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Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards - Best Mobile Travel App - Alaska Airlines



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Tue, 29 Mar 2016|

Eric Boston, Mobile Design Manager of Alaska Airlines on why Alaska Airlines deserves the award for Best Mobile Travel App.


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Robert M John I hit. A red Avastin. Getting in. And the desire measure priced airlines and then does this sort of wearable way it's OK sell. I'm here to were trying to convince you their turn the best more wire has actually Alaska Airlines. And enjoyed the man who wrote represent a while will have worked on some based on people Bob probably from the ground up so. Kind of users find thing here and see what happens so just earned just as a bond world with a counter its Alaska times. In the Caribbean and customer advocates and everything that I am asking airlines does start with two basic questions. Within those questions. We like to get in for a customer and find out why what are they thinking soul wonder what we do as we actually got to build ports. We said and find them on the negative I lost seats in lira for a as the question the one consistent area as we we title frequent flier. People we. News online tools find out a wider deal with that. So and there's several things we use 33 items active use booked orders as far as how we make a decision what controller adds. Broken down to rule again back to a customer is a as the customer first. And we want a simple by travel for them and we also wanted just only build something we know we can do really really well. In other play out well. So far a figure out is that the 24 hours before your wide Venezuela short term debt out of our debt. We also know that a frequent flyers whatever users want actually use only about. Is the occasional flyer or those that are now to actually allow same basket alliance brand advocates are the ones who probably use the more will we ever an adaptive more so actually. Were chosen do. As of now we obviously for a one way or other basic things you want to see in our you know we have stem by weightless which we get all our traffic and and no other things that day you can do UK should pre order food and I'm out which has kind of interesting. If you for a closer grid is well even checked assume we're around a raft of good time applied in whether you're in mineral porno Kevin locations Erisa Zahn. What will let you know Reuters apply possessive bill what her attorney general area. Soul. What's important to me is desired. End I think the oil weakness design rule core labs. As a do you have design has acted on the work. So we actually have a team of euros designers and visual designers good are going through worrying about the operating systems and also just talking to customers find out what the what people. Manipulator or not always as either premiership. Scion brand really fast sell. Like for apple would have I was out. There was now studying here aid but has not actually pulling out all the have them give us feedback as rejoinder designed with them. Enjoy the same thing we didn't off oil word sterling durables I'm Diana's style look at Google labs because a lender announced giving it kind of a once in reduces find out how big like that. As we you do Lott. Is an after Meyers with a partnership with Google make sure we're really good research and also a lot of a lot of the a lot of times who want to if that. Give people at what they wanted a railway. So. And want camp just all the over the counter to. While we do on the study's refiner consumption by paying us air and one thing we found out is that people people don't know what's decoder. A figure and so one nicely as the they have as we actually start the reaction start preceding him. In their ouster of the silica which room for reference but it's canonise because people actually say watch for the great another body G has exit malware had no idea. So it's a lot of into detail. Not touching. Performance and technology. We're comes down to as a my moving everything in house in real difference sportsmen were obviously using Banderas on would have Hewitt. And we will retain power because we are operating system. We have a on Q eighteen Todd dedicated itself. One thing zealously that we ran into us for a car one small problem. Is that we actually what we're. Once I was out research with travellers as this moment the relation which Noelle Boyd who was flying instructor. Weighed. People who that they wanted a name that will report was Asian women have so on some over time. Just a quitter items outlawed by Starr has now store. We have four point need to do play. We are obviously we're were growing in all we're excited about. I was saying. Where would you Bob Chrysler alliance. We were comes down to is if you know when you die you find customer. You know they just need things simple by the news of the work we feel like we provide them with a really simple solution at all well the most good till sample anyway. Real time. The.