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How technology is providing smarter solutions for the hotel world



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Mon, 18 May 2015|

Andrew Watson, the Regional Director of Marketing at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, discusses how the progression and popularity of technology is helping us to make smarter solutions in the hotel world


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I. So I think. Forget how we work within the digital space and how we make up round standout moving forward. The first aspect which we are very focused on within Starwood. Every so really touched on the key within those brands all of our plans cover differentiation. Become a target. And the we also are always trying to be very true to our plans. But we we are constantly looking for new opportunities or new properties. But we had we insist that property is going to join one of our brands is all right property. And that the investment is made to make sure that property. Is treated the brand is gonna become. W hotels is is what do bar on your best man band it will play a contractor when we launched over ten years ago. And I think it's fair to say that it's a bandwidth to still peaks the most interest from half a collection of brands. However we invest huge DN in the brand and it's absolutely key we have the right hotels keep that brand going. But alta leave onto the back there in the last two weeks we've brought the tenth plan which is a tribute portfolio. And tribute is is is different tribute was. Was conceived. In. Conjunction in collaboration with almond at midnight EU membership base. If the collection of independent properties if you want to join maybe a correction. An equally give our members a chance to get and stay an independent hotel with a brand branding isn't a strong. And give them seven alternative or alternatively. And that leaves as a move onto. What underpins our hot now Taliban which is SPD star I'd guess. We we truly believe that SPD is a industry leader Abu the first hotel chain to offer our guests to guarantee the pensions. And I think. The key to loyalty every you know not every one bit unique in growing. Then moving forward makes large chains have a loyalty program. To the utility. Is keeping ahead if he differentiated is giving our customers something different and something that the competition is that. And the way that the way we we processes talking sort of from strategic partnerships. So most loyalty program will work with an airline they'll work with a car operator so give their members the opportunity to. To redeem points and different weights. Over the last two years we've actually developed you very strong strategic partnership with emirates delta. Analyst blew past just awarding points for customers. What we do with these two partners we we've Matt people status and we share save you Ira emirates gold member. You're treated like made PD platinum member. If you our stake in a Kenya last our brands and you spend you would have let's say M risky view one dollar. One point 38 dollar everybody spend in Starwood hotel during receiver style points also receive a risk points to is giving people that further level. Of am above the recognition really bring the customer to the core of everything we do. Again on the same night taking things a step further again we introduced a number of years ago SPG moments. Which is again giving up customer base in different way to redeem their points it's not just focus around hospitality is traitor what we always look to the witted naughty real reason. Proceed gentleman here film most people will want to know phantom. And over the last three years we've we've had had a fan partnered with the Mercedes F one team. And on the eve of the avid avid on three last year religious became well champion. We hosted an event for FEU members who would be using a point to come and meet Lewis Hamilton. Probably 3410 now that gave gives a number benefits rough. One is the key differentiator if something up off competition can't be. It give up members amazing experiences. They increases their loyalty. TSE Jiabao lands. And I symbol and another key factor to talking about today if you give our members a reason to talk about us sued their friends families and their colleagues. The same time also give us better opportunities. To have these people are hotels and we we look it's always great stories they storytelling is a future. And by us creating a and the Clare which is one of our talking points within the meridian brand shake like the car. Nick a prospect of the photograph posted honest honest with the channel which gave to millions of followers. So again is always looking for good reasons to reach out and great stories and touch user base. Apple iPhone Mittal to slightly different tax and brings meeting you to best. We recently launched today the am a bigger base of our two weeks ago which is acute entry for divide between the opportunity take you through. Keyless entry why we why we have going. What we're investing keyless entry and actually how we use technology. See you in increased our relationship a customer listen again back home in the experience. Again booking dot com. Can't control aspects like Netflix beaded copper at all aspects like this this is technology and mrs. investment which it all about our product in our hotels. Said we've we've had a lot of the fans that run the survey over half of the lead well population Smartphone. By 2020s to be 80% which will put four billion Smartphones. Into the market. Again that also coincides with that let within wave 2080. A 112. Million wearable devices are expected be sold. Now huge band accelerator of babble will be the F what's being launched I think apple watchful interview. Exactly what a bid with tablet which is mainstream wearable technology. Add doom a tentative deal glasses didn't. Workers affected to. I'm sure you'll be back from Shaw who will be back with a different the different tact but will wait till that looks like. And that brings me on to the clock rate yet so. I'm sure lobby failing hotel with the clock radio and has ever had the wrong Time Warner. As for the advertiser set the alarm ideologue never got off for the night and more importantly avenue what seedy Whitacre pop and that clock radio. You know big long way to go if people argues that what's key to our toy users now is perhaps high speed. Internet maker access their own tech their technology want to listen to music from their phone. They want to have a speaker we're installing. And is arguably had ten Barcelona recently installed wireless web speaker if they said insisting that you have your CV it's simply place. Of you know connecting your phone your technology your personal but credit. To technology in the growth. And articulate to this should be more worried. Now we. We offer up we offer customers who use of the phone in the toilet. I'm pretty much zero customers using the phone network however through working with mobile networks we see that the toilet actually bake for people who use them robots. So again why we're investing in putting phones made to toilets were made using the but if at all and barriers ended but today I think in that historic neighbour the insider we launch staid -- the party believe that. At about six months ago absolute emirates similar T Delphi and the fact that any time what Obama members. Add six people right they receive Starwood points. For the right neck again that role three to let their status review our platinum member for every pound the body spent with you about your receive three point. That's been our most successful partnership launch ever we had more sign ups to this part of the two weeks we've had none other partnerships in the year. Again is giving our customer base access to products which they want no part their lives. The other aspect that we took a dive into this taught what customers away they want to talk to us so. Home. Get hit who do you think what's that here he using bead yen he using text but it's away that we communicate with each other. So we're Rollins entire hotel we brought stay our products and at PG speculated whereby customers when they take into our hotels. I can. Communicate with the team using their take the method. Take your fabulous blue form any fancy and a cold drink you need to know for the sunset C wanna make reservations than. If that happens again find somebody you can pick your phone because what's up front best you can said detectives said the BBN. Yet a really allowing our customers to engage with us in the way they want to engage with their peers and again I think move forward. I'd like seek out and take us into the reservation process particularly but durum by what's that now that something must consumer who really want today. When my figures of about social space. This season seven which fostered out of the and disbelief they connected party which you weren't expecting which is banned from a death and deaf customers. He said when we have a through all wine tells order room service on one on text makes a complete change that so again aspect of anthem we weren't expecting again. Just shows that allowing people to communicate the way they want to have a real benefit I. They get slightly different that I'm we Rita did a Google search on hotel keys and disappeared. So cable Internet and the navy and that's like years ago you know when when did anyone ever use Akeelah similar way and we would like to think that fall while everyone who's used plastic key to enter will be thinking the same thing. We use 833. Million plastic key the year restart allotted ever huge environmental impact there as well. If you laid all the keys out. What about the other they'd reach from London to Barcelona back diffusion condit's on the volume. And again I've also impact into the second. Second have a second three next we completing 47000002. The year which gives you a 142. So under 67790. Minutes approximately being spent checking customers they're now well hotels getting sued off already huge operational challenge as well. Now remember opened at nearly 384. Million times a year ago so again there is a huge reliance on. The plastic key. And what can happen every move all from the plastic key like we have from the metal case. With lots at ridiculous for effigy gift of lords two weeks ago and we the first hotel company adds new to offer this service. We launched it initially in handed an eighteen hotels and little by Friday the Smartphone. There's even a small video. Bitten. Easy is every nuclear side firm. Then. And from. From from from from. Then open the phone from both but. We came in. Don't leases. Today we see him. Tell me how often do you travels Snyder here. Fall form and the introducing continue to delist gene green back we grew slightly at a a Palestine. So we're very excited the launching PS and if been Jenny we did look at that video there the woman walking up when tap turning like less. We've moved on from there you know weekly pick faith lock we're finding people walking past said after walking their barf from their phone their pocket and can block for the distance so they've been allowed on the way. I didn't say the simplest give power happened anybody who admits he. And before you come into the hotel new registered for a speedy keyless. And we will be sent lapsing would you like to check in key initially if you click yes you are then sent you keep your phone. So glad to get to the hotel cripple your phone. Take you take you take your phone place across block. A paperless. And about. So again various G some nervousness. I freaked omit first can you just let that conference and I would little skeptical. And so I'd I think plastic is well just in case. And within two or three times the package he was gone in just intuitive the we walking along a new phone. Get your revenue unlock they really is that it really we believe the future anything family benefits in the for whites. They wanted to lift Germany's. It will rest. The paid in illegal they've hats off its Michael Knight and if you might want to talking to. Tips so we're appetite level might hold up a bit farfetched. But unit in what might or might ahead did you know the future business have a short piece from and the vice president amended and apple. LO right at my hotel room. While also get a notification wanna get your hotels. My guess Fiji's W hotel. Insurers might reservation information for the hotel rate for Europe we can see it's died all information they need to check in my confirmation number nine room number. I you can see this a really rich notifications. That have images of great type partner Fiat which way out in the style looks really reflect. Reflects the Brenda the company but not a bit easier if you look published here really quickly. Any could have done is in this case I can use this will mark my door reckon that notification on my watch suppressed unlikely Dora. If I can bypass the front desk and finally put directly to my room in then my watch is my room key had just leave it for the jury's gonna go into moment. Or will the site. So and we want the high risk partner presentation which abetted Bolivia where airport yesterday. Which have also linked to Myer so hopefully. This will work has worked. Most of the time today and if it doesn't a currency gains won't watch at this stage to irrigate their get refugee. It's a template you've made you can see people be so small. Bigger he come Q what's an OK what you've got any we've had been due to the F watch which I think again is tied into a lot of things we've been saying today. And that's typical it's a market so comeback at a later. Sorry but what a big player David ader and that serve taking a personalising it when producing the apple watch. And a lot of companies who they were Peru were a pilot company with Apple's well apple launched the watch connect you know last year the apple already in existence. And through development and complement quality waves some companies try to take Arap. From their iPhone but on their watch which didn't work out what we've really focused on is actually. Using what it before the way we're actually began pilot company with people. And we developed who did their relative who blasted back which but unfortunately more but what that tortoises begin for the wearable technology Peter all right media use. So the fall watch out. Can simply information have stay information electing a lot of law. And it gives you peace information about your account we haven't tried go into booking except except for that's what normal people who don't use it for. That Internet but I'm big big so Bethlehem and the meeting hotel wide now looking less 750000. People. Registered user service so the real thing from a customer base. And I think again Monday talking about how we can be relevant digital space. This just issue some short bits of feedback from customers who visa said yesterday we're seeing more more come through and that the real appetite growing around the product. So I hope that will be addressed if the fee if you thought mate and their fertility some.

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