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Fire Side chat with Wilfred Fan, Managing Director, Agoda and Connecting Travel on the Changing Expectations of the Asian Traveller



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Mon, 15 Feb 2016|

Get an update on why the expectations of the connected Asian traveller are going to change and impact your business. See how you can plan to stay ahead and partner with the right people to make the most of this lucrative market.


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I have to imagine now is to leather armchairs. And nice crackling fire in the background. I don't think that about piece that everybody coming into the road right now and will for denied sitting here Kotelly chatting K. But this is this what we have financial have a a quicker lively. Interview before we break for the day. So will fade is the managing director of North Asia at it goes down I'm sure you all very familiar with the going to but it is. And a fantastic company which continues to hold. And a spot within the top six most popular web sites. And online travel companies within Asia according to stiffed. It's selling over 38 languages has 2000 employees worldwide. With offices in Bangkok Tokyo Singapore Sydney. Quite a local Hong Kong Jakarta Pia first under the New York. And and it's got. Supplier network of over 50008. House. Now I'm here not to electronic game debate seemed to speak with will fade. The the really interesting thing about will fits career is that he's actually been with goaded since 2003. Having spent the first seven years as vice president of business development. And the last five years as managing director and I'm sure he'll agree with me that. In this world of fast moving appointments and people generally spending to. Three or five years within an online travel business that's there. A very low long career with an go to. Home earned. Say that's what I really want to speak to her to work for the bat today so looking back over the last of thirteen years that you've been there and what would you say just. To this audience were potentially you know quite few people in the room. Have deal kind of biggest surprises maybe Andy will say biggest challenge. Focus. Too big surprises. Well when we start of the business. In Bangkok we were not really expecting. That high officers to sweep off to it was a very simple proposition to. Four field or new in the market. Back in the days. When we started. The business it was just there was nor are good ways for customers to book Rick online period. Race so we just feeling avoid from the for a beginning and end week. Found a way tulle palm operating very low cost environment in Bangkok's available. If we probably operate it I'll offer London or New York we may not be around to La. Sell this a blessing in in their sends an oil soared Tynan is one of the leading tourist hub in Asia Pacific. N we're here having very good relationship report that would help farmers if you faces right now. They've been great supporters voice from day one N killer allow us to have big connexion in terms of getting the right product. Our took full Cuban knew after traveler's one thing we learned very narrowly is that. By the arm from morning something online. You re just need to understand the demand. The demand has come from data. Ray we look at different types of traffic sources different iPod. But user behaviour and we know all more or less what customers talking well. And we goal around. The neighbourhood just that would then into around the country and into other countries into sourcing. The right would tell us default you don't need still. I was very straightforward business back in days appear worse I was leading order supplier relationship that the company. N high I'm actually is telling them you know. Or what what he means by Gordon baker explained in name in explain how we are and we operate aren't paying harvest is actually very nice location. Not shave years some kind of people might think that come from a different part of the world sell pardon. That that was an weak rule didn't rule in acting now we have found just a small correction we have 150000 hotels. Now there's working with us directly and we also have our thank volley being part of Priceline group. We have access to over 700000 hotels around the world their weekend promote and sell. No I think that's extremely interesting to say that basically being in Bangkok ever had the right time and worth a blessing. I'm sure they're over the year that's maybe ought to be a challenge because you're you need to find the right resources within Bangkok to kind of grow your business in the right skill sets also amongst them clearly there and he'll facing a lot of competition. From. Fast growing companies in Europe and also in North America said how have you managed to to cope with that basically you are. We stardom with failure laden. A different perspective. Off off talents because. Even though the company was founded in Bangkok. Order founders calm in I'm I'm from Hong Kong's I'm coming back form Hong Kong. And then down go to our kind of the outcome America. Still we have the don't expect kind of view on the market in terms of talent. Again we are quite lucky to be put attract a lot of talent coming in from the past the world. And at this point we're firm more than two dozen people in the company actually morning powerful them. I would say almost. 70% of people get a call European not from higher. Different or part of well we have are pretty sizeable white T department in Bangkok. I'm including Prada the infrastructure insolvent. N and output off hundreds of people. The from. A passable deer from Europe if from garden immediate east dip from Silicon Valley. Different Singaporean or part of Asia so very international. And when people followed by Thailand as a place to work. They will be surprised to calm look quite different from the perception that they might have people coming away stick right in Bangkok in check off stiff fines to be very international. Is just are almost schoolboy like environment nervous just happened to be in Bangkok. My my sounds wonderful maybe we should apply for jobs and by that we will not have a view common as a that anytime great pay. Now and he talked about also is your relationship with hoteliers you've always remained very hotel earlier friendly. How have the cap that's up which not we're not a notice of obviously managed to do it successfully as you have what's been your relationship with her tale of how have the kind of created tools that help her attorneys. And stay happy with your services and feel that they. They maintain a level of control. Well we've not get the garden competitive landscape we. In early days we have become powders in America. Right in the US becoming all the gay issue to compete. And we look at ourselves have tried to understand what is our strength our spring is really our knowledge in this part of world. N a knowledge and also has to do with relationship. Soul every market would go into in in Asia Pacific. We have armed recruited local talent. To penetrate the market. We are the first one to S uploaded office in Bali for example having end all corporate soon to be how we're general manager. And the same for a Monday leaves the scene for a union Taiwan Vietnam I'll. In in a part of world told channel in China we have a first high here since 2007. To sell us and we we've built people. That we rely on our team on the ground to tell us what to do. Ray we don't have a winning formula that would. Our take us very far we know what that because he sure actually a blessing is served as a law passed phase is a very popular travel half. But on the other side it is not a very easy market to win because every Margot poses a long. Our set of rules is on jurisdiction. End to understand and do window we know we have a reliable people. Soul everywhere we goal we have law forty car highest bid tell us what type of customer solution is needed. What type of procedures needed what kind of contract double tells we're likely REIT. Ray run at Bentley. US of the five fully comply in you know fifteen pages agreement. Some markets we have had just. Tutu galway into you know become you can say those supply friendly but is just a necessity. And then in in terms of that they've got different types of contracts in different types of relationships how do you. And the same time managed to tie that all into that kind of you know. Consumer facing side which looks like it goes and this is the sort of a powerful version of the data. What does side itself was actually calm I'll pretty standard dies sole power when it comes to go consul Friesen. What we got a front end development here has to be for these available yeah so every changes we make there might be some market specific requirements but we need to look at order restorations in all the language we're operating. We have been operating this really laying which has for many years and we know that every subtle changes would have different implication. Ken what we are you how we would you do that has to have a very strong testing environment. Within the company fall in terms of the mentality how we operate as well as the technical. Market capability of how we can test different things sell. Hark at any one point in time we could have you know fifty a hundred different versions are well web servers running operating testing to see what works and what doesn't work. And sometimes even build the are things that is necessary to be done in one market. We have to make your choice. Do we rolled out our cross of what do we not do that we'll do we have a unique. Feature only for one market on not so bad that a continent collaboration anywhere let the market tell us what is still the way people who is. A friendly I have saw many green ideas or poll was brilliant men we tested our area became the holder only. Are fearful NM we have to point that out then the same thing not get somewhat ideas looks really fall which and he went and customer like so. We test everything. And do you in that testing process do you also not only involve the local managers the source of the photos themselves. We do definitely. Especially on the arm for the supply of facing all of partner meeting our technology. Our what we could extend their there really iteration operational net Dell system. We work with our mile off our key partners to screamed M developed ideas to two tested out. Before we go live with our order a cast because. We could be coming up with some really keen changing. Really fantastic for our solutions. Right thumb we could incorporate you know revenue management does technology in our back then why not something we capable. Would the majority after partners won that. I think ready for that. We we just don't know soul we asked them for feedback and the stent. We're here in terms of business where clearly in terms of that all the talents. How cable for either revenue managers or -- arm sales manager at the property to make use of this functioning features. We believe that they're going to welcome met with you if not will wait until the knicks. Days after a lot of the next version so we actually have a moral different things that we you know copper into. But we don't we call back a lot of times. Just because we view that the market is not ready room ended education processor. Gone in for in training or nortel's a couple of hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world. They need to use that function if there is something that is. Too far harvest time yeah the consequence could be. If you see it yeah yeah yeah. I'm talking out so the mix of product obviously when you started due looking act specifically hotels here in Asia. Mean how have you seen. That product involvement especially in terms of what's happened in recent years with BP and serve vacation rentals coming into the mix has that affected the way they use their. Building the business and their product offering in the data. It here her step clean change the year arm general understanding of the distribution landscape has changed a lot. Are in early days we just have to help Nortel partners Q. To putting the most basic things you know what published a cell number route or sell the seven day there and then that took some time. Fairly quickly evolved into all the properties having been dedicated darn talented men aged inventory. Write your management solution being in place. And the next level is the connectivity. Where a lot of old Tel seven employed different iPod connectivity can't solutions software. Hardware is a combination of Bob. To actually seamlessly pushed data from the PM as a way to typical user. Again. Perhaps change your lot net change in terms of how we think. That they use case of our technology. And or sold experience public copper customer. Because a more automation areas. Actually the less customers station new maybe you can apply. Armed with very simply. Pointing out somewhat the harmful drug chains of the world that they might still be using some legacy system. There has a mark price point than is totally irrelevant in this part of the world rate what is a military rates. Is still assuring on the website and is still showing in dearth. M we have tool men who will lead. Our screen them going through rate down to pre says something adjustable for our audience in Asia Pacific so that kind of work. That the menu work off getting price from the hotels and putting on site that is mostly eliminated. But now it's about career eating the content and making empress and buoyant by adjustable what are audience and that's there's current. Phase in the next phase will be how do we. Excited users sort of Wendy sees something be re Warner. A little wonder no more and we actually have a deeper report off content available to serve their. Yes yes and I mean he had a hand they would join us for the whole day a lot of the discussions today have been around mobile connectivity and and around how. Companies have kind of gone through either they've started as mobile only companies or like fidelity for example they've transformed themselves from B. I'd urge additional corporate travel company or 88 into. You know having a very strong mobile present how have you coped with that innate go to especially looking what's happened over the last couple of years in the basement club. As a very steep learning trucks deceive of these. Our pretty much about five or six years into the business that other outdoor pretty much everything about 48. It's IMM curfew is that I've done known a lot of that and then baron and new chapter in my live our best formal Bob. Again it's not just about the product itself as a bold that the user experience. Isabel the transition. Of the business mentality. Armed we have been talking about mobile first. In the company according for a at least two years. Again that talking about in the actually making it happen actually delivering prior those small but only. As stickiness sometime. But actually now. When I when a look at the business. Is it may not be even just more but I was just some listening to. I was ever around you then this morning Alison to our guest speaker you know months. N he predicted within a decade. The majority after new produce the call by going to be self driving. End end halls are slight how power steering wheels is going to be something away B expects. And is well you can cut the moderate if you want. I mean that's the kind of things that could happen nothing this day and age that Dirk. Our. Internet all of desktop browser environment pollution. Started a little bit before you 2000. An air lasted for about deck universal. And and more bile came in and just took everything based on within like 24 months. Partly because of the capacity of the devices can use. Rate if you still give me 54112. And asking do book a ticket at a hotel is going to be very hard wrecked so is. Dot whole infrastructure job environment any able users to make his office technology. Soul what. I'm thinking and work because the businesses thinking has. What's what could be happening in the next few years. Making some prediction as per the same time validating our views. For a sleep through rule I'll want to things that would be totally impossible. Rate and then limit the things that we could be doing to prepare ourselves for the next round not careful which. Our case in point is. If the fees talk what are we choke off the well. He eventually win how the mobile. That you don't really start within a western you don't flip different apps you currently have formed and is a FaceBook. And FaceBook everything. Right fees talk communication award existing country features as well as people payment fees for you commerce. Rate fees for new fees for Intel. FaceBook credit it could happen and us is one way that the market could be going the same four week trip in China. India either way is again there's another Iraq this information. That is above one out now has each. Is itself you've got into multiple out within a song category. Rank sold there was up things we're thinking about. Now. Is just trying to drive a cap off polarity get more Dallas. Bill Maurer arm our current relationship would be uses. And the next step is to prepare for what might happen. Excellent now I'm very aware of the fact that it's only after stands between and the audience in their drinks and pledges wanna quickly ask is there anyone we have will fit with us. Anyone have any questions. Any so there's circus environment here. And no questions OK in my case my final. Question to you would just deal you've been thirty years ago die Q you'll be there for the next five or six years at least. The very young man still. What do you see is your previous sort of personal challenge in facing all those things that we just talked about their. The way that the industry might or might not have oil. Now on my my. My few year car is there there is one point intern then taken along catch up with things bears coming in. This is not easy having being ministry put us long. Then. All things iPod is critical. Or is a popular offer sisters of the business has changed. Right things as simple as arm getting the best deals for the customers. Now just doing dad is after weighed a weaker and make it happen is still different today than what used to be. Right used to be debt you have a relationship with the pioneer put up under. You find the best our pricing at the right time and you presented in user. End end date came and met a search business that destructive industry. In a certain way index funds Google war is disrupting the industry. In how to win index fell environment you have to start from zero in Europe and Moran oil that. And understand the distribution side of thinking leader in the senate algorithm would be each after you court system you do understand user behaviour. You know how to do marketing in this kind of environment. That has is changing so quickly that. Basically. My my experience in the past has only given you one thing. The sulphide is that I need to be. You know very hungry for knowledge yeah I need to be. Alert on what is happening. And I need to nor how to quickly unknown unknown who thinks so that's. Driving me the same time there's quite few fall. In order things they you have norm before which affects pearl would no longer be the facts in in the very new future. N Logan mentioned earlier this 1015 years off desktop browser you know full motion. Anymore that was taken about 23 years in the next round. Could be just eighteen months. Not just a cycle become shorter and shorter. They need lots of energy and the flexibility. And adaptability iPhone. I need to cut to a lot of smart people and you know either cellular so well that's what you can do now you know because we're gonna go have some things there. Of the thank you survey mostly all your time. There is investment bank.

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