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How Did Ground Transportation Get So Sexy? - BlaBlaCar



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Fri, 6 May 2016|

Philippe Cayrol Growth Manager, BlaBlaCar


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A. Hall tall order and then enter illustration of where way we gained eighteen. I guess the home. The interactive communities is two things. It's. Mobile smart boards and a innovation. So long. And I'll also talk about how these these two things go together. So quick introduction. This is being hit in Munis in London she will ultimately Newcastle. That's about a five hour drive. So it's too long time else was Picasa refuted counts. Solutions inflation may give war in national life in. Falsely. And on the retail trimmed as a few hundred quid it's it's a decent amount. Now the Centre people and Alan trying ended Newcastle team really don't have a quiet. Pound investment phase of expense of so our mission and our current is to make sure that Cheney can connect with his people. And allow them to troll for years. Became chairman Cox. North Lincolnshire. Man would mormons on the way. Now you may do so too simple. Yet powerful idea. Now why. Why now and have had this happen. Welcome fair. Organised rate sharing is done an entirely new idea. It was around lake the Americans trying to home years ago. And again Fortis. N in the seventy's. Five farm cases of project near Ipswich. In the eighties. And the Germans tried who have company. Near Munich. We're falling leased or physical more system. With fusion hero is. It doesn't scale. It's very hard if you wanna matter a lot of people on the card joining union again a lot of supply. A lot of you know. Because need to match people on something very curious bifurcation riled location time. Three Glasgow into gear that's still a unit of crying that's. Accessible. Enemy is easy to use. Foreseen to create the rides past a full coverage on the platform that people likely have been trying to get. So the for a spies to give the far right and that's where. I guess they're holds more falling. I think you made things so easy you can dial the women militant in. Just Porter Wright and the same time fuel on her safe and will get up so exceed. One product one platform. In some countries. Pound. Where people can dramatically. Our post in find trips. And when we see in particular is we we know where's just a company worth 5006. Sign meaning. It was very much desktop. N white mutineers where's mark falling came up. Be. Usage are. Shift to massively. With them whether tourist. From a 20% to 60% Venezuela four point fifteen if you look at today can be even higher. And normally it's not just like device shifting its also lately ounce mark four makes noise events or visit. If you just wanted details as before UK. Something better it's true that the driver. It just makes gold cloak. Clearer and more fully experience. So when should you give dad a contraction in the prior. When union also severely gross total. Comforter interest. And that's whether the funding T Rowe document written very specific framework. France experience. That makes for nice acronym of that of dreams. M Nassau where people it's not anonymous people have to be clear haven't sealed the oracle picture. And choose preferences. Answer seeing has clear appeal music were chatting S index. And have you will be read it will be reared. By people who travel with them. So who these people have spent if you are in the same car memory has there. He will make olive oil goes from fuel just saw with more comfortable. They also engaged because they book their trip online for the financial commitment. Out of this true. They are very active because you can core jury committee's charter Oleg counters and more eroded. We obviously moderate have pictures. Public comments for pound. Interest in showing how choir perform. A valid social people kinda link to the FaceBook. End understands. Why years after trust on the year and the other is. Then if you give dad. The arrived prior I don't know rides trust framework. L Olin of marketing. This is this has when you get and that trust for a keen was falling given earlier in the foyer twelve and then you start really yelling is huge attraction. In all countries. Where a word of mouth. Takes a marketing hairstyle fleas spreading them. The awareness around the pride in the fact that it is working people like. Now. What's interesting on this theme of mobile is actually looking into the private plane did it mean to create try to on the platform. But actually. Volvo. More buyer then perhaps. Allow us to increase this distrust. Because people like weaker do we act. So they feel more trustworthy. It's more convenient. Prior to trip can really check thumb plus no details west is going have. A new information. And messages. M running tubing weighs into. Being able to leave more ratings. By linking only rain during the trip if you oil weaken inventory at marine after why Europe finishing area trip. Maybe taking them public transport commissioner finalist Asian. Founder and owner interns leads to toys which. There's nothing dead after hours via phone and in mobile those forests. It added all allows us as a company. Two V Kozyrev to people who troll for about four. So ill others to be present during a trip. Am fine localisation they try and help people to patient needs and their precise location. Is starters here less need. London what'll players grief. And difficult place to mean he might need some help to actually finding Jud. We're all so. All right insurance we have a deal with AXA life insurance company. Where if you bring darn high Euro and joining. You'll come pick require them get your passengers to defend this nation. An Indian it also helps us a dinner the drove good for a ride happened. M also be interred. With people we are member relations. Think you're like. Painter Philippe. Several questions so we'll keep them off or for the yen to let me ask you on the one now. But that transportation off off public is there we. Regulator generally need be in into different countries. We we we see dead or talking or the industries where it now. We easily pop polls. Different business models like debut in the process will Charles Newburgh versus taxes. I guess it will be the same mortgages or seem awful for you guys. Where blood like up blood like our can be compared pork pork is opposed to train companies a tool can. First shuttle bus company saw how hard you. How do you deal with their. With a bulls regulations what what about the guarantees that you guys have departed in tall and customers' hands that drivers. Inaudible tool. Two days of hearing population because. People compares to a nearly air we are only here in the off trepidation. Great. But there's a see this thing is happening we're really just happened to a lot of due to give us for which is profit shares Asian. One side of the equation. Is increasingly viewing by professionals. Just like her funding both warrants allowing cruising higher fuel buying. Just institutions files. In the increasingly fuelled by professional be more flats that are just primarily on here really. Well and a red current. We like to think we're different because actually. Five supply. Is entirely non professional. Anyway that is because you can not make a profit we regulate. Earmark money their term drivers can adds to a professor who. Anything feels rig is buyer in the UK as a holder specifies what's the threshold will make sure we always Villa. So. We're data mining the price. Of trade between London and Manchester did not the driver who disliked. So we clear reference price and the driver can fail bit bar horribly low. Via the can either leave the band. And that insurers that they will not mean making money so surprising we view. And the second thing we do is always fame you always find people trying to game the system. So if you play with Syrian primaries. Etc. you can try new systems we've seen those items and we we get rid people.