we're very extended cab we feel we've we've wrongness house lawyer arbitrarily doubt is our most public everything. So there's cases generally just seen out. Three advertiser with purchase of entrees happy hour or even like information armed aspire discount. And these are great ways out from mid week mid weeks are is probably dead Zell started to really about kind of like how we fill those. Arm. Though there's avoids an especially in real time you know I imagine if you Gardner Russo period ended spa. And you want to put something up quickly and easily to generate. Response and to generate some some market for the becoming an. So to Greek you know I would Chile for a summer something we're going to be looking to develop part fully. Ala Fred. Are limited partnerships has also important in terms of the fact that you know we have. In this example over. Are we finally with about Euro girl lager great partner with us you can do crossover point sooner if you -- five points for taking a Brazil around estate 24 hours find out Europe. As was instead. I am so we want to make sure that we had a seamless way to actually cooperate over into perhaps. So in this case without ever W from a Dell OK you know you just go quicktime directions and higher tax and rate here is likely now right there with Hoover. Are raped there as you kind of like looking at the directions or staff and then when you click on that you are get a pop up saying go wrapping believing that our indicted over. Once again we never expect anyone to request an over by going to SPG. There versus if you why do we go over. By security in our app and you looking interactions as a high probability that you're probably going to be looking for transportation options so Bernanke is we're happy with. Cassel one person's seamless way. It's not are about you know aggressively marketing driving things to adapt. It's it's really are about kind of making seem less. To be making any value in assume a slack. So no running will Brent Chaim solid reason to ray quickly the armed apple wipe out. So this has much pride that a Euro goal we are embedded by apple to be one of the want partners to. To participate in nature of that and have the ability to have breakfast for G have iron. Be on the watch. It's Guevara. With the why should they Marta is less is more officers on bell really. You know providing content in LA away bed is just add very much had a clients. Higher level. And for those enough me with the white star watchers actually tethered part parent to Europe marble far. So what are about taking their team can't tell but just raising up at a higher level so the same. Fundamentals apply. With our 24 hours before or your rival you get a a law where I'm Europe much. And it invades YouTube if US saying that probably there has SP GQ estimated to armed told check in and and and then activate US PG Keane. I if you are you know now staying. Ever fawning Q you can also look again and done just check durum your point bounce any time we're at. In riady misses third for a different are skins if you like a person areas. So sorry from the ray if you wire doubt it just tells it like game. If you had no need you know I don't euphoric saying it now infamous again ala activity in lager and designer Fong just as a risk connected tier. So if you have no stays you basically are given the armed option of kind of checking your point balance once again very simple our information. If you are manager Bobby here upcoming stages. So if you had an upcoming stay you will then they have are the details and pulling away exit at the theatre will block. For things like directions and kind of hot important information. Know when you're in this day you are. You know given out of the room numbering less ridiculous and things like that. We do have different we've garnered just point we'd have a chili's brand when this trap the sun's site was created but we have nine different skins. So each. Our experience with in the white and this has a lot of the full that you're really keep scrolling down Watan none in DC was lower. So each of the brands had Iran skins to match they'll look and feel. M in the public head pages as well once again imagine a father there after Columbus western ones did around. At 44 apart from wire to become a crazy. So the same methodology applies. Art when you're within male annuity you actually within when you within a state. Uruguay skin. Transforms into properties again and that's with local imagery as well as the content in the information that's relevant to view at that point in time. N as mentioned has been the key US this is whether the overall Cameroon Q looks like for a derby is a Larson comments. So as a wrap up curious how one go to some are best practices old Rahm. I'm forget potentially says a fun time but basically this is what not to deal paso if you look in the rate good illustration. Potable apple typical apple product resolve that tighter self doubt you know use a jury things like that. Google is more about search your company's out is all the place like Euro specifically the interesting in general. Our a lot of needless information on wire things you just don't need is so cumbersome experience so some of the most common reasons that people. You know. Lose. I was down Madera iturbide apps. Oran a sign at two Mena occasions. This have asleep on the time a gallon happening classically with a flashlight that there's no reason assembly put notifications I think you know dot growing need could -- may going to wait it out Jeremiah flashlight when unlike. In the middle of something. Are so it's really about relevancy and if you Rhode the barring people with notifications that are value had worried that a night at a time you'd expect. It's Rogen that cannot be negatively twenty. Tedious registration process we've all been here is this off a sometimes the stuff you need to can give offered to register. Are so where ever possible to streamline that process if you can match it up to Euro web experience even better. Bad news experience in design that nick yeah there's no brainer intrusive ads doesn't rain relate to Libor has talented staff but having times we are absent us. These ads pop up and he fell for an stuff for the rigours nine. China did redeem the younger quorum. You know. Asteroid or about taking a it's not about taking a mob you're your website and in Japan of restoring it crap and forcing it into. Marble experience is about taking the tough things the opportunities that people reliever in over the function either people using the most and presenting them in in Bobble experience. And desperate appeals for read into stuff you get as a whole time fees paid us higher like you know I'm nineties things like a so in terms of what to do with the guest first this has cut off year arm but nationally armed says another customer. Think about gas another customer in case here's mentioned when we transform tap into an on stage property experience. When the barring them with book yearbook now that kind of thing it's at all about you know that treating them you know. Ending about their old rock and experience is not a bad transactions. As I mentioned we do measure transactions. And bookings through at. But it's more about engagement enough for end to end experience protesters pushing. Our Q4 22 bark through the app. Crystallise. I'm this is important in you know in this case just something as simple as coroner Delta Airlines eased them quite away to any is that have religious claim they reflect the tolerance scheme reflects gold medallion from a self. I really appreciate that it's a reminder that in our armed that they no way out minutes away. That's fairly easy to just personalised even with colour even with kind of like what you know about damn you whether it's mean. Our well anything else like that think about when information you have and find a way to kind of Bristol-Myers based bids and that. Remove him quite so pain points in this came up Arroyo today to you know. If somebody pinpoint anything about it in what we've looked into a strode is really kind of the mix things almost seamless. So I have hear something resembled something that's still fundamental weak easy and intuitive. Armed but getting a polite and Wang wrote poll blisters wake. The stuff but now we've ever notices but if it's wrong you will note said Arcelor denied doesn't. Anything but it doesn't you know but it doesn't this nab detrimental La'Roi helps you up the overall experience in this case in the booking pap when you get a check again. Armed I'm model or arm and the marvel apps. New click kind of destination it has current location because a lot of times if your animal flabby looking and say this objectively looking to make a barking. Cookie maker booking on your app. It's entirely likely that you're looking for a that moment of time within the next 24 hours a sell. So you know we kind of defile the current location and we also recently researchers in and the our calendars start with the the other. Today and goes Florida started as a so it had the Foster kind of what we. They greatest day you would need. Now I'd bring up things down for our by need to renew my licence sector and the department modern vehicles never her best practice for any reason. Arm by the heads of the horrible experience with their work with a website level on the app are. But just trying to do that ahead of a member of GM. And it's just so ridiculous as a in it was a free format can just take that anything now tumbling web browsers but every can do their very easily. But the maybe go to this argue us calendar prior assess where had come back. Over forty years in terms of the year's historic west lake in iron tie up with them with their Euro taken any ego big oil way back. It's ridiculous they start limited as a sixteen northern born in 2016. Should be eligible to renewed license. I mean you start with 2009 I think sixteen has salaries for mid whenever probably yarn that you use you need to remove that none sense of doesn't make any sense. And then you go through the I had to do that with the year and an essay got through and through recognised warrant Friday ahead and you know that. But I found out of the DMV. Armed army is so ridiculous is like this should be so much more intuitive and and united and that even with the personalisation knowing things about me just take away the stuff that doesn't make any stats. It has entered into baffles me in terms of wake you know how. Couple pleaded these things can be indeed don't need to be an I wouldn't have noticed. I noticed as a painful and maybe bill Roy all stronger bothers you as a staffer Mike Flaherty doesn't seem like about get. Thanks to big. Let me just Encino L it's all about kind of like finding wipe your brand in Europe European companies are about rape Maureen M Iraqis say mind the reason that we're out America so attracted to destroy it was about a Branson stretch the brand. So we're right kind of make sure that I have experienced takes a brands impotence puts them fell a solicit feedback we have arteries through foresee see you gain your everyone so well randomly Europe asked to give a on a feedback. And in Hong so SPG had the the aptly terms of the iTunes store in readings are views. We look at the stuff religiously we're under all the time ago I get attention lighting up dark. I'm happy as a too much power users here aren't anyway that we look at the stuff volatile we take this very seriously. You know the current rate debt yesterday's Assam but I am sure where someone read. Aggressively am I gonna work dire kind of feeding information read the novelty of our kids are better an avoid finding ways to solicit feedback. And alone and adapt even with that yesterday model here it's you know distorting get this information. In a way that can really can end. Hence the of rock rather than debate proposition. For those on my slide. Fulton. Your pick instead visit a cap. Well thank you very much appreciate don't like every time for questions the happy then three questions. Click information and they think negative soundbites. Aren't we are kind of bad rating weighty as so we're between. This alliance somewhat I just what else widened quite questionable then he'll be around for the rest of the date yet to offer our OK your beef around put people. One could question because this is really Darren I think at a rather questions by the the one female 192 out is how did you choose time your road map and how do you can take you choose a new roadmap. Exactly what get planning a little while other functionality hero. But as will see weighed era bad today and I think into tomorrow there's either fund Chanel beat forecasts from some. And not get better or worse than it was a break up clearly but. Do you do you do focus groups do you see where how people using it you you mentioned several times that how a new series. Up how you continuing to get a break. Deed or carpenters like these since your iPad does not take out your other parent without their level best practices bail out of their plummeting best practices had an airplane. How do you can be stacked Rankin had EU can choose what gets rolled out web. Well I thoroughly ironed out known Kim employee discount deer and a word excel for starters we look at where the market borrowing using the most powerful aspects of they have. We're looking for clicking we're doing you know whether spending time so anything related to that we'll get a retention and mentioned feedback. And that's are so for real not just the services through social mediator Carl centres it's really been out ahead. Where we get feedback. We will consolidate that and put their and can keep down we've really kind of review it in terms of figuring out what is easy to deal in white is something that's printed do meaning for the next overall. The design of holly Iraq. So all and then from Bayer is really kind of ranked by the team and then we do do focus groups in usability studies. Are we have new user interface designers as well work best practices from which can. And yes I'm not seriousness banana so recovering from market Perry's but we also look at these hideout of apps like these but again is around and end. And lebed's were period delay and stuff these people are you know people right FaceBook multiple times a day in if day. Pirate had figured out a great win the navigate through content then by all means we should do everything that tear it helps into underserved. Number one provide up or wade kind of that's a proven way our of kind of navigating through countered the then number two they are so helps because the fact that. People already on these absent a familiar with the to a rally of ultimately helps put up with that. So it is a combination of that we definitely focus groups and usability studies and things like that. But in terms of privatisation destroyed about the People's Bank must. Just to piggyback very quickly on their argument clearly behavioural lead. Your which I look at how users bubble O'Neal's. Kan in deal. I'd use model very different by yeah sell do you distinguish between generational we do you assess what are you serious. But how do you view that or now the oil figuring out. Yeah we actually done I would say that lawyer Niels tender the power users because their biggest segment is probably in the consultant based Nintendo beyond. But warriors who underwrote quite a bit so we do feel as though mining also captured in our power users segment silver. The borrowing kind of we've really designed everything for the power users desperate he'll lead some things like that we tolerate inquiry into that. Well thank you so much fantastic can't turn to our crucially they're very much thank here.

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