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Case Study: Hear the Story Behind Le Meridien's Follow Me Campaign



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Wed, 23 Mar 2016|

George Fleck, VP Global Brand Management, Starwood Hotels discusses Le Meridien's Follow Me Campaign


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The Manila joint flag and then their VP of global brand management for western in the mega brands for the last week have yes. I was previously there global brand director for W hotels and look at the W brand for ten years. And I have worked in ally in Asia Pacific division as rather emu officers. Opened hotel sector be ma VW Barcelona. That the Atlanta midtown very glamorous. Anybody that worked and at avatar the ballet and the end Chicago L. And earlier at the exciting journey F then in the tirelessly for twenty years. And and previously just now we're a high it. The third Bennett energies in Germany for me the last six years being in the quite put our officers were inbred management. Have been really interesting especially as we looked to transforming our aluminium brand and much how many you are familiar with the brand. But it is this heritage brand elevated boron act in their lead fixes only seven easing Europe and it's been a really really expecting revenue work I'm. After debit accounts. And before I get into what we've done and specifically around in the ground and social media Alan gave you I want may get boring primus. Does it really quake first in fact are over the brand itself in you'll be able to millions NY. We decided to implement the social media strategy that pan out up battle that laid out. And but basically battery Isabel we are fat around without yard teams outsourcing needed teens. Our design teams it would have IC and now to re imagine our the median brown. Would start when has now had four tenuous. And we've really love this quell this kind of inspired everything we've been doing on this brand necessarily around and the figure of you know -- seeing our own destiny turns out hotels. Among visitors with new eyes and really finding a way to. To make them relevant for the different destinations we have run the world in the brands like new because we actually have one or more with now iPad there. US than in the US which apples to an interesting challenge anything about languages in court terrace and accessibility to certain platforms. Saab recognition. Have fallen within is tool. At Millie and other destinations around the world for the curious thing with minor traveller it's really about reading and expect that. And unique experiences where they're happening inside our fact that by 2000 includes added he would happening in the digital space as well. As I mentioned earlier element in was borne by have frowned in the late 1960s. When I travel with glamorous. And and there when you know can't quite was happening. Al when really as the big yeah flying on the 747. And upper deck front you up to Paris with sort of like the opinion glamour. And so that have brands at the time really bright the sensibility of design and style and French weakness add to this new hotel brands. Of quite named after a you know the meridian line. At what units the light landed lighted vanity third encircle the world. And then really have friends by declared a hallway from harm for their passengers and it threw us. At the time the infrastructure in many of the places at the airline flew to were not as developed like the active day sell. When you think about as Vietnam or think about the Middle East anything about. Even group B in South America. And Alan pointed cradle the very reason French and look and feel fund Fran as food and beverage experiences to design itself what. The brand expanded very quickly to our early seven these. Add but then the airline thought the ready in the within the EB's. And unfortunately lemon in sort of like whether I'll holocaust arrived in different on the steps in 2005. Star web wire the brand. With honey and 25 accounts but the minus one hotel had nothing to do with the other except by the name on the door. That we really wanted to bring. And at this brand back under the spotlight in a book over the last ten years to really and create a product that was consistent around the world. Upgrade and the and they existing accounts bring in new accounts. That really at you know had this point of view that we wanted to do about for this brand. And today we have really the strongest portfolio and in the history of the brand with a 103 hotels worldwide. Sell decline to a twenty C year. US we have very strong with fully in the I think it's expected but marked collective they add. And the 23 I tell us egg yet. And down the air hotel than say these bad you might think had really incredible doubt that limiting Columbus recently are bent. And again can plan. In the Indianapolis. ID C pretty can really fabulous would seek out hotels this very much and brand name wish I had my of them in a city like new high wire. Or Paris or London and a dvd I'm brand name will continue to be working with a devout and teens to bring. That on brand experiences to these their cities as well. When you look at our growth does so we have incredible on the momentum now. Expanding. At the brand and in the next thing up. Three years by thirty plus more volatile so I'll call that about ID just quality. Double the open up the brand over the next act ten years. But ultimately important that we've developed a big thing when the design and we're very much inspired by mid century mark Bennett then which has the Euro that we were born in. Sell our timeless and chic design principals are taken from when I have friends created hours there was glamorous even travelling. And the was romantic he sees that the design sensibility here with the synergy of our Marlboro and in our I had assets. And but really feels residential fields and modular. And can feel also you know wanna have a certain playfulness that you might expect. From a European bond brand. Callers are audience we. Ha our Ivins the curious and could have minor traveller. Anything important that they are travel laminate likened. They're brand experience to a to sort of like in L. You know how would I describe that. In inside a few words basically in the back at best that's and that's your southern Paris in the back of the best back and you like C glimpse of the Eiffel Tower that the over our beautiful gardens amazing buildings flattened by U. Thursday's snap shards that's being minus this brand of not about spending five hours you know taken a curious to work that'll rebutted clearly. These now sharpen EU in Shanghai and Paris I'm Bangkok via. I interpreters Dell. And sell speed ends sort of like you know the ability to see an example a lot of things out of Asia time is an important for this traveller. What about you are interested in originality. So we act came down to that what this does this mean for the brand said the end the year announces about. China has years ago now with our runners up unlocking the destination. If they build on the cover the inside. That if you go somewhere you anything that you've been somewhere so when you Shanghai you don't want club so much when you order room service. When in Paris and outline hamburger when you got the best right. And Panetta has won brown maybe. Bad you know believe the idea that when you go somewhere at the fee levied in some Mac and it's not just about and the hotel sort of having bad that methods but also. By happens outside of the town becoming so the editor others' experiences for our gas. Sell the way that comes alive throughout programming is to these sold three golds of the discovery of the par the last three themes of poor naps we're sort of like you know. Zero you into the destination. To allow gas to discover the surroundings. You layer in culture would discredit everything so I bet you Ken smell and touch and CL end you know the Koch at the destination. We're just like the intangibles. And then lastly cuisine. What better way event experience a place sent through its fluid and so does our three as c.'s Leslie Carla not together they create a system I've you know. A primers that destination unlocked. Seoul now fast forward to about. Eighteen months ago. And we will have quite select it rebrand out there. Think about you know white kind of social media. Initiatives to remind put out in the markets and we looked around you know let's happening and like most other brands. At that time and still do many today. A lot of Mattel brands hence you know we weather seen. And then sell artist ended we put beautiful multi start images of a thousand destination up one night intervention panel finds ample. And W far. But it doesn't really feel like it's if anything that. In L compare red Ken doers allow so we believe Maine something about what investors can we implement an instant brand in particular. Any star earlier you know this video snapped Saad and tying it story add quickly. And you know we really are about like the Fed yet catch me if you care. You know what. People allied Tyre in Q and listen to our brand story and so we are why this with one image he could capture some of the tension and and then sort of like lower them out of their reality into something quite you know call you need our quirky your different. And so we love this idea of catch me if you can be cut again it was battered as the 1960s mid century. And the can fewer big thinker that normally. But got a looking for a partner and that could potentially heartless thing a story to life. And and it's out of the bag commissioning of the target for a would end anybody could deal. But finding effort by the Farah an artist call what share of the same there's end. And of our brands bylaws paying up our partner brand ended in the red again. Console I had seen was going to instant brand and public by T as a kind of sound and grain Nalen could be heard of them before. That by the authorities bitterness turns allows the beautiful. Day 1960000. Aerial beat fatality. And others really at just really. Excited about the fatalities dial. And ban users bright beautiful collar us and use rape wave far. And nick he and that the luck with you know home design and down. Anyway I finally with the dramatic fall and just thing way to capture destinations. And in so we met with them. And we took him through a much slander random errors than what its debut. But you really loved and what we're doing with the brand aware we wanna go well in his eight the year of capturing really beautiful imagery. But hordes of the land cover hotel brands. But not saying you know here the featured some via PayPal spent nearly. Yeah power at story is an obvious destinations. And so weekly that the solemnly programmer is really based and then I'm into the ground. You if you follow grades into them account. The men as a freshman in the ground and I think actually possible too much on their bad I do think he added an expanding into grand. Feed and NT has about finance and 5000 followers who have very loyal engages with them the mean gauge. Can sell indicates that we quickly but the problem with feminist not just the bar was thing here is fatality. Only it is sentiment around the world the summer landlords exciting destinations. And and we given basically a challenge. And capturing. Really unique moment the third howarth. And end their and then you shoot something has lands and summer surely just that into farm an ironed on this project. Chinese is female and N and a fire photographer is an amended the invading your alarm fire and the Fed journey. Hot file. As a follow me campaign is so sad indeed has that encompasses. My life's work to sell via. Via AT you know where they appeared in the opening of togetherness video project AM to three years into their hotels or from meridian gas. It allows for a mom in in awhile B as a means of tiles. And serious virus gases to staff in their tracks in just fiscally. That's what I love about my ideal fire life people to feel a every day can be a go away. Viewed here of the far me program is that it allows people to file alarm while what's happening with people don't always know how much workers into issue. Social media has changed the target fee is not just about DNA so it's about the person behind deadly journey automated image into their Merck and other outlets spirit in had always still now. People to come in inside the frame and feel like when they see that final innovation that they were there are as has been made every kind of emotionally connect it. Workers were summary ending is more than just working life career and fits all of working with. I fear variance sixty degree approach to live experience that mean does. Widest support bar Varney. Behind heart of where bin and the nearly dining scene mules exciting places. Including new work hopefully enjoy the right. Terrifically. Summer's most favoured I was when he said to me we need a thousand there inflatable arts to lease of the Spain buy this put listed data here. And the bad down when the next in the foyer is that besides the and besides the the first media campaign. There's also. You know the top programmers aren't sold pushed out in many other parts of the talent Spain's so for example he's been in about the thousands. Visit video screen in alive these with beefy have opened higher. Body of work going to a gallery seeking really becomes part of the I'd experienced in the lobby of the hotel. Of voice instant ran the old saw an abrupt and with me now be uttered faded and the global keep quite serious so you have these little kid either become basically the art work. And in so it's not just an about the apps for social media company but it's really like 56 week campaign. And that influences many aspects of the hotel experience. And because that horrified estimate show that. You're I saw some new campaigned for disconnect that fund the actual guest experience that's happening inside of the hope talent that was really point to add that we. And found something that connect dead one with the other areas of the guest sees the staff in the larvae. That's and that receptionist for example would be able to tell a story or bad and why we're doing best. The old soul and sent him after Barcelona active retirement it was one of our sort of like I let openings. Last year as the give us a great excuse if you will to highlight top abide new offerings. But not make saying I'll years then new Holland twenty of the town and would town with eczema needing space. To suborning so this give I think really really great new way to have about a new operating without it sounding so commercial but rally siding dear friend adventure. You wanna be armed. An equity and other some ways basic final polls and will be captured mark hunter around the actual full issued in good time. Hi my name is great real in the air and I ended retired. Working hard lethargic hardly with the meridian hotel's first. When I was invited zero retired. Do this divergence here either via the via the idea has been earth for tiny villages happiness. Believe balloons represent just enjoy a salvation came off than they have been. There are either likelihood we're Ahram this iron behaving in these communities and our outlook is here. One allowed it really years there where we had hassles touts Saddam. M of households really look reminiscent of the fair flag veggies dear little while the country who is really amazing existed interpretation that have been is available early. The south of. Over rather Hewitt has there's an amazing experience. We use many different backgrounds in the country fans rice paddy yards. This year Bruins. A reverse hired a fairly new then we like avatar finds the staff either have pleaded for here are having how to do it. Federal layers of about have been. It tells you far thorough lacked change the fact feel like leaves Euro that's unique. I love it here. Your fellow fed there's no. There's no helium in which analyst you have to bring in India was whether itself a very unique talent and actually allowed the nominally Fowler hit anyone but balloons. And is rice paddies so again effect. When I said earlier it's about reading unique experiences and destinations that need be given knitwear so something mark and I different that you might never seen before. Here's an example of what his biggest means applied nov alaves around the world for their content feeds directly attacks the am and through its seems like the Internet. Cause and dollar backwards out to get at it this content as we have the new material available. The other credit videos and have porous apple stores at our YouTube channel. We create. Marla at segments to use them into Brannon FaceBook and so VoIP. It gives us a great way to promote our resort put folly at the poor and really because this the brand which multiple think golds and cared they business without. But really give us at an angle that let us tell among these area anymore sort of play for our point of yield. As I mentioned. An odd sort of like digital channels and this kind of thing gets pushed out allows us to promote and these destinations we create and if there's an extension of the million Doug Kahn. Sub we'd have a look at bad and with more content. We had.

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