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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Beth Thomas, Account Executive Travel, Industry, Google


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A. My ears about how best I have spent the fair trade ten euros broadly in did not like being here. I'm curious Simmons either of those agencies diet tyneside and right now I met rhubarb. I've worked in the arts every vertical you can imagine and an aid spending I just keep coming back to travel. I think it's partly absolutely obvious reason and that those. Travel wonderful because we is brain and get the occurrence and a special moments in people's lives whether it is paying. Eighteen year anniversary big case in our honeymoon. Boring you know the world travel I mean I guess troubled worked mainly you know really that bad that against our. And we are always heard these have been comments in people's lives and we are going to experience these numbers. Gannett and so we are part of very experience. Sighting assuming yet and yet let are. Well coming and their experience. When there Derek and ticketing provider for business. An experienced is renewal as social currency it's been newer material I don't monetary get the scene after the headline about their about. And nowhere O'Neal's wines experiences. Over write downs and so there are signs that their money and that's as good as towel brands. We are there going their travel experience. But we also need to think about their experience that having led Arab brain ends before they travel and they knew them before they think that that's. And well we deal in how we view those experiences. I would unwind TARP about today. I don't know we have a saying that we throw around the whole ways and it is now you can writes Joe just edged. By its ability to climate three. How many people had spent one night putting together Arab. Six months in the social media messaging campaign. All our video program and its TV aura did John Bailey now. Up all windows sheared our sports. Our sponsorship progress can. Only then does spend the next day is in weeks and months after words I do with your barsoe areas DL. About the value of that program. Because that they've been seen direct bookings coming from that program. Well Europe passes CDL. Has. Done exactly that they add sued to judge assessed by it's a believes climate rebate that's due to take that. Social media messaging. Program would has just noting gauge your customers. End directly but through now. But none exactly what your goal lions though better I mean Boeing today as we're going to be attacking about. How do you in the underlying your kind tense in your media. To how you measure the success of those things. And because as a frequent problem that we ran into our clients they go well. We have Denard a framework around transit hire us down to hit certain online things as success. And those same goes can't see things do you carers me guys may have seen down about an industry trade direct at a time when there's. And that the base also seeking to carer. Our for a guardians back gets. CEU is built lightest. Qualifying. In a trim travel space. You're avoiding looking at every miner. Who needs your travel right now adding a sign that needs everyone who could possibly use your travel prior. It doesn't matter if they are in Murray gets a night AXA the C group is not currently in market for Europe service story Europe and goods. Until they move into the zinc category said I think it is a liar just qualified guardians. With some commercial intense. So that means there will be closer. It's making a decision about what gain flying visiting etc. And then do you category is what puzzles times of community. Commercial intent these are people here ready did not immediately right now and they're just. They just need liquidity out need to get it done. It may not decisions and then K our customer base who had. But with do you visited travel with you look bad at least once a title there were about how other people define their care categories. Owns so does the general definition of these were back gets. We actually incurred are back science to create their own definition self mobile courtyard here is kind of a cruise lines. And so I'd just creeping doubts. Seven. I've got ideas about why or how it would define these bargains as they might trigger dollar bet. I'm Deborah debuts and that's at the scene well they too tired to yield everyone who travels for a enjoyment. Everyone it doesn't matter how also how young they want to engage. With those T bond. Because you never now how hard it can take that person to get into the thing can grow when there's some commercial intent. And I'll times Graham's wife to throw some demo trading in here. And we really in presenters do you create that because president can't make thing. Re released book and stay away travellers. Baddest of I've asked you know knowing the 25 year old female with no clear means it's going to over. Get a raise adkins by house and also receiving earmark giving you know when she's going to do that so not hard to power. In the seek out great so let women when it's time you've collected a danger of people like this 25 year old who's seen the amana. So they it. When she missed a thing. You're short idea had your own mind. But think our people who would travel phone giant wells are starting to think about a threat. So again that next club not consumer intent and in due rain but that chaired a that vote kind of well I said the cruise as the kind of boy in the past year. If you are a if you aren't hotel. Poorer are restaurant's something that you Bob deal multiple multiple times a year. I would ninth save of the crews had visited new ones three year. And if I were a hotel I would say. Six times per year. Will we do etc. are a retail clients it actually was denied because way and the ends. So as they their customer awhile lets our people good barred from then two more times. And that's because what they might ever for a Nam winds are accident. They might back and then another time because there aren't they wanna ask for something as I add if back home twice it was not an act sensing how to. Yatsi had. Practice away and then two times or more and manage your wireless sell it really depends like your business mile how you define your hearing you truly truly a loyalty by another one's adjust. Coming T one's. So how do you about basically had a different audience segments. We can very tough about things in the reback gets data content. And that those yeah. Biz countered that put eyeing Europe owned prior ready so your website it's Europe out things you have 100% control over. We then Takenaka marquee name. Owns the debt might mean to hear an answer that overlay these groups and the grabbed best. Speaking to the individual ID inspired yes. This DOS weary kind ten is pushed to most times of pain media bacon B and the murder of three media as well. And then as we we talked about measurements are then mentioned earlier we're going to be discussing how ala is they beans can go to gatherer. I NN in each measure recalibrate freedom I mean says it's going be slightly different because again we don't want to ask. That care access declined the C tree. So windows real analyst cut about a couple did the temples at each of their. Add content types and media types animal discussed how UN measure that's accessible that's. Among OPEC said it was eight. There's great thing about you know they'll get outside in. Industry zero X 21 of the great disagreeable that seek time ten out Erin is done by eighteen T. It's a spring break video serie is that's not some white like Laguna Beach for those of you who made minor paid attention about Ackerman day. I've thought Hillary Audi seer is its W aimed at mullany old's tuzla. Premed too young to enter into an eighteen T contracts. But why does eighteen C five M die your mark to task now might first and is gave Alibaba bet those times are. Home. Interaction with. And view mark up in the corner. They have almost 500000 subscribers. But is actually more so tobacco is an eighteen T YouTube channel has. And it's become green tree in this deal agreed viral very share will be enjoying the inspire enjoyable kind tense. End greeting cards and these one else because so unreal manuals will lead. N these two heroes will be signed up for their role can't tracks. And the valeo it into the welding supply demand game here being spot L one energy into getting them young so that when the time calms bigger than our contact with eighteen T. As a likely big does badly their appearance ensue switching over to eighteen to themselves. So eighteen do you Dallas sits as sold actually add a third season now. So what we have expected eighteen C is the host DLC announced deals being ads beside said the current tracks. As early night and there's no holiday. It seems you see you know was asked to do that there's no way that they had been buried season so clearly must be measuring something else zigzags. And most likely looks something closer to their cell number interactions. With those videos users are. Payable vacation in the summons and things like that. If you must cut about. Traffic serious side we whizzing just that your lot gap percent of new visits you sign because you're talking Tennessee. I -- you're talking to people not make you just want to make them aware of your brain and tube ideal where Dubai and would hardly be returning there that sell helping elect to a regular the other percent of new bidders they're coming premier channel M from the traffic the company's bedie hours. So that's seen think. Think they have some commercial intense. About it back to travel while earnings payable here machine as a proud they've been tucked into dapper. And I Caribbean be at a site mindless gad I don't agree then they owe our board Embraer added I'm lying and it shows in Holland Dara marketing and swells out there are very present and you assume. This is money available at their reason and yen gains. I've dealt with area. Let's I don't go our with their and they used the old play on words Stewart again hit that. And new mentality that experience of their value morning gains. And a nation just travel to places actually immerse yourself and experience set and these are doing quite well. Another simple idea B indeed is. This beautifully down the Al beds that along format video that they Danang YouTube if I I'd suggest everyone go work it out when you get down here our wind changed the name it essentially it harks about. And avoid a while came down there was a source young users not on the west side of the while. And then along came down and they axes has Bayside true story they actually ended up one of them why in stayed in the islands Caribbean the like ten or twenty euros down the road and its system do away with that here Vinny is connecting with kids. And with the viewer M with its potential customers. The reason people doesn't think is that. Better and they really are showcasing what the product can deal that I can connect you you can stay in place. Clinic connected to people when things and the area. So it's a bit further down its educating you someone about their products. Lands. And the our measurements say some point four think. We do you still somewhat impact some summer but more tradition are metrics so quick tour wins you would know when people are engaging warning more from our site are for American Media Anna. Page doubt you like us who makes sure that they are going. In a worrying sign your site serving just figured the harm days. That's now release successful thinking and game you wouldn't go here would look at a specific hotel located paid. Find out that look at the map or buy now wear business CD or something that's a page doubt is an important thing now track. I'm and then the last lion in isn't it absolutely essential metric that. That we global really really encourage people to put into their keep your eyes. And that is assisting conversion they've sometimes difficult to measure. And weak you can find in a couple of are different wars that is essentially telling you where in the AP is a media wasn't the last cycle for a there was conversion above game. But it's moving its helping move the customary in the right direction and we think that's absolutely essential. And so moving answered ideal home. These do you have their arena rock immediately turns out in our national riders were grew authorised this as why we are who we are today. So it's is the ultimate intent at all bargaining Japan's clubby are never that. Wing used to stress than thing. There's a extremely high powered ideally you're going to take action with any short amount of time so it is true with odds amended to oil. We're now holly ones that are doing well here's an example FaceBook at the bubble now but only new blood does it add this high time it goes. And FaceBook page. Bad going back to go although we have. Is our intent to all our reason make this cast as their short and easy as a class above a big user. Seen as if you were conservative Cadbury. I would has several years knows that we add the role. Extras of the search page. It seems like every day these days. Back you can see ratio yeah I mean there is twelve different buttons different links that you can hit in us whine mobile search and and that does because we want a user team get as quick greeted bearish. Bear ball has passed Bob whether its Carling did Carl Icahn whether it's getting direct sense of whether it's visiting the site about. We won the we get the narrowness fewer clicks is parcels we try to make that happen to their ads. And I'm just sorry Indian side is our latest tort Cobb destinations saw some readers may have heard it. And if it our way of combining crowd saw a first information. As well as some some information than abrasions that's it spread nears a starting to thaw brands in and end users away. If you haven't seen it a rainy. That's exactly immobile plant forum. Whether out Portugal publication. And you'll see I'll show you hardly different idea aids sept seventeen trips although they import out. It did shed its. Ala around the colours except when it comes run crowds consideration. And then net like you said eventually we'll staggering in brands and content as well. A real. If you go do that now says it well send you a Bentley to be bad. The hotel or airlines fly in mistaken Bucs sell until we want to get back due alliance to their guards with this past. Summer trying to is quite easy now midst white most of that's in marketing deal. I already well looking at conversion ends well looking eight prior Fed's. Yard Yemeni. All of those things that you knows how they are having dashboards are now looking out on a daily basis anyway self continue to do that. Remember tried very hard night Arcelor side. Just those KP islands to the rest of Europe programs. That's although I didn't hear air in us. Expedia big available here. I've did unmarked campaign in which Statehouse to their customers. Better people who ally loyalists in those who now. And Baghdad potentially could be and a few share Expedia customers. But has plans to submit their questions on Twitter and then day have their Expedia interns. Create a beeline newseum it's quite funny is down their whole areas and they in Zurich real questions out travel and N said this is just the brain ends. Becoming humane in adds Leon rose ending next sometimes you have questions bed I just done an aspect UK into. And it really is a new unique play is the need to add to a social networks in order to use these of their customers. Going to be a caring compassionate way that help. The customer get more information. So OK now. Well looking for a read tea business people like gazette if you leave your definition Matilda authority come back at you. EU continue restart doing here CRM program been you know oil of their repeat does appear. Like Clinton recommend is an interesting I'm nick it's something that you have to ask that you might have just heard today. All our Anheuser honorees action worried sue bigger than our bet is that finally value ball. Metric if you can take the times now dread. Our customer lifetime value. Yes we see customer lifetime value back in the do you keep Yang is. Do cheque yeah is that pupil Orix and though if you being marketed to Obama do respective firms in desirous. Europe and you're like tonight at aides unite really making that connection to make them Armando. One customary having a quick. Interactive web than whereas clearer view taken the time to email down when they personal thinking everything your hotel. That's here and back you can you can measure our. Arnold long term basis and and how that played out over the year is to give them or more died evolve. Connection RBY cable T I should say. Don't. So we weren't sue real big hit yeah I doubt that obviously there at this as a guard members there's just a few of them. But this is how we with a lot get across the different guardian segments. And again we at Google speak to our customers about their Arab can't turn media and marketing. And aligning mama's so if there's a message that I want you guys take away. It is that. If you create abuser kind ten breeds user media chain of double arms didn't think. Then please stick with the think keep Yang is dark upside video keep Yang is. Aura of inevitably enabled more now I'll turn out great trio any minor deliverable keep that program even though it could very well been a very good program. So the next doubts would be to define the objectives of each one emea marking. Ball outside PM pains tactics. And N wearing halt are you covering everything from the seem to care Aurora head you completely messed things opting gathering he went straight runners. Pie in the sky see again came down to deal anyone bookings immediately which side people live. Next online now measurement as it had now with eight of the tactics that can the last time is up. And then I'd side who all in your partners east end. While the unborn feel there's an unassailable then it ain't got about three year Tuesday. I'm sorry this plan doesn't yield progress and that we just under six months doing innards do you barb. 360 degree virtual reality can't turns. Doesn't drive bookings whose partners getting a bad thing that's OK because what it did ideal. Is really engage. This new customer segment that we were meeting the borer. And we know that in six months to Europe those guys will come back and buck. That is seeping into care and I think we have a couple minutes for a questions. It Houghton. Too big they give our. I've felt. All right this is our our accretive need to be a better ask questions undoubtedly be the wind army has he any keep up quite. I've seen Beck has major knee is absolutely incredible artist who fertile users that framework. Said eBay. Yeah I had no idea it added about how Ben Stiller in. What I've ever read earlier Maxine Nash yet of that was actually and an easing Zeneca question. Thanks for taking my question I'm James Sawyer worked for investment firms see a say. Are much wonder you get to introduce our awkward desperation reason why. Just wonder what the objective is in a way to challenge is into two wrapping up the platform as a DU's Euro review daily having. A challenge rounding out what's getting a real time content feed France. Hotel suppliers but airport this nation's supplies next. Yeah so we did recently as the Dow was the first radio questions I. The objective of Jack we destinations so the objective as low as someone mentioned is doubts. We white people voting yes to they're looking as quickly as possible and be informed seller that's really thorough objective here from the consumer standpoint. And really the challenge. Hike sooner we've really identified this as a big chance if you know Google you know what are Arab Marlow Arab most at Brandeis is year old. Lines in a great sell them. Mark it's Nardelli added challenging integrate aim dad into it yes. It's bad we might go now Varian now all continued seal. Played the clip being put weighed down into I am sure we will get rolled bounced. And right now we're gathered in the L I guess that its crowds were strings and very specific idea into that we identified as people who engage alive again is a term like Google super users. As well as good ways like myself. Man end game you will sign that they can next year will in our Hyatt aura helps N Norah bed big brands booking agents better Amin. By sending them there are about we don't do any booking through destinations. Says any team that fed her talisman step in Israel and to be thinking about with their clan tents. Debt well ultimately get steady and tear this destinations. Is it something deputy director land now knowing that at potentially coming. Jack Bailey. I would imagine that we will begin zero hole ends and very specific time then we made it still over specifications around wipe out a deal anytime times. They right now everyone knows it content is king anyways I imagine they hear wedding day hiring a transit strategy niche right now I recommend. Doing it for a withdrawals are paying now for Google quite yeah but there will be day and I think we'll communicate clearly Webber's. When those pieces lobby the ages eight year adventure begins dear poignant itineraries. So is outstanding debt they need to be thinking about where as they building enough out. Are offering a sorry carry in their own site so that was really kind of where could Genesis of my questions comes. Juror it's a good question and I I could say yes but I could be either Ryan or to the I S I don't think there's something different units change anyway exam guy I'd I'll take a moment ago our country are these itineraries. Into later. I'd do you believe that our club even be Michael Douglas and that crowd stories itinerary. Suggestions that the post a brain. That where the brains that come in as what's available at. You know what time today. It added quest ends is an add back for more and budgets. May curious raid at how messages stand in each of these categories like web is kind of dead the next year one or throwing into year. AD category various as a C hero think. It's early. So we really save doers are obviously that the low hanging fruit itself makes story that Europe covering are playing in due. The acting getting there was bugging is Derek. Like your brain researchers. You know someone is searching or Brenda their highly likely to bucking a site. Or give your card to bucks cell stack schedule. And then I would work up from mayor said do to think. Think just need. NNK our. You can do all our other carer with ally of money and between social all end cure her you see around you used to have done based email address those. And ends and actually these are my act now Barbera. And so that's and ordered that I would go when. And many out there question if. I don't get our ticket Yang is that he did in each of the categories. Is here. Why just why that quickly wiped away today it absolutely beginning. I would say obviously do you borrow Arab looking at their bogging so we're gonna skip down by naming new erroneous passages that. The sides that are assisting conversions. Is going to be the biggest fine because that is ever I don't know what is the biggest thing now. And noble is playing the biggest drop in assisting conversion there now a crime by gang trades above northern Bob gain there for a pre. Namely cruise before four. By expediting online every surge in the weeks leading up to that bucking the newspapers Hearst line items that sanity the cystic numbers. So Indian cities Cambridge ma is fair at it. Atlas energy should be going forward that would be considered success away their success but like NN Alistair. Then we don't have a baseline made sell right now idea or sell them where do we go disparity measuring network. That it actually working again we're actually tracking right things. I'm happy winners will have a benchmark ending its 100%. Of your media. Wires. What I've 100% of your thinking media was assisting. You're do you media can now be fantastic that means you didn't waste a single dime because essentially it was paying half inning and the bell never be the case. Benchmarks we don't it's it's still also on whatever buying idea. We are have decree and benchmark precisely zero out. You know wide web at least packaging teal by buses. That word Christine six gas into every Afghan is a 1% is it 10% is it 20% you know. Gary and I don't go through Edinburgh stance and doctor Eric. Don't take too high and just see how does end its 10% of that media is assessing convergence look get. This try to figure out what ten per cent that is and how does that differ from the other 9% the snap. Assisting commercial games and an hour tonight that 90% and may get a lot more like the 10% better. Ads get Netscape is at least added editor mark way where's. 10% hit you know equity disappear yeah added questions that we have a back. He how this golden fabric. Kid. Our nation with when he deemed you doing at its highest net Canada prior spread.

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