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Panel: Highly Effective Content Marketing as a Base for Best Practice



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Fri, 3 Jun 2016|

Mark Murphy, TravAlliancemedia Gerardo Garcia, Palace Resorts Robert Patterson, Inside Out Media Ernesto Echeverry, Canada & Caribbean LATAM Airlines Group Chaired by: Kim Matlock, Social Media Monthly


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A. Our preview here driven harm covers Bob Klein tanks. We have been you know you read about it other Tammy Taliban eight guaranty had yet MacKey legality have they get eases general Atlantic. He get out Hannity are ham Ahmed add. When sap at this beginning Nestle and bank. Adding back at this in then finding. Their right T annals of usage any really Atlantic did have to fill that there's. NN banging away this gently heat back to give out of the month priced in now they've reached. And they think about deep down putting hardly you know predicts kind of back pain get today he came talent story back. You're giving our allies added debt innately yeah that's really kind of where are this is coupled gather this afternoon said he backed fantastic. Down decreases I. They're part of account if you go one line and in general sale and that's impressive and so my three year. While we feel good hit us. Adelaide he said Ian Wright pleaded backhanded it than he is so acute with bad people cooled ruling here actually has indicated any of their contact. And a state like travel plus. That coupled rate. So you know. When an eight figure edging down about ever had to wait cast rated debt haven't noticed that the bank iPad is. Yeah you need a war little has yet free. The attack here. In my view if so yes I'm now. It out all workplaces you have. I. So how can find that they add that these I'm here sir. Do we like. Wouldn't it be you know what here. Oh yeah. It is yes it is well yeah here is nobody here were we're gonna pass you her yeah. He's really is this half. Hour paid your breath is. You know you know I'll let it will hit after. Who lobbied. Her us here can't list. Of that today that he has occasionally I had a power that if I'll happily. With yeah. Only if you please view ending in getting deeper longhorn storage extent perform really well I can't step right. They manage or pass. So basically recovery industry in the world as part of doing business but again we views yet client came in at a hearing when India travel costs. We don't like disarmament bad. We want to sell their own kind of ten. Integration. And with any exist at high end customers can PS around 6000 hours and mark to make sure they have a piece of content into new every single day. I'm website. Keep in mind Decker your weekly wire act that well it could be twelve editorials here it can be. You know fifteen press releases that you can be the only travel offer because out where are in subscriber list of 86000 travel agents. Because again most agents. Thrive unseen that paper time ten Disney can turn around and say hey Mary who think that's gonna prove they just aren't Little Rock brewery. And is he of all of this is is now happening view one piece of partner like my temple that polished brass it's gonna while aren't actually does people. Very unusual. While the strategy consistently. Out here consistently showing up and consistently getting bite across the poorer. That adds up to NASA numbers alternately in particular the. And camera need outlets later Tuesday there if the content gets distributed Allen's next 6000 something in. Yeah so we southern France rallied in seeds and start up three years ago we give the software I have platform quite agents studio. Where they can dollar when say power by our content. Because in icy around. Build kinds. Because in the mats dark cells is breaking news that I had something on our house resorts in its consumer facing. If Diana because at 6000 Byron what website as a without power out. And dads who. Word is that consumers facing consumer can engage if anything here to kind of get more agreement with it aegis website. Manchester brown ticket consumer recent visit. Yes eight Bradford analyst -- make those added I don't have a counter market where rates don't have you know the ability a big teams degenerate Santana. That any area Letterman who can actually build ad tech for you and then steal right. Which gives you all of those extra battling stick Google rallies it he anaemic data as a college we're giving things that's pre that. Eastern Bekaa I want one other thing so we were with a lot of these individuals and a rare act now if you create content when you do away. You can indeed act kind delegates handles nearly L versus clean sharp and clear. I travel costs so we can take you existing can't. Bring it over and then celebrity depending on the protect kind tennis you know I want to quickly I think as a producer eight I say. But ultimately some of those things like video is just added distribution get actually 101250000. Planes I'm handouts here in a single day. I just putting up my cap pastor at our accounting your partner marketing now with what we hear until story. Yeah it's great venue lactic agree another tactic instead fifty that's our budget in the wake gonna play back. And the NASDAQ Harada how big you teens. President of Altima is doing is totally out. I'm here you know when engine. Now where that primarily yell fire up far leaving nine people. That there still better manage their bellies up ladder tactically generating upper line here is this just out T seen here it is already down yes. Our power side versus their awareness for various other client in a conflict by our power of their difficulties should reassure them. Where do you view so badly especially loans we insure our PowerPoint view that if you've got let me add that and I. These they actually provide a lower vastly this. Boyle told sure sometimes you need longer stressed about your bottle need to I hear you know popular era there. Sort of the ever. Priority you need to launch a little longer than you know gay and give a resolution urging as you can bear you realise that there are off about. Should you. Creates are full data really for you or you go back into use or actually what I think that you don't absorption violence is performing really really well. Inacio out better measure their staff and then we we outsource they outsource some people have. The only deal having about financial about still planning our power somebody in house. To create that content. Review of content. Feature though carpenters funds strategy armed brand. That there would be filed under our other content strategy solid it is. Why shield why should dead. Wall like bad. Daily. And first time goals by the void if keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Almond and down and and that's put up a video of the year if you. And he used debt pladich they're here go it's really happy hour Harman anything anything is telling teens East Africa prepares. Can eat plan that can debris and steadying out as CE how it's turned around yeah. We have India that hit teen beauty progress we don't have any numbers yet. Art buyer but it's something bad I would might be shown next time cliff. The New Delhi that don't panic and back into those things do. And Anthony Japan had a close reading out the DAX 360 dealers immediately in net cash theories settled 360 videos everyday get carried anybody that's. And now we're taking it waited 360 to hear Matt panic you. And there are many reality. He now really as a channel debt is right now I'm trams. As yet that the reason desire for personal reality give reasons answer our energy reality there's remaking reds are getting more affordable. And yes out dose you fractionally giving back down having been immerse of experience speaking thinking consumers. Yeah headed. We actually have dealt with our. Glut yen daily oil has seen years of experience of these clinical function we're rather see everything you know bottom have insured. That's gonna classic game south classic getting newseum in their territories inhabited air New Zealand. Did the virtual reality headset. Where you in fact finally now only add that the claim or I think jungle at minus resigning during the eight have a whole Tenet in inflight experience and stats out. McCann leading web site without any usage H antennas present capacity dies in this is a cash slipping mine and they will get rapper now. How many you'll actually add. So regal eat he had Gatorade and yes if if brown led trade program through zero point 8 hit view if you need it let me now hand. Beaten and Eckhardt grammys she stole ladder of it's and the northern states circular economic space website Erica for a wrap up our website. Decadent led media as a whole section in their debt. Legalese cut energy use hash tag has if you uploaded Twitter co chairs. Now each of those platforms ten deals out there how might you give it a damn bedie dizziness Amy needed to reap a percent. So and I think it's great you said. You doubt a legal by asking gag people late signing after they need to use the stance he edited video for break usage may try antennas mine and I have a service announced today. And make absolutely used really badly the phone and Internet visible earlier you know call of the corners of the. It goes accessed I tenor and requested he finally rat. You have questions banking alliance TD. Eight he has been quite he has really go with. Jack medicine and the regular Grande decided added. Third the Saab nine tenths.

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