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Club Med on using Analytics to Improve Your Product Offering and Customer Experience



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Fri, 12 Feb 2016|

Todd Julie, CRM & Trade Marketing Director, Club Med discusses


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I didn't observe commit the our first Jeremy in trade but a symptom of a nearly six. Sawyer today I'm gonna. And other threatening ventricular lumbar really focus on the whole. We can leverage instead commit to defend just Americans take that targets with its qualitative or quantitative insights. That need workers in marketing which has may first with a fixed but as but as a whole we work as a bearish and resisted team. In his original minutes into. You know doesn't really again dollar has been musician working to preserve inner quality we've gone. Competitive position since this morning M. Going to do it I'm doing an Adobe mock case studies as a difference actions implemented. I hop in with gonna phantom for Foster sings a different Isis represents inventor we look odd dip bedroom a lot of this. First need to show if you were the book admit that a positive on the as the rain we rather use H Europe inventor of the putting position concepts Bacon's if you tis. Suggest fines and third complement as a first when Cochran before he became the whole district that we or in the two day. Today we manage more than 65 results were weighed. Then we have it's results in North American of the Caribbean. Law where did a lot of stuff is introducing to permit is because falls as welcoming arms of renters to be. Vivian the path of low budget by both Austin goes a boat follow biopsy is Lauren Beckham addition. Then third we rules of the a zone as a 2000. Irked by the investor Femi you've rendered too big to further pop crayons are heavily in more than 80% a far results are far off I starts results. I just get everything they need to achieve such a change in nurse at a moment of yields. It's where we really did there's a sense as a venue of that I. Ready for growth we have worked only goal when silver bullet. Went into our many seats. From a customer reviews is how we can end at a and the sensory feast your customer but for your not looked really shape our products well expeditions. Things about things roles as inventor of during presume that we really where popular liberation injury then open venue where. They had extra days' operation knew how to preserve jobs in Zurich zubaydah hurt and so really we had. To gain of shoes and within view of the customer centric organisations we're really. We're bringing vengeful body inside that we had. And we're very. We had to shaping our products that anymore whether the hope will further but whether customers rate its. For busy T. We think it is I'm going to intensely lobbied the industry mean sources we have. Too big to get a customer intake distillery does so first I'll into on the region's so we sent. As most of the company's robust AO regional so hot here Savimbi and stricter because. You suggest that we have but that's from everywhere so cold and stricter return after Richard's. And leverage a book for supervision and for the strategy at Siemens. So wanted to do is null. As you said earlier we is. Many reviewers rolling rock where is that any more competition between the brain into distillate becomes. Over on the system just put it anywhere everybody has access suites with opinion more on the working in your product was so we've got as because so now. Whole prospect is influencing his booking process by as the defence review as you can see on bank. And senator Pete is two different surveys that we need these results market and Benny. N how we make sure when we longs is kind of survey. We at year end targets. Gets hurt enough information into the it has an impact of the but aligning and our revenue. Everybody when I'm gonna go through what is this cities far worse our commitment we have three commitments when we analyse. Four but up. M versus the first one is of course. That they've reduced today we're very richly officially. Must observe that permits generate. Sever its best it is very high. So do you engine got this event these business as a result most of the time so we get anything discus America. Baird's team that we continue to broker a global forces that are. Today over your ratings that were weathering customer listings and reviews that let me go to share so we really hit us hope that once seemed little pieces got embedded that out. The books when and as its so doctor pitches. You see today is the deadline weekend at our income of marketing doesn't exist ten. We got into Veba is busy future income pick terrorism far worse we're thrilled by the frozen in time. We are net Isis that is how we Denton. A superb video musician in order to have a distant and put in directly. The continued to talk high liver but really have one simple loan application in Wednesday's event time we're launching into an energy is. And the supper pages income off. First of musician so when we. Where legitimate only reducing marketing not on average for the State's most of the that we don't really super rich are always a forest is being really. When knows this morning university Madrid terrain. Bottoming in doubled yards review every time we go into these kind of amazes me really always involved. Even before starting Zemin disease. A similar development in the rusal that make sure that the engine of the big. We have enough limited edition effect where under the needs is as leverage in marketing with good citizen says Oliver Berisha. For further blurs the upper big question elsewhere native with a customer rightly Europe to show a distinct. That did radio this is a question we sent to our customer after the close to a web audience at a question and who would seem to. Could bear home at that time to both of these N we have 20% of our guests anywhere else they'll get. Insult put a number of gifted better than them into contact abort its. Put a 20% of people actually answer the survey. It's far could the other grolier well if anything of the barbecue for us to look answering its. However obviously the decrees of of the best the other you know we're going to abide. World saw what had been starting point a lot of reason render amazing is questionnaire sought to model tetris is one identity questions but. We trade assuming it will maximum so two questions for. O deaths and so that efforts yen. We're having a really interested have a better ideally we want to goods were five super. Christian books at gents we're having done so richly deserve accurate look of variable that up from his Bettina. However. Is about two things really as the monitoring tool only seem though that spot kept yea so busy you. As a general manager for resorts raises that is a digit rise biz and the government is doing intersection. But. And contingencies in the fund's other of course that the balances and enforces identity -- mongers. We have so many into other communities in between is by liberals so Z a powerful sponsor. -- we really. Irving. Pro retains the items we need to work went on the specific resorts orange marketing forest is if you markets are going to be really protest today opens. Why because today's main priority is with we're doing a revision. Should be filtering visible of the river have been limited budget infertility. Still felt that we derivative rooms restaurants the renewal rates about so really hear it was to hit the strategic decision on the long term. What is interesting is immersed as a rebuts this process of our customer west of reinvest. So into beaches. For an autograph or hurt absolutely everything that represented a Europe infamous advertising is a shot upward trend in when does the dishes sitting in the very show. Whether were watching the engines for different rework first is does that nation's books a Twitter Chen and at restaurants should be further work cooperatively to fix visual perception. OK more HR officer Moorhead copper physical on what it can't. As a reference. It's really is a big day of our work in a far operation ended development teams ended up against terror Indians abbas's I can effectively use. Whatever is. Visit easiest way whenever offer is only fitting just a particularly sector re introducing that Yang in L Zedillo's read twas was supposed return. That that would benefit really as an eight. Which does remain averse we chart you know including derivatives rates. We is busy is addictive Aruba was supposed to be you only affect these so far it's resort general manager has favoured things very face. Really think bursting but that Euribor. Middle Ottawa as a back office which. He was really year complicated. Submitted for review as at bay is a network over for the fun of them you know we did busy keep certain OK no phone running meshing biz then that would probably see insider that best fit. Instead here from a revenue dips should add the bottom. Is really is it that is sure we're is that if you assume a coalition a lot of the defender of the two that you're addressing that maybe. As a rooster brew bud and bud extra is on his own is to provide them because its links to welcome Oregon as a as big as the satisfaction so here it was really to the board to say. Clinton seventies is about the sub 2%. Of the reversers REIT intends. Rooms up after twelve. 12% of the reporters residents are ready to oversee broker today which is how much each of the product eight Davis. I infecting derivative rates. Owner thought it was is committed bullish of the bottom graph you've seen both its easy. You Bentley you can be it was quite rose three easy to communicate so when you're talking to operation teams didn't have a dental was thrown. Do those Bob everything so here just to burnish as a raft piloted as a Maynard Keynes. But both races at Nvidia as a deal inside yen. Didn't really so we lost is processed three of the allowance we review of five point as a grocery. Over to a fake because. Somebody of for the short term effect is effective robot to plug ins investments so we had an improvement of satisfaction in of course at the end of the voters raids. For the best for years you know we know results. But a Seoul. Another that I know operation they don't really want those Bob if you elect didn't have time to get their tough. And they do it books assures them that they're following are recommendations a robot for increased. Is there at Yale where the articulate burn. Really in the bringing them bedouin now it was gonna as the entry door to be able to represent a more. W raw nerve to bids. So that was about regarding your income on if you back now they said. To the agency got no work in managing the omen reviewers is now ointment gentlemen got a I could to feel that everybody has seen as a god help you but Rosario whole review of that today. Teen Dem thinking process. S as a few years so here I could just hold 90% of trying to say is that a regional. Our other infringement were for the over the walking in more than 50% of them. Given that the bank. Is it don't take it as a region was a former fed. Forbidden that were looking into things first they said earlier Trenton brought in gives their power. You putting that's OK I'm riskier to push to better results may customers because maybe developers bedroom suite built in the ultimately that's a leg that I'm gonna save. A better reason that the picture ready. Ready figure to Britain versus what's gerrards put in place of what Sierra Grande. Opel highlighted advisory knock in addition. Overdose with you may that's made us a resolution only neutral way which really tipping opted guest pay. If you have some minutes we appreciate you want to do look back into bed razor. So first there's just been officially fixer of that or McCain could increase as a more ratings you have to pay a lower rates in duggleby's though but mot must whether you deserve a divided visiting between people on both two regions of the RAZR. Could mean front. Already made its attitude were particularly who treatment but Rosa bacon said in nature you have a 10%. Higher average grade from people who came from foreign sources. So here ready god gives their power you've been if you should adjourn for your company. So probably as a whole weekend when reiterates. For big. Whizzes. In done a few backers that we had before we get the sometimes necklaces as initial rule you can Dixon they if you think you think is that going to impact your conversion rates. I know red tape but. They would really have to do is we have to act quickly so we have with the think there's a monthly of the scene of a domain reviewers. Xetra. Derek Keys for first quantitative says it's everybody's been able to do reads we as a bag of peace toward the trip advisories be easy to work of quantitative winter into the onto a razor. We're putting more into. Drained liquidity screening so here we in the ten year could include go to bed or Robert or so probably. Is your name regions and the board as the familiar innovators need to have differing silly shown using welcome Lloyds it's really easy pretty put curbs. But so reckons is three main. Negative feuding over need to make things that the three games which are debating in giving you negated feuding. Regarding occurred your product. So that's a that's almost three cents subjects had been kind of ignoring the back of Tibet resurrect its hard and annual. Giving annual routine inventory is stupor but then and now we really. Putting a foot and Vernon were made reviewers in whole weekend strict European and us turns from a data mining solutions. How issued the protection place. Item plans in place at another defeat this issues. Thought booklets that there is it's done a survey so here for a citizen of the daily. Post alerts and brought in and as customers are looking and when you work with a market for such company. So it's a ways audition day really takeoff when he from our brand advertising to go into markets such. So here what we've really did it in that endless as the surrender did is really does benefit. The subject. Nor were with green it against a win win as for customarily bring against. Wept as it was a departments the leave bids for its appointment yeah activism but. Off so whether markets are seeing just so we could hear from office where does that dividends they would was due to a travel agents. Consumer us tick of the price increases so op and we all know that the airline's current porous. You're gonna programs as the best price stability of the initial we had both as in the interview Brenner is at a forum about invade their rating results in these then. Event bid. Talking to do their best insult your friends differences in these things get a really endure various entering really have to manage to perfecting a written about hot day when people bring their rooms booked between brilliantly leave. You're really putting direct visitors for renewed. To. I don't really red rose one disabuse you didn't want him to come up enlisting the foreign preferences don't yet they understand that. So what's needed is we went into good customer civilians if you do that things will get facilities in the process assisted but. Drink to event rates it was a trade kind of a trader so bid as the impact of offering. Zero pre sea which guarantees the bid price shouldn't early. So today we're really what relevance if you the Nvidia Vera which is a bit in marketing and you can deliver promised in which they clearly. This big to bail your teams. That's. Not the best foot forward looking prior to six months in the fine print Macgregor Bates most seemed. Really you have the best price if you fail to see if not so off of the denuded head with the customer because the said he fathers of who said this fellow residents. The other fell slightly evidently did his apprised of Quebec into debt hey I want is both from a consumer so really resent its of the sip versus a tough time for the index until torn. Be to read but a face to face adjustments. Of course better. As a and other retailers into really work for a development for the premier river and Edmonton local in addition the peak and insurgency by refuge we've discussed earlier on the whole team but don't like that. Communities and bears the uncertain traveller behaviour of the consumer is simple fact terminally low as that issued rules that is busy Katie Simmons again here it's freezing but fact. 75% of our debt. Wednesday rebutted the Trevor at that exact same time as a lieutenant Trevor whether it probably is book I didn't think I can. If everybody did covered I'm gonna come back probably did birds amid exist yet enjoyed growth this year I booked in February it was impressive but forest to predict when they book. So given that but we do is be cheap. Communicating resistance consumer or your longer but I think of his bets are made me joblessness may not messages Saul. Six months failed to an adjusted annual so we try to beat we only can determine who avoided promised not only between rosty communicator who. About his promise of only banking. We're hours or so there's a shift. In your interims of booking window six malls will though should these premature anniversary dates we're getting old is the busiest insurer fails all of them. Marketing that we know. We've been hearing out of the files of several years. And bid over the reserves. In three years. We did 55% increase is inaudible can say is only looking said zero presenter bowler to sell that off fob bookings so really equities effect. Ends of course you have the first thing which is a difficulties as the fourth as a Google as a public dissenters out of a first surfacing and a thal. We robot really they've got indirect save because the rookie of the first loser Trevor I don't sense as a comeback in with your. And fairness that it is spreads written Redmond where the first twenty complain about just a pretty. As yen means they have more already looking it's easier for them to predict and too far best so everybody is bringing its yen. And or of that coming from. As a thing is we really had to legitimate so we had to since people dealing guess who should go into as a best place initially. We didn't use then you go to the feed can interrogate your customers. Annual. Proper as a sordid that. Business days. From your company and its yen. Everybody's meaning get out of it. And just to note that the time we're kind of duly went Tibetans are markets. Now invented it was very nature and yes into salvage a monster Euro that they want winning more or less New Zealand for us inventory does it really respect. Stand up I think we see. It was really something that was not binding output from Iraq we did better because it comes from your acquires licenses as way to mean look forward to a new read edition so region. Prohibited that and so Europe and whether the beds yen event some really. Lenin's it was then yelling coming from men now. Prevent upbeat gonna really exhibit runs a marketing Evans energy stocks were layman's perspective is it's how much bidding intake comes a few of the you can really head sure but I'm a left a peak I wanted to long Robbins is old saw we're bring back again and dealing opens if you to give that up. As the two baker met we have a twenty she resorts in the apps. But as you can imagine early days of amazing stilts here so why would. An American goods in reluctance to. So today however it means as keeps page Yucca dot twelve per cent probabilities are really wanted to drive more and more business well adults Q results. To do that oh rudely and invective to initial market for a so we had limited budget as issued in communication limited budgets so we really needed from. It would have to attract best musician and for that to a post made off with our target where we can we zen anyhow we can return. Saw as a question was how can we applied on the Redmond middle hub into summer because that's a week on wells in interrogate our customer base. Summer within but now as the market urgency whether penniless after more than city's owners and individuals. Will answer I think it's 20000 questions. So. Representative as a American individuals. What is needed just developed that are building within. Visit reports offshore I think it was a few thousand customers was yards. We implemented its into their Bennett look at Edward Eleanor yen the result into reducing anybody. Also as. We get more fully usage and attitudes to view inevitably putting your should be guided more answers just from the losses from the West Coast should be doctors are more about. Offender should be dug it lost value not propose. Are they doing online I think we're into Trevor let into robots who have fallen this could show knock off well consumer. Really know our target in got to compete with them and after it was. Any adverse did all that the Daniel communities and plan but once again put development we robot can be booked from Roberson reads from their creator assist it. For all of our first says manager for the and he welcomes a feud began really. Talking for the China desperately wanted militant is indeed ahead. Consider our products submitted when your revenue originally designs or she is using the US is into approach we is there OK ends. Who's gonna have of the doctors Ers super happy until it has been. But I've heading to have a double digit growth follows a best three year since we launched is that balance. I just wanted to conclude and bring back industry commitments. Women when added to twin himself put it before ring. Went against the commitments that they do duty should grow thing bids. Ers about the future is no. We don't really losses deed goes that's supposed to be averted when it's it's where we don't really we start in the explorer and then we try. To fine how we got into usage from the beginning. We'd Modesto and upwards we have admit is failed to green energy so that Russia that went for Brington granted for the mood. Delivered to shore reserves from the beginning. Unless the pages of reserved for development corporation is redeemed by the Pentagon from. Which prove you're to create a good you're off an energy same claims earth for a focused company if you want solar project particularly.

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