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Thu, 5 May 2016|

Dirk Tietz, Chief Transformation Officer, DER Touristik Xavier Lagardere, Vice President Online Retail & Distribution, Brussels Airlines


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A public presentation the shabby we weakening of the UK news gives little background on what omni channel in the cancer group. Sure absolutely well. For smaller measures themselves into them under the logo I'm hitting distribution for the deposit and a balance that is under Swiss and Austrian now right. A tool in the last masters in management was if you online retailing solution for Russert dies funded subsidiaries. Of the accounting. And before answering your question on on on on the channel. I want to say that looking out. Cluster solution ribbon commission across Charles. Still in secondary all the problem. To us as actual supplier. Compared to the challenge of enduring consistent. Customer experience along the customer John. An influx. The value of the channel is not inward Chandler as its cost that both the chance that the use is hard goods the child would enable us. To service the custom. And it and the ministry with a with a striking example it's actually coming off. Progresses as a recipient in New York Nevada credible terrorist type that we have to experience. In in Brussels and in its other two now fault it's it was and still is horrible it was also is very. Term unaware of the whole company got together and and Billy Joe intends to live. As is as the company from the inside from although the move helps the collaboration that that's a current. Across across functions with colleagues working in shifts etc. and wireless thinks that we experienced returns. Is ha. Dependent we are on and customer data. Any turned our us. You know right after the attacks we view view a portal. Was closed off. We hope cancel flights for forty Burris and then after forty Curry's. Which is when Bob Harlan keep their kids then we managed to. Transport are outlined in different locations and liberally read in the press so we had short haul flights there. Flying in an art year Jean Antara and no long haul. Quite stunning announcements American and front foot. But it's a lot of work to make up about after two days. We make it happen and we had to inform people were booked on his flight initially coming. Into Brussels and living off Brussels that they were removed. Under the age to Zurich. Either front. Well we we did inform everybody who we had a contact for. At a mosque in people I've built with our website. What for everybody else for. Mostly everybody else we had to tell the people she sure wanna get the putative problem that those were somewhat fewer customers. Contact your trouble it. There was a tremendous deficits. Of customer data in the recourse that we. And therefore that we do the caller want to make is really for what for the industry. You know bets that some longest standing topic in industry. Yeah but of course patrol agents and us we have customer data that there's there's Jordan the craft. Because really we're we're making direct marketing we are measuring offer less tankers can buy you want to make sure that that could be harnessed the value. We could purchase of his customers. I think it be rescinded its really. Their own fault. That's term. With the right frame the red agreements. Derives. And their understanding that we operate interests and those not misuse of travel agencies customers prop fines to direct marketing and our sites we need to achieve. Is sharing of data than in enables. Real cross Channel Islands will enter the topic of the day risk drop real cross channel. Mali retailing. While also servicing but also because actually the way we look at its win on the impetus retail company. Of course we're selling airline tickets when you know stop there we also be tested. For travel service company. And we have to service are owned and your customers. And sought to me. There is only a anon you channel experience they can happen as long as we manage to crack the multiple is. Per data customer data. Oh sharing exchange whatever you want to collect then which Charlie's is most efficient which has a. Wring more revenue is is really sickened. Yes I think an interesting point and dearth of course term. You're hitting mentioned earlier feared who runs a a lot of retail. Businesses. So. Your staff people can have cancer who flights. How would you feel about sharing data in the interest of customer communications. Through fights its. What he would do. Sort of a formal. We have a return but you'll probably yes you know there's talk credibly with exactly the same problem. And that may have vases picture goals we have for part time charter are on once and we have exactly the same problem with the terrorist attack. We we may not help their more by number of whatever we're confident confident that there have been. Sort of a sense though that boosted its variable central. Some for the offer. The agreement till eight to share this deal done in whatever way we think of this especially the in terms of first buy something happens. Like terrorist attacks I think the other dimensions of growth then. Just for a regular servicing the start up that that's maybe more tricky part because the industry's call for recommended that nobody really wants will. Give away the customers bid. Because there's always feared that the proposing the customer that other big ticket oversaw I think yeah. So long enough so longer term and process. But especially for the third thing is done. The fix your thought effectively working on something adverse will have an agreement to review its home country. Customers. Unity and then you can see exactly what I think the debate for on each channel distribution is that actually earth. Industry wide communication. Ineffective crisis. City working on something that can talk more about that. Well we actually having the discussion. Arm to readjust discussion stage rocket would that there might be way off her and sharing. What I've fought big time. Till that would have their way over their store. Spitzer did not for marketing purposes but really more for conflict advances in case there's. Make what maybe an industry wide database of some time. We've seen OK. Does the community here in faithfully but watch that happen. Get off that that's have suffered great idea so we're really gonna age of ongoing crisis I think. The C Jackie we we heard from Dirk about serve valve. About assets on his thoughts on on on each channel. Just get a feel for where the cancer who is. Can you just give us an idea of this split between. You have between direct sales and you can control all those. Folders can. Courtesy I can't because Veres a lot of fire by market and so and in their injuries nor want your answer to a question. Indeed in need a woman whether you look at is is truly misleading. We really have to look at it from her perspective off your domestic markets versus your promises marketed in Japan but we keep both if we put up online channel distribution. Would you include your definition on channel third party channels. I would definitely t.'s intelligence. Like again I'm an Earthlink while wages describes a holistic view on the customer drawn in M and a view global chain of data suggest includes doesn't stop with. We show digital marketing Chung brings your needs to Europe. One child's work which off your. Online campaigns is most visited a brings more by anointed has to think and for pot OK so we including third party channels whether they be filled family OT's. There's better service channels as well. Or may not be for the third party channel and the acquisitions that yes it's fifteen shabby then add the M. You've got to somehow. Measure channel costs. And somehow measure attribution of say it's the you can get a feel for efficiency if as a set. That's actually not something that we are. Are trading against down when. Really not in the business are saying giving the one they need to be coming from uptown or above one chart. So it's it's certain to mean much more is discussion well. What do what's the channel where can recharge my my customer and we might offer regardless costs. Effect. Effectiveness is is is is a better way to put it yeah. Because you have and effectiveness effectiveness for as a supplier for commercial customer in terms of the services. Than do that the child brings to the customer. And then to do take an example there are there are. Channel I've chosen by the customers. Although there are many more costly to us because they bring additional services to absorb but that's. A fine. Cape that the what are you on the subject of of eighty Michelin channel cost of measuring the attribution revenue across a fault of their. So maybe on margins are thinner for could've of them for vigilance but frostbite I doubt either live or via webcast on the down excluded but cost is of course a redolent. Character for us. This. You anything it's that. Well we're pleased baby's father got some you've got the on line with that prediction but did not find it's not sure. Saw it depends on depends a lot we have of course crossed the so relevant them perimeter and that's possible. Why I think on Internet connection support of ignoring the cross for example of him. Germany becomes what will come. That will diverge across Centre incoming calls are routed to agents sitting in the story. Using real time they have not custom vehicles at a much better living for the shopper for alliance that its service at all frequency business we have. Hooters tour saw off cross they're not all with busy. But on fairly wide mention although the yes but we're not quite. And possible this made it possible in with more long term. But a higher high on Russia this males will. Q the possibility. They're room to keep some stores which would not be efficient or otherwise. So in the sense of the very important lever and of course private Don. What decision. I'm just wondering thin that whether you try and correct certain customers certain channels that I know I have worked for a year. Big vertically integrated. Chuck come. Have retail stores until operation that not not nothing not in Europe. And they came up the strategy that they would try and get customers to make simple but uses online. And save their retail staff. For those despite the omni channel purchases this high value but is. Do you have any strategy at all to try and fall or will encourage your customers to move from one channel another. A world of Forrester royal for a third serve that upon going. Optimisations. If you could talk about their users visiting our website. When informed of the birth to a baby another channel of what kind of contact as a basis for for the and in future nicely with the great value in Britain our first I think that maybe dependent on customer for fire. If you look at last customer. And ultimately figure dependent on maybe what product the first personal before. We are not here yet but I believe that this will be the future. Any questions. So fill out the account talking about my my yeah my. Working quickly to Rockford travel company. What they started doing it how you feel about it's they started her. A strategy where is cut more into retail unit a lot of make it simple purchase the customers directly to a self service term 50%. The staff stay free clean match and strategies like that working in your business. Customers to start with what you're doing is you're training cost and say look you could dance on on on the terminal have so. Well I think in general versus maybe. Not a reason for quality product when it comes to really. When needed which would support would be the one of the best period fire though the user if it is a complex product with us just applied only. Will that we are we don't you can't say that purpose in your suggestion that father can't be bought online can. They can they can be of the cabin. Door of property plant for a fifth through different thing than. Then just to just capital trust vilified only. But we are we are experimenting privately with a fifth before its annual performance of retail stores. Where things like I cats in the store are part of this. Story we're also see how. Her visitors with use that and how that except that. But it's of the more does not aware that we fill out clearly we have a time if that. It's smaller maybe two to help the means inflation fears needed to meet the waiting time. More enjoyed a total of its modern thought. Your question. If so why the gap here. Lee just just Phillips who are way off. We include in the UK and ticket in how you see some. Offline to online and in UK bacteria talk about. The fact that they see a lower. Mission costs and good for instance. In localities where they have schools and if you see that is having an offline presence is helping you reduce your online acquisition costs. And if that's the case. When only channel really go us. So maturity of the we're. Will. Is our mix of distribution have an advantage over those that awful maybe purely online. Still vote for those fans of the so father question but OK that's sort of the first 11. Term do. For the aisles of believe that the pro a retail presence helps. The brand awareness. And brand awareness always helps the physician class a full line. So this sense OPEC of course synergies in this way. For example when these talks with the dollar on us marketing campaign. Four for the dear readers thought Germany. We really combine the different firm. Media sector has been useful that saw all the vehicles around the expert's. Offer employees of the food to feed experts put things and firm. We had a TV her own campaign but foresaw the vice president or the other channels. Of that vote on that every retail store where the manager of the retail store at the possibility to personalise visible on. Foster a full within the window of say I'm also an expert putting as a full vote effective prolongation of the campaign. Saw this in this sense I really believe that a fund injured iPod channel way of thinking along these I think campaigns can really help. And forest firm. The the offline brand helps a lot if position across online they absolutely. Governess merely answering the first initial take is so. So here pure pure play online it's here in India have anything. As a pastry shop with UB to do disadvantage in future. When compared yourselves can really and so majority team waiting for months. I think my first view was that it really depends on the context. I am not sure if if I was a pure love here if I would really. Investors a much in the physical structure now confronted a lot of applications. But it depends on the spurred a lot of think Amazon's Q yes. Thinking about. They're putting a lot of physical stores then the work we've done. I would then probably be rather I'll try to find other ways of music using visit present physical presence in general and you support. The brand awareness. Our inability of the store that's what I would be doing. But I think it depends really on your projects and vanities a I think there's finance affordable. Just just wonder about the situation gem it doesn't make sense it can't have different pricing in the shops. First online business sense he's you can sustain the future we have changed their. Those things that obviously will. It's alright John C verve. I don't see though the law changing far I think but the fact for some time. And further of the earth business. This is a legal opens restriction. Done for the plastic before voters which past earnings from various channels. Amin then we'll. You can create a Florida which is only selling online and then you off course not they aren't. I'm not not restricted by. This you can do but I think all of for the traditional big brands which are still having big share of fields. In the retail stores furthest clearly the case for. Someone via. It's a good question if this is hindering the business that ospel has that matters because it gives birth. The customer powerful. I think at a better free choice between the channels innovative I think they just affording. It on the channel. Strategy. Rather than hinder. Chubby let me ask your question competitive very very quietly the and in the airline industry and you see that this new concept of omni channel the species we started off being called multi channel there's these big. That. Do you see this having effect on the way airlines. Sell their flights. Q do you see the European airline industry changing in any way it overweight equities product out to its costs. I think everyone of fundamental difference fits in between and now I'm an inter operator whose operating a. Run stories on must not be a few out Tories have ticketing at desks. To support passengers at the airport for that mean for which is weighted exchange. What's therefore in the surer sense of timing to arbitrate. Between brick and mortal. A pure on line what were the trajectory between two. We're not facing that that that there were no challenge puzzles Cingular brands but as a as a nickel system. Where we we partner with resellers. Troubled providers. Who then a term resell our offering. So in that sense I think we need the maturity of airlines. And Boswell renew our own. Talking well non margin always thinking. If it's a factor that we are much more assets incentive for much higher top line and much higher cost. Business could get will travel agencies to Foley on as seen. Margins for coming from much bigger government much higher course fees and therefore be optimisation that we can make and the march. Bob channel attribution. Rings much less relative contribution. Compared with looked in the Asian region make. You know our course based on our servicing costs bucked the tumble was making fall so I think. FairPlay might a fast move the industry. Because of its fair financial structure as well as do we view returning system setup. Is is available behind. Her and and justifiably so from what you said that that's at her way to pick monies made. Boss rationalising it at least around nine instance but that's a funding in my victories. And. Then maybe last word from you. Gurkhas so the move on interest last but we don't any idea where omni channel decision might be going the next. Few years. Very broad question. If says Lawrence sending in their crafts with a the next thing. If ever could feed I think would that through more more boxes is delivered its fast that. I think found that have been more more possibilities still matter actually. There. Users who go personally that the between channels I think that's that would be the key change in the fall but can't because there's also a then provides. Then there's a lot of new opportunities to optimise their but I think division within a very important topic for many companies. Ladies and gentlemen let's thanks Jaffe that very much for Great Recession.