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Highly Effective Content Marketing as a Base for Best Practice



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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Ernesto Echeverry, Director Marketing USA, Canada & Caribbean LATAM Airlines Group


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A. So a marked by my presentation. Found hotly brings Lil bit of a different perspective idle words I've talked content. Garden I called red card brand experience now that I am branded for has paid brand experience. Well I was riding the armed the objective. Which is share howler counter approach to content development and distribution has evolved. From other business driven. Need to a brand driven strategy. Somebody approached me and and they said eyed town and in Europe lie here in Europe online world our use of bull still be driving. The armed. The business and that's that's absolutely right thugs. But if they year's fourth you have to drive. The business. Now driving the business doesn't mean they yield. This is yourself from our from a fund of bland and the prices of the wind self affirmation that you understand. What is the role that content. Powerful offer if not. Plays here. So we'll. I'm going to take advantage. No vote on our life. Platform pot call Orly South America. Phil show with fuel Lil bit ago while working what was happening and I'm Ed and let down and when do share a song overall numbers. Just still. Show you how. But the approach of developing and distributing that content. Here and let down. Thin pre. Here it. And down and then share how lap band historical work on building a brand loyalty through content my fifteen soul. Add that back as I say jumping dawn lease up America pick it is it is very important to. Share with you that when we started building the -- South America. Our platform. Which it whose objective is. To drive. Are people walked away and toolbar on birth to promote time bad tourism. We had a very clear picture of where I was going aren't hard well why we won it planet of the seizure southern Erica Werner told. Two major that would Letitia land down the best alternative if we wanted to probable. Our purchase intent. And and dean doctor in the process of the ways solved our me. Receive. Another Brown's. How we receive up what a brand called our lab in town. Sold back pointing down. Now we were in the prices of building not only if the plan. We were also in the prices of building a ban and now will we're pretty much feared yawns on the whole region we have. Preferred pretty much since he car but 5560000. Employees. It's one of the neediest our brand see in South America. And down. Baghdad proved to be a huge. Our challenge to a when he gave a building that content. We have been in this process for the last five years we have been building we have been building Dali South America for five years. And downed. We started. Ban. And lets you see. The country that we have built. Has evolved and any and you had been down. Great confident he has become confident that fox about the brand that bucks a barrel are the airlines doctor about estimation. Long. And the way in which we have been. Is sold has also drawn into be extremely well I think even taken. By the council Merced has approved the re extremely well for Arcadia A yes. So when we start getting consultant Andy Levin because these has been Magellan health are almost six years. When we started if we stay there anybody else has been odd beaded in backing the 2011. Where we view along the content. Are we available great content and we started driving people tool that content. The numbers I would Charlie Brown with fewer than on risk than average every decade ago where brave. Then was dynamite really all few joined Lil bit of a different model in which I yes we do feel that content. Yes would be create army program on the content. But will also started distributing that content. And and labour are always died in building an asking that are self the question are we why is it then we of the wind. With a pump and power we don't really know about the brand. How is this content working for a brash. Salt let me get a below the last circle in the will be led led us up about Peter thal park this still are models aren't. Now showing fewer Lil bit health. Information behind. The scenes information that might help harness it understand. Found that these model back in 2011. Didn't work. Our right away the numbers and that the right number is the ratios are still the racial us life. That important thing here is that well we were developing the content. Well we'll where we work are investing money to drive people to a content will look we're already great results. We were they getting great results. And as we evolve it he need their lobbying and driving people what roles of these draining the pond don't. We would see beginning can't then we have. Influence as a as a north of the Brownsville out influence jurors. We were hard driving plant in the world people are armed are actually financial media content so will work. We were pretty much following the scene Malle that everybody is frankly Dewayne. And the numbers were telling us Acadia is a will use into actually do the extra we're telling us you better go exactly where you need to be dawning. Sole way why is it bad as we evolved with the platform as we evolve with the content. As we started. CEO of the outplayed at the end of the tunnel why is said that when we. Sad down. Europe have evolved. And we started talking about brand construction. Started looking at brand indicators. Are we Saab but the brand had nine. John to. As much as we had expected. Why is happening with the is great thing with rape case he eyes. From a brand that prospective. And the other question that worst triggered frank that Weiss. What do you see reduced what are the C Moody's there you guys are building. And worried the integration. Amongst at every single touch point. Or every single. Aerial view of the company however you're seeing that content that you those are building. So what they were little things that jumped out one. From a content perspective. Or primark visitors prospective. Double black hole is going rate is now the problem worse. For a mark. Alarm or fan mark from a brand perspective. Are you building the brand. Are you building of that brands. And that was a big question mark and then your other question Weiss. From our confident the you'll have a content strategy. And are well we started looking at a indicators out at work and that really building. Are off. Content strategy. Where we were drawing very positively wise. Driving it calmed down a building content. In a way in which did. Sort of poorer our business requirements of our business needs and we were doing it now really extremely well mad. And I near was helping and it was helping but what it really fulfilling. Our. Deepest lake ran fifth while yes. Content was not sustainable best beat the market and the consumption of the people work were actually we were never up to speed with. It seems to be there seems to be a direct correlation between. Our vast speed at which you'll for a builds content and the speed at which our people continued advancement they're absolutely never satisfied with that. Seoul. We. Had a great at all. Are. Probably Euro goal. That not many companies are actually have. Now this is this was panel and high yield when he an upgrade opportunity for our still step back and that's one. Seen law and fundamental question as a company which is. Why is your brand content. What is the purpose of that brand quite brand content when it why do you one doubt of that brand content. Armed how do you wanna build it. Annie was solid because we went through the prices of re branding ourselves and looking at our Brandon. Completely from our fractional prospective. And creating value suburb around that we were able to. Identify. Now finally some of the brand. Identified their personality. Understand that their overall other con and star buildings from that again. And as we deal with. Exercise will actually. Gathered together every single piece of anthem that we had built. In the US I was very comparing those are every single thing that we have Debbie Reynolds with. All our competitors are not only that embedded as well old saw people within their industry. And we look at it and we. Vista and this wide. How are mired differentiating. Myself. From a content perspective. Between one airline and the other airline. Between the wholesale and the airline between how listed Edwin heaving them the information how were we support him. I brand creation. So all we had this opportunity. And and I got dawn are well bore you were reading the brand positioning. Are that is just to let you know although we went to oil prices are looking at bad. Re evaluating a personality. We stepped back. We look again at the people that we were seen as having that conversation with. People that had book have to view the ones tool farm actually connect with their brand. Our long. And then we found that brand progress and out of their brand purpose. Was very identifying their breed opportunity we have are becoming. That one. Big airline we've seen the region. And RBC instigators for the region for the culture. The power of that conversation that people farm are having about that about the region. And then. We were able to find that content for a purpose. Then we were able to identify the war while everything that needs to be communicated. Andy was a lead then when we. When we jump to the deal. Building up one seen all par for the content creation. Our own and the other thing that we did was we mapped out every single. Part of the personal journey and every single travel stage. To ensure that every time that we built. Lil bit on the other content a little piece of content. Of that content finale docks for the brown. For all told arsenal. This. Villa Thain. And of that content can be used. At every step. Aren't going to go to onerous Jeremy. War as a town hall as they travel with ice if every single stage of the trap. Sells. As we start going that we then it started. Nordic zone debt we were definitely building the brand. Now I don't have any number is behind this is quite visits quite recent. We went through one bad the branding power for the last hour probably Euro have. Which started building about the content centrally. You've probably starting this year. So we haven't. Been able to make sure a lot of friends but the one thing that westerly era was that decade he added that we were looking out. We're now giving us with us for the view of where we. Barney was only when we look for the brand and sorry the signing for a bounce from that point O'Neal when we started understanding. The brand and the synergies. So every single. Armed. Area. In term. Of the company. Can now are used. The content that we that we may. Calm. Their son integration. Is sustainable. And less beat the market seems still. B alleles law and it's night that its floor it's just add their stuff that we build. Blends easily within the channels and the stages and every single point up a touch point that we. Our one tool while. Get all to a consumer sell. Amman. Better. Thank attack.

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