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Learn how selling your brand through story-telling has changed



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Fri, 12 Jun 2015|

Keynote Panel: Sabrina Cendral of Club Med US, Mohammad Gaber of Adobe Systems and Meredith Pearson of VisitBritain, talk about how selling your brand through story-telling has changed


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Now how they debretts a time of Texas stories. And there you in the right place emphasis fabulous. I wanna bet Koran presenters from this morning. Have perspective. Out of bed represents in this morning from really giving us a lot of Greek case studies and what is happening. Our right now in terms well what really trouble charging story telling. We also are we're welcoming in addition to married three for a fun Taylor Cole who is chief to a story talented and unique tonal. From hotels are calm. And red brick Aga the other front unveiled marketing arm who was written the fabulous but their day and we referred to. Our and I also thank you for their wink to V five Greek parliament read that well I was attracted tensions like Lloyd DGD every year when it weaving in reading during volatile. Aren't you back story telling and I'll open it up with the with you it it really. A question there right now in the with a client that I work with. We only. Being able to measure and KPI is just so credit col in terms of knowing that your and a great power. And also giving arm the the developer areas within the organisation. Kind of the wrote that. About what's next in most engaging with our inability of the brown. And what you done in terms of your organisations. In a routine measure any of these incredible letter Meredith under the struck with yield because. You pointed to a mark up really cool things partnerships and protect your area great that you're gonna have to pay for them but how do you tell the rest of your conversation. This Millie is the average desperate wide area the two year at this type. Left Lybrand. And does ultimately. Result in additional compression from blocking an activity. For our product or destination. Share citing bad and very very good question it's certainly something that we our wrestling where they're trying to kind of get there via a much. Am visit Britain we proved we are am. We reset he died around the few different things suffered dozens of partnerships. There are am we measure friend went to a brand trackers. And where a pack that commercial deaf ears we we look at converge again we like typical things I'm around engagement that kind of thing. And what we don't have yet not working on a non key rate now expanding that brings all of those things together so we do have an in house in politics and the team be set Ara HQ. But market vector actively looking completely overhauling our valuation process right now because things have and changing felt so quickly self. We you know we really appropriate quite laborious am because we are having deployment. Different that certain kind of pockmarked together. Ambac I hope that in the next year we'll have a new kind of model that will bring our other things together and the first step am. Pray now is that we have integrated our planet. Pierre in social and and I region into 11 kind of model and the next apple be bringing in the other. Analysts played great. And then at which is great for appropriate destination could host heal our. But tell with with her tossed out come Europe Euro selling product YouTube you know you. You're down every day again for mines and hurried subdued development team in the engineers and you know say hey we do do my strategy is red tag sale with your story telling approach in all the initiatives that hotels outcome does indeed do some early. Our perhaps you could tell us am ended sale poll of those that you do know that you can measure you can make your argument to. To get your requirements on the road map. Or one figure I mentioned 51 of pharmacies that we have made a big change Spain or has two years and we added integrated marketing can nearly. Earnings is not all of our marketing T is. Sale customer service our email team public relations social media. And members of our model tail off with an -- ban as part of a committee we me on a regular basis and as a as frequently as every other week. And we tie up about our key initiatives we're really trying to go back to. Not so much private sales are getting people into hotel rooms a rally what's bad experience piece. And earnings out of wealthy do we related tribal back to your really what are we trying to get our customers to antic away from this overall campaign. And we also asked and a one time typing Baz Mohammad mentioned the purchase final. We really dad about where can we yes Aceh and also where can. So does scissor begin exhibit a level of wind campaign are rare it's a story telling initiative. We were realising anywhere aspect Deborah marble booking out an action on this but for a cash cycle travel and that bet and our many may not seem that. And we're running one to bring out the experience of using our model lap. Designs that have a false as the video showing here here here there Al Metzger the features of the gap and here's how easy is to work. We instead Citigroup then alliances with bats iron as skydiving expedition. We showed how easy ideas to Burke at hotel are iron out why you jumping brief I'll get 15000 feet. Extrasolar Summers by then let's by raising my name was Sabrina was asking who's going to do have bad start because my has now Naira big daredevil C. We just loss at a pretty things like that. So I'd I was really excited about that they'll be I just telling them their hotels that are as a great model booking gap we really allow them to have an experience. Garuda sky diver with actually booking power while he's bombing and stack. That's great. You know don't try this at how we yeah. And their L. Actually I remember their lands have very calls everything Miramar that there is there are several friends that do their. You know rebel comes to mind in other is that just do like incredible experiential thanks. And. We're newer brands Fredrick L. I've loved dog the partnership marketing I love seeing club med with with so just so there a. The partnership service of Britain has standing just that they seem to be the Wyeth worried about the smiling which has tell your story and tell with another brand white Knight. Seoul for error. Style adds a brand that may now be as well known for individual hotel prior pretty is that mean I have. The cash Ayers or visit Britain and hotels dad Khan a summer brand that we heard this morning club men. What would you would buyers out into hands are of that type of company. She you get partnerships. When the plight let me add a spread of them but. They've got a heavy dose of creativity maker d.s and we'll call things in terms of telling a story. Why I think the storytelling easily printed respective off then why my work with smile tiles are smaller destinations like. Well you know we're not have the money to start create content. We really want to push sales to around instalments of what then. Whether it be in becomes a scene challenge if you don't have enough money. You play eco compete go unite gonna buy another ad words to give view gains with Expedia and end Priceline during. So it's it's a matter of finding that the rate mix between what we coin and media the the sheer ameliorate soul is almost I continue to. To destroy a figure out where you want to invest now after an enough wallet card must storytelling. Its release contact marketing pitches as a different brawl depending which speed of the decision making processor actor director aspiration level destinations play the raw they're. It's a likely not YouTube videos but we've been seen today a spats but not far off. When your quarter down you're comparing stage a win yet or transactional stage. You need to get some traffic due site and that's where a guy while a new section error quickly as question and a safe breed true content Cowher to what sometimes hard I think also just on what not monetary rate. If anything you put out there is a videos StarMine it's the content being shared by travellers. Often enough that the hotel level we have by just fill that gap you have hope people come into Europe operate every day. And there are instead ramming into buying the other experiences away Seoul. That's content you can repurchase. Put into a new fees but they take effect to you know while those who finish your bank for the kind of part of advises that repurchasing. Bennett becoming a strong partnership with active not partnering with nastiness select club med because it was a big breath it's more like. Partnering with your clients rate using that your employees I'm seeing a lot of oss awaits more destinations where they have you know maybe fifteen or twenty employees. Train improperly when he Europe Al. Inner belt in the wrong C. This a Nobel because the Canadian banking industry are very sorry. Sorrell literally at that point you gutters employees think picture within the complexity whilst Europe. Well I don't know how to pitch has been taking my novels cruise liners are coming into town it's spectacular rate in the authority. What employs with chains like how users to run and then there a thing because there sharing or the seek re we put referee showed that. Enact Heidstra cream on momentum buying but its figure outside the baht rate lake that has slide was. Add your message stick a knife into it but yeah let the listing after the biting using employees travellers law calls. Putting a big trend there as well I'd use your that the that the locals people living in your city. To share the story so bet that way it's a refining partnerships like this year or in other hospitality brands. But within that that your company has a of Ottawa new client base I think daughter ways to really. Get that story coming up period end not help over every stage of the decision making price. So it gives players their braille and I'm saying wow I'd love to do this down but it's so expensive hammer going get those assets speaking of higher. The Tahoe for a squeaking out do you of the types of. Ireland initiatives that we've seen here today. You're saying I think SE rather lalime family and a similar agreement. There by averaging. Your customer knows your local laws required our theories or other people's assets. Aren't you can get their same type apart dentist said he implored the and perhaps. Their third there something that this group should concern where when they are doing their budget is to have a strategy that rarely plays that are a mere for a they can get those goals. Heartless. Yeah I think. Before baton to Jean beer had a real and they scored twice been wise to reduce Lewis's social media is not. Cheap is not free business in different kind of expensive so site. You know you're using the client said in a different way by a source immediate should be align your budget should be a winery you know doing things look at a Europe. Having someone create content or raining up. Up albeit less expensive perhaps in the end but you don't need to create creativity into polling unit jury said create. Picture reading card they need to do monitoring need to be impacting timing pick someone to do that. But at the other day it will be a little less expensive than just not taking that mining going to an ad agencies has not put on at work supplant traditional media. But there still part of that and I think it's just a matter of setting a player he's putting a climate in two point. And so I'll tell so this social media landscape for buyouts has become I do believe we crowd. You know we've pressed very tucking a few years ago several years ago. Iron words well we're doing social media. You know. So now it's kind of like an eye out right sale and allow like hotels now plan going to file what they have to say. Your. With how many are options I may have anyhow few brands. I need she used to file how should telstar calm breakaway from the pack in terms of how you. Shearer tell your story is a grab people I mean you know I'm not trying to be captain half the desperately in Baghdad blue. Yes I need a net Andrea everywhere here kitchen back down but how why how how do you break away from that is. You know by having a humorist character like you know by captain up its aura or is it. Some other way because it's really tough. I'll let L I speak for all the brand out here. To win and keep people engaged Yassin like you because they do or can't nursery get them toll like dewar Forrester. You know have a habit then go through dearer and they need speed but there after awhile it's kind of like. Had we keep them engaged and. As a renegade wake me again in. RBS and that was the creation of him last year was one of the reserves bad. We now like we need decree experience with our react. But hotels that harm to he had always break back at down at 9% will retire you about when things having with customers are backed issues. Express their hotels that may or may Adam Ben our Colorado giddy with thousands out. We we've found our Qatar is here not directly help people become. And more engage with our brain and can worry a bit more about mouth about funny side. And also something about our biggest began his captain RBS senator taps into he's as as a that's generally backed the Bratz and one thing we just aired last week why is. We lights a site FaceBook had. It abruptly saying wow your aunt had done based or per site then what's the big deal but we truly built this for a base but to be signed white. We engaged a member of the American sign when it community. And I reached out to the national association the Dow. We bright line via purse to create higher Internet specifically for individuals who were hearing impaired. And we created this out where some titles ending we had a lady who was dressed as captain RBS she was signing amassed their age. Any now sends the message is one that only members of the American sign lingered comedic and stay out. And so we're trying to find new ways to use social media channels to really got better engage various sciences when America know what what of life period. But it's either find ways to do use these general star banner that. So again for Twitter we realise that NASA tells Icahn Seattle was was doing the work but we were reaching. A bright arriving Ernst and now I think captain targets is that nine of our assembly beacon as he you know he's talking about things other than customer service is talking about things that their loyalty program. He gives up about you know. And its nationals that a day and why did you hear about zebra deck and exactly go about a did you lie any profit falls that. Yeah he's adding I have five minutes such debretts cyber Rihanna a bind humour aside if we hadn't enable the display before. Great. So that's one where exactly getting his name. And the band one of the things that we heard from Harman lie and I took special on the out of debt is. Are on the historic town an engagement through are that different arm places in the heart of the travel Janet. So we're you get people engaged in the very beginning when they're considering a break in certainly with the destination. Is very different than engaging them as they move through the experience. Any father son now what do you doing about that do you do you think about Gerson. Yale as you doing your strategies as Europe putting together tactics they say well in this part of the journey this is how we're going to engage them tell the story. And yet when they're here around prior really on their key European destination. We're going to do something different and are you doing dad is like a triple pronged question are you doing a programmatic ways see you know where they are in the Janney M I'll I radically they're getting some sort of a trigger message. A wide know this is really quite working and where our area that we helped to be there. As as Linda Richman with Dave discuss. It's. Very simple question it. Well our free looted tomorrow afternoon we're reckon doing a session at three with an opt licenses around in the room today. Will be time of the multi channel approach in the back that's acting on the channel NN one aspect is. What's the user customer is actors as you mentioned it's not unite gonna users seem to walls whether Europe as operational level you just uniter not you know nor you next summer. Versus you don't have you know you finding it down become receipt though coverage of final. Worry actually transact activation or soft or not Twitter has got a great roar but often happens when the person that destinations are doing real time. Customers are restoring a deal with issues but you too will be like your you know before the back of the chip. After enough so the pedal with which stage right now you mentioned problematic. And I think that's also prior big trend that's coming up worst we're seeing more and more I think court tells. Boris lawley. Jumping on the wagon I think the need to do it more you know everyone hot flows in the remorse like these senate confirmation email. As all the given. Well I think the stat I fire Stuart I think only 27%. Of total year to actually send. Which has which has dramatic because that's what you can actually reconfirmed our lamented in cross sell up sell all but gone are wondering the weekend you've gone already the biggest wanna be gone. And then there's obviously programming note that the you know that would allow your four year hours that you leave. We instil operative degaulle want to your trip advisor Richard if you're on the review your summer does alright. Gee you know and getting enough reviews were quite a U. The automated email Bryce as you know that it's a positive things from from the relationship standpoint I think it's about the seemingly doing add up problematic from ads. Is a bit more complex. Receive what the destination level head off a visit Britain is gonna put off that come I would I would think sold by. It's tying into more complex on the rhythms to make sure it happens. Men and yes any mention a very interesting stand in our 27 pretty certain of hotels. Do they triggered message just before leaving which has probably the best time. For any stories are then up sell to a higher. Level. Based ion ion Europe your availability. Are which has a fantastic. Additional revenue. Generator. As well as any sort of ancillary type of thing backup Ali 27%. Silver spirit now I mean there's an opportunity chest area if you can just let people already committed to go like. So while you are in the travel journey there are things in addition to capturing. The I had for the for the first pit the reservation airmen and Deborah have still lowest expand because people comparative strapping. I'm so tailoring in your role DNA I don't know whether the dubious in terms of any type of are telling a story or content marketing and tonnes of white. The you're a buyer came due later iron do you reach them out Didier they initially but is there are some sort of conversation make you continued I have with them. At various points aura. Palace hotels that panhandle and. So we Arab we are working and that of course we give the collaboration email we have a free state email. And that we said just before your departure. And the marble week we have which notifications are now and then I'm happy to say Applewhite Jack you can receive a bit notifications saying it's time to check into your hotel here if the hotel is that technology. Saudi you can check in actually with your rear so wide web features Abby and I don't say badly dead dead top hotels that Harbour more about the technology M what's available. A big some madder our that's very utilising what. What's clear. Aren't we talked about as the force is a cuisine twentieth last year which we've seen great users add cash tac. So did tell people that she needs something you know by checking my her talent they've taught me at the frank doubts. Users hash tag if you need to reach us originally we're monitoring attached tag and we will respond quickly causing no you get quicker response with social media. Debates Hollinger now at the Al Alvarez. You know be shot me help you better read Christine my experience at a hotel. Now we're seeing some or via the top partners really using and guest out that orders to Baram one what's happening now taking action on that. Sure we provide the genuine guest reviews Q review the hotels Tuesday yen unless you book there at M net new am actually stayed ahead how so that the guess really as the authentic. But we're now asking propeller grass of your experience and we're sending your push notification. You know once you get here with in the first hour resale because we know Gerd Rowan highway eighty just what in the back room you're waiting for back Griggs bridge opened the door. A string of an expert when the door hearing about what am I gonna see why am I gonna deal. Well why now when that experience airs at the time it happens now we get harming you to register the air poorer than you. But your luggage way new sick day now eyeing hike answer tired now. Yeah that's right idea like the champagne guinier the reception desk well that's how well I think here money here when you get here because that's going to be all right time to get back reviewed get that information. And I did get a fantastic point tailoring mean. If by me mention another brand will now brand you know booking dad calmer now as we know a bucking dad yard. Is certainly plays up by mail or any of you have seen the on the TV ads where he you know F terra horrible experience you know they trudged through. With tickets were clearly up pleased to be bigger and the open adoring you know like the heavens open up past as a the first. View lower this rate real men they never would have guessed dead you know money men and now the father is the Euro or the mother or whoever does that blood debt. Which is very call and I and a and I do better really really rate recommendation for those in this in this room. Is due captures that moment our well how I love this room I love this hotel I love when I'm driving have been seen this level Abiola is now. And I haven't seen that really encouraged by a liar brands. Q to give rituals are encouraged aura cajole or whenever they have to deal with the customer to do that whenever you know for a slower because he can't get back. First impression again you know however if we're gears. Let me get Greg it's a beach aren't here. Yeah I assure you that when it's twenty degrees and you like and you have seen their great fewer is winding you know the initial well is is great warehouse about a better fantastic take away. I would like to open us up to the ideals of their questions hands up we have unlike going over. We have won every year I was going OK now say you don't want here on hold down we have won rate here at an Opel is. And we are you a fifty. This is the OK yeah. And if you just say who you are everywhere the. Ensure our remaining is dangerous and that headline need to. Do. Very. I don't think I mean there's some pretty ladders. There. It was an innocent man on their communications director for the regular time tourism association. Here to kind of our members. The challenge as you very well sad is the majority are small hard task. And they would love to get involved apart this wonderful stuff that they don't have to budget he earned a chorus were and I experience. You just Japan's jiji C user generated content if the waiting car. The big question they have is how do we control let how do we avoid. Them rolling beam me here adult. While weak while we tried it generates user generated content. Had you do you have anything you face. They used set out to prevent. Am I Hazmat. London. Attack. That's an excellent question end down. But the very first debtor would be unfortunately. You can not control the message I don't think we ever did up until the names perhaps as a city view 2000 with UGC up here. It's their messaging if people were already talking about destination that Harkin about you know more room Bahamas. Whenever the destination will be an end. There they're spirit we have is a ramming it herself I think it's a mad ramp acknowledging that Adaptec first. And after that how you embrace it how'd you because as a said earlier I think cost is is a factor but it's certainly as a factor. But if you're trying to again if you try to compete on the same level as non volatile like karma will tease. Have big budgets you just point out the right pat you're never going to be able to about is how what you doing. More achievers says it would speak only we like what you unique rate would you differentiate. So use that and then. Exact in this is where you can actually take the best picture worry on the spot with a travel there in how you show their commitment is becoming quite intra region that speech at white Knight about. Necessarily trying to compete on add words NA not being so any remarking if you Geithner good web site nowadays it's. Amid some basic rate and I think we got mentioned this morning but. Do people have a good website in place you know you're blind to the OTA you check in our information and then you arrive on the small hotels. Website it's not transactional was built 2009. You know there is a warranty of our best price this online price as a summer that like the Gibbons at each I should see and then you can get that trap he gonna get their reservation. So what it's it's them things like that on the tactical level they need to be addressed. Source also need is really important the quality gap deputy governor about basic truck before starting to 2.0 while we're seeing Mitch U got your marketing one point or do quite well effect that. Benefits for a look into the source reapply upon entering the content. I'm on the good at and then trying to compete with budgets that I was an issue special for the spot Brent. Now I'll bet entered if you're out of the. Now I would answer said the good news is yet you get out Bob is really unique content that helps with CL and after the station orbiting alpha. The gap users. You know do you get off assuming can't turn fed in the. Maybe another Graham U while they have out there so when there's a double edged sword it always has been an it most likely always will be. But your ring fence again is narrowly. I would say neither advisable or someone Europe disagrees with me because the whole idea is really. Been much fatter and once you take away that our venture silly because you have now. Maariv Earvin try to you know while we could happen who took about a rate. Well monitor product of years now that hotels a drag out any particular try you don't have religion can trust me. That the hackers alike now we would. I call your week people you know people think that ends so there is a mix of good and maybe not quite but the brand winds. I think brands can encourage certain behaviourist they can yet. Consumers and mean visit Britain get a fantastic jab picking you showed some great examples. I'll just be happy putting up some great charter themselves and self be sent a sort of we'll call things. And I've offsetting can't tell us. Endesa bring up all over the place. We're challenge yourself but you know show us the best picture areas our yourself with the Dow traps so you can actually. Let's if you're the message all the talk that maybe not now it yet. That you can see Europe needs done what's your favourite place to take photographs but your best year when he. You know you can encourage our best if you put it that way in you kind of see that habitation but you can never. Totally. Manage the competition and that you know that is the they give them the ugly but you know the brand to web Fredericks said if you have a great website at great product. You know that the brand will win out.

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