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How Accor postition mobile in their business



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Mon, 18 May 2015|

Romain Roulleau, SVP of eCommerce at Accor, talks us through Accor's mobile strategy


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I. Talking of the mobile. As as are videos and more about strategy for the little changed very bottom. This clearly is officially on these days we're very white object that your line needy and never carried away is the mobile US. Tall where do we stand today. Today aren't defeated yet they said we ever had Kordell blood come more to bring portal. Then when the gun. Roughly 55% of the of your units they generated by our brand website and 45%. On the quarter in terms of revenue court judges. A little more 50%. You don't have needed. This is today is not a projection. More than 30% of our audience he's already more about the standard for mobile debated on the bottom of the audience. Unfortunately believe that the situation for poor kids did very different between audience and revenue. Two big revenue that generated by more balanced 12%. Which is very significant. Because we're talking about two billion York on the over on the digital assets. Four we're talking about more than 200 million you'll on mobile U dated. A few figures year leader we generate one new mobile user on our assets every second. The jet though revenue generated on mobile this year are untrue wine. Increased by 60% so resilient leases revenue and we W reach more than 3.3 million downloads. On all apps. Still I think that we're doubling our good better we are suffering from the past twelve. I would say it youngest son stating firms have been done a lot of construction of our mobile ecosystem. Today the situation is we have 29 mobile solutions. This is mark farfel torn between much better week had continued to have sorely need solutions. Two week you see we have 49 about web sites one for the market when portal and one for each of the mean Brent. And then we have 9849. IPhone apps. Eight on bring that to Liberia at any one APEC. The target. And the welcome we got we have already starting to turn fifty and dead who continue for the next couple of weeks and months. Is we are going to murder all you that all about that into one. Which we always caught internally gap and will explain why would call it be get. We we think that adding 29 solution he's too much why because the citizens of we have fallen from the market we're very formal warm weather fund fees in key mobile players. Is that roughly an average user is Gary mobile 23. Apps. That would. If we got a 23 that we know that all the for them if we'll keep our travel oriented. And if we have earned the opportunity to be one of the top 41 of the fourth quite. We know that we want to make it a large scale with 29 solutions should provide. So this is why we need to make sure that we explained to the customer why. Everything easing to only one up. And why you would download it why you would use it more and more. And the main focus would be that this did not going to be all need of course it'd mean for August to Jerry thinks. But that it's more about our then will com by the guest. From the beginning to the end and including one major issue which is what we are here today welcome if you just used during the state. So are with the U verse services. In the next couple of months we will start islets in the next month. With them about that will look digital lives all the experience can take you down. So for example restruct spa. Early checkout. Targets. Contact the desk everything would be available inside one lap wherever you staging one of our debt. Mean the customer will know and with a figure out that. Double digit downloading these apps will generate the usage with various V united leasing on the order restating the initial Fidel impact. Everything would be available whatever were dealt whatever brains when of the allocation. So this is the main focus what we have already you can read as well you know up. Which is one of the reasons we're people could use it more and more user stock or that we acquired in the former last year. Just call we portal would put always pretty had three winner well known in the early in the UK you might nor won over the stimulus is den which restrict it. Switzer told companion that will enable you the guest tool. Store or the formation about the trouble we're very to an outline a ticket we're very at a car rental we're very said a hotel accommodation. Our us or any I think Europe's ineos a of course any other paper but completion. End the only thing that the user actually do it will fall while the only after a finishing up from the from the bar back. To me let people would have come in everything would be agreed keeping save get caught up so that's a green light on our on that we're very tonight Ford or on a more. N then what we are waiting for the next couple of months as well is. An experience that get voted on this stuff which you which is the last one that we have a large on this dot first. You what we call the trip planner the trip planner is everything that you need to what I hear what am I going to do. The distillation. Very severe doubt very very few were killed in the world we're you brought to an appeal because of the viewer tell very very issue. The vast majority of them work we're very tough call whether it's we're in your luck and Paducah. Is you brought to a double could you want to go to lifted its fusion for any reason when they do business with periods friends with his family with great pleasure. Saw you struggling to adopt for an deliver location we need to give more content and more sub issues of what to do around your tail. And we that we are really put late in seventeen litigation is a different eight different languages on this up. Anything due to a next two months now we're going to integrate this into the up to allow the user to know what to do around your tail. Any to book activities. Like concerts. Restaurants a museums for example. Surely that all his brand that would be closed. At the end of due this year. They're people that have already done lauded he's that would be able to use it. Until October 10 of what would come by all these guest can be traded down lord. Yet Kordell that will merge and the October taught only one apple chief yet court of the gone. What we are worried on today they said that we have completely revamped the home page of yeah. Why do we call it took a smart home page he is because we deliver services bays that on them and on the moment of usage of yeah. For example what you show orange book if you are about to write about your Dell would provide us with reporters mark chicken witches. Digital chicken like in the airline's check in checkout where you can do very key for the ads and have your key already available at your tail. It is already available on a point 21 southern for a governor well. So pretty much spread and we're continuing the world. The on the the other thing is we are under review with full service to and Rita customer experience. And we have a line all other languages we are by far the number one hotel chain in terms of language football holds. Some of our comp just for example do re eye on working that come to propose some languages. Which on the US point of view can view exotic but if you look at the size of the business if I talking dug in Brazilian Oregon. Chief recognise that some Tori say some people for marriage in the room but they rely on working did come what they're looking into on the website. We have these exact opposite strategy we want to deliver the service from winning a solution. In yesterday's sixteen languages fifteen today sitting there in the next two weeks. We are I think that in due in Euro Swedish in September in order to provide the studies. Whatever location in whatever nationality the customary. But we have announced all sort on the release that went out last week. The new ways these they not at all Leach the hop icon rent which is pretty look pretty well. Pretty much unknown for the from the mega media users. Two with a all brands with that we are adding up for your that are usually much more aligned and much more on what were known by our guest. Any the other solution that we have into Britain India is which something they think is of the user greater tall reeds usage is the newspaper. Eight ace fading going when a lot of investors eyed a and that your Dell that's logic living to provide any yielded need all the the other door. The UK newspaper that's fine but unfortunately on the brink Jerusalem reading UK newspaper I would prefer to read. What I am pretty used to you do rework and the whole candidacy for you reach your boy nearly Dalian Dell. Yue Yuen will probably want to read the Italian newspaper but the UK history. What we do here we do product for free even say yup. During the stay more than most other newspaper is available for free for my guest. And yeah they're able to read and barrel of course who read their newspaper whenever they are you know which countries. What we every east also two weeks level and we need a major announcement when the clinical can unstick in the in March though we that we lost serve from the beginning the new apple watcher application. Which is of course the dealing directly with die with US iPhone and iPad. Application. Which delivers a solution double checking. Incomes over preparing this day. That you could do with on the on the white chicken dinner for of course putting out your mobile fall.

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