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The Brand Building Journey in the Digital Age



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Thu, 5 May 2016|

Bernd Fauser, UK Sales Director, Google Nigel Wolstenholme, Head of Brand,


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A. How was that another event. Where as a Rock Hill you know if you guys not as the Fed was buried by the way there's another have. We're not the metropolitan. Saw as a not every us growth remains levels of confidence in the retail space. And may now walked out off earlier that. I hear song site. Ed and look at it hadn't taken so Beck. How to think about like while I didn't expect the S. I didn't expect this in the that metropolitan. Right to a might fall for the picture. And of the shelters with fuel because you might is right. Took this picture. OK Ken C yet but may still win. Endeavour is there. I was what we're as the Internet. It's right there right here. In longer yet the tiny could mean much much. Into an headquartered look. Saw. The audience here. We Checketts order enough to remember the days when people on supporting the met with the Gordan the reception. And inner core market for desktop computers wired and amiable into the end of the remember also horn lake calling on line literally meant. Avoid a desktop computer sitting down. And then were all lower as more firms wouldn't be big be big group right. Within the last audience I'm percent of all north more time. And any went online. And then the chilly up and now we went offline. Sub headline time Al Gore. That this was stern that but obviously today. We are a lot. Point one like I'd be quite clearly. Living online have constantly connected. So let's. A phenomenon you find all of a place people are no more but devices. And added hat fundamentally changed. Whole industry to travel industry for short. Stall. Our according to a couple of statistics certainly for the second quarter on the start of journey online. And 76 there's then make their Moore's tweedy reason bopping on services something about your very familiar over. The other thing years. Consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated. Saw fun they are researching online because they have hoarded information our. Ed can I reasonably made or talking with NB and B and I don't law displays its X more pardon of the amount analysts had never been there. And for sure Alan online and on maps when street you'll check afterward her Toyota my wife. In a lot of beaches we exhaust by so few good auto research to have this information at hand. And here are quite. Giving more more sophisticated. Ed a lot of this had no more one like it or will receive 50% off our queries. Are on mobile. It's a to a neutral wired. Our you guys might remember I like watching a video of on new forward on the desktop what's like a bad experience who got markets 50% off of what chime neutral is. One more way fox. Yeah I think years. Bid word. Anywhere in any time. So that's another interesting phenomenon X 69% during the researchers are heading in spare moment. Any cedar lake waiting time hired a corps mute. 91 Robert Moore why come here as a law apply new picture comes on by the number Rama for small white Ford on. So I went really under Raanan type of fines song by deal for people with their fallen be put another person there downwards as dictator picture to make the point. Today. In your call your board. You'll find everything on their form. On akin boom reading books. Focus maybe one personal newspaper because it's very died. Saw. This is investments. By. Your partner get tough markets arrest on what does the other person bill pull out personal finance. That the offers. Wait a whopping it even at bedtime. At times I think that you know by the very popular yadda percent up from probably caught a sixth. She was the head of marketing and ever problem. So best test figures. People this generation may not bitter but the regeneration. When nevertheless X. Because of better answer for. So causes problems for some brands. And they have a campaign court to run off between not. Alike have been. There's all kind of arm. Your accountant available. And had been your played an important walruses. Our speakers in the panel before so. You know does a particularly lied in a bigger content 59% of them. You always video and helping them with their decision. It's bad way for the other generations also 5053%. Saw its bid higher for the minutes. And there's an Expedia study just published. Their red hot button let me ask then there's. A couple of interesting fact they search research small. They are looking at their destination. End a couple of you know you had commons before it's about has been off spend it. End the wanna look favourable. Initial as a destination Bennett short of what how whatever they wanna look favourable for the work of torture or Paul Wright is important these days. There's a fascinating stat 43%. Of these you know say. That comment. On the picture taken from the holidays. Is similar what what even more important than experience. Think about sort of the nuts. But to give you. The present example I've been unearned or ski trip has come about. Her ex oil and a trip around Canada office skiing and a half fought the in a nine guys and yet all kinds gadget provides talk all kinds of the year olds and then be added. Freeman admitted that we sheer pipe that issue at all really where the small what nine people. And it has marked a 1100 view this. You can find that be your reflect poorly there. So while cars we like you for your guys like com hall for their holidays. Ensure it took everyone in your I hope everyone. Like possible that the viewers as a not for by the leadership you saw it's not only go crazy minute it's I think it's not often want to sort sure. Is us. Media is taking up it's important. And we all of the view where they persist in fermenting vacation Reuters. The other aspect is. And we know orders also for widely engaging. And elect engage with fair law troubles. I'm Ford did talk a send off are what have nurse look at the view sites. 60% of that and the except. Say that this is the single factor that influences they're talking choice. And there's there's a famous example of BA. Join hot hot consumers are there was a customer what sort upset about the service. Next year. Conspirator or service. He paid for tweaked. It paid for tweed made or paid tweed went up. And let god viral because I think people file as a great. Saw. You organisers Rand all whatever could be whether these consumers are more more hot. And they blew a complain and add on another conference a Twitter that wasn't stage. Any claim to bed when somebody makes a complaint. People expect the brand will reply within that twenty fox. Paper very fast. To their complex of people are. Various sophisticated advanced want it trust that he has more than a trust somebody at a nation's. And that's what many similar examples. In the fuel bank that we have a famous than usual Bob would serve 65 year old woman. Will gives tips on cosmetics. People crossed her off in the same age. More benefit a lot of the store and see you're twenty your argument wives skin right. Saw the trust here Ers in their choices they trusted review secede. Form fellow travellers more than the want to have the upper ordered ideal. Saw in this first part. I wanna get a course consumers are. You'll collect a debt interested in engaged. And therefore medi. Will touch points. I think it's important that listed a trouble last. Their due as a brand. New to a basically shore up in his moment. To a caller two yes I think there's 419. Total points so there's a lot of touch point for you brands to a key year. And to get in touch with these continents. So let me assure you of stable public finger puppets. You might have further double convent of ardour dreaming of planning. For a peeing and experience. So we called it C Finkel peer Yana wanna quickly take you forward this. Then and I'm going to ask my friend Nigel onstage to join me any good part of our whole lot of Dan Carter has done. An index basis. Toward a cap chart. Their consumers their customer arts and industries as. Saw the first phase see it's actually. People are constantly thinking about politics. That's a nice thing RB in this industry. Make over get par spore derive our I have a lot of financial appliance. Nobody's thinking about their next country wants. Mike what the next Portman dropped like that but what I was much harder staff people are. Constantly figure mark the next part of it. So we are made led to be at industry and what virgin has done and I guess you've seen there's no I'd have liked up a lot of companies. You know with their safety video what they've done is basically. Now. The press and the percent of personality as a company is going to be safe yes when our purpose of the move say but fun and cricket. So in that enactment fifty people aren't about walking you know not in that case but in the third effect. The ensure. That they had a banner as of consideration. They build their brand as there's many good examples in the states in that area. The next phases the thinking phase or when people actually thinking about trip that it planet. Chad gross as one example they help the customers. In law with that finding making the choice because the airlines quickly alive or dead and people come to a web site. Yen as a 13 doesn't extreme nor where they've. They gallon tall folks nordic type in is put to bed airport debt day time. And that's where these but that's where wonderfully. If you look recorded website near perfect for this audience know laws and a law that they it's about time maybe plus a 11 bit. But there's 13 who doesn't actually point. I think industry of them so far terrible job less some example but a terrible job. In the Taylor stirred audience what actually is flexible networks stated had a certain budget and mind or maybe anyone have some. But they're not clear yet where anyone able and only end up on this web site where they have end up on the year to Bayer a bit higher. No stock thought let's cover put examples in the industry beer people actually. In on. Helping people and that states. Have been your place or what lord again. Twelve of fire with leisure travel nurse when they make it a clean up trigger buying bigger bets in the your by the destination. War either gets them started to think. Wedeman. The other five. HT yours as video from Merrill bar on their choices. About destinations. And equally well Pratt so be viewers important and that element. Then the next phase is all. I think this has barely industry. You rice made it. We have really yet in net effect right somebody com's. Interest third and become rector ago a lot of examples off. Excellent platforms are beer what excellent and crew brokering customer marks. Getting there garnered. Last given the choice and get them up fine in the right quarter. There's has made its focus on an oil supplies. The business of this ritual with 60% of their advertising spend just force on the effect. Driving conversions. Driving needs. And when the liberal knows what kind of car hub Bombay are amazing that for jobs or. Customer acquisition customer comp. Then there's one more phase. After the switches the key here. Saw. It doesn't stop basically we're. Driver of conversion your lot better course will keep it. And I think a lot of Rand company's industry are thinking about Holcomb the extent. I experience how can be cheap brought to our customers are small wire loss. This seems like in destination marketing and hockey in the Cuban lawyer I can be stigma of the fact. That's a lot of if somebody is a horse walks amid renewed but there are many other example of hot brands driver stay connected. To their accustomed. Saw draw runners up. Or talked about bed screaming. Blending. The forking experiences and I think industries kneeling. With all part. While bix the journeys much wrong. And this and people three mobile dominates. Anything about the trip inspection port strip. There's a lot of mormons. That I think it's important as a brand that you engage. You build consideration yimbila banner ads. So that's why. Bob Sturm who board manager Foreman McArthur of us who would join me in the second onstage or economy more of our beer during the and how they I think your markets. Up before asking a stage have a that the debacle and the last two that. So when asked him onstage pivotal trusts. You could about coming like this one well com welcome Nigel Bedford adjoining ground on stage. Oil could be don't let wonders yesterday. Right your drives. Nigel well comes a state. Let me read my. So a manager is. Their health branded debit cards upon this you guys northern. A couple of comments it is the biggest online and other. Company end. Yes please join them last year. Out of The Who rock the didn't have that order for. So while it's something maybe starboard end Nigel when you know many awful this and and the cards although the normally present. Guides are hot hot your excellent and this will affect likable. Acquiring customers grow herding them. My first question lately are why why did you decide that this is not enough. Let's. So slowing I don't heard in the business not not much over a year ago and it was a business there was already this remarkable impact from what Obama's. But Clinton's and burgeoning market leading to the customer care. Like reading tens of generating traffic from search. But needed to Ford in the final in need to find ways to make everything we can overpower. And the district that I give to a senator Carl talked about before. This is ideal brand relevance. So creating something we have the customer. Actually kinda kicked you before they get there. So euros which one do Semitic people thinking about your first typically see in the circle or kind of an idea. For before difficult. Excellent and the other thing we talked about is. In you know not afforded event in the you know copper market then is. You know they're sort inside together but before he went on the German bank. It always starts with an inside and you know you've advance that power source inside the bar customers in the of the past days this send amend the challenges. Initiate a bit of these forgets the odds with investor what we're initially inside and. They differ. I think. But the key insight that we that we found which is actually a massive surprise you think about. But it takes the green I'm being honest about our space away this car rental has known as a real quarter pinching. And there is a customer perception that picking up cowards going to be going negative experience. You know in my immediate Kassebaum insurance is gonna get into account any chance for. What's gonna happen with few woman. All these things people worry about. We're beer when it's just by lower on older actually happen with we've experienced a themselves when we've just heard about stock. Where is Apollo upset in the half now become a captain in the cap and you have a moment. We think what we did put theory on. Actually Euro at some point you're from Hollinger have you facial proper parliament which. And truly addressing their moment addressing that that perception during the bank. And I guess one of the key indirect customer com is we're really expands into into we can help provide customer confidence. I'm we can actually helping the transparency in the use of cooking that sort of thing in the process. And done because we our company has sort of Biltmore sort of customer focus and sort of process. We need to find a way through this process. To talk to customers bet. Wasn't performing expect channel who can talk about fixing to perform inspections of the which is the website. European bank for search for their you know Icahn hydropower gives me confidence. Because of the work that the signs of. Met the man of the year. So let's that's the immediate. Cut and maybe then. Clause of the financial industry mentioned you've taken on a when he wanted changes onto your way is actually dreaming about. Not renting a car I think you guys analyst on Tom's enough for the you know the skew what. If as you Skype or its not an experienced about looking forward to once the end of Carla takes leader not a wholly starts. So oil and obviously given the past can help with the horses and make it appears more work needs. Saw. You know what in in. The campaign you run right and we gonna see about the campaign in the second but became a run yes I don't see that actually lift longtime C down. Is as a coincidence if you run a Villa infer. Sterner was well that's on the year the fifth or filling it with Nissan business Helsinki needed something I was Q4 which would probably for the UK and some. So a lot of I guess for us this couple things happened we realised pretty early on the process of me joining. That we heads a lot of things that we need to say about business as result which cuts affecting all traps. I'm a need to find a way to connect with customers. Founded quite of the work family and perhaps last year. Well but if redesigning well points to four actually really trying to flexible will be incited seen how we actually connect a way that's meaningful to business. And and create campaign who built around demonstrating to the consumer. Our capital expertise. And our ability to protect capital talking about four and to show that is more to a spin just for nick. And as a result which typically the case in New Zealand at picking up last year. Awesome threat. And input to the UK in 50%. We're seeing the compared. Yes the here. This is not rental com. I'm glad. To have my own wobbly they have driven life. With the house dot com. Is the world's biggest online rental car service. Paul Weller. That's rental car. Want to stay at one. Baghdad. Good fun. Glenn. I've ended rural. Maybe nine you can tell us that bit about what is all of that's led. So they clearly has now. What we might describe now roundtable. Mayor the world fees eight Canterbury. And is a manifestation of helplessness and away so we we like to think that business has over 65. And defend itself eased through well travelled to Europe extreme experience and current so. We Africans and character we know what takes a trip to forget the rock had the right timing of our life. And the golf mean all of us must find their way through the thinking that two principal capital people capital and brings you to. And it was something that was quite easy to zero internal regional approach. So no here here on insider plus there's his period in the underground. It appeared on billboard's he's done radio where it is done. Obviously on display ads on YouTube ease them. He's kind of hitting Euro in the weekend failed to just one website and we return toppled that sort of so. Anybody seen the bus there's underground. In London I've put some pictures. Home. Is it is itself needs as you now got used to bet on compared you know there's something that the state. Aloha I think home obviously something marketing campaign you'll. Technical cordon to go forward. The idea of rental car that represents a small. References to what top say he's a quick look at all so we've been six long tail thing happen as you know. Give banks got salaam. Not the other thing add thank fascinating maybe we got its investment at all and then the cards as I said it pop polls. Excellent client customers and providing customers a huge PP CT based in Manchester part of either. But to a head during the bits and takes a minute trade higher fuel. They had not when he forward out of ran what they had seen more recently. And they hired an agency where agencies thankfully so they then put all journey of the comp any. Was merely here it's driving custom our us discovering new maybe we've missed something to maybe Ken Talbot what marred. On that journey you are part of the job because you got on board and that experience often. Suddenly working with other partners and on the strip is so if certain. MC EO ending with mapping of the. Time recognise. The opportunity to do something. Fun we're really sure we're just up. And to turn the search for Peter Brandt. And I don't as a last last march. And particularly became the reader to do away apple fix which is really interesting given that the business that everything. And even a single and how they didn't use external agencies in thing. And obviously they've done looking so you know effectively builds Airbus not charts. So you might my wife Kristen Rockwell what we need to bring somebody in Pappas of brands I'm. I'll Rica where somebody helped to create with different somebody in covered by media governor Easter buying. And bring ladder. I'm so we we bought in a images of the good of UEFA created critically important media complement mediated when viewed. We also got closely united if away. In terms of helping us understand. Online inside and actually getting closer to clear understanding customer since behaviour. In different ways well. Especially in past I don't didn't rival we've had the final round up. That support this. Forward when park drive will he wasn't one of the presentations. And in looked at it and 1% think that would all forward well bid for Lamar of the collect. I think again the sure you know is people have been that this business lately takes a bit you know of the take a moment 2%. And we were I don't know work on the with certain that you know what though early on not as you said in the workshops. Are helping with insights about their brand on hold people searching for the blue card. And then will hoard during upgrade you know cape executing on the plan. Where they menial question all of my view as a. Whether any risks in off you think you've been taken to a metro. Yes up probably wouldn't say we as worried about risks. As move nervous about the idea in general. So we've got to imagine. As does not a lot of companies here in vain. We're really no direct response narratives itself driven by the quality where quality contest. And we can measure we can measure the degree we can make decisions instantaneously but what we're going to do next because of kinda got a further out the window and that we do something like press and so there's a natural nervousness of bulls will have enough where football. How you give them you know you should do so more than. And I think with other collectively you've got real risk around that mission in more than anything else because. Erratic and things he came trying delivery is only dripped spots mission from but you're always underbelly activities result trying to. If you've got a trying to report July and then we stuff away from. Almost taken particularly for five and look at more of long term vision. And that that's always biggest struggle when you businesses and doesn't use that some bets within the biggest challenge though. Which negatively you'd be kept airtime you do the jury had not because it's soar in in in their hope shop. Everything has been matched by every has survived conversion Levy they bid. Thank inertia will get like probably global thinks I think it's I think every bit better quantum challenge against not if you in the similar buy and then bank gets the better of the fire. They. Not not all right wonderful others but what can you tell us any shared only the sites on the compete. If I felt it just based a lot of what I just said team. My incident trying to our people to look at things up and conversion. Arm we're businesses and so people can decide to do something different. But the big thing awards impressions. To an audience to whom you want to see how we can't think. Source investment. On settlements on YouTube in newseum underlying. We saw over the course of four weeks three point eight million use of ebitda and very four point commenting Gunter. So people get hit by the Fed digital environment and it has risen just four customers that sort of got Watson. And I think the really interesting results for summer white sale came from more surveyed expect to renew their judgment and telling you you brand awareness change. New growth and brand awareness. And receives a strong shift in in that want to know more about trends in Japan the UK as of yet. I'm. Interesting yield cents see a message changed into consumer perception. I think that always are really mess things we think about I think really but actually trying to keep you would think a different way about business. Annuity sub sea some differences when consumers have medianews choose. The C for high value feed your service perceive you when your liability and meet major top that up to prove that fact means. And enormous power which would change. I'm. And the other things besides seeing now is. Longer term impacting in traffic models from Australia and how that evolved over time out of fifteen PPC how to fit into search. That's really interesting tens of what what's done. I am. I think this whole idea of sitting out time make customers more comfortable. I am more familiar with the brand. Analyst at C happen which which has great we're still really go to Australia being QQ four last year it still really guidance. Weak economy funds for a couple of years we get a really strong result with Stanford's. I'm Debra brown investment is in the short term. Opportunity you've really got tough we might mean kind of forum fewer happens after units are. But suns feel really Richard perhaps it's just like school. There's addressing possible you know the C you're taught me there's another aspect which is level is wasn't consumer led compare it like it's about getting. Not attraction. Billing about this but. Wonder need to be sucked. The parts actually it could credit cup kind of and I can't call them interest on. I pass once not to engage with Benton cars because they see them as a partners trust worth feed as a not. Interested offering a strong building a personality ban as Madden saw it's not a baby to see you think it's actually has played some and are. Let's hear evidence on bets that the it is fascinating. Or would not ask more questions but I'm a look at that what they're running out of time saw that ignores is that a bid. There's in on as at the beginning of travellers a digital we northern is now that we to move while big change. There's a lot of different more prevalent theme can. I think a seed feed who care framework. Is I would alike want then build cars as a company will has neared the part. The bid to spot which made that bid for why their school. And a cryptic bid Exxon they're things hire people hire X our partner. In our there at the start to think about other metrics as compared the world. And established location into acting. With their customers early on then and investing which. And that credibility as a said. That gives consumers more confidence about its brand and a recorded brand makes a brand relevant right and then when it comes to the point that people make a choice. It's really helpful but who aren't here are the if there's awareness that the purpose confidence in the plan you know you ran our business. Element which I think it's all what we're not obviously for undercover model for the market. Four pad in this biz or should pay more demands words it's a 400 cartons were for an industry. Saw next time. And thanks largely put right.