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Panel: The Key Trends in LATAM and the Caribbean Shaping Market Spend



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Fri, 12 Jun 2015|

Zain Richardson, Wyndham Hotel Group Maria Garcia Ruiz, Facebook Matt Cooper, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Chaired by: Susan Black, Susan Black Associates LLC


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The added power. Well because I. Yeah. But. Cutting through some notes of what debate hard about where now assume 56 years ago. In just what the topic was the exact same topic that L I was I was asked to type about to correct. Or that why our that's callous and I mean how we get done nothing is being it's sad but trial. Everything good is children wiser to because I think many people in this behalf without you specifically about I think many of you in this room one with your company's. Still have nine really really new mines accepted this major transformation. We've had and that has been happening in. What a space today. Can down. So hopeful way you know we'll gonna share title about that experience has had you. Take Adam really move with the but I think one of the things that I warrant that makes Bradley Horowitz. Is to really owners stay M Haller. Well first double from any fox. Certainly not when Nielsen we and other current countries this is going to be the only device that they have access to dealer network in it is the only device that you have. Have the way you use it in their experience is very different than I think many of us. Don't realise what the experience our sites have added people. Our company they see at work when they do with other side you certainly Aniston Expedia where it's good about. But I think one of the things that weak oil should be doing awhile Moorer is. Like. Mainly relying on a device likeness to update from weeks' time how many of you have just what do we spent. Smartphone or Wi gates when you never wanted to stop you all we only utilise this everything you gonna do. It makes it quite difficult right because there was many sites that work really easy in this on the Donnan experiences we doubt you would quickly. Well today I decided ticked at a higher yen sell I created a couple of slides. On the stock markets. I'm going to present do you go slides. All we're from the device so we can try to see if this works now the realities of the Forest Oil is Forrester McDonough spoke. When I asked that. I taught some voter mommy help me out what we type about. And they said what you're doing what position you really should present from your mobile device UK it is go back to your laptop like you're absolutely right let's do sell off. Off bill with me mortgage right yes I think it's gonna work. And. Area. So here. All right. To concede that everybody. Start up. Weiss as its Philip. So why people on this forum media nap while we quite aware of the transformation that's taking place. By I think we all understand why it is also important. And the reality is digital is all important be cut as I don't see that now. Down a bet you're gonna help me out of Caracas very yeah. And because of the present take place in media consumption if you would get him out of consumption has taken place. I'm other media like to be really improve just continues to go down a bit on the theory of consumption it's going up is did adopt any deal would give did not specifically over six hours a day now respect. I'm consuming media through digital platform and a deal we're gonna yes or we're three hours a bit on what one that continues to pile up. So what will happen now it's coming from mobile device. M a fight back about Google specifically. Among bingo we craft the wine have. When we look at travel queries do you manage queries coming here in the had a travel related come. Question crossed the 50% line we believe will be closer to 60% by the end of the year meaning more traffic being generated from nine dust up device more questions being asked. Then France. I'm from a model devised in from desktop device. That lets huge ramifications in the industry in what we're trying to deal. And I think that if you honesty here that you Andreas do enter and why this isn't so surprising. Bit average person today. So. The spirit the average person today checks this device over a 150 tax. For many licenses the first device that we wait till the mini misuses L one hot right. Is Hawaii asked device we see we don't doubt that as a sad thing is selling a barrel best yeah. Sadly now the latest statistics one verdict you know working dad give up sex rather than as a minus a rate cap video. Take existed back room which you know very very sad we are looking in we liberal our instant gratification. We want information. Whenever we while we whenever we wide and we become very very used to that. Pam we've had high expectations really seamless experiences not type more about best what we talked about Google now as his micro moments that we Levin. These are these smile tidbits of time that we used to look for information. If you think about in the travel industry this tells online over time opportunity. Or 69%. Of trouble folks begin research on this device here. But that's how we're the end of purchasing they may start a quick search when and a stuff like not now so we've good thing but would around you know people enjoying. Armour into a quick research then a big impact their desk and de young and the dust up and the big they regain their research and hopefully that nothing's minister in the spirit. They want to get warm on the tablet device they share that information with a family that powers the coroner. The end of the day are the next day they'd gone is decider but get but they scrap all of that in the collier Cossack our. Anybody director Acosta so you've got all these different tap pointed out the Ukrainian experience by for the user gets of one experience. Anything for the winners of the brilliant winners will be the ones who can develop this experienced a crust platforms regardless of device. I'm they need to think about how this experience is going to be. And how will experience should play and regardless of them are mine are 5 am iron property Internet in destination on the Palestine cos I was insurer will experience about direction is back on cash coming in as of now you're gonna hear right here. Ellis real life experience of what happened with me with experience of this hotel. Electronic goes really shear system real life cross device story not sell what I knew I was coming here I am. I always try to block where were listed on the device I think it's important we understand how does the fact load is doesn't make it easy. So this was weeks ago iPod had seamless experience booking this hotel online no problem received confirmation. About two weeks ago I received an email from the coliseum saying pre arrival email very nice would you if you welcome your coming Israeli I can do great. I'm I didn't respond message is what one thing I'm going to be arriving hand in the mid bully after known. I just would hub where you'd have a room rate forming a teleconference Carlin died taken of Ghana dean someplace. Someplace quite and I can do that now is let. Two days ago I received an email are asking me if I'd like to register to view my mobile device. One of what this has technology and its best now to I would welcome when he on maybe closer to a Obama right and that. Still enjoy the check in prices I want to interact with the find out. So I realise that many people down and that's where we're moving it as by Michael Arnot innumerable Jack guy wire jaguar the fact. So get a front desk yesterday. And dump that's for a just falls apart so are not one story show will go the details but no role. No indication of when will not ever be ready. Explained my situation you know we're heading for a minute ended up where if I'm the front desk recommended that the consumers hardly find another hotel in nearby area. Well. It was adapter not just stressed that was going to miss my consummate OK just gonna find a place but the same time Mike. This isn't happy experience that I expect infamous seamless. Share the experience of my disappointment can. Needless to say yet out from that quite hard money is a say it within five minutes ahead of won't back down. But it did. You know. What will happen after that is where it really part of the story is you know they knew that something went wrong and we will help family room that I knew that was created think he's some margin in media par bomber this was just how important great. I'm Ben I see you know I think there was some things could have gone a bit differently. Well possibly apologised profusely in uno San up no not the stuff. But then why arsenide come back from denying this as the entire premises like give gap at somebody for a wide. They had yet. Not created a cape would like a computer or with Google computer. A picture that blockade but then more importantly they sent just hardware tenure don't you can we see they've really built a few parker. Outsiders coroner in hardest hit diamond ring generous something but apart from a people you can see at the hotel just. Signed instead you know what's going on a big interest day. By a hard cap like mice smaller USC word die into Georgetown kind of obvious place where you still worried quite at C can't go wrong. I'm the car into the anointed as a dancer then my. And that is evident N I guess if you know wire and guard wasn't done or said about I was just normal stress of the time that's gonna must apply my back. But the end of the day what I can about today and empowerment focus on models I think it's apparent that more boy experience but. That isn't happy experience the experiences from me starting a search. For this primary in trying to blood. To what I'll do what I would leave the product ready in how like spears who what why shill with my friends and family guiding that's what's most important medical. The Blair can get this incredibly ride are going to be the wines the amnesty ended this experience. Is threw out the journey in its largest one party medical while people take model as he plant on the effects of this common affixed this may fix this. Ended up think about how you time together. Doesn't the best for the spike came up with us as friction self correction or reducing friction pack. FL we get that but I'm when you think about these incredible experiences you think about friction anything about Britain's Hannah I reduce the friction for users. You know you think about every way today has very little patience for for a fraction they have taken ill patient I just a device when it comes to the mobile device there's really no decisions whatsoever it's just immediate see why now. Right in sell the reduction is a friction is really what were all trying to deal. Downtown I think you need it hardly ask yourself are you reducing that friction. For your users. And are you putting users first and foremost in front of that experience in very costly thinking about producer. I am when we think about. Reducing friction when it comes to a model device were even more experiences. There was really three areas that I want to focus on insurers some ideas we're doing it really comes to speed content. And design. But I think most importantly when it comes in the mobile device it is speed. Speed is the number one thing that people actually really see that matters in fact. 40%. Of folks that we surveyed expect a site whether India models side or death star too world. In under three minutes. Cash falling 2% will public and an aside the does not well with under two minutes. Here and over 52%. Or fox but leave that Blair loyalty and cleaner experience is very important that speed is very important quarter up. Again I guess it's hard to build any type world deep down Benning your site because it's a slow speed time. Back I think it's very important that people don't really understand they pick a white the second what the second could be. Thousands and thousands of users that you're losing. I'm how many of you know how fast your model site we're just outside wireless. Performing seat that's great. Well I want to share with you we have only talk now that I think is so core but actually anybody can use. But actually will tell you would. How you weighed in interim are volatile and the great thing about bad ideas punish me take you through the civil works is actually done. You get discourse won DirecTV in the these you can see this course is that generally run about it is. Besides many is my viewers. One to maybe a reserve trainees are being well hundred bingo and so the zero to a hundred preserving well who have been going well we found that anything over devious or India but it's actually great people were very happy with the low time. But as you can see with holidays travel providers because all the while Priceline that actually exceeds the daily mark the rest have a while to deal. So we did not just at all really making users free talk will help you understand what Europe how you wait with what time. But more relational C give it actually shear is what you can do to improve your a lot of time can actually YQ three what you can do in your site have any do you use us. Topic summer showing US. C four can actually switch to something again. So who's site should be Jack who wants to be the Winnipeg and Emmanuel. Kid kids Q2 hotels one word about. Significantly best. OK cable term. Check out. You know. Jury he Alejandro. So gul were not available. But wouldn't debts so this is gonna sort did we do you receive your just outsiders check your model. I'm could've done the same for the dust up but then would you assess that shows you what you should effects. Nominee winner Brian cows can consider fixing. Deriving certain. And then other shows on user experience. Yemenite he'd have a hundred that's pretty amazing. So this could great site you guys can use an insoluble just become an agriculture sign wanna see we did this after Dell from a guy memories of the bad attitude quite. But again I think. Well there's more important is it is some ideas of where you can improved actually produce BNM. Mike just said speed is probably the most important thing that people care about. I'm when utilising mobile device. Total ban to him. Presentation smoking. To hear. America. So the next area that S it was important was content but you know you were not whine about content yesterday I know I hundreds lined up discussion about content. And when it comes to model devices I think what's more most important with content is now just the kind said its contacts. Gives. Why is the user model Ford that specific moment in are you providing the right content add dad time. If somebody is are we in the stage in their just thinking about what they want to do on a trip. The last thing you wanna do is provide content that takes and straight to your. Booking page. Aura download an out because that is so we're going to turn the mark phenomenon they don't see really have to understand what does the context and then provide the right kind. It summit is looking are you providing. Access links to videos a YouTube video is about your property or your location does gonna help get them excited about. Yes they are looking for a last minute period booking are you taking him straight to what's available for Friday night casino researching it Friday afternoon for a hotel Miami different context. Iron I think you mix making sure you understand the kind takes abuser is the most important thing when it comes to contact. Which hunt and then what I'm. Geology money Shearer shield he stays I think one side global company is doing quite well with this context is callable cruise lines. Don't necessarily think of cruise lines as being. More or usage right now in terms of but McCain although we do get like a protocol blocking us from mobile devices. But when you think over people dreaming about cruising in here sing questions crumbled as the good Java providing. Tell me now I am. Tell me why Tommy how tummy. And will get more about cruising enable section of content on Nvidia assign just. OK I mentioned closing them no idea what was that thing that's a good idea of what they're doing in terms of an restrain the context of whether the the potential to travel is looking for a am going to ask why is kind of tap Arun Sarin is designed. Gander I think it'll Perry. Lupus. Power. Can go about. Area. Desire in. And is designed. Anything that design is really important in doubt he'll need agenda design your site based on what marble falls for using your site for a constant complexes is important. For a content by a more offside designers were important for what you think Q users aren't going to be using new forum that moss. M and I say that yes you're fine you warrant transactions side. I'm are you making yet know it easy is teary eyed but that's big enough is it easy to. Type him forget to type in information you accurately capture information jobs I don't have to wheat had that information about. If you have a hot seller is there a quick to kolbe in this prominently displayed sort of makes it easier armour all these type of designs. That may seem intuitive. To you and me but at the end of the day they sell many folks that actually do now think about this one comes to design. So many cell like as a retired about five security. Is it Google we Perot last couple years we've surveyed and that its army different side dissident after so many different people what we've done is we've created is 25 principals. Ford design which anybody you can. You can. Just ask Google fired 25 site marble site design principals in a come up generally help you understand where we think the most important things in terms of site design. And you can white through and as we five big categories in relief right through which you're closer working. To see how you relate to those design principals and then again. Are you capturing the wines that make most sense freer. The ideas that to driving. Catcher spot qualified principals and your aside. You really have to take a look at where it was my site what was the purpose if your hotel tonight in your last minute booking a two very different from. See have to think about what does the rock purpose of your site in why are you attracting folks in what is going to attract them to the mobile device. I'm because there is still some different overall user does. I imaging you can just quicker sale down query this in helping it become operative. You know so. Look I am hero power marketing mix is way out. But I just wide this year that you have to remember why we remember one thing you know seamless experiences what's most important and product model is speed remember that speed building out its biggest that's kind of two things but that's relegated next. Seamless experience in speed rolling Marist. Yet I think. And similarly with three thanks. And then she earlier but I think most importantly to is speaking about are you sell out for a success in delivering these seamless experiences. How final night tar out of fox about more ball and design experience I still find it does I asked how many people were working on your desktop side. MR BI car only about fifty people in the sorry no additional ten people depending on the size of who and how many people are watching arm model. Poll wine works here. Unlike that needs to be swept we're long after that the organisation is to be completely. Embraced our model. I'm not yet be like these guys we've gout one person down a say I'm working I'm model unrest people see a model curious but we're now working hard. We need to make sure that you're really capturing the importance of that select five years from now if I come back up. We're now talking about the cost of this has something toll toll accepted across the board and everybody realises just part of my life.