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Learn how selling your brand through story-telling has changed



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Fri, 12 Jun 2015|

Meredith Pearson of VisitBritain, talks about how selling your brand through story-telling has changed


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Good morning everyone many business pure soap issue and I had at the Pierre. USA. I'm really delighted to be here at would you this morning talk about a story telling and just how much Arab culture consumer rightly or eighteen dollar the last few years. Sure it was really greatly hear from Sabrina just now about how such an iconic tourism brand at Condon head. If using digital story telling a new ways and hopefully my presentation will give you a little bit of the different perspectives. That about Lejeune detonation Brent. And how we're using different story telling techniques to challenge ought receptions in dry well business results. Selected spanning. Should afforded identified spend just a few quick minute. Setting the stage a little bit in giving you a little bit of context. Should immediately think just how much MacKey in his teens double last year's. Brass 32. Really marked a turning point terms of our storytelling strategy. That was the year ago we hosted. A queen's diamond jubilee rob pride and 32 Olympic and paralympic games. Prix twice rather was very much and a one way or one race strategy. It was ala bill driving am conversations back was ask kind of speaking held and driving traffic backed Arab owned sites using Harold platforms that kind of they will. So our storage the year 32 and the focus between much more that you radar like. It's hard to believe that only three short years ago were preparing for a while pointed well would be stealing not become know as the first average social media against. Can you read that. Only three years now there was no social media had you know prior to that there was no Olympic Games are actually social media paid apparent Italy can easily think about. How important it is now. Back then it was assert some kind of obscure a thing if kids were doing and Tino will be candidate Chris three Chris three buyer. In Europe followed storytelling has become very much harder by marketing approach. And we've really seen that we can be much more impact will drive real business results show impact in the jeers bombing 32 we managed to put Britain back on the path to growth. Ending 24 till we struck we sather strongest year advert international tourism to Britain in terms of am bolsters their numbers and expands. In the US specifically Q3 twenty portal delivered the first billion dollar single corner ever contributed to Britain by single country. So well. Bad numbers rate driven. And lots and I have to tell you our story telling approach really buy that occurred that have what you're fetched so let me tell you just a little bit more about how how we get back. China mention twenty top macro huge turning point strategy. And with our communication strategy and also was the first hike the brits real time that we started working with inflow into search to help tell the Britain story. Head of the games renegotiated. But first ever host country partnership with the US Olympic Committee. And created a unique content driven partnerships Cobb teen USA Britain ballot. As a kind of and we worked with the US so seated send eight Olympic impairment of champions including big names like nasty looking inch and then lesser known names that bet really had again chats and yard or doing well 32 should Zhou is a Britain and through the eyes out an American oil yen. We worked really closely with each of the athletes to build a custom itinerary based on things that they're interested in also sure we did add neat things like the guys that we needed cash we'll be filing you know that Heinz the words you look. Hiring gains rate cash and sweeten and that bearish nasty Libyans rally entered bash in doing so we have heard arguing you know as the great passion statue and then. And and we we've done dollar these experiences and sega's content through a parallel channels such due ot their social media channels which. And we also had a wide interest brown and looked. The struggling media as well. Our particularly NBC Olympics start hard and Travel Channel backup plan. Sure you're probably be surprised to hear that this was actually a country pressure unheard of in Olympic circles. We sponsorship deals are usually in the multi million should but we found weighed after the US and see something that was valuable to both damn rich and their athletes. Which they were looking opt for new ways of getting Americans thinking about the Olympics earlier at our not usually kind of wish. Interesting media coverage of the input your addiction gears up around three Mandell and Euro week low to kind of outlook start making some noise about the Olympics quite a lot earlier actually year out. Cash and we felt bet you know what. We were looking for a new ambassadors after Britain and we really believe we can jump up and new audiences and new Winchester outsider I'll traditional kind of travel space by working. With am diesel ambiance. So really the perfect match but surprisingly was the first time it's ever been done in Olympic history. And I think the big lesson here is that nine tendered it and you rarely do you get when you ask our which. If we're as we die you know slims announced yet do you assess your work with as I have friends were king India commercial your BMW back anything. They're paying 92 dollars to work with these guys we were able to get get a free. So in addition to speaking directly to Americans through the athlete social media channels should the program also deliberate a huge amount of interest from traditional media. But Euro we'll march the programme at am not at media march in York city. And we set up in their views with a different athlete and we're really trying to drum up interest from the media so that they would have great Alan coverage the athletes trips when they're in UK. But large well and to what nandrolone generated over a million dollars an Arab Al gilt. And knowing about bridging east to see some of the most am important US help Petrobras. And the multi platform approach really created a huge surge of interest amongst our target an audience. To a sterling used a stealth on the second screens. Another real unattached and this problem that we really had an enters a beaded. Was how many great audio and video assets and the that we would get a carjacker how well received awards would be among their target audiences. Showcases just a little bit aside power on imagery and before the Olympics we knew of course affect Dynegy was going to be hugely important in our industry talent strategy should should be commissioned. Suite of images show Keating Holland exporter against that backdrop us some iconic British location so very siege. You know football player and an average Tower Bridge engineers and Brent had been told the Norris seventh. And durable Indians and brand tough winter Qatar. Aquino are attributable stash but interesting read it rolling work that I am very much in the consumer space we did get continues out of the Linda beach east basin which. And we had to have something in the rhapsody games because Shanley you know there's a four year complaining cycles a week we did need something back. So you and the on the next page Europe. He's somebody alleges that we and the that we just cut a key ended chart and Britain now an athlete and the UK. And these did virus Farah better tracks today area though you have kind of family law. One of the debt Brian claim that you can buy each had our apparent gain media Rebecca Sony wonder Bob. Outlook swimming in Wales there was did fantastic Stratocaster was shot channel's am Irish social Chelsea kind of spread through. And all the athletes sports social channels and the traditional media of that as well. Exit or acts. So I'm sure what you're a lot about this over the next couple days a rally in bet. This kind of underlines the importance of our events should the Britain bound images. Animal clinic story relevant to the US media and consumer acts. Our foreign Warsaw and highly stylized images out our outlook an anonymous athlete and product iconic web backed she assumed dudes were earning drastic anything back did how we got to target yet hall actually. Were seen time and time again that high quality user generated O'Dell's. Performing better grass I'm pretty at every forum. Just wait 12 am we negotiate several other nine Gerrard or partnerships which. Total personal stories new licenses in new way it help to bring top mining. Like do you also see. Project mostly the Bob Dole for a off sponsorship eats and and Justin barber paying for all the big round trip travel arrangements. And not wired elbow grease and a lot of creativity. Linda outlets Great Britain with fully integrated content driven campaign. But helped us create excitement about the UK during Q a little curious installer online NN one point 29 Camelot was distributed nationwide. What we did hear why does take inspiration and the iconic and drag from the exclusive British bash alliance that the bells are scary when you mass. Can work together on ashen shooter cast England's Cowen and wells to shoot two that there aren't how marks a book which had a period realty L. If you can see there and tall British stories. In a refreshing and modern way. The dedicated Britain try clients and those just couple pages that they error so the also included several power amp several pages the buckle up our act which best we worked at Bloomingdale's decree excludes the voice of the customer acts. We used the locations Barack's win the editorial as inspiration to create these custom packaging. And so they had themes like Wagoner royalty in Iraq we else canning Angeles Cowen history Alija England I rent and the skate. And together we resign or Myron end kind of aspiration on British flights back up and helping people to rally let ambition like that starts letting yet. Result of the Holocaust September Bloomingdale's went British and we work closely with Dan either Britain contact card which you can see on the left there are. And dedicated. 49 knowing and add subscribers and then join social media across every channel as we wrap Arkansas including. In chairs into Brentwood air space but. Element of the campaigns are not grinning and being a bit amp period in after defied their stores nationwide eight. End but we have a march event in York city that was attended by a hundred media annual peacemakers. Generating great social ads and a breath as an meteor hit mentioning campaign. The project was brilliantly successful Bratz can restart significant brand left and the N aspiration to travel to Britain. To the big thing fresh here is that sharper brilliant shall we enjoy here at with a good reputation in US but the Soledad which. Our blackout in just kind of dull now so it's really important grass heat. Britain's upper mine colleagues I Turkic consumer action and partnerships with brands like best rally up yesterday that. I'd just like we're starting to see a little bit of a trend here looks using the examples I presented being very very integrated. And in considering every consumer touch why this approach has been a real shift ass and has been one of the most aren't important changes Bratz. In our success. YouTube excusing he just a few more apples. Media relations that offer better adopt our our strategy. However in the rent ranked 32 we really tick and moreover a multi platform approach. Inter American that's that's immediate and accurate and reusing and are using well the crisis let's and how to separate screens be sure just why an article make it mean a one great segment to today's sell. Should we really want to work which are aware still live tweet while they're here post it again borrower does post video content there aren't quite buoyant and interact with friends while there on the patient rarely get an Bart. Or Iraq as a she'll Perasa organisation we are running fewer press strips now. But does experiences provide much richer and Arab and much richer and provide greater and and provide credit helped a contract cast what's forums and crucially provide more engaged with our communicates. We're also will and we also started outsourcing recommended experience just abusing media and in what sectors. And stepping away from the mentality at Reno asked can rally during a member first yet. But all to our at least ten K all we posted a Twitter chat with three pop out three American trouble why birds which. End by an adult beta Briggs cited by some what our customers wanted them to see and you were they when UK. The reaction as was phenomenal in just one day we Amtrak or knowing an opportunity to see we reached one point two million Twitter accounts which. Do you all these ideas create bespoke. And itineraries the oil an induced back content on the campaign website. So this creed agreed different kind of campaign website thrust their wares and jury in Iowa for Americans. And this actually really big switch crass as well we worked with ambassador a lot of pasta after these are local British ambassador's schtick trying to keep a that we think Americans make you interested sell. You know the quirky personality or low cost just cash and allot slightly back credit being at this time you're we work with ease these American. Travel experts. Add in religion guide yeah eke. I'd you're working with ambassador Seitz said. This abroad upon but when he 5% better than our previous campaigns Schenscher as a ballots rates. And the NN town on the site. Result which are Al mart now just about kind of where weak yen and where we Arun outside bar I'd just wrapped up with just a few minutes and when I think I might be a really important part cash. About the future a real story tell. Does Britain we're trying to take cues and some of the more successful start up media company so there. And that will create content that spread like wild backed by held back here. To give you an idea gap could street aren't heard about. And ladder he ate less than ten years is it common massive media disrupt error. Outlook the global I hit a bridge you hundred million and growth projections after tax. Back into when he turned their CL hired experts at heard at scientists to predict when articles would go viral on the back. Which is you know the holy Grail relic storytelling success. Since then legacy media brands like New York Times are getting are getting in on the action as well. And I think you know maybe we should be till. Dallas scientists is different than they cannot be how we are how companies rate now. These people look specifically at down around content and use complex mathematical techniques and algorithms cat died deeper and I'm hitting meaning option between what's happening with our content. For bids Britain and I'm sure many deal and the this unchartered territory traditional LX are giving us a good grounding push back not quite hitting the topic Scherer. So bra I think there's a few key thing beacon length and story telling Astra which adds heat even if we dot have a Intel's dark outside it's just yet. The bursting everything crayons need to do a better TARP enlightening performance and trends across all what am channels especially the ones we dealt are. And then using intelligence to inform future content icann's. Next thing they think car benefit from revisiting how we work together at tilts. Quite simply traditional business models. Holding us back keeping tiara marketing social not the other side content driven area that are organisation. In separate by silos which was eating and just pointed away. No wonder people can use. Alas we we need to strike a better balance between Spain and in real time content we need to eat less and Allison Moorer using better listening into alt and tactics. To anticipate what you were going to cheer about next. So proceed no you probably are thinking it's that that it's easier said than done should. Should let like to leave you with a few words of advice from if you think it's Bret you could say our better than I act at. Will start with credit which in the wise words of Freddie Mercury we have to break freak. It's a haul over although there. Ex British saying that the pace of change alas there years will be elect just a warm up act or what's coming down a hike in the next three. Sort you have to keep a bargain to stay well spent and how we do that will be different every went year. I'll give up yet as the how we're putting accept the Britain. We just will dampen another rebellious breaking up an RS. And I hope that owns Byron UN Europe's yields as you tackle big trading this exciting extract a any anything helpful wicket cricket. Which they saw matched.

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