Topics>>Panel: Intelligently use your marketing spend to create a strategy that will sells your product, tell your brand story and keeps your customer loyal to your brand

Panel: Intelligently use your marketing spend to create a strategy that will sells your product, tell your brand story and keeps your customer loyal to your brand



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Cheryl Goh, Group VP Marketing, GrabTaxi, Akira Mitsumasu, VP Marketing & Strategy – APAC, Japan Airlines, Theresa Sidhu, VP, Brand & Marketing, Travelodge Hotels Asia, Amira Morgan, Travel Consultant have a panel discussion on marketing intelligently.


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I. Before get out of I guess if bike and Haas serve the panel to introduce yourselves. A little bit about what you're doing and then what you do with your company. An earlier bid of your brand message down perhaps others that we show. Everyone with are higher than third group media marketing fire wrapped taxi. We are her smash an application allows you to book a tap. Oracle have a rabbi if any which country it. Plan and our brand message is really about changing the way people across southeast Asia Camille. Very six countries when he sees they've been around for about three years now. Air I think you know what really makes us unique is we're probably glad their fastest growing spat apps without oil. Unique set out how chair in unique set of weirdly marketing bets from this fact the world. But he. There everyone. It's accurate answer from Japan airlines. That with the company for what's happened with fix it now. Much farther when you frame it. Thanks for that very flattering comments. And mayor tried mum post ten years more with operations management the next ten years what's more with them. Assist planning and third very interesting sticks yet seen in internal auditing. And the southerly course asked do what's. To its business in relatively new and the Vietnam behind the inning single along but what are the reasons why yeah three things are marketing. Here in each year is course. For the past Japan has a lot of very much. With the decreasing by nation Japan Vietnam and increasingly focused in trying to beat people. Especially on Egypt to Japan what by Japan Tutu who will America. Swine moved I'll be back from Tokyo Taiwan Singapore and lost people. And yes now I M and leading EU strategy and marketing T. Italy and yes very briefly the EU. More poor value offering that we. Proposed. Simply is really unparalleled quality service with a touch off and think quintessentially Japanese which is. Not pointing you would really analyst at unless you've tried it so and for those if not. Japan airlines before white swan required in 2000. Pedicure and really allowed sales pitch for the rest of year eight K can you might call at three. I'm fed hike or cut back on marketing I'd have liked how is at. Which I am a very long band edge that very well established. UK and end enact and history. Amin Spain 88 here I think an interesting bank partners. Owned by didn't make it different ownership it as well so we now have liked to go back in Asia. From China right at the Middle East between two countries. Meaning credibility if Donovan the kind of sad when the bank the last six months. Am I right now built a brand expands action and the escalating bands at a different level to meet expectations in the Asian market. Am doubt that even better experiences as well and build the marketing for things happen. Our brand positioning essentially it's about making travel less than a point back of the basic and a cap market value they bet. Which power and our. Great connected to. Said the challenge banks should give. And a mere. I collect money in the near market I am on the consultants travel and lifestyle history. I market communications and building brands in Ed Anchorage. Thanks recently has been to build at least relatively luxury boutique hotels branded beverage. Have been in five years debt introduce the bank six that something that's international expansion. Am saying is it very clear in their luxury boutique experience that saw an opportunity to help either backed. Their profile for the. Read so we actually have a really interesting supply chain so then hopefully as their books really. They're gonna fly and Japan airlines are going to grab the taxi and they're gonna stay travel lines that serve the for the year round of the supply chain fell well what we're gonna be entering his term. Had a usually matters pending creative strategy that's gonna was so we have about Taliban story kick your customers' loyalty abram-. On the kick off by asking the panel. Blasted yesterday's well our customers truly low nowadays. Anyway out what available to. Show. I honestly believe their customers. While today sells that's citing perhaps it's the reason why have a wrap text is we is. Marry in Twin Cities any every C get really we might not be their best over. We may not believe they come back that we Yang number one. Any reason why we're number one is basically recently really look at ensuring that we provide the best service and the best price. We or more cdma love taxes. And soul like you. Segment mascara bracket needs a brackets is really much that aired a heavy ER Ennis on how we ended the house that's available. I don't see cracks. An area of costs. Down. If you're actually get competitors on the web is considered these exhibits at the table stakes then owe loyalty. Comes in the fleet. Ending four hours if you look at as the issue during heavy oil to finance our focus on food in this one is just great service and secondly it's. Third brand sorry. So why Louise advisor brand we spent firebrand who cares about consumers. We Karabakh industry we care about driver's side I think add these living cell White House need. Help first. Be top of my top of the usage of folk at tech C users around the instantly. A fall for video like this I think done more ads off our passengers are relatively oil. Or some time to take on that choice to to choose which airline to fly out of the business trip rail within the company's audit covered managed to beat. Making the decision Fordham. Bar for leisure travel I think it gives him more room to reach a tear up the choice. Depending of that said its roots and this bike skate that serves the needs. And customer I think tend to be relatively more yield Cox if you happen when we experience with system go right. When you think switch to under the airline reward you sort of risk in port. Ball with the experience be equally nice would you. Would be with convenience you have to. Live in new pricing audited book bit here lying and except for what if you are familiar with senator Blanche. Which in the minds Wichita another one. So. I think yeah under the switching course from the consumer side that would keep a certain passenger. Am trying to on the scene in airline. Unless there's something I'm very attractive and would entice them to try out something new access. I. Am very interesting question I have the yuan by letting me come to asked and it. My lucky eight heat up captain is gonna end up front and it's usually I don't the fact that. I think hospitality it exerts excess. At market alot more. Then at the upper bull of up by star and L and that aren't weakness mainly leisure travellers it down. The twice as always depend an annual pension and I checked and then finally I'd like you had cap light hearted with an. Back in making a site that it's not decided active marketplace is designed shell out you had defect. Patel we're decline in Hawaii is well. Am well aware trying to do from a local perspective and M because they're back UK is well likely viewed very very differently. So what we're trying to do basically and stem customer Wyeth pharma. And the dynamic really are but Weitz said it traditionally loyalties about eight points and then utilising a long line. The customer is changing it's all about and setbacks deflation things like Black Sea and build that and you know the way things really look into effect. So let you know what's program that actually point helps you get your point on acting it out. Yet even if it's a cup of coffee climbed higher and our more than they really. That point in making feel like there's a wide bore you to scale with the hotel sector. And impact partner is back up customer target audience. I don't want to add that there's another site loyalty which icy from a brand perspective and essentially backed loyalty. A unique suite that your employees. Alan organisations. Often forget its am here come your best customers awaiting a bank if you know we're APEC idea that it is that if and what usually happens you back to actually keep them informed connected and engaged if you do you feel wealthier among bet. And eaten talk about. Backed strategies fast so far we loyalty kind had different facets just one that works for your. I have. I have a view on loyalty and I think that. Did say that we're talking about that today officially in the hospitality. A forum became even think about hospitality you know people trust us with the most intimate experience that's now whether it's getting four point eight point eight. No flaking. Our Friday at a hotel night. They're being here for important business making a penny a special occasion I their summer the most important experience it say it certainly hope that. Various wealthier taxpayers experiences. I think in the last couple days expect a lot about. Theories channels through which consumers can engage with us price parity. So there's a lot of transactional conversations there outside loyalty. I think there are important I think consumers that Saudi is day it's. And but were still exists it might have taken sick state. That's. If you got a pricing act are they. And and that put a bid or most certainly if they can take heart that the strength of the brand. Balance. People would engage if you care to continue be loyal to you because they choose your brand and what deficit for Brad is your. User experience for delivering the right customer experience. To may have been very interesting. Our listening to to raise de Chile and saying when you talk about your brand your all sides in the same same store of that delivering. Get it experience Anthony S were built for the struck back at sliver that expectations which creates wealth and. What's gonna go back for the history allows a really good point about delivering the guest experience now on this relative to Shelby's that must be such an important aspect for you. When you're building up for product pick your product are going to be a real drivers. You know weather the vital taxes. How old how did you manage better internally than now as traders have been filled your internal customers. Having delivered a brand message across to. Entities for the affected by ten. Editors below is that it's extremely challenging back it's really just backs the smart smart that straight soul. Wind East Africa we could we've had everything a privilege to lead the pack are the Black Sea family. NUIPO. Pack of our fleet of drivers get any benefits for example if you ticket sales wildly good give them. Since the act VF. So to dig what I'm employees know we don't Vivendi don't actually treated better life. We really is a web badly actually quite literally. Resolved. Pretty much prefer different because you know with the airline with a hotel in there for your employees know you can home. You have town hall meetings with them and so forth that he would be a little bit different with with what you have here today. So negative its main case that's and I think have access a couple of games we have really good old brands so I'm is on body. Is back with insuring every bushel really biggest fields and at eleven dollars then let the level service that we expect. And then it was a had. Ices them so if customers company depending on the severity of the complete Dooley will drivers landmark had less of than level. Played in the case yet able dishes on much of gap in the cup units I think people believe you resent active protection. The nordic being a truck out of the system would mean less income the deal they're more likely now to. To provide the level of service and maybe beyond let me again what the top tier that ended. It gives a let it's what everybody aspires to. Solve our top tier drivers get publicity really nice you know farming region is we have medical check them with insurance then we have. Finally if every drama. Arguing emergency. Was alright the end does alot more when it comes to really be from Washington think gives the user either top tier. Solve that's how we've really been. The viewer drivers in the demographics there really is. Some of like your income five than tier of society only take a laugh carefully. Let them know more about. Now we I was trying edge change people's perception of whether taxi driver of what they see that it is. Seoul we've highlighted some really star reasons we need drivers and how the hell. Passengers. Banking drivers appreciate against anyone obviously see that it's seven minutes Malia and many layers that initially get better than. Right security. How different is that from an airline perspective from the have you ensure they your staff deliver your brand message or whether he. You want to. I think is just two to have. All our employees view weird that there are a lot of gaps need to address. What's the thing. Have office if you find something when it comes delivery. David. Gaps that exist between what's been planned what's been written tight that they still used that put a pretty procedures. And the gap between this either operative receives the parts that it's unlikely delivery onto servers and hard performance. Perceived that that service so debt Ayman gap takes this along the line. So we always asked our employees to two. And implement the kind of service that originally intended. Injuries a year you can interesting veneman you go well known brand outside of Asia but you're bringing to life saver travel largest of the man ran in. UK and Europe finished barely get a mention of margins there and you bring that information on the path penalties because Asia. You know comprises of countries with fire three different cultures and in value. We're when we talk about Asia lifted its it's quite U verse. Not unlike. She failure I might US plane for the one country. Alarm so with that they might howled how do you scale your product I have rebrand your product across multiple geographical location. That. Competition and take hold here. And accurate that if I admit. And it really clear candlelight you're right and it's well men in the west and invest up well people. I don't really know what it. And we market we go into is incredibly different as well she comes back to wipe you Pete you are planning funding and what your outlook death experience to be. If you fill the framework around back you can then had. Flexibility. To get attacked tip aidid's market. So as an example I'll acquisition rate is around making travel at yet. We communicated back each and every member of the team teams very small now. Not communicate that we ought to explain what it means for debt. And ultimately the benefactor of Mike where the planet in my -- this mean if your checking some aipac backed debt what if your sadness among respite. So it's all about really keeping that framework making it very clear. Any legal intercept in market in China everybody talks about China India. When he fell into those markets it's about taking back. Our position that aren't going how all white meat it work for that market some examples. I've marked by Intercontinental hotels in the passes allowing and add that the messaging framework or at. So with your marketing is an example. You can always get back from a set top whenever that rank amid if NN clearly outlined one key. Insights that reach market rediscovered if it sample. In India people don't like well New Orleans they have the kind of limit down at a rest. Up that kind of information. To pass down to teens even teams worked in the back debts endeavour tell. Baking is back in May experience right the get their act Athens yet a date if you look at that framework. You can start a hard market it signed an easy thing to do like me. And it's very practical suspect your marketing dollar fast all of if back. It's what we cough freedom within the very much about the very much you'll like some freedom ring connect back much better experience. As always true when you wonder delivering effective way to manage feedback checked it is always. And Europe have your thought on. Am I getting tense that they brand positioning are up had a get a similar experience where you might where I didn't Israelis a sniff of god and and brand added that the six months since the first international expansion as a very wrong nine Bradley K. In a packet level now what for the nearly. And any IN the concept of luxury boutique travel with was quite and is well above the basic facts I. If it was very interesting tried physician connect. British bank in Stroud area and down but would have discovered particularly in mind fix today in des nations luxury travel. I do believe in global consumer. Part of the global consumer. That Iran is against connected with the same attitudes to weather travel the second product basic facts that experience that they. Expect so I. I think. This is where in mile I was very important position of Brad. In line we see. I guess liable attitudes. Our and I'm picking neck with the rights tactical campaigns. Basically taking sides reached quite so it's a similar experience. I also believe that. In terms of the positioning obviously. Add level practice in regional markets. Whilst it's very important to. Ride on the strength at brands. It's important to deliver relevant content so for example. You know I've chosen to build back up they hold area then media. Because I strongly believe that it's that how much of content that helps me engage with customers can you play that message regardless. Which detect very very. Enact bad kind of ran out and act lots of people than planned and probably the completely out. The brand that. It's my passion I think among and remember way back its debt at summit. But don't be afraid to come out that it is well not ranks have stretch. Am an example are quite effective in many many years fell. L go back down their level it would be different cut debt overtime. Let kids deal recognise that found the rate actually hike up weapon that it's not Internet. Today appointed delivered at eight experience. That it can be delivered effectively. I think the values and the plane after all we're range aspect. Then showing me if this must've been something that may you'd look into on the Euro yuan how many markets in Asia. They 6 PM new you know I think you've got technically Cuban knew about tax see an end of the different version of Ferdinand in Malaysia. The US my kids. Sorry outlook our experiences serve completely different way. Basic trios on for years finally in voice in the public act will ease back about really not from a brand back is at an out from. A product or service their kids solve the problem. And a problem in every market is extremely different. So for example in Malaysia Philippines is very much Jim Hill about safety act and getting fleeced by the driver existing authority of the mapping of the do we get. Drivers yeah onerous tax gap well maintaining safe. Seoul we back that we really come from a very different sort of that basically is actively looking at the market who have yet because the Asian problem. Building a solution. That solves that problem. And then. Brand is based on one of the three pillars that we have as a company we believe that you're ride you bike go experience with S she is Steve. Chile said then it should be fast so if any rich country dearly in weekly output let it more. So we've seen a fire how likely really pushes. You know it's a lot faster better pursuing that all week if you book a wrap text image data lot safer. Lazard also the is that you really killers then this really changes in which one you're gonna bullish we have the different markets yet so usually we leased back and now we learn. And how we communicate that is look ally unabomb we have. There's battleships area we says if tiger Agassi. An active past and I think now it's one of these three needs only focus on in the market rally. I've ever felt almost naughty yeah but I'd. Come by when weighing a shared. House get a third. I don't wanna do that either I've got a question from the audience here. For the panel social media critical for high. How to cure. A flat with year. Social media gap recorded its increasing I think importance. Us weekly earlier we talked about engagement and one week to be creative suite V talk attractive in a sense that. Customers get into. But look at. Brent touched if you actually tipped to be part of certain ongoing conversation or ongoing relationship whereby. The EU bread spring reinforced with speeches in which each contraction. And so I think definitely it's very important that health care if it's very easy get it wrong. What we've sent up the wrong message perhaps not so. Exactly. What we're posted values as importance that we forget one. And so I think yes it's important factors source very hard to get it right. Adds that absolutely and the huge banner social immediately a big inmate in the content bail out. Aptly you know with anything brands Dell on on on content now feel that social media Internet safely. Is mixed day of very good chat extensive high tech Ed conversation is an engaged. Your audience. But one thing that really liked image in relation to social media and see an increasing trend in the travel industry. We're brand actually engage in travel journalists and staffed right that actually did chaps. Actually I have mentioned to a number of bad acid at a huge benefit right than having marketing teams run social media and putting a price that they've. Often message as its it said track that of course Averell. I feel that travel Jack in the sexually have been trained to have a conversation leaves fed and ask questions. An end. Now also when every bad Myer department can also put in the right. Rampant felt messages that different types are high that very. Very effective strategy for back at. We declared everything is amateurism when we had this conversation you don't thinks they should really if you fall under the up. Say you have how would you revamp the whole mark things actor. Content and marketing efficiencies and tax bills the black about the structure around debt have enacted under it I'll I. Am very vicious and it's struggling Nextel organisations edge social media seems to be by the late. Anger fixing yap and you are marketing it's again. They wouldn't talk to each other any weakness social media is covered under way for a lot of your campaign. I'm used back as potential pet and you start delivery order online marketing around. That its higher end effect understands they had different agendas and different objectives. You I don't know actually struggling to back. He asked how support Europe. Although I don't even using social media said the fund has been audited either campaign's. So we education actually looking happy at how structured and how you bring social media into the field. Or phone time each have over right people to do it right at it really panmure at. A marked impact in May not have that ability. Give it a very deep scaled back at a very different way brightly. Acting if you are very tactical jet ever at a point sometimes so. Need to eat what to recharge their need to be part of team debt over the same objective. We have rights gilts set for delivery as well but still show like it's not where you go away. It's going to be a negative that answers just which platform it's going to be delivered by whether it's it's going to be around at ten yet illnesses and how. But is debt and net but we took throughout NN one what companies actually started auntie user actually have added nearly a good example. And check out and a lightweight page and asphalt contractor then it'll still committed Japan if you like some examples and tens of unplanned. And what to do right. And it is at it aged that it had you know. Think back just add to that in terms of palm. The use of the socially channels that the did. They're great job but some just a brand hey you know traditionally had he social media channels as Eileen Chan arts alliance. You know they used. There's really great opportunities now absolutely stay in your social media reach through. Ambassadors. And added people like you to grab a higher than bloggers Citron who then can take a message. And just run with that I'll say it expand further than just communicating having had done I think I'm channel. Assures a Minnesota media must be part of your strategy is at. How do you where the advertiser how leads right yeah. And it is a very good how do we get. I would think folic strategy rate their very invader it's a shell percent slide. Canadian wheat up muscle surely it's easy the lump everything together have every fact I was very different sovereigns advisors have these. If you understand algorithm today it has no matter how big picture looks now because we get as old as man is back. Consumers want to see your forcing it warrant. Unless you've people. Soy newest Tamara white reports better now it is slipping knew anything I've recently vis a history giant Axel. Sanders of its how engaging your content is. Just helps drive our past but their very rallied a bit as increased. Life I think so our strategy is quite simple we use social primarily essay each mental. Meaning actor mos Brandeis Wendy Lewis the use it to communicate and rate interesting stories first the viewers back. Social panic percent of the time for the back nine percentage is for people to reach out versatile as. When their electoral campaign to their gave the SM is an Alaska anglers city and street. Plane laden renter really have been at this I think if you betray yourself as a human brand. It really is easily get right. If we spent so much. Know that act my marketing team every single one of them in the team react if you well Arie chatter about social media features they don't have a source Hilton. We have a marketable you know every bigot it's fair. But as I mentioned content as pushing up ten is only 10% of what the deal makers and is responding to. Consumer complaints. Any closing bell a lot of debt you really angers then what people like others Vienna's there were people don't like via its. I guess that's how we use OSHA. In terms of social media marketing which is completely different images will burn it's very much heat. We use a lot of more while at its vast simply because as a pack what you need to do is drag people to have at. In gas warns that when is no reason GM likely Yancy. As the first big deal when Lee. You know Cassini Lewis did a thing I have. In Canada it been Israeli deal together. A good follow up question here from the audience some aramco PIs what kind of take your eyes do you have. For measuring the effectiveness of marketing and branding initiatives and there any at all so you is will recommend for measuring these Cokie hives. Show would jot continue on and thanks for the question audience kick them out them coming. We look at. They look at business matrix breast fed is convergence. Our players we have it's sort of like one metrics there will enhance public libraries there's one really big one number number of axes number rights. Occurs it Shaw says the miner people back box N a minus X is separately job embedded pause all right. Everything that we deal is driven to a actively. Meaning there some companies have a kick Yang out about the light summer shares some of the English then we're back. Yes they're. Ultimately visit contradict local invasion Riyadh ray added lightly to Phil Beck had clearly. After costs there isn't it. LLC EB percent of my decisions are based on kind of agents 3% we and his band and everything is measurable so for example. In Alaska trees is an alarmingly clean tech C rats Iraq taxes N. There's almost no wheat or require how many rights racket tech C in Reno level of awareness will contribute get numbers soul. Yeah OK keep percent of our budget is very very measurable you know exactly. How many right there can be generally that they deserve escapees queens are. Power. Back yak 28%. You read the album's glean branding and awareness campaigns this week we viewers of the is no debt. Yeah people find out survivors from nearly TVA. Racks. Yak. Clear evaluation. Online. What are what lies just. They they measurement I think here the more important question basis what's the purpose I mean what's the strategy if your purported to increase. For example a number of passage on the sudden movement we haven't knew what it wants market out. And obviously you would have to for the full change in marketing and therefore you might have different I would like targets. It could be very big project we could be very small one. And because forwards I just the kind of tools used in order to attain our rock I can use more. And digital marketing if you have smaller budget for example. And so. And they also depends on whether. If interviews measurements you're talking about us and incrementally increasing number of passengers. Work. New York being is to. Reading sue not to have more passengers were too high you you would per passenger. And Europe up I'll I before August beautiful Jen. It will be more like. Switching. If you have 400 seats if it's not selling them at a group for something like solvent business travellers. Increasing yields and therefore you have different iPod now. Marketing approach. River. EU bank Barack's outlook active debt negative brand awareness to as much harder to measure. And a voice about sales. And back live Beatty age. Am I think I have ended its scale which has and trying to develop for the bankers about its. Internal capabilities. In nature. A lot of times in the past if actually they like agency stickiness information. That you have different agencies were acting like defect it is and it's very hard to fault data to get that. -- articles out there now that you can actually go up and and done. It might have then with said the wreckage does appear at best. Wake actually a everything together as a people go up by nine reputation built in ya. Up campaign analytics and you can look at how successful you are across void. What an answer doubts about their the end of the day its staff appealed historical data and that can help you get up trends is well. You start to see where you actually need to focus on different items at yeah we consumers be Arun N double parked at its. Won Dick at the actually wire from the site if it really working is it not said. Your line and told the analytics in your control update at that helps optimise your marketing spending up just leaving it in agency. It helps you control that is well. And I Iman and me back my belief always expect you need in your team someone who's analytically driven. Ken measure can keep that will find a way ticket back historical data at eight a really need. Statistic we feel. Percent. On the lira. Am metaphors very interesting obviously very out. Correct particularly. Warren here it entered into a level a look at this and a higher level. When we take my brand its application he rising drive traffic to the website convertible kicked act this high level and in. What's this debt limit young. Up and then when you start narrowing it down by Chad now obviously. The digital channel some much more. Much better accounting measurement direct Carol like the is typically they have been attracting much like business especially that however. I am very much of an ad market positioning and still having that engage favourite book Elliott a break. Our you know. Incredibly difficult to measure I get a lot of criticism at treasury no what's the value of tickets issue in my experience when it's dying to position. Particularly new brands in the market. It plays out huge rather you know I came to Asia weakness persists may add bigger much zero badgered. I think it's most of that into play it now he are Baxter ships in I bill building that. Back awareness and that's saying. Immediate results of bad traffic act increase of revenue I've had said during yea guess coming alive. Basic but had had is that they might break bat like these it's much easier to measure. But our know what a start buying bigger scale there they think that digital channels that provide you with that I. Cheryl is an interesting question learn from your audience again as that up. Although you've been around for three years there is an interesting once that is obviously still fine tuning its product. Customer experience. Sure you can relate that there is a bad experience can be blown up by. On social media. So is it risky for a start to be on social media. People have conversations about your brand web unlike you know social media solved you know making it easy if you're on social. You have an opportunity to react to making its negative. If you're not argue he Basilan tough. So Yang I think we've always been our social media is the first neck cancer might like. During a better airline which is there really get a full born. Am we have channels they may have knock down that we have an offshore is abram- account ever officials with error and it now official FaceBook account. It's it's smart ways to advertise to people about the people the kind of legal as the top players if the F issuers. Because we're using information fine tunes as yet making it a very good at their product process in fact if you. Larger company attributed absolutely it's easy it actually gets freed immediately intimated that. We use of the let Carson show you get when volume is just. Is just impossible the polls are the sole. Yeah. Let me just add to a emea was saying about. See a black hat that have backed exit. Any so great testament to how. On advertising. The only type opinion recent activities and a bit unseemly back. Prior kickbacks then the issue is then was that using a bike dealers are driven true at all waste your way there would probably go about as true. Oratory drivers which we as a as a S&P. So law acne and her big believer like Disney fell. NI does everything measurable. That. Equity you really there's. I think gilt sensitive credibility is valve that is very obvious hateful. A near term. Question new audience for yourself how do you recommend scaling blogger engagement. And maximising the content impact on brand awareness. And further downtrend. Keck said through parts of the question and answer the first line is how to maximise. At a scandalous gal blog engagement. And maximise contact impact. So RA basically intents of this Gailey applied for engagement. Am in my experience. There have that there are great network that there you can work we. But in my experience it is. I'm working with niche brands. I effective secure our ambassadors they have done big overreached and had pick them. Arm and side starting off we all local ambassadors and then ploughing through. International networks and particularly in the US there that's big if is becoming such a global market that's such a libel conversation. In the travel industry. Are. What you know if it's very high teachers can pay your message to one market in essential. Environment side heat. Apple should just get it gives it certainly engaging or its international. Ambassadors have. Hundred plus thousand policy is to grab and certainly actually that's a very measurable. Measurable results when they post a picture ahead talent it lifted that likes its debt now we're. How much practical outlook is up is exactly that kind now. The first test and it's always very tough it is a big industry insights no so they come. That's. Very much again and peaking and peaking now mean knowing who is active out there and my thing as saying. Fit for eight straight into the Gramm. I guess that fall off of these active out there who's buying head yeah. It didn't hold my kids dad doing their homework but obviously click life. It in the ground at a whole army of people yeah. You always survived if it is consistent with the plan. So they let the second part of the question intent of the contents as content that's driven by a brand that can be developed. House and that's balance talking that engage check next. And then when you working with external sources were add the most effective again it's not the volume that service quality safe. Working with Baxter's like is did that as it's very important that the most successful campaigns have done is when I have. Talk to them about what they ran balance our contractor ally of the brand. We shared values and created joint story that then becomes affinity and those 100000 plus followers believe they're. Because it feeds it with two backs it's not just about reached about the right up chips. Is there a magic number is is that a 100000. I'll I'll get I'll I highly doubt I'll keep it did it without you didn't like that if it's better doesn't necessarily again. Number they're great at that for example in name. Smaller markets like if you if you try to build following awareness of the smart I think there are best ounces. That as stronger yen might not have day. All right well it's almost that alone and I guess on the night that when you actually mean I. I've lately that that have absolutely we're likely honours this out because you could have. 50000 that they act Philip dine out at like a Harley-Davidson. The world here but I think that's where the partners added captain collect act in creating its story that prompted. A killer question nerve yourself from the audience with though with more ATA is appearing in the industry. How does Japan airlines feel about 38 Yates. Is there anything that there Japan airlines does differently. To maintain or even improve direct bookings on a point your. Right website. And fighter I think forty a is this is necessary channel. What's if it is in need of fear. It is too wise from the consumers perspective that its ease of use Tutu. And fine until the comparisons of different kind of value offering so it's definitely something that tests that have value to consumers. Are we try to differentiate. VE web online experience. In in several ways five. Providing more information. By you and being more relevant in the sense that's like what we talked earlier offer hot and creating messages that would really. And that that. That I just explained by the futures pure product but actually to bring the bring photo would try some. Come emotional decision that Boeing you'd like what you've heard it like we've seen so it that it matters of my values and therefore I likely choose your by offering. So that's how we differentiate. A lot of third audience questions coming through which is great to raise a one for yourself social media is a quick response channel. So what level. Within the company should handle those responses. And how do you avoid bad responses which could impact the Brent. Yeah Trump's back down tail wind. You're at our capability and how so happy that someone will cut enacted. And it's a tough challenge of social media especially at fund like this that ticket he'll bonnet can play. They're buying it to engage if you build like it here but just like random comments here. Social media is he not be owned by just one team that needs of what I'll add teams around it. And one into bed looking back an outer banks still haven't read OpenId with EM IA year. Am organisational structure. Sale of customers that its is actually then being greatly by activists see a lot of things in terms of how many. Look at the value topped caffeinated down and to Bennett and welcome. Plays an armada Jose service comfort is initially in both and it is well. Sale well we what I do is real nice and all those teens to get at C micro cap social yes sitting with it back under the I've marked a but whether net written in. If people plays into that as well annals of the customer experience in customer service plays into their. So all of the join together but what up to a white on than gap. I'm back at the same objectives. I'd bet kind actually added so my objective that they had. There had been a Spain banned amid a bad experience. It Bennett back much admire our competitor and might say to get well yes it comes back down to training pain really really. Getting your letters to understand what near death experience. Why delivery back where it up and what happens is we hand out this bank activity is then we kind of art medical information at. Am happy that they've really down hiked up it backs Laats I don't know that so it really means breaking it down by ancic the last time out. Japan but back back back up it's actually needs. Said Athens actually responding to their social media questions. Where did that back amid action adventure all the different aspect of how would you expect activist fund like telling avoid. One our if we. Have a basic template it responds if you see right about now if I mean. Now OPEC has in fact it actually. Out and that has to respond. To inject pet snacks to. I'm staying away what are what are they what are some of them that did business news right back filled time an empty void below are the spine. Filled it out by everything very generic letters back and very generic. Anything else. Effective about personality. So if you now that hasn't actually respond to. Iraq act Nancy. We think like eight different end social media. It's a place where people dot what you write off its beaten hat topped that we like it opted. Add it comes down if you read my how many and it comes out of education back registration. All that. It is really available. Cheryl. Audience question I get your your have a couple of minutes to a two to advertise now I don't believe in Singapore but I have become the text yeah. I've just download your at why would I used to overcome. Five a couple of basically provide. Sukuk compact. The where fleet and lost the meaning Debbie what we keep Volvo plant complex peston macd. Subset at one. I think we have just Alija full brightness. Second yes if you tie up about briefly Alistair could be had to get a taxi. We as a provide well we the option of hands and some countries the offer you the option now acts said Howard trafficked areas surrenders. When not limited effect see it said Tokyo ride might want to dig a we also allow really use credit act say you can use these. As was massive at. And I guess Jess has sat at the base. Lead. Visit our second various issues like they've now that the Arab tech company ads like these specialises. We specialise in. Mark the rental plans that mark in. Technology in just the. In the beginning. States. I have that despite your one point is that their new audience. Another question for for the panel. Tehran on the panel would. Would you pay general wants to create a story can drive customers. So to drive customer loyalty. And drive convergence this is correct and ethical. Would you pay journalists to create a story to drive customer loyalty and drive conversion. Page ad can take that bait Jen so how it happens at never heard such. Of the now let that of that I would hired journalist and how does someone who is trained jet has just lifted gilt. I mean what. They would do they would create stories in house that they leaking user quality marketing channels. But we're very content sector you're saying look I'm saying deftly nine that's an ethical would overstate our hotel for is rather nice fluffy still. And publications will not take mine and I would ask. But it will do though is taking money like actually. Yeah as you can buy down debt it. What analysts say there is consumed at very badly and applications we'll indicate it did highlight tie up. Last time we did just that pitch because now. If that ad and marketing that act as they did act of so my recommendation really would eat right what about bet bet humbling experience it and write it. Have you know get better story cut back. I think it depends on rich power of the wine asking this question 5:15. Am it's extremely commented cleave our newest users have come up. Either family share if you watch TV consists actively treat it looks like Brent expiring at the buy side really good hands on. How which country I think maybe in some countries its upcoming. Benelux countries actually pretty comment it's the same way they are rather write apps I've buyer people playing darts. Power while some of their rapid reputable publications will legally S editorial. Powered by live then. Edited some factors southeast Asia you really do need to be face value to the Al. Especially to the obligation but I think that you know that that's that's quite dangerous for our practice well because they've we're talking about. And deceptive practices. Either through consumer engagement factories victims say is that that. Are now doesn't take very much today your relationship split with your point so I am a huge bad. Building true consistent relationships with the threat to providing interesting relevant information. Getting into its curative power that power independently. Are the effects of the cap. The new activity is definitely the preferred method that every brand. Would probably banana half an engaged and enabling more spread is being gauger. Chiapas and would S aspire to guidance that you mentioned reduced to get people account directly reviewed in each plane Brendan then really that content view points. Seoul. Via S especially when we were as bad happens we really get your mind. It was a lot easier his people nordic there is no might mean. Particularly Arab you know they had been cut happy again there's a week actively Wendy's added cold mark. Still the UN all right Buddy Holly your daughters and avoid. Back to payout realise that. Worse still to get people based viewers find out for needed right by the product. It's it's just so much had there's simply because the know we have advertising dollars Sinise Ninos ladies of exam well. Soft they invest in as the larger new finance. But if I just wanna get only view up when it's like to write. The user service it's become a lot harder just because people expect as the VP. It went a bit more common as he went up nearly journalists directly you advertise in the newspaper in any sane journalists. So I mean those are my personal experiences in. In his power the world. End of this countries we operate well I think I'd love alive. And Citi insists the gap I mean if you ask much like a very story. If the experience is totally different. And it is just does more damage includes. Yeah just on that Germany's ego where we're gonna start up that you know no money no budget to you know. What advice would you give third of the startups out there or those with limited down markings yeah. You know how can they intelligently or effectively use a small markets more than zero marketing budget is digital yeah I think weighed ago. Thank you if you look at newspapers. Need here today the hop on white social media is talking about. It could be elected and can give back eighteen but it's spike in the social space media gets the bit about. We just might add social is such a big part of our strategy we find them add the best so we don't believe in. There's an expected decline in new was about. Using our service to be honest we don't really care because we get a front social media people write about it could block the binding between abided 84 dollars. And I think for as net wider still very distinct interest among our brand. Bad. Adding that makes clear is actually liking in Vietnam I was completely shut it discovered that you have to be out by. I don't know there. We're just that want to get into position like China. And in fact you. Do you vehicle you're like a service needs the dip below Wendy's said their experience of weather right yeah Nicole versus. That when EU was the service is consistent. I'd guess players might my advice is definitely. A need. Definitely read we judge the journalists rate will be really silly not to do it back magazines that. Once accomplice of the size might overnight unit has been there and let's face it advertising mark. Three a which is likely consider you know and as for the balance of the market. Country yeah yea you sent out of business I think if their counter positioning and then said Chelsea take extend your reach digital. And conversion. Final final question further Cheryl you're getting a lot of interest here Cuba has its brand consistency in spells it. Because users are able to use the same have. Across different cities. Wall grad texting move towards consolidating apps were different cities toes into a single one to achieve them that the. It's really. When everything is across harder they have very key band net meaning elect. The same MacKay you have to leave a downward Benazir fight using on the other countries fairly. So let's I think we've really down. By going to address on the branded business aside if you'll get will back the white they've done really well is. Is subversive purposes than because every single market the collateral that we have. First you've actually dig in their exact different approach associate editors some factories. We have a bit more about how to unleash deal hit some countries the only is photographs. If something if any it gives a unique is that that out in me by. As the buses will dominate the market INV the what's relevant product in the market led kind of our advertising. Or brand is built about. To view plus from a make very stagnant and traditional branding and viewer that is all wrong there's not the way Renton built but it's that we don't yeah Phil. That I agree that I think that it depends on one yard about why your offering. That's likely email with a lot of plans there is much confidence of the people hang onto it. That there is always completely around big N with the while becoming sell global as well. Attacked tip my keys arm of messaging and looking your strategy of fast. Aren't you have to redacted some ways it. Yeah look back at Denver dot intended to enact ranking. Then right away they're delivering messages just like me into their fixed furious businesses. I don't really really two key boys may defenders because of bargain windsors that happen. Like the ties of they give them a sense of humour which which allowed him. And 051. Like a lot of the things that we do in other countries so we all have a laugh flexibility big brand I think. Is how upset you need to grow all end. Golf is why by I think to a certain extent then the Barack. On when people traditionally perceived as the brand gets raised its all about survival. If regal dominate the market if we're not humble while we don't have these kind of numbers we may lie exists sold its alike use of phase two big break. Bragging about Greece because survival is just a bit like. In park then back. Bear market installed after better. My face penalties they will be regional differences. How big innovative created in order to change that figure to tap into different markets. On that night her survival painful. I think we could probably keep talking for for quite awhile right now there's actually a lot of messages on on the fine you don't industries so. If you want issued the for the panellists outside noise level for further questions and three that'll be available for that. On that note a round of applause invoking thank my oh my fellow panel said he enjoyed recession.

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