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Fri, 6 May 2016|

Lars Sande, Senior Vice President of Sales & Distribution, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA


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Wanna talk a little bit about summer the question is C a Voltaire. Which is burnt. Maybe in some time a few years back Keller at the end of something that thermal what did we believe would happen that term. I could actually just quid by doing. If we started our long haul operation three years ago hurt our company's stock that the with a normal course operating forty near slot. Before aircrafts forum it's now we have under the ten their products. And their flight through a lot of places and not necessarily here. Through I think Goldman thing called modern or regional nor away. The buddies. Or oral model we have a neighbouring. Thought of going into an alliance with somebody else we might do respond corporation but there. Brewing. Going into an alliance will. Well over actually make things a bit for us solve for us it's much better to try to. What this drop the whole things are done today. And also do it while self sellers in the future and them. The reason why could this yes office as the said we've been doing this for. For a three year so long haul operation we have a lord below factor of 95%. Year wrong. Which it's quite a on the long haul. But if you look at what you need to do to be able to succeed on the long haul markets song Norcross carriers had tried in early in the past. But it's all the Bob equipment that do you think and if you looked of the equipment that you're using soul of this served the dreamliner its. If third Lawrence afforded populist few dollar on my round trip from most Internet go to Bangkok which is. Wider at substantial number which show will be like German 2530000. Dollars on the one way trip. Similar comp compared to the competition. It's also very important to have. It's. Floor wall new material coming in to be able to do this in the efficient way. Earn and what within a few years back we did the biggest order in there. Europe overall on the short although Pratt so we have an order of two under the and 22 go practice. We learn at auction over England fifteen more. We'll get on them in the next eight yes solve the reason why doing this is of course that. You need to have access to the cheap this so. Aircrafts or the cheapest way of operating all but all the client. And therefore it serves people will move think DoubleClick S nor course Kerry used human. After news equipment all the time but that is essential. As we did that Landis. Aircraft is lol of course search quite expensive but they they have saw murders fundamental further. Both of them want to talk a little bit all sought but if you look at this monthly saar. Approximately 800 the list price that these separate its like under the ten million dollars for a Perot crafts. And then we have ordered the fuel these one that's well solve. In 26 in this is the number of of a well how long though normal operation and the new within 27 in the few more 8 PM on the line in. Gold buying a curve when the nineteen or 2020. There will be at the same level of cuts us yes Virgin Atlantic right now ball and mrs. Essential to do what you're doing. Earn and if you look at them. Footprint obvious. This is suspended on buyout of the globe that or by year end international consul European transportation. The comp they're better. Took off forks Fargo and error tubing. Even look at this basis. But footprints. That we make a passenger's solve what we have 95%. Though lord saw. Therefore we will have a less footprint albeit passenger but this is quite there. And dubious short picture or to see what you really can do. By operating Hulk are we have been. And all solved if gonna get what we're doing so off and leases or just the pictured the official we like your kid Sara snow possible did. We knew if just quite and these are not long haul of growth is as a 737 month thing like under the latest X six seats. It's it's what you can do this if often get the first one solbes in their next yeah we can stop long haul operations with off. Purchasing extremely expensive long haul aircraft. We can spot to increase frequencies. You don't know do need to do everything. Like to learn more legacy carriers that runs everything through Amsterdam Aurora Aurora heave roll where were wary but idiots we try to pinpoint where people want to goal. And yes much direct flights as possible that this is essential to so to what we're doing. This is probably a pizza you might see in the future or right now if Serb. All gnawing west's. There are song man ridiculously is ridiculous agora mental room lit room since Hong Kong just sol. We're right now we're in the regional airline we applied for a long. Your team liberal in the US. But we got after three years usually takes about two months. Or they just ball of foot tree this. Own Reebok Bertha approval lumber steel we're not dozen or reads no longer not allowed to fly over shot. The boy east's. Although opportunities that lie is there left in need to have approval from the Russian sunburn. They have their stupid rule that says if you own a regional airline you have to hope knowledge and crew. We've not had any knowledge and crew bomber long a thick salt. An additional through this that and see how we can move forward it's also interesting to two. Look at if you look at these pictures saw. This is a good picture on like the alliance's soul if you see this picture here this is how we are operating so these are all the crew bases that we have. The move on need to ask. If console which Airways saw we're but it is where we come flight. That's why we launched routes for instant form Baltimore earning your gun Boston threw Robert look and might need in the grid. A big course within have to ask anybody as long as Europe. Their son their agreement for every airline to fly there we can just call where room one than not being dependent on. On the on any alliances or pot no saw. Asking them hard to solve this is I think the way moving forum or alliances is not unique to be able to. Could your product where we're union. In times of the year that you might in Europe do. Ryanair three years ago I think they part eight the aircraft's during November December January and February. We log what that meant that we've move somewhere more to the greed in the new standards that saw. Being like a little bit disruptive and this third area are under. Only do this or which sir Issa. Good thing to have in mind when you operating officer. Ever forget.

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