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Amadeus' Christian Lukey and Forward Keys' Jameson Wong on what the Customer Wants



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Get detailed insights into what the customer wants from data patterns to travel patterns and how you can leverage the data to plan your strategy


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So here regard Jemison well take care of deep. The data pointed their big data work our present. What we do what we call the age of the travel power which has original research was done. A very. The last few years with Amadeus. So brief introduction my name is Christian look I am heading their hotel and Verity coal in Asia Pacific sewer bonds supply and distribution. Farmer does which is one of the leading media sources in the world. We ten versus two GDS's with old school in beach technology and Diana Sorenson still for us. Yes. Its big data it's very solid technology at the same time we enable a relative every point with Iran have warrants. The run cargo loading we're owned passenger system we track your luggage we do chicken distributes. A kind of items so. It's it's a big company we're about 12000 employees. Had a same time we do many many different things in different markets. OK so the presidential goes through with you today's but. 1015 slows nearly twenty this year just run power so it. It's a bit of a journey of what we have done identity information we collect the data we have. And what we encourage all the supplies all the providers or basically everyone in this room everyone Linda Linda traveller. Travel chain. To use when they think uptake communication debt activation of product and design of products. Any questions will have time idea and a if it's anything bowling just. Stand up and shout. Certainly we got. If we look if we look back yeah he. The age of the golden age of travellers but you know in the fifties in the seventy's the area of the Concord area of the first flight from from London to Johannesburg based jet. Powered airplane and so forth all glamour poll. You know lavish. How the old days too big palace as the big hotels. That's really worth just out of people start taking Jenny fora leisure and not only travelling for relocation of travelling for work. Moving on Tibet and a we enter a web vehicle. The mass travel anywhere invent semi just mentioned among the passengers in in M a 380s. I'm concerned not about the passengers have you say yea you see that when become invasive when regard. Electricity and Wendy guards opened at around. Possessive that I date who's wise and that is really what could happen in the 70s80s. Or even. A bit later is when needed deregulation Kim. Completely new deer destructive or distribution methods. And ultimately standardisation. I commodities Asian after Deere product basically by deceit. Through. Very specific established channel. Payment is done through again channel I'd offline and our online. Better that's really when. Just tiger really really really crowded. Now moving forward for doubt that we have were planning I think in China were planned a three either no points. In the region definitely huge amount of new flights and no no planes being acquired so. In the whole. This clean the world Asia Pacific is where. We still see a huge uplift. Offload capacity and a flight travel Linda in years coming forward. Due to different reasons one of them is obviously video graphics look at Indonesia we look at southeast Asia is not change because it is pilots to islands. Dave wrote I'm not ideal compared to Q I don't destinations like Europe Europe's. So where which today really. Today should come a quick video. So welcome to the age of traveller part of no does how we we see there that the revolution taking place now. It is hard to actually digital. I'll stick to Bernard using smart devices them I don't like to call a computer font because to me it's not on the farm. Now we knew we redo would we serve this are the device services unelected computer like a piece you know collector and you know. But yes travellers have been good to us mad device. They have obviously three under sixty degree view that has opened a lot of opportunity for companies like trip advisors oracle. Reduced sides of the deal a virtual reality insider. Two DD. Your opportunities huge. The access to Internet is growing extremely fast to speed of Internet delivery. Also pending capacity of Internet deliveries is much versus a video suddenly become something people want to look at it. Ten can now stream through. Also it allows a lot of personalisation. With Thomas yesterday we mentioned in our passive or create innocence data put too much detail what is done with is that on the other hand. There's the other if this yard area extreme way semi mentioned a kid is as a come one come under flight is allergic to flout the remote to flower market. If you have five allergies basically you're removed a hold cabin depression. Now you know Nokia does not flowers if not this you know that and ultimately cut half like Kenya. Pressler that's. Emea C gardening is that is McCain coffee. OK. Ticket numbers. So. The item is really first the we we area where the intermediary or provider lost ninety solution for the travel agent for the point for the alliance of prices really important to understand white. Is to needs after traveller horror distributor with have to meet how can we from a technology perspective help their. We are obviously very strong in the legacy airlines meaning full cost areas we have acquired now the term which you step sparked indeed. Low cost carriers so we are building basically a stability to address the needs of the speaker. Be it onlookers carrier on the leisure trip on the regional flight. Beard on the long haul flights be it on the business strictly come amid. In so we are our focus is really to understand why daddy wiped out all the different needs that we need to covering future without technology would try to supply distributor. So. Going forward. The Java has more power than ever before. We mentioned on this so sure cherry OK. Goodness chance as badly struggling pasta and a secret chapter for assets. So who worked at where does it mean for us is that. We have to be make sure that Ada data weight test to be secure is extremely secure. So we we unfortunately here regularly appear preachers with banks always financial supplies or insurance companies until Ford's. So we have one responsibility. Under European added protection to keep to personally perceive. On the other hand we need to provide a possibility to personalise. The product as fire has lead us that permit. OK so and admitted to travel really needs to get the 3% to Holler of dollar starts and a lot of development. Because he's nuts. They would that they will take that back they would say you know whatever you do I'm here that's what I wanted to know you have to provide too many to cater to my needs. So where we went firm travel was exclusive to travel what's mass standardisation. You can get lake inner reformer so you can get any kind of as targeted black. That works out how many Fortis did produce 191. Unless so. Basically there is ism. A very strong need for personalisation and we came up with what we describe as the the traveller tribes because we believe we have to get away from. Bigger Ballmer is versus. Generations edgy nationwide. The latest burst of fund research think pickle now. I don't know I don't fit in any of them. Yeah and is consistent. A comeback to later work they elect Dennis as saying yesterday know. He's probably the most millenium 56 your personal met at this industry. So. We would need to meet more of away from the founders segment is made demographics I agree with summaried demo segmentation also been mentioned that. Hotels that can't articulate not segmentation. It will be more and more important you know is it but made about bucket is it manual old school by type by. Now. Cascade of types sub groups and so forth and hard at those who extend. Correlate Oro argue people with different the same curve over different persona fit in different buckets to argue communicator disinterest and on his different needs because of the time of the day day of the week weaker demand would. OK. So. Whether they did is it is away paper together with a future. Musician we went out and interviewed a number of people that people can be downloaded at dot unfortunately have a copy with liberty confided to. On their on area and our. A global on our website. It gives you very detailed. Results after research we did the behaviour of more needs ones and habits of our travel so our segmentation and vowed to present the year is based on behaviour. Rather then. Rather then a demographics. Or spending habits which I think is is even trickier nowadays. So if we look at the world and 2030. It will be an extra one billion people in the world 20/20. Percent will be travelling. Ageing society. Tell that doesn't mean that everything in voluntary exhibiting figure that maybe the font on the fund should give bigoted. And but I was in Bangkok recently from handling its Europe Singapore Adam Eisenberg visibility this. All the mail. All have hit oil and a designer fashion and oil and he wanted to she wanted to be twenty years young. Then down. It was looking at this answer first glasses than other players system nor modular system is looking at it was a black Berry. Whether a top OK. Then he turns around until you see a farm where you can see one word on the whole bloody screen as the command. B Rio wear glasses were context do something you know. Sell at ageing society. Yes it's it to challenge people our. On one side extremely savvy. A million years 21 to have everything now immediately fans that's a far I get ahead days. A retiring immediately as are people going into their fifties that started having more time this is all school market thinks this is the did decision addition we used to do before. It is seal. Added Don throwing doubt dose dose groups are still there but if you could delay of habits. Our Oro Valley is a behaviours you would find that you can you can assisted most different cover communication products. Another thing which is interesting about headed as the slide there so last week or two weeks ago is in Miami for a far ahead now which is a electronic distribution association. They presented a map of the world which which interesting enough for US based organisation. It was not only US opposed to whole thing. End the big they made a big circle that is centred somewhere around us. Now. And you take your take Arabia's half going all the way to. India China Japan Korea and so far society's data. Debt disaster population in future after what. The selling dad dad is a circle. Where things are happening because that's where people are. Now we have hotels which are most they would have blades remove people but ultimately just lost my guess I would keeper. And distillate number two people one tick upwards that steeply national tourism board term work. So comeback aside the customer landscape mostly S change yes social media is their search and media is extremely wide. Think back social media five years or ten years ago with Intel right we checked their home wiped out. Maybe enough is the was already de link generous somehow they're. Be aware of Vista no one really knows it out about an hour and others you know the unique forum. A unique works another area out. So question is not what is what is in today and ensure we should be where we work where the world is going today we should be present we should be able to transact. But he is what is the next thing. We move forward we talked Smartphone we can do everything in the Smartphone media dollars virtual reality book a flight Alcatel Booker package there. The same time second Brittany owning a at. The same time. You can book in macao on the FaceBook chat. But what is the message is probably heard a leg of the tweaked. So do we need all this graphic do any deal this massive amount of data sighting devices it comes back to basic. I needed at that time this is this may account number chided their. So you know we see boss side we see extremely advanced technology on the same time because of activating factor simplicity. Think you're so. Dick concerns. Daddy's dead is a bit. I'll it's it's more difficult to address now. The momentum going to energy can travel there are people want to be in the community. Which is great. At the same time. How much with a community is disrupted by this traveller who wants to be part of the community. So how much. Will it be a challenge for the community to. Expanded knowledge about expanded Leicester versus heading a tourist visiting and received in the number of places where. Originally. Forecasted that the did the indigenous people were extremely. Supportive helpful positive and so forth five years later. Dead they become really really. Less friendly or less and less helpful because earth heaven being taken for granted bail out of so called political travellers who wanted to discovery community. So it does again boss list is a revolution we can't stop it lifted investor. So. Few other items obviously are automation we mentioned it Indiana space. Challenger ahead with our automation personnel is saying it's it's a great thing but on the other hand if a walk into a hotel lobby and one of the per cent. Going to be treated as a person not be greeted as a and Lloyds T member number so unsold will host of this of this in the past now that I think it personalisation. Hess can be done mechanically can be automated but it is a fine line wiggles to fire. And then you realise OK to stir message to the view from the I don't I don't monetary policy can backfire. So. Emotive try before you buy experiences I've if you travel agencies Singapore her populace her glasses in the chart is OK you're gonna go there. Have a look I think it's a great thing for specific segments we possibly if an airline definitely far far ledger factor our venture back. Crews could see. Hotels and not exactly convinced. But I think it's so definitely something guarded industry S to try out there is. We listed in the former company. Worked for years to have destination live web camps around the world. It was fantastic addition the Chechen Germany and you showing beach in Thailand the time difference just messes it up. At a later black music yeah well that's the nightlife now not only works offer. Again. I'll look in Asia Pacific obviously. About half of the passenger traffic will be deer in the APEC region. So that is that is something we all need to be ready for it today we feel that the airport's busy. We haven't seen nothing yet. Now and that's where I have concerns when receive the silver carriers coming in. The runways a kid again it is OK that all the idea of what's the challenge now. You need to check every passport versus that they were under either somebody up the boarding as kind of follow at a it just takes time as as much they try to improve it is still takes time so. Days there's a fine line where we we're heading for a firm massive for massive term. Or. Explosion of the curve travelling. So. The research that other energy OK a touch of it upon it we concentrated. We planned global somewhat of the research piece of paper research paper I don't Europe centric US centric humour when globally we just don't with the resources to that because we've. Offices in a hundred countries. Invented to a folded key markets or as where less. Into interviews with with a year for our leaders. And this is the outcome so I'll go through murdered at the different abilities one by one you'll see just item I'm happy to share dispose afterwards if anyone once just just let me now. Had we have. So. First category simplicity searchers have the very straightforward they weren't. To go as much as marked. The one to a lot but did a wonderful deal with it. NASA is typically go because of the travel agent booked me that flowed at a hotel. That transfer. Originally dinner bear. Everything has to be straightforward. Is simple to action. Hence. To not micro manages stayed just decor businesses some miles to travel has to be as to be done. This is pretty much an existing category this has never really change in the old days it worth of business traveller. Nowadays. It is still the business rally maybe in the economy category as well but. That China has already been weary delegates everything everything you've just once a very clear product delivery. Obligation metres of one self dozen more. People have a say. Whatever it takes only to be there at that time no meeting for two hours and a need to be out again now a family weekend a weekend the breaks up. Has to be efficient. Very so did they wanted a deal it was cross selling but they need it needs to be personalised extremely. Specifically. Listed on which we mentioned aided the offer you get a larger forecast the idea idea put. They could not care if they appear 356000. Dollar and a slide in the slightest deliver hours they will be interested by ten dollar voucher. Yeah but that's that was happening today now OK you know you're delay your blood flow to get this party you can go to. Now that that's an upset that front going. So there is more. In that case this is what happens Camby meal largely Camby to be revoked and a different plane for example. And that orders can be triggered automatically. The agriculture blitzer. This is more item mentioned before people want to go more into you know are experiencing emotion and that's where passive lead ET. Showing economy comes in for a in an accommodation perspective you're gonna go to Hong Kong unit at a time when you leave with the lock off. Kevin Vieira of wherever you can enter a room waste. Within the community. I think it's a great thing. At the same time. It's still limited in its infancy in the sense that people needs especially being in the region here people need to know how to use it. I had comments from friends that furthered his busy destination this year audit covered us fantastic exactly as described. But the building was in the middle of nowhere and sick well yeah would become more to building. And building most of before you booked and the building will be doubts do not turn after you've got so it's really is how hard to Eustace tools and how to. Yes it. Do a bit more research debt before was done by the challenge a dollar to a greater waited it would not only due to a to a long term had telling the middle of now. But that is on which we used to take for granted now everyone has to do everything but himself and just a limitation. The other the other challenges are off than when they are my dissenters chirps anyone to go to. Seven destinations on the flight for example. With transfer with land transfer received transfer then it's getting really really complicated people still do tragedy themselves they realised Thomas turned wissington then. Morrison then become would also injured travel agency this is well done is sort of up and of the terminating gets addressed so. We still we're still in Dana learning phase here. But definitely a segment that comes up much much more. With the younger generation awareness OK you want to. The power dividend and no more then. Wiped. Our culture has topless in the past. Country periods. There's DR day extreme way they want to be. There's still have backed practicality. No sir. They would a real experience. They weren't too did not want a plan anything really want to go off and be. About changing their minds. Are. The new policies whenever they feel it defined a group of people doing the same voters simply is one hour Fargo we're damn and so forth so it's really that the free traveller. Pray tell us now. There could be a traveller the books. Saying they are very last minute because Sara inner cities typically ended placed a steady guests are so wanted to go it's for our which was recommended so why dells is that so. Daily new location and you need to instant confirmation and he needs tended booking photo. Under flights so they would probably be more of going further forward about against Florida more complicated roots has done is that the prices the prices are near a attractive poorer. If you tell us into discovery city underway when ups and thinking of how Iceland positioned themselves in the 70s80s. We needed to stop richer bid because you can do a direct flight to the origin and Iceland become. The destination for stock over the didn't have to but they were very smart at at capitalising under under a particular constrained in does that. Compared. And then I think that's the lowest drive. Sort of capital seekers. That is typically the person who words. For. The sake of after whole trip they need to be. Taking your cell C in their Louis Vuitton shop and credit and FaceBook Alistair. Same with restaurants same ways activity I'm Linda large and flying with whenever airline I was in their first class larger debt place it's really really nice. To put on social media. Now so dared to do whole thing is doctor hold key validation here. Is extremely important and ideas where. We all active in social media on the companies are doing something something something somewhat OK. The thing is how Kennewick capitalise on this. Now and the detail but we heard yesterday with Cathy Dennis mentioning from Castaneda at a deed hashed out where the travel and live well travel I think even worse I think it's extremely clever. It is a tag line for an airline fantastic. I would be interested to see how many people use it without knowing it sleek cat I'd now like. It is just that has checked that we look. We. Put people on the on pedestal. The put put him up from the crowd which is still at a whole idea justice allegations that tiger. We before we used to call talk a lot of our cloud scorer. And anyone in the room knows still clouds court today. OK so clout. Used to be an app where you could go it used to. Collect Dolly Europe activity a different source familiar with give you a score from 1200. And I remember receiving applications to fund for people to a mad about the missing my class Cory sixty and greater social media. Click OK what is all about today no one is the digital. Concept was interesting. For validation for a in up into two to give a common denominator to activity in such a media reacted he has a different way to hedge. But yes it came and went. And does. Our happen grew worried hunters could sell we mentioned this morning. Couples on mobile devices. We mentioned loyalty programs. Were mentioned. Up anything way get something went up visit collecting Myers collecting points collecting credit cup points redeeming them. Again white way to make it more than what they originally paid for its fifty. This is that the tribe it is extremely important. Yesteryear hundreds of Florida program out there for assurance. Down some bloated programs that our going for more agenda core purpose they should I think Asia minus was one of tomorrow. Diluted programs where you can. As as a travel supplier to the Taylor's arrest had so you could incentivise people for going down for writing a review of I take up of hotel this morning d'isere write something as a trip advisory did gift. Secure well I if you gift with a review so. Which have done it but. Another chain and that that's where find it intrusive leg if you if you check out of their at a reception you see that side circuit is secure oracle but for those who using it or you've got. Place at a pretty review. Find me I may or may not but it's still probably follow with an email market. Now hair as did in the US two weeks ago and ahead and international hotel chain sending meanwhile email. For a review second email came in Chinese somehow. I'm in Singapore size and fluent in Chinese against sterling came under. Front office manager saying. If you don't plan to rid us ten let us know what went wrong to a incorrectly before you put a review. That's where so ideally to double take. The C and I if it gets tighter B seven is as good right most of our property was wedded Liza was bigger than it was a big oil that nothing can be downloaded Desai asked. Sites that don't wear to management could influence it it was a row where Iran. But I find it intrusive that a day. They sent me review dentist in me really Miller from language that I didn't pick up that over Europe and password and let Bob think you're looking Chinese speaker. And ultimately. To the kind of bribery. Now if there's anything let us now but just on Don put anything negative data. Therefore a decade the guys probably to have a minimum of eight out of ten. Else dairy doubt challenged so. Icy weather try to achieve but it should've been done face to face in the lobby rather then my email later today is this still the the human factor which I think is it's now whenever technology visiting the human factor will be did it listed. That the end decision basically. We'll get so. Rewire hunter it it is team. Very strong triumph. It is generally occurred that has quite a bit of buying power. And he should not be put in the background to assess our how to just send them an offer from the usual frequent flier program does does programs. Today when they're gonna see whether receive from frequent flier from hotel program tonight. Does anyone want to buy up to receive that item. And I think that's does though we still have a lot of opportunity going forward. The big clean bills does still six them traveller tribes is more most of them. Via a bit different they have different approach to data sharing and and ideas I think where we receive we have to renew collective email. Some ministers to a collective power sports information fit to fly direct. Four lamen ID. Finger scanner to two on unlock your father suddenly. Your heads the whole population of iPhone users settlers figure scant. Now at its data that may go beyond just which and tough. And web page within the travel industry I think. Today needs to do and we are we had percent early in the sense that we connect a lot of players. Is really to recalibrate to understand. What. How to adjust. Q4 would be out our customers in the next. 351015. Years. Now. I think is allowed us part of obviously we will sit down a mountain of data some companies so we're able to put them together into. At information out of data in a number of companies it's just it just a huge amount of information richest deal. Managed by gut feel until opinions. So. I think we had been enough there that really did usage of data but we're not where we should be met all overall also in chairing and we'll see no Hindu anomaly we have later about. Meadow search indices were showing why did upstream downstream. Recession base and so forth. But ultimately think it it's more of a mindset shift where we need really to be. To look at stick customers beyond. Geography or age. Groups and to look at what they like to do and to feed that more now. Let's say for a for a take the example of the hotel. I could think of heading hotel having five or six different descriptions putting different assets for its four different user groups. Is done today now if we look at a Dick commented we get done. Was a tier two years tomorrow are even direct website already challenged in having multilingual. Solution that works. Sometimes have for the distress they did you ever have is not there. So. Not to mention the bullet pointing a capital. Letters forum for a facilities that still exist that is still lower debt Destin hotel thinking that's good enough. So we risk the Levitt a huge amount of work to do as as an industry getting. To. Finally to be to be able to choose to strike a balance between technology and human touch because. Technology will become stronger smarter faster and more efficient. The challenger think wellbeing and human touch to keep the keep it there to give it weight should be to meet few people feel people humans. So. Think to finish off. Basically as. As a company Amadeus is these unique because we sit in the mid level this now we connect all parts of travel. We are moving forward much much more also in data and data delivery ended tightening in the information delivery. To the difference appliance. Is it where it should be no we're going through words and their mentioned baby steps. Iteration. Are going forward listening to declines which is. Bonuses something nobody something more recent. Before it was OK this is worth we have taken belly that now it's like a Q what exactly unit how can mean I can meet debt. So we're we've really sit today in the kingdom. In the middle of did after travel ecosystem and I think together wasted distributors were to suppliers with the airlines but hotels until fourth weekend. We can really meets. The needs of Dallas after those groups that Lewis had to exchange much more information in expectation of where we see. In aftermarket going and forums like this I think is who's agreed disagreed saying because we have we have opportunity to ask questions probably already put myself in the corner this morning asking if you have questions but. Neither I think the days alerts happening. It'll happen Hawley more than happened faster. Companies will come up concept we've come up Wendy's appear faster. But I think we're definitely enter the age of the travel power and thank you very much. Just another quick introduction first my company what we do is basically market research. We focus on very much on travel intelligence specifically. Monitoring passenger forced. For accuses basically you know op our proprietary software where you're locked up claims to log in. Slater notably by themselves on the mix sense of the and I think. Yesterday ended June popping up about making sense of people what's actionable. What's what's what's what's Paula what really days some quality did Darwin. Looking David user with a but before I appointed by the far off of the pre that the presentation. I just want to run for somewhat palm oil plus experience we've the different claims there have. Predominantly we have always been looking live trees and watts and hotel chains because that makes sense you know go directly interested in who arrives at the decimation. Where they're off the bus travelling. But in the past year we've actually seen a shift. From all is guys all work to financial institutions. Obviously the shift to the travel retail guys you know what I'm customers. In and then there's really telling a lot of bar. Whole. People opt out of the industry. Fairly you travel pick up. And the mean requirement news or use actionable oil peak up. We will we've. But would you yes as Ronald and with years sabre travel what we look for exes for the Japan market who work exclusively travel sky for the Chinese market. And what it basically means is people says fifteen million bookings on a daily basis allowing us dot global coverage off. Any airport in the mortgage any I into us on this transaction forfeiture yes. And because. We are able to refresh the bid up based on a daily basis. I cannot tell you stop the third of January for the chuck our bombings what what's the impact saw attendees force. The bombings at least a few percent decline in bookings. Then it's always mortally. Contribute that by the neighbouring countries so Singapore Malaysia Hong Kong Palin. Last minute cancellations off somewhat in just. Disabled poor Hawkins will feature travel. Similarly forty stumble. Own and rent and the bomb went off on the eleventh of January. We saw that you can percent increase in comes off on bookings for future travel worse well. But did neighbouring countries but not a much Syria where probably lend arrival increased but I'm talking of optics of the front. Did operators like frantic Germany that's what the nine decreased the 8% increase. Have inundated did this all saw. Not only Lars who tried on the domain name can also be looking at the Chinese new movements which is basically in about two weeks' time. Axel comrade briefly hitting this year's Chinese New Year and last year's Chinese New Year. Everyone else with the exception off you wrote that has a 5% decrease in humble kings. It's actually seen very good performance but clearly not his agent's office is you know we're looking at home. We know you're basically looking for reach percent for markets Asia and 3% at least 7% increase in terms off our bookings for such usage. So are on. The slate tightly. Project afterwards weekly basis want to have some numbers involved able. Omen because in Hong by just won't do a very quick study on. On the book arrival what an extra Glenda months into Hong Kong Seoul February much any brought. And then this is a very difficult way off. Pulse off our clients use our information basically. Over the next few months it's. It's not fear we. The blue bar is not regularly by talking dolls that look very promising. Overall we're moving a negative six point 7% decrease in terms offer arrivals on the book arrivals. And he's actually. Tickets have already been booked. So mark your I think there's going to be six point 7% if you do so actually biggest effort that had really been booked compact who lost its impact. I'm gonna look and feel just got hit six and so in the peace. One played you know Ben we've already dug because they're able to very easily. This will mean people did but gable Blakely do you get a beer actually Palin is up 9%. So maybe let's focus now my attention on Palin is still way I told our acute and supplement percent. We can also look into where oddity but coming from Palin and well obviously Bangkok market would view the top two. Yes same or talent including benign percent over the next few months but when. Then if you look at the pain scale particularly in the last two weeks farm off ferries or fifteenth from predicting seven. And then I'll became law OK I'll buy really want to understand more what we've travelling within dispute it. Do long gone so that M baker you know I don't shoot my marketing efforts like awkward to do it what kind of paid to a lot. And that got into this is basically the booking season well obviously it's much higher than last year. So zooming into the correct reached the top stay. On. It's always important like the second coming and if flying gone gone just for one night only playing with a weak yen added. You know coming firming up five of thumb. Paolo listing fox saw. A dispute actually to treat actually arm for painting piece for the scene. Late Foster a settlement against last year. We also got a look at the distribution channel. Obviously I would not be sharing your reach is seen China soared this ticket. But in general we segment then do. Your views the Brigham Moore the REIT which evidences. The proper evidence used end from do is we cannot then bet down stem. We shoved his distribution channels after falling for these specific Pugh at UB want to be looking at. So you know deal is 60% share orderly but five pence increase of the regional travel agencies 70% share reduced majority. Treat and increase would be impressive. Then directly by Louis just before you fight we leave you cut this off. The Beck's will file what it for these really sexually vista's 32% market share five fencing Peter point 8%. End you travellers fiction almost half of the market share 29%. And 26%. Increase against last year. Saw a weaker. Put on pocket that. You saw the young. All right wasn't on 6% to 7% done for them for the month for far February march are people. But you identified at I don't stokkie 9%. Arm reels identified that the majority of between 9% increase or sexually concentrated. In the last weeks of February. We understood that in its inventory next big. Your top populism you know realised that your duty should be finished up 5%. Took some hope that someone you. Best practices that you're right I get that from op play into the past is. Number one. I don't they would forecast a marketing efforts on Palin would your views on the could potentially be heading in a speech compete do package for example. On. You know we get the travel week your basic goals OK interesting Palin in buying the Hong Kong all the distributes its staff by 9%. I want to be heading. Hi A for more phone message what in might yet shop that can find out kit that you do because Thai Airways then step on. The 27 of February treat PM for example. Saw. Knocked off their debts be skewed a key state for Hong Kong I'm not wish you guys have any questions on the deep dark. Better for any questions on what we do at least. During a mind so. I just a question. It's not one actual data here and defines you correctly. Which you doing here is you're predicting what you telling. Decides how many bookings happening by say part of our Bangkok to get on quite right. So. How does the your customers they use that focuses the pointer on now really. We're back because by that which are telling them this is something big is happening in Hong Kong. How or why users as well Italy. Facility latest. Well. That's why more socked earlier claims that used on the future who do get future arrivals. Are on. That this. The typical we get a lot of OK are those who forecast might not used to pick losses figure. Any death and a special event that impacts. You don't get pure offensive over 22 year annuity market that's 5% in this white forecast mix yes I'm occupancy. Saw. You would never know there will be a spike in arrivals on and you keep you flip to a becoming any it's it's it's a very. I'm. Simple we could do identify opportunities. If you if you if we club on the books chart. We look at you know this year us on the books grow or where the next few months six months who comparable to last year if you're not sporting event and you see a spike in the rivals. That's clearly an opportunity. On. We can then zoom into did well it's arrivals coming in from. Our own. They can then decide OK. Looking at least I mean when do we use less part rooms in the earliest period before you go law REIT and hauled in what's believed posted its. So clients up from the top somewhat stuck up somewhat tell plaintiffs argued. Guys over any more questions of our either hold to other markets before we move. Federal. A preference. Kate I think shorenstein. Perfection they do.

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