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Mon, 7 Dec 2015|

Kevin Clapson discusses the advantages and pitfalls of programmatic advertising


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And I guess staff or so ago every every confidence has won her today's my turn so on the barrier between you impose so try to keep this kind of relatively light high hopefully. Pacific ten get quite technical topic. I make my first concession to. I'm not programmatic expert by any means. 52 hands went up then so the good chance a summer you'd have more experienced directly you're kind of begin directly with programmatic. And not really going to get into that the knitted received the tech on this. Robert Ryan whose use is more from kind of at my observations and I kind of subtly change a title for a kind of that's our hope. We try to give you kind of the supervisor view into a more broadly I guess my view like I much prefer listening to people give their opinion in the but the company still. So trying to do that too much for a wet and possibly as well. Some and the second for things occur run through cross annex a thirty minutes or so. The landscaping itself. Then cargo onto the adviser pitfalls the main areas and meta refocus on. And this is why I'm cuts possibly for the brands and agencies work with is that tracking and measurement. The justification basically like. And I just finish on four source 34 minutes on Hong Kong how we using my direct experiences. And first I think the better word itself programmatic. Is is a bit over minefield kind of space than the current conjures images of of of that kind of stuff why were running around these robots and people bidding on stuff and both human really kind of touching things and as a conference in in Rome a couple of weeks ago right thing there or call. Wanna take away was retire the term programmatic it's kind of what does that really mean. And so I think for us personally at triple adviser. We like to think of ourselves as quite a forward thinking company and depending on we've heard today might further concessions must already own mobile or something we jumped into with both feet. 89 years ago where where blog that partners have an even have a proper mobile working site yet so we very much kind of go where we feel the market is. On the programmatic and the automation side I guess. I think is something we've really kind of take a step back and club watch what the market's doing so. The main reason given that not what goes into more depth. We've we've spent sixteen years building a brand. And placing some an incredibly powerful data. I'm not gonna just give up or someone because they often if you quit here there to kind of monetise something which or maybe not doing particularly well to back. And we're lucky we're structured as a business that we don't have to sell. My team released from an appetite perspective every single impression we have. And we will we'd much rather kind of learn something about audience and find clever way to help our partners coming get the best of that. And so rob McCullough cover off is Israel at least three areas. There's probably 1516 Aires you can really delve into a pro whether perspective. The stuff on the far left here is put wire partners or doing a lot of with their agencies or with a third party come company. And just be quite clearly we don't do that at all or to revise or. So there's no way you can access our inventory initially speeches directly. It's something again I can say that first party data we've with incredibly proud of it I get probably three phone calls a month. It from an agency. From a third party ought to look what about partners asking us to do that directly bid then. And we fundamentally refuses better by not saying we never will but. We certainly have no intention of doing that. What we are doing is the stuff on the right hand side and we've only really been picking -- so in that for the past probably 45 months and said private marketplace is a pretty easy for us assess out and I'm assuming most people know what these things are grosso optimism of a delegate limited really but private marketplaces are pretty easier faster setup. Or more more so we start to see the market shift that's six guaranteed model. And my big concern that stuff on the left are probably should told a bit about why did before supervisor I spent seven or eight years on the agency side. So a lot of guys are running these desks as us. They were there when I was there but that they are doing now is the transparency shift this to what black fox estimate to really want to invest a lot of time. If you're not prepared its have exactly what you do with my budget and with my phone users. I don't really know how comps for once I get into that space. But this summer on the right hand side are much more comfortable. And the bottom. These kind of covered by various delivery and at the end of talk about what we do with there was extensive about. Probably my biggest frustration still from from media in general with additional spaces distance of scheerer used to things are re targeting. And an as a there's an old example now but it is it likely doesn't happen anywhere near as much that mrs. Arlington back five years ago that it's the. Headline there for the pants are still we on the web and I think probably everyone in the room is an experience where you can follow around Internet by some think retailers invariably a lot worse and travel adviser this. And so Amazon I love Amazon T unsold still use it on my phone probably more than liberals but. Now what I look at Amazon the next 101520 days that have solemnly bloody everywhere and it's just not great experience. And gotta say it's not as bad as it used to be most people now of a credit savvy makes frequency caps think so you only get exposed maybe two or three times a day. Or maybe 434 days when they leave you alone but. Some brands are still pretty bad. And are user real life examples familiar with Shaw again blog you guys are similar you spend a lot on the road travelling around -- timing hotel so we're not normal typical user case. Up by busier hotel in Greece for months ago on the hollow mobile as a family. I'd put it done actually directly with term. Stayed there for the next six weeks but still chase zero instead try to be too big downside is likely just let your property you should know. I've been a should know like access your wife frost and assistant on the last person wealthy should become a chase around laggard they continue to do over and over again. Last week I was in the buyer. Stay hotel won't mention handguns because about every target strategy the minute I'm back catalogue into the their website Gunter Wi fi here. They don't like blasted with messaging and still getting hit today in the so itself. Com or stay with us and more frustratingly certainly priced cheap in the one I'd take two stay or even I was staying there so if this places they can go really wrong really really quickly. Lastly I think people come again better that stuff out. And and is assisting in either her or how big is used their business user last week as well back kind of some of the kind of cyclical techniques that people are used to kind of add treat the system. We. You. That road of. We know god for a fifth. Hutton so I think music and you take re target awaited digital kind of mind the newcomer put into the context becomes quite clear how easy is ago rolled. I think that detect when they use here was if you giving out leaflets easiest place in the world economy doing is eighty stand outside the shop with a with a leaf over discuss that sharp. The matter people take off to going to redeem some think. Re targeting. If he's done badly again you never getting any incremental and we're going to that Livermore sneak my job as a publisher but worthwhile harnesses the delivering Korean charities of their plans. Before longer do is just camped things you have got naturally a kind of pretty much fouled I think this too much of that blast spoken mirror that lack of transparency in that kind of trading way in this area still. And one kind of example where I think it just. Re targeting base of the summer -- you're citing a horrific do wrong again this happens every week fell broadly this was well out in the buyer last week again our picks up on the some in the buyer obviously search in the red light at some point in the previous month up presumably did not put virgin in the end I don't know that still I guess system chase me around. The fact some in the by the probably should've left me alone venue right. B 86 kind of content can be fully dense so. But maybe slightly more amusing won't freezer Charlie Sheen most brands probably still would want against that. But being against plane crashes and other high risk events or die on around their lynx a travel. Most brands was actively avoid than any other media when you buy programmatic Lamotte Sony's got a break saw was it can be fantastic. You've got to make sure your time taken some of safety checks in place as well done just assume fund buying summer searching around stories that it would planes under enough right kind of environment. So we've got to collect data verses context. Probably not massive surprise loss Saban goes well but and to me what's more important as. I think both accuse people when mcsame we spent fifteen years. Getting out later together into place where we feel we have genuinely unique insights of people that because no one else in giving that kind of fashion with. If you said I could only have ever have one again kind of was at last supper so I think I could only target people via data what I'd give a target people by context. I still pick context every single time. To me knowing that the typical user of flies to add is in that age bracket and likely to be searched on those kind of web sites. Great that's probably good profile two guys are looking for some generic messaging. If you can show the pages someone is based in London looking added adding. I know that person's going to be some that ability our customers that still winsome I think we should be tried resulting bird boasted both pieces. But everyone talks about big data how great is political really harness into something powerful with is it really worth as much as some more simplistic stand strategies still when I person say enough. And so were things we kind of review quite a lot of business our side is Isis can act context that environment. Way to often you see these kind of pages creep up and is there now where they just look really messy if that was a lighter look at helluva lot worse it could be quite. Globally obviously different colours of these different ads as well. Again raises awareness think some are saying don't you programmatic but to be aware of the potential embalming push yourself into. 21% of these sites that your lender material have more than four rats on the page how we deliver cut through parity standout nap time environment it's it's quite difficult and I think today lifts. Allergist and cut their price that's another car companies as well. Beginner type things we liked it here is the market is I hope at least 70% of people will almost 7% or more likely to play a sentence Chrysler relevant as the content they're reading. Very very logical what I deal would necessarily challenger. Yet how many times do you see ads have absolutely nothing to do with kind of what you're looking at. There was a great video from the Verizon makes a story about a kind of the par sailors saw that I think put into real good concept. We looking something is bigger people suddenly got into that football cricket whatever sort of looking at and lace collar sub Blassie witnesses there. Do you remember that is it the right kind of space began getting hit with fewer right person but doesn't in his right environment. And then again something again you'd expect us or silverware law is is that kind of trust again that I consummate environment would be spent a lot of time gain net. Succumb to separate studies here want to focus right on the left hand side and it's yet you might hit some home in Geneva as our kind of social channels if alike with the right message. Well this is January showing is people it clicks on that her that they went off onto a laptop or sites so. Normally these it's always cause they can run with there could be an airline or hotel size well. You can see the levels of engagement is significantly higher because the context they've come from. Is significantly more relevant to what they're kind of doing that time so it's always looking at something relevant new fibre deeper into that journey. Common sense against Jose going to spend more time involved in the space as well off. And upper right hand side genuinely actually surprises we saw this sisters will you gov last year at the end of last year so voted twelve months ago now. But again as a whole will or trust so. What might believe when I'm reading the concert in these environments that Toomey personally of unknown is one faced of versus on the particular Nuba. Until probably for quite months ago when everybody's together settings the work. Faced recent drive me insane because it was before fouling things in Twomey said life is when news feed up probably get to messages from friends and four out of something now that's gone not very fairness but. It was just a really due tilted experience so when a busy sometimes relevant probably missed it or didn't rehab the sun never trust around if fell much more market who fall since my life. So I guess how we can use a summer that's that's what aside I think all things work and they will complement each other but to. To make sure using the right it's the right time for the for the right reasons well. So first what data is kind of that at current key piece we welcome the lollar partners and then again because their data over a very good part of us as our Argus media an area as well. And we using their current second body data. Ten not TUs issued about a third white stuff. If a modest because like aside burrito summer 25 to 35 with funds on the seven something London's Neal quarter hotel in Barcelona stand. Happens last reseller play looked around everyone was in the same demographic. Boy Windsor hotel breakfast forum ever with the same demographic resist. Not how well kind of work so yes she might have an audience you're stronger with but we do we really don't see as a massive kind of point for us. Where instead we do is book and use the inflationary different first party data really and second party data. The trying to failure X rated message so not just that lurk the added relevance of the continue viewing. But really lead the creative big dynamic and changing all the time so these guys had a weekend message John so we want to clean that can weaken the fingers we could see by the data. It was travel assertive the weekend. They're pulling in their eight dollars a Hilton dollars kind of badges because they mason notified that personnel serving out to their we're actually already a member of again. Should be serve city sad I would target anyone LaSorda member as a gonna convert. No target or slightly differently. If they always fly economy try not solvent business spot runner so the premium if they always play you know deluxe room Tron upgraded to a suite. A truck just trying to develop backup relationship Lil bit more. But fundamentally if my team do their jobs correctly and most of that do most of the time. And you should never really seen that on our mass site that doesn't have correlation to what that person is doing. Fifty personalised experience probably even better the weakness of the Coretta crated message even more closely as well. Suppose moving into that I guess the more nitty gritty side such concerns are some of the basics of and this is decided more lower earnings that we're seeing so and so these guys might bump fully do this not a problem and we've found some. Big differences in terms of how react in a programmatic welter how we act director around site so just three cases sharing kind of summer that reduced. And Bob was the first I was kind of go back in and I'm ripping off some slots and company talk podcast. And is actually three years old by I think they still got a stack up really well for this kind of conversation at least if if you I think about where online advertising can from it was very much search related. The currency there was clicks that makes complete sense she goes for search engine to go somewhere else. Not letter reads stories to re constantly really should be fired another correction and they do a great job we're doing that so. Chasing clicks if you like is the perfect metric to do. If you go to an environment like as a newspaper website check your mail it might be. Who going net absorb that content a bit like watching a TV program for buying magazines seem downward that. You will notice stuff you'll notice appetising. Your primary reason for the time being there is to read content not to just be sent somewhere else. So chasing after clicks on your core metric being how many sales of the gov the back of a cliff. So really old school where I don't think it's just like I would like to think no in this remote web site looks like it did seven years ago. You shouldn't be using your attribution model based on what was. Relevant seven years ago. And another seven those vies had no I don't see the sustained huge amount in the last or three years is 95% of people who clicked back in conveying anyway I. And 95 to the people convert never click on the Nat city spent alive chasing those people you really kind of missing a massive shift in their. As a much. Better version of this for the video for MS turner annexes moreland or try to put this into really concise urgent we've all seen hundreds of those as a part of purchase. Or should revise if you if you do want to see kind of detail ones we've got probably 150 case studies of who worked on the last three years. Across about twenty markets are happy to share the winner fit different environment but this is a really nice simplistic way of kind of putting now where again. So starts unless it's becoming show some kind of trouble intent. And you may go where I'm going September is that place the right kind of place ago September isn't monsoon season earning. Yet but is he suddenly start searching for hotels and whites who end up on Google Yahoo! about what about. You then put it pop back to review site citing links. Define how cellulite maybe get later branded search or you click on the link within a site like to provide that. Pfizer lost that hotels were so right. Break but we've kind of done the first father job you know phone that person to a degree you've got back cookie you can do with that would you choose or what not choose to do. Or forty what's the a lot of people do business retire in hell out that person next and the relevant of when not vested interested in I think in 24 hours 72 hours five days science. And it's been said a couple of times like it already that 50% of our users will book somewhere completely different to place a start researching. And that reset period can be a weaker could be three months so it's very hard to know what point an area that phase. But can guarantee due to a chase around along with a weak as a very good chance of living somewhere else now as a completely waste impression. But like the start retire to then at some point again not have a conversation with their partner their friend over the travel with likely. And think practically looks like Kaavya that I can exact link I don't know exactly into that hotel. Co branded search or go to Google. What happens is in steel other side probably 8085% of the people we work with. Is that last point of sort of attribution so whether happen last wins. When in reality if that's off the front never happened in the bidder backed never happened either side redux running if he were to balance that out. The reason I bring this up again I guess is that were problematic way view I think what's happening more more so as we're seeing people focusing on the bottom right corner of the spreadsheet. Did it hit my take yeah I did I drive excellent CPI excellent RY and the problem is if you are using that last point the model yes you can get that number really really easily. Did you drive it genuinely ordered tighter something was enacted a start coming waiting for mentality that's a bit of we want to find help our partners kind of focus on. And you fairness to agencies. I think clients sell some brands work with a big guilty of fueling that to some degree. I still work agency cites a kind of seven years and every year our economy you can go by where ad budget got cut back target got strength and so as you got 20% less money to do 10% more with. Turning to start pushing people in that kind of way there's anyone result even get your marginalise things are gonna push things in so why will they can show results without necessarily. Generating the kind of results he really really wanna look for the business. And it's something that we kind of work to whether you few people one reason people I think still shah wide open beta attribution is the complexity of and often the cost associated doing a profit well. And pump forty sometime this they've everyone have a fight internally which hopefully go away a lot more. The something that every kind of client in this for a Webby brand this room could do tomorrow I would be. Right before summer comes to my side I'm gonna kind of measure among white the second I've seen you. My expectation for convergence changes. So I've never seen before in other words your thought your fewer final. I'm gonna give you get a credit of you've got pleaded not put our put the interest you can grow my user base the second you've come to my site activities down to meet the but now I'm not gonna currently in the same point as the device. Up I was only bad 15% of our client probably look at that enact and away at all right now which is that for the show. Next on the sector were to go to was a guest just some of the pitfalls to be aware off in terms of the types of that environment of the tension in itself into when you move away from. And published a direct relationship saw police loser transparency move into black box world. And so just your headlights that snares Lowe's Lowe's would data behind this or people might say this is again virus there quite company called. In table at science. So their excessive debt kind of monitor the bid and evaluate that the power of media if you like us and so -- a simple left or right on the left hand side they've got 40% of all adds were bought an exchange environment a review. Again just to qualify for those are unaware what the ability means the standard does recognises that half of NORAD has to be have been seen for 12. If it does that achieve that number Dennis considered a view that another worth also saying is that 60% of the SEU by will not be seen. Again from an attribution for review at the very least partly Oslo agency. Boy you guaranteeing really take out every single sell when comes from somewhere the did not have a view but that it was wasn't seen happily dynamic. And yeah wanna do is they've already sage we only charging for its review but we still red cap order were salsa came from the ones working. Very very simple thing to kind of turn around the turn over and again we we were really close about kind of partners there. Two cities a rough idea to we're about 8182%. Of the ability to provide a Bratz persist we serve in the different way to most people so makes you make sure I have have a chart basic. And view glitches a media knows a bit nervous now conversation in his brain ever seen. On the Teva publisher and upper five at some point in the pay to everyone stays for a minute. My view release will be amazing were actually now this finance their which were really got C which probably very different it's not lessen the best metric. So what we start to see people use Dubose symbol for now is recover crater optimisation again. This is done how we used to read that over the Middlesex and there was five seconds so how many my hats were seen for five seconds PM. I can't think of many brands I work with where they call to action. Isn't more than five seconds into the ad has often for quite rotations in the rich media and then suddenly 567 seconds in Bangalore hit with a message. Will. Roughly speaking no more than thirty people say to do what ever see a message so again from the crater full review what you do to optimise their. How white leaflet around the site say right called fractional frame one another claim that the rest of netting out the rest time. Measure those two independently and see Betty something else happens do you drive point rental business of back. The other kind of I guess will slice Derry area we have to be careful when you die going into that probe any exchange weld is. Isn't it about fraud so it's a big topic right now along with things ad blocking about. Roughly speaking 14% of all ad server kind of fortunately for like in that environment and that's just as people lose control. So yeah we know out at full raising the point normal ones because no one can bike that's on our site without doing so we commodity rate quick quickly. But and the inflows are aware at full can be something just boss is kind of falsifying impressions falsifying their sales as well not just impressions. But that Nicole Wallace lobby gets back in so you'll see that when your screen look like in the wee lad. What's actually happen in the background the company's code or something in this fifteen ads running behind that deal never safe. And said again Kuby told that they pressures Ryan you're tracking cookies if someone senior Brad. But no one ever saw that's how on earth about any impact its bid. Brewery just completely wasted earn revenue honestly guys. And then kind of took one as the less. Korea's biggest coverage and probably because people controlled much easier Issac kind of brand risk side nowhere near as big discrepancies there sent the overall number. And percentage wise maybe so but again if you see that publishing environment when people have a kind of close will always as a much safer environment that kind of stuff. And if your summer doesn't wanna bid against some of those things are so goes awry emirates. Your work with three point newspapers is very easy just turn those off as a writer next five days as likely to be lost stories I don't want my brand to be around I'll turn those down. Yes you can do that in a programming environment but it's not as easily controlled. And so it is again about managing and away the opportunities that I guess. And so kind of flat personal experience as we condemn violence as well. And I'll explain why afterwards I think from a measurement what have you just kind of makes we have something which is way more unsophisticated and last on the contact. Music great thing to use for five years ago cove could be had another way of doing staff. And everything in our markets evolve massively and cited retribution is. A lot of companies that try to pitch probably by 56 among companies who attribution that want to welcome us and our partners so. It's a struggling to find someone by wins it was a shell will help you with some recommendations but. And there's a lot of people in that space as a realise value yes and definitely don't disregard Conner posted today go back to their original stabler made about people would click necessarily timber and people the convert a necessary click. If you're if you focus all your attention on click is you really are missing such a big opportunity yeah. Yeses great is very retractable. But again at that whole kind of influence apiece had what it would generate more interest where opportunity my brand arriving create awareness will start. There's lots of brands that we live in some countries where everyone knows they are the second you outside of those wars that country known as a cloak. And again plus thousand by last week in this so we huge brands and very big he goes out there and they think everyone the world knows and I could walk around SoHo square where losses are and I be amazed if made more than five people with Naimi sought to three the brands I saw that wake as it was a beware that. Adam and again and you can actions could come from a viable source things I've the ability brand safety and fraud if you know 100% in your agency can tell you spend instead. Asking the question about just push the look harder time and time again because they have the transparency there. And if if they can prove our you can program it incomes were sort of casino bosses be removed there's there's no reason why should be done about the Lehtinen a and putting into your results. And so then final thing and to touch on his time how weird how using pro massacre at a to provider said Rick conscious are probably. The bad now and programmatic primarily US outside have a I'm not anti programmatic in the slightest. Focus I think define what you mean what you're were Chinese exposes the key thing here. My concern is right here brands like Unilever saying 75% of my spent about the programmatic. By the brand saying 90% on 95% of all my spend we bought pragmatically. I think it can be done like that legislator making sure you know exactly what you're trying to do with the try to achieve. And the size and terms of how we've been using it. And fundamentally anyone as well just know that what we kind of pride itself on is very granular level of targeting. And so that kind of sweet spot in the of their feel like you Cummins rosters. British Airways saying London's on Saddam will certainly keep in London look at that. Pretty full proof is a good chance that is gonna come convert especially visit destination where there's multiple carriers they want to make sure they win that business so with a hotel brands as well. And what we often find is a lot that kind of images is sold out so. And so people konduz late in the day with sounds a kind of promotions and we have nothing left Amsterdam today example we sell out of people look at cancer than most months because. It's a very popular destination while largest their forecast through cities in the world. Yeah it's a huge volume of traffic for a still. So what we can do is doing so well sorry I can't give you. And director adil announcement pages but acting kind of cookie everyone was looks Amsterdam. Within the next 24 hours when they're looking at something else and supervisor. I can kind of give you a message so they might be in the choice of 23 destinations maybe your message to be put to some over the at a makes and converted apps that. We're very very tight on how long we let that run out. And that's my point earlier on you're not gonna have happened during a week's time in two weeks' time is the chances are completely change we're doing all evil Block's taxcut points. And in the cover wider thing we're doing ages ago really extend out again this kind of using that kind of program expects so. We will go out we will build audiences for our partners who go out of reach them somewhere else in the web. And so again the concept we're against. We we spent three full months really tight refining that saving the average done before things argue ability in the market might be 40% in the environment witness again as up to 60% within the space of three months justify why blacklist insights. And again. Every kind of personal work with with do director with your running through latency can do that kind of stuff we took a back in house. We sought out three or four big companies that specialise in nothing other that we found out the latest. Like you could really that your would do here. We said we had twenty Taylor spent. Got a Ford days before the end of the campaign maybe maybe ten grand less than ever done but that cash or look forward to just drop straight away. So we rely no actually that's not how we buy back campaign trip advisor and we gets paid back into a kind of sales. If you don't scratch need to surface Lil Ben and faster go inside that flat box. I would I would bet most of my money I have is that probably 80% of the convergence you're getting more comfort about 10% of Dmitry that thereby avoid. And it's our own things the agency people in the room somewhat gonna get stabbed in the way out but and pared their basically marginalising staffers were up so that kind of other 90% of their of the impressions are buying their Macon have a lot more profit off those yen goes back to some of the pressures led employing the by you guys you're procurement teams if you're forcing them to get better results. This sort of business in the back there to make money. And saw a lot of dealers don't get your results in that kind of premium sector of the top end and in about by low cheap stuff McAllister net outerwear in his before you debate makes money ocular comic in a manner that tops off. And so again just really arson to give his much detail transparencies a Canon. If they're doing it ethical way would settle claims do. No more have a problem showing a kind of commercially. And in the very final thing I guess we're doing amateur mentioned earlier everyone is we've moved into that kind of private marketplace base where we're offering our direct deals would be vacancies or partners. Was set up an opinion piece of private marketplaces where we led in layer over their data. If somewhat less we've not seen huge success for bit easier for their more for us and so the idea being that. S take and airlines in the league for example. I'm a BA teller card holder every summer CBA customer landing onto the adviser I want first refuse of that person C Fowler said the message. We seeing some revenue comes amid but not a major results of the British policy waited in a lot more analysis using its operational efficiencies. So rather having BA speeds of fifteen people a better provided globally. So 34 people America's six or seven across Europe meant for five aipac possessed that there can touch points at which sent via the business we're running all through the London office. Backing give you a price award for doing so desire and suddenly got fifteen salespeople fifteen support staff for little financing touch of that business like to make that more efficient. So yes it's a cost saving and business efficiency piece of them and we think everything in the business aligned as well so. And that's what route we released I see that come useful it's not out on the open exchange that offer bidding on it versus other people. We set some very specific audiences fallen so they say these attending we want to target. We build a profile would push it through to their own bacon by as a when they choose to or guarantee kind of price and that seed. If you see short back we only spent 75% of their budgeting progressive that way yes I can see here. Were extended a couple of open exchange way I would be. Quite disappointed that I did -- I think the non recurrence after royalty bonus bites. So my kind of three key takeaways. And don't assume data is a powerful context data is hugely powerful a lot. The second such as those in need. Average clever avoid more far more intelligently data scientists employed in in the world is basic work with media companies like outside its hugely powerful but. And never lose sight context I think that's people aside kind of move away snow limited quickly. And I've said what are measure does continues evolving needs to make sure you're kind of doing the same with your strategy in. That would probably mean changing every cover six months a year which I know can be scary for large companies but. Stupid idea they would we make. Between seven and fifteen product iteration of this revise every single week so. We constantly have to evolve their business the Palestine where we are and they get on the senate did that volume with attribution model but you need to always be asking questions like Ambac testing retesting. And make Italy look kind of pushing analytics they really really hard. And probably more in more importing anything really if you take one thing away outside if you're not running the systems are self. Demand transparency Levy got nowhere said any problem with sharing is much data as they possibly can the review if they got nothing to hide. And we're seeing a lot of back right now there's still work fire agencies and I fundamentally integrating too well with a rate decision but. They demand log into the systems abating going to see exactly what their teams are doing daily. Not just going at an end of month's report which says this is a total figure wouldn't know kind of insight breakdown on the and then again at eight expecting for mentality so. I five were taken decider were published aside Monday may be off kind of go brand side then if I do. The biggest job to me if I'm spending money is going to be have a like get new customers. At what kind of spent this money management people the world becomes we already but they were gonna come to me how we get more from them they would spend. And again if you eighty should be work in this so we've waited in the lady testing reset projects really understand what's driving income mentality rather than was just. Driving a cookie sale order and I wanna bomber spreadsheet so. If you do nothing else recover focus knows where results. And particularly come 11 last take away in part to seeing in the mobile Rinker lost couple about cyber fan. Mobile has generally maunders landed so we sit on the IB board. This the first forever the ideas so anyone else I'm sure the bail over Internet advertising bureau said that the voice of digital media if you like around Europe and the world. They just vote city divisions are no longer have a mobile team and a and a digital signatures one. And we're rethink my well first mobile in the second wherever you're kind of version of that is mogul especially here is more than 50% about traffic now. It's still a tiny percent of most people's convergence but. Bonus of expect the same from mobile two days of gains in the best software year old school models but you better get mower right the next 469 months otherwise you're gonna put yourself QC kind of this abolish the rest of the market so. They were fallacies are awaiting the way to play that game there. I think you can come be a potentially losing a lot of business to competitors.

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