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Panel: What is next for consumer travel technology in Asia?



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Wed, 10 Jun 2015|

Sergio Mello, Head of Innovation, TravelStart, Tushar Khandelwal, COO, Voyagin, Kuo-Yi Lim, Partner, Monk's Hill Ventures hacve a Panel discussion on what is next for consumer travel technology in Asia?


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I. OK let's break even depression Dell deal gives you are what you doing. And why you're here everyone immediately. Need from yesterday's finals I'm searching our IE. Launched our company called touch display. Eight years ago. And we invented first little big mining for the travel industry and we were the first ones who exploit. Such a lot in his book. Lobbying need to login making 2007. And to bring. Intelligence patrolling the street. ID 234 years before or anyone you know many industries for a understand we're actually doing. But inherent grinder or solve our company last year trouble started. So now are eyeing M head of innovation bear. Particularly focused on you know more wind power development. I'm busy paper 81. Where we have a bigger fall off balance till catered to just do just just verify that. I'll start up company. Yes you know in Taipei absolutely. Last point now is up. I anti terror the CEO Michael banner avoided. We're particular marketplace discagram got the best choice activities voluntary Asia. I you can pick up us makeup looking up our provoked into Q so they're airline's base has been start of the das business units are in the last hour is. We you're gonna do when you actually in the destination that's where we coming. Q Lee. I'm making is a core eat them I'm the funding partner among still ventures. Are we released the show venture fund focus on tech companies furious after procedure. By lead to a coroner dollars a pint sized you can vest. You know across the region. Between one or by calling for a break investments in trouble was one idea is we spell what type. OK so we've had two days and live IPO paper by what's going on personally their robust. Speaker in India I I thought I spent. Respect you up for years you know Africa and I missed a lot of but as a buffer quite regulated or find out what you going and I think their photo basically photos taken find out whether bus leaves from with a back on the muscles was amazing basic. Effective and to innovation first questions you guys. What he's seen recently which has passed innovation up. OK I'll jump stricter than to the far end of the spectrum. Since you mentioned three seeks the imaging device. The bring some sort of a reality for the rise. I think the next thing but I think the next next B is going to be virtual right. You we see companies that traditionally give in turn. Pick for space like HTT. Launching devices and so we will look I don't know exactly this but the there's a lot of companies. Story blitzer first products and this winter. We're gonna have at least Fy 6. Re your solid but festival virtual reality product or you can blow bottles on NCE stewards property region with 3-D vision. And look around what around the overall and we feel like rumours you know your. And reality. This could be. And extreme. Official to see you and travel retail brick and mortar. By you looking them. But immediately. Shot to at all. Allow customers who experience locations. Eight point sale. I think a lot of you impulse buying is is a big factor already responsible for. Major travel and lesion gel image travel and making people feel a real experience that gives them that. That there was bounced as known. Things some horns over the right direction median. Very big driver for change. Future if it decides not online in the final line but it's it's definitely. Did not helping them massive marketing percent. Future a direct imaging head that I think one of the most innovative companies is cool other. And solving their simplest problems you know there one of the company's day parties can't work lends. And though this company day. You worked so it as a rock as a traveller and richer offers Europe Africa and others. The most complex problem has asked 1% close which is go to another destination. Young boy in is because it's no different language so you. Take your farm in view. Poignant you point your funds camera like menu and on Mac which translates the menu into another bank which has no that is brilliant and he. It gonna step broker only do the same thing where. Global cancer you can now parking will translate and while Euro while you are doing. It'll translate it for a rather first and immediately. And then it'll do the same thing in reverse for you. Things like call Babs those are. Bruyette because. All labs is the epitome of white immediate everything in travel is becoming like immediate wake you step. Imparts. Impulse though and when Europe lake when you have double bass line. You get a simple things which has directions but it can also tell you what's legally right around you and back end. That has so much potential for. With all 43 level break into your little activity is. I think that. Toys of activities could fit really well land in the destination venue. By Europe you calculus and location mostly Europe Japan and Europe fish market sneaky fish market. Our assigning you find out that those poorest burning my very no threat from this destination. That's not something that you can usually pot on the far right now you. You part of Barnum and you've got what's allocation this my allocation with the farm and many if you do research around that location. But if information is being pushed to you and you think we'll update here's deploy their first thirty minutes we Knoll. You're from the different destination we know you've found them from the states. This is your first time for Japan as a war are baillie enjoying immediately. That's growing right. I'm not sure what well headset and M. That displays vital for that I think that big enable that will be. Finding out the world what you are what you need to know and predicting that the I talked they have innovations for the train line dot com which is one the most popular travel out of UK based upon that tells you how to buy planes. And places lets you book and he'd say is striving to take the information provides down with a minimum diligently. When you're going for that train it just as platform five. The doesn't really wary of what it just as get then and that simple thing. Would be so effective and so amazing but that the complexities of the earth made. I think what the headset adds that is it adds another dimension rate now your fund cannot value if you know who URL pekin no word URL. If in L I like things about you but it cannot Tommy what I'm looking. I'm standing might get obviously said. OK it knows that our focus stationing give provide information around that but there's no there. I'm looking at this specific shah and I am interested in that break it just adds another benefit. Threat and the more did you have the better because far valley it's. As a tactical. Gentlemen start. There was some experiments with than when the reality unfolds I think your four years ago when will rule on the company's by the memory to prop up because the funds were not powerful enough time. Probably because ponting turned. It is is really difficult to. Build up a turns. But its effect hibernation from here if mark. Yet you're far more than are like information about you know ahead that something about you know those things where you know mark up effect company. Those who the heads of the appendix. Interface before good word that I really by global player of the select something like. It's delivering use cases where who's looked at as a whole Mauro burden shot multiple throw experience before home values reliance on the got. You put. Q you you have the jump in. I'm not as public I think so you experts around you know so soak up what companies don't see any gadgets in the not quite difficult right. Pepsi there was iPod quite know that if interesting. As a company castle which earn better I'll I said. It would have been worse side of the business ranch you know when you put up. EE. Why I'm watching as quite a better enthusiasm a lot of by grant it. Ensor wide assortment it was a bit like ad network be able to place ads always play. Part of the print out. And over time by doing dad you put quite what a bigger whereby troubling issue in. What kind of ads be used said in Riyadh to all over what period prior. And that needs you the collection of the huge seller you know. The bar practically every year in every traveller in the U western style I think this could be a very global isolation opt. Another interesting studies we've seen huge pool might not trouble. On almost every individual printed up eat what has happened in your life. You know I'm still look you know so so that this company has limited from their initial advertising model. Who we feel more right now and gold. Why wait producer troubling Q way which would doesn't like steel except recess for a end repackaged it you know. Do you still do any you know any roughly six. Which has witches and cats scalable. And very. So as a slight different take I think the year you know in my mind is can be one key plant areas of competition. For the travel industry. Wii for a. That that's usually called my main question on that is. How how do we then I can see were good deed over being in well into the company. That I don't track that are fine you know think of our first have this part very selective when our ads on the wedding straight. Had they actually know which adds. You reactor. Which adds Euro buying into week to provide outlets around that activity. And confidence. Could roll over coupons filed with comfortable. Without is now that and are like people use the just get over. But that I mean what we are rather power yesterday with ten and I think just like their eight poll disc output Politburo. Wrap taxi taxi who correctly there's. A bid to five everyone's giving out discount poses some type of incentive because that much money. Exactly what you do when you go back and maybe I think K. Operationally go wild ways I think people took to address this wholesome. If you work I don't know why he's so very targeted. You're travelling from C Boston the doubtless the effort the Euro. You know restaurants hotels in Dallas ever witnessed the I really ever practise what else sells vehicles back into that there was backed by. I think Virginia studios over plan give you are such separate you know do we work through third party publisher. The other big upfront you know rights weeks apple if you start to doubt. Ed you would do get it's amazing. You know very euphoric table particularly you know wine company in reseller when compared. Not only the only company that's seen do that really well at least successfully its one my favourite is what. They need to perceive things people like this whole. Deed a base around the patient day then there signing like deed to compare it to which call wahpeton work. OK and just let you know if you have a question you can put your hand up. Watch out or even text I just managed to worker how to make your phone works like an article that there. Have a question using that data is the key. In particular in Asia what what are the major challenges we someone's gonna have to overcome to make all the information all the data really work. There's nothing biggest challenge language. You can let the tone in Japan Korea actually are. And I'm Philippines islands in Europe the times like is going to be different languages so our black with analysing if and frankly. Analogies Aurora. If any sort of analytics on the commitment which has. Structure as well. I would jump in other structured finance say you know make US as the US Europe. They have on these Great Falls built up oracle I think the M brown live video. That is breaks down curious if you know for example. And away because of the language where. No because because of the structures during infrastructure technically the Euro so one of that at all stable at which provides is. One with Europe add you insure bond number. If you in the US you can track the cost of their fundamental say any poll a minute is a convergence there. That infrastructure it just doesn't exist here you can not evil that oracle is you can either evil that market right. Thailand the Philippines because their destructive of. You Ron Paul I have done unfamiliar route is that. I think get a bodies their fragmentation. And you know you use should be. Chains in the developed countries'. Debt that would have so that the demand you know a lot of transactions. By in Asia the Morse both of inside we see in particular. Our your seven or does not online or not wipe out any particular way. You've analysed very new to a large user technologies. There you know the you know just when Enoch yeah we're not quite a bit. So so so best you've got a bit of game but those presents a huge set operative. What guys where people got here and certainly infrastructure of the right business model to be able to collect. Use of the you know I would you know the year end basically brought by the either start. Why did you know needs senate sausages by somebody up strict. So so that's why it's predicts that despite or because of the possibly your lack. Scattered you're here. This week that allow local players. We think this is an open space which is way investing is exciting in this region. There's also scarcity of balance position is do you think the bigger up a lot of hours Europe very red winter without a similarly Dixon such tools which. Britain down to extremely seen falling to fix is in. All we limit your view walk on part of the U why you're right. It is not that that as the and talk has put spot sorry if synergies by Arian you think fusion system or even for a product system offering greater fuel you have. You have real consumer bid that is about their midnight alcohol use your return or add. End. Digging into the data is. The property requires. Analytical skills of its engineering skills required business skills altogether and has the same personally thank you very doing that. So on now I'm starting to see the first balance coming off a path qualities. Bear artificial I think that for signs that have a probably green business any new and resale is that I pointed with our. During languages for the appraisers. Bitten off hopper so supplementing our Linux operating system but don't understand the business value offer. Conversion lifetime value. You'd use a rare gems and that planning could be on the market but it's at its new things are. I think you. The biggest challenge and the economic pain like booking tools make it happen. Ed jump in Europe if what is unique about Asia it's also worth a lot of more Bob Forrest experience. A lot of users are using computer. With us open a mob of more welcome in the record a laptop be very user bras are. And PC you've worked so we're tracking perspective from knowing whether persons using respective becomes a very different set of charges user fees. You know please see your where. Approach if war end Dow presents a different set of challenges as wide in thin despite well given what which. Yeah happy just being there when the the whole while questions really interesting because for every one more well be that exists in the US storage Europe there's at least point yeah you know about eight you're right it out so much. A visit by. Ten big mobile companies in India which at different the bit that right. That the operators were. Well operators offering that this enemy periods and it's just just sold out. And so you can not Bob how to solve that the people issue. Well yeah I think that I had with a ready solution it was a bit of light holds or has all the really leaving they paid overtime but that. The busy day one as a and every opportunity to better tool on. Young talent though is that. Partly coming from. Our education system and partly come from. My great companies like caged C dot com. As loose as Europe and media take anything people more or less obviously the probably hard reporting its offer by the song about a technology mobile. So a it. You fire nearly in enough fuel and there are some hiring website a slide won a four line. And we have few days you have the best buy for curative fingertips. And it's also not too expensive way to. And lessen the Singapore Hong Kong much less less in China and our biggest kind of chose wages have gone out of the rule for the past three years. Some stories it's bitter because I found the perfect spot for setting up on my way of thinking OK I'll. I know put European people there lover of the that they say the same thing finding those people is. And I occasions for example in the mouth so Taipei's place you. Any other decisions future. To people yeah yeah. There's their heads it out there today. Baghdad icann had. Might figures I can say is that how to. Our people were visited Taipei and you know there's other countries the point is that let local team yeah a lot of talents by the search problem in the management problem in India and much much bigger and need to be there with a proper management team to. Particularly that you need at least that 22 theory people GE yet justified presents a far far from a office with earned one Woodbury dot manager. Loans from abroad and then you can justify collective benefits that you were between. Five OEP 25 people. What. So nicely that think having. That it fresh orders for factory yeah developers a bar that justifies my office in India be locked up. So it's a work that we're seeing a lot of in countries around Europe I as a phenomenon of retrain these guys were retreating from US. Huge population of Indonesian Filipino you know. In year and obviously the Chinese. Immigrants were re training to. You know countries of origin. So huh dialogue which is a Filipino dire. As a bit more spoken language in California. Right so big buyback which needs as a huge population for the people Americans. We see a large these guys retreat of the working just because sort of yeah I'm the opportunity get there present themselves you know despite this year seem Guinea Niger reservoir. I you know you get when a couple of very troubled globe despite that the heart trouble so red Knight future. The two barbarous whiners so drop off Harvard Business School. In the second far rarer as the currently melon can even now I'm a graduate who used to work at the game and which rendered in Egypt is out of trouble Webster. So we're seeing this huge re that we thrown off fire of fire talent from. From US we think we're just we're just very interesting from my perspective school friends of the valley. And yeah exactly traders that the value you know trend Europe's banks pared Japan as well. Right and then retreated as part of will we see a lot of opportunity. Mr. Rudd of people who might. That you mentioned I'm a obviously. Being a drop off became takes only a few Europe after aidid. Owned. The one thing I don't look at when AT TVs these days is the education becomes all the way into. I can collect three I interviewed Germans would condone with a camera while oil and think ibrahimovic. I'm someone named as a preliminary deal in which. Look at turns alternative is. I'd doubt it just look at this poor worked my but if you're. A little tidbit. What that may well known by that. You know you know what your will work. How you go one you know for a lot more like personal. Life. When you're working with that you happy we think about. 50%. That you put. Clinton 50% skills and learning no no no on the got rid of the back employee I think you really. They have the US some. Growing up it's either party game. I think that I. Know. You you have. That Republicans. So that the public. I think by the bad blood that they get the ballot this bit about. The big green White House in great bring right now in train their gardens day then they like. So we're going to be the past so far we. Those are up you know dark. You know find a way to legally use your ads there like. What do you find great Barney Google like we are at this idea that the day. Dot. As great as any regional governmental definitive deal was just the US government which is helping yes. Singapore great place I'd find talent or. Well there's a job or viral area that somehow simplify it to. You port authorities the interaction with our management. Agrees. That there could be done. Buffer solution. But. As in having. Hiring people draw viral potency. Having office enjoy a borrower manages 14 o'clock for different religion so I better have a better experience hiring in Hong Kong. I'll Hong Kong is that are finance it do you treat you like. You product at. Should be some sort whose horse before China so law Harry big talent was hardens my local firm contract for perfect. There's and not a lot of possible start ups until three years ago and that and the few good dip down into sucked up by debate over paid himself as a tragic. The gossip up profits in Hong Kong or. OK as we looked at what they dare we looked at people. Went on the first version we've talked you chi. On Japan's JP and he was talking about balance perhaps mobile proudly. He came quite surprising that mean that almost all mobile rise mobile browsing. You have input on the. So I don't agree with OK they're. I think these you would probably disagree with me. Especially into our. We find alive. Bear their stepped up their cap remember who published them via. Discovery happens. On. Underwear it doesn't happen in need about its betters. At least what we see is likely. Anew about that's doing work pools doing M. Mechanically based firm F search and discovery and focus. Yeah for a time being in markets bulking up one red so will we wide particularly as a great more while like solution which. It's just a seamless integration when you're Ari. Searching for like things do in say Japan or Bali island who law then you click through behind Google and you end up by more well I'd say. That's a great experience of that experience in UK us. Different devices and so said the dating team is being an IOS that then another team thing that drove out. You made more sense for us be clear my life for that and of these Q how they disagree with me about you know. Absolute and not well I'd. Like you. Well yeah OK and it also vans or just serving come up marketers have been we have a crappy Internet connection usually need to that's delivered better crew can keep customer thing with with. Washington's agreement has been the big a lot of thing about differs from the that there that the words come. Which implications is something you contacted more well whether any you were you thinking part of the search we need that much less. Analyst you wanna point of experience as a said before own them in a in happen half an hour toward a starring Muriel then that's what we're gonna give up with a product additions. On by the two with a lower on the on the way to fly so we have to dumb people when they're ticket is issued when. And I give the physically change of the information solid if you have implication channel open offer for abortions. Implications problem so much greater if you deeply properly you have over. From a somewhat better. And finally it's a real estate on the on the consumer devices builds loyalty just by being here. Having icon the law on the investor preserve is probably one of the best. Possible I'll. Possibly mean. A bottom line message has ever. The other thing I've had this show was weaker in the it is going so much that the establishment media. Platforms that we with the taking payments and it seems very pleased with the payment of the great back. Mobile about where payments have been sold mobile travel float where as top house. Is weaker position where we're there was it. We which has one of the main point is that upon the first is people use to transact did. It. Biden is on mobile. It's adjustment in. You and the second is became put to a was. He knew Europe credit currently you know is quite right there's a lot of solutions like hard bop by law and many others. Just click feature trip to think this can import. I think that is a problem now want what looked upon pain of others. I enabling more and more. Became friendly with double what I'll probably ups. Along. Is introduction. Equities and wallets. Posted a problem as the problem that we solve itself replied but you know you're me yeah we're worried that council itself moment. And director of the. Where a finger pro employee knows by the media voting for the via innovative companies doing. Especially in the financial space here by guy in India ain't no cash on delivery is huge. Here it's. Prior like an upbeat. But we've stayed out beat this up quickly years I mean I recently went in yet. I ordered something like for power widget banners are being yeah. This guy swells up two dollar. And just accept capture them like they're the most seamless experience average you would think that quite payments so much more seamless. But you know doubtless seamless and they have though is travelling. What our readers Beckham after part of that area lenders in dreamt about you have to consider right. I think it will father felt just like you said I think the solutions will be verbiage highs late in emea that a mark cash on delivery. In Japan or Bob a bank and very unique in Indonesia sorry to see. Are like company is doing way except implements get back that's for a couple of others that breakdown for big OOK you descended to a bank. Now will trickle back. Yeah I think hall. Compositions rah financial payment being overruled really sort of adoption of technology e-commerce etc. In in his moral voice a pristine that. Are you all final week you get down who tries befall one. You know commerce has always happen in this model work aegis so all. Looks fine weaker as the when a group limited is Stuart the is wine or travel book we is now more bank transfer M. You know David. As a target OPEC tracks you buy something as you might actually get by tiger Airways Singapore to Jakarta. You can work banks right for you go online. I and trouble that was sealer is still at right dot ticket people worried Ed when you can access. OK Ed what you mean the transfer in travel local get your room for people looking out we'll get worried when you sense while doctor Twomey consensus transaction. The biggest in a bank tragedies that we receive is what trouble. So would look up with that Warren ebony Pugh sent transaction anymore debt as what. This particular transaction is a that I worked I there's months of this you know about the there's I think he integrated about the by guys bigger hard done. I'm so as I've never really you know part of that as BE impediment to guys read. Things are marketed in villages fixed seem big forum a lot of things that we think. Would inhibit. Is rather embarrassing I just a fantastic question then and as it's not my phone manage the deleted where credit it was by copyright. Is the first in the room for the could have happened after question. You know hollow. LaSorda words copyright. And then manage. So IIS and Canada. So basically ideas being asked undefeated on copper grade MIB. Issue was still well what's gonna be quite bad in the sense that. Does it hit a more traditional Asian. Horror. President of grain markets from widening and harnessing the benefits of knowledge and whatever it. Kind of quantum corporate. At all if you just far bother top fin vision phase out. Was are more political or other software operate. I nightly publicly thank example rate now. By if they would populate our soften its ability. Do you think it's a good mall and the bill me. For awarding it as a football for the market. I think bad things. Are likely. Betcha. Didn't lay people. Well as well mean you should not what the lack of change. Then. It's very type of big companies. That don't know. Apple will spend three hundreds of millions. Of options to time. Apparently gave up thank then that's billion more nonsense so. Non argue area businesses will open. Quantitative bucket but analysts you're really common when you know just what was certainly run them at the top. In the business frank advice possibly could I had the same problem with their remove those companies spent a lot in a known fact contender. And a IP professional ended up for a complete waste of resources and now you not enforceable. Side we could just undermining sales and would have been probably a much better results with me maybe you have different opinions. I view that I think. You know in my role we look at start ups I think gap happens quite operator grade finery thing. And for a giving no sense a defensible. Do our long relationship with customers depth here is what we trends money on your best. And that's in the we Yana pat. Is a poor execution will likely Randy. So eight you know in a non U offices might have I'll buy our policy yes. Yeah. Alpha means you know with what. Actually we're growing like multinational company the patterns mean nothing in any other country they do. You have package. If you are open on the pattern in like one country that's but it and I fully agree with employee Europe. Everything they've said there and we just like Bonner and execution execution is so much why were they make their companies in the world there's cash flow up. And they just like believe dollar ad ends just because you're like we we'd gone right. On this anymore I we'd rather care about execution in. Carrying out the business and I think that's the consummate one point for a startup especially if they at least have the money arable areas of that they want the. You've ever once you know in the number one what are spotless selected if you really can do you do you Europe pension of improvement legal thanks a lot. Start playing. How meaningless magna I have question in its nine exactly really excited about consumer travel technology internal can. The target in 2000. Bit different type technologies saved us about more about paid. You talked about ads fact about lied about different technology companies that hire. Internet is an assumption they use is constantly connected to the Internet. Whether about consumer technology there isn't my lab space that is allowing users to be constantly connected. So I've seen Chinese seem like my effective basis is a company in Singapore comprehended that gives might file complaints might find especially to quiet the chatter there's. Add those solutions only and a from a company that delivers a just solution. How much do in technology evolving in ad space is going to affect consumer travel. And in the future Farley hound point is it plummeted in fact it. Which company eerie about our growth and overwhelming so if if you morning on my about it at that right. I'm Mike from a weather and the ma quite like their marble. I think. Our one of the biggest. Did forums to. Two they'd been connected. Is actually travelling bribe there is no good solution making. Apple Sydney's genius for that now Paulson is. Wireless solution whichever Barra Hong plan they have been. There's no way that I can personally. Invest that air. They just being able to change your mobile operator. To something that's local and rechargeable -- rates instead of carry around awhile I've pointed seem quite. Which other we have. That that's genius and the fact and head yes we're moved away from giving it to consumers anymore I'd suggest like avatar providing but I think there. That comes in like with a life be the tally is being here in this into paper tells giving you that access to. I think very scared sponsor so that we guess think one thing about running that we've developed just back so. No my twenty sense it's basically the apples and that the Fall Out Boy is able to do it so. And acts venues solution on the market for very new and and I mean sitting L hammered keeping people technologies can indeed is only as Internet space maybe Harmison Vesna. And will be going into that's been used to be given its if they knew pulling everything out saying if someone is spending three engineered. Dollars on the line we checked just to have access to go back. Choose some of Europe have climbs how that's sustainable so maybe more technology that. Can do thinks that. I think looking very short term solution of the of the first of all things are happening the Chinese Government to subsidising now. Chinese developers to reduce the roaming fees for the customers on demand. I'll come if you could your rock as a strict regulations so above Hong much consumers can child when they're on some. Think prices are falling overall had freed with time. There's a lot of bundles. V or bundles. Up bored with my Hong Kong and my family is. I'm seeing currents in most countries needed around the world but I could just have our 1520 years dollar. By people with problems before they forum and limited data. Bent but wonder whether it's worth caring back a seamless and more. But this is that the that the short term solutions long term. On missing out on what's happening next. And because companies. Like a three B and others. Champion by people like you know might. Richard Branson's. But liberal Larry Page. There are looking at past sworn off our law growth. Orbit satellites. You there we're looking back futurity gets to three years Macs that we corporate. 9% the world over to address it especially that lender areas. And whom we can solve the problem can't everyone be connected everyone you know Africa borrowing. We're in top American forum in Indonesia will have more whether buys that we all saw. Get the performance ability in the so. Probably not longer exists. And that's a huge opportunity obviously for our online travel because it means you would be able to offer. Any touch point. Systems components. Sales everything. I never by the deadliest attack the logical problem I think is more issue with you know governance. Start right you know if you think about he hundred years ago heading running what is a political issue. I think will require. A unique and benefit Euro is heading Jews ubiquitous examples. Access cheap access to Internet connection. Will become a political issue. It will become by Paul Ryan in optics. And I think you know I'm optimistic maybe buy on recur betcha gonna. Anomaly it's almost this year about human right in some countries still have a bit of mission if you look at some nordic and European countries like think Finland's. Maybe others. GE is. Citizens' right to be connect them split but it's free for everyone as. So I think other countries moving but correction where we're into information need you know there's much healthcare. I don't think she was talking about they normal course of action. What is white plains all week for everyone around the that's up at three as recently went back to the US the US wife writes as. While at the white favourite everybody in the US as broker with our dairy with. Announces that Tim would permit optional add out of the middle of nowhere providing there's no stomach you're like where's my wife yet given back it up. I think that would disagree with their investment income the longer the. Clinically well let. What's the any other questions. OK we're nearly there I have one question for. You cure. If you must Nichols arrived we talked about David a but people we talked about. Mobile. We invest in companies. Have you assess how you rank these elements. It is noise about the people really yeah have soared and I think adding better there necessary. Not just efficient by a necessary condition or investment me. Up is not would be worried gonna change in market was Raleigh Bassett a barge into Bob quite quickly. Pesos road if people can see who would execute against this sort of changing dynamic just going to be portal instant success as we dug up. There's always the people. After the correct that was good here. OK so if you have a level questions. I'd like to thank the panel. They're up. Thank you very much particular sticking around yeah here a very presently guys well we did him a letter urging. As a save a heart felt like people come to the show. Depending on the party bought. I assume beginning everything. We will take about two weeks to. Press as a video link for the slides we transcribe the videos that you can go to people interesting stuff. Although the panel all interesting obviously. That'll be liberty or in box about two weeks. If you have any questions any feedback please do give it to us we begin this shows is 1997 all of if you get in the show for alot longer. We need you to tell us what we're doing right what we're doing wrong and once again thank you very much for coming hopefully its you get thank you.

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