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Thu, 29 Oct 2015|

From WhatsApp to keyless entry, Starwood Hotels share what smart technology they have chosen to invest in to better serve their customers and why.


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My name is Daniel Chris turner the vice president of marketing extra would hotels IM based in Brussels originally from Toronto. So of the Canadian accent regular hearing. And I primarily focus on digital oil tea and production marketing. As we think about the future and really give some examples serves some of the work we're doing today extra work. But I'm also going to title of heard about some of the Marines we've had along the way into a look back to the past couple but as well which help guides us. For those of you who are familiar restore we're whether Florida's luxury hospitality company in the world we have offered 1200 hotels and a hundred countries. 200000. Associates. And you might be more familiar summer for a brands on the already own W hotels and of course Sheridan. And as PG is really the gloom and loyalty program that bias Oliveira brands together we sometimes. Say that we see there were all through purple coloured glasses through the minds of averse PG. Any SPG members of their there are a few OK so I gotta ask for a three year. If you tweak something from this presentation used hash tag SPG live. Optic one lucky winner when Ambac and the office to give 5000. Starting points to. M really what we're looking for a is feedback I'm worried those. What are those things those takeaways that really resonate. We view from this speech from the conference so. If you tweet has take yes for July if pictures are always welcome about two now some of Europe you know key takeaways. A few weeks ago my parents came to visit me from Canada and we won't Amsterdam for a dinner. And I'd gone online and made a reservation at a restaurant and never going to be for a Scherer for the rest right what are my parents an insurer when he was written on the table and chart. That's a good picture of Adam and that's as a and I felt very strip out of that rest rights not special. Icann's what do you we came in May far well I think they actually said you must be especially if you're a table with your name written on them. And as we receiving down I realise that every other table also had somebody's name written on. Now fortunately my parents didn't see that so they still think that I'm special. But what I laughed about this experience is they took an online reservation they had back in computer system. Which I never start I think here when they re using. But what impact or medium we're stuck with me is my name written inner peace a chart on the table. I've actually been back to that restaurant three times and herein talking about at about simple act of personalisation run not seeing the technology behind the scenes. Really struck me. Allude in Singapore for a a little while I would trouble the Hong Kong all the time. I was once financing poorer lines sitting in economy class. And in front of me the flight attendant one up to a customer ignored to my name. Ignored the security was out of the program offerings more juice and some more wire. Made him feel like a million dollars. I've never seen somebody so proud to be flying economy class in my life. But as somebody might know Singapore Airlines doesn't actually give operates two of the top customers you have to pay if you wanna sit in business forum for its clients. And so how they recognise. Their customers. Is released prove that personalisation. So somehow this flight attendant had added there was some systems somewhere that connected the dots. But I don't see an extra week this customer did receive either. If we compare that to another airline in this case for June. Using Google class and then I'm proud to say that we were the first hotel company in the brought on line which are now on global last as well much of the we're using it anymore but the idea of being in aviva and being first was really important and remains very important to us. In the case of virgin I think if I want into the lounge in the small and Kmart and comic by name. I would think I know how she did. And so technology. Isn't behind the scene in this case technology has raid in front of a face. If I compare that also into two British Airways. And maybe this experience has happened to summer viewing sitting on the play in the is one flight attendant who has won iPad unexplained. All come around to select customers. Halt the iPad out looking at the seat numbering proceeding currently iPad looking you mean and then calling you by name. Again I think I know how they're doing now personalisation the iPad is rate in the heads. And as a distinct difference between using technology. Behind the scenes making a guest making customers feel special and recognise giving a personalised experience. And feeling like it's truly genuine versus looking out and I'd have for an iPhone a piece of technology that senior Henson's terms of how you're doing. By the year 20/20. 80% of the world's population will have a more far I think yes through this was collared at 70%. But it's summer in around four billion more or devices are going to be in people's parents. And so for us as a company we've a lot of other more ball first approach will completely changing. How we use technology. And how were using more what technology. What about wearable technology. It's forecast to below three euros in 2000 any team. There'll be a 112 million wearable device assault in that Euro long. So it's no longer just about more ball but rosso thinking about wearable and how we can interact with that. So now I wanna go back in time well but. The other day was signed eBay again a true story I take insured in real keys and these are some pictures became up. Now I can understand why somebody would be sell ring and a room key on eBay but why would anybody actually buy one of these all really keys. If we jumped ahead in the future of the older developed plastic Ricky might take my pastor for a cue from the hotel and put this sunny days are gonna be any other use. For a plastic key anymore. So we've done a lot of work could start looking into our plastic refuse. Every Uranus astore would along we got through 33. Million. Plastic ring keys 33 million just a story. If we put those room keys together back to back. It would actually take us from here in London to borrow Solana. And battle line and again 2789. Carlisle moderates of plastic or we go to every year. So what are we doing about. These sees everything you viewers liked them. Four feet. From from from from. And phone 4. We eight. Materials onto type about the way you're in Europe Tory in Astoria hotel. We were the first hotel company in the world to watch what we col SP GQ us and all of W while the Holman hotels. All around the world you can now use your smoke what Smartphone to enter the key to Europe. And so this actually makes me think back again I know this week of this month is about back to the future. When I think back I think of the big hassle half a Knight Rider and facility maybe grave with him to. M what was amazing is twenty years ago deeper hassle half was talking to was what actually was parking ticket actually make something happen. Took about twenty or 25 years for us to be able to do that as well and our lives. And so what we think about SP GQ or some hotels having a guess open the file with Sarah open the door with a Smartphone what that. Next piece of that is being able to open your phone. Up Eudora should say was who watched. What I right at my hotel room. While also get a notification wanna get your hotels. My guess PG is W hotel. Insurers might reservation information for the good Tora rate for Europe so can see it's guide all information they need to Jackie in my confirmation number nine room number. I you can see this a really rich notifications. They had images of great partner Fiat which way out in the style it looks really reflect. Reflects the Brendan accompanied by a lot of it's easier if you look published here and really quickly. In you can have done is in this case I can use this to mark my door reckon that notification on my watch surprise unlikely Dora. It I can bypass the front desk entirely put directly to my room in their my watch it's my room key had just leave it for the juror I'd a went my real stuff will. So when I think about is on our core I think about how quarters to be future on the stage at the apple keynote address this was to keynote ago. Being highlighted for the work that we doing with key USC the risk following. Or now with the wearable device. One of the questions that came up an advance of today's conference was as is this all about hype or is this actually making a difference for a gas. While strictly being onstage at the apple conference and having our products feature is a lot of hype. But I guarantee you that in wine or maybe five years younger I think back on this conference and say. Back guy talked about US. And it's actually happening it's it's somewhat of the comment earlier about who still users printed boarding pass. The deal will come when none of us have keys to any of our hotels were accused were occurrence or accused a Hong. Source Starwood we're very excited to be doing that today. So again looking back in order to look for a I think about the hotel along what. As a whenever body to a hotel room than me what has been sent the wrong time. So whether try to change the clerk. That ever go off in the mill made by mistake. People tried actually sending the Warren by Neil Auerbach. Whether the volt charging device does that ever worked for. So while guess why is access to be able to plug in their old phones to be able to use their own device. Not have to rely on the alarm clock in avatar Rome. But the fall in the bathroom as anybody actually pick up the farm in the bathroom. What anyone in yet to picking up the farm in the bathroom so again what I guess looking for an. Interpret their. What our guests are looking for is to be able to use their own device on the Europe children's. So how can we incorporate what we're doing on the gas device. And we often get asked the question should we use a gas device should we use our own device well let's use the guest device that's what used to was Watson hence. Do we get us the question do we build this into an out. Do we build on the side or do we use somebody else's. Now the SPG out as one of the most successful apps in the industry so we're very proud of the SPG but yes. And so what are the areas that we focused on is working through. 121 messenger services like what's RB BM and I message. We're in almost all of our hotels and Europe Africa Middle East guests can now text that hotel. Instead of going down to wade at the front desk instead of hauling down from that after refinery in the regular France. And so having to wait for the backed away line at higher serious doubts taken out free during a horse day. Tax that's using the application of their choice what happens EB 5%. Of the messengers that we yeah. The response time on these messages there's less than one minute. So we've heard about the increasing the men they guests and customers have much a one minute response time refining the dinner reservation miked lost tax well. Someone's speaking and may have a similar resolutions made by the hotel versus having to wait like go back there again. This as a user feedback that we got on the stroke risk that we were people expecting someone had written in a Tweeter said texting for rolls over some border hotel's suites. You saw the huge access issue for a death travellers. Something we were even thinking going into this but all the something someone who can never pick up from before. Now has the building less than a minute to get a response for any question that they have. In the hotel. So some of you might know though what's up doesn't have a back end EP I. So when we launched this reversal of what's out BB and I message we've not how we actually gonna do that's. We have the device leader and I'd had a knife on at every single all of our hotels who were using us for a us. That was literally passed around from associate to associate. Monitoring incoming requests from guests. So as the marchers luxury hospitality company in the were all 200000 associates. And this is how we do it. The short answer was either this or nothing if we wanted to be able to provide us Riverside watts up for an guess this is how we had to do. And a lot of people such as wanna use this for a restaurant and use that through August re you can get on the in through an API. And unfortunately or fortunately our guest wanted to communicate with us over what's up so was doing on their device. And on their insurance and allowed us to be forced to market with anything like their us. Now figuring out how we do a better job pointing again but we way different that it's something that we never would have once worth. I mentioned that I guess one use their own devices they want to use their devices on their returns. While there's two issues that that's a good comes mine whiners. The device often runs out of power. And so we've done a lot of work with this as a multi another powered chargers so -- a way that we came hope a gas or out of resort make sure they always have power. Might seem like an obvious thing that you'd be surprised we're right for the celebrants orders for a charity my soul of the poor how many people come not mean. Asked if they can have one so powered charging Hillary in the room more wireless remote power charging as a big focus of ours moving for an. The ministers actually fix Rivera sky wrong device may have won here. And essentially gives you access to the Internet in 85 countries around the world. For every URL. And so we'll take team wide has been a challenge our industry Internet and a hotel rooms that nobody wants to pay for any more. Had we taken area we're recession we losing money you're making less money that we maybe for a how can we turn that into pop profit stream had a weak trend that around. Sought asylum taking Internet that I guess expect for a free. Now say you can have a for free in the hotel where you can paid ten pounds and have a device you can take anywhere you're a few in the city. And have accessed in China orissa travelling between cities. So this as a company that would just starting to work worth. But really help solve that problem about access to the Internet in particular in certain markets infrastructure and gets. There's as a picture of my way my numerous ploy that I want to bring today in summer's biggest slide in the room and I'm happy that made I didn't bring in implied around. As a modem scary more from mean baby and three year. But this as a picture of the ID GI phantom three witches and Ron and I myself and look for. Amateur photographer. M iPod wrong sort of like to take pictures my travel. And I wanted to strip and west this because we think about technology in what's next. Whether it's port Paul Powell whether it's wireless Internet you can carry around tape with Q and whether it's using wipes out. Drove onto something that we keep hearing about again and again and some of the best content that would taking a hotels are actually coming from drops. We on the there's lots of wires or last hurrah what's the changes in this space about the legalities of that. And there are questions that we deal with on a regular basis whether it's about guest private C or about security. Both of which we take very serious. But it's still amazing to me how technology is changing how we need to be ready to adapt with that technology. This as a Petro took two weeks ago I was in Tel Aviv and this is a picture of the Sharon Tel Aviv the right I took my draft. But really just shows the impact of what you're able to do with a relatively inexpensive draw on that before you have to. Higher helicopter as an example to god and take. So that was a piece of sort of personal technology that gets me. Really excited but as in industry. Ross are facing hard we uses technology either we do so make sure that we're curing two privacy's Mars and injuring two security and safety as well. So hopefully that gives you a little bit of inside in terms of how we're thinking and some of the world's that would during its current again I I think your free time and I know 1004 questions over so thank you.

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