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Front Page - Develop a Mobile Strategy Which Will Exceed Your Customer's Rapidly Increasing Expectations



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Front Page share top tips on how to develop an effective mobile strategy


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OK three very interesting presentations there. We're gonna force because again like to ask a question. Yes area. All the actually got handheld microphone so we'll be at a here you know your T I. Answers but lucky you. They were at least begin the. Am very them to from dwelling early learning company I have one question Faris found in one far from page. And foreign man you've mentioned Iain burns leave. Our critique if our bid Moorer and specific over but we were talking about because I don't get it can't gain for front page term. I was wondering if out yet if the deals. Decide with the deals because that was was more much more surged on more about. Earn a rather than branded keywords. Better. So let let's start with you effectiveness more what you meant. We use saying the trend is Walt on bundling all but it's bad fit the minus what you said but are but is tracking years some specific example of funding. Either ourselves we have to would be groups of users the first group of the key aim. Twelve website until our petition to find some executives. From months of dance a lot of it was up alright. In another group is people who came to a publication to find. Sam Aston to reap big dud Norwood continued executive who just want to call someone can't three foot hole deeper location does met. So end and through the door there are two different ways to work with these two groups the need instantly Pam different thinks this write down. VO have been hit are making good different application called for example while there's still discovery. Four people 413 the finder just some kind of read it done now with the want. Yeah another petition earlier Julius Wilson users will now with the widely used it in flow defined to fights. So please talk use embalming Toomey go some additional confusion fire away physical groups. FaceBook messages. And saw a bid here I think. Compared to two to eleven applications where no different applications tailored towards. What you're saying is simple a wall you all functions in one. Have actually have separate that the doing different things if necessary US display and you're saying that's a good thing to do. But with being if you can solve the problem addressed if you even Norway communities we started two new premium edition Norma council was from basically forget. So anjouan flared again he started we've. We've RC CL offers. We see good idea because you can check to see money being made. Could you imagine then in the event some public though whether you might act had actually have a Royal Caribbean offers web site. And Royal Caribbean customer service website. We took a slight apps not website apps would you try. Or would they will be one any thoughts about that decide point of view. Think we'll put we'll meet talk of I think there so. Think I think Jones some talk puritans talking boom that inaudible for a company made it and a fall in house to win some significant. The user a key point for. Too often don't want and for not using the Euro a gain much from and to some sort. And as we've previously coming its sales argument were should be aware of each option. Consortium think. People weren't cruise you really rumour to. Warrant must. Settle them presumably unless it actually paid five or 6000 pounds euros whatever is. For threw this and then they'd love to download the customer service aspect maybe. Wachovia cut carbon. This specifically for over into cure. Europe team for dinner badly reform. Steps screening. So thinks. OK. OK so. It faces perennial question of at first is wet and if I vote that down cos Kirsten when you're making presentation. Because you talked about term independent hotels that. Must invest it in the mobile world and I did right well where did get a budget fun because I do know that. Who running hoteliers is not a high margin on top will thing to do its very. Competitive market out there. Is it still essential now for independent hotels beyond mobile. That beaches and the sacrifices chef for something had lousy food could favour of having a drive rather extreme example. But but do something quite drastic define the budget to be on mobile. We take for. First of all I completely agree that it need the major Hasan we have advertisers especially compared to audited I think that the view we forward now 48 was always said they're selling expat they're reselling our hotel products to equip purely concentrate on platforms on the technology under us attract earn out Grissom. So there is. Acting out benefit of having all the abilities and investments they made and that the opposite to the touts would need to do to run properties do need to look like the tobacco needs to be god. Here our own the investment needs to be got out completely agree that exceed. I believe they deceive reason why we have these equinox in investments and accounts. Nevertheless I think Q can see there's also another branch as and when you look into any kind of ranchers say still need to face a situation. You need to get out when a search independent Hyde inner power recourse debt in new development in two I don't know hybrids now we're going to be out other branches you can compare to a that they need to give up an ingenious idea they have before. And to develop into another direction because you know it was as for environment changed. So still. It needs to happen in hotel simply need to phase that problem to allocate budget in a different way. In wanted to grow happy knowledge we have of accounts and acted in new we and a having been work. What's when Mattel. It's always easy to say ten cents a pound and they're looking back said even so looking at how well I've just earlier just creating fun next year's. To Reno which spun Hasan and fighting for the prior project you want to run. And bad if we don't want to actually give up power direct distribution networks bees still want to have and not only reliability as. You may remember from this morning the had some people were saying in the week we actually have having your taste amazing actually not want my damn I director and sending power back. I still think there needs to happen this investment can be simply need to accept them. Am that we need to invest in different kind offer ways to have to do it yeah OK OK and not a question. Let me let me evangelical weekly Helsinki. Yes. If it. Me. The we. Yeah. He. Life. He. OK could could you'll hear that the back yeah yeah. No vote facilitate loan limit let me just summarise step term I think you will equal last year started. Judging whether you're. Website was mobile friendly on marks. And on mobile it's not mobile friendly on the mobile search on Google they'll move you down the rankings because your website wasn't mobile friendly. That's point number one. Pop Reuter as an observation or introductory remark that we came on to I think should we be focusing on mobile web. A packed. Given that we I think you can say that 86% of people. Use act Sudanese but with a new cursed OK fine so so should we start with mobile web or should we focus on act where should we be given. And let sue baucus who got my feeling. Am I would definitely agreed to the fact add back to the groups in the span of a battered I would first invest into more via online rather than you have. Just read our web yeah. Three reasons first. Oneness ads and act as require some. Five different and other in more marketing fund or sought to make a prominent elected as a bid being in the top ten their recommendation would ever list. Senior PR about there was so. The second reason as estimate saying am I have ever more via our website auction horse as a benefit have been found by search engines like Google so I have then must. Research reside a sort as the strikes me traffic. And the third as what I said earlier before I. I really believe in two offering after he custom after day you need to have a special purpose end menu as people losing you was so frightened Mattel. And I don't see. And maybe someone has when the county and Boston great idea. Why what I could offer replying to our to make him keeping the yard afterwards also maybe for the momentum. Excellent imitate it falls at where you can order you take minutes or so new very great need. But the likelihood to leader downstairs probably very high seemed to accept that your investment they've paid out in the Fed said he would have done what I did have deletions. Soon need to accept the system investment might not take into. The revenue on you might see better serving especially need to so if you have a certain meat for customers to lift I would do would back a seven would it have. It's just I think is virtually always mobile web first as you see got a very special loyal following. To make them bother to download your lap and the thing about hotels that we're talking about hotels. Is for independent hotels people may only be staying with you once. What twice maybe is not good enough reason to to download the app unlike maybe an airline. Take easyJet tricks up out of the UK. I travel east yet so often it's worth having their wrap. If and I want to ask your question cause you used to something quite interesting presentation. You said tablets are on the way out. Now I I was I was interested to hear that in favour of these very large phone devices the court that lets. A mixture of phone and in tablet. And you I think you should listen statistics to support that I'm I'm I'm quite surprised as I actually see tablets as something that. Has a who's got a tablet herein in house down with them. They which quite few people using. And term and also I actually see it Catholic as the replacement for the home computer for the home PC we all have been PCs. So I was surprised to hear about it you confident in your assertion on that. Yes of just over 36000. Cities is is a particular Russian feeling a Rome no here's the Russian how averting another marine who. Well I mean that the anjouan clinically check with you both have you got any feel for the for the for other markets whether that's soak that I'm surprised to hear it. Are you use my complain. Best may find Nile can be affect you see an increase of people. Viewed site on tablets and double wealth and that I think Houston and the we have gone past the tipping point where traffic from desktops is dropping. It's definitely piecing it will buy out how after I'll be looking can you efficiently capitan mobile all you love them all together. Separately. Mobile en mobile portable power and have a level inclusive awards traffic from. Tablets and more well at one bank not shift that perhaps some do it did the value practice for a actually secure these searching for halt even spent a couple of those viewers on includes. S.'s maybe a couple of hundred planes for flight. I don't know if it's just that comfort Singapore. Yes absolutely dead even if might be ten. Third depend on your product. If you're selling flights. No one sort of flight on the tablet though that not interested and line item no offence to everyone's got an airline here. And urban I know that sky scanner for example with which is fairly much dominating Europe now in their. In met a search for flights. I actually find that their mobile app. Works far better than their than they pick your website it's just Morgan senior to any easier to use. I can't imagine my what you sky scanner tablet should be no point. Where is I suppose you'd say from design pointed view. A hotel or maybe Royal Caribbean cruise lines with got lots of images to show people might prefer to use the tap its fourth at. So is it a bit pic courses courses what do you think it down. You know as one dead dead and consistent growth German paper sir report by the state capital and you'll see there. Amato five bears this sale nervous of the greasing do vast wealth what does OK digital of the fact yes. Do you. You know we've not really. A lot of as a our side by how much. But what has unfortunately. Our use. Roll on roll out a bit and then years. Or so says as the commodities side of that we all of those that. I think wrong well who runs all of you know are we right. Should just to quantify this a bit more if we take a seven inch screen like in. A or an apple mini. Hall. OK so say the small cap it's your lump you with big tablets and they decreasing sales. Decreased betting this will never single dose room because there was so much brown from the that it's better to have. I think he did OK OK. Yes. The him. So could you hear better the back heard suggestions Royal Caribbean has more mature customers more likely use tablets as a got bad eyesight made a really. I've bizarre but today there they'll fashion people not vision is a global Caribbean. Realistic is much higher hurdle Caribbean OK as a lawyer mirrored check is about the 192 dance still isn't a few thousand. Advance her life. Thank heaven. In a pair of field. So I think I think your conclusion cause I think will need cup coffee now. What what what we need to see here is you need to think about your own product. And your target market and think about which is the most appropriate device to optimise for all week. Thank goodness that these gentlemen let's thank you found Kirsten Andrew in the third player very much deeper recession proof.