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Free Webinar: Metasearch vs OTA vs Direct: Maximize your channel management strategies



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Metasearch vs OTA vs Direct: Maximize your channel management strategies


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Like welcome you to a liquor Bernard how to maximise. Your channel management strategy. It'll part will likely conference structured amid what Merck which we held in the black you know they get October like. Now the former update web site at Iowa but little introduction. And then abhijit no one will speak of apart wrecked car and Charlie Ottoman. Each of these expert will be shown inside the key way how to overcome the challenges and do they even let the channel management. So on their Big Bang keep their joint warning. We'll be conducting question after the because they please pose your question the cat box on the right hand I'd look out there. Where an oil and bill ought to be that light pole. Why not keep the debate net not what your thinking and get you'll get back. But why wait you know Daschle meeting will take important call will be amid the full level mark according. A couple pay. Right on the topic. We can we church. Really by the American hotel and lodging association human innovation and reveal a look at number of good humoured of the utility you could be booted hotels play of the past two years had decline. At the same time the number achievement that Jack with intermediate having great. My personal chat with industry I talked hotel that you know huge 60% drop in ground talking. All of which keep it going mobile abbey and public and completely. Finally in a recent study on the search we found that had 57 cent a lured consumers and made it looks like. Do we certain where they're gonna then second only popularity. Your recommendation random batley. Given the popularity of a PA and metro much consumers by idol hotel at complete thorough understanding on the channel. Using an author how to balance the cost and revenue they generate. How to implement distribution strategy which is much but what else you'll know their action is with that let that he cannot plug it will. Were higher level Batman and yet. What the best way to get your about book girl but cut two point. Up but he is expected direct distribution. FR HI. Well. Your. Our Kabila hot plug in 25 years can starting independent hotel on the Toronto air strip area. They're moving the corporate level mission delta hotel with that by the year but then be gone. Who predict that our H I can't talk and play with a multi role in the company apartment yet. He's an expert you know distribution with a focus on macro model that your brand awareness and let the channel distribution all market segment. Doug might get life. You know that continually adding morning or any time now. A M and tracking you can now we might shrink. In what partner compared. Oh what I want to all we're briefly. One of the value contribution at the segment contribution M a rock segment contribution. Abduction you know hundred M acquire. In. Finally. In emerging trend. Which I think will be an inept big role in the pictures. We take a lot we have contribution in the definition of ouija. One of the things there. I doubt our hotel Mahoney EU should be viewing. The wholesale statement in than non towards Q Easter just the person happening at booked through which will ride operator and independent I. Acacia. Interview that. A weaker trend look at it in India insult. I Geithner accountable human take a look at what the contribution yields from the bury it and statements that abide Indonesia is trenching and regulation. So we have voted yea we have a way channel. Brent ion channel and then a halt they would part of the non jury if and actual numbers. In icann mark a look at Axel room nights because it won't work. On the particular segment. It had room likely going to go up and down what important is how they wait and Asia. End either leading with a hotel and actually either panel like there. Basically give them guidance that you battering many eggs in one get relative you know she. Now that didn't mean that you have to go wild and reduce your role purely contribution. We need to try to increase the contribution promptly added statements for the U lender put. Slightly more balanced. I'll. That ensure that there yet you don't have although they did in one back. They were trying Q 8 get guess acquisition. Through it many different channel attitude here right that there is dependent on one inch. Well the thing that we see in the energy pregnant well you know that. If you then to break that down further if you had a dependent young one what you. Or create. Then you make your betters Europe to try to get tripped up into. IE Welch Yates that we're tracking market segment that demographic that your actor. Below again spoke even balanced open in that old yearly share. Buying its course but getting. We'll look at the segment contribution. Take a look at your overall businesses well. If you look out a large group repent house. You know wholesale house. Then what's the balance you getting which will be during a quick end making sure we're gonna. In essence fill in house would just group because then 48. Regular corporate travel worried they'd finally I'll tell us a alive just by a group in house. Then you're not necessarily point become people. So again they have bounced approach rather took you at its markets like well. When the company will rob distribution landscape in understanding the class. Now so we take a look at channel. One of the things that that we have seen that the majority of group were bent into seemed to be made by twelve. When howling had been about forty individual. When the two roaming alleged her plan accounts just earned a spread sheet. Alluded a couple of problems and well that's an area. A new. Hold hotel group a bet they're coming G your hotel or they were attending the debt. So why are we putting the restoration cross extra lots and chip channel distribution. Which is far. Tell look for culture and added a student how you can get on a booking into a horse self managed environment. Now whether your brand arms Ike hit capable and when you preparations. All work torture tools like our key. In the group. When do we mean let's if you're actually that king. A spread sheet Bremen leading and a I'm spreadsheet happens to be at our numbers you were beaten Quinn aren't you yeah I can't buy. Itself yen all to find solutions. There are going to ensure you p.s Shiite I had bigger Moran power market a corporation actually the outlook we traded. Might maintain PCI compliance until I can be able that it will be interested. Ending email and credit. You need to look for a train headed you know big group and bent channel level there you you'll. Interim that you're after distribution of the bubble at Gail. When it comes to quell group travel really huge emphasis rate now running in the street does not mean I gonna riders. A lot of these. Let me just you might use Canadian G records trouble like we of people when people forget that we look at Gatwick GE F. Point B relative mop. So one of the things to do weird have you again get out of that Ulster and channel distribution aren't. NI there are opportunities to do treat your brand icon played all other online. Booking tools. So that your hedging costs. A look at that are out there or protect. We'll come can have a search from a well the thing bet that you really need to ensure rehab and wine your original really. Work harder Gannett bidders. Your website. As many need to be able compare that you that I could incursion we're getting. All our search that there does better quick through. We will of that instrument will wahpeton metrics like who will put up right that our banker bean ending down bought well stripper either. Can you gonna be being an area in end you have Q. Put into it can't. Pay back past when you get quick through and took you have a relatively low conclusion. You could end up paying more you buy that have to work. There when you might be paying an up year. And mean you should shift know what you know GA idiot will you all to be a little bit more in tune with how would you care. Who conversion rate of the bidding class car dealing with new commissioner mark up would be. To a third party. At an industry we can get really excited especially about how that all went out our structural pew and things like Google operates add. And we've seen is we large hotels. One should help lower your attitude that I thought your quick through rate. On the day that you alive. Absolutely incredible buy your conclusion rate is terrible. Anything would be are about how Ali Gerrard who walk aren't taking a look at how they're being positioned and weight in the quick through. And of that that early introduction into this channel is going absolutely dry you click through higher up. Am tempted you you can burden in early part of it but it should. Relatively. Level I want to look at about street week will mark up but having an understanding enables becomes really important. Just that that your purer. Play. Enacted Cleveland when that acquisition. Is. If you prepare a absolutely anything have that direct relationship. With the customer then you could be getting into bidding wards in certain markets. But if you at least have an understanding or back. Into be better positioned beat up strategic. Chart. And then come the next big thing coming partners closed use your group putting. It a variety of different. Quotes you your group but out here. Right now. M were seen that even within Google how I'm going to be introduced option. To get into a user groups it is now you can start quipped. And wing Sinn. Your search results based on the back into their Google. At the bell what Bill Burton will account. If a lot empirical will account where operate watchers still brouder. What kind of recent searchers had they done it you can literally start a target. You aren't based on who bet YouTube users. Triggered by periods were indeed getting into it hammer Dimon discretion M. At their coming or becoming and that the marketplace they all want to introduce your ability. Shoot in Q usury that at. Purchased by the prior Axel you do that its search for a travel bags were what eight. You might want to try and get M and yet them an offer bigger not necessarily giving you the general population. So that the accord you'd require opportunity. Are gonna be increasing more and more. Naturally going to be hard associated with them beg your generally reaching what our audience and then you just have to. Weigh that against what you're doing on brown I'm all about oil. And you do not think you will. At oh Zeus group. Given that Italy. They keep. Now the great feedback integrated player Burke and if anyone had any questions but please do that measurement light house via the web site. We're going to conclude that accumulate. I think it provides full want to barf first whole life poll here. Question put all the hotelier of out there. Respectable one intermittently natural growing important you important your business. Simple yes or no question which we can discussed further in Q the next that deal to. Within the question now. We couldn't vote coming at. OK you know it. A massive PS concluded. Might keep the vent of the rate will have another poll will and next up. We have great up and not old GOP law. Craig Clark practical proprietary pot luck operation including sales marketing. Which patiently coma human and technology. Correct but the count what legal by the many hogs at State Street co location and trade groups including. H away at each of any our Rick also founder and co host each year. Annual travel picked public conference focus on development and use of the merger but argued in hot cup Chapman street. Greg either volume ready to talk. I'm here. Go ahead. A fake UKM I appreciate the aired their introduction. Good morning good afternoon everyone even sold. You may be wondering why their area lawyer on the panel well are on edge what you're ever hope we work explained to what would be your. How you're wearing entered the various relationships Webaroo DNO. Key A ore is met at search provider in how you can act with each of them can have a big impact on your ability to do many a bit then but don't just spoke up. I owe you choose between the tube channel let you out what Kate. Boy you're armed art it Federer between the channelled how you can track with each of them can have an impact on the actual. Would like about tutoring to date for a cobalt what I consider contracting it all. What I mean by that are not all be determined in conditions that lead agreement summer which you maybe what to negotiate some new main art but art of the prior led by which. You've got into their relationships fell out of court point years out boy M wide British property. So pro bowler view art put it appealing but that. Our do we with big corporate oil or YM wide a warrant. It did he with multiple hoped held. That is where refrigerator went wide at the British in Europe I think a property it. What we find many times is that. Broke those and the buoyant side. That he distributors are quite doubt the end quite good work include beer market representatives end sales channels. You get individual properties truce line up with a weighted N greater distributor meadows searchlight or what have you are built relationships start up pretty well off again. Book sport equal put people at a row we have a chipped away generously match a number a pretty may have already contracted with the distributor. Yardage problems that create them when a buoyant yet in order corporate profits yet entered negotiated deal if there. While they may have certain put book approaches to things. The property themselves may have already committed it used something way to give break in happened gold what doctorate Monterey apply sell break the airport on the technology side. Many times the corporate office mate tried who approach it distraught Buren will quickly distributor I direct connect I eight curt. A proper read may have idea if you're already agreed to a yen that benefited the distributor. May have already committed to work dread extra network overall to the Chopra. Connection. Enact will create challenges add to how you reckon outback in many times will pick away anywhere bridged a big corporate entity might have in trying to negotiate the best deal possible. Hillary which will cut about art in a moment. But many times properties will what will agreed to use your compared commitment and obligations without realising really what Bill White flower today under but while. Without real widening how big partners may wish to approach that in many canned meat by purity commitment will get will be tween property or this thing buoyant. Ain region Federer. Exclusivity. Are compounded I'm not buying properties that will agree unknowingly to work Ickes will so we were based demand channel. IM in many cabs were we optional wine is that we need. Are properly approach the S depending on the high but distributor assault but an old TA it explore I would emit responsibility a bit revenue miniature. A good electorate e-commerce. If the amended searchlight if need be viewed more they'd if they build a marketing toward. N many times billed to individuals dole hot and fortunately Winchell link among shelter when negotiating bringing into that green backed. Ben has lost a true we have found when comparing it corporate approach to a property approach. Many times. Or eight hellbent marketing hiked war which will be negotiated that the corporate data. Again he did strict distribution guy already you know G-8 like me Compaq and speed you'd explosively Edley revenue management toward. And that would be done by the cockpit well Alltel. Working through a dead issue an and Irish inning in which a bit dew energy use will be leading the negotiation it help or. Which respective period we could spend on morning parking about that. Both of you with our produce any EU well aware that erosion great changes going on within the EU. Ed many of you know ultimate awarded a G-8 ever made commitment to a certain juppe traps that already is looking B are being perhaps that we did the double. I HP had also expressed interest in in making certain commitment. Out of Europe wide or changes going iron. Doug's booked at the most changes or better we reported record to close you'd your groups which we can think are rendered at the UK and pay trust. Our crop picture audit for. A point you're changing business model. Ed I would you know they're working with distribution world. Now that the queen mines that once existed between NO TA British or let it search provider unhappy Kumble worried. I triggered by your perhaps becoming one of the best Big Apple got back global now are playing into the booking capability. Old wind up a bit and sell many times with distinction being drama I direct quote well our first. Or at the property bubble as took who's responsible provoked relationships. Old line don't work anymore had been wind become a work sought recognition of white each distributor Ken duke a yield. Ed how big ill due how they are except payment how they establish relationships with the guest are it's critically important. What point your commodities nation award you opt in Europe put out more stalling out there the big board but many times expressed bitter criticism at the hotel industry for a well wing will be become commodity side. Ilya watching this but most -- didn't come up now is. Whether BO key A or indeed met at search site. I'm in either case. That distribution channel are at Keane or a request index yet. That double A and that Dell may try to used to distinguish it ruled it produced some others. Add that becomes more more probe weren't. Ed Ed pill he worked its way into bills issues as well. Unfortunately I think your line that will not become walk mart hired because the ruled the description of although the federal. I've grown in properties will be the same regardless of the channel you're using. Quickly do you it would park about some changes bet we'd. But in the changes that are accruing Ed don't made reference to a lira closed dude you're groups had the opportunity there had been prevented their I agree with care making your online. More in more use of quell the dude you're groups are also non ads will keep programs. Which will all well both distributors. Medic searchlight. End a players themselves to offer a unique gift count in unique value opportunity there yet. The consolidation that you're finding in the industry art project will collapse you would you add an unprecedented. Indeed being LI I suspect we what you're star an indication as to whether it'd be the end audit and they'll point model will go forward. N target bewitching out and cooperation. Putting aside the trip provider consolidation approach. Up a bubble worrying if you will when knelt wine been buried yes brick. I channels starting to work together because the apple a bit higher image Richard announcement. And are working with. Are Expedia just announced rebel leader might be actually good morning. Are its partnership for home away so now what whining even more boring if you will between the various participant. Ideas we've built by a weaker bedouin got buy that were not part about new industry entrant. I Camelot target in the big splash a month ago when Immelt if I anticipated in that. Scrabble approach. Our Oslo. Global out kicking in more in more active wall in trouble again it's important measure considers them at these strategies that don't speak served under Shia what he'd enter rent due out they distributor do they provide booking capability week. If not they market being a embedded search site in yet tell how we did debt. Are billed business model works out with what you're trying to achieve. In the final point I'll make clear which are on. Does the mood during his comment you'll with operating groups segment. It seemed that we spent much time and your TA in the mega search discretion focusing on the regional segment. In the discretion that I had been a part of it in team all with the lads you launch you put -- we've built in the investment community. But seemed to have an insatiable a insatiable. Appetite for travel technology. Bill wilt August is becoming corporate in group's segment aired in how do we use technology each will approach each of bill statement. Have we reduced the class perhaps out of armed. Trend actions in regulation GM and a activity in bulk of the build segment tell my expectation is better in the used to come wrapped in the very near future are your key are all white more active about what mad in new approaches due. How best to a virtual act. Ended mean Cayne bold bold segment. Bolger my comment for now. But keep it bad really going trading right. We're going to be another poll in the second but have a we have a lot of questions porno which which has capped at IQ audience we have one question from a Goodman Michael David cash flow for the oil and so if you could heighten into your. Comment box. For those who fed. No commitment that we like no what I want to know which network and we'll now go on the second pulp and again will occur without their. Do you feel that the mobile booking it hindering a drive direct booking. Clear what again detailed quote that mobile. Hindering your drive direct booking. And yes no yes no question there so we can launch that keel. Man and what the coming year. We now caught poorly. They keep the boat afloat and keep voting. Fund slightly more difficult can build upon becoming more slowly. Do you feel mobile hindered your correct bookings will enable it. It on the OK coal. And doctorate. 54%. Are part or in Cleveland mobile is not. Hindering parental injured including red book that interest. OK do we now want a final. Panel of the web now about he is generally a month she viewed at trip keen. Target or attractive for help prepare ultra accurate look at playing real time picture question on the would like to show how they compare. OPEC the best available rate before founding the company did not include Cuba the look at that that which is named UK entrepreneur pure play out quite Magdalene. And Charlie ought to sit on the rise board of British airway. I'll eco the data but moderation steering group Charlie on either and I really speak. I don't know. I'd like Charlie and case. And merge its sharing the screen Linden lab. Yeah Europe and let it go up. OK. Bill sharing check yeah yeah OK great hall I everyone. No. Quick introduction. Or Wi-Fi you know the production rate yet particularly. We help. Create a collection you know gonna get. Which really all about are all likely water booking. And that will not need. I wanna talk about free but it will. Am really knew him as an opportunity show what we can help can be and should be doing and that they think about improving. The channel management. And and ultimately I get rut we see the best way to bridge on management is I think the most possible channel and clearly on the online and that it direct. And so the pipeline having increased convergence. Direct on the web site. And seconded having catchy gap get eight. Which after what I was just saying that a user group I think and a clear why that valuable and useful going forward. And then finally closer and better management old law H yea vote should be should. So I just gonna approximately given all that address should be. For the third one on increasing convergence. On your website and Abby had prompted it could be getting more and more people are shooting but I am 88. And bad that money so the but as a question that you know our unlike what. Is a wide that what are the region that it will book a gate and research from global travel and again you've seen again and again a bit. People choose but yet by the atypical the issue in the quite cheap so you're getting get on your website. And the comic in the oh oh extra automation in the dark I. And then then you. Are now leading a little more than any other. And that they think the price achieved slope and it cool project a belt is addressed in a key issue do we get the display on the crude Al. We're letting page it lay like price it would state get island and they don't need your website and battle more likely book direct. And they did the current explained show how work. The lack London we use a property and here in London and the liberal the rate paid later people need quite a little more likely that the outlook. Earlier in the eye and what you're the one and then shortly are. Project here to show people that these rate are indeed the best on the web and and what we're finding a bit every time. And we give people the additional reassurance. It increase it converging by leap that I. And so it really big impact your third additional booking work and and that's partly because people the white. A little or no other injuries when DoubleClick anywhere on the widget they get it reassuring. Information work we've put old age booked direct. Matt why work are quite. Dubuque example of how that worked at one European Union L. Add daily buried at standard example or what we're seeing. I provided information written create a convertible get tangible keep down their channel costs. And and in the bed allowed into get more bang that yet you know. On the billboard. And people will go to your kid they will check. But one big kind of narrowed down to a three property and you're one of the make when your website at you really want a about the but what increased merger I get another look cool. All old I mean think about it what are the weight will capture. More get data capture. I think that can get away or doing that and and it will we be working white Ollie that abandonment. Date it probably seen the kind of method and on the tail spike by shoots. And and just edu about quote that had about Limbaugh and were up 888 it only. Or not have jut. Take your bar late they give it. And we think that the you know great option held. And immediately. On the line and the people go to when they go way we all the leg booked. And you. Outlined. Get get all the captured in get aid and want to know I think that being an earlier it and what on the web. And one point get that you are all weekend in July. A car hotel. And another get urging a and whole week in October when that they got a hell of alot more. Eight ability unique shoes actually want either. W special for the gap. The good we're unlikely people however the lot will do their guy in July and it might opt. And you like just a bit showed the rate again. So it really another way oil we'd all seen let you look at like the way to look at the moment. And although catching data which leads a producer. And and then thirdly what what I imagine what closely manage old law and project partners. So what I think we're being we're putting on great I would like much when a mobile search. And the show in the private the next week or litigate a one adult. And weighed that we're looking at what are the price and the gate chart all they. Agreement which you got hammered out. And hand. Where apple had helped either help Greg. And in and come into a big sticking to what they meant big. And what we're doing and and that you know many people about their. It you can find that attracting. The prices and law partner are actually showing a big picture and help keep management are more closely and that's really important. If we're going. You know it. Message at 8 that people actually believe that compel it a good market. And it could be quite quick example that finished. And on the 22 July amateur group and Australia were tracking. The the revenue manager racial goaded everyday just check what the disparity. And whipped up the big 88 and have increased. And dean normally the level of the Arab leader auction. A rate and showed cheaper on the 88 and that low and one good day at least by. And and we want unit you know Within twenty minute. Actor Ben now that work out accurately track issue about the on what not adding on the track at the moment who will show the quite. And and within an hour they think that the double a got out loud. And Newbridge were managed. On the disparity and make sure their online people embed what everywhere locally. Where. So I think we can we need illegal by 8 am and the contract that drop the rate carrot creek cut oil beleaguered cute little cool. And make sure that the negotiate in good there and let. And unless it at me I only want to just focus on. Simple practical being illegally getting. Help increase booking directly and so you can reduce or distribution costs. In the. Eight new. Thank you very much value we have a lot of question company. I would like he'd start off with that. Kicking the can can afford it up and good question regarding. How. Our paddy close either group. Pilot can get it would be great Berkeley. And if guarding closely the group. And either gonna have a positive impact streaming content management while maintaining act online. Is there a synergy that can be contemplated. Afraid particularly post that's national not quite sure that mean. Google collect one with a rating deductible neutral booking feature what should hotel be doing a good point. I'll always find out who knew the booking between Google or should hotel wake habitable it'll be a that again. Up. I'm not a big proponent out wait and see how it Bol. B of that line of thinking. Are put and the way in any decisions he added GOP. Might want to put him way. Well generally I think you should be taking a lot out there. Eight in a lot your distribution partners whether or not they have the capability to connect to it. And then try at the end of the day. One of the things you keep in mind depending upon how you connection that coming through that our solid global instant Bok will not at the trip provider. Archer does well is that the typically you shouldn't you those booking that the Brent dark art or. Basically what you don't of these you do we know it's really make consistent user interface with a customer. By the end of the day if the Irish no way to becoming the work and the rhetoric that lets patients alike are creating a regulation versus stump. Doing a cooperation from those set them. And then at net at extra risk your lecture at rack basically just I think regulation true she purchased. Yet they can just you to experience so that respected political each you've got a brand. And. I'll buy oil at one would think that. Yet like Velika oh yeah wanted to doormat dynamic it a real challenge them talking you. Smaller groups or independent hotels and what I totally agree W abducted. It's important that dot rightly knew about Apple's U women really do a promised goods. It because the gate right there are a corporate beginning that they called import. A big adopted tripe that a real challenge all. These smaller groups in the bridge incriminate O to try everything. One thing I'd start seeing more frequently it and the hotel began paying a but we know we got a couple of great old age what are we try. And you know the triple bartered booking and new drug deal one let adults. And Dumont so you know dot art dealer in it except keep up with our other property because they just on a trajectory many things of the have a go that. The date it's trying not doing well menu decide it looking at work out what actually. Having a bit more effort into it Michael Mike results. O. And one question I have a point that there in. How how much you valued ease the impact at the booking cannot hand on the relationship you build with your consumer he do you think it's critical or. Or not what what will view on that at when he judge channel T it. At the end of the day. Having a direct relationship with Europe. Let me liable. It'll be something we work toward that what we might try to get your you Rembrandt. O. It the other thing that down again that he is an interesting at a consumer patterns and trend in general. Consumer might be. Extremely loyal to a particular remedy cell institute Rolex cart that call somebody. With the north America's army had this old school. The customary oil does not mean Brent mid April for a sharp unit you mean consult with the shopping. Stock. Intel customer got in the Neiman markets. Whatever you know I don't partner like I'm Axel but when they go Winnebago when they're the backlog and Newcastle is still oil. I don't the end of the day the had accurately pointed decide weird they what. Well happen that direct relationship increasing the propensity put more oil being. But at the end of the day yet customer ultimately won but by your eye. Route someone else that provides them with a shopping experience that they believe that I am better lord black and you'd better. It doesn't mean that we should be trying to get channel ship about them that they continue state would yield is ultimately what you're. But while much important that now blood do you her agree with great quake of that closed user group pardoning bitten by a legal question. There is certainly an aspect of that Greg and I am absolutely at our discussions. About that end. Year period. That legal act back up it. But do you dot forget it reality of how do I started yet. Q demographic. And respected graphic cut red baron Africa. Without having to appeal to the matters. That march oh GD. Yields in style all you know the addition played a bill right now there. When they make China a member. Member have given them. Well happy that the memory yet them act like we went by the information central needy information. And so now you can start to target our Q week apply it does on Morley. I'll what are the new entrant into your Q8. So. That become appealing to Richard M I'll tell only get if you buy at archer we apply a more likely travelling block its. So I think a Utah will present an opportunity don't reach. The customers that you have to. Due out which that direct relationship. I would hope we get applicable would you directly but you're not at least that the oil she cocktail. It ended that they get it it won't I would fit from a legal prospective Bear's bearish to think bet that. Blood collected on male one years. The quotes you'd your group in the very limited then serve up the UK competition that already been in the exceptions did did scanning but off so well user groups asked on many times depending on the contract cute line. The weight you may after a to a quote dude you wrote that you can what wap. Many times that an exception to a parody that commitment that you might make to a low key year on year wait period that. So if you enable wider would help Europe Q I again apply it still wouldn't recommend a certain demographic that you're trying to appeal to. ME are added I you had opportunity or did account or some other think about. Many time that would be an exception to the Erykah may make you made it a bright method. So back curriculum backed into what the bill real opportunity Turin that you do wit well you won't won about what any commitments you've made elsewhere. But. Banquet that you mentioned a Google and the close tutelage. How do you compared to the podium is uniquely anti fed common airline or award with the been tried and and data which. They will have an elite fell more. I added it is true. Well I think Ed Ed is it. Well you didn't become a little bit more. Political more opportunity and the industry structure understand them better. It when people painting it without it we've been earning a pretty. Sell you referred to do you. You're like our appetite mean Ian apple. Future or would national duke wrapped. Maybe we when he comes out you is Bose media channels telling you who you can happen you. What type of Costa later redeem equity. Don't think England will use groups between you know that's a huge leg down a line. Here and then these like gambit sell on an airline I. Nature around it and tell you look at in the end to travel business class first out. Eight and tell you how many times that restricts travel link like that. What these big enter frequent. So now you can start you get a little bit more partner that. With bat like persson. And because they're reluctant. Bad if you have someone there won't teacher. You know bra Ken Graham not only indication. But they're going M a diamond. And let's take trying to find a course I'm about it or appointed global producer chain about the destination. Now you can happen of that media grapple. In away that you couldn't the frequent buyer. So you you have just about weight each one of them. The same way that you take away BM. A traditional. Back at the end of the day. Camden opportunity to reach. Eight posted big clubs there. Qatar and N. It in your strategy that OPEC at a rate that you're trying to get him. Then eight or what different possibilities are trying each. OK good that. And Charlie have a question. We blew Google they'd PA. I am. That could decline in nature yea either break a man lied all that we could have a big bet that they huge amount of living huge. I'm mad about you the year kick by. And that the money they spent on advertising. And building weekly dip. Now that so much mobile home. Activity is done by apps. And it makes digitally great extent. Or eight you know that had more you originally due brand Laurent. A weakened global. Yet general web search so I I think that the lead it day and and that despite a build a political. Or talked about oh which are increasing. Significantly but the idol website at your kid. I think. Lee I think what Google doing. After making I feel like we've seen Google pile again they'll allow it the year. Then have opportunity to take control worked. Market and fail and and don't nothing it stricter but when I think about the number of the bite you android by people. And we dual chrome on the and the EMI pain at you know Google -- great research. And the fact that either device of the future and bloodletting by Google everything went and then make provider cut their net alike experienced steadily. It feel like they should they did a Q Mattingly and take control the travel and yet I I think it probably unlikely it'll happen. And again you get Al Abdullah ad online market. And and add Opel might not so. Google yet impact it's going to be big IEU should watch with great interest but at a tactic and a bit but a way to go actually change people can get. Advocate. And both have been talks surrounding Google gripping Gmail you have emailed. Bali hotel reservation is made her an election in the lower. The lower rate what they booked for a haven't. Come to mind either considered applicable alternately up. I'm actually that the that the product we actually worked on bulking up else. And then we'd we'd like it because that in commodity legally but that they're already mother starts where you. Just given back at your Google account and they did not done in any. And underhand way and you give someone action your Google account. They actually when you make booking and then they'd. Can rebook their hotel at night and now that she's got a deal they got a bit I don't think it yet had much consumer adoption and at which is good obviously go to help curb the idea of having hundred Al people cancelling automatically keep looking hotel. Based on price changes at the date gets closer look pretty scary prospect. Do so far I don't get taken or not quite sure what they'd look. Dubbed doctor quite a big consumer benefit on the certain. I would I would give it a great week we'd seen a number reply and nail art had seen an experience that bush here and I'll what are the trip advise your company picking girl had been rolling this out but we'd seen in the number road market in particular where art debacle redacted some corporate travel manager it ever equal to what were your corporate travel assault. The we have seen. No more of our client head he built real effect of that never resort to bed head. At can reconsider. A bit much change yet we continued speculation part could be heard that the prospect a bet Iqbal. We've never had an impact. It I dad I get a couple. Things on that particular separate. Bet apple worked well. It did about travel regulations Google Gmail. And every single email account and account. Yet at how well their appetite. Worked so such as travel related email scanning. The road getting everything. The other thing that. You know we at a relate to travel. One of the reasons. Why they by the consumer business such a good thing is eke I don't know what products will now put that apple restoration that solidly itinerary are a U which is a good thing. But down slightly are we book tool. Market looked on the weak yen is so old if you have a consumer attempts to you. By premium right back. Toward final hole HI where do we look I. The consumer right now one at Reebok. I'll do with the consumer is booked any or that you added that will be would post. A bit about the value add component. Then be pact that towards your play at eight L one that the ink there. We're trying to do is get the consumer one. By more premium prior. You should buy in story. I'm still around your patient. So that there be pegged towards goal line a huge. Cinema spot. Rate we we have a question here about FEO. Would Mer hotel here. That be smaller earlier. How can they compact carmaker. L in the foot high competition for motive. If quicker but it is that your effective anymore. OKQ parking. Your FB roll really there yet so it's agenda automatically show producer can get market. SP gold. Is going to become in my opinion welcome that important at the meaning you should start doing get a letter that important. Peak people are going Shuster wrote that article you know Google or bing Yahoo! arm and that whole closed user group and personalisation starched. Tube lamp kit Ian. There's this quarter that Google will give you wear plate. It now unnecessarily directly. Related to adjust your during meditate and richer added expert right old. Style. They aren't part of their PL bad creole become. In my opinion less and less important and FEM in the bidding on keywords in great things like that. Will become more important. So from an FPM respected you should absolutely be. By giving more money whipping marketing spend with things like at 3 am. Bridges traditional media end what we find an Arab outlook level years. The activity or by giving more money for a BM is night. Happening at queen's plate heat. Because that would end up happening at the level is because the funk stood. They don't tend to commit money to their comparable with the traditional media like H Clinton is seen at you know might mark. Ending at eight dollar and does it M ambling by Getty camps that they adopt and commit the dollars. M I'll likely that the alliance take command line quarter's end whether virus and that. Increase your knowledge and understanding comfort level. Am telling you you're using a marketing got quite. Yep I'll just add anything here that it delivered Hugo. Sorry. I think open it it talking here about Palin who dug up Charlie go ahead yeah. Personally and I would concur with Doug Ed Emmett in focus let go away do it I would. Only generally spend time and want to keep it here it big very very targeted what you do. I ultimately now you know Google shake a jury extended their above the fold and Google searches that according. I think the only real focus yet he should just be when someone looking more actual hotel to the U link annual brand name or something like typically can't quite. But try to turn up in addition he will try to in the region is but most people ID and that a question primarily due Q difficult up. Still trying to be ahead you just made during Europe the top and giant brand name brand and I think you keep that could you know good people structured such that a searches are stretched out over time and they they come back you limit annual on the eight Yale lab and then etc. during work. OPEC's obvious. On brand terms not on the that the region. Rove have another question. You know a lot you know we you can you displayed the Tokyo. And joked I'll elaborate how converted impacted. A great question they're not applicable and is backed. At all let the consumer all what you get the message with the doctor might take. If you click on their hotel dock on lake a day Al berg a book on name. And it did learn later that look like price proper dot com. It look like they're charging but we would which are quite the same. Assuming that the saying we would trade book direct. So it should really just a reminder octagon put. Tucker at a perfect. Home. Right I think we're running out of time. The flow of big ag people expert for participating. And put your audience tuning in. I would hope further overnight youthful. If you peer. You aren't going to be. Hundreds of expert injuncted docket there all the breaking how to sell more have reduced their distribution costs that have people that. We had earlier put the cabinet but the August. Fourteen if interested please get back immediately at best but talk to it event organised that he or even what Dubya I couple com. Drop when he will hand she will. Well Q4 into automation gig lined up at oh want to get back it might pull our panel I hope you enjoyed it and I'm more blocked it or keep.

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