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Fri, 6 May 2016|

Pitches from the winners of EyeforTravel's Statup Accelerator Awards 2016


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We're gonna start really innovation awards the finalists to really get you final assembly here and you guys are gonna vote for a down. I didn't give people would don't know eyewitnesses are about some background on it. I'll bet against darnit air and myself either the attempted her job. I star hotel hire fifteen years ago for a to our company or so well on now hundred very employees. I'll we do hundreds and you know is advising contacted report talented year. End. In young entrepreneur are. We've raised some money are we but as a joint vested outright years ago we do that actually to our employees. End you know what I'm Adrian want to help. Either aren't open areas. You know become successful dairy industry so we've been doing this the last four years and we do it in. US every year and we do it during Monday. N I have to say this year is in the best year we had so far its giving so much better. I was so with sixteen companies ten hits to ten judges I guess today judges Iraq. Top investors out from private equity base to private wealth individuals do investments. The U finals we have freedom day I think you'll Hugo as a bridge preachy. Their. These companies are very young. But. Do we some great needs great revenues. Are graded a this year and I definitely will I be destructive is. So Juan. That's about it I think recovery everything so I think I want to. To deduct everything at. Are best way. Make sure we have connected. New jaguar production fell back up over the down around unwinds its along carpets at the end solo I wanna bring up your line. Rahman. Distribution. Distribution. Yes. Welcome. Thanks everyone that the name every years away is hard to four hours but now we remembered forever business review and take on is actually. And we are in GS four interceding shuttle buses my name's China's. I'm as you know when coal father of the company. And ideas and outlook into the oil yes. When also the you know and most of the tennis in the audience are wrong name is how thought oh Euro UK whatever. And France mostly we think off long distance transportation. It's are all about in a festival flights but actually. There are millions or billions of people in the world are travelling along just as transportation with buses somewhere if you look in new bottling after Turkey Brazil. Mexico or but long distance buses other major mode of transportation. But I think years. Resellers when you look Neil McCain's base metals base. They refrain from selling a while copper is extremely tough for the various no aggregate of I don't get the data from a single source. But also the offline world they mean to being 90% of the tickets are being sold off line even these agencies have to market. Into every bus operator C and S bought these figures Bayer. Misses the on the left hand side as a server number one in seem to driven Vermeer selling over 20000 think it's a month. But still they have to go to every operator directly in pockets parcels sub salt big idea as measures refrain from the off. And why is that. In the in Asia's three also many other parts of the travellers three we have every gaidar's. The final three points out we've big fee s.'s egg regaining the bait Adobe heavy lifting the peckam partner background. And then bringing us this pot for yield to online resellers offer resellers alike but rather there's. In the bus industry there's nothing like this. The good thing here is we are now we have to solve this problem sell an aggregate. Standardised and distributes intercity travel fast data. So this means that from winning goal from. Mark to brighten when you go from our forward to the city we ever get the stay came distributed. To all the different resellers op there. Out we. Not stop there I mean in India Asia's three have a lot of players. Doing different parts of the value chain of Yasser. Doing a lot of the clearance for example in the bus industry there is nothing like this so we have to do the hall building thing. From information. To baulking execute with payment settlement enough or sit executing the cancellation and background. Doing this settlement between the different partners getting the money from craven bus operator to the Ada seal along. Of this as what would take care of what we've solved already. We have. Products for all resellers. Facing global markets sell on May oh Fiona fully web site if you're OTA. Hawker 4 a 160 operates across Europe. Right away. Also travel agencies that track wagers can walk now for a single solution obvious different operators. Just a few seconds they can sign up now ready to gold. Also. New product funding parade with buy anything for a travel packages are drug we see it for the very first time. They are editors for would tell sent buses not bungle being sold. Our online and offline there's this increased they feel we have the first results from the on the tour operators but there's not taking. Tracks from the flight fast are we tell buyers but basically it's incremental sales saw capable Bob Peck fruit because they none of the trends. To. Handle shorter distances for any forward peoples who have more convenient way of travelling. And also trip aware of travel. Fairly simple we where conference extra base with Abbas at means they are paying us interest extra fees for our services. This is you know within negotiate with them. I mean it can't be much fear assume you know that the market has a tremendous business of this means. Want to first thank needs have a lot of volume but this also means. It's completely free of triarc for a resellers this means not many of you know TA on better. Oracle Dana C will always get the same commercial rates from the operator. S if you would go directly. So it's just too fast for the I guess that the first thing you need big boy yields a good thing ears gardening Boynton as world council. We estimate that we could affect the speed up with a few other OT as. And that the hall into severe for the vast markets around seventeen billion euros. Well white. It's growing it's not like it's that it's a new product nobody's you've been US it's rolling. We're that we did from growth every year we have big huge markets in Europe Turkey assessed four billion euros. Rough five billion Euro markets. So obviously had great potential for others as well. And we are sorry. We if you covering this quite fast this was awhile. For over the pot for you bet we had in September last year Stewart so quite you know. At risk from the state in this two day so we could've fastest growing network in a lot of ground transportation to date we have. Almost 2000. Destination that we cover. Now the big question that we Ossetia resell that's a father Reese of interest there can tell yes they are extremely interested saw with all of our entrance ramp up. You're going to start the first integrate with I'm just throw mini. Later this year with neglect won't rouble Euro. Welcome voyage Obama also would be bus operators are tripping and soul what our wire. What are while they are. The move there's one day to make them what inter city bus travel buses as is in portable as flights as you can open your trip end to end. Not made aware online offline mail I would website. Or integrated so. Thank your much. Popular bone to pass their added. Thanks. Dull bargain money in reserve carnage L on the agent out between Hong Kong on board even plays the lead Jeff Dennis event is being fed is being. Clicked let me just first bucket called so BI is this Libya our hard W ebitda can abide Abdel segment in Saudi seizure. The ul what is basically taking some rooms promptly Japanese individually Bender hotels in Selby the easier. And then didn't the rule S Nadeau room and taken a consumer in mid from Brent. Still that is bigger margin bill will work in offer gavel on what. So obviously Alitalia is basically get a foot in the initial would want to Dunlop reed. That B get bigger aggress our service or would John Darby dubbed simply adore how would you more while N that's gone one well it's. Thumb. Blowing playing pool when business model. Into with the hot Dell. Segment. The gelatin is as busy malls were not quite bad I don't segment is individually Brent debt. Noise in the market like Malaysia Indonesia Thailand and Philippines. Norwood there's a very law Bennett region of bread product team. Is do you really biggest more nor degrade like I needs the brain like I'd be in the they're still quite Dell badger damaging. The bed addition is video based model yet in combine all of them level bucked the handover doubts in Saudi seizure still. Yeah quite a more than what north and into each other but doubts. Regis individually then that gnaw at the bottom might add like almost car not by hunt interviewed norms but what Dell. Bite Norwood the base and recommends whether consumers saw the average occupancy rate noise about 65%. So that's one problem that is something for the consumers our product failures N now put Byrne. We Great Neck. What that consumers lead busy hour looking there was soft the problem map identifying the right quite Dell at the right location for the right price for the right quality. Not because Linda Bennett and recommends you bundle the quality of the hot days as good people that not. Gone into tried out does a death is listed leading to going to be law occupancy reached up doctor. Arm I was that had any help we are only operating until countries many in Indonesia yeah lighting Thailand and Philippines next week. Some. RBR policy operating in what exactly markets valued the German metre gap need. What then 400 emea fifty million people inadequate going Internet penetration. The dropping off Smartphone cost. My big run I believe this is that the market really easier I figure might a way in which it in EJ Malaysia. That's bad debt in the Dublin won. And then learn about does is and distribution then and the opening party July manager. And then said that deejay in Indonesia. In Thailand have agent lord black the region night and then I'd then lefty media. The Bardner rebuild our dog Egypt when he Fernandez eyes that that in hideouts in many in June dark. I also invested in the business end then. That there after implementing their business and then finding good management team. I more than just about well one consultancy firm. Delinquents others see what our lanes even easier so did a project in much Carl I will fall below that Indonesia does that happen airline put them. And then I want what I babies in Singapore and then have to let more Bundy India to have their say get mad as L any India Cox buys it of the never get business. Before starting his business. I'd probably never did the McColl Dennis mock up. So Dennis look as visit the Alpharma revamping its least he was put cable have Egypt to raise money into Dublin won. When these bad Daily Telegraph. And then did arts optical and now fundraising for. And then now after Asia what's these debt legal means in the need for. Goodies these N I know reading in the June group soared us Ben what median Dennis Abbott will be did get this leading energy companies together. Do not does Jim many Indian dock and then after that he will by the become a plumber. In Latin America stepping up our white bandage an info and news that the business reasonably. And then I will under the gum alibis out then and then now we're now what does that in business iconic mark singer gonna Symbian visible would join the knee jerk. No I'll collect appointed by the mean we need and then now be made up mincing not pointing that bothers glacier. Someone manageable. And then they'll not be didn't happen now what you let the visas modelled and then. Nor is it lets do meet now live Mbeki India people make job either do Indonesia want put up September. Key step in the process ID did not good you're about myself. Number do not allow owners and management and sending a problem treating the business model bid and then delighted in now on signal for Norway ember. So we have a they would that management didn't either that or twenty cities I would see oil up the business is coming from the wells deep experience. He Watson was dean US law managing Hydro data what insistence. Still easily push above business and then you have the base with an industry. Well obviously need to commissioned officer in the tonnage open to a our desire was probably wonder row we have above invented it goes on the brown volatile region. Know bedding what you need farm what you're our enemy identifying these shutdowns and then be qualified is hard damage could offer that is the right kind of deal right location. And meets our criteria. So wisely be quite frightened of our doubts then again deadwood is scheduled cover bad management and entered globally when you poly San uptrend on our guard down. N on what them. Still or is that at this people that employees of the company soared because using that sees this debate renewal. Not more than the one does wonder is the quality he's been managed by enter borrowers who got inaugural bottle brain that street. Nozzle would be good or blue while praising god log the well marketing ignore global brain being lauded but a global customers' needs. They also are what they've only a big tree into envy what proceeded hi Doug I nurse in themselves implementing. Oil is new ideas while its newest deals nor did the team and risky have been then quite good customers in east. N good. As the next biggest oil customers. So armed offensive it is not be with the blood vessel lesions thereby. Not aware of life not we have Audrey governor I wonder what does now. I've just a the last six months in on this for countries. Mainly the unlike other Nardelli Indonesia now in Bally said we have Michael had been fifty hideouts and Barley. In nerve will get the atlas watching hand over Dell's in Bain got a one that winery in CD in Jakarta that bundle also buy out what the lead from. Not off island oddly the Philippines BF in bottle nodded doesn't buy when governor doubts. NB expect inaudible of the wealth by governor does end up from June. And then down does not does buy in the December. Album. So this is a big one virus. Not by anybody's Monday will have 3500. Sandwiches. Outside the badger Baghdad's volatile even easier. So be these people recognise the Brent people recognise that these hug as has been pre qualified. Nor the qualities would indeed be what the confidence and might end up these Monday's well bid be lightly on the block will all do you is now about building dot com Expedia. N. Buddha in a sort of double gold is exactly the easier and also that would using India. Would not all ladies basically normally look the look at ourselves let's identity. So be busy mid October on tool on the traditional channel. Blast direct channel to well mobile XN as a to a that our mobile let. So this has been used ignored built into these bad debt. Nor can now be apple would be governed by a finder adults you know market book hundreds. North back a bit less and number put up the lending if you dubbed September. NMS itself beginning October -- the audience it doesn't five and then we expect that the band doesn't there was less and the this year. Night something that not easily due will be passed knows it needs the what does that suffering. The consumer some dubbing it would identify the right product kind of just keep the rate price for the right quality. Not and then the bear market segment added we have to ease the segment reached busy looking for on double. Does the if we're just drop I was more sub sub regions is eager not looking at a club doubt there's people what then. Not our I was the they're coming detecting indeed would get back about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Giggle what would be meeting is yeah forward entertainment. Yen mid teens. Become big what it then plug in evening have a would shout well. Spent 12 I was using the Wi-Fi social media emails watch TV for awhile sleep get up in the morning ever would shallower. I'll giggle. But whenever break for the doctor. They got the foot I'll say is much better than ever to the fully dot tells us a so so visitors Isis Ed Beckley Whitewater the consumer's instantly the year one. Not the be addressing just as equity debt so our product is basically giving the East Java I was I would next. Latin albums and won genius that is then dove iPad into what region except what's applicable didn't need to beat the building immediately. What's changed its heavy could not be bullish shore up you lose money sooner or how needed immediate. Duff enemy also busy bringing in Norwegian by bringing in their operating badly Mayan. Into the market the similar methodology how yet look what celebrating levelled at the seats yet being injured up that's tech when thereby in one by Bolivia. If there's a whopping deeper doubts anyone I'd bet with the pickup in mind. Then you've got with the view that includes a bright sub our barrel there and then what the price inevitably is Venice leg up demand. Now sock or what I'll be looking abysmally and pleasing occupancy and in between bill every room rates in the market. So what are studies is that they image of the demise will be a busy the ladders and so these media. Now we're in is this people back to demean the market then there'll be easier. N then that expand the model into Latin America because we feel that this keep that in America disposal. And open additional budget doubted. Odyssey Tuesday Michael Dell then you can get these model would really bailed out there as well. So. And then busy in India up a buses what does that upon India bidder please let a yield is always the easy enough but the model is not hinder market this. Or cannibalise M then you have your one problem though above what it now bad in salaries earned net in America didn't get the B let's end then they'll be looking at. Rolling bigger. I'll region above to be the largest would hope that I had done a bigger brand in the world. I finish up the gulf next June after sixteen months. And an old media and is this keeping up when would customer experience by Dell customers and brought the baby doll world club debretts. And then now Albania publisher will put the conduits these people wedding but doubts at the right location further rate rise by the right quality. And product I don't madness is this EB had badly built yet reach it but did technology. And also infusing occupancy vehicle while giving them a bully dent in the as a beverage will rates. Thank you. You guys must now might make all multimillionaires attributed summer vue. Which company I gonna put your money into. Or a that's jointly that's what the criteria is puller winner of this award but first of all we need to test assistant for the live event and things never work I've been told test system. And the keyless gonna put on the screen to choices. So Blackburn C have a choice. If you know Wi-Fi or you can text do you like T copy whiskey or iced tea. Please check please somebody something which assumes calls coming in. Of them on procurement I think is a Bermuda going. Drumbeat to increase OK. But no coffee. Is appointing people. OK. McGill who had idled got a does that prove it works. OK let's do real thing. OK so once again you can text or go online. Year ago or go further but studious. Or these are the state of virtual hotel. Operator. Put your words in now put your money away. By the time will. First one. Will. But the fact that is the close is not yet. We can't do this let's hubby got a 5050 vinegar one price. You can't vote wife. Fifth if ever. Our well. OK. I'll we have we do have a winner. Quantum come after Columbia and award offered at a price for a fifth of the and. A well. Gonna stop voting out through tenth. We card because of the furthermore voted. Inaudible OK. Stock. I'm calling. History of YouTube as a when around a broadly is. How do you. We. Know we don't differ they're. 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