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Direct v Indirect - The Evolving Role of Meta-Search -



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Thu, 5 May 2016|

Zdenek Komenda, VP of Business Development,


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A hello everyone it's always fun could be on the stage with metal strategist because as I said I represent 48. Reaction based company. We call ourselves a speculative open your old year because we were probably different in the Arab yeats like I'm a firm. For 80% dependent on whether stretches all around world for the slowly incorporate really when one bill with tube flies respect gonna with everyone. You incorporate all key aides. Why we actually special. When you look at it expedient for example that collective Digi BS's late Imad a struggle for and they just getting the bid that and flags from them. We'll get an ounce we have 200 raucous periods for content of their spot around the world. Blast ripped a bit dubious infamous well and what we do we get rid of midget. Re going back into going to require that we bring joy into Lan airlines that in non core opera and uterine together. Talk for a new customers. You can all one can section now stacked against Richard and whatnot for example you'll get lost time. You'll look big in the flag and when the flight you have one segment with Rand there once they've leapt one segment with the turns out. And once it went with air Asia for example. Again to handle was curious. For a Laura Bush for a dose 68 646 Anna Julia spirit and nickel banner or two ago. I. Prefer representation S boring it's possible just with numbers. Because I wanted to shop our work quickly Rick rule when a jump on budget musical we reckon people now days about 500 people. Legal by 1005%. And revenue. Regal by hundreds of run itself and our lines of we have content from. Read a four on a couple of hundreds. Your reserves and customers a bid to more than 4000. Customers predict. And rallies stopping react we have six they're languages their sixty currencies. And that's. Adams said. When you cannot connect amid custom rich. You don't need to have the local presence in the countries so for example when amid a surge. Our launches in the country but in Brazil we believe could have really. And offers there really need to have anything here but just maybe currency opposition and good content that we have. That's why given door we our sole. Personal she lost a Rihanna McGraw really quickly fixture. What real. We come to a alliance we knew this might do best possible so we corporate airlines really big apply those. Re story everything in house combine and then warship everywhere we can the slide of the searches all cleared into raiders ensor. I said that the we are from 80% for the better than on the that's purchase the 20% the launch forum for our direct traffic. I don't know if you've ever seen now saw or heard about us provide a big. Net one double edged its way back and special with their. It's it's for a inspirations rich everyone. When you want to fly some wearing just inspiration. Who want to look exploring want to blame red uses a big jurors with various and afterward decide whether you win Byron. So I suggest. You go to skeptical but com. Any who know us just Japan out trick out of mad and we can talk later on fantasy.