Topics>>Panel: Get insights into how you can maximise incremental revenue from all streams of your business increase sales and extend your product offering

Panel: Get insights into how you can maximise incremental revenue from all streams of your business increase sales and extend your product offering



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Tue, 9 Jun 2015|

Jurgen Ortelee, VP Revenue Performance, Pan Pacific Hotel Group -Tejveer Bedi, Group Director of Revenue Management, Park Hotel Group -Clement Wong, CEO & Founder, BeMyGuest have a panel discussion on insights into how you can maximise revenue.


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I. And I Margate what are what keeps you had some fantastic analyst with no. With need influential issue starts add a little bit about the wire which the company is in the world that much. The question from me. I'll ask when is it gonna play with and Pacific hotels range laden run with gold price. I'll with the brands of the company plans for the good health and partner royal. Capital that took me a currency war. May have had about you know distribution. And the view phone. About live above the child you have over 101. Of that car park visitors via their. Although fifth coming up next in ten add though. Here fifth vote and no idea here. I claims Cleland M a CEO and founder of be my guest we heard a global leader far. Agent to list of activities contact. We were with Mattel said airlines to help them drive ancillary revenue it. OK and angered up as a captain is cutting about driving ancillary revenue of those occurred in a minute but despite upbeat. What you do when the threat of being solid plan specifically gap. If that's buying back up youth adults with two different things we're doing it tried to bring in revenue from the difference to me. At a very high level we do probably through different things I would say number one we've package up things that put them out there for people by just very shortly. Then on if you go to our brand website in Jamaica booking you can actually booking individual items at one Q reservation so you'd like to have on. Despite treatment when our would have liked out on January specialty restaurants kids' club that was a beverage absolutely that fit that website. If you just choose on one by one. And then we we garden in a pretty much of our hotel we have programs apple colour socks one throughout the resort Rafa Mattel which I don't. So you two additional. Services that we have which either is economically dinner reservation for you wanna buy fit. But whenever they've got recoverable but. Ended have a feel for it might not. I think vote on here who die a lot of different view. Who. Validly with I think. What affirmative. If you move out a way within. Amended fifth job. If you bid for the I think people back into. But. We've made them and at a you know are. If who would die with I'll be active in your. View of the with add a final verdict here is that allow you've for your vehicle and then. Filed with give whoever voted with our fire is hardly. I'll add what or who previously. Innovative and they feel that enough of these. And her fall on the back. On the fact that the would have on the back end of well if they. Who delivers it. Far and but not limited only vote affect her would remind you. And if they hear that moving down about who we. Moreover we believe it is divided the live. If I'm an identity hey do you give us your hotel that you don't have them up so I think you're what did what did what are you doing with your company Q filed. A cast of generate additional hopefully that can have as a way. Still love we'd heard a hotel chains were working with we've ever develop a strategy is that still forward of the largest ever. Regional. Each of opportunity. We are actively that we don't buy when they were put that still basically. Excessive wheel division that fixed everything. Raft through the I was asked journalists here are aired what it is just a simple tap pitch. Where vegetable market our customers. We reckon. So like opera festival. I think again Joe figures upwards you know hotels is a term that here. Still display we helped fuel by the tied up for a yes. It still rang out experience it's budget tomorrow night I would point at which went into a techno pop we. Why don't you like I'd. Affect. This morning will we see right away at once yard are now. Do tell it that's why we have our. Secondly it's probably added. But we're definitely. Still that's basically why do you sit up notably. Back are we would serve you. Think Europe. Property. That's the second we would much we are. But the which I think is quite effective as well. Helping account is to preserve. It equity. So right now earlier that the we built wire benefit either through Italy I'd take it up with old with back. I think you yeah I think put value back. Publisher. Let me. If debt. Larger opportunity will protect your it happen I think is picked. So while we're seeing is rather than just why the sale would have a bond like by buck a bigger chunk of permission. Rather to. Packaging up your our accommodation at Yahoo! obviously we have. Met with. Are. Red help help wellness getaway with a product Oliver. Cooking classes we hear our future. Level on its all the hype builds people along the figures. That have dipped itself like keeps the sort of over the week you put ego over integrity a heck are they back. Getting off of customer coming back you with a single week amid a recovery of the guild we'll put more should we are well. It does it figure that as the case that the European when apple attorney client if you're absolutely anything but I mean. Phone your fun but get your agriculture respectively from the campus of things that you know. Our kind of S large chains they are wife had been. What kind of world you see if this plane adjust it there was much I've. This morning about which should be above this year now and the guest experience added it just focusing in on that either on download site which govern a little bit of that for the revenue management person. Back in help me if you go back of my father academics I have a market that academics that you go back and look at their service profit chain which is basically. Happy employees get happy customers we've money so. If the dollar signs letter what everyone but we'll do you think this could play. In Europe if you vote requirement as a arsenal other area its labour union customer experience. For a hotel company of our size and just for healthier than our formula we have with anyone who cover apartment coupled pipeline. A very small company we would. Do do do do these things we would have to go with the fact we would not be able to do that ourselves and number one. Virus either company improperly inflated the bubble of outside its optical. Armed and on the number two they would be a right either my mind it is important that we do these things because we see. Of those what was being gay jointly engage more with the customer whether it's. With one on one end the reservation cross their sorrows at the check in a Mattel ordering the hotels their whatever. People are intently at their happiness fills a lot of better. Acknowledged. It had interactions with avatar. So not only from a revenue perspective but again if you were about have you have to soldier to have the customer happy on the in this case arms it doesn't fit in the title of my life. And is just a question of who is the best part of the bill with our integrated into great if your current business models. Are maybe a result of our companies at a question of how much likely to defy all revolve for example. That as the two sides to. Going with or without a fight like there's. By my number one obviously we provides a focus obviously what the so we think you adjusted your destination we can't do as a Contra tap have a look at here. And we during the commission from. For if I ever a proud that has fired on three days a week what with that rather. Audiences another hotel at around I could also put my average price on the web site like that haven't integrate the people's. But I maybe if that on average about what they were now one point at which point. Voters many different ways we're. Eight. If you have. You know fund that they are worth more or not what are that leave what you might think you know. That effect. We've often. Flynn embedded as big oil now below that will work with apple by one of there that. Are you by I think. Because if you will move forward with is lift. In the hall fund. The fact that happen over. Here flee for VoIP that. And nobody could be that you know like that it had all of the with. And leave a lot of forgetting that our father but will the lift. Phil. And you think well offended that a lot of for the better happen by. I think that it you know visit. I think hopefully we've really put those who need. Our. There's 150s The Who have earlier that thank you if should be. For nearly girl who thought. You move that will part. Buyer. You. Feel a nearly a leading model. They fear. Menu worst fears of having them fill up. We're doing probably pay off if we think that. Really that amount overview leave. Well I will probably move into that before they do they have that they could happen. Harbour beef you do below that led him. Van. The other Merck. Our. But all of them are available topic. What we've that word wonderful. If you if you wish him the impact of the wanna be your work with the the world yes add back for just by having that have opened lower than. And I definitely football I think lifted that really believe we'll give birth defect. Value in recent check done much the customers they've really help far you are which you know. Find out if it personally but I think they're just gonna keep going with their intensively. OK you know driving ancillary revenue. Are we five with a particular stream they won't work picked up by one is of the overall are. Far more well with within mean that there are we've been hearing about the last couple days. The other planet is there in more hours maybe happening we mean by the pair. The hope now what we're far. We expect I mean you know flow that they've had a so you know in the reason I bring that happens then there's a wider research that's been done hit of the first again showing that flared in the chip. Is on what's more fire and especially visible lesions weakness. For the look at Canada particularly if you basically for the underlying which is saying it would have involved well in the rapidly but during explained but also. Are looking at it can serve your (%expletive) used to have. Your. Am still we've somewhat. So always somewhat analyst we have been working with what you're fastest. To pool while EP I. To get what apple sold yes you have that loyalty part of the more wire years you have flipped through the Czech team. We've really been able to call into with the more wire. But by what is very often that we issued its. People wanting final what do current property so. Oil production arguably it saw heat indices should we be under a limited really used to be curious. What you can do soul and what especially in injury our. One of the main reasons why more well yes such high penetration terms of travel planning and research in this. Symbian Bangkok Manila. Jakarta. You're stuck in traffic jams so after submitting our still. Rather watch videos is a Bentley strip towards a more modest. Very important channel for awful travel distribution Asian. On. Basically these now under review or eleven stages our one medium we have is if we have beam ladies. I'll be do we tell you about confirmation email and you have access to see on the facility amount would have been holding up so. This is still view Irene Lewis speaking when somebody comes would have known that peaceful before. And the what do investor yet politically under lock them alone then I think they're going you know. Now in the Woodbury I had just give an example low of these simply they simply go late bonds would airlines. And act you obviously had a legacy that but by the end record them. I I read his eyes scan down and start over the cheapest bare the cheapest there was Korda ranked. I read for the scored the upside and our. The first link which was that the banking was fine for me. And on the second bid so the first thing asked me was. Would you let a I think people insurance policy would let ensured a bigger. They tender their sort of bailout doubt it makes sense to ensure that. So picked up insurance. Then begin the bureau put option offered new welcoming options the standard me this order that the economy is it dollar or six dollars. So your arm me being me Al was given the well me. An additional six others where no harm. That the experience will source seem less and garden. It was in the next the next doctor Matt had lost Kevorkian's extras B is our has ever problem with speeds in their legs especially partly through. And Earl elect spaces something we've at least stall. It wouldn't believe it is towards the end. So don't take an interview there's been picked that up along that gambling business last. Pick it up. And personal it's early Barton. Manson the revenue combat in getting these. Underway and take quite a back this bank Manuel really feel for the minutes into the upside I'm quite limited for the assessment. Are on. So well by the acting so you know we're test well leaks. Excluding commitment that's what happened we and broadly covered under the process of booking. Words that end. Begin here that our option. I think. Items were part of a. Had some ancillary you know bigger deal plaques. Are alarm. What's the things come may together that's a leaping at intellect. With epic but the place I actually found well. That's ever been more then there's British aerospace for the seems. But but that's how I lot of things happening you do. I think that is what big did better than Woodard with the added value might. So I could see really clearly available I think what I was adding value I think as we're building new pool. Do that better I'll hold the adequately realistic. Harm if you asked if the ball popped up motors and whom you see value in that level you'd think you'd think that experiences. Were being that is available. Figures you with you really get that. And I think I'd bet you differentiate away early years. Ha be yours bill on bet Ed they're they're worse than their bland compared. Ha been added value edit these stage and howdy howdy do in the quick and seamless manner. So the booking process it said should not be a long way it should be raised seem less. And embed the customers should feel that you've got about Europe but I had to wait amid a hundred global going. But ended up making want to you know. But only lay bet event with a process an iPod. I think that the value could be. OK go up there I mean think about there was a calmer this morning. Are on their you know one thing you're OT derby viewers they think is looking at night interested if anything happens. Insult means that you would get no way a website to set out of the brain that iron. What you wrote Buckingham wrote. And that's it and in which we believe in it and personally. You wanna look at you know the airline industry and ancillary revenue growth of how industry we have I think staff and me. They're very creative with what they sell are but they have the if it went up after myself I think you're gonna remember. That we knew that I think we'll mine. We do something I'm with people but it will actually. Arm we would lose something which ran a matter of wanna mention that have so what we're doing to better because I think the fact that very very likely was cause but so is Spain is. And what yeah like any good of the budget airlines they're not seen. They do of course point of putting whether or not the first point of my book that five on staff and if you look at away because our tell for a to a you're putting pressure that we have you. Nancy we confine outside into other stuff. So we're not even sure up the value that we can potentially off Q because we haven't buddy can you why we don't know what you want we don't know why you're here. And that's why we have to do the wrong way around. So the airlines and I think we should point and that as a as the hotel industry and much more clever or even applying. For a giving you the options before for stuff but you really want and Eastern Europe who fit inside out because I can bet is that he got a different display orders than I would have got. Off the extras just because of the way there but because of you know what I hope we're employing all these kinds of things turning out not adjustment which who traders booking. And that that's where I think we need to view what. Like every anything else that you look added value of the customer experience OK for our youth an in Netscape weighed weak when they get their vote. Now is whether you get you know. They get this. What if anything are. We immediately if I don't mean you your company will collective efforts. How can these that use this are to help people I think he added that the thing that happens closely and eventually they give oil demand. Adding staff. Then you know I will now. But somehow we could happen if we use this feed your disfigured rival part of that during that time. We do not do that fly Q. Driving FA that for the customer experiences offered. I would say near term. So for instance race all oil Yasuo Nolan Brent event website you yourself into poverty. To like about. Then obviously in the equities offering year. Renee five or customers panel were guilty. Property fuel bundle up to have not last forever transform a question putting that off bias of new Euro struck. Phil for ten dollars mark my client will step. Period end operator's. Debt deal could possibly be. Not much more value with over ten dollars but then you're able to cover up your your read over the church salty depth review we. The reverse we offer. After any ends delivery revenues. And got into top post booking by S part of. I think I'd been better deep belief who. Why because alarm. In added a big amount exam but when the skies and a Ahmed at a lot of audience. Partly billable a currently the bank behaviours. That it will will plummet asserted in a negative outlook here I'll add such broad end. The foot click added fuel is obviously M that the spear got a higher is the lowest place. Are irrespective of the packaging the lowest base it firstly. Somewhere along the beginning experience bit toward the bad effect. I'll. Do what other than red tape amenable their bid but will it. Because we still have something bad car either don't have we have well unprepared because of the review so. You short obviously offer something good deal on bad with so. That you're not laughing. Anywhere saw. People who be able to receive might be jewellers my hood temperatures. Much. If the bank does. Much more point and then one might call on Jan along on its looked down on the day. And that's how you view that exclude. Arm. Endeavouring expediency and people captured the get. However if you if if this year a basic UN obviously our. The ensure better. Our best place is on our website. Ink is a guess that's C. Law they somewhere else that if any area last week. Harm. Still hit that customer is now well the Wii cool jet Roderick say M and doubling down less if you value. I'm. Bad said. The new permit in place badly. Cost items. Palm. And I'll get. More about the actual hard on let's say envoy to would have events we've ever users in my opinion a bunch of our well. Our exclusive event benefit and were quite different video of the. Will it kind of related today here gaming file. If you if you had against flow revenue earnings hit is available to fund giant currently view that kind of power I. Who good good question there is. OK we've Cuban got back to reality scares but if for example if you look at just purchased that is value bundle when you book your flight they've chosen a fight. Convention as a value bundle right yeah either choose ultimately got park more through the prosperous life like most advanced with. Or you can say for thirty dollars more you give Florida more OK if you exceed prior QQE. Particular brand of likely age whenever there's so in general lifetime when you bundle. Probably not the only one when I travel that things like that if there are three items in the Bible there might be one that had not need a lot like. Which depending on the value although the price point of a bundle on my by the by Bob might opt for sometimes I'll buy the thirty dollar by the because yesterday the luggage but the likely age. Another with a prosper and our pipeline difficulty preservation might target a different. On. Again. What I want to say about that we need to and I think. Two girls become much of any hotel website does is that involvement. We need to know who does that booking what they want before we can tell within a bundle staff rather been offered by car. And that's if that's a critical thing no matter we have that knowledge we have two point. I think I think the hours in the review ordered by lynx will back you know. But no deal they can get an issuer is battling back bidders idea who saw. But in now the question is what actually do see your money back at what your guess think there's back of the year letter earlier yeah. Our Reuters. The guess who's putting place. It's that added that you need to have me that element. And I think. I'm you believe in the up bird that our public wave will be Barbara will let Leonard because you're this dinner don't have better targeting at the bargaining bidder. I'll. If an answer having covered station last year with. A senior VP of revenue measured from the area. He was saying fifteen years from now going to be looking at the way we put up with health and that's. Because we don't even know how much they're spending another item of the house of if you give it would basically just a never really be so like me they feared they just did everything we make added that they would be doing. Indeed we've because they're looking at beginning back. You know if we if we actually did their self renewal there's there's precedence spends much of the as Britain has spent this much fire. There were looking up will affect the for different so if we're now. I mean without. That either would likely not we're doubling of their career and feel very traditional oral. Dallas collar traditional no way of thinking around these things. I'm. Going to one quickly outbid go into a tell whether it's what our five currently available today Navarre. Ever recorded it on killing. So I think we need to look at our pricing is Libor make that either call the dollar more expensive than the 7-Eleven. Hole by hole wide everytime I come back from one what you know about car. Pulled out of the afraid almost like a buyer so we need to be very clever as well for more. Be realistic in how we price of different things that we have if you want to increase your revenue in the new movie that way is not to Florida everywhere maybe to get your price point right there was not. I have faith let's do something that there was a final question on the final within its readiness in fact regularly bring that out. And if that would pick a mean you see that. Terms of the view that had a profit in the future if so so if they are by. How Nokia and Germany's gonna change the question about arm we fell plaque that Italy revenue you see there. Are the potential for their varying by market segment by nationality. Saw windows of the ancillary revenues. For what flights that's where you put Yahoo! travel insurance. I would car rental rate usually put those who done. Book your travel agent that these are current. To a small way you book your flights sea of mud with the virus. You're totally freed two weeks before you get their ideas for things to. Possibly we before saw. For Asia in particular right. For the markets like India China. The course of the knee to actually secure. These before the travel Saud booking patterns are very much you know right. And the tool bull. We really time for our things like holly it ever so. For twice before our fly to Asia we did not have debt of volatile well vacation time as compared actually Europeans who my F. 20/20 five DC years reflections or we have maybe possibly 42 if you lead. Everyone picture you know. We get the best poster put us day ending the materiality of the best experience. Still Asia's ten to prix where people. Whereas for a perot's. We're seeing work for European customers do tend to be more booking whites differ right investor change. That just so we defer that difference over the market. Under terms of just different in you mentioned China India with visa issues but I mean united Euro yen. In the Philippines Malaysia I mean I've noticed any difference in the that among other countries have different growth from the third. I want a Moines client into the second and usually team. China India ahead. Last year and a major circus in Russia we are able to travel across boy of views every. So there is not so much is for us for customers flock from China India who really do you know visa to travel which. It's a hold of an opportunity then you know if you everything that's coming from their intent of driving flow revenue during booking exactly Urich. And hear what about in terms of your business growth with regional. That way that. There but. Litre gap. I think musician biggest opportunity for severance. Relatively. When we. We recently did a study on our club runs a rollicking for example actually by the problems. With more than fifty profound. The majority on the tape available on our fell. 5050% of US. We always bottomless corporate. If corporates are more and more going moorish recover their loved climbing only this week we had a letter from whatever corporate accounts saying. That we cannot sell some send any more pre arrival emails to their coverage. Flannery takes away an opportunity for us to sell for the corporate market that would never happen Weatherly Japan's. Is because one of the so don't tell me anything that can do with my state you know not done anything that cannot announcement of the corporate they have stripped restricted travel policy is. And they know that some other travel likely will buy up because they get the feel like Leno in the now starting to say slowly. That organised big ones do so may people lining. Feel rightly. Talk for a polluters can become one more important is for these revenues for. Learning I mean for the there's there's there's a weaker refining would you put your business I think that's nicely. Media. For a Serbia something the majority would be leader but we are sort of seeing quite a lot of comparable pics. Solar just two weeks ago we had. Cochran being off to a tickets for that Wetherbee unlike. Right so terrorists Stuart huge potential for a pretty well while brokers just like yes. The experience but it showed the tickets to destinations. Of humiliating exercise of share until I'm Phil. A bearish a huge wealth particularly in terms of their four coffins. Who will. I think go wrong. Especially since everything on their views is blamed the way you know between added the bank was leisure roles properly it was fun for. Our aren't Clinton extended its be I'm. What we must ensure that investor would bind the apocalypse either restricting. Exposure we actually revenues. Our but why we must build ensured that. Oil that point target worked providing that it be like you up silly. In our vendor guest XM I do you have that kind of bandwidth. To ensure that are you yes. Yes I've said delivered a pre election. And hence is explained that services. Are you a low if you it replete open him before were able arm. Is. Is available options availability available for up upset category is. That there sponsored that would I had he had any election review. Are oil is a penalty of you have nine election before coming in everything depended project. Our. So lighting designers want to believe it as were about having lost billable everywhere now live benefit. Our. Who ensured that girl. Whatever talent we have whatever facilities we have not believe me pick guest experience much better I viewed it as only now. The guests can be actually upset limped wap problems. I think it's quite obvious that. I that I had ever used homes have a higher satisfaction score. And he obviously on more money. To a tvind into Jewish part. A lot of questions about the kind of battle it out at job at that point. Subject in become that particular point I think I think ever occur on morning mentioned. Are. Before that over the head actually laid out doing check in before labour. And it doesn't really well I think adding that's something we could be good because. You're missing out on one particular bad wine. Well segments that comment that you exporting would have. While I disagree I mean I think you're quite they've had firm I mean in terms of that's a touch points that I would argue that they guessed double life. Are so we want to park their we want to sell them today. And they won't get their entire community immediately if their units in different you know quite different dynamics going I'm here that I mean how do you still well below what exactly just kind of route that weren't armed so I'll give you between Q hotels apple because somebody so fit or fat cats. And self how do you think in that we're then US we don't think there still will enable service flooded the world yet but after some debt. Are but how do we you know kind of about their how do we view the apps now I do we do is adjust itself sort of thing as effective. Move to where it's that it will just be much work that Bob out of I have before on Sunday that. Europe. You're gonna find just defiance anything. Work. The bonus paid jobs but I was just I was just thinking when Europe. As compression I think he would as the biggest ancillary revenue stream and probably in most of our hotels that. That would further exceptions for multiple hotels reflect. Britain has as the biggest point how many times have I've been motel where somebody has taken into viral trouble for the role. Can I explain the review. Rates on including breakfast for dinner resale Eurostar including breakfast you know what it delivers voucher for a twenty dollars on me you can have your breakfast included nobody's ever done. I'm throwing none of Europe tells you have. In the ruling prospects for a tough. An old thinking OKU haul hope for would it be if we have some big health tick before we a lot of things before suspect is your trust organised Singapore over. If there as a representative. At yeah for an even if there are people arriving that have not want to transform a but just hand out mobile devices buffer hotel toward advisers here on the way to the hotel. And you books not take tactic to decapitate the more what I like that would help find a way to the put off. Look at what the item you can actually really check into a room on the mod adviser when he gets of the hard for the hotel just. Got reception handbags and again if you endorse that but at the same time you can have effects of when you get your review wanna have a amber for arguably the booking restaurant. So many opportunities that we got it. It's also again and that unsurpassed anywhere near the front that's different outlook is bigger than one that if others that are now being you know I think apple will ball game. I think what you think I'm an interesting going to be your ads and it's what could you actually. Better you know as people is building action now. Our flow or you know what we're gonna put out a divided by the year. If played right into play that revealed that actually have yeah. Still on its books all we're in discussions through some would have tutors will. What do whitest our productive on the television chef affected TV. Because fairer picture you know hotel welcomed into. Well there's a achieve. Very car. That it will unity. My employer not heard shortage into around the. People who just talk with the SR I think you've just. Just quickly on the view. But is not only opportunities instrument attached into thinking. How can we really monetise without incurring more costs forage. Cos if you're thinking off right. Now it prefers an archived on the other assets related to operations Rachel debt incurred fuel costs in that was afraid to. Generate ancillary revenues white Rodgers. Do something externally. Certainly could get capital Jeremiah injury revenues easily will include costs later. I think home. We all saw I mean. It's a lot of oral polio interface technology and how much the guest wants to interact with their technology we are also looking at a big argue their bin bay. Are on. But guess get Emmet BM five link we talk beloved lake map. Demand within the fiscal and it's all your other. Our but that's minds on Yamaha Warner either bad. I think. Obvious. Having different guess if and segment of guest do virtual strip that the big argue differently. Back. The need to give him that option and I think arm. The bottom deeper into fee this technology might touch points. And make them much more efficient part in them yet I think there alternative immediately that I'll give more exposure were ancillary. And secondly how we make our access to that absolutely more easy. M I think out of the waters Bailey if technology. I think that you know you if I'm sitting here is no we're far. And what I would be saying that for the year was so how you can view this and so we think about it the way. There in revenue and energy then is if we do rooms in nearly doubled they're divided they have hits the mean for the rock classical there at a either you're receiving carping about it had you get it finally get it done and haven't changed peeve people's mind that signing adding I don't mean then you then now. Doing just for a while I mean how you get hardly change you team of mild rally change with houses that for the they've actually. I'm sad to do this. The company also dovetails is the easiest part. Because typically we have a lot of young people working at the top of very mobile savvy today so as soon as the commander of one of these examples of this is what we're going to do you know. You're gonna put this more what are by the placement the first. Technical solution both to drive more revenue. There'll be very willing to do that. The bigger challenges for the generation and our to a company that we all work and that is not somewhat faster and we have to convince them because they don't see the opportunities of how more Bob worked together. What you can do I you can drive how can. Use that technology to really drive a perfect fit for that's where my challenge yeah figure might come. And so then again the people but. With people. All over that the audit would be that a bit odd and even senior management in many cases senior management turnover takes out. In twenty years' time I think every five but then again twenty Atlantic not just move on twenty years of so you know we're just we're always going to have the same Dahlan our. The senior team. You know an inner hotel company if you like throughout our company is going to be the post them yeah that looks like all the ones less tech savvy with a current technologies. So you would always have to. You see younger generation in Europeans through. Together banning get enthusiasm so I think you need to worry the other way around rather than going top down in many cases lenders continue to go the other way around the technology. And it's a bit later on their agent is then that I added six units. Yeah yeah yeah that's you know one. OK Angela how fair and then adding and then your credit added later we will get up to that of the youngest at Everest knocked up. The German energy use by people could happen that I would have roots that. I mean you know eight look at it seems Edwards guiding you likely know study headed back in 2000 and it 2000 whether. Are you have to accept visa doesn't know if the recession was almost like revenue benefited discovered if there was a move. The interactive revelation that you're really but bizarrely other revenue streams have fueling. Well do you see that over owners have the energy you see them being an afterthought that you see them you know. I mean buildings our. The look out as if if there's substantial bottom investment of course below the question effect way. If you get in defeated with our substantial part of investment and surely dance early events or bleary who thinks he does have beaten by lifted their final vote out. We'd like who shore leave ends. And an incident our people they've done bloggers who saw if you getaway malware on that investment made quickly arm. I think everyone would sort of be convinced to put this leads. Are our bet I'd even is they really difficult. Benton span of everybody is wage bottom. But legacy before the letters MM time absolutely. Because we've got quite a few live industry. Abdel hoard their owners want to have a lot of base better. Saw anti revenue becomes more important and particularly your doctor before it becomes more important so arm. As mentioned earlier ban and is joining issued over actually. At being at. Who'll buying please you're liable bio oil profit when it got operating profit. Are you need to have a look at that. You've been so if the technology is coming few Adam barely law passed a Bill Barrett Olympic abysmal valued allegedly. I don't particularly easing oil. If you think using a kind of profitability. Then you can liberal ladders. For the of the things that it right if you think it's gonna be. Coming from the policy think it's going to be coming from the pockets. If the kids in the future. He. Not as a tough as a tough question to answer about the deal will couple I tell you honestly that's gonna come from a tough because that is where people see the opportunities for revenue streams and bill. Think of them fell apart consult how come we grab that revenue stream alchemy. More efficiently drive that revenue to be I think a lot of the things will come from the hotel. The question is. How effectively an organisation who said of the communication to reach to a level where the decision could be made. And that that's a critical part. If a parent would go short of the diamonds and there's a law by the plane be I think our but are down. Wish ruby short boom in the back end of our. Revenue was. Yes services benefited select nightclub owner of the fact that the hotel's fitness like that hoteliers. Are on sale with gap now with the week. We've via. But so if price minus mining. Is doing very most likely that a lawyer we apply the cdma stake of C chair of the year by the name now instantly by. Read about our price now actually we filed in cable. And effectively located now they've dad that's that patients have been looking tables 95% like chair viewers. Founded gap that their hedge. And menu after her future with JR are provided. Are the chance with past they're providing now. I do well it is buying it for you that's right rather kind of level. So. What we'll need CE. Oakley is playing. In that limit their enemy you're wearing away as a buyer because flat with the here with air but added any fear that the key is getting in far you know. I think even involve if the with our other revenues of. Huge. And I think huge but I think the model what changed slightly. Provided that the in the in after hours Rubino one kind of model based on the rooms bonds part of our China hasn't really been a lot of our. Ancillary revenue streams and everything else (%expletive) job package and a but not in a very structural way of online so I think the models like to change. Finally. Sure I'll. We have actually well with Daniel spaces with replicated the model adopted by your T usually people conduct car. Widen yield Contra supply you quite cool prices kept. Still. Mean I mean there is a hospitality we're out of deeper trouble pointed years rates so it's clear accurately. And partner battalions there. If you were to your goal. To invest your money net PPM there so will our current assets or it. It or not of attorneys I've given you average Hoosier energy tax there you know. But. If you support this solution may strain of Austria where get access to a argues. Risk management tools area being yeah I'm quite rude and just. Source of this report sourced as part of the business. And smart earlier formally to. The tractor. So why in CC. Will call came to help me do. Search engine marketing optimisation. And additional market commodity spread is going to be a challenge or assist large area but you priced at a penalty in. And keeping a call. Shalit who was the industry we'd still. Like I mean. I just once one player will do feel right so that's just what we mean we're doing as well saw giving up our technology helps to the providers of cooking Klaas. Will play a role what the Iraqi operation you know be. So let forth a yes lowered ten or TA coming up to us activities totally it's a well. The volume not walking the comes from my system. End debt again became emotional that revenue you know its recommendations commission rates. I think again some. Albeit obviously we believe we're quite well organ Daewoo is Q within our US on this chance and now Ortiz a dispute being. Our you know would elementary. But what we've seen has there ever be a big disruptions in the diamond market. They were the world challengers challenges then came on the intelligent. Bet it would marketing expense. Some then comes make a search. Now made us so much maybe consider that the competition of these is thumbs up regarded as being. Vidal in the substantial marketing spend the supplier over the law is to place. Are embedded disruption. Alarm. Morgan misstep M I'll now. Will the view biggest customers but will that amateur player albeit late you know. People are meant no Expedia. But Morgan may step in then maybe it there are enabling it. I'll be missed Ibis link below its place bail out our inventory. Arm that we've become one deception. For everything legal purposes substantive change Euro. I don't know if CM Meyer Anglo comes routine Yana such documentation with change. Are. And everything depends on how all our customers hurting so. I think it depends Opel were to meet debt will include a diamond market which have been thank me from las guilty of which the having me. By early two disruption what we must be prepared is our own. We should be for August hardened. Like being. Our hello stage and the spears did bid we'll leave the as a blank gamble away I think that is our business and that is the god all of you must have. Are on bad said if you who blew away and been exposed would be replayed video experience on our reps say. Are people would start a small. Our and that that is that is how we read that of the business and if you do we wait a bit so it's people who become great there was big comeback were. Arm. So I C a saw bitterly manner so we will do our by opening V should what we've beds. Turn down any questions from the highest accuracy because it was a very outbreak might Miami's filed so Harlem. I don't really question. If you. No our. Well I hope I have I have a question of why. Our neutrality and that I'm nick people. And I am. I'm saying if you aren't what they are. But hardly giving it. With Jen really adds though that a living difficultly. Picture. These metrics arm. If you issuing a substantial link these. On the last domestics are your meeting of merger with. That obviously is aviva additional metric betting Boeing. Why people look upon paper is. Just if you and the lays were Plano businesses are more popular wireless optical. You're not afforded beverage businesses might better off people look of the business. Our. But is doomed so is as popular service on Israel proper job as popular especially PE that's fine now. That ever be is what we bank Olympic bid in a allow processors. And basically delay is. Even even if it will fund marketing what kind of well bang per buck you know getting in marketing their spine. Our operating groups appears offerings. In now. Obesity including the pop your father eight and so I think it's proper what's as profit and revenue was never. Again don't be evil. But we are well I think he added we'd like. The figures as an issue I think you're one hotel and you know what must have felt really hard. Because you know what one. Economic and what it competition people with which. We have no polio tells. We've only hotels were for a very benchmark rate by conceit that perhaps that fixing the poorest. Excellent job opening game. Coverage of the restaurant. That's what they're doing what is the best practice zone top brass top out but there's a lot of pent right. It's looking wise we're. On top. That's that's where ads are absolutely really evil. Yeah. All that access to that they don't look at that the growth was. And possibly child but I think the good old. I think people you'll. Think you're good owner. Should constantly challenge their operations. You know marketing teams have so long. OK tonight that our board for this. We've it by 68 Lexmark I think. That at some point oh expected. I had issued this I think you know coming up with a benchmarking for that. Can be. Filed in the living working and never aware off now than ever about getting you the the other part of the thirtieth benefits that you know we Britain via this morning. About you getting away if just you know put you where I think. Just room RN. Flow really getting a fan of double Europe and I'm going to hit the dollar this time. Our nice day out of underlying oil Europe where it is better if there's another. Army and right now I think that's really idol we've see if you don't have that information. We have we that we don't we don't have an information we. And again to fight for an from fire company will really we have about a current I think if you don't have about fork out in just over balance corporate. Because innovation you have all these metrics we're about sixty receptive iPad for the balance corporate. On different areas it could be a non on the road because you know practically have become housekeeping you know. Kitchen staff wherever there's growth for capping accuracy we're top. So unique that balance well I don't mind at least you can see who is doing well not doing what it can learn from your on properties to start off with. Before there is even benchmarking outside of year old company that can be much tougher. Armed there are. Opportunities for benchmark outside a mean you can for example see how would you Forrest of others in a few days because they can help with all kinds of stuff but. If you want all these other into the area of just think at this point. Do internally about what press open benchmark. O Philip finish up one question. Nine. The phone opulence by various is that I'd say we're sitting here five years from now having the same discussion is being played thirty emphatic five. Well when baker with the discussion going Vienna flavour of the well I think going to be what we're winning we're just prediction how things develop here. How to reduce will. If a. I think. I think with that I think technology is. Is the key arm. And how we interfaces with our own oil element of the guest Eckert. I'll once we're gonna go about. I think began now stop whining about our video chewing on my. You're. That they really important. You was it now are. Gaps that end and is now. Give the best guess a bit XP. Harden for winter oversold but I would say something like remember when the only thing booked online as a taxi. Foreigner mobile phone and now look at the clever things all these things that your booking online. Arm. That the factory was probably the first. Regular thing just add a booking online that there be sold when it. It as lead added there is scientific. I'm so wouldn't they have not played its back five years from now playing with the view that it might hit them hard. Here and. You know by. Very open it's interesting that your last question was you know we're what would really seeing five years from now. Our I find that 101215. Years ago we you know we head similar conversations one ancillary revenue. Forward delves. Analyst who offenders in discussion. Are on one thing I've time. That is stopping of stalling the process of selling interlude revenue at the booking process. Is technology. Our portal web site's technology haven't gone to a level where there. Airlines say will become the up selling the this changing. Our marketing its you know the dollar is putting up their seven reps I've ever seen a broader. The problem is even when their capabilities there would tells us still marketable themselves really aligns their souls we are heading you know. Q1 F breakfast lineup we will buy just the weaker selling. Is not of the sophistication of the airlines have done I think. United content ended we have we have what we felt. Like there might be. After part of the reason they're theory doing the view of the world I that many different. They differed revenue stream that they have their. The other questions about. This act of bad. I think technology I'm the bad here 25 that's excepting picked argue becoming cheaper now. Since everything is on the cloud. Delphi technology has made technology as a well. Way to. I mean. The anything song I investors who you're our. Farm. BM airs the new B matters coming M. Our. There's that there is a deception and pick my view on top. Property in. The kind of bothers you needed a spread again toolbar. In lord in light of these technology that becomes. Cheaper and our first consider. Either a lack barrier that half empty and our short builders. I would hardly anything big technology was once saw. Would have us VoIP excepting those technologies. Our own. The people that are that mr. argues maybe maybe you can say tipping here. But all of the analyst dollars. The studio system clients and their advertisers. You know are quite worried then. Slowly slowly receded is happening and I'll especially because I think we hard with our we think. I I is being bet things would be much faster I accept it took argue much faster. I'll be booby commonly didn't recover necessity. And it's easier faster exhibit. Only to comment a spell. You're you're pro rated at the technology costs have gone down very still. Yet to be held later work with you because I think if you. The cons she actually to a selectivity is up and running in trio set normal course and our integration is that by my team. And their retirement sick so for instance when someone signs aren't we are Wi-Fi shows we have stood at age. So let me get as a revenues from each booking. Tool that something I ever it would. Where you end for me IPO Depp for one hot earlier. I think you re loop for 102030. Look at this as a so bets that were reviewed preview the cost of technologies really really. Any questions or plan. Phil thank you very much below about our position and our global pullback by YouTube announce that we are they here.

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