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Tue, 16 Feb 2016|

Dennis Owen, Group Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways discusses crisis management and social media


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just a blue background on the I'd been with Cathay Pacific almost thirty years now. N ten billion sales and marketing cargo and that down operations. NL so. Work with a four news agency concede. Summer my passion years around children. I moved to Hong Kong about you'll have to gal NN now introduce social media and money Tucker social media really talking about social media. From an enterprise lockbox tonight just looking at social media marketing that. When does this mean into other departments corporate communication. Sales. Operations. Customer service of these of the tactic projects. That would work on. But today. Analysts which during the side. There is. Today those two areas now I want to focus on and the first wine. Is around. Qwest communication. And the second wine is around like for troubled which has a brain campaign rich really an overarching theme. For Cathay Pacific at this point and the thing is about digital source socket is drastically change. Over the past few years now may sound like a pretty basic statement. But the reason I'm telling you this is drastic changes going to continue. In the future and it's important that we stay on top of those changes. Otherwise. A couple things can happen. You can have a crisis in your company. And not know how to handle it in the digital source world. Or secondly. You might miss out on an opportunity to promote your brands in a really great way a unique way. So let me talk about first of our crisis communications. In the digital source the world and I'd take you back to some things that happen over the last year. And let me talk about we're we heard today. And we're replay indigo in the future as an airline. This year over last year in July. We had an airplane merchant city. That wears a flight going from Hong Kong July seems less and had to lend at a very remote airport based. Ara airforce base in Alaska's directing a minor about the strung. It was in unit. What was really unique about this situation word is. What we did on social networks. And we did some things rate. On this one but we also got lucky. Essentially what happen in the car but it was it's not smoke. So when you're the cell Smucker partnering anyone in Europe playing that's not something you take a risk. So. Emergency was declared and the flight landed at this very remote air force base. Turns out it was just a wire as you know wire but again we don't take rests on something like that. Now forcefully if rice. We didn't have Wi-Fi and you're playing out until people can relate tweed and even at this airport basis that we air force bases so remote they did Lehman have Wi-Fi. So by the time. People guide to encourage. They were safe. There were happy that another plane was coming to get them so the the emotional. Period that rock crisis period was already over before they could tweak. So we got lucky with that so everything. That happened around that. Due out later. Now what happens in today's world. Where things like yes how many people Arsenault a flight radar 240 reverse. OK several of the first several sites like this virus six that I know. On Twitter lets simply watch for a airplane emergency. And report them. So each time there's an airplane emergency. The Kaplan will do three thanks. The first thing he does is changed radio frequency to where we costs wachs 7700. The second thing he does is stabilised the Europe like. And then the third thing here that he does is contact flight operations at that airline. The problem in today's digital source the world is. The second feature is that frequency radio frequency to squat 7700. It goes to where. And many times is on Twitter before the airline knows it. Because he hasn't gone for a while there's three steps yet depending on how serious is around stabilised newer plane could be several minutes before he gets to. The airlines flight operations. So very easily Airways could find out just assessed is yield. That is a real problem. Now the next day out of this overrated as are our operations united when time did you find out about because it was one minute after this as iron. Direct. What makes it even more scary years within the last year. If you file these sites like flight radar 24. Aviation week's anybody really interested you know longer ruling have to file that you considered out of this call are inadequate reach wheat I'll give fireworks. So popular that that's. You Loria fifty tweak reach suites. And a very very short period of time. And then what happens is throughout this period flight radar twenty for a will continue to tell you what's going iron hopefully as the truth. But as an airline we want to control the message we want the truth to get out because that's very important that's an airline that we stay on top of this. Very very quickly. Because a sorry out. And this continues as we come out in his daily updates here at. Now in this particular case over to a two day period we sent out nine source familiar posts. And are so three press release because it did make the press there were questions so we came out with winds or take around that up watch away. Nothing serious happen. But it could have. And we would have had to have reacted very very quickly because it just hits Austrian media that perhaps it's up with the sector. So here resale the first week if you read from the bottom up this is. Pretty much what we put out on Twitter as to what was happening trying to update customers. And people that were interested yet. And we did desperate you do period. We were lucky biko's. All of the other higher partner new wires idea recently taken over. Anderson's about perfect is a situation you figure out like it's not going be the be persuaded next time because every situation is different like this said we got lucky because now everybody get Wi-Fi. Same thing on FaceBook. Rivera parts of contents and not the best. For this whole Internet was written up as this how you do it you know this it's quite interesting so. Again every situation is going to be dip bread and you gonna be careful that. Here we had even layups port and boy do we give him exactly flight. Now what's concerning. As we're monitoring subcommittee you can see a bear upload. So when you see something like regulate a there is some type of video coming out renewed upward deputy is going to be but it's clearly be uploaded and utilities at some way. So as a Bree Ed had to be very careful and very watchful as to what's coming out people to respond to that by quickly now here's Casey had trouble. Up loading it he didn't get upward until we landed utilising endless. Back you know becoming fairly famous because of this deal in if you have a have a much debate suggest you do it has over 840000. Views now. N down you know innate and you see people with. That side tonight inside. But you clearly see him. Being quite concerned. To the point where he shows the relief when the point layups. End down the thing about these really does is it's night chest the public that watching for it the media. There's also worked with the media has lost the ability. To have that first story. So there aren't sort of immediate he'll looking for their contacts baker at least be the first want to tuck aperture. So weak it's. Which you can be gearing tea industry and is there will be one person if not more. Taking photos and taking videos during a crisis. As airlines. We have to be prepared. Balloting marked up about what else we've done over the last few months in terms. Getting us ready for a rock crisis. The first thing we'd have done that has been very effective is we created a wetter group right crest communications in new line. In corporate communication and marketing. The crisis team operations this Sevilla versus Iran that. And it's much better than making a phone call around it's much better than email because you get on the Beijing much match that through this way. So even if a system minor. Or medium size process. Role where have that income came reactor that's. This is one that just happened about three weeks ago. Network remarking on the highway fear valley knows me. My phone is pretty much gluten may undermine faith so I stuff like radio 24 I don't like it for white. Some type some terrorists Yakima where it was what was up so as likely to back pre precious. Now Pearson went to their offices so what's going like this award to no comity. Now. Medical emergencies actually happen for a beer on airplanes the bill usually make in the years but this was shortly after at the purse tragedy. So there's a heightened sense. We're at around emergency sit this one did make CNBC. So I had posted this on the crisis calms wiped out just keep everybody lowered enacted US what was going line is we didn't need to react to that. And in this case we did because it hits CNBC that we did have to come outlines take. We came out there's line Citic 28 minutes which epic is pretty get instinct. But. Arab law. Around sort of media. It and as the crisis we want to get their message out into when he met. And remember. If there's an airplane emergency Yuri behind. Because it's already out within and and minutes at that image into clearer so wanna talk about this twenty minutes announcing you have to have all the details. It really can be simply it's. We're aware decision ought situation with about six like 23 Ford. We're looking into a lab did update you as soon as weekend that's a unique to say and that first two. Because people are gonna put under the airline find out what's going line but nothing they're. They will go elsewhere. To see you want to keep the audience with deal. And get the truth out as quickly as possible as accurate as possible. But once you put that out into when he met the new really new do you need to be a tough but you cannot wait another hour worked who have. To gold that you'll need to continually update what you know. Over that period. Red white is the tool that we used to help us monetary. Injuries of social listening. We get who types. Email alerts that we get the first one is. If there's anyone influential and we consider that with 5000 dollars or more in Italian mention. Cathay Pacific a dragon era. And in outcomes in the and several people in the company now lost the times that Google's part it. But began being negative to that allows us to look at dad Andy a to react to a match that strip within thirty minutes. And the other thing we do is. If you don't have people there influential with over five tell our respect as a ten different tweet around particular topic. Maybe as people turn Fowler's 300 flowers if these at a certain subject stretch but bumping up. We will get any Arnett. So gone are the days or we shouldn't find something out with two and three hours later. Like we did all of Europe so put some play into place procedures in place. M brown right has worked pretty well fortunate. Yet I think we've done we have RP affirmed Ellman fury in Hong Kong. We had grace's communication contract with them for several years. That last December we signed a source media contract with them because the reality is if you got a crisis you go and have a social media crest here. So over the past few months we've worked with airman looking out for types the scenarios for a Norway's incident issues in major Internet. Noise is just somebody complaining. You know a to issue might be a high Winstar did have abrupt mollified. Those kind of things we can help moderate as the year right. But if there was a major incident ballots were we Colin L. Will once them they're in a crisis will help us craft messages put it in the right now. As Euro nine people were we have a unique focusing on getting the right message out. But you also have to make sure it's done indirect way in the right now announcements made you do not want to come crisis Rabat neck. During that particular period in time and that's really come into play. The other thing that we've done is. Asp dot asked the question what do you do with UC EOs or your chief executives of winners roller merchants. And what do you do all we you don't necessarily have C is there are down our optical social media savvy. Now everybody's Richard Branson that everybody's attorney for an end it a lot of airline CEOS. Are really online source media very well. But that doesn't mean you can use that during a crisis and you you you should use that for crisis. Aidid is steady iron. How old. Two to use them. The best way passed by the that we provide we're we provide faced a no I decide you're really against that because those are our very time consuming. You've got to do that ahead time. It requires constant update you can hedges start their and a process it be kid in authentic and people see rated that you don't want to do that. But that doesn't mean you can get used their so when we looked at this whole situation is a few things that important. The first one is if you get something like plane crashed in the first few would you wanna get a chief executive out. On video. On YouTube ride away explaining why its happened. What reviewing what we're doing for the families keeping everybody day and night tucking that telling at the camera. On the press coverage freed after the distance I'm talking I'd I'll keep tucking your. That's what you need to deal. You want that human personal touch again this is not the time to come across for a buck. This should help to mink K I mean giving control of the company perceptions you want people coming to a site. Each time that any type of a poignancy you get the so called expert out within. Minutes. Telling you what happened which. No one knows that point that again if you're not topping. Other people will for you in your mortgage all right yet. And then hopefully this will help protect the brain from long term damage that first 24 hour it's. Is so crucial and how you can price. To the public. If you get that rah that can damage your brain producers and that's happened some airlines after my attitude. So we have unique situation Cathay Pacific being based in Hong Kong the a large presence in China. And that we have a large presence in the restaurant when it comes social realist pretty much how spoiler there were Optus vision China and then there's a real money else. Because the channels of so different in China. FaceBook and Twitter you can really see easily in China you can get just rely on down. Two out get the message out so what we were due in major airline incident is together our chief executive ideally out. We would then put their online YouTube. And the Chinese version cold UKIP. From there are wiwa take that link. And added unwinnable and we chat for China and FaceBook and Twitter for the rest will opt. That way you've got that message out they're on a global basis that people go to in your tap. So what are we looking at for a 2060. We urine there at the final stages of finishing this digital resourceful. Media talk yet and it's simple lead. Here. Yet that shows us of the sports scenarios. What you do would you tell it to how it's time. If you're an airline we are had these emergency. Box that about perspective. That need be summit red ones but on the David Cameron say there's no way. You're going to be looking dapper you don't have time. So what we've done we just have a one picture clients. As Wren now we're just make sure we're doing the major things. Because we're not going to be looking at buck that point so this tool kit is really around. Making it easy for that we're nuked under severe stress to get things done. We're now looking at not just what we're doing here in Hong Kong. But if there's an airplane accident you're attacking planes go to UN front places the you have to countries involved most likely. So you've got a court Nader's efforts. Because you don't wanna come across as looking disconnected. But you go out issues around laying widgets for example. That you hear Chinese English that's go to where the Symbian are we don't have been speakers were up itself. We're looking at L men or some type of pure affirmed as a global coverage Becker help in situations like that. So this as a project that I am working very heavily on the way down to how this public completed by the first up this year. So let me just take you this and key takeaways. On the crisis communications. The first arrears if you've got in Europe increases. You have a sorcery crisis at the same type. The hard he handled slightly different. But there are altogether. And you've got here handle them both at the same time. Crisis is likely hit source familiar first through things like play area twenty for a new need to respond their drugs. Is absolute central. That departments a quorum needed your quarterly merely with other countries again you don't like to. Look like one against doing Gerson elements doing you know that world the very very negative on your brand overall. He won a manager clients point source media market leading Zabel a deadly incident where the flight had to defer to Alaska. Over the first few hours. That reads as we saw earlier message out this study to die down. We at one news stories in unites states referred to smoke filled the habit. Now. We started to look at the woods no we're just not mean do you see snow do you smell smoke. You when you think about it winter when you get it messes like that you have to be careful what you say because even though we start that was wrong. We couldn't respond right away because we didn't say we didn't Oprah show there was and is locked up cabin even with that sell. But if we Garnett said that's not true good to know smoky the cavern where if a picture became that was Bubba Cabot that they were administered a really bad slip away for a few minutes before we did say. Now accurate it was the smell smoke from a wire there was an every you can east looks thing. But little things like our white collar. These rumours it's like throwing gas on the fire you think about going out synergistic someone you know. Stirred dollar gap T gets a minor showing over several days to dispel those rumours in the interest. You did you do need to look at death in terms of Europe CEOs. How do you plenty used to and you need to have that play an appetite you can outwit last month. Of course you want to cure across all other such media platforms. Digital world. When a major crisis. Saudi wettest. I'll give anyone ever wins. But you want to be prepared earlier had a tough have a player. Goad Reid roles load from other bidders. Incorporate that in your appliance. The preparation is the most important thing you can get. Up was on this particular topic we. And oracle I wrote I'm Ellington profile and this is really about crisis communications and new channels and now too deep and prepare here. And in this particular area our require tagging that periscope. Which has recently Neil. Type of social media tool. I guarantee you there will be the day. That the Robin European crisis. And whether customers will be iron Hirst go. Talking to people on the ground about what's going are already taking videos eroded taking further its sister their time. So as an airline. What you gonna do about. So. This is just forget about you gamble at all at least beings in and bring the end to. Source from the crisis and address that the case you don't want to be part. And that's happening in nobody knows what to do. And the thing is. If the public's watching her so as the me and you know trying get back at your. So look at as technology changes. Look at dad and see that can affect what you do aggressive communication. Now something Libor. Like foot up. As I said like a troubled is. But it's also it's not just bring campaign. It's an overarching theme in everything we do what we do how we do it why we do it. So we believe that like travel and wells important Arab living while that's why we continually strive to and hence overall travel expect. This really is about experience. The end of the debt. So when the first female witness we did some advertising. Digital. Across the world and we also came out with three sets of videos the first words the fairway and that revolves around. The medication. The second one we cobble road warrior and assist her getting our corporate travel which is where we've all we've. Heavily advertised worries that we didn't want to move to faraway from. And then the third one is misadventure in misadventure. Is the new ideas that Lilly up millennial audience that we've wanted to reach out to you anyway. So let's take a look at why these videos run this adventure. You come closer together. Catheter system. Her life wells travels. That actually with the filming video that if you know eldest. You know as well we've done here there was actually very little in there about Cathay Pacific and airline we didn't focus our C. We didn't focus on our side tender. Into the bottom line is people dull gold to a destination because of the seat. But as airlines we spent a lifetime telling about our seats. And it's really about experience people looking for experiences. And surer bets seek the apparent that experience and sure. That greater restrict that flow tend be very experienced vicious one. And the people but one does. Create experiences like those that are carried out and that's were trying to do life throughout. Now others videos we use every different locations depending on the idea and so misadventure was there more that millennia we use that in the China market for example because of such an up and coming. Grouper. Whereas the corporate travel that the road warrior we use that went heavily in United States and UK. In Australia so we did target down to who we are audiences are. And where we're tag or revenues coming from its. And this is just seven years that places that we advertise digitally round the world that first came out. We do have a mini site libelled travelled up can't duck at the Pacific. Duck upside level doubled that captive civic Doug Kahn in your your your C. We're we talk about a philosophy entered inspiring juries from influence your risk we've diet. Oro net customers happy about work life for travel means to them and very personal way we around staff tucking now Michael trouble because as. People in the travel industry we are can have liked what. To a tucked around people's well. And then we've gut and I some of the things on here in terms of life for travelled. Into rampage. At the gate. But if you go yen baker said just see is very personal stories from summer key travellers about travel. The upper gate that was simply just go any Europe were interrupted people travel just asking who the are wary going why are you going. Just Papua tossed raises the personal stories. Don't make things interesting and that's what connects people. And then. We did some work with influence his this year and is really the first time we've done that's we used to read global influence jurors like Jessica Stein. And Tyson Wheatley and it really deliver great Java elevating the rare and and Brian the rather how we were able to get that message out. Now if you look at my foot albums in the key highlights this first one is quite significant. I should pickets around 250000 now last couple weeks. It's a hash tag life Alltel buyer into rampage. And if you think about that's. We wanted people to come along in the jury of wiped out so to would have 50000 people have taken the time. Not just a taker for them. They've really start about that Fargo. Dates via live life of child and they've taken the time to post it does not just a 22 part. They put a real average into this and when you go winner see these photos of such a variety. In their or what people think about life cannot. So we feel like it's resonate really well with alright. And then there's global influences like this said that really did help Aldi the message in different parts the world. We have had over. Seven million views on those three videos across YouTube across FaceBook. So it's been quite successful. Now resell lead this summer however. Or a pure release also media campaign under the life what on life a problem brolin was called one day after like. And this was simply a campaign to ask you what would you do. On the day after repo down olive view digital devices. That for many of earth that's quite a scary star. To deal. But when you think about before we had as we probably did experience flight because we looked up more we start a so we asked people purpose dealt and we had over 8000 people. Tell us where people enter deal. On that day up and we did more partnerships with global imports which have much more. And we elevated her social media engagement. Quite significantly. And the rover five million video views steal and we worked with. Other partners like memory until. And national. The manageable one was a really interesting one Indus where's. We brylin libraries from all around the world we took them to upstate new work. And had a deep tax day. So instead of me telling about damage adjuster for a video right now. It. It here at. I think. They're banking and stand the end hare game PM saint farewell GMAC deal one day off line. Thanks them today doing a good man Manchester turn back editor Justin. Calling him action. Touching thing really appreciating among. I am buying campaign finance. Like getting back become friends. These are unaware aren't they can comment MSE is connected for a one day I don't Alibaba managers alike just retired burns and let the average than it's almost like using a lien take this physical reflex of reaching three fold. Truly excited to now be connected the world. Now or how people there. I think it's painful things visited devices venue channelling these. Pay here in the environment and enjoy here rather then lift out what's going on sounds bad and printed piece here well things. Slight year over how to increase means an end not hearing without it people when it's a recall happens in the world is gonna have live on social media like there's actually have been. And then today precious moments of my family. Today's about all the gas sectors when you're under lion unite leading O Hussein that came lingers and the Damon API LL. Deep in every moment and share with nose around the we continue to be self wine that. Quite travel is everything done in Mississippi its. Everything that happens between the month end at buying easily connect ads. Live very refreshing yeah I don't see it happen exactly. And wildlife apparently out of line mark in the last managers let myself think in within its wheat. Having led by travel reading Hollinger holds Europe China is having experiences. But I have their voices and avoid a run a real I was something called bell is have you added. But I'd particularly effective today is absolutely fantastic. Your feedback among men Applewhite and clearly because you back. I think it's again. Hearts and lives of seniority in the far. Employers turning. It was an easy is. Is absolute perfect I think with our findings. You know very unique way this holiday was filled with more means that I feel like I would have been fully heal even if I had my full line. Without a plan I think that we were able to sell out this round. Kind of question things in perspective. I think it's definitely with appealing living out quite large cap on easy. There. When think that we are very proud of with one day after flying. This just came out. Not too long ago from advertising age. But one day after wine woes. Where is one of the best branded content partnership to 2015. So we felt very honoured to get that. So when you look at something like a one day after like a life for travel. As it said this is a bad experiences. This is about. Not just being here airline luggage from point 83. This is about Cathay Pacific and dragon they're being a part. Of your overall during. And the reducing closing. When a repeat your old US in the beginning. It's important to watch bray and it's not a onetime thing you need to Y chick consistency. Consistently because if you don't. You risk something going on around a crisis. Or you also risk causing great opportunity to operate promote your brain and it really great way if you do this right. You can do something amazing for your Brett. Thank you.

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