Topics>>Analyse the role of social media in your organization and the impact mobile has brought into this mix

Analyse the role of social media in your organization and the impact mobile has brought into this mix



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Tue, 9 Jun 2015|

Dean Dacko, SVP Marketing, Malaysia Airlines presents a case study on analysing the role of social media in your organization and the impact mobile has brought into this mix


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I. As both airlines gave given. In 2014. Itself into unprecedented tragedy east. It's like image trees seventy disappeared over the Indian Ocean and image seventeenth shutdown be Ukrainian rebel faction us. Consumer sentiment can start around Q2 2. Is retailing fiercely business testing time. United they breach united in home village of global campaign to rebuild Brennan. The airline sector Steve business reach. Social media that funds uses real time prices data into us one point six million homes nation's energy. Each Khan into clearing our request for information can handle his message has honest false rumours. Versions of communication strategy really open him rebuild trust. The stays strong eventually you know kind of reminds me. Just speaking. Highway 99 holes received to build confidence in care attractiveness of the change affecting our. Demanding online music videos released symbolised the email was really decide. Polish airlines saw not. Solutions like construction. Disability living just to be typical. Based energy facility became virtually a pair of only supposed to messages a vision set. Polish airlines the second limited. Criticised globally. The stay strong take was shareholders to 6000 times into good. By the deadline in nineteen goodness of the Indian war. Routinely turn. Heavy call open interest parents in communication so. The ten assertion. Optimism and some day to own Thai ownership. When that review does as a summarises a lot of when people venting my. What might argue buy now as bliss of the that the information behind story more work. We were trying to do in moderate objectives or not my outwitted. So a move to learn next couple slides was its click here we go thank you. One other words that was frequently used during suddenly after images of it was a work and Brosnan. Was a president that they might earn triple seven point aircraft were Bobble at its technology on board could simply that. Have no idea where airplane wires that we still a research report they have no idea where it. Was unprecedented. In the size and scale of these search and rescue. Africa one on one point and the point six countries and Bob at all 100 ships and aircraft. Again that's adjustment going on today using some other Morse to. Up would be owned in relevant technologies separately news literature which solid is an absolute in the wake. Scale as I've the past. Completely unprecedented in the reaction in the armed. Shia intense. It's you screw you view that that was placed on. Oregon is Asian and instantly a country with respect to halt their story became a global story in matter of minutes. Ender. Was just are meeting we intense. And it's still going on to victims of polar managing the communications perspective people's interest and that's. And then finally was completely unprecedented bailout 2.2 the first event. Suffering something that probably no one in this we would imagine would have far like work overs was all about. With a seventeen weeks that ultimately get. And what that felt like putting your position what we will we did what we Lawrence in how we manage to get through something that. Was very very difficult for all the Storey block. When that the event happen was for relief something that as much as we head trained as much as we get practice as much as we have a key player. To deal with the regarded when he hit it was song much bigger soul much more intense and we never. Had imagined required or could deepen deal. But we knew that we couldn't. B frauds and we know that we couldn't not to move ahead we had to move ahead weapon we head dawn of very sensitive way. In oil what we deployed of these strategies that we moved ahead with were ultimately cut in the notion that. People were looking at how we were managing our brands hold a managing communications and what we rejoin. In the context of of being very sensitive and recognising that the tragedy the impact. We had on me families of the people on board the plane was something sort devastating. That the sensitivity runner was amazingly important to match. So what the job that we. Advance for a sold was was not about searching for the Europe toilet was a hall. For the wrong now what our job was to manage the but lives manage the the emotions manage the activities of doors people were more directly affected so within. Six hours of the event happening we've said 93 people want to point to Beijing we set up a way out and operation error to manage all the the over. A fraudsters. Lives of novels people bought directly affected we had a one time in the 1000 people that we were housing into different or tells. And we took curable for an meals that they took care of the doctor's appointments at this point Swede. We did everything you was certain was by the nine dollars a day that we were spending on Perino we're for the seven weeks. What we knew that that was our job we knew the double what we had to do when we knew. But that was what was expected apology alliance to Jamaica therefore within two to really see that the that was a drop. But the very same time. As we were doing that. We were still carrying a 50000 persons as they're on watch for a flight today and of our stuff or work crews everything we were doing was recognising a passenger is people that work. Paying for bills flights in and getting on was quite expected nothing last. They expected us to deliver that same global cerberus expected us to to meet their expectations only got nine aircraft that we had to make sure that we recording against that. In. Certainly in the in the first few days the first few weeks that was very difficult. It was very hard to extract a softer on. The view of benefits offer of emotional feel that we your hair is human being it's something as dramatic as that but then still carry on the very professional way. M and a lot of respect for for the people were Frontline staff toy that was something quite immense and and a a powerful server you know order to deal poorer. But had we got back from. Well in the early bid is worth. Well we start with an amazing lead huge reaction to a as a mention that intensity like coming on was just saw incredibly bright. There you know in that first time several weeks you'll see that keep it happens everybody march 20 point that's well. Two weeks after. The event sold within their three weeks majority about fifty million ports was was off 559 and happen within the first. Two weeks of the about. In it saw there was just at rush of activity. In you know we had tried to immediately. Managed to certain infrastructure that we knew we had to be engaged we knew we could not let the story take on its own life. We knew we had disappeared in so we've on the way. To do that but people aboard intensity was was quite either get a part of this low does say it was a one the things that we manager we did just part of this too hot to remove this for a was what are the things we've done as part of the business transformation prosthetic at the started well before the survey. As we've taken on a web infrastructure with a bid from cerberus would be used to call on poorer and we put them on to the club. In we had immediate availability. And we also pared. Deployed. Are we're monitoring and weight of securities. Capability. That allowed us to manage. Our end and be skill ball immediately solve on the things that it happened within. Two weeks of that event is that we have three mass of denial of service attacks on our website. And normal day we'd dig too Big Three hundred hits a second on the website. To 300. During the course massive attacks we went to 230000. Hits certain. Three caps. Ended had we not deployed. Shift of the infrastructure onto other club. We would've been not done we would have our oral or whether infrastructure what have collapsed and during that time. We resolved Hindus there was a much intense scrutiny on a step up a horn research recall last you would have. Down amends. Immense damage drug Brent even more so than we. We saw sort doing dad which was not part of a process management separately it was horrible business transformation in Africa. Was something that actually saved us during that time. Whenever they the we have done. Is that. We have set up at that point sixty different countries satan outscored 22 N I'm not sure workers was to be able to have individual content that was based on. The ideas that we were talking to. So we we have local language real local content we had local people want to round the warring regionals like answers and we Harrigan looks as provided tomorrow drills. But also its real time. So when NASA then happen regardless fifty million pause within three weeks we were able to reduce correctly. With that audience and we riddled part of them. And out of questions that were pretty specific and very directly related to that individual what it N their whole Alistair move. In in deploy content site is cedars regularly green individuals otters if you. Country worse breed we will continue publishing continue to market if there was a lot will work. Hyper Koch if yours read we would start. And we would wait to see. Our equity reaction would be we're monitoring as a real time every twenty minutes with get a our global report I would say we're we're right now we have ultimately with around the world was green we would then take that same. Content and we deploy it in another country saw if we were doing something in ins in Sydney in Australia and was working. We were then deployed in Germany Europe was in Germany we deployed in Hampshire more like anything. Aside that we ultimately move ahead with the kind of messaging that was seen as being part of the scene is being contributed to a positive reaction. And wildest keep moving for. Solid known as the viewer step we we were in oddest of odd well last year we. Added study that was done and report on whether Wall Street Journal that said. There out of oil lines were all wide. We were now seen as the second best in the world for engaging with the right audiences in real tight a target that we itself for a white you wanna put us in place. Was to be able to reduce what a global war Reuters. 80% of the time within twenty minutes. But the study said was that we actually did was 76%. Within fifteen minutes. N a we respect into American Airlines but the reality is that the rates 70% during that number but we had ten times what. Seoul. But we went from having a capability engagement to giving the second that's from the raw and again was part of our. Doing that manager process it was doing so we rupturing a you know I'm Robin 24 century. In huge. Organisation and Brent. But look what's and just about reacting. We also have play. In salt we we work that way we we start there play a non event up on the Seri we offset gone on Monday morning. And we recognise that we had them for a pencil which were two point play. And the plan basically had for a for research tools like your figures for the quarter transition phase recovery phase in the funding out of the year you fix. In the white gold visit can imagine what we did is within about. I have after I was aware of the event. I reached out all what are. Media outlets will wide MM we took down every single media asset that we get deployed. Worldwide. And the reason is because it is very obvious is that you couldn't have the front page news oracle but. You know talk to Aaron for you know people being missing and then have an ad for a you know flat belly pretend that you know I'm just. Just couldn't do. So we took giving out but the reality is that we knew there we couldn't state like for a very long view the notion of Renault might still flying. In not having passengers on board that plane cost literally billions. Soul we knew we had in the fourth. But the way the deal work. Is that you couldn't beat commercial we actively could deepen moulding you had to be very sensitive notion of people recognised. That. This of that did happen insults about engaging our needs as a bottle in the story that was about. Talking about a minnow in a way that people could understand that you were. Night commercial people mourning but really just calling the story coming what we would do we hold reviewing it and being very honest and authentic. But they need to hear from us but we unit told the story you know much more gentle way. Then as we you realise because stardom will for a that we measure all the feedback from from all the bodies will wipe we start to use a know. Technology which on which was basically be testing. So some you know what people as much money whether it was already deployed to different. Creative. Applications. Against the same audience but do different streams of the new measure the impact of the so we did add literally hour by hour in on a 616 different countryside so we were measuring the impact of that. And in really determining what was the best approach at how we avoid too. It get back into the market. Sold at. We would not be perceived as being too commercially uncensored that the same time try to get the message out in the commercial complex because of the day we we had to. So we use that technology that you're really. Map and measure of oil that jury back being commercially active. And then in their digital context that was all done through a horribly digital channels because. If you were seen as being less intrusive it was more personalised the more socially. Acceptable. But don't we had to us support it through. Other mediums southern gov back into what traditional media all ready or toll vision newsprint. And we start to deploy that support that panels other markets within. Just like there's a tie at earlier that we supported it thought were traditional media's. So then we got back into business as usual environment this happen within seven weeks. What we sign is that by prime morning and talking. In the social media context and really talking about ourselves as really been protest until the story. You know low averaging in being a part of that conversation. We side that it had a commercial off that. Seoul as people start to believe that we work you know I think Dick we're on us that we really just. Not in inner sense of the dispensers being victims and in the same issue they responded. To finally commercially. Entwistle our significant. Increase in our sales by many of much juror. We have the second largest popping month in and history of 42 years trivia organisation. Seoul from a marketing perspective we've we we were amazingly. You know we we were shot but we were sold happy with the result that we were going well. We think we made it we made the Redmond was we've made a rate decisions and jobs hole we're going to communicate an ineffective or commercial results were weak at that point. The people why city look like we had not only to actually make the year. We we were you know it was it was quite shocking surprising but the lot resorts group was. There again seventeen weeks later it. Image once up and up. Having gone through the second time I gotta tell you that when I got that that text message or negative revenue is that the that averted happened it was it was a real. You could imagine that was true. In four days afterwards we still didn't believe that there must be some sort of bad dream that we were. Involved in the added could imagine their debts awkwardly out for the first then. That we could view this situation again but as we were getting off of that that adjust NASA Bible what we. Head covering is that we knew what to do. And we did so many things. More tourists murdered more direct we a quicker. And much more smaller marine in current approach. Saw that the very first day I'd have to emit 17 we. Change our web so we've deployed into some website we took away the message row. Our commercial. Positioning endless story itself and the about the soft week we separate those two things which something that focus on what three weeks for your two weeks Purdue. In the first that we did in the first day. The interim result that prices have point two blackout to recovery do. Transition and ultimately interview you in the Forrester better -- seven weeks. In the second meant to despite debt. No yes the bears were much different. Ended the realities of the circumstances and what people ran staining was much different in the second time but by knowing what to do. We rate for the do it that much faster. There will we are recognise is that as part of the original. I approach Norwich low averaging of the social media environment how we had engagement we had huge huge numbers. What we decide views instead of trying to deploy a traditional client approach. To re being trusting carpenter alright users what why will we decided to do was deployed in social media environment. One of one of the reasons is because we got sold comparable whether we get some much more technology experience in dealing with the and secondly we start better mouse spot. Soul we decided to deploy a social media strategy all around. Linda the results were quite and is for the very first pardon application were something that we. Head intended purely as an internal matter which side you can appreciate it no mention just region just as a couple seconds ago that when their second event happened. The entire 20000 staff at leisure alliance. Really could not only that. Then we were shot. How could possibly you know that quarter at that point was flying all over in the previous point for a total 200 aircraft flow put. There was a there's an error crap you know eight minutes Forrester in the was eight minutes after. Harkin Malaysia airlines the in that place at that time it was just it was the public's real just help solve. There was so horribly was bite block. So we said the matter job to Laura star well why we said stays. Stay strong wave alliance and was really intended to moral people saw that they would stay strong they would still have the capacity they keep during the dropped. What that message obviously because it was deployed on social media who went by crop. Here we have millions of people respond back to a score yeah we're giant yes state strike Europe. This argue for that went up into Europe much a victim has anyone else European M stays strong we believe in any really what does. And amazing re reaction. So then what we did is we decided to continue. To deploy those messages in you know obviously in the digital space you need to continually refresh. And so we use a sixty different countries sites deployed different messaging on an ongoing basis so there was obvious pressure people were responding to a reacting to a and being engagement. There more we decided to do is is well on his re deployed instead of us following the story. We start below average are roundabout soul we we looked at you know oil slot reshuffling. From Australia and she. Was very positive she introduced a menu wide and we use served on for a planes for about a month. We get you know who good number developing issue recorded the song top lawyer put on in the couple minutes. In she was rigged with with a more Asian alliance we hear. You know number different talks according may have wondered. Who was on a warrant crap and knows what partly by the Centre tennis player. From Australia is term -- wobbled and fever so we deploy their strategy getting. That other people parking partly by the switch which really worked as you know. When we look at. Of different things in terms of Hong we deployed a social media strategy oracle. Engagement strategy not automatically a department of content. Was all part of that strategy. In view wed in kept calling for several months and continues today. Well we're continuing. To deploy content we're continuing to do support a brain using this channel. N it's it's had an amazing impact in with a wide margin as regards argues that if you getting used to run. And the success of the continues to be magnified in people were really responding to a it's become. It's really become the recognition leisure airlines Brad. In hole representing a salt and being authentic can being real and just really talking about a sultan in a different way. So I'll just gonna play a club of ABBA song Kuna approved nor should report of the song porous. I was another way for rust to ticket prior to Dodd there could be. You know really the message of the song just restricting the reply I. How do you even care C manage their hand a fair. Delay. We care we. Care. We know. Li yuan. EU. We move has now. You see her. That there was. That the video was sharing a two million times and continues to to be very popular ABBA and we was still and a number of other types of the policies that. But beyond. Bian manner no we're bidding Oster we're going to run a business. Men is there's this two events. Ross now in the midst of the complete restructuring a company were in the midst of what we've for a during the US as a truck collided. Or around your cannabis is a double A but it's basically complete restructuring of the Euro and we're doing that rate now. But given the context wharf read those major things happening we have not taken our. I'll offer bought respectively the things that we needed to do we continued need to do is borrow business transformation activity. Saw that hauled more risk mean activities oil at some members of parole panels hot body Rothenberg has more bobbing sole important. In how people were researching and buying and that's something that we're recognising that we need to have that mortgage contracting putting it do that. We continued to do have strategic partnerships and raw relationships of people like. Like Twitter in end in Google and FaceBook and others that we know we need to have strategic tapes abilities with the reactors Morrissey around. N were investing in nad. Continued to be very aggressively deploying content. End Ross solve really working hard to improve quality problems and man at the start. I think that is market areas we read we have been more people asked. We have to how integrated campaign genetic integrative approaches and everything we're doing in and that kept freezers one. We're also dealing with some major events that would continue into that. So thank you very much Richard Dunne pointed.