Topics>>Panel: Analyse the role of social media in your organization and the impact mobile has brought into this mix

Panel: Analyse the role of social media in your organization and the impact mobile has brought into this mix



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Tue, 9 Jun 2015|

Dean Dacko, Malaysia Airlines -Camellia Yang, Social Media Specialist, Air New Zealand -Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media, PR Newswire -Maya Hari, Director Product Strategy & Sales APAC/ Americas & Emerging Markets, Twitter


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I. Can I just ask. Michael Inman might just very quickly introduce yourselves to your audience. Before at my first question. Sure am very happy to be here after into every Latin am I didn't hire Harry I've part of it with 88 out of Singapore. Add that I read product strategy and sales and a foreign aid tac and flat pack limited. I do think it's gives me I'm Michael crack up I am your newswires. Opel director of emerging media. Akinola is over is is the world wanna balls like its contents of Kidder's. And so we copper companies organisations. Are shift the conversation in their tell a story for what. What thinking. Keep the questions coming I can already see a lot of questions coming through its third number two estimate herein you know. Particularly after being so presentation. Alabaster first question. Social media particularly in crisis management friend or foe. Well. Horror experience. Was that. We really didn't have a chalked. The view the argues that the market is you can appreciate that you know and as consummate the events that happen this way where. The idea (%expletive) up front of the story was for me we're talking up somebody would assault on right onsite recording. Ended. Sharing it will wide and then nearest questions. Being out of ten years ago you would look at the deal with. You saw we we really found a way. Due to see is an attractive medium together message Arden B actively participate in the story because if you were not the story which over one. In in Seoul your dearest is that there's a mass of a concern. Dad. If you nine. If you go sideways argue could be devastating. Either riady is there you never really know. Holding its going to respond. By you need to know is that today regarding the strategies you need to be a protest. In. So we see that at all the years as the torch resource at the park from the. I would say that you know the action that is that it's really dependent on the other companies in both Canada Ireland situation. Our plan proposes how you're reacting. Through its. If you. Are in a company organisation and outside the claim up enough to split decapitation and it's definitely going to be F up. Versus if you're participating in the capitation. Being active again and being authentic. Then it can actually they can definitely be your friend. That act you're gonna have to say Fred than him I bet you actually get completely agree with boards them with what. What went back up bad assets then I think. You know the fact that it had 55 million mentions happen social media just. Goes to show the fact that your platform that would add that I can speak to a very V attack. Read the conversations are happening so fast added. You know to your point then the first incident avenue we're learning how do you read that correctly. The second incident how quick you have a buffer memory for out of this flat. Rate whether it's organic content or it's likely that social fun. Add to. You know in this key it weighs an unfortunate. Set of tragedies that happen but there have backed up by the things that happen. On a daily or on an unpredictable love. On the good and bad fact that a brand showed that. All with nor how to pay disappeared it self. I think it's happening wrecked platforms edit users at bed using the back up to top and convert the conversations at bet. It's really about how you participate in that cuts which. My staying with you can watch for gold basically what should your social media gold they what are all of that its brand promotion as a brand management. The image building is certainly generations sales what's what's the goal watch the gold settled immediately. It is very good question if I think about you know conversations. About chapter eight where the travel platforms giving back acquisitions backtrack a at least if you if you adjust the volume of mentions out travel. It's an even split between. Consumers while our. Thinking about travelling talking about travel at this point they have acts sold you know if you added Bob offer marketing find out if not yet entered the fight yet. Great add a couple of bad trap expect here eyed adaptability could be hit should inspire me gang attacked we have maybe away actually got. Today Axel that's. You know had a very interesting phenomenon right bet people does not necessarily wait a minute travel out what one ignore the basic inspired me. I'd bet you have helpful to hoard assets where. You know you you're talking about making back civic platform that you're travelling here sharing volatility you're Robbie get things like that so. Literally get back to adjust its back bid add four brands were thinking about using social media. There's an opportunity in India very very early part to engage with interesting concept on an on going basis. Added if you think about a very as a back up that opportunity to engage right across actually. Am whether it's cluttered sharing whether it inspiring. Whether it's engaging X-Factor provide keeping people let it. Orin spike above the 511 really working likely I'd like I'd like drive model up promotions that I buy this valuable consumer equity that. They can sell it literally is it in my opinion. Attracted it added if you think about different part of the strategy forum for the consumer that's troubling prospect of either fat. Banality that one of the things get paid acting a little too much of the last year's bubble wiped. I'm sort of source media just one ion channel and Greenwich time model channels but if you do with social media but while Brent have to think about. What are going to be the right channel work decapitation of the trying perhaps on after social media can. It could be detrimental to a brain if it's true Google over its contractor market neutral footage of the I think. I win you drive down toward the authenticity of the Brad Emmett are big arms out. Your customer acquisition. Then that's often where you boozing gauge. And if you lose engagement within social media channels. I think that after we're social media channels start got huge. Crops and I think the Pristina. You know with a fixed bucket brown pages you know that while brown for a sat about at that organically within FaceBook ads you know plummet. Our one brain think that the reason that is because basically saying what they wanna make money. And inner reality that actually night relief point case the bullet cases that. Most parental understanding your trip because the client of the putting into that channel is pure rap. The nine pitching their right Facebook's are that they said we're gonna change he outgrew the market because people dot what this card. That people at nine PG. M we you're just what you like your age to appetite why should they get out the advertising but what should they be doing now should there be engaging your audience. All patiently gauging their argument here. In addition opt out of there should be you Janette cut it that argument. Now you will need to archer finances by channels well you know you wouldn't go you know big B company for instance should mean baby. You know spending a lot of time within FaceBook because that is. Knut where people want to necessarily have those conversations. Are more big acquisitions happening within what are we think we're doing channels and those places. I'll let you know in in business data to pick up chair Notts. Bill child Howard look back contact after the up well into search because what I think people deal with me is they could stretch. Enter we have to think about a lighter note channel that parcel army into research. Whether those recent deal with Google is I think exceptional. Because it's getting those tweet in real time perhaps patients coming back empty search. Aren't we workable why habitation. When they might know I think that's the key is when people what that. Piece of information. They saw source it's it's actually interesting hearing everything you just said it. A top said office of previous speakers at the I mean it today. Previously its is that regarding is though you know. When you the first thing the first time that you mentioned commercial message in this sort of environment that's a newbie when he argued that. There was something that we we saw very very Euro you know not a exercises Edison if you start to try to use social media. You know commercial context. That's when you know fell one saw you know what's there was a previous. What we're talking about you know viewed do you use searchers used social. If you're objective is to generate revenue realities that you should not be deploying UK specific social media. Strategy because. One environment at a non approach and the idea export basically just your. The other component over four hours is that we recognise was up where we deployed among we used content. That was. Now again deployed in in their social media space but was there to really engage. Really get people to two. A socially. The brain with something that they saw as being a positive message of this aren't being interesting. This side being entertaining in some cases humorist huge. Tactic. A bad user priceless to try to get him to. Then respond you when you were. More culturally at the end of day is marked as we on now there are objective. For what everything we do we use to generate consideration. If people to consider us when looking to make a purchase and solid it's really a function of a more stable period in degraded. Approach. To engagement your earnings get them to feel comfortable with you to have some sort of relationship. And then when they're thinking considering. The because of the UNN it's so it's not one of the ivory it's a real ordeal one more play. You know what. Because let's open do you put that 299 special fare on FaceBook. Yes. You've been very trends at Dana. Last we remain you can very transparent with obviously through social media but what label corporate transparency do we. Do we have. Should we had. When it comes to social media. Let me let me start this way when. What we view of how we view social media and now for the horribly there's a lot of dialogue run out that important. We're should view residing in the organisation reeling from us is there. Are we underpin everything that we do with a social media source or should you team is really. There does support virtually everything your organisation does whether the corporate messaging about. Financial results approximately messaging about. And new senior executive joining the online or whatever our sort of you team. Is engaged in terms of how we respond to a whole we measuring and react to halt the aidid's responsibility summit is a price everything. But it's possible are it's run by market. Solve them the sort of need to report up through tomorrow giving anything in the day. You know offer any business. The riady a bit is that it's about generate revenue. At a period. Any sort heavily on marketing context are always had. As our principal all the we're curious to generate revenue for the organisation so every taught every asset every resource we her. Has to have that as a focus you bundle it's in the sort of reduced its. But every you know week when others apply to elude today about the notion of holding you shifted content view. How what does though you do you use a deploy a higher unit had those people one stat for you view cartwright the smallest kind of thing that's. But again it's a combination models thanks. By but the notion is that. Sort of media have a playable in virtually everything you're going. Ed needs support of their messaging and put more sprightly keeps a consistent. So there needs to be knowledgeable on adding need to be a single kind of story alive. In the only part of the business that really has a sense of that. There's the marketing group because you really we're responsible for what the customer appreciates that we own that customer relationship. In Seoul that's why we've structured the beltway that's why we deploy a pact that way and that's hold your organisation seems to really embraced. What we're doing we saw a note yields offers now you know they become a titles all time. Because they're going off itself we do this party go topless what are we should which we say otherwise and in solids it's really been able that then have one unified. Stream of holly your organisation was actually. I think whatever support we just said though is that yes it into a unified. You know peaks and whether you know the truck adults around the world social media at first there my feeling is that. No fewer will be fully integrated marketing communications Europe. That's going to be that accurate because. Sort of really. It has set into what every rock N so it is that values the company at the values that are of what your Albright also. The NY EM that make it very easy for anybody who was working with social media within your information to know exactly how to react well. It's it's underpinning gold bulls a balanced across the cup stage that fits with interchange offer parking your markets. And having pulled at the have you measured how do you measure our life. We essentially. Sort you know our guest here triggers is just not a simple one. By you know Vicki PI is right now we we measure the effectiveness of a sport Ramsey's really in the number different ways. Whether it be through you know level what the size of a firm base the amount of engagement scores we're getting in terms of you know. Of people reacting thought other engaging with us and ultimately then we can measure we can see in the dude you digital again in the were on where that is that you can measure we've. Think you do. Then install what we tried abuse we tried our you know frontlines in the end and connect the dots. In individual species actually pretty good at doing that. Soul what we what are we gonna deal maker said no oracle purpose are Saul Lisa for being used to generate revenues soar every dollar we invest whatever. Activity is. Has to have what online oral why attached to a now in a traditional sense when you put a you know some folks are talking about you know wrapping vaccine with. You know an advertiser and how you measure their theory argues that individuals you know there was never a really strong ability view that provisions. The general sense you have much more ability. In install we we we you know we monitor in real time of reactions for doing so as we deploy campaigns. Were off Seoul recognises. The social media reaction for the six. We titles back through hole we're seeing the size of the top one. And then we're seeing basically how we can birds. And then what we're currently re marketing activities receipt. Halt the conclusion. Really comes together in that the mayor's draft of the bond fund which of the review we can not tile that actually get top. We really have an attempt at understanding how hot are right Europe. I think I could add that in the back at social media to digital platform measure ability it's a reason god had been happy with it late if you think about. To lead by its I think that Twitter how mark yet spend their money market that letter. It's very objective bits like what engagements. Are papering pitch to I want your viewers market for video is paid. Blame what to actually go gently heat are actually people really sort get better very high accountability on the Arctic. That's why it's interesting user Alter the ability to attract very clearly. The value of social which has earned or paid richer. Eight and that's something that we constantly. Encourage. Advertisers are marketeers to think very clearly about. Now going back to a connecting the dot back to Europe earlier question around you know do you treat social media the same way you exceed. Add a media company beady. NI hit a one key difference is. Advertising have to be back contact. I am give it a very need to get back what you'd think about Twitter added tax people don't know what is that Pepsi advertising that because it's. It's it's very need to be few very are back for the fund. And the brand that there or how to craft. Arctic passages and create its bad actor tried to look at five. That work well for its share see much better engagement rates asset backed the thing back. Back yet would you vote about that says to lend to bank. You know I cheated like let's goal let. Maybe or maybe your word your would dominate different when you maybe he would get one of your key followed at a big sort of nod. On credit is seeing guest actress died at grip like four and then you would white list back and you would put what. Back to tip from what it back so when sell. But no rewiring your have been closer. If you thought much more athletic. It keeps lagging on the brands that apple T spiked to be at a playoff actively under that fund. But once you do a bit you realise the measure ability get cut abilities bet. Analyst said your kid like that quite yet but said -- react the same week you do for an average of economic and that exact. Example right areas wire act say that it's not necessarily. You know marketing onto your. And I think that. That will we start to cede power Carter today you know it get appetite. You know is not going to be what that then that could be. Our immediate you know is always going to be banner or organisation. And one of the challenges that we're starting to see today in having those together. You know in innately Ed. Will we bought back all or part of a quiet suburb channels they have. Have to make sure that the reckon I think Disney practically apply a kick in all that I put together whether of the one mark. You know. YouTube video that push out whether to the former Tweeter basic item we did post a price for weeks spectrum putting out you know going want your Barkley. You have to make sure that your messages not say OK committee what are the things that all our hard not to do is inspire. In recent spiral conversation. Because the U weather changes that are happening searched. Search today is marked out weeks of snuck up you know octopus thinks do to do. You know for FCL. It's it's you know asset no favours cut the cards at a distance bank upstage. I would very interesting at the research study that has obeyed orders station operator which. Our matching what they found that. I'll probably be in BC website over 51% of traffic at its provincial their site is driven by natural gas tax structure. Only 5% is driven by touch. Until we have to really say now how does that effect on the interesting if you drug but that was second though is that you're a media company. Social now it driving more attractive publishers. Then searches. So the Clark station that the cut that would really have to pick ups age it creates a conversation with total media channels that publishers say. Air create new client is pointing out why walk out into social which debt comes back and a commute that into natural organics. Meyer Agassi effort for the start ups and advise the foot fully audience you know we're would you go and how would you word start building an audience. Epic epic participating existing conversations. That are relevant directories into this bid at the company's iPod. Is it it's a good opportunity to sell if you think about hash tag hatched -- that we have all been acting a bunch of people coming together talking about one topic. If you Katsav be interesting to steer the company either brat who aipac disability that habitation people strategy not its sale you know when you about. May trade at a good profile pitch people stacked come folly. Once went the other way to think about it is you have a smaller set of followers were very diet you argue about it that bad debt. Two sub sea that is offer meaningful that it. Add what Brad their intent to do is to take their crack follow a bid since it is a very loyal follower bid. Jim Angle and from what my can't. Avoid get other people to take notice and follow me why exactly like. My current followers seltzer we do this think that we do we get the public Argus lookalike back. NBC if you have said it is it's a very. Interested in Europe have happily craw that like looking at. Just out that people will look like that the I think social back up actually bring that to. So doesn't you know a couple of ideas around Ford's apart Gatwick as whether the promoted. That ship off thinking about growing bids but essentially. Buy it back I'd be cut positions at participating is. Analyst. Start reading some that you'll have some morning answer questions said Danish money servers a year. What is the metric of success for AB testing ranges play assets. Is it click through rate site engagement. The reality is that there's the as various different metrics that we we used to gauge the success or otherwise as a you know. One versus the other. Obviously we were we're looking at a click through which we're looking at. Hold the oil industry really have responded to an ultimately generally. Activities and then ultimately convert them. Are European it gave OK mention a few dams are really re oil prices that we're looking at the bottom line. Vista what would approach affects. What we're trying to achieve is the end result but it just doesn't start murders have always felt that. It is a sense of really hardly going to this point for the then sometimes that's response of the social media context which there's really. A usually it's night. You know kind of and and I'm sure there's a lot of talks have ever experienced in this but usually you don't get up like providers don't give something that I had a percent hear the voice of the usually you get Edie five immediate need to. Both in the debut Q are there enough times. You start to really see. The difference whether we're borrow. Situation or circumstances are weakness millions of nine's end night of either activities happening people coming into. II to measure so always easy for us to do make conclusions right thanks. But the riady said it's much. Just once have a wanna to metrics visible and metrics. My earth or at. Orders that we did deals mainly with complaints with queries with negative news where do you see the company going in future. How else can Twitter behind us by companies. I think where rats actually unique line interesting. Breast follow I think you know people look at. But jokes aside I think I think it's interesting about the ad I think that it's very get back sell. Am so on one pack TT. When there's a crisis or when various. When there's big happening people come. To discover errors when its share clapped a bet at the sea tac went there is something amazing boy I. You know I'd bet recap where she now. You know when a bubble that elected he treated check people flocking after that till two lab. Year to Italy did it I think about. Summers that night just cut positions in recent tax cut give you a few examples. Actively about why is that it no deal club brand they add Japan. Has the wreck right number of tweaks about a brand name that have been eating the 24 hour period. Around their hockey sticks that you know I think eBay as a shop there. Addicted. You're probably not what artistic start but essentially November 11 it's it's everybody. This huge engagement around that had taken their debts. Tell me that you have it you have ads add. Read something about abducted as of the eleven mid week in one week around. Hatchback that's it that's just quite Ecstasy that there's a lot of activity going I'd. Of course there is. You know because of the democratic in the altered the public nature of it. But we thought we do have consumers coming out it coming together that conversation that access night. But also based compensation Gerard mania if it's. It doesn't strategy Ed how how we see ourselves growing view that the very firmly believe in double B attack picture of the platform. We its public its conversation about how we have a number of that. You know number of consumer value propositions that build in more recent tax sell it back to you may not be out of their guard that acquisition part of Perry's call. Check it's basically an live video of our publishing platform. It seek an immediate traction. There if I think about travel via text. It my personal feeling I had seen. People actually share or by news that the farmlands in a big hit at Miller did add that basically act and I immediately it let pat transported into bite. Let its finale know what bigger hits back into the lap I would. Damn this is essentially consumer cheque back kind of figure so you'll see axe to a lot around this beat the big deal has been more forward. You're CS ad continue to bid under the attacked back farm so there's that expected Biggs coming. I will say I was. What do the voters Fenton. Using periscope to watch the Mayweather pack up. If you look at big question for the panel what is the best practice to manage the tension between global consistency. And local relevance of the content. And frequency sheared media online. A tough that would Michael. Hodges add additional working on the one. That's that's a very tough questions. I think dad. When you look at it is. You know I'll use our thoroughbred of Gannett buyer you know because we had several. You know hundred different social media channels are. But we have a couple channels and our report you chaps are but you have to pull up a local station of the areas. You know if you want to tie up with the customers and down on to a very basic level. Whether that that model consistent that your allocation. Are not sure that there is eight done. Insist that we have broken down. Good work identification company that's. The ways that we broke down. We look at our oil markets. We break that down to collect cut into your book life. Aren't they then park Hyatt of that being syndicated. For our climate it again. Looking at our top pick out at as well Stuart keep its. I'd today I don't have to see that we deal Huron is and to help prevent ongoing debate forum. Four M brands across all different but Gotham. I think I'd emit each item it either rate more debt seemed to be looked location. You know they'd get eye towards around being able to geo target client did expect that at. But I think ultimately when it comes down to it consumed mostly better tool lets see a Twitter had that let's look closer to my country. Dad sick I hear something from a global. Have that sort you know even front the choice of added. Down to the language down to the context that the torn. Act is important and I do think that racked up gradually moving in that direction. Add more assault indecent acts I do think that that transitions happening much better at it. Or not it's of this why if you know that this marks related note that so are take super late which its management its OK. Our own that. Yet if there. If no brainer. If you'd like somebody that's based in Miami. OK so that's going to be someone up you can dial. Our ending their earlier in your lighting in trains and then at distressed trading put the neck out of our go to different countries. There are countries are gonna know that I don't from a larger better ways that we that the lights up local. And dad you really. You're you're pretty bright and and so you've planet that book position is such Hugh English language that's been years. Yeah. Also we we've Fraser we we talk about Jim's book localisation strategy. Soul we we have a goal here unified messaging strategy that has a number of of components of the federal insistence of the every kind of extended M recognise. That it's at a time when. But at the very same time. You can imagine the U haul all round a motion with the Javelle provides us an opportunity to speak directly to Europe. It's an individual basis. In Seoul when you type them in this in the sense we target for the federal mine which you type in Bilbao. Things that report of them have rolled against them personally. In in the context of the bits where they live it's with the languages V hits with issues that are occurring and that happening in alive today. There in away when it comes down to the ability to to measure monitoring gauge real time or what kind of thing for the digital Bramlet now provides. We see injuries or how we measure the success is that we see double digit attract some cases 3040%. Greener conversion. Any engagement bubbles when we when we interacting in in deploy content that is. Localised. And then that has rolled out of that individual person as his wife to assault would we can see that that is a strategy that works. Another you know we've worked with clients from all over the world who were greedy cut that they won back out to be distributed. A lot of the world. Air that would have. Think that we pay online protection like our clients are our compact with. Doubts as to making sure that we're putting those up or Carter now well the market and added it will apply that by not just plain weird but I Cotchery as well. Arrives giving me that the time's up over the years so I'm gonna go where I'm going to wrap things up going to infect the panel is actually quite a lot of questions and and thank you to yield into setting the questions I couldn't ask all of them. But I'm sure though that the panel as will paying around four for a little while so do grab a lot of them in enough in the few questions that leading get a check stage. Before wrap up like that either the ruled the you know. I don't. It's funny desire but they're nothing familiar menus within was meant to be years obviously couldn't make it that and make sure that United Airlines possibly because I don't know if you've seen. At least in the video of Izard Ben in. In the US or Canada coarse sands of Macs will end. And de they had they hit hard damage when offline which United Airlines for the negatives seen a lot of time. Around our sale when their when united didn't offer any compensation or apologies only think you know they decided writer style. Which has been since been viewed almost fifteen million times and I thought it was a CNET and I apologise but you have another poser. Was quite interesting the sort of wrap up day on on that one Mariah. Anyone can really well it'll carry out a Canadian the only data. If you go. Do you. James. Heard me. Air stream. The reality you know. Tell me. These were. Really avoid you. The health care. Her care. A fair. Leaders dare. Prescient. Array. Measures are. A police earlier. Let's mainly. Norway. I hear excuses. Outages your child abuse. That's a massive bill. Our fair. Fair. Journal. Occurs in. A our fair. And our fears. Chinese area. Kozey now. Area that is. Yeah him now. Really. The nearly everything really is united did actually eventually compensated in the the guitar in a state politically that did turn. Also compensating for the as well slow work. Other that ended on that day ago as being great down on the invite Mariah future still worm I get closer conference. Thank you once again to the panel has played how.

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