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  2. Great Recession7:55
  3. Vistus7:30
  4. Lhasa5:43
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Thu, 5 May 2016|

Lars Sande, Senior Vice President of Sales & Distribution, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA; Jia en Teo, Co-Founder, Roomorama; Carl Michel, Chairman, Veeve


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Lastly you feeling that jealous that third sitting with a couple of businesses that has so own. Asset light and ore is Boeing just loan you these aircraft we don't worry about having I'm actually very glad that we all their assets ourselves. It because presumably viewer in the absence yourself and you seem to make that the core of your business disruption. That probably isn't so easily replicated as the business. I think if you look at what we've done with the big purchase serve for one thing it's. We held off for a competition for a maybe five years because their final in new aircraft available. Together with all the other ones that are purchased sold during the fourth from birth on back turned out that makes it easier for us a thought to. The company done and then grow win new markets who have a read in a cost level and but it's. A Souness is not release their crusts instead those that is much more expensive so it's the easiest and cheapest way to operate so personnel. Fauria you you purchase the aircraft for leasing them. Although once or personal view of purchased cocaine at Aurora purchasing as we give them. OK fine we're where is a mean she during Carl you're your businesses. You you as you made the point G efforts earn. If you or if you know assets. You can scale very fast I think maybe pointers as well you can be flexible car he said that you're changing way you're locations. But then dent. And both nice disruptive businesses. But if they work well. Don't you lead your self. Leave yourself open to having your businesses. Replicated. Or people just move into the market and to your make good profits that make profits and share share of the market with you is that the risk you run. New fault that your car. We have I mean that's that's what I kind of alluded to debt you know I think that the floors of up. Not owning the asset is that you can scale quickly or declines at is there yeah this low barriers to entry so anyone can build a website in looking. Essentially do you know can create a platform. But we're we need to create the barrier is the relationships that we have anything our business with their at with a view to be partners spec and the suppliers that we as well. OK so you're busy building relationships and third. And few Carl. How will you feed trial lock out the competition from doing something similar will list there is finite supply of quality homes so anything is is the first mover advantage the sooner we with a large number so. Moving quickly tattoo occupy the ground and developing. As you said brand relationships customers. And developing the brand is also very essential so almost pieces come together entry very so clearly lower than it is replica but I think at some point. Hopefully be some like the concierge version of their. So so would you imagine that in these. Asset like Intermedia type businesses like Ed be beaten but leave and more Rama. That actually the first mover advantage is your primary barrier to others competing with you. If you say that does that mean you have to find investors to help you scale fast. I don't know if it's a primary Roger I think it is basically significant advantage clearly to about you know getting out there making the product and making real awareness clear. Defining also what your touch points on how you can distinguish itself from competitors that might the other competitors come along with. I don't know what the technology focused you might just have a customer focused first. As an author's developing our own direct channels I actually want people to come directly you first if you can rather environment. OK you know we are Intermedia warrant sought yes who'd like off a question. Yes of the microphone with Kevin. O Kevin may continues dot com two quick questions. Lars firsts of a hike and you talked about eventually flying into Asia. And air Asia ex. Famously did some UK to kale with its larger Asia XP aircraft. Which didn't work what is it they did do you would have learned from when you try to do the same and Carl. Wonder if you could tell us who do you think that was the right price given the amount of the investment bank had received up until that point but some market that wasn't particularly good price. Last but let's start with you what what did it very correct do longer you're gonna view right. I think what we're within your question Kevin yes think one on the things that they do what's there had been at the right equipment. All saw its world saw Bob spreading the risk sold from our pockets not like we're not doing all from Broadway. And normal from more ways Sweden Denmark we just. Ran through them. And we have not long ago. Personal experience awaits all the while flex that it spreading their risk little with things that offline everything up but one of and that makes it easier for us through. Attack the different clear markets. And not selected area shelled a clueless like competing just on one so we have competing with although. Biomass Taurus. Verdicts whites use it to compete with on the long haul. A living there last just quickly what concerns sued in Lhasa what might come along and and a and you think oh my gosh that Michael my business model kill my business. Anything in the offing. No I don't think there are adopting some but I think it's gonna be air aloft Mauro longhorn bull cost operators recourse. You can have the business does the flat beds and everything but there that's. Just like ten presenter what are the least remarked it's the one growing so that's what we're gonna attack. Yes anarchy Michael Kevin Kevin and give it back Kevin Kevin how much has the apple people one finds then. Eight was on the slide under or 48 million euros and two faulty logic tells you about how they can't. So yeah the question signal was that the right permits the buying is that right price. It was pretty early hours of oracle I mean it's their call at the end of the day you know it. If you look at the cost of bar building a room in London. Is about 200000 pounds. That's on that basis they picked up. Ten hotels worth of the other either knocked down right now clearly on the available whole year. And the also different cities so it's very consistent easy soon somebody like maybe is wasn't quite so good but it you know if it demand peaks. Then satisfy certain customers. In the peak. Types of customers travelling for longer a larger groups and keep them within this case yak family I guess and give them and burden on the on the loyalty thing. And it seems like a knock on reasonable price but it's a bet because the bet against you know sort of way even affect to a hotel properties it's also bet on. Fundamental economics of the model which haven't yet been demonstrated outside of very existence is a great price for a corporate potentially no for a cause it's a 415 Stacey Vistus. Danny you know is at a trade by we will be operational logistics of FFP loyalty programs. Can clearly make that thing maker turn on at more easily as. Our best. Ladies and gentlemen I'm just taking the time we we could ask more questions that we going to have a a final keynote speech at the yen's I think right now. We should down last year in car for Great Recession. Good coffee break.

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