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Webinar: How APIs can benefit your travel brand



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Fri, 27 May 2016|

Webinar discussing the rise of APIs and how brands are already using APIs to


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New added. Hello and welcome you either double weighted flat panel. Today we're looking at how a. Now the travel industry. Is played by legacy plan. But provide little or their nature we have to make hard they work really hard that we have lake that they that the harm if used properly. Inflation. At the data can get the Canon. They looked at offer more open to a customer inspire loyalty accurately create new products and certainly create new build model. And that pulled out. Now the API are being managed and today we have six fantastically good we have mark abramovich. Who manager manager digital strategy aircraft scale them. We have Gail Zimmerman who gain and a digital strategy at our scale and we have myself who gum where I'm the managing director by travel. That we have Shaun L Howard Drake who imagine what you distribution capability balaclava. How we have Andrew. Prompted code and finally have Arco Khyber. IP IFR. LM low. We want to get weekly expert so I'd like Q. But Andrew onto the Mike Andrew Williams. RE Lee could speak. I. Hello Andrew you are right now already. I don't clearly it would buy Decker. Yeah week. Perfect power was a little changed because it talked about how. A guide Napier programmes can benefit travel ban and let me start by just like I might roll into chemistry. A lightweight directory customer success or failure and aged fifty. Another likely Atlantic welts all over 28 annuity industry. Now here are eight cut not obligatory culture that child she and I think climate. Four really moving onto the could get much weaker would accept and really act cat was declared baker dip below rich program absolute analyst Richard there. Plateau in managing and then opting rate card programs and it'll be shared but we knew we are making dot except Marquette lake or alleged. Merely that are working back up when and they need to implement solutions. But actually do what grounds to talk lately. And that we'd like with a crunch even when interest actually backed sessions. Welcome the support he tried to keep calendar or by a lot of other things like absent fresh and set. A course liberal it contributes. Now a colleague of mine prevent it like if you weaken power ought to summed up the power the smart and really well. Continued on the front page top. 1991 radio chaps my team was available in the first iPhone tiny fraction of the cost. Most important times. And what planet can access the focus on human knowledge of our pocket clock kinda sell pieces ought to one. Almost half calculation had won by 20/20 respect lately and unique airline bit more than 82 million spot fines sold each year and a firmer six million and that. We can constantly a instantly communicate event correlation special occasion gawk. Play old paper they can spot text photos or a billion. Looking back I think huge formerly spent eight years apart either side of the release stocks Smartphones demonstrate. 2005 the national Olympic team that made it will not tied to a level not seen that picture sits on a hot outshine. The bottom right hand corner. A year later in that lost approximately capture and share think or make a a Internet mobile network and handle. Oh almost everywhere. So. Why the important and relevant if I can travel industry are. Digital disruption it everywhere and the company owned by only a seller. A huge companies. And if a complete car matching demand. Which apply and in doing very well with owning and went corpse your actions. So. Similarly in the travel industry the huge demand could make out at a different match that demand. A supplier. So with that a drug well the most powerful sources. A competitive advantage in the travel industry. Today. Given its transformation many people increased investing in generate EO weakening just include achievable using. I'll kept my LB three point six billion air student computer screen and in USA. It'll travel bookings via mobile account of the heart will put in Q3. Extrapolate that globally. Be one point six billion travel. Or when the booking new mobile. Meaning marbled client Almonte might have caught up collapse. And though that the nation are at monetary you scale. And lower against Catholics growing at a page. We Ingrid a reporter. Half a wall e-commerce and the actual unique air now Exxon mobile network. All content online spell on late may use a lot will be voted on would take up injury lot Hecht special media somewhat. Estimate expect a highly personal experience. And all stadium project journey which means it struck a critical role they provide expert. A millennial really buy entry. We don't think purchased online. Doing it done you'd think and pilot well what I. Future bookings will be increasingly looking for mobile expects all the trouble me. Now a giants. Keep continue to deliver the right Catholics or rather travel plus. Treasury spread might start exploring several options open end with the book. One category information like traffic control problems and we your all barking option checking in and absolute are quite. Agreeing club upgrade. Chewed on board. And then I'd job. Shake engine each year core. A major weather forecast ticket maybe if you shown a sport events. Who directionless burn in equipment hire all the partner expect expects. All it can deliver due connection our actual within the bid and by adding action item park and other third parties passengers'. Experience greater value. For example actually in a previous year Myanmar needs Special Report released and that they applied passengers around the corporation where location. Among violate on retail outlets baggage carousel will talk. In the future inflation lightweight comes security impact might mock election due. Fairly hot travel experience and and values of the retailer that yet. And then that that they were valued customers quickly and EU selecting an ending a core. And I am expecting that probably all got some kind of look what one airline or another. But how many illustrating just enemy. No greater value less keen collecting them and driving increased customer loyalty. Now lord key point meeting many more interesting. Complex cut later commitment by what the world needs a Olympic thing like global reach. Melanie key on boarding partners package is low scale security. We extrapolate cup permanently complex and ox. Diplomatically comply with strict late winter spoke atomic August. Good chemistry that won't eliminate up hope yet managed a sporting put local limits your ability. Illegal under UK weaker but all are. Now going dollar that hell. Spirit in the retail space applicable to the covenants. Q guards we Christmas which directly target market. It children looking to build a Christmas which it couldn't. Parents can spend and number one Internet. Allow their children too cute Christmas would should and bud extra spring. Email on Christmas that actually the in now the calculated. And apparently either pay now need you buy and I can. Forward delivery your pick all that uneven. Making life easier for the nine aren't lost. Your development plans for a short. I think the challenges G doing something similar in a landmark by. Wheeling a key architect and the market's been like French holiday speech late. We can break. So you think you didn't make a deliberate and experience. To differ market segment with the approach to account Nike clean. Camden atoll enable triggered it. Now what we saw in the early gave way to manage a lick if a question. Between development and cut by election election item subsequent distribution. Michael classic waterfall development cycle that we take our extreme there guy letter change. Order in the very clear group excellent Oregon often biting you break it leapt into hell yeah absolutely used by actual cost. And part you ought to see in the case where drug on the change increased dramatically. It can no longer depend on long development cycle so. Connection I development life with a myriad of legal requirements for the digital business picture change. IP OQ react on your about invasion weeks and months. But a mean that all they can't meet and we met or should be made such alliance but they eighteen need reporting technology. But can help and turn around you more quickly and do so in lockstep with that it out. Now it managing that a guy like vital. PepsiCo. And excel. He kept a smattering. Yet. And can Camelot you get a quick break recommend to a merger management suite with customers can create. A client. Distribution and analyse day auction item use. Or will it enable conflicted significantly reduce complexity of their it OPEC aren't. Actively manage their clients allow it to focus on the initial bidder subject. That in an increasingly. Digital business will wake up and consume data. Put it could look at can take in that really by multiple channels. What devices. And all that complexity and cost to business. Keep up with the chain in the wake up want to put information. A well managed and drive program significantly reduces cost and complexity. Playmaker item you can look incompetent and where Merkel are out what you consoles. Part most likely to lower their partners without high expense is IQ we work about the item partners. The only deliver quicker happened it can increase enormously. By law abiding loyalty and cut into. And people I am and like land equity market and cable from aircraft Kaelin. Hello and and the thank you handle it just before the handover to eat at KLM a hard IA. What do make your get that they cannot question from the interactive session. If you look. On yourself whether the panel. A little box we're question please start adding the group. We're getting the go to all the questions you show blue and get the answer you want apple in little doubt that he please start in that right let's move onto KLM Air France. 3 speakers here. I am looking toward starting. I'll let it ago. Bank Alaska Air help everybody early you can help your very yeah I think we hit by the weakening U vine. They collapse that we have very happy due got quite that the actively mining made Caremark battle line looking wired digital can. Add edit my colleague Ed elegant man now and have cooked egg about the IP RX. Will give it up in died in July 8 yeah right within the commercial I'm Ayman Al. I am. Him. I. What we have out your identity DL while a quick introduction MF I'm Kate lam. Earlier wave yet but beating our eight Yang. I implying. Glad we attract I'll add to get there we have the earlier today I'll give you a sneak peak in dual level three pretty when the future. Having gay lamb are among the early all the land you know. Will help get them back at operation 95 you every girl and I am happy to get back. Eight. Again for a you'll ever get lurched the capital gains and were Burke. Please life. And today we now look at what can you can land panel felt other accurately project I'll end hanging out anything now. L Internet and shipping we get there at low turnover at 26. Billion Euro well. And yes bank at your get carried about eighteen million passenger. Yet our live debate operate in and Yemen there. Which we have virtual our partner like bell and then in your leg and a slowdown Golombek appeal we have that we had to allow. You will help. Within hump eleven the year we're getting a foot foot rent if growing. Every year. Either there at an average yen rate into the fifteenth. Five billion must generate a SE up online Dutch buying help which eight emu one factory except. Epic title fight out our web site. Yet the growth linked that at and gets you think online to begin at UB 870. Again. We aren't in a U and while I'd be I'd like climate change. And would like to collect the very people. Each client's allowed yet that make your any which allowed it to strengthen our brand director at a mad get comp than their experience. Aircraft they're good in the during the whether either plan put pregnant actually yeah well at about twenty Jules million Icahn. It will help you occasionally get apple fell hurt here at channel animal which allowed the he air due to enter for day to keep that problem is due out at eight think. From the operation now neither. But I don't know let's have a look at the positioning or eight you know your home in our Harkin Merkel national. Or on. A look a bit but it due to a stronger created a word the word bid but where. Bitching a sure you're off occurred in the got judgment including expansion. And the adoption and they because the right term mine lawyer. That it. And we get real and promotion function a digital and numerous digital judgment. Took with it we offer our. All functional energy they're went down more than they had social media are a world will. Early bookworm book bottle or the credit cheap or. They application form crew. And possibly just a yeah -- want and hanging we translate that you were OM. A German bet we have a flood watches them. We do we know oh you'll lose your job a sure that the U he Linear you got. Earned a well when we believe. Additional voter data. You can but only after the very well of course. On book review a lawyer. Due to a work between digital. Earning. Their. Emerged on the footprint and a broad range. Our. L footprint. Really produce and up will I'll. Talk. We aren't. Eight yen play which you all for working our strategy to create more or individually would allot instrument. Eight yen or lower and will bring efficiently O well fortunately you. On a calendar from don't. To fill a lock in the oil. Loans. And Intel lower our judgment battled through 18 or it'll look dutchman. They got the lynch and digital phone. You don't have kitchen shelf. A good image or video game change what. It took a look at fair or where we start that. Two years the goal weight people who lent gave were looked like go which she now on the flight what are while the core searches Yakima the check in quotas. To reopen the pure Irish we have the web search marble apps add a goal you Jim at opera driving the chicken blood search. M well Michael Wheeler at a cash basis that looked at we had trouble sort of initial player. Well layer and each stand. We ever didn't ill clients. The player it's a connector grolier sure sure which it that your initial player. Good good sheltered in the short play a quite generic which means that they're big. Are open to various options and options going to be dependent on the bush onto the bush voyage gone dale logic there and because we need to reach virtually nil Dutch boy do we hear logical we introduced and logic is implemented in yen or interest. That will work. To Linda in the UZ got. Our. We have built. An eight yeah we've recently remodelled. What we are exporting. We mall not a good short of our. The north politically and in a bold letters and that their quota share theatrical. Blood flow Irish. The subordinate official a complex. Gotta look I think a lot of relative murder in each gore and a lot of the double leg you go next to 18 yea yea yea. It strangle. Replete with complex football player auger handle her a look at all adult they're really outlet in their Bellwether. M orchestrates and boulder logic is logic on the Dutch client it wouldn't botrus. A bit lower but still were much more rapidly Ripley at your response and globally include that. Daimler essentially is robotics. And how well that would have a look at Ek add roughly travel trip should get where we actually gave it. So basically in there are in the planned manner it looks like it we added into that European when business. I'll get a bit net initiate it scared. The girdle the AP like Kirk OK with a strong Clark air bag EXPR renegade general. Or predict what kept up. Airliner to gain the knowledge and experience we need to build up the it out yet execute them. Monetary marquardt collection of Lou we collect it can actually and where we were opening fire outlet articulate channel which actually. I'm glad they actually look a bit. And get it working we have implemented prematurely at their effort forum and we get back to be up first. Eight PR Willie. Man amid a mile bumper at 130 larger bin your. It yet it other would be better trumped quest and our end what we power buy back the DNA app. I'll lay had other plans in the past year they clean we felt we expanded the content China the AP IL. If apple iPad touch lightly now I had been can do when your may elect a the Czech led EF I'm mother nature and her and you that I lending H. My web application. In mean time her than we all felt developed for that yet yeah. Well we and make them what Aetna Dutch bank began a week you develop new wait yeah right we we indicate. New. We are kept at econ pension off external like gap and gamble we eat now at a couple let you know they integrate their. It hit them more than 13 developing. Book climate well L within the yen now we have launched our Evan really. In dire wet end and liked her story. That we could yield functionality that continue he'll let it into Padua Italy back. In Italy EU break act for example. End the projected sixteen we have big. Her ambition get well we will have really UE eight yank from the beat T and I meant in application we are developing for iPod. I keep up on board yeah yeah crowd well we're now at. Little did bring. Acted to bring you think quite carefully to our power plant up and Jack. Oil fell we will actually rollout PAP I think would be put your man firemen and there what they'll open up our eight yeah yeah. The external. OK Charlotte have a look at where we are today. The bitter Kelleher and manage chemo offer oh well we are today. We have. Did she ever agent be critical data that a customer facing their application. We have applications in the B two B and got both of those who build other cool underground staff on the airport will do you going a year ago eight. We have. A long long robot growing well but argues our connected to a year ago. We used. Three year Canadian manager. Added to backlog that exporters a year ago it's also offered a developer portal where. We going to enable. Shelter pushed. I'll. But the total prescriptions on the guys talked. But Barclays and weaker manager model there yet were helped fuel what it's been done we can control over the gold structure not yet yeah. And Diego that themselves which underlying. Use today in the lead the business logic and then shell huge existing churches that we already had in the landscape. Using UBO. But your PM Bates a good bet that the landscape. The difficult your let go that we have in place right now. Particularly to could promptly did firm did no Turkey line to look. Whether it means fire rockets and lost well over the motor yearly edition of the oil could Amara the because demand John. Or a handle food he sure must relaunch made. Urged major recruitment infected infantry who took the other. In a customer Johnny's. Schwab flight didn't mean Shane and you don't do those that won't go under bush took flake. A trade and yadier Foyle who really cover up. Or do you found that triggered the biggest amount you'll need. Ordered digital interactions. Strip Bobby Jindal actions we eight yea. Who could we actually June 8 you're taking place. Going a chicken. Clean over all kinda four unfortunately due early Q would you looking anew over a yea. I mean we would you mind lock up and all added that a document and Q for the more. It shape up or do you do your oh Tokyo that foreshore. And pass me your lynch led the grouping should not until a customer would also. Or for a 1 trillion yeah aviation groups felt then we think pushing energy talked a little bit more consistent. And we do we have Birmingham or Obama aiming at firms bringing a disruption in June wage they were last complained that. Early. Meaning a yeah blocked. O that'll sure that you do decide twelve crew before April. 3 weekend edition box won't come off do not engage or do lounge. Will only be just when your chicken and during a blue shirt interactions. They have commented we help we have selected. It may actually act yet let plant next volcanic. If done far left pocket and dealt with in May actually be an army air act like our commercial act LL. Eight gap and create new operational environment and lead H. Couple financial eight night or idle eight Yang. While using in bed became platform. Guide you get PE yet AK conventional truck fleet rolling weekend than L at double digit growth we ultimately. Right now we have had backed plan can make Beckel. A weak. Weak identify and get an epic yet which like combination of several. It yes and pointer and blank additionally. We have plenty application. Within our Galen now consuming the API. An economic we have dual factor like closure. And mark. Toll. But we've got apparent that the bishop window shopping we now plan API. But it delightful way it can program pick it may gain by the it yea I'll have to get away at community management. An important task for ads can any get what role. On July internal not external can be embedded ten year. In get extra key LIE. Information about. Do we is there had document patient eat keen that the ideal dock. They eat everything get if you get fired up at Gillette. On Yom. Total legend that the year that you learned so far that we can share. We filled locally controlled bullish picture a year kept well right now. And aren't things we know it but these great Portland that was support of the delta management. Voyager were not quite the challenge. To get. Various groups in IG to build. Infection and a an ecosystem of IB urged that the budget drug and a further shame inflation model Schenscher English will share the same standards. As lean body blow for a good governance structure tool or implementation used to steal the development. Ever quarterly if we needed well established and another late or were there to help boost. I've got into a plant just saw that happening is likely really working together. Chichester we have achieved its technical well that it likely will vote yes part of the other well yeah keeping a lot of potential bloody work. And we we are inspectorate verbally that it together. And it really worship the globe together to which other understand each other. And a huge each other experienced source. When they manipulate voter. Her online. We quickly infect everything we make an announcement could quickly relating to a big game. Eight yen a year or indirect weapon much bigger than a need lending Ajay individually yea you know it worked will really implement the whole it could just don't. And the cost and worm at. We heard some government. Who get pregnant played a run on well over. Architecture convention. Oprah but you don't when and the creation in the newly Pierre to a vote getting it you're doing just think within their pocket and will. We are. We get will get there are a bit HIO now. On dollar yen they'll look he shot to demonstrate that proper sort of glitch that we are. But. Talk. We will work together to give offering an or a blue consular. A unique yeah. And could you bit consumption and introduce a unique cultural work should. And we offer to address cultural murdered due on all oil consumption were allied yet. Known. We have got a network equipment were irked about the contractors pure that the development of the U jedward not a sure give me caller may push on our technical implementation and we also addressed. Notched up which you reach into opt in addition under. A bridge between treatment should opportunity. To join the words will we were which property changed. And strength James. It will try to quote. Now open the market which although the repression but also and not an additional well. I'm quite well. If you only have to get away the L eight operating allowed you'd apparently yet the company enough late week and take into account. You defeat battery and entered into their work together I think fuel weeks. When UN I don't think create yet your 8 April end epic application. I you eating at you about your functionally. Op API. Not less can be beaten that went very important. To me like it open nipped yeah I did not. Beef up top there should not yet upbeat week that. Dial an eight yes I'll back you really get tweaked a plight into that your product bring it to the marker. A gain it makes your way it is completely their. We treat that their equity look. Which markets got no mood if you could make it include the future. Actually the decision that we are jointly working on. And what we want which is becoming you know. A sure. Our. A tough call for a network will welcomed a much originally. I'll do it yet equity again. We have tremendous mental actually we include did you go gently cool. If not any political hot problem will we spent on banner under twelve. We have the privilege management. To explain it to do actually. A pretty difficult tension in the UK I absolutely agree religion energy I'm shocked look do bottle. Limited insure the transparent but do document shown are up to date and greatly yeah and link. You probably read good argument of consumption and probably not yet yeah. And it got budget that will be a major strategy you got to ensure look quell the age eight will be sure align internal need. Budget we need scared and then didn't offer whole bank. That we your score will want should I like notebooks. Of course we stock option experimental. Bob whitlock. You go do you know were crumbling and itching Richards. To a hawkish mode you know under. It will go out and do good contribution made clear it will do little or toss up. Whether it will have affected the good bullish for lateral. A major led the trend premium class. And drilling should lead to digital department yeah. Did you know what. You're going got Barlow wage but now we won't make that claim. And urban into function energy together we started we make no problem going down low. Morning and a backyard live bridging deferred there. We get became a huge dent. A phone that a pound of equity. And now we our or dual sort enveloped in done the open. Does that mean that we won't work. A league one would hope fly half and gave them a week (%expletive) what should do. Brown died on June off a hot engine and then you wheat even want trying time. I don't YouTube. But Stewart we want were. Mitchell led in done look after future. What will then took that will create our publishing onto being you know do equal helping. Of quarterly survey don't mean equal treatment using donned a where fourteen. We want to change where we what a beautiful and the hockey games played. Old guitar or beaten it. Each year and hot and get them working and Ajay away. Regard little to completion judicial action comes after location we have that we are the kitchen trying to treat patient. Earning. A budget that we're providing to date we technical chart and the book of course you know that the need to produced. Over. Joining comes off it will languish on March or individual mentioned that we want what were put your they. Marked a welcome oh rocketing up your rate per hour and more. And it would take well. We outlook early developing Alan Kelly Arabica opening up. Because now held how ultimately won arrogant Allen organ hit yet you beat. Our first priority due to the internal combustion within our eleven mentioned. By help you get equal pregnant. A program. A dual benefit from the eight Yang here you're looking at functionality. Apart at INL I wake up and alert competent at getting out. Everyone due back with relevant player in the industry will outline the air in exit 15 am. People can allow that accurately. Whichever relevant at about F and Europe which it well well typically bill benefits would be annual average edged. And then we are wondering electorate I want to publicly expose our eight yeah I've. When I going back immediately expect innovation which and knew that the world. Which can be struck GE as an industry that plane we await the travelling. We are. Currently working with developer community week I could pay it in the air in additional Eckerd and amp. Which is expected anything let lent out that by several large block red alert including I that the act create and add about. Get it YouTube signing up hair out which picking teams that I expect in the travel category. And they create a making application in less than 48 allied. Q what collected. At the winner in the travel category. L what they've done it baby big an aggregate Chen you're doing her. Elam. Eight actual integration and will fly off track a well there eight guest Carl IPO well planned and beat recognition. And what application dubbed basically. Alleging alcoholic are up. What you wanted you'll already gauge what January think that our input into input your. Estimate recommendation day on the on the which dot gov or Mac adult fell back now lucky big picture anger again. And hit a coroner and surged to a interesting because in fact that it cannot virgin who worked for were to contribute put cook will look. Twelve strategy will would should look to arrange nation could. In no way we use simple welcome back to consistent with the customer equity line. New luggage you put its over. They just spinning wheel that we dial eight yen were in talks were contribution to a future strategy. Another. Your data Eugenie who won a doubling that amount in triumph though it were. Trapped will. We will respect you will be new law which you know open kernel aren't doing recorded what will bode well Michael. A entrance. Yea yea for the transplant her. At last will shell out car or would you look I'll opt in las. The only way to play 88. It that way we are produced its you should show bottle for each over a window panel. For the French markets for regular top trends show control or were we really output plunged into that then you do expenditure and that you're going to. And let third example in the than they were lower. Do you have a knighthood fully. There because we learnt yeah. We had talked bay and a total arrangement will hold a tube you would greatly limit amid vision that story. We met we them. That mean we should remember that not legislate from the London who went on annuity connect whom M. Eight on looked for the top trio look that you. Could mean a and who and a she wrote. Checking Weaver and London flight and Schuettler that you won't. A faltering tree you be looking at our young church and she word train between unit looked will look for our troops or from London crude up. Twitter should play young and well. And urge each other under when she tried to print up a new bottle but that you don't know more ensure you don't approval. And lower Lamotte buying. Go and get a marked image the earth and pretty should for the bill of history made so John inch. And accruing additional change YouTube from jail. And air should shift ended each and there's. In conclusion she. Should go Albert body but a dramatically applauded the art treatment with no change I'll. A tradition. And she won't really actually drill in a pure Bubba. And shoot the mantra grant with the prior quarter revamp truth play out drilling where weekend and in addition each. We're very nice example of judicial decision on anything we're going to do you need to check. A lot a system. And add very quick La ex couple plan. We get a plan nevertheless Karl we know how well how people will land looked for a kept up with your future. I think everyone tried it out we now from our colleagues help combat yap. Well really accurately predict that. Day yesterday M and SL ME. Week cult. In act in their alleged that will keep your eye on the on the traffic they get your money out that the beat off fact. We which like you were looked into it kind of inflation well. Click back. Thanks for that fly coming. Picture. Thank you very much for that presentation that really could mark the Gail and aka baker a much plead don't go away looking at are question you got a whole lot coming in. But we need support of my after so. Sharell are you really could lead to a deal presentation will go to questions trade after. And. Should help we're ready. We could be yes great I might be OK. Yeah I think your screen. They affect. OK that that could get a happy new cable pay out of any Indian out people who. Weekly many of you mean like gap and what we look do we do better like eight wicked I have it actually get a giant. Will work their regular event will again if airline. And a bottle down. Act like a deep bidder paid big and quite many here that it now it eat. Now on the planet then you had been lagging the Big Apple what we've built. It with a. Developing global ban there were generally. In. In her there here today that in the back at the Booth creek coal you know. Well new car and Andy will be interesting electric car industry. We have behind it felt I had a credit again it all of that just you know. I think that looking over the higher today that hit a matter that allows the body either at lending the area up anybody we. Well actually activity it is exactly the I don't like it that has let it here that it that cabin but what good will that I'd like I had to look better and the market add up and up and you. Let me it open system and the. Anyhow had been kit bid up caligula between again and capped it again. And it all with any back I mean. Who implement and you express gap well being looked at it again in capability. And the airline wet day. Dollar in bet it will be balance Blackberry didn't shine web indirect bid gently Santana a indeed where. Other that would big name in the area where it Panama. Our upwardly energy and between price and schedule. Beat by a new product ballot well the dollar back backing up that would yet again it I don't know if not very deeply about our lease up the other hull that unique idea that break below eight game. Amanda well look back challenges do have a that are loaded and then leave it got any year double what then I'm back had a plan it eleven beginning. And well being can I get Big Apple got into that yellen that is the correct China. Get out that if that were aware that. And area touched by the view that the crude oil iPod is again I adequate amount. They either adequate lead lead that was my blood dynamic and you know big employee. Indirect channel a crack at lake big. But in effect any U double give legal how is again. Being capability. And Elaine we're. The Balladur a quick. Umbria mention that Ireland had been hidden under what envy you. The quake that hit the one benefit of having an 88 yet we lack a bank. Any yet clear if it yet know deliver the Levy or bond rally big might lamented here lender in back. The plan while only alone look let me badly we have. Inducted Banda had looked well published by I higher than last year at no more while it that. Our banner that the bank did not require them an important. Bum like a higher in the G yet it I people that the airline. I might not much had a gain annihilating me you did you know but I would elected. I had been planning any you get any it yeah while in the planning it it up baby you act. We have behind that it yet are keenly digital blighted area and are being an either manage let me. Our way shut being lit that the labour in the particulate put a upper upswing in including an event alive and lieutenant commander Lyle. Oh I. Late manner that big a harder shadow cabinet children I think bank that and then highlight a management. Unit that held the line manage it I don't hold any higher. Let me back. Don't think let Lincoln did they pick up like it yes cover that eroded our fine I think picked up. W or live architecture and neither one plant. I'll bet on it yeah absolutely did being picked it over. That the public bid and that that is OK however have had all the B a. I'm Linda but I'll have an integrated and lay up. Then we're happy you're you let me clearly label it will. Offer and either manage. Argument and Italy have ever worked at that book it might do that either I think that new management until like. Well we have a great people need any billion dollar on the Adobe I layer. Will span a well bore indirect. And it and that indirect and that. Now let's look at hold it again add the you to deliver value add will absolutely it plan any you yeah. I've no eni equal I am happy unique opportunity. It would develop whether it will lead and land development. You die hard in Berkeley. And in particular well the dollar yen either build any you how well that I'm number absolutely that the ban it and get beat back. And that they may look like a one billion yuan Havier elect a bit like a really. Do we have here lion blah let me go live below the -- our Google and the Olympic etiquette you had been making done it began headway but. If I'm glad I'm how come we're not likely and either we don't bode well. Here in low let you need around that I'm leader he added lipid baby diaper or get done here let that how what I think look back on Bentley common book when I'm. You marvel at how given that the goal and it publicly it clear actually get there 888. Eat at similarly with the effect either complement or Linda day. How we have build work on the outlook iconic make any yet beating any in in a big oil. All have actually implemented envy you illusion. I. This slide it had at the Dow added in a good thing if you look at a greater need behind dumped into mecky unkindly. We have learned that people that I don't. That added 88 mark and Eddie you hit the climbing. I'm glad you mean. I would landed back and money into it now because they have acted out the I'll bid by an application that well and collect and absolutely it like our. Who did little rock band at large yeah and they have been in contact you it and I will benefit it over the long term. Our founder on that let you. Upper band that it allowed been adding that the Obama you. I between Opel have are bill and I already gotten. Any eBay could be future and our goal while I see in our view it climate do you have impact like that our people who eat while that's why. In general well being it back in the implementation of the Hackett that they did it leave it there at the degree. But a lot come unlike other Enid deliverer and you know. And and the rich client by local now that I've ended earlier well being of the big Billy Crudup. That debt. But absolutely you bleed you think rich media. Look at the moment. And one lane in lending and debt partner. That I think. You need in Canada I'll let you know it lightly because the climate there well what I'm Alan while I had low hanging who. Told him that Larry a goal line area are late orderly and then billable my public Larry add smiling at ukulele. Well Greg bacon that you might like the global any up yen early in twenty then you unlike. I don't let that. Our food being paid by the inclusion of the book yellow if backgammon the hour plus under the two point. How well any big money it not Judd L having an envy you yeah. There are many other back then and at Valhalla inquiry into mid that the get injured were being. I mean is sure you get absolutely the market didn't call. Year to pick up here and what were you back build out that though the whole saw an illegal. Will lower your math again let it will it be that great image can add value back. But while that you know when they only get added that they let them lately it either caller. A much greater morbidity and a milder pike. But unit acquired that the early lower leg down the Lego will either bring about that your partner than a club like the N dialect Billy. I'd give up anything that digital that you're that eat bad Lloyd. And get back bill would look much like that. Whether the bill that cut yet with a bid that we're happy with it really get any big bets you any Mandela after it. I don't have partnered low loader what happened the big jump added that China is yet available that let an election. Bill indirect channel L. And then they would go enabling Beck actually quite good and whether they'll. In the Indo Iranian that the client men were clear camp mile away but I think that the but there's a crap out of the but in any number you any other big. Getting into any you'd be quite early Amanda lane I double what well could meet papers and can I do know of that went well. Now by either you like it gave the dirt. I had no let up but the longer PME put up who Lydia EN a partner and Mac and now I. Day Michael Lane when the amid. He saw that in a call with Emma it make it I've equal though. Agreement with that that the back on hi I'm Don I'll let me ever look black alone I'll delay equal though and that it. Although more women and head and Amal a partner. The Latvian net billable it can get either black people unlike that out a ticket then I NEE. Our alliance with that agenda what you mean by the hour and maybe one dollar implement it and have a global. There in the game. If any you implement get a game linkage and you're looking at about the hit that they were illegally with eight big I hope it. But you know construct and that our bar I hope that the world can really build Bob Mondello beige. Why are the rich content quite manage lately Jana a black land being quite embedded in marketing and global actor bingo dot. Big oil Ali Al eagerly he will wear little with the might then maybe an airline like actually. I'm ambivalent. Deduct the bad allied I'll I OUPI. But with people like combat Alan if Italy the kind of look back liquid queen. They have any hacking benefit knowledge and learning. And integrate with a big big. In. Italy and if the had a big impact of the mentally better thank you. Yeah I'll I. Globally now wire particularly the yeah you'd like it legal have ended there but what I think that I am actually. Their number are a bit over here. That looked Annette who. Will be allowed in the air and you here. Up like Billie you've got the bad luck that you have and flatly yes he had die Al. I don't like delay or let it will halt their Al I don't have a better work. Eight eagerly. Nor I have the LAPD lab have apparently landed weekend and in Berlin where I'd bet that the economy that eni you hear. About. Dean I'll give travel. And where quite pay it out by the globe and number I you know without directly align our web package. You know that had apply Beckett added that they YouTube can again but it is no bigger. And in clothing line book. It that we welcome back below that level that there are maybe the panel like lower Diana bump into it does. Our bungle one dollar and remember that by me. One after got absolutely that what it might airline. Simply being. It iconic cubic allegedly used to Lee. I'll let you like you're allowed to have a related development XME Yang and he is lent you wait an 89 plea. IE. EU value back up NUE. The weaker dollar on let me jump make a Bentley Yang I'm the climate and Iman Omar Elaine. And adult quit that Alan have you back on the new cohort will be hit quite an island Borough. And he. Thank you very much now. That the back thirteen in fact. Right type question now. The Kheel who bundle UIQL innovation and third that we might get kicked out part of our. I hope not. But if you do I do apologise bond request and certainly the question to come true again and again. When he accusing they go platform how do you judge them. What you look for what newspaper. Play freaking goes opened Andrew. Earned. Any feedback on the yeah there are no Gail. Got eaten. Yes can you. Yes we can. Keep it a week. That actually can take to demonstrate that we can get better we get. Off a lot on. We can create a new hit a new elm street program. I don't really see out to get lately you know where. The only guy you went against keyhole and actual data you late with hardware writes Ian. So so week it often takes giant. Yellow paint. It of the platform. You're unique pumping. I was cleaning up scales scaled globally. Particularly travel literature at legally controlling. All over. So lucky given the experience either blow you certainly need it can get scale globally. Absent pumping yet more curve. More what green walk a host an internal. I'll be at its initial batch file a century. A cake that read and the web question to coming through quite large is it we thought. A flood Taylor might break with their BB and the uber. As yet you have integrate with any smaller more local players now. That come for the travel industry fourth party many years I know that often smaller more local player for the better present local market. What stop doing that is simply that there not capable of doing here. All. If you can talk through why is Cuba there KLM hand if you have planned for the former local glad that we really useful. Play the Newsom. Gayle a marker. Yes eight market. That led by Gatwick airport equity. Head bill will only get either the power eight. Ban. And other practical joint like where it. Left where lucky if it isn't relevant to our could amount. And quite there is enough OK Emily we got that I felt I kept Frontline black. Angle your picture get muddy yes grab electric. All being competently evaluate other in nature it's an yeah OK act. Equity in the future we like. It like mind alcohol oriented. Eight. In allocate them but the region and I get that we have will likely. Bringing people hurt by Allen at a stronger won back at work together capital LL. We try to who have made possible invasion it's about better than. For a lot of our best year. OK if their demand from smaller partners. Yes we we we had gotten better every now and then buy in by people would come out with smaller initial. It can buy back up and I'd mentioned we have we I think. Eight than in the hacker plan. Or we hear a naked act that would be spent the better electric Beck event that the organiser Alan wiped out where. By the common than any bid. Her hope Gail let me. Identically at appointing several either in the travel industry. M I'll talk looking gamble. I would get weak we'll talk about it kind of we like interact with our community let's say. I kept at a Catholic. If this out there might be read you the question on a pet or pet mark technologically. Gifted person but. When your work whether Cuba. But the Air France KLM you do that API board. The other way around how does that work closely to fail lot of organisations who'd a guy. Do you work with older trick question please come together. But they know if ever gave them you think you brake Yang do we implement IQ great idea now are quickly Jen. Became away yet an external company cooked you'll our API in application. OK and that the what if driving. This if you could rank. In upon a presentation it looks like you are increasing the number or their ability can offer. Which hopefully would bar lord it would a couple of at all all the pain and thirdly that the manager of internal innovation approach that is if you could rank that we. What really drive. But it that the project. Yes it mainly get the relevant fire up our customer. OK we have it kept you've got to make in the PL well L. We will do whatever it takes to be close collected customer better there in our I'll touch line of equity in their. Independent bank tower but to much higher so everything at eight let you out. Why the flight. OK and is there any hue with data security if Cutler later. More. Vulnerable. Now all that do. Not get. Rockwell securities it difficult turn of course and note did what bond hat into the blood question but before one other thing good you'll look for a Inman flipping them maker management there above four. A better. Support though the colorectal level fortunately people twelve that you're due. They do need. It gave us some specific ma a requirement. Hobbled the payment. Baidu Clark. Oh I'd be urged are hard look at loaded up on year figure out. They are no we usually. The biggest element. You could put the call would you Shell Oil who were decked. Doing all. Videos. We also you just picture in their enemies should perform. That either a that they should be labelled the catch a bid back in there in the tough spot wants its recorder which is a requirement that the Euro not much else. Don't make sure the effort in the latter then. Additional security measures make sure that learnt that they both say. And neglecting the clarity. That we have in the nature he digit could turn our that the mother nature that we want work. Share our. Itself up or they'd Schenscher. And you want to keep of course Edelman. Yeah OK and the day they need hue with the by the data with the blade guard can handle. And can take tech question now. We haven't rallied earlier. Yeah to boot scaling engine murder in the book request. We've bet that by deliberate for a going into production. About the urged eyes not yet yeah it's well at eight U we. And workable for the mobile the tragic murder which aboard. Or candidate's. A burden shelter at all was all a little bit further tragedies already let less beat them them what we are at that we had before. We are not exploding. Tremendous amount of though that earlier. In the camp make decisions about how mobile ad will for the first gone dual world W Yates. We really focused on the onstage though should we should perform well also for bird for the mobile apps. Talking with other mentor work into sage limitations or yet. OK that could now we're looking at the hi art but patient. Eight F I can unwind on the left tibia. What were the reason for the just because of work on the pit are needed are you working with after. And will people have to adapt. Would it would be capital bodybuilder and by the got a lot of work we view. Yet the bigger question here that if we collaborator and look of course a flashlight firmly under due under the distribution. That we have a whole club breaking very closely we. We. And he should which. And but future I would sit on the dial. The company into the U Ottawa could you digital and the distribution better or do you get. Under a huge occasion demand destruction take. Outlet and garden. I get it collected here. Basically what tell what we have done that we have created a yes would bid took on your manpower man. Any future. We did treat Avian but. We're confident that in the way we work with Asian that I meant I can get them out there will question. M a. LP EU IN HT. Acker who they claim that ancillary revenue is driving the innovation. It. Anybody out there providing a mash up or a aggregation of ancillary services. So can I basically. It quickly shot a judge's ruling on. Bar deals made either bid or liquid liquid. Yes model for the basically. Increase the queen creek amana perfectly can offer is keen for Bea a driver behind. The eight a guy innovation. Dean rather anyone who's looking key by the mash up or been until these Serbs for the got airlines across the travel industry is anyone doing that might seem like there. Quite quite the thing to do. What. Let him late island clearly want to add up I think it yeah I think that they Chanel mentioned early. And ammonia it will buy click go to the airline web site. Much alike will accelerate. I think the Mollie. Will the traction the regulatory highlights a trend line actually at yeah where initially all what I wouldn't want direct raped at a speech in. There would make airlines delta pushed out victim anymore place. And therein right up on the on the on the alliance. But by aura. If they can push out true picture. But let's not attract much or more localised. Or whatever they eat again where captain I'll I might look a bit where there. They're grabbing a consumer data output in a setting like. And combine their clicks they bid became ability Ben really ticked shut. Or will reach out most instantly metal etch. OK I'll I think we're almost out of time. Thank you very much for all your information loyal hardworking people really appreciated. We've had a big audience and we will defend gap recording to everyone who lined up. But in the meantime thank you so much will time. You. Capture. Lake shear.

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