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Mon, 8 Jun 2015|

Janis Tse, Head of Marketing,Tiger Air -Hans Tjandra, VP Ecommerce, Panaroma Group - Kei Shibata, CEO, Venture Republic - Antonia Edmunds, Head of Sales & Geo Expansion, IBM Silverpop discuss how online traveller trends, behaviors and purchasing habits.


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I. So welcome thank you for coming and would be possible Peter Lynch uses up a bit. Digital company more recently operate in. That juts out of. Ever think or why it out of Europe having enjoying now like your morning coffee I just ones are more hard what item that we now. And director frank yes. I garrison forest largest and the coast area and we have been around for why this is our eleventh year Sylvia very. How we're still very energetic they're very aggressive MB we wanted for bank bail you might need. As trouble at service tool to everyone and now we we've basically fight till what the major cities in at CoreStates. And now we're basically we have find out their campaign group. And now. And can we we were in fine until. The great entities southeast Asia India. Three. When I would like Japan alchemy that we have on the covers of the market let them. Out hundreds Spain Italy Yan sang summer that it now we have do we now interacting with other UKQ. Hansen. You can. Pay about like it but I think fund Pannemon. Well we have part of health of the the most in could be good reason within each year because we have revised 656. Threats then I'm Villa. And we had three publicly listed companies they're mostly due in travel that of Asian Hartford had the. And possible exhibition. And I think one of the reasons it we've seen is we've got that e-commerce becoming more within our tradition might give. So I think for the next five years by now we'll be focusing only on the system. I'd analyst it's about. Paul Ireland CEO of video every diet the that they individually family that Italy prior you do. It shallow well need is outside of venture capital letters of buyer and we've been active learning. Have a better search. Website caught by the logic you. Japan. More and more in the eight. So N and we easily actually apply here you one Singapore are open gates Adams asserts that apple vacations. So that's probably you that we saw the inability babri. In that of the yeah export is. Monks had eight years then I'll I out yes allow some it's extracts were you that its bid bullish period are on Canadian cameras. Under those has now. But there. Antonio. And Feng head. I work for fill up now at 5 PM come easily provide. Marking the software. Fourth add people to help drive back the customer experience fifth. By leveraging their customers' behaviour making it lacked the market. I've been with double up all emea nine the year. Am I think eight film as the last three months in London looking after. And travel ban and finally it's here that thing for three months ahead to help expands on the Asian inflation. If that vote and we see if a huge potential lost fans the marking come up with changing hands and we're here to help. Help build on that life. They keep and what. So we have a single most airline. And Indonesian. South committed really huge we've only got about it and her Japanese company with a letter from. Assertion that gave almost minor Internet check your plan. So how do how would you differentiate your client so you can talk about the Singapore market individual market Japanese market either any distinctions we should be aware of what Asia. There's a big question have to think that the think about trinity Kabul where I think Singapore is a very acting of the consumer that area Friday travel said it highly text of the fun like every. Back lead the pack. Basically us oil back to what. I mean really we are not the only thing Bob Kerrey half asleep we can argue on the health panel asked area council. At end connectivity prompting a bar and let it is massive packages in major high in the region are even in in in the world sort out definitely aired their consumers yet have very sophisticated axle and we Anthony M I read it actually have to eat lunch kind of how consumer. As his plea when he Thomson Financial are. Saw how do we would find better understand. How long basically for parents who commit yet our sister Wendy is is how helpful Eric at which point you buy travel into a month away at which point its activities ex. And then it might look at this then they had their debt ebitda during each ten banks tighten monetary conditions you've likely. Saw as acting appointment only one of the more sophisticated ad market. My car horn fight to. Having said that we also fly to different markets like China India which Indonesia as well I across occupation and I completely. Sell ads or hit FR markets a body and I always try to think up the more mature mine getting up oil. Basis that. It's much oil might get then then how in the market conditions here is different. And in his letter how to do other language barriers deducted that either if you. Social media engines all but definitely get hope. Basically what immediate effect you collect cancel many did better touch point egg in the consumer mind when it's done. Offline to online social mobile power we have come far utterly dependent age might get. At ad dose when they're probably ten or fifteen years ago we signed up I'm like that everyone's I FE commerce had said. Thinking digital signage source your strategy. And another buyer have four pounds yes. Here all doors and virtual world is very important because as what that there won't get fat pig pig that's part of my. What offline channel or how the pipe and you talked about partnership. How would partner with travel agent how we partner with plans and into offline big campaign. From an advertising perspective TV commercial newspaper read your yap a still very much still is a mixed. What what's the sort of split between offline and online moment. So hope that the split between offline and online channels is that Intel assert their analyst day on might have suspended in terms of wave patterns come. Depends on might get. Hair Alice Bell what can actually is typically beat their mark are not just money but S but Agnes then I. Engaging off line is actually listening and upcoming digital. Install any digital ad partner digital agency M is a deep down we talked publicly that should happen at the you add for our expertise with the help as a tool. Thanks in still speak off line is still in a clear and act as the speed where my hotel like as trying to justify. David arguments and so actually think about this plan on offline and online. This is really the same thing to see talk about the big data fifty Steve. Feel the big data is that is helping your offline. Campaign managers online was completely it's higher still as much as possible telling them up year in order to justify everything into. And yes avenue how we learn from online and on my big hit that net from a data perspective yes it helps us to make of this. Even put your client tools they think. Hand you have the inside your. Particular population group your particular consumers. We'll need yes but underpinning median. Our population out. And I think. Reducing by at least some people would see fit but the reserve then absolutely good Internet. Beautiful thing if there a lot of medium Boeing can't. Think they have access think. Which me up you know eight mean a big customers for its capital. So what we appreciate more is the life were spent within the reality. Reduce I think by pretty protect their high. So all crop I think the commons I initiative is more of these probably are less than a penny median population. We do we really look to eat their case analyse its snout and edge company but. We get a different kinds of people. From median those high level of income. The thing that you think Anthony I'll bet if it is probably. When you cover the unique yeah when we go. Previously hidden gold we've now bet. On that put out under the feature fun food and exhibitions. And the travel. Well one thing we don't. Cat is like us but I don't look at what I've outlined a but I don't think we have packed who could so happen airlines UK is I think there's about our business. Very expensive as well. OK how can you give us a it's better. July surest Serbia can all right so the Japanese Murray gets badly while the muscles get yes we get in white paper think you've our medium many of the guys that. By the year. Adam Kennedy that the Japanese worried here about that. That's a safe kids do reach it. As is. The sick by this way the portable it's a huge white get. So the poorest live or via debit and a worry get according to the the big issue here. It is an absolutely bigger than. A role worried yet instances east Egypt by. Sell. Against the we think it's really we might get. So taking needed part of confirmation so you really have people this. Bond. Are apparently Japanese might get I mean you idea you know you need to focus. So the a lot of and we are not a lot of international company they'd they set up I think what growth in what has in Singapore Hong Kong. And then anything that the OK well we're gonna get might depend you know. That doesn't work. So unique it had a big heat into sick about this way up harming me like what I national Internet companies been successful if back quite a small number itself eBay fair. May even if L and a dollar that is successful well was successful. But I think you'll see comfort. The master them fearing an MBA it if it back up about yet you know match or create went out of Expedia but you know Palmer board where. You know those guys. Not there was actually in within up by voice. So that is exactly the Mori get a if it's really angered China by China. YouTube you have do. If you have the courage that might give you have a decent moral golly have put. People as on that might get with Japan actually have the same kind of kept them. Do you have any inside my ideas effectively. And I think that I think as you mentioned I think that there there's that. It's very low. Baird big differences between the company in the region the NASDAQ. And regions making more and advance. Why are Australians need that. And I thank I think from a customer Janet effective there are that the that's bad but for marketers about in terms of understanding my back up their objective of departures and that. So not getting too hung up about whether about rights that is sectors like strategy thinking about how. How. Your customers using each of those channels than what information they would use those four I think. Add back of big challenge when a lot of am now. When a lot of activity taking place offline of course it's much easier everything. I'm trying to track an individual understanding of the single power cent and then to be able to incorporate that information to what you're talking about. And if a lot of the activity is off line. I think one of the key things it is one cat how can you type that gap how can understand the passer. Is the same have both offline and online and happy about what will help also track the effectiveness of whether you're able to successfully. Drive. People 411. Time. Hands you you you said you were to override your country you could apply the might quickly their trip. He'll yes. Is there any goal when he tried to do this from a data that perspective so. Provide. Just aren't saying so we we have airlines airports are working together airlines and hotels that we're gonna keep you see that in your your group. What I think. Definitely we do but I think the people but thing about being beat it's only when a move is behind because we've been. They think eventually nearly all realise they've been debating point in what I look that we can incorporate it presumably see. If you going because you know the nuclear power. If bit effect but they're the do. That is exactly what. So that we can share information video bit of pickups and that there. So I think the goal is here but I think. We think 56 companies. They all have films year tends to use their mobile strategies. And years. And I think to convince them on the hour every piece of the thing is the challenge. And I think what we have to set the goal is to make sure that BP as the biggest we have the capabilities to collect the first. So yeah I think that's one of my what I buy very piece for the next three years. Executive collect this from the companies and let them involved in decision making process and and he. What's you have all this comfort letter from 56 companies it's would be through mobile device you hope to communicate with the with a twenty million or mobile enabled would still be. Mittal offline and online. What I think. Well the next three years offline still leaking air I think on lands of the polling place. The B problem in initiated payment they do not have enough peak out before that users. Which beady at least on inflation. And I think. What witness the really interesting is that. Indonesia's love to do white catalyst. If offline payments so whenever you buy online. You can put in here. Any pay. They collected over time and have come from have been. So it's really really position on their side vision America faces that they used to really looked that might be because there. And I have to say is governor does that help Canadians to get into online. He views takeovers as the mainly limited to keeping upward channel going a some of the life of active drilling why eggshell not a Soviet nation like Japan and Vietnam. Italian letter. There and type two largest bond payment option if their views that an environment like probably ten. That gas all these as facts power off I feel very important in the travel industry. We did show in London and the calling the talked about a lot of my surprise me anyway any views on that all the just. We'll leave anyway. Because really it. Yes make up is regarded as just purely for speculative money I have apparently. It's changing apparently it's fifty million pound guarantee now and it's been traded and the note please sit. Could be terribly wrong with America line is it as well thanks that my mind that other companies are stuck take it point. And the speaker pharma. Big oil company lunges that said it's not about exit leaving money in buying things it's about how you can. Get past the bank's government restrictions on users that aid is possibly the best market for that but. You disagree. I think it's and how widely covered by all why a way out there will many different markets all week where our power lead in the day. Technology currency are higher payment. We look at the holistic point you sell big point feel like yeah as Japan's currency effect that their companies if if applicable tomorrow violence market so. Whereas in how it plays like I said we have environment variety of different market characteristics self. It's still quite far and have a Husted consider I think. GM and minivans ways. It was a still issues payment. In Japan. But did great as every area so that it's not a big issues. That the only one cap is that we want to point out is actually depict our is almost nothing. Pairing Japan itself. Said that this is actually and that's can log on eleven. Which has the Japanese payment. You know it's interesting need I don't know or messaging in either mobile messaging and in Japan the biggest one is on line. Line does a it. I'll. Be tinkered high one here. These it's. It's just that he it went bad form. Which is it is very very sick I'm it big day or so what are the entry and if it included travel get here. It's fascinating so they're equivocal FaceBook. Yeah to the year and an innovative if just launched yet actually had to. So let me immune I am not the case of we Jack in China. They also. Yes I would demand actually adds. So for what we've seen happen in in in holds both B messenger at. Is really it's it's. Are we there backed buying into the different areas forget how well do came here a risk. There's a mobile social. Network is going depends now. You think that's obviously very excited about the big could be quickly could become. So about upbeat opinion built. What I've found interesting here that despite how technically advanced and take for example thanks for everything black curve apple of relative am. It's going out lately commons in general there if there is not as much liquidity now not have the upper part of the world I think part of added payment in kind inherited. Conservative that. Security. You know giving up payment details they've online now for nine I'm not quite a bit kind of turn here yet ethnic. Palin is nothing OPEC a sign of an average expect five minutes from the think when cover many economies perspective. You know that's a big component of e-commerce that further behind it hit that. And the people who want to mobile and you say it was stuck with their charity he said is half offline half online what percentage of his mobile and think about your mobile strategy. I guess we could deal with here. Lately we have seen that the into more power. Process especially for travellers because everyone is kind of gold and I think especially on the criteria like as we fight of eyeliner. Shop at a news online destination sell out how Warner V went up relates to so they are always on the gaudy one convenient. Source Ambac and did actual. Analyst Jamie out on purchasing travel we need to think got more by Kevin's like found them. Wendy Lewis has sold out I make sure. Might might buy more by analyst EZ and user friendly and easily searched enough off of identical Japan. I think at a Czech air as the flights scheduled. Eventually when they make a decision to box outlandish idea today is awaiting what better way to body in making. En net Hewlett options need to eat four back. Yeah according to the market. And there is always people just like a plane insurer email from from from more about eighteen fun you can check their flight is. How do we make sure they can do now on on the go with just. So these are the genuine value as an L I haven't seen bopping and now. Well I think certainly we talked about I think. Today NASDAQ of their ads. A more micro down we have to people understand on the type we have environment pick up things on the type and isn't easy. Kevin let declining lay wagers cost we sent a clear. There's something you'll need to do we know why do I think if it's really two. Especially in the travel industry we have to make sure we analyst Ben consumer behaviour somewhat islands one on one. If CFM. Do you have any figures all winter as a percentage. Among other things transact and revenues yes. Plant. Is giving you can definitely hurt react heaven and it is quite get into work quite a substantial percentage limit say. Several travel and going to paraphrase a lot of travel suppliers talking about American and European shares for several troubled suppliers have said they've missed the vote mobile. Into the transactions they're saying. We're pretty much giving up China sell on mobile because the knock. As of that was talking hotel more however what they are trying to make a very very useful. Drive loyalty loyalty is not about social media is peso amid strength here is way customer care that fundamentally they keep saying it's about being useful. Now. Do you have any insights about what is useful because what their likely. I think the base pay all over the place but do you have any particular insight into what can useful agent you know we're designing our. Together is. Inspect ill how we understand consumer needs of our coverage here. Pat maturities user family is within your clicks away. They can be successful and intensity that we make it clearer that add well with our near mobile have from. The website visits compared desktop outlets sector's completely different. Pat and and we have to understand at at. Later when when when they're consumers can't fill one out passenger comes up when it actually. Then need to make sure you understand. Just one of course affected Checketts dot Kodak picture actually EU commissioner and bet there is an upbeat record straight away things like continually and then the next I think it's digitally. So those things like that if you harmonies CS consumer outlook we've broken up quite. And do you see mobile as a good ancillary channel was selling. Additional product or just insurance or whatever. As out once I consider selling into Brazil has. Plan. Personally I think less because ends anything like Deepak and void in. Or give insulin as insurance so flood gauge. On both suffer things at accountancy we're trying to sell your hood added. And yes it is different and to a price that's have to go to different than. On what I'll probably less time consuming products because when you engage with the consumer. Wear out their purchasing a ticket. Probably is more servicing. In so far our pack. Cross selling and still think getting useful interested. In getting worse. Yet. I T I am great Kate ability. A great way to engage customers as you said what about the right message. The right time and there's so many opportunities that Buffett apple. And I think is important to see your using conflict month impact of negative here that Asia's debt. You know. Notifications will push notifications all work really well particularly just pre to have a I think it is an opportunity to offer up sell because it fit quite messages back and bid after they check in made it any want to get into by premium. You know speedy boarding people why they think that there's an opportunity there is. Real time and short timeframe messages and in at and then 15 partly it actually thinking of aftermath may. Quickly hit them because of roaming charges maybe then things have back on me why I am so I think he you know that. Texas feel better. But still the best that can be little if Hasan slide that I get some slight up. Early. Maybe this. Idea I actually for here either side that's that was my instinct strives. I'm exposure or more buyers so this is actually the beer right pages that from mark on global dip here. So the search queries. On the mobile. On the rouble is you know this is actually it's. Either this or bared outcast that. Well so when you see. I'm that that led by the which is the I'd this year out of their search queries on this mark bonds. Barton. In dip here in our China Indonesia. Core year. Bids it's really. Eight the other countries between Europe. So the virus. You know our everyday more ways big or how beard. Will wait is what do you really big age. Play so well we have seen its it. Probably D'Amato bans the use encounter more weather information to. They're the keeping that it yet but it Danny Meyer. Event that we than it is here. So this is actually its a three year forty. Inflation they. I think this is on the bury its innovations. Ha I'm. And Britain's one. So Japan Cyrus Rihanna you know what Singapore incur debt. But at this inflation it's so when you when you know honey come with about comfort I didn't hear. Anyway. In any everybody robbery is there really happy. We easier with a more while infrastructure. So easy he's everywhere in this EB exactly asses and the three G in US. Europe. An end you know you you never actually been off so. That. It is that it out at Sheila bear are the traffic. Spirit been more way in the there's that. We saw no 67%. In pissing in December last year that high yes. You be more well major risk. So it just aren't just point nonstop. I don't think it in more ways and add it it could percent of IR. Fabric shear events that is. Absolutely amid a majority of traffic. To begin our absent Rouse at this is actually down one theory it's except question place. So the Dow is up about. OK so vials. Which one is no reason why Warren here. Absolutely browser it's absolutely. We eat because maybe we have our different strategy on the U of that huge. Maybe spent more worried our Harden but I think that it's not kind of rather than expect ban. Are we that I would are we that the steel. That they I would much. Again the big you're a bit acting I'm Sabina Catholic distributions. Is less than 1%. Or so we have Morton. But this is actually going back the. So the L hit we age yeah I'll give us a yes getting here. So the payable on company is applying to improve the the infrastructure. So when he was the year in volume when voters articles have up and hire an idea and the speed is out and hire people start using more browser. So Google will still happen. Packages we have ever ask will tell Reuters. We have earlier rights packages. Out of this. Event. Illinois so clearly I'm your you hear that. A black or download yet but. Right make great example hot hours you know like 8888. Actually stay at higher rates they appear Cuban layers that every year. And in every single chip actually happy that now that Clark won the Alabama running laps. I think I think that. The people down hijack media different value today is get them back thousands like played nick may give you is it another way of communicating with. I think what everybody is by the quality as is a. The biggest specifically benefit that you can actually enjoyed on yet have very few ways I think this goes back to making it easier. They get it right well against each other so added loyal users actually use but unlike active wear it. But I is. Mean I acted by Allah we get ill Japan airlines I spin on is that if my. But a lot of that not on my transaction with right Alla. They have now. It was a big big big now you know they're about many assets it could be on board away or what awaits a panel. You bit my guess is actually dole and that is can make a pile more my browser because you know. And then is importers that gets higher and higher because infrastructures gift ban better. So that's actually the one of their age so that. Act act effect at their different stage in the customer life cycle potentially anything different stage of their Janine I think that the very you know rowed out what we'll learn about bad weather. I'd desktop is definitely I think the portal to hit browse search find and buy. I think that's particularly true apple will be like our outlook that the permitting the lower the customer service. And immediately customer sensitive hugely unhappy and make that very. That's about display yesterday but people have some new joins us now that's why do you people actually start a back and Alitalia seems. This on the need different Hotmail since army different services available. An amazing that we see people think pleasing eat you know. Are more Hundley. Defined only by that mandate in its could change how we hear where the infrastructure to wait the people who could do. Search war. On the browser areas of finding new services but what's actually you know if your and a surprise once you Iraq media users back. It's better do you know you that is happening in Asia. That it's sometimes hard done yet again. The Batman I think active backing either marketing what challenges and provide credit issuance that they're. An additional content. But that means that they don't come back to you and not carrier that's going. All the other half of that right. Is one more saying so I'm. What's also happening. In ask this actually done some more while. People start using the more well in this initially I'm mark. This is actually you are we have. Aside not as I am a bit better search your cell. Heavier had sort of bad. This nation that it's it's like their chronic panic aren't one or more while whatever so let's. So all we see. Interesting thing happen in just their last month so. In Japan what we call a golden week which is along Spiegel voices struggle to weeks itself. In thin bigger or may. Look at this graphic on what were. Just hype. And then. We actually via yeah for a buyer geographic I'll tell I'm traffic. We. So. That there anyway so. He's seen many oil are areas that you view. Had bid the hikes so be it had yet that traffic is actually in India discoloured areas in you know no go areas in Japan. So this is that the prix here finale none of the people actually use more. More while even this issue. So again enable better the did the you know that sort of customary engagement. You wanna F Lee for by India XP. Users. Even if you it if they're actually gotta get that patients. Maybe big airline Iberia have a bit different story but still it is given I think if you of this. So this of that you know one Q1 in this nation has. It's interesting because it. So essentially to sum up giving customers from Ra Japan because of its better infrastructure. Has left the gap culture behind. Whereas in Europe were no more. The US apps. Still dominate mean that the booking dot com apps in the skies gaps is we go to the Gotham and search your flights they other ones growing. Yeah ballot when my point being that it everywhere that it does suggest it's. Better and better so that by you know what Hyundai is the make up part global mobile browser. So that's that's might assist. Alright do you have any questions from the audience. I think to come through my phone. Pull up. If you going to introduce yourself. I arbiters warrants go with America Asia Pacific. Our I think do as we're really interesting conversations. Around more bar and I'm particularly traffic. I think there makes a lot of sense in terms of deserts. Are and then public forum editor sites and actually curious to understand Hummer to that actually transact. Coming from Alltel is a great bookings to be interesting to see for each one of you got airlines another. Our various thin travel comedy that actually transactional. Rather than just traffic. Think that public space increased owing weekend during trips is this very much of research browser type situation but. Might like to know on the today actually pays up. United they aren't bad so the well Bristol well. We have net assets so maybe allied transaction area is different. That appear Meyer on yeah a year a player like double out. You know we replant elm and research and believe our which ER. Mattel is now also be a carrier songs every day. Well we hire are you get my here is the combined ratio of Jerry probably more while its deal Lawrence and that's up. That's what you're. But it needs this pact. Maybe get up a year aides. Years. Upon by the ratio at its its upbeat better than. Are higher bitten by the ratio at UB actually get in your way from the best car which we do you know what I assume. I'm summer he. Bob yeah Bob yeah. Transaction curious. Iron and while the end I aired a boy among the transaction later. And then an innate it I think you know what like white one empathise with you know I've ever event we've seen. Dramatic difference did beat our dramatic difference it would open by the ratio between hotels not yet eight and hot L web sector. Sell off I have to say dad yeah a lot of hot ails our website at the brand up mark. Jan have a significant. Lose feed of the at an average combined ratios what 18. What has can collect what I said earlier mobile. We talk about and trusting definitely. Is getting my acting as if they might add. And while we. Demonstrated earlier traffic whites and anymore working charter wisest find out of the averted as compared to about conversion. Push away that I've had a setback and support overall transaction Sarah. From all parties is is catching up on the act an earlier ruling was single digit percentage bad and now we're getting double digit as a percentage I'll opt. At A day hike in more transaction it's feel it was you caught up that he wouldn't never catch up as much as one of the browser. Add conversion how will bring us back is because as Adam. They're psychologically as a consumer. I'm name not be comparable with a buy back of my family. I'm quite often only offer for N if it cost a couple of out of say iron may not be comparable unjust clicking on my mobile can transact. If I think psychological. It depends on your transactional value. And there is talk client area I would stands and then how about my answer to complete their that the payment what you can quite publications a company let you know. So what back pain at a doomsday so that's why house earlier where deadly sell more flights are packages. When did he just witches and have more complicated component fall off a fall for. But the fact that you me if it psychologically act I would want to move to the two transactions that affect. Quite comforting travel continually. Everything on my more by that act act in that effort will open some. Well if we're speaking so the year OK so this is actually one interesting argument. The packages. It's a one Obama gets good bids by the GDP. Diddy is allow just that and is. But he's right on media that there is this real. Or. This illness packages on the mobile fearing. And in even greater they'd water put out an Arab package deal going through your prompted analysts surveyed that they just write a bit earlier I think it. Nearly as a cabal like this they maybe comment about a fifth at eight any of the go Acre higher. We actually by a huge number. But we might see them. So I absolutely think so that they get it. Yeah right that you prepared but that if that actually won that one EL one coming back to straighten. So I think it's in particular he saw on mobile. This is buyer is how likely especially. On the country where you know be it more ways that it presses its. I think it's a lot of it is as you said that is to get the complexity that the ticket item back. Flap their contracted in the plan that they're best way to make it easier three you know getting finance provider payment information as favourite. An ideal under the process that when they lobbied the mobile Baird who let you know it's a step effectively get thick black kind of one click the back complicated design theory about the inflow. That bar plan transaction shall. Can register at yet come. So well I have a question about your packets thinks because you know I'm actually shown my straight fell. So that would this is actually the S search queries and aren't on that while I'm on our website. So we did we have where. Best bets that barring supply what package is actually the bigger than rates now alliance the package huge. And this is actually is. The RI that had been no I'm Japan who is an agency itself they add C icon at the Bursa de. Come. Among looking a lot of cameras coming digit adding it. So this G. Are those countries. In Asia. They still book yet caviar. Are offline forms allows us make this is this big numbers. And then also well this is the year in what they book. Do you see dvd packages and group that packages. None. Are still in the large portion. Again might like cracker division in eight years deep packet is he'll be years. NNV. Especially. Across all right I'll. If you keep more assets you gotta be offline Abbe is season and then on the back I think yes. In an especially the kind of thing regularly Indonesia saw what you actually see it and what's the that the keep our minds. And they are offline and online restore what a what Beverly Hills Illinois what the. Which how big the package. That it gets us. Obviously. Leads picket in front. What we're BC. EC's. Use exactly what would you would be stability here. Good packages FIP ages and obviously what offline. Because the the won it be V happened reducing other years people that you reach. The Dina. But believe these forget that there and I from regions. The active notably they have that offers a low at all. NN that becomes habit because eventually the one peterman needs and north. School so actually double BSX. Appreciate it really big union EUS that we buy it. But if you think it into the top online. We do want them more like because. I think pick it up Lana employees. Union picket at its sector might be. Hoping yes there's. The because it's easy and we we we have to actually make more should send. It from what these people. So I think. Company's perspective is more likely helped us build on like. Medically we have the view that what why. So I think eventually unknown would be that way but probably not in the next year it made it all happen. We need a that I do have one more question from the audience. Can I see. Mike has done if you can introduce yourself. Yeah yeah you can hear. Hi morning Naimi was legal amount of India this question what I believe if my vehement you know that why he now all the online players there now. Different people in the aisle planes being such trying door handle whatever best but what. I think technology companies trying to paint thinner was flat to a banner was supplied the on main players globally. To a Caribbean that's or get my question about what every technology companies like Iberian. Trying to build support both technologies but please for the online players across the word. Anything structure or lakers just figure out what because none I think what a bad thunderstorm would have this question of you know how to get the technology up and running in diving in I hardly think figured faster for the market. Yeah I am I mean I can't hold a five year. Very effective rate in people remarked that looking forward simpler way to connect the back for our active they would there. Am happy rapid fleet market and part of any infrastructure very important there. I think that. That work out basic situation which it you know mean that there that they had a much. It's much faster that or take advantage of that type of technology. And to meet you more people. And within that answer still happen there. It's big big op play it again if a fund it back. OK we're winning over time to sum up we're gonna misquote you massively there's huge differences in the region. Japan that they sophisticated and perhaps answer powerful work. 50% off line in Singapore has also raised its ticket you interviews with twenty billion population online sales in the huge about offline. Have to code for both but that big data impacting across sales. The next version. We're looking the focus on these figures market China so I would like say China each year. And see what inspired Janice I take China to adjust it correct me if you are quite unlike his apartment might not as far haven't been. Do you act as. China last week. Though they might feel like. But at least it. Happens here and there is no conflict if it weren't tool to manage when I don't particularly care. So as they expect high off like it still be weeks at all with our. Advertising online offline big tangle with a partnership with our agents behind a you know without that partnership with different different every wine. To resemble. So we need a sort of help and especially at the end not me not me a break so we have a wider buying into China and we don't cut back heavyweight China. Still is there is a challenge might turn bad how we are having fun element because a bit like that's the potential. There. We. Look at that. BS outlook up three point this thing unique. And we have. The B none company. And the oil rich Chiang. The bromley Cheney sees it cannot speak English change. So we need Chinese speaking nights of albeit very peculiar that it likely that these figures bill Fitch ups. But they don't like to see is years colleges now. That beat your one big picture. Much hate speech that people what nimby opposition. So this is that you might if we had China. And I think it offline and online sales you know the nearly. Usable. Then. Finally acting as if it is. Turnout well that's that's confusing we have hired then that's. I didn't have a mysterious. The market rate that is the shocking finale now on this huge hugely did enter the day span. Hired. Easily double that man on my name down big Americans American tourists moreover higher European tourists. Searle. Well one thing I'm Stuart is actually its iPad I that the way NC that I need to risk trade now is. It's been much bigger study is that going. Well when the year when the company's panel now and then you know the people actually started out allied fixing in in overseas and then. What they do is actually big got a deal this season by the bullish and now. Good cheese and west elm now somewhere where is the buy and hold us up that is exactly seem to have mix tape of what years ago. So now the Japanese actually don't spend much one N overseas but ad bit ad bit ad bit have a baby borrowers in tests too big got every area. And spent less money but they do you know a big big or the like of this nation's. So that's one point one happen in in in China even basic affected many years got a would probably going to be people that. I'm equally nefarious means Bebe I think it's a huge opportunity. For obviously there's a huge amount of weight can change but operationally for. I think there's a lot of challenge if they have the overcome the ban and failure there. Life. Frankly I would like tiger rebels royal palaces morning.

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