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Google share research on how to target the connected traveller



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Mon, 2 Nov 2015|

Anna Chomse, Head of Travel, Google sheds lights on the shifts in consumer behaviour when consumers research their travel plans


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I'm an I had up at transport act Google. And and I am here to talk to today. About how the consumer is changing how the marketer will enable your marketing strategies to address changing consumer. A fire starts. And yesterday was a really exciting. Day. Because yesterday. Why is October 21. 2015. It was future date but the data Martina flight travel. To the future in the future to. So I think that is extremely appropriate that today I'm here to talk. About the future. Tier wage travel audit. I'm so excited about adding with a pen with this difficult state because. And eyeing a hike next talent enabled have a Skype opening is going to be 39 were talking judgment day. Am and and you know machines taking the world sale and am ready right now it's beaten very excited. At a hearing date. So am. So what's changed we don't need to go back to. Add 1985 when actively chili's was at first. Released its act six notice some really profound changes in away bear customers travelling. And let's just go back ten years and look acts at how they don't the welder travel has involves. As a result of the advent of digital. So everything has changed while at the same time nothing has changed. We're still social creatures. We're just interact socially in a different way. We still need maps to get from eighty beat just the base maps are different nowadays. Today's consumer. Is constantly connected. This means they don't just go online. Aired on line. Digital is just is driving the discovery of a whole new set of experiences. For the user. The contest to a driving discoveries it means that we can actually understand a customer a whole lot better. And with back understanding we can personalise. Act scale up customers' experiences. Delivering them. The right information. When they want it. It already is just tech talk you through a couple of add data points illustrates some of these trends. So we all know with a joint expressed ourselves online is very important step foot when you're restructuring. Purchasing products. And as is true across industries producing Yang number different industries behind me. High seventies high 80%. Of people will look online to research a Paterson in acting like those articles. Peter Jack highlighted there some travel stacks. It even more important the online and experiences even more important for a user research and travel booking. But what kind of resettle these users doing when Arab when they're online. Well I'm sure it's no surprise the majority of people will that comparison shop when they're online. A large number people saying that there at two reviews to step in for their decision. Actually. A fairly hefty number 34% of abuses work on line for inspiration. So big before they even decided whether it on the go or what they want to book looking online for back inspiration. If we move now to add to when users purchase again for F 580% of people well will make that purchase online. And finally. With the advent of mobile. That is changing the way that both users and Rita Cheng and the way that users are packed saint. So I'm sure you guys have popped up familiar with these cuts that they show that just over the last year mobile has grown. Intends or the queries that receive on Google for travel it's grown from about 25% of overall queries to a third of overall queries just inane year. It's not going to be long it's going to be months when mobile queries outstripped desktop queries for travel. So if your businesses aren't already. Mobile first in their approach to customers. They knew already predict trouble because customers are researching and booking on mobile devices down. I am this is happening really quickly. I was chatting into their eighties and oversee or train line. She joined a year and a half ago and she joined at a time when companies still had a desktop first strategy. She looked back at Google analytics data and sold 80% of their visits were on mobile devices. Eighty immediately regal the platform. But it was amazing to have that the company could have gone now along with perhaps recognising. How important bat mobile consumer what's. Enact a market like developed market like Japan and US mobile queries have already outstripped desktop queries. It's not going to be long before that happens in any case. So given the landscape. On the increasingly digital connected consumer Manhattan new adapt your marketing strategies. In a world where the consumer is constantly connected. When they live online. You need to be able to reach that consumer with the right message at the right time at scale. So how the Camaro in any viewer who are currently actively dealing programmatic marketing. Couple pounds. Is using ad words. Few more hands. Yeah so it works is programmatic marketing. It just direct response. Programmatic marketing. Dave you're using ad let you are already doing programmatic. The reason why it and people don't think about letters as programmatic. Is because is director spots among generally associate. The time programmatic. With as hidden in a way relates to brand campaigns. That's a really interesting recent developments. It's bringing the science. Of data driven decision making we're already dealing with that with ad. By using products like apple adds TV a creative parts. Of brand messaging. Deacon now use this type technology pragmatic technology. To meet the needs of your brand campaigns can deliver the right message to the right consumer. All right time. It's not a passing fad. This type of marketing pragmatic is the new reality. It's a new reality because it's gonna drive competitive advantage. So as Jack Welch but said. Competitive advantage is not only achieved. By learning more about our customers. It achieved by turning now learning back insights. Into action more quickly than your competitors. Organisations out. Able to become customer adds axed and a every tick data and technology. Through programmatic belt personal relationships. Or create opportunities. In a two way. So when ice said average data and what actually mean. What I mean collecting these types of audience insights. And slides will get more say things like. The beat information about the customers to a coming speculate until like your customers like at H lead gen direct interests. It information about the behaviour that they showing on your site so the duration of time expensed with you on a when your site wing or shops. And a frequency with which and they come and visit. The recent CNN. What actually satchel full intent the better spend products that are interested in. You need to be able to catch up all of these different insights. To be able to town those insights into competitive advantage by taking action on plan. So please Kyra ties tagging up a web sites to Caracas attacker insight. Because if you're if you've got a broken having systemic or not collecting get a strategy to collect as kind data properly. A note then you won't be able to take action. On the audience insight. So first step. Collect those insights. Second stacked use real time data when ever possible. And that debt will regularly analyse that data. Turning into insight. The athletic deeper into. Your audience. Will allow you to be more relevant in the moments that matter. And the car and your customers will reward you were awarded its relevance with increased purchases increased loyalty. And increased brand advocacy. One other point defining point. It's really important. Apps and when you're collecting data that you're thinking about and how to. Hold together the different pieces of data you know waiver allows you have a single view of customer. So for example. And moments a lot of data recession based in new clients you can't happen and it's how web how to link one session when a recession. And becoming more complicated when you have users moving across devices. So a mobile site visits and net desktop site visit was that the state news I was actually differences you'd be able to tie this together have a full view. Away do you acts is by collecting unique user level by deeds and you use those views level widely used to create. A single view of the customer. You also need to and aggregate other data sources so it's not just about Google analytics and user level aideed decreasing the Vietnam you also need to incorporate your offline data your CRM data. Third party data Mitchell you have a holistic view of customer. This tube recent launchers and then talk about it this will be particularly relevant for those in the audience who are active with the ad words as I'm sorry not gonna lose half that would get you don't need outlets that. He'll still be interesting. And anger and these are at and these are ways in which we are increasing be the automation that's available around audience targeting within the ad words into place. But foreign starts and I ask you. At one quick question this number relates to. Related queries we slim Google. I would if you're talking gas. What that the significance of one in six is as it relates to queries on Google. The gap at another kit well week we get up three billion queries a day yes. Effect effect. Exactly absolutely right one in six queries per day we have never seen before. And meet new query that we've never seen before and this is amazing rate 16% of queries every day are completely new. Also presents a huge challenge to marketers. Because if you know about ad words you know these Zacks sell list of key words that you're interested in advertising on. And then you match your act your your bad weather system matches or adverts to those queries but 16 queries each day. I knew how do you keep those lists updated its apps get a mammoth issue. So weak we kind of realise that this is a problem and Anthony the ballot any new type of and add new solution within Abbott called dynamics that acts. And dynamic search ads dressed exactly this issue. And what they do you. Is and day back bailout need to specify pages on your website. Bet you are add interest in direct customers taking a product of Salomon. When he used that then text a query. You don't have already in your ad words query listing intellect lest. Well dynamically creates an act with a headline that matches back user's query so again you don't need to anticipate. What those new greater gonna beat because add headlines dynamically created. And it and it will then target a direct. Your row back news at two the most relevant place on the web sites. Delivers amazing it's it's it's a mind blowing in fact the way that bet that the product works. And it's obviously great 51 net increase rich if I am I off your a your advertising actually will drive sue Allen. An increased 10% reach for four commercial queries. And our advertising campaigns. Actually it's not increased reach that really excites me that was about it increased performance. Which is like yeah. Side effect that not many people talk about not many people know about services like her. Tech and bet when an interesting things back dynamic search ads is the kind of what we're using the users' query in acts headline. The ad headline. Ate it Barrymore characters allowed you know dynamic search ads than normal at single headlines longer. And what we know about longer act headlines is back they perform back at the click through rate is higher. Big picture it is also higher because that act is much more relevant to users query because it uses the exact words that they use. So now you've got an act gonna perform back amp. And it's done and the minus like that was exactly what they're looking for brokers backed away that dynamic that's at work. And is active if you have a relevant page dissent. And and when you went in Arab patient therefore have a higher conversion rates. So actually. Was really just doing. Ted Dexter reaches break a 25% efficiency improvement from using this kind of advertising is is really what's exciting. Obviously does this as a bet scary to some advertisers who really used to control over their keyword lists I totally understand that what I would recommend doing attacked because it can improve your efficiency. And at this kind of scale than it's definitely worth something we're exploring. The second developments. It and is around custom matched. And customer acts as there is a really exciting. New Google developments now as a marketer you know your customers right you probably have their segmented customer base. You understand the different types of people can have a relationship with your plans. You probably one that get your loyal customers to I'm not. You want to encourage lapsed customers. To come back can continue again. Any want to get new potential customers. To become more aware ideas or brands. So what customer much does it allows you to target audiences in back wait. The way it works. Is you upload. That's what data city air data email addresses effective date. And of odd your customers and you can upload any different left or one type EU cheese disappoint your place. Abbott's sister and then matches those email addresses with Google accounts. It N anonymised is backed data can get credible email just so there's not been out s.'s are not thought. But now aren't you having had read accounts is that audience there's an anonymised audience best you can and target with your search advertising. And obviously he cheated segment back audience in different ways you can tuchman in different ways. Now this is really exciting for those due a familiar with the product called RS eight remarked lists for search ads. Bats eight were marketing product currently existing outlets. And it is a cookie based air every marketing efforts and the problem with the cookie based your marketing method is that. To delist expire in the practice actually expire after a 180 days even gavel lettering yet of what this does is gone. And people can delete cookies right. Customer Babs you've got back next business is no and ends end date on that list of the expire. So that means for a troubled company you can manually re target customers were coming backing doing such a knock target. So for example if you've got customer who is super away out who you know no matter what will find human buck from it. I would encourage you dissected and negative. Targeting next with battle group of super loyal customers you don't waste advertising money on acquiring a group customers he would Conti anyway. Get rid of them. What you can do is focused on marketing effort on that group and the medal that group of customers who. May come back to you all may not probably will come active ladder your sites because they've got from you would you before. But are still not as oil as a stupid our customers invest in bank because those other ones where that bet your competition could steal from. And finally the other thing you can do. Is and is used back those lists of customers and an you know I'd start adjusted lower ones to find similar customers so there's there's there. Once you got as lest you can apply S estimate and audience lists. Add to that creeping Google automatically find customers who displays similar. Tendency is to back to backs add to your list of customers and can target those customers of the great way. To expand. And your reached a potential new customers. Now the also available within. You Schuch has also available with LG now acts. So. It's great for direct response but if you wanna start having at more of those kind of awareness consideration hike. And conversations with customers on a marketing approaches customers. Ben and Ben it is possible through YouTube and through Gmail site. And the other thing I would say is back sued think. Cleverly about who your highest banking customers are. Because obviously. If you you may have some customers arrested a OL actually only have a buy the cheapest product and you'll probably get where. Where investors much into those customers as do the customer that always books business cuts. So back. Today special little bit about how and the customer behaviour is changing and absent some tips and tricks how to marketer. And you can adapter marketing strategies. To this new behave if customers have spoken specifically about programmatic any rights programmatic as a relates to brand advertising. And then the right and then programmatic as it relates to direct response I've covered two new features a thin Google ad words. One which is dynamic search ads and the second because customer and that. Thank you very much.