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Mon, 8 Jun 2015|

Catherine Gilvarry, Head Marketing APAC, Hostelworld - George Cao, Co-founder & CEO, DragonTrail -James Tan, COO, JetBay - Rex Tan, Head of Account Management, Baidu International discuss how you should prepare to enter the Chinese market.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. So how we've just won three introduce yourselves your company about what you're doing of his. My hope hate either way. Blackberry is ever Hathaway star come. Well underway and that the where its leader in providing online reservations perhaps down. Well aware of the back 80000 properties in the relatively easy country. And flight and pat available in nineteen languages I guess you also like me act Japanese Chinese thank Harry you. And we. Are the bulk sample inland and F bank we provide online booking plane. You people familiar accounting going to every country. We've had our fill specific to China I guess they've had enough in Shanghai fly at 89 it. And an ordinary folk aren't resupply flights at 88 hours under the troubled acquiring a disappointing. Properties throughout Asia and and then might specifically in the back to eighteen months and sell what am I took a position and head of Asia. Either let the company fare. Very very long time pointing that yes I think that really young in this day and age. And flight M I'll I were over ten. And then back eighteen months ago I decided particularly challenged and get me back quite challenging quantity. And felt he had not if I look back at nine untimely UK Japan and and thalidomide key focuses on the demand side. Let's. Everyone hope. Geometry from April so we read I'd always India's. Region like Singapore and southeast Asia has powers many view as other countries. Saw. Please believe me how Dirk. Region or car companies to view the addition of reference in China without needing guidance does better. George. From our dragon scale interactive where a China based. Digital marketing agency we receive we have about three focus is. Where a 100% focus on I'll offer clients are out other organisations destination is auto companies Carolinas where dog are us. Our you know oil companies like that. Second our focus. Is a China. I'll buy it C boxing and China me we four gears are marking food marketing food and is customs. Sort car power you know clients region connect our we've. Up PowerPoint and its customers outlined. That period of focus for us it's really hard is it Ian near the company is really technology. Soul we do marketing using you know it's still our methods. OK and James. Morning. Equity. Pick up yeah really who pay. A the latest. No back. I just realised their asking prices car combining rejoin now on the Singapore etiquette help Comex are now fronting up our bank beating beating. Let me just very quickly see white sale last one minute soul debit of the world's lightest. On my travel research a bookie and bet on what China. Our Forbes magazine recently quiet. Say that we dramatically increase as options whatever's going into China. We are Silicon Valley based buyers we have because of the nature of our business we are primarily beta beating. We are also now point out to set up rep officers as long in beta such as Singapore. We have a range of expertise it. I think about W you obviously have been site of Danish. Chinese consumer. Plus about. What they do what they like. How is well. You know we only tactic. And Asian debt and then I think. I'll give Chinese vendor we attack balance of quite at least. And united at the top ten destinations act times cuts amid talk. Three in Niger and seven earlier filled inactive because Chinese have absolutely. And bail out so. Act so what I have pointed at the bottom of the price point scale and web interestingly for me manageable if Israel. Packed with customers and that necessarily looking for a chief of Ken Lewis FF and you know if you take Riyadh on their minds back in. And a she answer real what we need to do it children now hundred there's enough pipe and other conjure up and mind you know 25 F diamond miner big can easily. And you know we work but immediately after the pilots rumours which is certainly more by the Chinese customers that can find. And and then we'll also. Well with our half of intellectual or whether the Chinese customers comes up pretty. That they catering for their client suddenly you know have if it on the Chinese big head they have a Chinese fact sheet effort. Perfection is simply a sympathy with. But it just shell like everybody going the extra mile elected to cater for Chinese customers to sell out. I don't I don't actually forget about tenured customers highly mobile vocalist and we didn't have a law by a specific car range for the Chinese market until Q4 of last year family lines at fact and Chinese eyewear and I sat and you know within a few weeks if the Chinese and green and gold jumped into position three imply for a highway down. And at 8 event live chat be conducted a good place to work out doesn't have a elevated in the Chinese perhaps Ambac itself in light of the nine Chinese and that it jumped for a giant nobody can find them. It fell back something where we're working on their. But yes certainly very mobile bulked. Am they tell us plan ahead as much as they can. You know decades have packed in Korea Japan they tend to be more open to talking with. You know closer to their right time. Am yesterday's dramatically coincidentally. With any nation they Arun and any checking week we do business do we need to focus on the wider items because. All of the Chinese have any of that I have mentioned yet is it attractive earning less and less well it did you give China even though Lenny have. That backtracked late in allied interior fell week we see an opportunity exactly within southeast Asia and took to quell that question back. Assess your customers are millennial it's relatively wealthy. Not to test for the deal. Yeah and I think. Quiet fewer of them. Have primarily been to Europe and a whiff of the star package to act in a hit ten cities in fifteen days. And if elected cheque at where China but it definitely not eliminate the elect a more independent. Try something different opened saying enough. OK thank you Jim you obviously have a he sucked. And select your has a huge huge. Audience on buy it can give us an insight into into the child's instrument currently rank now I'm in China. Forward curve population is about one point four million. Human population but on the Internet population is off 3% wishes Ed 615 live Internet populations. End I would say mobile but he is one of the fastest growing is currently at about marathon and you know. Which poetry for the past. You've investing a population by Philip Hampton. Yep sort that's how can be seen over China's use in desktop between its own board that we've that industry. I'd been posed a one for. Kit that order spending. For like walking on Larry Cohen thinks it is up it's about falls through. Seven EB mid. Finally saw that it's been above the shop be viewed at US. So can you either because it out because that mobile. You mean there enjoy the total Internet population that mobile won just a mobile colleges without wonderfully wanna hear that of the virus seventy. Munich where. Yeah it's very big right now N actually according the research found. Currently 777%. Of population especially research using more bark. NB HP. Using mobile. That's a huge huge difference will be heard earlier on the that. Yes correct thumb Chinese car quite. Open poppy honorary. Any illegal and amount forward does that really apply to travel products Spencer products or achieve your theory is stall home. It's like I think judgment alcohol each rally that saw weaker U silver fantastic at that allows people clearly what tickets available tickets you can. A lot of wonderful things. Yeah being your credit cut view of transferring ninety whining now either get top Chinese I'm. People ask initially we've got their friends are quite. Equity in that actually infect a veritable political bodies on my puma mobile payment in a bubble. You can confirm they can definitely pay for high value goods yeah by the mobile. Yeah they're really the people died and hundreds I think to have advised that in the Singapore market. Let me. Spending on online will think it around between desktop and more bar. The book value is about seven viewed. I'm. Saw about that it felt that even US yeah yeah that is what was your eyes get better mats but only going. You've been growing quite believe we're. Yet George do you have any insight that the Chinese consumer. Area I think. First revolvers are. Up. Such a thing I've Clark Chang is also a thanks for its. Are we where I've heard some you know what spirit opening up China's poorest poorest and the you know last recession. I think for every Chinese tourists that's happy where it taking a picture for nerve and attraction. And and and a shopping periods you know up to more rich and as far as what you know stay had a vacation aspire and actress joins. I think that this market just because of its site. Are you have to look at that you know the second issue to look at we segment Europe are giving the just looking at China's and his various. Or become mysterious as you know a couple of third but analysts are upset. Boston Consulting Group publisher are very interesting apps that a couple of years ago that I don't is taking off is still available on the website. Other very interesting segmentation. Analysis one of the best in the market I would say so but the market into three different segments they have. The business worked out I'll put out long. I have. In these are the people worry you know big picture is different of attractions for for a minute and hurry after bush upping. And these are the people that you can bubble had done a fire on the street as Chinese tourists. Other than you have the other. Segment you have more experience. That is still mass market buddies are the segment that have. More experience covering Iraq. Are you know these are the people would be looking for a vacation. More evident outside C. This dude you're not shopping. Are hot tub on this segment is going to happen more affluent segment which has a segment. Many many destinations and travel companies are going up and assessed the statement that people actually speed at. Moreover high and volatile actually dining out better restaurants. Are not the actually would spend the time. In the local community to really Laura got the inaudible cork archer. And you know what PR. The lord all our people's life is like. You have to be very very specific of the segment a terrific you know four down four hour for hour after world. Up or looking out there you know the younger generation pharma and not probably the experience mouth like effect. The first time about a bubble in argument is you know. Half will commit aboard we probably have not even gonna try Caribbean be a normal way or any of these services that just boiled. The year to outweigh its. But many have the the more powerful and our customers they would use the you know I eulogy old he is still the word cheese I want some more old. They would make aborting they would actually PLY back all the activities report online. When he arrived at that at the destination rental car you're just not outweighs any other experienced. International partners do. So I guess the point enemy is. As a big market. You need to like other segment are getting. Up before spent much time analysing that customers be. Because of the question about X the first ones giving special privilege payments between intermediaries thirty days and the travel suppliers. Is an issue do you feel a any insight on that point payments between eighty days or intermediaries and and the hospitals how'd you do that is it easy. A payment in generally not easy and sit at threat here. Japan Britain. The you know when we stacked it and polite factors specifically focusing entirely different value entertainment message it is going to be known count. We have never listed on an along piloted a war wasn't over and it came. And so how it's treated by the fact that 90% of the online payment then in China. And the and adding innovative leader F so we will now have high debt cup of onto the mobile that is precisely Bally total working and that Abbott paid. Payment day cruise you and I think anybody else apparently agree that. Am with or without payment between. I can adapt and that I'm afraid because we don't deal that plan but yet again if you don't have added pay and then with the likes of which actually ten K. And you can take my payment because he Edith. Of these. Have yeah that's specialist James. You bring people into China. Drivers are great at picking a market where white folks in the way around so well we believe that other are on market. It's every auction. I mean just at a self lockup might chuck I think not to put additional Chinese consumers enable the only George. There's different segment pictures of customers involved. Back yeah we write off oil consultancy. And is part of wallet generate the first not for Chinese consumer will hear some dispensable catch what exportable cash. You know wisely get level it could be modest what look at fields like that but will we will put a destination in the Eastern Europe. An M what we'll look at that annual margins was vacation. They've ordered America sought by its very definition we Hewitt is region are getting their new beats the wise well firstly our first wrapping up. And therefore we are picking up out of run a bit like what Rex S earlier mentioned. So there's a lot of ideas that I necessarily point we because facilities if people we have. All work. Our expectations. So we see that in momma that something debt market cap on. Guess that increasingly over the last one market we yes investors putting money in putting mom market. Which everybody views its alot more cooler for abortion compared Rick which an off domestic travel NR bar travel climate in white. China right now ranks at number four on a Moore's population models are popular in mark other raw and white US them when on the tree in Europe picked. Yen days Fries and Spain respectively. N the China itself. The China itself point embark foreigners point in bile it's only about 28 million. If you're reacting appoint one new VoIP testing or get ten million of his first point which you know what. And area China itself just treat and write a victory dance lighting by there's just not possible. Every impede economic time sent copper ivy U and beta test file it in America and Africa these numbers is just an overall. Talk macroeconomic conditions like pollution and its clients comfortable it we just got what Koran it probably get back. It's not when it is rather less upbeat in barker become. Sole C opportunity here indefinitely. And and the other thing that sums up the inbound covered seven reserve is there any. Called trend in the what what what what what to do business offer for how long they go for. If it's just so I mentioned that brilliantly lit investor foreigners coming in above back down a lot of fun I'll Hong Kong and now. How many people coming in sort collectively. These people have got his number eight offering thirty million a year. Because you know probably. I definition a lot of it would leave the alarm will be for business travel. Solve it business itself then. Just like it's your voice up poor in many probably is first then come to economic cuts come to that cultural finally Peters one. We have on the beginning of the call. And pattern you obviously for the Irish. Company at the beginning how positive I think for China because it additionally chicken fat if you manage it hadn't done so well I still there. The moment. Get active if changes aren't affected via live act like he said Doug Richard item that added. And the NAFTA and W can pay you know I'm you would not say the only female exactly who need demand and the pound. So it adds huge challenge and you know I think the fact we have enough air may just feel let it. Here we were able to take something I'm I'm nick and Nora Annan type and amount of lab but now. Even with with a pregnant air and medium and abandoned dogs and I think the time has come to put up with five underground silverjet and who came into today you can do any of this without having a physical impact. It shows commitments. Chills you know seriousness but a solid gain technology somebody actually found a lack acidity plays out but. Fell back and act if challenges and the reason I guess that I am doing what I think given the double life. Things like parasites and act in the act nothing in existence the site's content can hold to from outside of China and I have no right payment methods. There's a lot of Loc location where we need to do sell. For that year I guess side and putting all of these pieces in place to make sure that we tag team. Chinese customers left with something let me actually want to use an even Ambac that are enjoyed by fitting of the last month. And Denmark and in that part we have despite their client is still well ten. Website that we look like its Chinese of the western Africa you know provides the Chinese. And we're still Westin backed by the western nation that really doesn't mean huge amount of time. Citing we're back to enter the next phase where you know we need to look at custom building products for workers Chinese I don't am. Keep refrain to create considered to lack of active compared they could have been more different so we know that our where ten brand impact where can carry out. Purity and what you know more and more and establishing. Our Chinese power as part of the enough opportunities. You know. Cal oil at money out and it comes to China but sell you know we're aware that at developing something we do have a Chinese bank name on the wax and yet quite aware that I am just not cutting taxes. Think it's time we felt we had done entirely. Act is classified so don't try to prevent Citic I think you. Again the language please visit its Allen's two fold Yang I guess in summary we're eighteen month end and now we know how we dealt now which has guides. And and that kind of opening taking things time. So adored watching would cut and it particular we chat. I think our average actually picking the right approach. United to analyse that offerings and two to see them that the product market that. I think that approaches is some approach. You know offer something as simple as a website. Our many up western companies and you know you know even countries destinations. Don't realise how difficult it is properly working website inch. As not only that this he is also the not the content relevancy of the context relevancy. Whether review you have integration into FaceBook faeda worry you have integrating Kuwait war which add. Why are the implications of actually having. A FaceBook and Frederic IR you're on page. And why are the implications of actually having reserves lauded for man Zahn our web services. Is our most important things levels up of people on the stat is if anything you buy translate my weight side. Hoisted you know farm where you know people gonna act says that's you know kind of story that that doesn't work as I'm rather things that they have through. You know really Knoll are the details or to make things work you know I simple as. You know we're just getting website what. Are getting an apple word is also very different biggest source of the work. Is something that's company lip. Because you know FaceBook is now more akin part YouTube is not working we thought. But in their places you have way more M. Have weaker we'd add a reviving old single list are the biggest are social application right now in China. Our 530. Million monthly active users I think they have start publishing. Registered user numbers because that number is getting read it then pulled a number of Internet users. So this either published monthly active business getting up really big now. So everybody everybody in north about which. But even some corporate clients. I don't really understand what this piece really years is it you know is it what's that line if its board is it into abram-. Our what did it has almost feels like fun where I sit almost feel like business that a buy Iron Man and L. You know everybody is feeling fine available but doesn't your pocket. The way we find its way into our clients. Specifically above us up you know application is if have to look at. Look added at that kind of a different Li spread. And a very buyer and you have the communications clear there's the first in the first communication warrant in open communication. Abbas's where you can you can think you know I know we chap like wiretap a line. A veritable. Poisoned and text messaging. And works it. On top of that is the a socially. Out within weeks added using the leverage in its copper moments if used to China's very. Is carved up Hollywood chain. This as the source talk sort fully on the social Europe it's almost act like a fistful. It is people you know oil sharing information with each other pictures which currently view as you know articles and things like that. Our top of that the source clear yet clear that most people on all its aren't the media. Lay the media Lear is where are not companies set up your subscription Icahn's alternative funds. And they publish can't get on a regular basis if you have a subscription advantage can publish the message a bid. Up rock as the message today. And if you have serve as a kind of come published for messages are mark. But a lot of can't gonna produce honestly a million reserve you know sort hard up public becomes weaker. But at very partly as yet another clear about what people don't even hear this is what we are the connected connected with. This is the leader lorry used to keep your eyes become neck. In a hybrid car reviews EPS can make far we're just after a just a few minutes down a you know there's we'd had certified. Up blood pressure machine. Eight as we chat up certified partners machine are at above one Biden says mark. Other one says that. I had Bob wiper my parents everytime a month extra blood pressure blood pressure. Again we chat message. You know it's how it's not connected up or you can years use that connected the clear disconnect you know your week at two security. I you can you can connect all kind of in leveraging intelligent hardware the pocket other on this up. Up you know the answer on these kind of mean a structural oath we Chad you have that kind of infrastructure services that Lehman is a big one. Only have. Ten pit. As payment and NL which up. I've had actually is catching up very quickly Ali pay Ali pay used to be kind of the only game in town at ten. You know are gone Vera. Primarily because of bear in a packed CR have hard ID DMI. These are your two leading companies have merged and do you really got people into the habit of being with wheat that. Are almost everything which appear make vaccine we chat OK you know one edu online shopping. Aren't on the PC up browser when we get the payment outstanding Dora bottom if where are we that because more complete census Issa online wallet. Doctor. The wait as the online what you did it exactly that yes you basically carries while we view odd time and you don't have to punching a bunch of security cold. I think it's you know a gesture. You know. Are ul mark icon mark that double what Levin appears very very easy. That's I think this is you know that the halt beast trade if you look if you look at I'll collaborative which cap. Have a look at all the different clearest look at you know what you know services this happened after its a look at Eads said. What other brands what other companies that do link and then look at your strategy the C Hardaway you know our. Kind of not glamorous speech to to do what I want. Rex. You insert. It. You know about that actually own search functionality what can end game that saw people usually you build you like. So gene what keywords wian on idol after their. Wendy keep seeing this spring coming out when people would have thought but on it was you bring the debt I think for the company. N world by the end of the awareness. Of depth of red. Talk is very closely really. Bad year year are for the. And what time that you know the bill that what I do you have any questions from the audience. I can't think yes if you have us I think in any indication self. I'm an MS Jenny from into blood developers to document what Chinese stories and Janis Dolan someone on the my bottom up solution as a bid. Director cloudless globs. So is that like just an observation horrors they're propensity for a Chinese to Fowler large drops. And us or the second additional pressure on diverse what are the cheneys or do you audiences. Doing to address this niche. Yeah. I think travelling in groups. You know it's definitely. A means of travel for a segment of the market. There are more visible because when it tightening moves up for flag you know market that's at times book. But when he travel individually. The rudder currently give it up by themselves. If you can really TARP or you know Chinese are missing Boren or a Japanese recovery I think that's still that there's as Europe's paper. You know Chinese tourists are coming to to foreign countries group Aznar bookies anymore. That I'd IT travel segment is the fastest growing segment in the market that's why have these emerging a key is. Are focused in law explosively aren't I played key chart also chairs in a what you yeah I wine is a up heavily funded by about venture capital emerging market. And there can be new to their trend of the broader but I typed up. If you would add that there segments the three segments are measured. That affluent segment is one of the fastest growing as well so. If you do go back to that they're in Boston Consulting I would for a rate now their statement accounts for about 20%. But let's go onto the TV about you know 40%. Peers aren't IB CDs such projections by iconic. Has just jumped yes at act Chinese customers John cavalier you know independent cap. Yes it's midday but I like. Any other business. Right I think we now. Need to move on to India before we go to other differ last part of China by saying do what what you've. Are. I don't know if you're much. Giving guidance for the first you know realised I think it's also you know are fast growing market for. Alban. From China. It's also oil you know put the potential for bringing about the prime minister of India is was just being China. So I think there's a lot of cross border travel there's gonna happen. James. These are just a visa used to getting getting in. OK correct. You're talking about between China just say we're having yet but maybe coming up for the same word in what that would open your mind. Go with a larger populated country flat. But China's giving them back Internet population that. Happen. And behind carrier their second highest growth nationality player Avi buffalo where they put this huge. Opportunity allowed independent have affected to have invented. And allowed entrepreneurs actually helping really need to have some change and intuitive filled oil that India. We'll likely be much is available saw analysts. And I would like to welcome to the stage for our three experts and yet. First is that we antique oak. Was 92 period period he is a studio or make my trip. Prior cash San down whose CEO robust. And in die of rusty EC EO of Thomas Cook India. Please couldn't save. All right let's hope there's no Michael interruptions or it might of them. Senate floor committee of the quick introduction of ourselves a company what you do. OK either and you know what we're but somebody got big when truth did so are its India's largest. And we re going to fall for the B aspirations of bar Indians. Road travellers concerned. Are we have divisions or grants are airlines. Or parents as villas holiday is. Train and bus saw anything but that would traveller. Rather regrettably abide. People mining and a crash and us Neil red bus. I just as Michael banners pension that they might have the largest what do you in India rebutted the largest dollar inter city bus ticketing application. I think office Expedia blockbusters. And be happy to be well amongst all of you. Opportunity. To grab a non sector they advice you're launching you're in Singapore and militia and expand. By far I mean people restore view our you know my half a frenzy or use the word largest somewhere you don't again. Now we're Iraq I can't underscore are look after their global business outlook. Harm we have the largest that was interview where do in the country far more on the big side of the clicks that are. We've wide foreign exchange services right we'll recover people white mice. Usual holiday is still are we have so one big US view that wider lead in spaces. A one stop shop sold at all yeah. Great who will jumpin. Into mobile. You know had you each have quite distinct segments of customers I would guess make my trip. Reverse and Thomas Cook absolutely what do you what do you what if what insight can give us onto that Indian mobile consumer and a growing. So from a buy employed fewer I think that it's one of the largest growing segments are for us homicide votes are currently. Dave I would give us some numbers earlier borrowed 40% plus are off while shoppers coming from more by. We have far more than three a percent off a transactions coming from by. And this is drawing out our phenomenal group Euro and Euro story if I would just so you last Europe. The same numbers weren't. You're from a troubled wonder who work around pretty percent. Through Europe and Europe you're seeing infect every month only start looking at the numbers. You're seeing more by making a big difference. So I don't think so last year was the mobile transactions Terry. The percentage of mobile as much as last year so last deal more buyer in our shop was where some robot quickly. 20% last this could be about 40% occurred at a and you mentioned taking payments transactions. Yes so across the board. Because. I would really look there's a farm and acceptance of more bio. Depending on what product that now people put us in suburbia like watching a my prepared as soon saw. I would sit guard close to 50% drop probability funds from buy. What percent plus four point transaction and upon formal right here or doubts. So returns as a used is where you a look at in India moving towards a more by big really very quickly. I've talked about at all with. The arm you know that with the last minute booking gotten so bad happens in India forward periods where people Labrador blears and in the same with one. Wants me. And that's available by becomes predictable. So I think her if if I would this year one big spread view that big buy because now you're banking arm is to be worn by opus. Such studies hotel tonight. Host OK. Some our macro numbers first saw Indiana large population one point five billion. By number of mobile connections close to nine million. Still aren't too pretty much open with the additional one point. By if I look at it on mobile banks survive on fifty million amongst done on the only way never got because. And it's my phone number was again similar between month of people who millions my phone votes. Our. Just what 60% of users on PG blister still on Fuji. And bell wireless PG goods at a speed is two point one India saw the bank would typically big country. Typically been the gate just a few want to give these but again decide on Goodspeed. Still band adjusted constrain or delays so I'm more wirelessly big uptick for the good tablets are getting the B. It also brings plane would go bust but this. These search query is I would hire on more white. I don't underplayed. The stop affected it so we get put the 50% dark wheat coming storm by. And and consequently traffic of the follows similar backbone of the more traffic. Is coming on on why devices. Our whole or transactions add people get up so specifically foreign buyers particularly this divide and pensions and by last deal. Part it was a vehicle all of the previous year as the growing very fast. By market what of the traffic Gainer in the beef was banned. Your pocketbook and would include some more by then Harvard is in field combative best Don Baird. And an among the analyst has been a point again never catch up with the stop it. Our better activity like Michael never played by if I look at it again I supervision. Fifty but in traffic added that information. Rachel of course come to be so in video but if a big hit on by the final. You'll find their big leap but let's be final by from people making a search on the final group. Our payment beach is pretty much similar event what was was picked up. But get them signed these final holders on beam in cities such a trip on one more way is this. If you go without this Bob embedded value would welcome was indeed so I iPod I've I've been put on what it says no mobile work. I don't wanna bet on the things that coming up in its catalogue a big reader. Our indigenous religions will likely be it's a judge they're coming up in India out of enemy pretty happy but this. My bag back text of the first one up. Was in it and and people need to have money on the wallet that's when the business if big non fiction fleet. Otherwise if you look ahead of the immense damage a bit complicated. I bidders to attack drop indication for oil transactions. Still somewhat of the onset happen and and given the bandwidth and changes will above. I began was indeed shuffle somewhat of about many things to go off would be gammage bit wide I mean. What the next Europe still are more white and blue. Dominique traffic who has died scene I guess we'll put about a becoming a more wisely than if and was division in video if there's still in terms of absolute transaction those types seeing what Whalen after being neither stop that they still. I think never happen IQ four drop off this year. I think it goes on a majority. If you remarkable bio works a bigger stronger and becoming a group. Unless they would wind data for us be look gonna look at more widely just inaudible on the gate it is basically got this bill what are your different bits they. I still well you know meant he would stop there won the application. I'm Gordon Brown ended the customer booking a ticket on the bottom bad then it's Dobbin. And if the entity would have got all of one and bargain that there have been taken and make cancellation. But probably more whale. You know the big customer there was turn right and a what a bunch of applications. And features a bit pivotal enabled the way. So for example living the only bad bosses sit on really buy from buy stations. So people bundled video capable really what about the hit it big. Watching wide information celebrities like buy you blood on the shop. So what you're done get enough mad old people watching point of your body then what the lack long bond by beating the boarding line. And it envisage to be hit another mid what about the wedding white. So let the customer books a picket benefit he is walking under bed or putting people view Y and an on the deal for attorney. B. Big pop but modification. That alarms in the huge watching one animal that. And if you want to then I think it but would employ there's a much of the all the maps of organ that opens up. And then leave it Kimberly Wadi like Ambac and features a wedding pointed putting baron report will look around him. And of them actually understand that they need to be for the what's making your am incredibly useful. Yeah speculation it could or might put things day. Giving them our information the biggest in of the Hollister brand for its troubles for example. I was not a crisis for like what goes on much iturbide Helen there could mean this this up but it doesn't apply what what quality you know getting on what what do. Beck the has not been a big. What this particular by thoughts of whether you point watching the blood we would the buyers thought what better things looked a devious of them what's the play still. That enables a traveller will. Extended tapping Linkedin can be a pretty Chad Lowe before it buys to bikes so he gained kind of look at look at this up as thank you but the potter said in my bank. And particularly again is delighted the watching white. Begin shared attacking linked into families' sole. I've been here in on as to whether travellers at 81 bank and especially for the men vector big curve that was boosted defeated you have. In addition I mean if the barbecue month and a bigger topping white. It began and serve until the deal once it reaches the relevant as information that it. So the what want to think they'd have good long bidding war by. And there a lot of still kind of I'll be indicted and human and begin till doomsday. And auditors of the bid in but it becoming a bigger begin looking at. Obviously your mobile strategy has been to increase his former us a lot of the customers is there any money coming from their slave looking to sell other products or. I said. Unfortunately said the BBC does that get a tremendous did you know. If I look at the ad being followed then by us have a viable to formidable on the road. And I am vigil on the after the four point digitise the one would be felt there. So I think that and one Q1 billion listed under the demise of what might play. That becomes a channel because of the of the marketing channel. See you again on Italy Finland delivered was qualification under the long begin coming up who could be a kind of recommend them to other options were. A flash sample what those information. So began the bidding would. Channel Opel had marketing communication as though still warning of these ability to map on on becomes a must buy is incredibly useful for that. Those lower there's a tour an element of where you can moderate both this sort and a video a couple of examples that. Video working on right now I would be working along with some. Toolbar so Norah notification bull park a traveller hours of Reuters. Is taking buying and if you assume that there's a long queue would be taken. Again our Reuters have radically chicken. It is getting into the Q and probably the undertaken I would save offered regular safer now that's additive deal for the airline added commissions for us. I did Jim Bede point two in pooled for example low power if there are activities that need to be able. For research and not far Nike destinations. Be made available on on the more by lap. We're a big boy and for example a bit coming in visiting Singapore. And of people have made getting back man's fired or had decided our board will be sent us up. And the warrant a buy tickets for you know worsened still during the worn by became bigger by dental yeah. And that's you can monarch bay is a different way is because you're making bad in bad experience a lot more arm easier for the comparable. And there's other possible. Take view orders the clock didn't have that inventory the start. I've mentioned you know some most of these places are that it is it is a lot of profitability within view of the booking those today if you look at it from the back of the b.'s point of fuel. Activities Europe margins return probably our power our him up so do you hired then airlines. And probably a component would cool. The I would go sort of speed options the you know. So T deserve profitable but. And Thomas Cook a team how they. Do not liking -- more from optical I think a review view with the analyst or I think India especially in just given the age demographic. Are large population. Is sitting under the look pretty far. And bill late who interact with you are and with fewer dropped the likely impact on the more but. Odyssey company we we've. White black Bobby find ways to communicate with Ike fabulous formal by. Far better these budget travellers that mean so much on the mobile would render pumping the bubbles basement below uplink. But what you become you know the birth of the big models are. My writers they'll put us slightly. More expensive. I'm sorry we wish your products more expensive now Reuter business I think it's not about being worried better assist. We are the McCain got. PV's. Big altered the bid which would add one more way we want. It at a given that there is unflappable information or individual space. Are on everything is its lord of the cup. And he surfaced with a more where you mix a pentagon walking through the mobile. But from the payment basic funds and the footprint read a lot like. Our but I think the opportunity Vegas the V each bracket the opportunity that we get is that. Customers up there which are which our people under the age of 35 and I think people several properties on the are equally. And all of these have. Back only two people have smart. And all of these that the all down more apt that all of our lord absolutely right that led by us and the current. Why they read about. And and and give I don't buy and their buying behaviour. In Toronto flights on this. You know bust of this as some bets the bank but beyond bundling is a quite relevant now in union must. What a way wise embolism caused the price will price convenience. In what they have to build in what could happen by. And our this shopping period shopping and I think the trend is a Euro has set up this kind of meeting. Holiday buying is because a non negotiable thing like. Polio ploy is if as a that additional. And given up population. And given that we then went off. Reduce flood whopper with fast and people will win but with glass is used for the three digit number of guns look. Up all of these people want to holiday all of these people knew that book online or offline right so that's the opportunities is so we. Far and all of these people have more by all of these people opt for more by as well. So it's a step. If you could bring that number now you know that would be a lot of people would would warrant law and head and how it fits in direction. They've been light up people would just say we know where we have developed the board about the as we report although. Wouldn't the web you have forgotten and I think we could Ed becoming more relevant. Are at like papaya stead if the guy ignores what busters people aboard we're editors warning pointing all of information is available. We will see a reduction. From the offline what production offline will go beyond late model. Because then you can leave your touch always a book. What is available and that becomes a relevant. So as. In get richer and more more Bob later start to travel as you say they expect it not aspire to a what are the barrier is language barrier and bananas what language and India but are they all initially a rule in his speaking leave any insider. Us. I think Iran. Were somewhat just on the point aboard a people driving our fund into bins Ria and maybe Europe and consumer Lusa that research in the first time when I was dropping the somebody who. Was from a holiday is can zoom Myron. Our broad. And this has over 25. Euro IP profession know. Boeing where move first do you as a there was good Euro and now that's I think environment his holiday expedience. He said Richard Olivier you got involved so bad so basically because when I block it would be probably one holiday and Euro but I would bid. Or maybe your if I was lucky. He said when I don't draw big holiday is and then I do need smaller bids in Europe. That weekend trips must we certainly pick consider every single brig the big get big rouble from a week in brick. Steep issue may be hard drive down some please maybe pick off like Limbaugh domestic. And then have one may bar barbecue Asian in the Euro. So it's changed completely not just the number of people that they've with the C number of people Amman but you're spending. On big issue ending on travellers it's just amazing I think bad bad one beast is you know we have seen a broad lot. Special video question I think in under what are the challenges I think. A couple of times distillate exist especially from an hour on point of fuel users but India. Four Indians. Is is a big challenge so back over district's. Third choices that Indians big window point different places. Are not fall because the second one even before language. Surprisingly BI a large part of Indiana lots of travel bit into Britain travellers. But they like a big or small part of India along with them. Savimbi binder travellers will will be travelling along with need beam here for old habits being big in gear off. And the per wonders at language and I think language marred somewhat from a destination Boren who propose we start going deeper within India. Good do you put you at speed down her balance insidious. That's the place where armed. Companies are gone fine be Germany especially from upon pinpoint. So horribly you'll describe Oak Creek. Experience and prepare to be you. If you speaking English is you would probably gore and ticket old entrepreneur both. But if I'm speaking in the iPhone speaking would not be I don't have a proper advisory over loan argued user generated contact. That doesn't exist. So people gain of just makes above for an offer our Ford people talk OK but I'll hold on the talent that's one is gonna see a big talent. Well why doesn't exist in this innovative country why it and before we see massive ended yes brands. I think dean board input is one piece which is missing. Because that purely because most of the content that has broken Britt is the going to be would be the English. So because a lot of television bidders coming Obama part voice content and if there is over and a couple of young start ups their own bed you know before autumn of me being a broad talk looking open voiding voice on being in school when Ackerman language. I've been done look fixed. Which people who get bids type leading us our or us you know user generated content. So I think anybody inaudible point integration rather then Ibis omission that it will record what they. Think I'd ever see you at UB whopping bill repaired and we imagine that you what god Allah and in the language for a joint QC. This will was fantastic got a tops. And it if it transmitting broadcast lipid take into something. But somebody it's going to be a bit more where we're good looking odd for a review for the federal. And a half investor would therapy. This gave hoteliers. Four. I think it mean that your blood just off. In big very favourably Abbas to implement that. But I think the above the economic climate a positive there more in you know every available in you know god would change you know Bob June last. Are gonna market's going to grow and that use if you see any markets that a bottle at an actual government change. You'll see the market's calling anyone see the next short judgement robust broad what are our. A negative or protecting him in in kids bring you know. Food because of an opportunity you are and you know I would huge orders of the opportunity because the yield is is civilian power. It is if it's thinking differently if it's acting differently in in in in the mobile space is available in the as a special. Arm. BBC were barely know us I think we gave investors who see the man who put. Up pretty much investing large my money in setting up. Was it the domestic demand has also shop group grief he not all of that now is is now calling a cool there. We need to provide different bureaus were builds different yes. Added who built in in in the country. We have fantastic five star and guess you have every right I'm starting from up and all relevant repelled a backstop up. But the point apparently is there. They have now put us in debt. In indoor warm weather has been a bit bigger terrible now. By their big pulling funds out on the war by so in fact all his rebellious right now are spreading a large. Borrow money. In putting more by inflation offer would then I think what you said on the use of warns if the neck expected. If you buy what. I think provides a ever over 5% of their I think bit they would want the fee that see the will before they get into. And I think there are our people are I'd start ups were actually just blowing this activity where audobin repelled effect on the supplied appointment but we can. Large you know forward. Quantities of Google's innovations happening by itself but if it. Probe innovations. Do you have any questions from the audience. Get your nerve. Might come here. And introduce yourself. Yeah hi. And audible yeah. I think there should be. Everything is becoming you know everything anything is let you know I'll look out for this. Up something that you're Picard has often been completely more bond pool a bailout. You know I just wanna pull the get a sense in thin thin films of fuel what your pick one that's relatively little because more by Baird is still pretty large in India. Sort hold you really pick your businesses in in in the windy on green future. But soon you're talking linked to Al or you see that. But still. I think version. So to buy a car has deprived for. Those guys were available alert is busy and the Sony will then endured a and bill would have done just on the when they employ people when they traffic. Is been read into the ad. And if you look dull. I don't study did British might because. If paid in bigger buyers of the example have begun bush and his son up on on when it. I'm so it makes sense and effective immediately form a convoy that you have offline that. What got the channel will be spent on court have been driven had been given to a normal weather effect. So people coming model on where they're. But you know deep links are every pitch on the wall when they used do you link was. So even in the day on to a woman's search the scholars are legally kids sonic. You've got that prompted the one who will win the world but I got one oil well open yeah. And if you've got the apostolic when he acted that then the apostolic predictably pleased a lot of the App Store in Madonna would be at. Saw what they have done of the but in the bullet. Because I think god the god has plunged about twenty billion pound Lawrence. Arbiters of fairly sizable number and name given that they want to bill would want to inject much innovation in a leg it's far more utility that India. Elizabeth just keep you asked me I'm. Buying a finger but in the blue. And increasingly so what your bank be worth about 50% of what a way transactions happening on what went there and what it posted a bad. But equity directly but India have been 20% on a on when there. So they're gonna be in the Berlin still figuring invest anymore in gonna be no more when they've. It look like village but the wallet and again relative ability of what are people you're not betting it did you know acreage. Sort of oracle now upon us so if you've overpaid you do your perspective Barbie have a bar seven. Seven point seven million car have onboard for the plug that. I think it's one of our people over two years. Add that the near development at present India does meet the board Ross has slid got. Would be below what lord opens it will what I think going going back of the buoyant but was a little bit about the above what there's. Switching off completely from our from a boat bed and will bring the is something that I feel the customer Riverside. And giving the choice is there something could be viewed do believe that you should when you're going. From a company by the fuel would be either buy the book of course giving your customers on the deserve to hear from your browser. Art I enjoy your relatives just annoyed upgraded and shipped between blue view for different options. Are in about a dozen exist. So that the statistic virtual bed. On the web but you're at number one but wouldn't be clear Europe and a 40% of the market probably 20% of the market been 20%. Readers are regular rocket body people system Europe Foster avenue dog audobin separately duggleby's probably bid makes. The business of the second avenue. And you probably don't have a product but in February so if everything would change to an ad worried. Bet I want to be yeah. But it is wonderful. So quite fond expedience or not is that odds will let it lends bigger tracking. That's gone a bit more mylan. Do define twenty. In in terms of the user behaviour pattern in terms of your whole you crack but you as a one more way we're that's a big way that. But above tracking get a contract green my boss Willie longhorn on with the obedience. Just said it when do you was a right what have indeed given events and what a lot more mash ups but on the inner mind of our development of the in the forward. So for example look good baby actively gamblers if you for example so I'll be giving me want to enable people at all. You'll likely negative views on the positive travelling in which has then been there are no bias I think would be got. What about oil what are bee deal off off off of the buyers in the public or a bullet safely on the yet. Whatever it far easier doable with the ad because it badly in the propaganda involve an application. It seemed stalled will be lead and all of that is possible. Bitches are still easy to who. Want it in the fine. Let's give a lot of well. Options but it does not. I'd all but as it was not aware as rich as what do made about him and a few thank you. Bread in the the somebody get a big. What were once a few billion in well clearly that's what are the economists said. Our well right people to buy right so. All right you've got a lot of media yeah so rebuild those easy box on the list were flip quite a flip likes of the what. Saw while we might appear on the product in unique experience for the outlook afforded them the box and we then put shift from mediums like you've got. Remy had this one billion bid if we expect rough whenever we've learnt in great you know forward topic before that review is in yesterday and the you know market so far. There was a medium that you sort of like is is a business by opera selling off a tough enough. And public. Us along three people here. I recently talked hotelier in Berlin Amsterdam and he said that is a booking dot com. He had lost 60% of the direct bookings at Cannes Boston completely gone from mr. Brian bookings for Alabama site. To look dot com. Do you feel this is happening he said that because the look on the soda on mobile and so we data that they customer. But stop looking repairman is going on the on the broken up and website do you feel as having Linda. Other hotel acting anyway so you know so. That we see berserk if if you're running a business of India especially in the velodrome in reserves. And if you're a large. You if you gore how the world but phenomena that more widely experienced product. You argument goes. And that's where even your Mark Brown Bob farm in Europe and a year or your work in the other. Start up a possible it is gone over bugler megabit into your business become you're going to be a significant bid. And the reason behind voters. Begin consumer experience. Consumers have more to cool car that you'd expect in that experience are of the booking. An additional gibbon experience from your do we give them some with so I I think it's a book critic. DC the felt supplies us. Reacting to this. Improving their mobile. There's not occur of the Fed but improving yes certainly over these C a lot of that happening. Your pursue a lot of environmentalists coming in terms of understanding how the technology works. Trying to bar and are trying to figure out a bit of any. Mike live link solution that evidence that the the out you know relevant. Curl up in the market for bid so really we want with the laurel are are quite knows. To a drying if your wallet beacons the booking experience will not. Because I didn't have the do your technology company and a big run regardless. And Vidor bed. You know huge one offer us both the business could be dornin in the spears could we operate. And that's movies that without leaving producing a lot of lot of interest coming wrong but here's another sub flow for both thoughtful. I'm the start time and upgrading a big apology and how they approach months. The PC I think were reportedly up with people for would be if the property but probably not but eight point. If you look at it would it analysts on something they illegally put regularly connect to a bit unavoidable given the so that should be the approach in my view. Are but one interesting that the research findings of research was done by the end of more than just food is back. And effort would have opened up RUN jedi. Q what's the point although people would build on like. They don't wanna be put them one. Because I don't wanna build up in the wind if one probably were down. While he would go and interview again before the me back sliding per. The judge is a bit but these other in replay will the world profitably boiling point would have an impact was white if you can get a better develop. The one collaborative I do think then be our. That your been the blood. Put it when it's been you take bigger and bigger percentages it gets tricky. I'm not sure about all over what we're hearing 30% percentages they knew about why do you have any view on that is. Kanu oversight takes into the normally. If I can tell everything. And have occupancy abuse of upwards of 90% owned only. Has it if I MP anywhere but. Around 60% of the milk ice would remain selling at a 50%. Were to have any more questions. Thank you pick your. I am Tuskegee from our winner would help grow the I'm seen though it did you give partnership results are like travelling in China example secret taking. Our share in our hotel there. Our traditional agency into they've looked so I'll let you know I'll wet what you guys see that the finish up unlike business in India. Especially elderly carvall us. We're good really good in school. Alright with or without the apple Celera are prices going ally a flight to case in China where that most of the heart healthier suffer much. Without any any like into the result would receive the future of online business. I don't see that happening goes right here in India. Especially from terminated its beef from mark the specific to our company. Are we going to define their read we operate in the online space your bid for the consumer facing are part of the business. And that's what read we're. So he could be recovered in your broadened ordered but I don't think you're moving into the division review would start. Ford ceiling on moving up the supply clean install any implemented. Off. I think a lot of bubbles but I think not because we're in different businesses far what media pop opera double I think you've got Beckham hopes correctly. I've read all where outlook reflects the only people went wild type back it what do you know. Why get advance our better we have indication off operates. Are better because supply will. What before with protecting the poor results or getting Becker said. This seemingly give us an offer on the felt like give us a comparative waffled looking back on word of the available that sort of need a concerted. Are up because you've had on the corporate side I think possible buyers for the business travellers are now using their. Who bought directly. Are and they want their free calling in for their I think there there's next avail interaction in the systems they're a big get the pin bed they get. The ability a bigger because bad difficult because from a unique. Perspective from a compliance perspective like C would of the lord available. For the web because. The EU the UV market is certainly seeing there. You know certain things we buying in the what amazed people which is for the troubled companies and some things we wouldn't want to hold. Are abusing their friends. Ross are despite a one so repair a bond backed up because there is revenue from. You know we're builds as well because if you could combine their together Europe despite blowing here fund activity with no loss there. Plus. You know and I think bar its interest deceive hall the need for really would warrant could be at a business that. Because that's still the adoptions Billy V good. Is. So offer complete onto about what so so you know if if if if I have seen one billion dollar spent nearly. I would get a bad travellers of that and that apple would put Philip picket. It all corporate fleets would feature that. If they wanna do. Are bust booking because they're adding from fewer people fewer fees if you support whatever I would have alleviate division with red box. That's a big buyer what you're its inside white application can save more by a said Monday that Linda I guess beyond. We are quite you know I get their of these cases they're not pitch him completely supports think the plots source of it can offer. More and we heard a lot about the that the Chinese. Companies we jacksons on. There is done in India. We have the FaceBook dominating of Google dominating. Why does that of the my question for. I guess so. I think are the Friday. One time items. Soared X one video views. I figure leading because so it is Indian bully collectively. Are very familiar with. Eight school saw sort of the market pretty much this for what platform. And go and painter does appear as though the view that there's been none. A north Indian willing book your brutally booking company did come up what I thought. Before the advent of people. Are in India was larger on. If we're just got friendly game of the of the bigger pot put before people gone the human and then there was the march magnitude what Bob FaceBook. And are again I think if you look at you I'd probably but into I think a feasible. There's been a speech because of what that aid but whatever the white one and more by price. They're predicting what Indian so a pipe what are your point that on people. And one more frequently on what that conflict. They still buy opinion on global platform. Bidders so I'd probably go take you to the bush live again. What should be woodland garden lane let just as a late in Japan pagers. It is gonna pop the demand does that Lilly on gold in India. Why it is not a package yet on either whatever it. Which you appreciate. What we've the core of wallet such as we chapters operate from a white. Absolutely I'm fascinated report on retail urban viewer answer having our say conversation before but it. If you reach. That the kind of dug up and that has happened both in the judges. I'll probably Europe hit a few years a period of what in video has done and the only big UB immensely. I'm positive item in the region. Of the pump. The four mob wallet perspective for. Only Bob Riley is in this take upon India within the yen. And does that they deserve this PGM budget of one what are we you know. There are fewer those stated it is a girl will be bigger then. I'd be limited by and large. Number one well what did you have boosting. The implied volatility million are what it paid. Our with the what pointers on real how many people have abandoned the they need to gonna probably gonna have and money in the wallet so what that actually kind of a market still born again Booth number one point of view exclusive. But what can be used for their people start using the wonder that the people even better given information. That kind of keep adding money for what. So for example but in India head start. I doubt if of the liberty media and begin to be on what he wanted to be given what. If you're of the view what it was a in getting even had deviant wallet on I have a negative year. Thought the wallet I'm going. Why are not only is it applicable law hold that up. Real question for me my effort. Do you see a change in traveller behaviour we young professionals not wanting his guest houses. So do you see a change in traveller behaviour with younger professionals but what you get out of not one loomed or what do you are what we did not want. It behoves consultant but that the traveller behaviour change of the viewers seeing is so now the market is getting a lot more QE segment. A bit of people who weren't looking. Each car travel experience that's. I think there's one of the -- as a in Europe travel you've seen is we've worked. Thomas Legg every time somebody has decided the fervently want 1% what does it. But it probably unique. And worse as the deal believe the demand. I bought an Arab west of the book by its cover them if indeed upbeat going to be broad going to be any of areas I don't get a lot of that. Property if a lot of our fault on walking away from that. So people want to have had largely due before we want to have a bluntly what have a unique experience of that. Still ever. That some interesting part of that are coming from aren't you know the good years as the most people in the sphere. Gonna stay is a video. We're trying to bring him a unique experience in the state. Our hire more people moving away from Boston Popov experiences. I think that there's a lot more inventory your opening up about Europe. I wouldn't say exactly what's temperate within that could be develop breakthrough in which there's a big dreams of inventory that is opening up. And that is really it would seem thin volume Don you would see broad coming noted. Do you see air in be flowing into. They hear he has our presence in India I think you're facing challenges. Are it's not growing at the CB is bad people they've drawn in many other places. Done. So the bid needing to invest a lot can build a building trust in them the billing supply aren't for folks to come in and start operating. But I think that's absolutely what it's going to happen. Is it would probably be deliver live longer but it's not have. So they would only be getting a bit more about our signing up balls signing up individual people would want then build there. Aren't up for whatever. And opened a very big on our. You know particularly capable of so if that was going into being in the world you know if Opel unit now. It would want in a bid but polls what has your level set up and up all or want to have the right. Get all the information for. The travels halving of its fast popping is documentation Boeing a couple of but I think our Becky said that would reduce said the Fed. People to see it's OK change it is a more of the baddest man that the single for the broader bill that whatever more off. Unique so we get really is edited what are grow highly intuitive user then what level of boss built it into our that. Either want to wait there's a legion of is is unique needs are are just more of a public alive but does look. And only simply everything they had somebody economy made the pitch for preparing the return. If Google was unique and separate that it was an interesting concept and probably what pure play on was exactly that that even. When you're born with birth every bank Newble were both your will have a different expedient but the rumours going to be before. At a you bet it's a step away from her biggest bank debate Expedia spent most of us would think would be the logical winnable. When I think that is that the market has slowed more than four. The interesting thing they've done. Just as the ban on -- hours making a point on the fact that the market these things because it has seen this before with the physically get there. Slowly evolving you have people who looking and thinking immediately of the funding on Google in the spectrum won people who. Just what they want the hit a lot of the conflict and David Lester innovation of that coming certainly did speak about the fact they've hit bottom maybe an incredible vacant. Inventory. A bit on the phone additions coming in bidding just. Mentioned a few non English of the late Friday the BC interview lifeline of bigfoot. And painful to meet a busy on the and other companies coming in shorting your would be utilities. And if so hopeful welcome I think they've what do they do winkle. Would have it either within lift. And poignant and became octagon films. During the busy day on the assurance that the furthest in customer and branding with. Add and the other thought of the printer friendly feel that the new phenomenon that is. The just picking up steam in India but out of inaudible. Can you comment. On Facebook's Internet fall into that dot org initiative in India and do you believe a helping consumers. Access. The travel industry. Saw. Our it'll add one of them are if a bit on promotion radar because. Our. What have been the fuel is bad is it relatively number wonder why local people like bill. A big in then and the big hit something because these similar to what people bid on the Internet by what he. Digital create something what interview. And they've said they believe that our. What kind of buy up into this program. And if the deal would ensure they've rolling feed four people. What actually think both what's been the play the gold feet feet for the Indians. And Japan would give it. Our children feel OK played with the did not widely largely got positive feedback in response but even if the argument for the stimulus plan. Our debt has been a big backlash via a fairly. Eight and as a consequence of the way people thought the economy in Denver with different things have to be allowed I don't know. Are so open the door resulting from the build the forget implemented economise. I'm. Though that it does help people are at the margins. Rolled what impact did you know people then I think there's a really happen. Great buy in on top holders of the feet and Conwell. So physical physical yeah I would not undertake to be developed but what got YG a freedom of minute by Kevin Burnett himself. I think that then actively be provided this event. I wanna be bigger bubble why do you get on liberal feasible what one would double the blood got on Google meet my trip and then humbled look bidding war when would you. That yet spot has users well. So which compared to back some browsers welded optimism from from my point of noting maybe you're targeting is our is important. I believe amount personally I think that something bad. I mean I'm on my company on the backs. Bill was some back and Ford though are gonna make local as mentioned before. In terms of just hard because I'd be lifted. Are my understanding of the biggest component goes back cool part is if because we are opening up access. Bin better something that works against them to. But that's the basic underlying factors so if you fewer home. Limit or going to reduce my access tools so investors. A better something that I didn't retain a and that's driven a lot of back let him give Bob as longer than not broadening the factors and if there's something bidders given that companies are going again. Are gonna livid over pressure Debbie but every but the bigger drivers of the I think that more than broke. But if it used to gone without a you know. We have two questions on about yeah about market. The percentage of Indian travellers. Putting online outbound do you have any figures on the opposes the percentage begin travel booking outbound threats obviously you're very strong body better pick your yeah online out founders differences between domestic. Online pretty hard he bomber's father indulge you you hear about the fees this double. So saw quite a bit of old bond bidders on May be that the press is located. Many questions coming. I think I'd this alliance aggressive anyway and their kids who could not on the new contributed probably. So from an all were on farm. If we're gonna get it you're rolling in doesn't appear if you think. Our close to 50% before birth if you being. I think 54%. In the last. Last dark Iran but demand. Off market bidding on the domestic side is online. Far from an old bond would have you in mind is. You're probably in mines is probably in the the end of bas 20% 20% plus. In over the holidays oh foreign holidays it as a single negative on. And he hit do you feel your V. Expanding out of India. Set everything's running out of it by triple red vessel. So we have a couple of affiliate companies have got a couple of companies would be what will work one riches borrowed using double would have been starved Amsterdam. Are we all saw part of our door have a broad company quite a total government abused or prepared. We've invested no problem BMC is. You're one distancing before. While luxury travel. I saw. Yes. There'll be think the body as India that we vinegar because the review would work with you Indians. Bit of Indians travel. I think that the appointment revision pretty much of the yeah real big bone was that. And robust I spent many of Africa missing boaters take. Phil Sawyer to prevent ourselves that would by Delphi out of date. We have not just a political application by people pretty my body then people just interviewed by our. I solutions for the Basel the goal of the publisher inventory on line. Our view got to put out legions will much ticket so the outlook on dvds you know our product like aviva Kimberly was system. 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