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Panel: Learn How to Capitalize on the On-trip and In-destination Experience



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Tue, 29 Mar 2016|

Matt Doherty, Regional VP, Business, Lyft Christian Watts, CEO, City Sightseeing Ken Frohling, VP Business Development, Viator by TripAdvisor


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Now clean up bad colourless wave from the web search in the we have with the airlines and then finally get. The wine and what are the things that I heard from each of you is how. In the moment wells near they're. Slot booking windows six hours worth their Detroit attractions cap for every virtue. OT is in before the OTA is any intermediary or anybody else has been trying to sell people stuff in. Pet six months before baker in the are you kidding me category leader of this kind of what I want to do six minutes before weighed down. Said it was sort of disconnect it was a weird unattractive. To intermediaries because it was though it in mid in the rain opera but definitely the one time. So why I think they'll all be worried and violent agreement that it's gonna be aware smell it real time I want to end all that. What's been your a relationship. With an out there are Wi-Fi and planes is ubiquitous. Into hands after that the one place they certainly and there are bound to go new guard your attention. Had so I haven't seen that happen I found mum on planes all the type of attack on minnows Rombach. Mini nano why I'm going but they know down one dollar and coming here from San Francisco from your. Would've been nice to know. Since the play is only sold I'm hearing although business about the partnerships. What's gone lame or Gerrard doing things in a great way brought looking for partnerships with that with the EU to me. Any other gentlemen Pierre Roth I'll. And it would seem to need that that would be the right time even timid step tried opera from me especially if I'm sitting on the plane for six out where does. I've got Wi-Fi. Began buckeye can even talk to people yeah chatter wiest are our line and find out more about what's up but there. I think yes I think done under exploited or when some people got solutions for the coming. And restated as a big country was rhino in Europe which is. But the biggest airline Euro though their flight attendants actually sell. Products on the machines on the album she's in the Nile will deliver great traction elevator man on the website you. Public example exploited I think it's something everyone's. Bottom up for years but non Julie Spector. This these gets her maybe them. If you look yeah you know either pure. Yeah I buy I agree with everything can we are right. Yet. I think you're right in power is wrong we told our partners it's not the way to do it the realism window. Before you get on the plane should be trouble window that works well now we see in its it might be the airline check in email might be that pre departure Bonn where our Gmail those do work. Think you're exactly right in flight now we've tried things before. A lot of what Duncan still and trees gonna have found that I think that will work because it's interactive. And the customer can choose what they want to see scare and that more that will Brandon C. We've done things employed before that have worked here and we've done trials with another company that actually have product in flight that would solve as well. The problem is what we sells a broad mass of products and sort of the hop on hop hot strip pretty easy it's easy to sell Ryanair flight attendants can get it and they can sell. But Peter kurer the hardly novel it's too much top down. Flight attendants refused to staff John having if you went for a fact didn't what will never try that again. The other piece in five is having in front of them. If you wire two billion and yeah they see as much cream if you by southwest is the bike parade now above my destination. Everyone put on by that Italian and so we have found that right PC I think it has recently active I think that's we're we would get into. I think the opportunity. Is you know there's I think president. So were three challenges today. One is just the that the core infrastructure. On the plains and I think our esteemed colleague who talked about earlier on which is summon the infrastructure on the planes. If the employer information system it's been on the the ten year horizon the ten to fifteen year life cycle. These technical hurdles earth. That limited storage capacity bubble for what we do we ever server on the plane dropped into the in flight information systems but has been a favourite. That's complicated. So putting the infrastructure onto the plane is the first hurdle which. But be honest that what you saw in the product. That's all we're doing we're build in the mapping infrastructure you were not wow I V destination information because that's a journey that will be pushing in the future. I think the second piece of their. Is making sure that the actual. Funnel can be managed on the plane so today you can we can show richer environments you can look to look at the lost a check out around stupid down. B reviews on the top up on the restaurant to be able to play. Sap order it actually needs sound calm wife buy on the plane to talk to the ground and means different assure holders whose long haul. We're light on Virgin Atlantic very bad things off line that things offline means going across the sky right now so there was some Wi-Fi connected it faces. They will arise as a matter of when not if I think he just the connected really for the final part transaction. And in certain circumstances when you're buying food and beverages on the plane. And other habits this public knowledge. Your information is being fast on the bonds right wanted landed. Off its download on the plane and its customers on right to do so transactions off lines expanded so I think there's still some hurdles that and the third one which I think is. Equally important Anna I think insert your coming ten eat right and staff. The consumer experience somewhat they expect the last time. You know ten years ago Amazon said in one place to install and now they're saying it's my house of into powers. With Amazon prime. The growth assumptions which ranks in the we believe not forget that it's gotta be a rich experience which is why we're trying to take it again like experienced another weeks. Judy weapons today to make its BBC you can make of that which experienced staff when product placement in there so whether you. Wi-Fi connected that is then relayed on the airline we don't land in 2007 only get there in the future only slightly best experiences it's moved ahead anyway. So I get off their. But I think in twining sixteen in going the line and we really are talking only stimulate six well work you know it. Still ubiquitous in terms of having Wi fi. Man could wipe up. I didn't get that hurdle that fraction is Tom moss diluted snub by 37 will be done dad. Aren't home where I'm hearing buried there maybe some issues is is how we get people to actually adapt but if so is coming give me free Wi-Fi. Said whatever the hell they try to make. No well I have to do is go peruse through buyout or people or something out costs. N take all work and spend some time before it paid then let me do when everyone idea now to full flow but you know actually spent some time in engage in. Maybe have a little chat and C ladies and it's irrelevant to the trip I'm about to take you may ask me some questions which by the way for a free wipe out your information. Are made going from business showing fewer immigrants Fontana now mean to be but I just wonder now. Because I'd been living here again as a former CML. Several they he she largely kitchen package companies. Both the cameras and traditional Amex. This has always. Flummoxed me because I CVP incremental revenue. And we're these hours for intermediaries. It's always been a problem for me because I sit there at nine YQ I get them. Q did the liquidity busy day care worker finishing things up. Now with their film Marley and ineffective again like my house talk before I go away kayaking out precisely my kids fun quite. Because they have the selectively. Said that would be the tying the specially prepared travel from either say you're like there's a whining. And badly peaked as a great job as just by truck peaked as a particularly great ad showing exactly what the supply looks like in the video monopolist I would like to do that. This is the type of thing so. Yeah there's going to be some trial and -- baby testing all the rest of Ecstasy were the attach rates but ignore hard to see. What the bus looks like before go down maybe some of the visual images there that's the place Geithner and beat a dead horse but I think there yes. Do may have been some friction and some. I think they'll other staffers scar where Europe online. Its own homes were on the recipes that changing industry if you can make it an experience. In Edinburgh you know you can wrap. That environs images beamed I think carefully on the change and I also think to read customer. You know experience something that's the -- are trying to surround. Hours after touring the journey is a ground transportation so we're gonna against the flight ticker. Back of the plane from. Abandon to twenty. Custom search box that integrate into the ground transportation and traffic seek safe Al unser. Fans your destination is what a lot of things right you can actually put in your home address and we'll tell you how to get their options for those companies that. But it pot. And let us add to take you home which is that's our journey for the environment. Belong to that later this year and then do. I think one common ancestor when I heard there was one coveted of the morals go but we know we've we've people with the generic building programme just. Airlines. Picking up very kind of things I'm I'm engage in conversation about a case where every trick radiation our credit knowledge that I that your public. Standards of the NAFTA fact legal notice or amended priceless yes. I think promotion. It's less panic selling now. The video polling can interact and human mobility. But then again he'd echo currently incentive if you haven't done. The up better with the indispensable but at least. Multiple word sometimes at all talking to replace a like my final comment on this I believe anything they sold an airline is an extension of the brand of so the product set that mirror the experience because I'm lying on the virgin airline flights weakness. In and I think that. Enter their brands I see that as a free. Particularly if you I think thinks I'm not gonna hit some by my nine venerable plane and put. Not backing up driving transactions could lower rain has had a. Then how entertaining or let's tip of the hat. Seven currencies in Cuba. Yeah. In airplane. Exactly so I'll move. Any view is is is the problem of having also because very very fragmented obviously guard you know it's too Dyson died. You know with really seemed ready brew Taurus. I you've got companies like your words which of course Europe are much much larger but you've got everything in between mean super fragmentation. Yeah I know the period number of companies that are trying to solve that problem by happening. Hours some sort of a booking. Engine does raise girl appearances accurate switches new from books and the industry as a whole pipes better trying to tackle their. How much of that is. Problematic with the with the ease of the book now Biden and how much of their do you think will be friction less and go away because some ideal figured out there'll be some sort of keep equities booking. Engine in the back for these fragmented level. You know two guys in the dark places. Yet this goes a appear only three years ago. Well added. I'm Arnold. Obviously there's a difficult presume everyone small platform bargain and they've platforms for our dinner guests who can make today they're going to be though there's middlemen of the middle man no there's always of one or more levels. Of aggregation. Solar I'm not sure whether golden peaks mechanism church goers go mostly in a little guys I think we might end up with. Baby. Ten different platforms someone's gonna have to come among them consolidate those into one because as a supplier. I don't wanna join television systems Expedia now forcing us to blot into the system for an IPO of them. By two of the same start you know what you're really logging into someone else's system is about the mass. Before going I'm having flashbacks of the fragmented hotel scene like fifteen years ago circular as much as much. That BP. The Hubble bucks for a for a pro choice attractions how are we from that fell only because that seems to be. Absolutely essential for people to have the dream can make you've been talking about the use of blocking. We're getting there you know I think the first step is giving this of lenders technology. Apps for the sport aircraft out of effect riders have sprung up in the last 35 years is doing that you're convincingly guy with a three again said he needs a system ordered runners with. And Savannah is taking place putting thousands and thousands of our average actually have a system we're used to the email spreadsheet. Like. That that's a better idea. And experts connected so we've built a hundred and be connected. To assist the cap clients. We have that air and to make it work in five to a dealer model output that we have had true lassie. No longer can the operators say your freezer on top 48 hours and many deploy back. And that's still online seven a lot of the traditional. To a car. We get into the system and get the true last week and we can make it happen. Then it's up to them to yield and tell us how much they want to give us and how much they'll keep what they are what we. The world we're well underway. You expect we'll ever get all worked worst connected we just know that what happened. By Al Gore's together very very high percentage. Our revenue connected. To a fractionally bottling I've got to be correct connected. One seamless experience to that member bill we seeing a bit. Bookings benefit the customer better grasp better for the. They may promote respectively or one front lines grow we want to put this pension. That in Africa now we how we think we're the facet. Ads quality athlete and prisoner until eleven. Fred people died inside sales the year narrative very challenging initially it actually on arms race so I think you know. Or who do you know friend lines we think women with Phil. Anything could be many of the next you thing actually report. As a. Yeah it's going to examine adding this basis just so exciting because it it's difficult it's fragmented which leases great opportunity. I'll agree with you pick it away and grab you know we're going to be watching that as more and more get really really. Interested in net. Are the in their debt there I'd just like to hear how the bullishness going in Tories an attraction is their. As much as certainly hotel destination information. This need to re be really rich robust information I'm gonna be spending my time no wonder why normally do now that me but people like me. Get to a resource get to a place. And I got rid of the concierge I got the guy with a buck you know the over the Burke. The others pictures from 1973. At the thing I can deal. But because he's sitting here at the hotel with the bark. Elise charming yet and with the Belgrade. That's rammed a buck or back away I got an opinion of here's who's selling something as opposed to chip about a relieved or at Vytorin thing out. So that's the competition is the guy with the blood and mean the allowable upscale concierge obviously but you know. When I guess they are now I gather decide drug market dolphin Daimler joined my you know the camera. Art. How do you how can Ken. Ken you're worried your firm you're with me industry and others like year old. Give any aid better alternative than the guy with the Barclays giving me that information. Aren't into hands of a rich robust kind tenant. And still make geared. Fifty you know. Nimble enough delegates can load quickly give me get same type term. As you said especially someone else get real type of armed experience in very very that's quick welding where. It's now. Is certainly keeps you up at night or now you get that Ledbetter leasing one. I think just in we knew we down a lot of talk company is run concierge desks you don't know where you walk in to a major hotel owners often now employees. Elixir to this role right sometimes you get the old fashioned Russian because the people come to the desk who can fill that. 1973 follow we started running high powered zen and vons and staff although worker welcomed the sum my arm. A summed up competition. So a I think we can do about that we've we've tried kiosks in in hotels that don't work anymore though we don't find the star kiosks have done so we're gonna pocket. Sold were well aware we're now trying to reach you inside the hotel which on average your phone on your time when inside the hotel and bypass countries all the other. Start of the next four. That's. The kind tender show. Has I mean. I think the content is important we. Be. It's true we have a marketplace for benders can self world information. We don't publish that content apps take that we were developed right. After we. We have to wear period groundswell viral punch. So we now even the most beautifully written description of the network product lifted about the reason maybe. Tell people what else they can do wide team for the highlights that we've only. Are rolled into the travel. Over its content about making unique because out that helps a surge first took. But trying to tell you give the customer reason. By the many of the smaller operators are not salespeople. They pal we can use they drive their passion about the business and I salespeople. It's our job to be bargaining. And we think that's what we do quite well as building that high tech the other pieces user generated so we. Back that pretty well in trip advisory. Ended million reviews so we're actively activities was filling attraction. Felt about the value to a lender or what do you think of the my fault how would you grade it still collecting online content on that. That's some the most highly trafficked part of a shake down. And by the way typically have for the I think he doing greeted Java. I'll I predict typically do you agree charged with those that have high reviews where you just with no bad cold secret Janssen in its not like that I tower exactly how now by. It's the you know. That the two dive boat tore around the happen really get in with old bubble burst in you know cinema one raided thing that I discovered the big New Yorker. You know its iconic iron isolate several wian thank you trucker buys a buy to a sell. Yeah that's very called it you do get an inactive big surplus metal based reviews said that they're to a weaker but I'd love to see with their partner with their. Some young assets said going upward somebody else's website because there aren't going offered take a look at what that looks like I'm here is website now I left debt. Keeping oil within especially if it's being sold by third party or an affiliate. I think we're doing it will not only in addition to that they of the reseller partners will have a motive actually the moment. Fiennes film in the kind of get it had really had accidentally cut innocent people bought a subordinate Haynes. China often. Possible. Netted a long awaited I think. What added pushed together and make them happy or have been. Of course they have to have an iron every device and it's going to be responsiveness televisa up the other thing happens is risk. Dan recession selling. This. Our annual look at fifth advisor forget that independent review has our trust but he's gonna say it's the best things sell and when you due. Maybe not of the transaction engine by making sure this things legitimate analyses of the positive negative ranking so. You know yeah of that space right and it's like I'm not only of the restaurant without checking on things and we are doing much better job Daniel does have a business bigger. Any and a number. Clearly passionate about their savings aren't that any questions from everybody here because the sectors and into me this is rape this is like I'm coming out. And that's tough year because it's a web session or less APEC. To me this is the great triumph here this of the pie. Now everything's didn't do solve clearly in other person hospitality and travel. But this is private but when he is both difficult you know because it is so fragmented. But it also is the one that Meeks. A legion tret. So special so if you know we've been having this discussion for many many years we've been looking at this into higher year to date car friends. Bad V most. But a roadway is our connecting the traveller through the entire power of the the announcement today from global forum for increased tell when X. All touch points through the marble journey mean Annan now it's been very inspiring an enlightening conference IPL. By you know fury I'd now to our two days of the dilute the kanell. And it's kind of like how we get him of pro eco system when he. M of the attractions there he represents. Is so vital to the whole experience and so I think it's. Rethink the way out stain on the verge but it's great delegate it again it gets better. It's kind of jumping off a week out whether the work it's only to be darn. Any questions from anybody else. On the day he guys someone I think everybody here for a for a sticking nonetheless dash and I think that this was a great session in line item one a parole date you are protested period thank you sell much.