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Webinar: How to Convert Mobile Travel Metrics into True Customer Insights



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Wed, 6 Apr 2016|

Joshua Sloser from Hilton Worldwide and Gregory Toto from Apteligent share valuable information about converting mobile metrics into true customer insights


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Hello and welcome back troubled weaponized in partnership with Appalachian. Unplug it out how to compared mobile travel backed checked into tree can connect in. My lean dean baby at nine. An indication not familiar with anything leading global provider of it pageant at the online challenge each. Informant who need can be did sets report and a they delegate front but behind the speaker can contact eat. And that I people will start by sharing an in flight from Eiffel travel weekend Mabel and it agents actually which have a complement. Which took eight in a particularly good month. Am well we had parked travel and technology and am gathering shared a late Wednesday that it in I am and I deadly drive forward debate. And how we admit she can innovate and improve in the area. And in my presentation will then be followed by completion from a state economic. He Gregory K 10-Q EP SVP of predict and development at Paladin. And they are illegally can technology provide heat project happen monochromatic act of may fall meant. Am happy that the IP operation to deliver reliable and mobile. And pulling back pedal issue they would then have packed around like making he. Without cooking gas he did and actually they heaved a PP a digital product and inflation back up and Mark White. Adam during the time will new book you cheap for which your question be would like a pre. And eight let's get stuck it. I'm gonna bring. Like like he. Care and they meet Hamas and need for power is. And let me correct bet I can gold and you can spend eight plan of pine in Bangkok we apps. And this mean that even if you have to have made it a mobile who incredibly hard. He part of our world and accounting gate quick look went. And the extremely challenging for all around and bet you they will be licking and keep it helped ramp back. And hunter valley app may have been nominated I'd and it picking up and valuable well the annual rate. And the paid at YP and L last week can grow for cattle make my patients achieved have a complement. Am big question formed a key part of the contagion and how will commit I'll be used to differentiate your plan and back. You cattle can you know. Heck do you think it really important and handicraft and I want and and when the company will add we all made travel compared working hand in hand. It particularly important and and way you're correct in what each gold key capital majority. And engaging he. They want and need from pack your mobile offering will vary dramatically depending whether they're dreaming. The fetching. Booking pick drinking or sharing Petro like bringing. Initiated Heineman and in conflict have the Fed at many taleban. And focus from a transactional element of mobile. Am I next year K go and the passion we keep hearing about union be what the Howard made up. Am and and many travel brand actually evening to me and the value of labour at brown became. At 8 hill Billy King lay transactional late. Am beat break the fact sheet increased and and that time that what brand or will really be like the panel which reach came for the conference is important a member engagement. And how plan and BP discovered at providing customers with the right information. At a rate hike muffed on the need not only lead to higher after the action it all Hinckley the loyalty to add around. With FEMA had fun at dad and am pretty international loyalty whereby customers remained open brand. And then add the fact attaching middle Keane will halt all noise of the credit cheap. Actually achieving that brown co chair another bickered have a superior labour you can experience. And and did we break fee that more trouble ahead in the industry are thinking on the complete customer journey. Am and plan predict weakened you know we've seen the experience aided it key carrier were brand can't rally. They from informing tallied three clinical at their flight had been trampled. Or offering to rebook amp. And three Q back trump recommendation but it's an abandoned the opportunity she really add value to the Catholic gain. Obligatory pictured well presentation by April quietly fund and cable. And she shared among people converge into one micromanagement really matter. Say in bag V and ET mean he and will my commitment that Google coal and I think new battleground. An active venture could gain if it aid kit digital and if it's eight a brother and and actually. Take action on happy. They went recommend one Lan or make each way a branded leader that for them in the main men were then now. And the brand is the about different thing relevant. Helpful and delightful experience than are. And read our. You give Lehman badly they would face I want to know I want the buying wall I would pick out eight. Am and more generally and what F finding it is network enabling consumer. My life in Q more than a kind segment. I think that really fascinating patrol brand and down and we're all trying to get more brand and these pain. And you know act men and add add add because people week. Week and one could get inquire Craig and T take advantage the Internet with higher we have appetite. And added that the fundamental shift in the wake consumer shock and interact with each other and and we brown. And it really shifting a customer expectation. I think it vital that we weak U amp act they won a mobile strategy. Thin paid out and booking dot com for example. And he thought he am add client and inspiration and at the prefecture state. And say it in one dilated and innovation that make up aptly have at all. Which bait or call eight F from more than 26 million recommendation that they pat Richards and you generated content that they eat collecting. We think you can really buyer had made when there in the be matched H. And again we licking up leading. What point Mac have to if it in now. Customer buying cycle. Down there at the I want book moment and can Google found that 84 plan or cabinet made their final decision on the main target by. Plain and unique it it really became a transactional function outreach and should be Eric if if if I'm Richard pension. We are seen growing again am really could impact their annual ranking. Mobile Amtrak can you know behaviour. Failure and other key time where Britain can really differentiate act like lenient than the another one back at people share that the event. And with brown that have made plan might change. Who can mean we've all been mapped out a flight get cancelled a meeting mentally. And and what happened you eat and you're labelled by three UK. Am 1 o'clock A Beck am got a Shepard at brokerage in. And they Arab brand QE identifying the packet Lehman jittery EBF a backup and fail when and they keep everything belied fact fight inflation to a leaving and 90000 passengers stranded at Wii bet he. And it marketing team developed a way to track flight delayed in real time entry impacted third act with a battery in am in the apple. And leave add HT Cadillac can teenage stranded at the apple company led. And that we helped them capture that you know I need PayPal. Right now make meant and we deliver relevant what people need it and wanted at that time. In Canada repelled a terrific if an increase in booking record and their non branded search campaign. And the and they all people and at HT Alley a French bank an increase in enact an inquiry track contained recreation. Am a big big deficit virtually built whenever they would and an apple beat kiwi the capital flight and people could redefine the battery in their buying. They really capitalise on that in the Lehman opportunity. Another quake ample from the conference and went back from Japan plied them and we had yen you feel he's the director Mabel project. Add basically had a fake unforgiving that they and inch wide aisle a manner that inning drive pair paired. The clash when they can actually building and they are at particularly perhaps at Gail. Am and deeper the fall elements and am anti came cookie cake pre. An element BE. Say they wanted key and improved the labour act. And that she may look like one. And they wanted to really. You name went even the and that she saw how they interact with lap on the mean. And they live chief followed the you can around the city am and to provide a big key am duly doctor pike and you cash ink. Am an in one case the beef and you can coming in incremental. Followed an around annum while they did at all in. And I'm really lent an interesting thing they and you. Due to being manicure user traffic they try to find good pay and Blanchard attorney Jill we chicken tilting the playing higher amid the track and aggregate traffic. Ill really quick and bacteria am into the mobile money meant and that's what they really counted which really valuable. Feeding back at nine. They've ate it correctly build project back with all about that and planning. But the idea mobile would not just Q am apparently in the best at the bet you really am BF back have to man. Am manly men weekly taking Merck and may act in destination. Think they'd been looking much more at a restaurant and traction. The map functionality for a camp cord that day and you can am would find useful. And amp. Perhaps I'll be an updated application is too am a huge factor in the creation of GQ how can living engaging. We can point. Overall whenever key factor that the bank said that they live by with bat speed when an 88 keeping their mantra for the last fifteen years. And planned interestingly according to kick metrics and 47 at Sheppard expects a mobile web page delay putting shoes second. And annum. Event and will abandon. Care at the met a fight if there and weakening and weak second normal. And we checked in Italy I'd acne commitment military neglect bringing them and how can actually can be engaging. We your back. Amb began looking back it's a good about the at either pregnant Haitian aid and a that we believe in finding quick weight put the project am. And and lending and end with each iteration basically take down all week and take BA the complete now. And that a Q and by combining. AB testing infrastructure. And really nothing different adamant the line and and feed that back and really helped plan and create a weekly ET you can extreme. Am an can you be when big key technical apparently decline and be reduced keypad eight kidnapped and application element lacking screen. And I think they Morgan pet can and capital and information for the U. Am couldn't accurately compare and however it will look like wouldn't back end an would be key three. Able gap like. Failure am really incompletion. Bank. Eat because we keep an open question Nixon and thank H you know for the might look obvious if you not we'd be eating lamb. Am then I would really be it were seen taking what a peppy four gap appeared at what you're pact originally one. How Kim Lee things like Mike Lehman practically really be helpful tips. And light and the tech deal in my experience. And linking pension out. And really thinking more hilly city thinking how you might be panicking. And twenty million. I'll let Lee you you really need it proving your new packed machine. And keep attacking. And a key take away quickly from an indication that the that they need that he win. That should be factored in all of and that Egan led them down amb and I completely appreciate that and I'm looking at there and an outsider looking in the industry. And sharing the he am in Britain were so what had happened and what did happen and what we really picking. Now in. We can act out we come from pageant say and what kind in the it quickly. Hand AM PM Gregory QE ME PR product development EP equipment adamant that I don't. They will be in the handling potential leak. And that BP Greg Lyle ETP. And will Wiki product management and engineering at her original. And at and mentioned before and maybe help monitor many ex make up one. I am. If you are they gonna rally. Co alarm. I weekly will work twice. IPO without a poll numbers India provided. Some really interesting here. In I begin I would argue there. Are used Alba all the life who end Mongolian trouble. Writing. Endit know we're done. In the Mormon. Need a lot of the EU for the pantex. If you Joe Biden del underplay the moreover there and then when you were travelling. I'll bid out. More expectation. Blended by users. We have a number recommendation. Cut Michael Foreman but I'll talk about. Bit rate picture story ripped through the pipeline. I'm not quite a bit about the metrics let though we can provide to bring in tight shoe in forum. Price then in the Goldman I'm decisions. Treasurer or mark a horse. And you pipeline though that the more travel book we're book group exploring. I think point if you keep that in the US adults. Booklet your model N. 40% I think are about 40% of our oil can repeatedly. A number continues to rise then and there are projections that. I don't play a key bit of any iPhone or needed the manufacture digital book would all be done to a model. My traditional. Will be sure buy more when you're. Arm. Into one or the we expect Dirk Muller feel like number baby boomers about what ED in Q where it could mean. Ended. Millennial I think added that the millennial our eye care predictions that really real. Dry clean. That let alone a billion or more launch period. Hole in your important particularly the the Irish when you think about all that period. Corporate turmoil walker convenient. N led that they expect more spring could be a streamlined and simple in our. Lead apple would you I didn't speed everything. By nearly YouTube's ads can go property print without on the whole by us. I think everybody extreme mommy where Laura who try get something done in one of the a white dot wife and you wind up. Pounding on the face of your your phone or you're a good outlook. The could start by the I'll do which is why. Our backing he'd fall like Italy and why the why do you expect experienced frustration. Well. Well expire. The application well immediately. We'll be good or whether they're now well the London line or probably more likely it depends upon our many Internet services but they really experience. A researcher Edwardian. At a checkout father. It IQQ. Tune now. We know that monitors well YouTube for a really end you know they've they've been the you bill you all felt an issue. No relation. To get it right. I had you know what's right you can file your whether it valued at around. You've got oil well monitoring and in hundreds the end in the can't get I'll while we're really doing in. Getting information can buy the application of the due in he the year were eulogy doing and where they are we're struggling arm and whether leaving new. A crashes. Oh oh crashes crashes in the application period. Exposure Crabtree the absolutely Q. Are all legal and look at frustrating. For people in their driver very high end and then the Avalon reliable well. People quit. People. And our. People get buy from you. You future. Care guide economic stew low view company. That cure that you can wonder upon. And a people were particularly in the light oil well well look well frustration avoid all pretty well. Tom all could we have providing a or differentiate battle for people crouch weakens. In Europe innovation. Are taking the energy argued about a couple of really. I think an interesting. Approaches. Do well that was unique model Mormon. The driver trapped in the opt opt for people. As hell didn't and enable globally. Other more trouble at. Let me elaborate on them. Indicated that the campaign the company all other company because there is little more what period. In their 21% took it one step further indicating a huge company with durable if goal clearly mobberley monitoring didn't differentiator in it opened the third that the important intention to. Published period part of a couple of loon who is key question is have you know you're delivering up either cut my experience and email in the momma. In a moment that you use you know our track patient. That your experience you you what you wish what you need. UK. Why you connected the in it a federal we're nowhere did. That the kind of effect if you look fine Intel more impartial anymore what. Linear litigation looked at the start reading. Linear air gap. While at major O bill and the baltics that. Many Lewis. Just with that IPO dreams are. Intended I oil entirely. The either it is doing something that I thought we'd go though the group well they alignment. In the web and our and we model. Seen many an indication that. Talk that there's a lenient billion attrition you can we. Network while it took important though. What Bahrain. We feel it's critical com using your mobile. Other the other end. Star rating that the feedback and reviews title below what newspaper. The play anything. That are completely. Unrelated to the experience if you do that the true model. I know that in reality it will really lead to give them a decrease in spot in the added Clark. If and triage reinforce our leading literally double your acquisition are. That something that who want entry into. Partly we have now a recommendation that we have in the RO. Our customers ahead then procure lead. To improved well performance. You know every five imaging mentioned you know the neither model or application will yield your your way any a couple of pocket. End speedy end it would buy up in the U Debbie Dingell in that the the information. What approaches that a couple of it's peaking in the Mormon with very well procreation Gary quickly. Is. So we do that that not all out or pay attention to that the upward climb at a time that will tutoring interaction. The industry metric that the benchmark at local innovation book 4. Three and allow. And end with most of the the performance measures. Three. Your log on an account creation I'm. Optional 32 class. Oh operation that you do your thing that YouTube with small application. We're that there is no middle execution that market all along that when you start pumping away new model year end. We've been conditioned to expect among those another kind of in particular get one. Although impatient when compass searching finding information. Dudek and collapse. If there's just in to target bet. Most of a couple of certain must look Gulfport. Our screens rendition going from one e-book when other. You'd put on that we people the most important thing we do even in kind heck I'll I'll either. A problem trying to block a information try get. Talking one though inspire and that's. By our you know back a couple of studios begin to lose focus that something aching about that Ek. Arm might begin to drift than that frustration ultimately right though well badly apple better. Are practically. The very best apps. Across. Are all the absolutely he had gradually. Less than point 1%. Many of innovation are our are struggling to get to that a 1% while. But the jury that during a battery and that it through a combination pill but. I'll work very good. Dot Pratt who. End its remaining without paying a great deal of attention in QE. During the 1500 in the kind of the baker an hour wait and combination that that they do. They have to deliver there to know that being prepared future injury and really really really quickly. Yes your competitors change. Many customers. You know within that. With the best. Goldman even in the their profit in that in the rural. Bill I think you'd get control happily continue or can have a over a nightly system or does not equal in Raleigh then they're all open your application load time goes from the picture at all June 2 by second. New new star U noting that when Europe. Your revenues for network trouble party that 100 in that a billion rolling on managed and that happening yet they. Arm. Particularly critical Loral final of application release. Monitor what what's happening huge. You were making a change and a URL with all but certain that you can do. You're putting new version of your application out into financial and Walt. You'll I would travel industry doing again and these metrics. Cogent and that there did not linking Dell model benchmarks across a billion bottom. I'd look at not location. We had many hundred that Asian travel category. Gold in travel and you don't know what to do the outlook added Crabtree probe I would that in the travel actually in that it above 2%. For. More treatment burden by aware an above what the central all the ocean. All cash the outlook travel benchmark press strictly than 1%. And remember ever know that there have crashed really. Much wire like that Al 110 of that. About what they have a travel benchmark more than tutor people will qualify action he more than three seconds. Who plot I climbed one of those though that he'd seen it Libor abandonment. Our closed slightly birth plenty of what you do in doubt on the back in the UQ improvement on these key. You know. And I'd really like about wanna a couple of a deal. I don't even they your line you know we feel there started by the founder of get little. Hewlett. Early and very very important and very interesting because they've made. Globally based or a booking and then implement other regulation. Will more or the keep hallmark of the document or. So work the dual role. They recognise that they had few other. Appeals to younger generation. That there that the growing in future outlook based communication. Ended so they focus on global being AE and worked at march. More than during an of the government. Edition included lightly oil a day the offer recognised that. They've got only about a growing bric or YouTube is well. In done they want to provide customers with a very convenient way oil had no trouble I can. So all the application does not only would expect much an edge booking I'm an inaccurate innovation. Any hedge you'll lose your travel plans with a little again. There raptors then Linda picture of what happened the all travellers are now yeah. In great. 400 inning or more experience in black and we're gonna buy new shoes. It was art form and the outlook and future reduction. In debt collagen about the Merc got them get Louisville union that they need. Our makes our decision to end any rate quickly and it did apple really you know they're what limitation the. Very focused on long haul air pocket line and moving very quickly. And we beating up the collapse that we public about the tweaks. Older let that children till we are already down. We're of that company. Are that the board footprint well we're about church retreat out now product many will report. I mentioned we have an eight hundred oh bubble that arm. You know the Eudora your technology in. Provide information. We actually outlook by benchmarks. Or dental or will. He get back with our culture in Iraq if you really pretty simple. You out a small component to your model that. Are on the deal will impact it will at least. That you Patrick Barry life which come complaint. On the block I with a wide aisle like technology. Are the opera at the plate and that. Some one billion out replicate you'd turmoil not due -- information about a accused. Our ongoing. We have a it near that while they enjoy our higher ivory out. Either carried out well I'm pretty active in oracle will went extreme. And many other kind of many other rum. Goldman framework. Or more long. Are we getting a mortgage that they call in play in the people on the matter but yeah. Providing our best that they initially it will approve the all. Or under any impact a problem. Not initially be a problem the IE legal we've released forum that problem. Something that the impact. On the review. In you know you know. Outline my guy but he. Or that black rapid resolution. Our proactive and wrapped in and the ending of the user experience. We translate that you to better engagement and retention. Armed and better entry that. Forgetful cut look at our you sharpen your. End or the Fed is apple well bid below aren't the all we really were able to in the mom and determined that. I'll at nine which just only these introduce change. Drastically we will come. I'm going to challenge is he. Even the world in the environment. Without. I kept our view that culture being played. And other customary outline you. We're machine in. You know look at 83 African political will on significantly. Arm. In dealing. Plans. Urge your location kit buoyed. The Toledo. The health happening every way except in the US. Sell it without getting trend actions completely fully how I view that that apple may change in API. It dire broke unilaterally if it guy either put yeah I'll back you that they will go quickly longer end. If you are really than any energy release. And into. Address that problem. We offer well. You know we're not people getting that done but where people like oil. People like oh yeah I'm sure so they more they caught up do that can benefit. From our newsroom there. N. At all overlapping completely without. We. We have what regions mentioned a crock that we are now left the ringgit at a global that the building that way quote in. Our distribution across wall. Key performance in a white guy network way and the answer that providers. In in. Google product if you. These kind here pay here do you plan your application effort or more effectively. I and we profitable user experience well we look at where your. Happy that the device can bring The Who carbonate you know come nation and higher homogeneous across wall. In kept whole we have full completion dew cup and there's when he. How do you again by that while the happening only in that the buy it happen in Brazil. On how you hundreds in how to get acquired payment any impact. How many usually been affected in doubt whether like you do something about it. Don't these kind of benchmark the call and play you know it could make up my role that in. Moderately and that are important whitening. Triage. Been more accurately. Arm. In and frankly who work currently and how you you know really in your watch your back in the and that well. We're one cup rivet. We adding significant issues with their application lean enough and the application that the other. Cut and that will provide. While Dick spring and highly you can impose Lydia it'll put the wall. I don't know what you doctor. Demonstrate that crude that. Our long end. Get resolution. Quickly and improve that there's a course partners. Either apparently you can view monitoring by innovation and by your Asian. Are you really view of the environment. Yeah lead in from. Prom the application. That that's what we do. Go I think I'm at a time in dark wall that OPEC Virginia. Thank you Gregg and the very thankful pregnant patient. And went. Give it away Levi and future question annual yet which educating manual in that they can and clearly peaked cap rock looked like if you green. And we're gain he now welcome are neck out and the break it happen here you bet and very. UBP. AMOCO he took credit union HM. At a mile while aid and think we did anybody and going tricky question the judge Richard before we open up for any power efficient. About. And potentially could you put the bleak and start by paying audience what you'll you'll bowl lack health and and help. Sure all for a spot thanks. To have him here in good morning get out seeing good evening everybody on the farm. You know I hear from the might had lie ahead digital product innovation but what that means for help near its. You know our focus plan. Developing digital tall that seamlessly connecting post why it. Guest experience throughout the entire guest joining me now thing better symbol EQ used in that gets out. Ayrton you know Kraft that. At a wilder claims the L I blink. It listening Q all the different point of both GM Gregg made throughout their pre contagion. If you know bid zero wider a lot of pain that into any left in the travel industry bind you know Carmen and indisputable. M we've had a tremendous focus on improving the entire customer journey. You know there you know extra quid in you know great website and you know are apt. I think there's not a big they're heavy book gift in the pat Dunn. Bob king which is really extended reach my cue ball customer journey. VRR. Pocket is no word heart that our company then go out there add additional personnel heart or how the company at about. About creating their incredible experience that mergers both the did honest did accord to really just. Yellen doorway and spread the water by a company kill all the gaps. I'm Phil what macd can keep parity plan. And when he comforting you never experience infinitely the BBK. And if he and Patrick at the blacks have about the been peaking at an and the famous bet that at a brand that helping keep beginning keep your week. And she narrowed that gap if you could just chapter in late in Q what occurred taping. Yeah sure I mean your plumber primary end point everything we'll get down to. Again after the customer. End show inner digested that the foundation. Quarter and our media company admission about spreading await more of the hospitality around the globe Lerman do we think that we should do their and do that enjoyed. You know each violation years you know original digital each year that we roll out. You know if the ballot shall there get have a media experience to a corporate. Across the globe. Enter key thing about that you know for a things like gasp in addition to having you know quarry seamless booking that put wired to figure. If things about yen in pirate day experience. You know to a for a it about me keen. You know a rival ahead. Ian friction much as part or two about making year's day years you know. As Ed import part of bore N you know would the word of more war it enabled yet to have no effect of the remote control their parish day. An apartment out. Camera complete a key feature found that even G thank you for relief plan being picked up. Yeah around the digital in Hugo bin add tremendous class L am one of the things that we we launched about a year and a half ago is. Image its digital tracks in studio Rohm and girl. You know get tower coming to a property. They won the award to no more than a decade while the wanna pick a perfect room for the child's. And still we introduced were a digital a plan that enable guests que. You know captured in that there and kick big Accra know what you out of fear that the person who want to the now cost the L we're on the ground for a vacant due that they wanna be on the part poor overlooking apart they can shoot down. Of that with a huge step about you know choice and control and giving gash. You know they get the bill leader really. It quite quick Saddam M and the more we din rolling out this year is is digital key. So an extension about red imagine you've now pit a ring that she wire. And she respond famously. You get your Q you were on and so. Now we have you picked their emerging world but when you arrive by improperly the next day. You skip past the front that can go straight you'll learn open additionally. Show an interesting like that but we really try and attract about to make sure that. You know boasted deal looked going to booking but not that difficult branch being held up with just one she might tie together letter again. Let me provide a fantastic way or family. Everything had led an unhappy heat and looking at home you know he'd get your mobile page book which UK if it. Can be measured give the cash you have but how do you. Really take on board and the and can be back at Keeney then she should have worked great as that might not that. Yeah Danny no gut for what little way to measure. You know hike lift the yen up from other then their great touched on their offering their relationship onward last. You know first and foremost you know dollar breaks. Entered build a great happy show no easier at GE more into performing well. I'll I guess using it show we have one of measures around just functionally how what a game. You know second we upset about guest. Yes so we look it directly back will get a eight forum. Apps star ratings are certainly he hoped former your you know they become a will deliver. A poll lead indicator for years from now on somewhat more pro forma out the out. Until the year we look at that much just in terms of what people think Ottawa think that they're asking a end you'd get help prior catch. And the offer will gadd. Hamper growth curve of adoption with our usual mixture how many people coming to earth to book how many keeper actually using out by next they would that's not all that interesting that. Will help but no doubt factor we're. We're going. Am fit any mention get feedback provided he went convention. And it if and is added having apartment we can make that happen. What was normally each year than it at that gathering feedback from. Yeah comes right platelet mean we've actually. All we've instrumental in the apps they get can give us feedback directly from the upper reaches one played no matter plate can be and the apps stores. We get back Rahm Frontline kilo per guest experience at a at a cost and actually we try and make sure there you know we aren't. We're not quarter guests give or speak back one Wayne award kicked back rewind either Cuba. But we yell which Ryan went into the closest possible open forum. Author product pipeline that well know how well we wish you know maintain that the product and it elaboration. And the political weight and leaking out of the Dow weakening outlook take that key. Am EE audience targeted at Ford acumen and EU could look at Rick Green back. Annum you need amid the 81 L a cheeky Stewart actually live action Shrek ample isle of natural cap all. Have some people we need at their. You know completely that peptide then and faded keep it and YouTube we evening apt example and that at the way it. And you. And haven't bed at our health and I'm sure they would never did and it they have Elliott had issued such a bad intent or am a feat that. Yeah nu you'll get a little bit of noise in in the outdoor mean everything from I had a bad day to day in you know Q I had a great. They or even something of creative I would car shortened by. Help you if you reach a reduced. Those that actually can be your class B. Nut that three point and fill one of the things that we do is we did you know we surely will give the oil rating. If each drive the protection of the gap. End you know GE we truly care about eight. What most helpful for active and who lead every single bit if he'd back and jail you know after played your militia which will create plunged L what I guess you're well I think. And good credit of them you know we make sure it's appropriate for them so that we can plan had aimed to address any issues. Aren't so like it gives you look it's strolling by the L cleanup the rate waded qualify kicked out but there are you know there's definitely something that important now between that initial tranche. After I go back. Just be your girl and we actually had probably want to build lowest rated out. In the industry. M you know we had tremendous focus on improving that. And you know not come word we now in. And went wife Angeline about Warner had what you're something like that July time stroll any of oil have. You know which is the tremendous improvement. And that which judged. And we like much focused line. Quality teachers and dish and unaware that. New Africa playing for capital improvement and end camp then banking. Plan in the featured band but with the optimal performance am. It is that a key challenge any we've been getting treatment the EE. Element that album cover eating Peter back a man like pat you on the mobile app had have you found that adding. And commit these feature click the miner Inco a key GE. Am hopeful meant back yet. For example. Yan gained I think performance could be an issue lag what are the challenges. In Idaho Khalil we K cleared knowledgeable we want to do you really is humours together the experience a big part of our experience has when you show up on properly and did corks and Jill. This summer that it is it challenging to bring to why. End to a trickle will be even more cattle on what hire more investment do you mean you know digital key. And it a great gamble. You know that mark just two leased mark at yet keen to screen that you know China. It Lahore effort to try and we tall or your wachs throughout your portfolio of celeb big in interact with your model on. Archuleta pretty big political output to get down to merge with the digital. Any other attribute period trade yeah we get towards two. No real time give it back to front line employees said they can address issues. At a mix of both. Digital operations. And physical delivery and and so all in the Bayer added include finger the most meaningful trigger. Bled you know run and have darling initiating a bit harder because spirit so much more your account for outside of just yeah. Yeah I think I think we've had eighteen point actually gifted mentioning how she did. Department that involved in actually affecting the capital at an especially come in real time we bid good a couple of question coming three million U a very interest. Harry you were able to engage in Lille Heinrich we began acting. During the campaign and and how he can be key can elevate our experience and yet with the plight and delight experience Richard. And the QE and you. Deal met ending in mobile experience. Around yeah. No comment but added that meat and Greg Ackerman eight cash and and credit and could we actually get an invite them from your twentieth and the big taleban that you've worked it. In Tampa power amp they've managed things like amp speaker Carly think that at. Even in case of who can actually managing him creep back happy at BP habitat will brand. And managed sheet improve battle or a managed that end in Chile. Our yes certainly we have I think should. There. From while. Where the judge was part doubt it'll make ensure Pinault. Is he a want to book the very much progress toward innovation and how they think about that. NH. No I'm unlike some other some other way and the loading of the digital and in clinical arm Betty mentioned I think it. And it is an extra challenge I guess I would say. In the increase should that the complexity because there. You know that the figure innovation get it in just the bottom. It partly. I knew I know head every replied now why in. They're really lively interest within the hour bargaining used. It edu. An indicator. While people take that an indicator whether it. Yeah I think that they should engage with that they should engage with the happen all right. By. Many a litigation arm if we can't you are I'll. Not at all will focus on only have star. To get initial once all but knife edge focused oil and at the oil and Goldman each be in a global. Which would show which at which short it will watch your top and not reduce engaged in a really intention. Retention. Yeah yeah a paper trail mean impala blood you know we you know below the name black did the army adapt their focus Ghana are young. Unnerved Welty program which has held march. And so you know what quick call Russia who becomes a fleet so. A more oil here that we keep you Lucia show noting that array you know there that the downloaded certainly important to update you know Russia. Let's just being used to adjust their you know the idea pedal get when they pick up then hopefully well that. Oh yen at that look we know why we think about moorish church a way to make people comfortable knowing that better achieve great wall down mode. Apart when you mother. Engine should just came back key am probably mentioning earlier I even went up. An affliction that such completely that it now adding whenever Keith actually looking at work with the and the what what would be when if you will and kick and like and helping keep. And B gap the labour market in an open for a club. It yeah I mean in a simpler for dual you can find it effective is the key around here. A you know I'm sure cotton is not unique in the amount of Clifton. Run our company. Anybody in trouble had no interest at a wide different. Behind interest plunge that brain you know blocking a inhibitor rift alive. You know so we try and simple by the architecture as much as part of wall put things you know behind sir Richard bulimic and and you know insure that the inventory during horse yelled you use your bitterness mail and it's been in that we want want that we know judged. You know the underlying architecture isn't quite there yet the support. Until will hold on the spend because they're willing trumping their inner B. Well don't kill appropriately loose you know it properly worse than them with the enduring break. Anglo could that be telling you you would agree with you found in jail and take your client. Had picked them. Someone innovation have. I don't make sure you know well the bell what I think you're going to Asia and N. A really good here able oil and or call the it through the third on which the experience the end. I think I mentioned search and login and now what are we think they'll let you know whether its reservation booking that into. A pure player deal due. You could end. By then I think just a privately worried debt or organisations that don't really have burden. The availability. In Q. You know the performance of the services that don't deliver the experience. And I think what that what well we'll look quite a little earlier instantly. I think at and I will cut murdered Italy together view world. What you to look at look like from your you do when you nuts from. Ice sheet point of view if you don't have actually well. You know that the important and if you are likely. I am I can come by can take no merely cut link airport where. From the on the back again everything looked great but probably from the from the field and user experience. Helping the longer you you know the EU we're getting there. Bad experience at all a good not being able to get that through the third and N hole one didn't know that. So you really have about a bold approach has hurt. The British bridge while the usual. And then when we do you have a larger question coming 3 1000000 am that we actually winning anchor kind of watched it eat. And they aren't gonna act each PG and why what your he peak way with. Am a judge she worked with me that we. He away from practically an impact that we chat. Certainly my cup kick away is unchanged at fair for the entire customer journey and think about Europe quorum business problem. A nice feature many people focused just the -- out how to make their. App buyer tough attracted but I mean the outlook reflect that your brother bid that will email Paul Rudd shipped about. Opting I'm hospitality boxing on the gash. N thinking about wage. You know the end napkin be consistent theme in in everybody's presentation but. You know that betcha we affirmed to me you know Buddha bar show joking way email all work William gas and customers alike Quebec. N Greco would you cut hit beef company. Along guy I actually. Fully agree with over which occurred and that I think I would get out they had done. What. More a part of that experience. The view from from a customer. There's a view from the context in which they find themselves. Is that still the key. A hundred inning and enter delivering a really compelling experience. To a model. And Patrick think unfortunately that it actually all we have time for 8 am. They anchored point 48 audience felt weak weekly have a record of your question and we will begin treat them. Paper behind and plan and getting back you take it happened a great you eat quickly in and charter. And and for the week ahead and a question how could take. And bet yet eclectic huge pinky Gregory. Credit annuity approach heating. And didn't let everyone out while we're gonna be spending the fall according and I hit a penalty they accumulated but for Wii and can play Guinea and get backing that and an. And the fate if anyone any more information on the scene in Q4 free to contact me and you can and in nineteen I think capital home. And kill a kick it had keen. And and the key had an Inky anyone would like you cut and a key issue compare them then and even come quite cattle coming culprit. And we have not coming in the rate. And autumn an indication that should lend in Singapore my hammy can speak. Play an eighteen hate and that he can join. And an act again and teacher Greg and due cash back and back electrical mechanical project. Everything you have met. Eight outlook. And integration trigger back into.